The Scio tribune. (Scio, Linn County, Or.) 1919-19??, December 31, 1925, Page 6, Image 6

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—Ys.kAid ,aa>»'iwe^esw
Sure Relief
Taka Tablets Without Fear If You
fka tha Safety ‘'Bayer Cross.•
Warning! Unless y<>u see the name
"Bayer“ on package or on tablets you
are not getting the genuine Bayer
Aspirin proved safe by mllll"ns and
prowrllved by physicians for 25 years.
Hay “Bayer“ when you buy Aspirin.
Imitations may prove dangerous—Adv.
> 6 B ellans
j Hof wafer
Sure Relief
Platinum in Colombia
Although before the revolution Rus­
sia was the greatest platinum produc­
ing country In the world. Colombia Is
now me of the greatest producing
renters Before Russia lost Its place
as head of the Hat. Colombia was sec­
ond. In the Transvaal. South Africa,
there are also great platinum deposits
The present contribution of the United
SB la leas than i ■■
••• a
year, must of thia coming from Cali­
Hclence baa aucte«>l«w| ¡n pro-
during platinum from scrap ores that
appear to contain only traces of other
and 75c PkfaSold Lvcrywhum
Whenyot have
yuur She
ask for
The Wonder SoleforWcar
the wear of
F’j V best Leather
w,cbc Mn trenpewrr of cfc
full y Mb truly naniUixD <
•f Doutbraab Jbuyu
Wifey Some Hearer
Blake--Did your wife bear
when you came home late last night?
Brigg»- Did she?
Why, man. she
wakes up when the thrrniometrr falls.
prsü fw vs that t N troifr« uf kam
frt pulii 0« aab btgUnptb.ic’,
Gains 20 Pounds
I m th«
Never knows a (ide headache;
stomach perfectly well, after
taking Beecham’» Pills.
high pr«««« <*f
tlnmpltlhfi |MWdH» lati - •
whs» y«Hi raa ma!« th«m al to'»ma at
••u» laBih the cx>«i ik«id Hamp fw iii»t»i«i«
T I^ j WIII.I. líos «n ni i
e.paul C»LtO.
m yuu pka
ef th«« Um Bepmt
curufthymeuth.bat eyttqfi chyfdf»
fh*nn bay» anb mu Nt
“I have taken Beecham's PHU end
best results foe the peat titteen years.
I Maria.1 nktoa <Uw«
— • KradSvkM,
{ <•<...Ml - wwh .«J ~n.,.l
Hiw I 4am t
»hti • LTTi4tfhs u. mm !
•»» Mr>OW»*h kd
! *’•*
••>«»W»s hea thaa s»,, ami ne the k.s»M M am IraiMbad
•rui twffilt °
A » I mp *
•»nr. Allee lo, 41 7 laaal B, Naw Yak
Bur fcvw• root Jrana«*« la a* and *Sa buses
for lietier Health, Take
Beecham*! Pill«
Our esi-crt doctors and surgeons.
excellent food, and quiet surrounding
bring you real health.
7/A t
Dickef« OLD RELIABLE Eya Water
ratlavas sue and wind-burned ayaa
Invasa i hurl Genuine In Rad Feldleg
n.i. Its at all itruggiats or by mall
t'ICKKY DRUG CO, Bristol Vs. Tana.
Scar« of a Voforan
It la only a question uf time, any­
way, and a certain feeling of quiet and
care free contentment attaches to
owning an automobile with all four
fenders already thoroughly bunged up.
—Columbus State Journal.
Co Stop them today
Stop them quskly—<11 the« danger* and
ducanfratKPndlhe lever and hesJavh« Force
tbr (»«»»«(«it. Hills Ixvak colds in »» Nora.
They tone the srbok sy»tem. The prompc, re>
luUe results hsve led miHmos toemj-k v
Don't rely «> leswr he!|ia, don't delsy^
Be Sure It»
Prier Xk
«•»lb portrait
Wholly Undettrable
“l>o you think we ere descended
from monkeys F‘
"Certululy not." answered Mias
Cayenne. “Monkeys have had neither
the wealth nor the distinction to en­
courage ua to claim them
Franhlm'l View of Drott
Fond pride of dress la sure a very
curse. ere funcy >ou consult, consult
I our purse.-Benjamin Franklin.
