The Scio tribune. (Scio, Linn County, Or.) 1919-19??, December 31, 1925, Page 3, Image 3

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True. Nt. Onge had sworn that she
should never make the sacrifice, but
the factor was at his rope* end, and
she would override him Mhe would
not see him disgraced. Her pride
would drive her to It that fierce pride
i of race. N».e «as a thoroughbred and
' would go to her spiritual death «lib
: a high head. In tbe spring.
In the morning Mabel would go In
search <>f the < arlb<>u hunter* for after
that nlgbt the women would not re
lh (.1 oRt.E MARMI
main alone al Illg Feather
would cross to Portage lake to leurn
if the Windigo had been beard on the
Little Current
lie. himself, would
cover the co intry back of the ridge for
a trail which he bad little Bopq of
picking up, and endeavor to bold tbe
women al their camp utitU their men
AutAtr af
returned On the return of David they
"Toile«* of the Trad"
would at once start fur Nepigon. leav­
"The «help. U tbe Wolf"
ing Michel to meet the canoe Kt. Ouge
was to send.
With Michel would go two letter*
<Cee«r<Sh> »• th. rvee rukueklas Ce I
explaining hie change of plan* The
<W N U Oerewal
sole hope of holding tbe ludlans now
was In scotching the Windigo terror
early In the winter by tracking down
“Is this tbe same ooe we beard at the beast on the first snow; and so.
Diagram Showing the Tickler System Which la Really Better, Since It Pro-
Walling Hherr
strongly as hla heart drew him toward
vldee a Certain Regeneration Co ntrol Over tho Entire Wave Length
~Mebb* Mebbe ‘nod-ler one ‘Jib­ tbe post, he made hla decision.
way say plenty ov dem sen valley u'
de Walling."
quite simple. In that It does not mean
"But what do you think. Mlrbel*"
In the Philadelphia Public Lodger.
Installing a shaft and dial <>a the
demanded Nteele hotly
"Ilers I at*
For three days Ntrele searched the
Five tube turn'd II. F. set*. borne- tuned IL F. coll.
A tickler circuit
with David, giving up my time to help ridge and bark country for track* but
made, ure noted for thrtr excellence with a fixed tickler coll and variable
you run this thing down and. If pos­ without success David returned from
of performance on abort wa»e lengths condenser for controlling the ngvuera
sible. aa > tbe | hm U for Nt. Onge; a" I Portage lake with the good news that
and their failure on long wave*. On tlon Is gtven instead.
you d»n‘t trust me
W by don't you tbs fishing ramps were taking large
wave length* higher than **» meter*,
In making this addition It la nec­ open your heart to m»T
catches of pike and whitefish, and
reception of DX atatluna la seldom essary to remove the fixed condenser
Michel straightened and going '•» there was n Windigo gossip. So. iu
satisfactory. allbough local* of course, (<’) mentioned tn connection with
the small Ore David had built ■ n the spite of the shrill prwtrata and Indig­
are well received. Below thia dividing Fig. 1. altKe thia would "bypass*
beach, calmly examined his tattered nant refutation of their squaw* Mteele.
mark reception Improve* and In the 11. F. energy needed for regeneration.
shirt and trouser* aa be dried out
corroborated by bla men. assured the
vicinity of Mu) meter* la ordinarily The result la an Improvement In both
"You are good man. M ateu Steele. tijlbways that what the women had
very fine Indeed.
volume and tonal qualities, apart Daveed tell me. but I have de eye to
Many well made receiver*, neutro- from the gain by using regeneration see. Wen you come back on d» snow. heard on the burnt ridge was the cat­
erwauling of a lynx, and at once start­
dyuee and other five-tube T. It F out­ The tickler coll Itself consists of from I tell you sol. et'lng."
ed with David for ttgoke lake and the
fit* are provided with an automatically 10 to SO turn* of wire of most any
That was all. and Steele understood
varied device which Increases the convenient else, preferably small, It was evident that Michel had bound
It was on a windless day In the
coupling for longer wave* or otherwise wound on a short piece of tubing hlmreif to secrecy. But why bad be
heart of the northern Indian summer
varies the amplification ao that long­ smaller than the tuned It. F. coll.
' told David?
that the canoe bound south for the
wave reception la as good aa on abort
Care must be taken that In Insert­
"In the morning we must hunt for a Nepigon approached the Islands guard-
ing the tickler Its wire cannot rotne trail." Steele said, phlhwophlcally
One of the moat common method* Into contact with any of the binding bowing to tbe Inevitable. Now »•"
adopted to provide equalized amplifica­ pout* soldering lugs or wire alrrady have to do what we ran to quiet tnose
tion tn the two >1. F. stages la to on the coil, and. moreover. It Is to be poor squaw*"
employ three 45-volt “B" batteries situated at the filameut end of Ilia
As tbe canoe landed on the beach
and a aeries variable realatance to per­ coll (N).
below the allrnt tipi* one by one.
mit varying the voltage and thus force
This can readily be determined by dark shapes of Indian dog» slunk
the tube* Into greater aenaltlvlty by
noting which end of the coll Is con­ front the adjacent a<rut, tails between
mere "brute“ application of voltage
nected to the unmovable plates of tho leg* to whimper at the feet of the
from the "H” batterie*
variable condenser and also to the grid men
Other methode call for variation of condenser, shown l>etwrvn the coll (N)
“Scared stiff." said Steele "And from
coupling by changing the ¡»oaitlon or and the (til poet on the socket.
the sound the squaws are worse Ito
number of turne on the primary wind­
and talk to them. Ml< hel
Tell them
If the tickler (T) la wound In the
ing« of the It. F. transformer* but
It was ■ mad wolverine or lynx and
same direction as (N) the ends of (T>
tlieae uvetbmla are difficult, trouble­
we've hunted It out of the count
will be connected aa Indicated.