Not Enough to Bother
"Noah’a family uniat have enjoyed
the ark." "IVhiF’ "Only two moaqul
toe» on board."
W. N. U, San Francisco, No. 50 1»2S.
Britain’e Meat Im port a
Of the total meat conaumptlon of
Don't lock the garage door after tha
Great Britain, only about two Aft ha la car la Molen. Maybe the thief will re­
produced from home-bred animals
lent and bring It back.
(\ildren Cry for
MOTHER:- Fletcher’.
Castoria is especially pre­
pared to relieve Infants in
arms and Children all apes of
Constipation, Flatulency, Wind
Colic and Diarrhea; allaying
Feverishness arising therefrom, and. by regulating the Stomach
and Bowel», aid» the assimihtion of Food; giving natural sleep.
To avoid imitations, always look for the signature of
Absolutely Harmle»» - No Opiate», PhymcMOS everywhere recommend it
fìrji tàsryoMv tnÿüsb aMe, ¡5JS
Jeeua waa l»om In Heth* tunt undertaking is Bitown by the sd ronaldered a scholarly version, No per
l*h«m of Judea In the daya of >ler<*d drena to King James of the translators, feet copy Is known to tie extant
lb« kin«. b«h»»ld. there ram« wise men
of which the lieginiilng and fourth
Much of the lettering of the Ulne-
from the »net to Jerueaiem
Beyln«. Wh«r« I» he that la born paragraph are an follows
t rat Iona can tie read.
The upside­
Kin« of the Jewa? tot we have seen
To the Must High and Mighty Prince down scroll In connection with Adam
hit «tar In the seat, and are come to
James, by the (Irsee of God. King of and Eve and the seri>ent tn the Garden
wurvhtp him. . . •
When they aaw the atar, they re- Great Britain. France and Ireland. De- of Eden reads :
fender of the Faith. Ac the Translators
J<ilc»4 with eicerdln« great Joy
“In what daye so ever thou eateet
And when they were come into th* of the Ulble wish Oraea. Mercy and thereof thou aiialt dye."
houee they taw the young child with Fears, through Jeeua Christ our Lord
Note the “vv" which Is used for "w,"
There are Infinite argumento of this
Mary hie mother, and fail down, and
w<»rehippe4 him and when they had right Christian and religious affection which Is not followed In the center
opened their treaaurea, they preaented In Your Majesty, but none Is more lettering In old English v sod u were
unto him gift«, gold and Iranhlaeonaa. forcible to declare It to others than the practically Interchangeable ; hence w and perpetuated desire of ac-
and myrrh.
compltahtng and publishing of this was literally double u.
The seven­
work which now with all humility we teenth verse of the second chapter of
present unto Tour Majesty Fur when
Your Hlghneee had once out of deep Grnrols In the King James version
0 GOES in part the story Ln Judgment apprehended how convenient remis :
It was. that out of the Original Hacrod
“But of the tree of knowledge of
the King James Bible (1011) Tongues. together with comparing of
of the birth uf Christ end the the labours, both In our own. and other good and evil, thou »halt not eat of It :
adoration of the "Three foreign Languages of many worthy for In the day thou cutest thereof thou
Kings of the orient"— Magi, men who went before ue. there should shall surely die."
be ons more osaci Translation of the
A significant piece of decoration on
wise men aa told by Hi. holy Scriptures Into the English
The Bible la Tongue. Tour Majesty did never decisi thia title page la that at the bottom
It quite
“The Book" for every day in to urge and to escilo those to whom II between the two arrolla.
was commended, that the work might evidently represents King Henry VIH.
the year, aa shown by the bo
hastened, and that the business
It la Incomparably the might be expedited la so decent a man­ to whom the translation was dedl-
world's "bust seller." But it Is «spe­ ner. aa a matter of such Importance rated by M,le< Coverdale, presenting
this first complete English Bible to
cially “The Christmas Bra>k." for It la might Justly require
This James (134M-IQ25) was the son church and civil dlgnitarlea
the very fount of tbe Christmas In­
spiration and of the Christmas spirit of lx>rd Darnley and Mary Queen of VHI (1491 I54T)— Bluff King Hal —the
Christianity is the driving power of Scota.
In )5ffT be became James VI king of many wivi r» procured In 15Ä4
the world Skeptics may point Io the uf Scotland and in 10113 succeeded the passage of the A<1 uf Supremacy
World war aa evidence that Chris­ Queen Elisabeth an James I. king of which severed the connection of the
tianity has failed Churches and sects England. Hcotlsnd and Ireland,
He English church with Rome and ap­
may quarrel among themselves. Funda­ was said by hla contemporaries to bs pointed the king and hla succeanora
the protector and only supreme head
mentalists and modernists may fiercely the "wisest fool In Europe."
dispute about the authority of the
The King James versino la by no of the church and clergy of England.
Rlble. Tbe Reda may predict tbe de- means the first English Bible. That So It was quite In order for him to
rline and fall of Christianity. Never- honor probably Monga to a manu bring out a new version of the Bible.
An odd bit of decoration for the ti­
thelesa, Christianity, after nineteen script translation of about IMO by
centuries still remains the driving John Wycliffe. the famous preacher. tle page of a Bible la the suggee-
power of tbe world
And the central fro tn the Latin Vulgata.
Incident- tlon of the Order of the Garter, with
Thia la the hlgb-
fact of Christianity In Jesus Christ— ally. It la of Interest to note that la < Its famous motto.
Ills life. His person. Hla teachings. Ho hla preface Wycliffe wrote. "Ths Bible (lest order of knlghthood |n tirent Brit-
tbe Bible la the Christian Book.
I la for the government of the people, aln. and Ita membershlp la about fiO.
The four verses from Ht Matthew's by live people and for the people’-— Inrindlng the soverelgn. the Prince
account of the birth of Christ are which Is suggestively similar to Lin­ of Walea and 24 knlghta ewmpan-
It «aa establlshed by Edward
given exactly as found In tbe modern coin’s fa mous utterance In hla Gettys lona.
Tha Icg.-nd
How many manu- 111 (1S12-T7) about 1345
printing of the King James Bible, burg Address
which la still the accepted text with script cvplea of Wycliffe s tranaletlon of It la that at a State bail the
many churchmen, notwithstanding the were made la not known ; eight of hla Countess of Hallabury lost her garter.
many versions wbl< b the centuries time are still tn existence. It is whlch Edward plcked up and placad
have brought.
It la often called the known, however, that these manu­ on hts own knee. Hla courtiers there-
"Authorise«! Bible," for the reason script copies «ere In semi secret cir­ up<>n anlckered. wliereupon the klng
that It had the sanction of both the culation In England down to the end exrialmed (as we now Write It) “Honl
soit qui mal y pensa.
Thia literally
English king and of English scholars. of the Fifteenth century.
Shamed lie he who thinks
The King James translation bad In-
Now we come to the first complete means:
We now tranalsta it:
reidlon In ItMM at a conferonce at English Bible, the title page of which evll of IL
Hampton court.
It waa then deter­ Is herewith reproduced.
Ita date Is “Evll to hlm who evll thlnks."
Suppose we put the klng'a uttemnea
mined that a translation should be MDXXXV—1535 aa the fee simile
made which could he accepted as shows. It was not a translation from ronversely thua: “Gond to hlm who
That Is not ao very
funilamentally «^«rreet.
Forty-seven original Greek and Hebrew texts, good thlnks."
translati-rs were naiiusl from the foro- from the "Douche and I.atyn." as the far from "Pence on earth to men of
most scholars of England
The first title page arts forth.
The names of good wlll." aa the Roman Cathode
draft was completed In 1<W
Two translator and printer are not set I Voua y version of the Rlhle translates
years were deveted to revision.
It forth
But they are known.
The the Chrletmas message
waa prtntcif In London In Hll 1 by Rob­ translator was Mlles <'overdale (14KH-
15BA), and the printing was done In
ert Harker. thia translation was an Itnpor- Switaerland. probably la Zurich. It la