I'll get a fire going while David brings
some, and make It necessary to take
rase of doubt (T) can be Inserted
the transformers out.
One of the
some tea from th» Island.
It will
one way and. If no regeneration re­
cheer them up—the tea ’
very beat schetnea consists In making
sult* It can be taken out. turned
the detector regenerative and la the
But both hla patlenr* and his
around and Inserted the other way.
knowledge of the woods Indian's be­
method preferred by the writer.
The variable condenser (C) la prefer­
1‘ereona not Interested In DX work
lief In the supernatural, were .axed to
ably an instrument already mounted
need not touch this control and It may
the uttermost before Michel succeed­
and located outside the net
ed tn convincing the women that the
be left at sero.
loiter on. If you like the result* Windigo they had beard on the ridge
Tickler on Variometer.
you may Install this extra condenser was not now luring them to tbelr
The regeneration may be added In
•■n the panel, with an external knob or doom with the iMiimwf voice of the
two way»—with a tickler coll or with
The site of the condenser (C> heedman of Walling Blver
a variometer. The latter Is certainly
la not of especial Importance, since,
In the end. they crept from the tipi
simpler, and to do It the circuit of
if it la too small, more turns can be to the friendly light of the fire, horror
Fig. 1. la followed.
Tho detector
used on coll (T) and. If too larg* IB their rhiftlng eyes, gray faced chil­
(middle In the five-tube set) socket la
i some taken off.
dren Hutching their aklrta
The regular 25 plate condenser Is comforted by the tea. and heartened
; suitable. One of Its terminals la con­ by the presence of the three men. who
nected to the tickler (T), while the
ept a huge fire going the circle of "It Looks as If ths Whole Outfit Is
Out to Mast U*"
other goes to one of the "A" battery I stricken women pasaed the night.
binding posts or to any convenient
In the opinion of Nteele, who hept Ing the east end of Ogoke. Like sil­
point on the filament circuit
Tho - Igll with hla pipe, beside tbe snoring houettes of anchored battle fleets they
wire used should be Insulated to avoid David and Michel, rolled In their ; nxle the sleeping lake, their fighting
i accidental contacts and the rotmec- 'lankef* the coming of the beast to trvf>a and alack* of black spruce, their
: lions ought not to be too lengthy.
Hig Feather before tbe freexe-up, was armored bulla, of age worn rock*
lite gravest menace which the for­
"Where la the post DavIdF' asked
tunes of Walling River post, and the Steele.
Making tho detector regenerative In
girl who had given him until spring
"Four—five hour paddle, yet. Eet
Uila way permits you to employ tho
to accomplish the Impossible, had yet lie on long Spruce point. You see eel
Regeneration May Be Added by Fol­ whistle to tune fur DX station* Tho
For. aa a forest fire today ver' far off "
lowing Thia Diagram.
art must be carefully neutralised to
runs In dry timber, ao rum >rs of tho
"You realise that you can't start
prevent radiation, but even then It Io howling of the Windigo at Big Feath­
ahown and to the right of It the audio better not to allow the detector to oo
anything at lsf1«u>m«’i place now,
transformer for the first stage. The cillato when you ore <>n the wave er would travel from hunter to hunter don't youT"
connections originally were according length of any local station simply be­ through the tipper valley of tho Wall-
ltet>eatedly, Davida square shoul­
The tale would spread, gathee-
to the dotted llue. from the plate or cause there la a chance that you , tng
der« leaned to the stroke, as his arms
"p" terminal of the transformer.
might Interfere with oome on*
gather* momentum. until In time the swept the blade through, before be
A filed condenser Is usually eon
When the "whistle" has been heard whole rrglnc, learned that a Windle*» turned bla black head to hla chief.
nected across the primary of the
and the 11. F. dials accurately set. tho was lonsie In the valley of the Walling
"Ihtvld baa waited ten year, be can
transformer from "F” to "B."
capacity of condenser (C) la reduced
a fiend fier • beyond belief xnd hun­ welt levlie tarn longer. We got plenty
Instrument la labeled (C) In the figure.
until the whistle cease* A slight gry for the flesh of the OJIbway Then troubles deva long enow on de Walling.
The variometer la Inserted between
touch of the tuning condenser for coll would follow, unless the beast were Daveed wee I wait; you not worry for
the piste <!•> <>f the socket at.J
(N). the detector roll will bring tn killed and the terror ended, swift berm."
(P) poet »f «he transformer. Il may
voice or music. <>n long wavo lengths exodus from the valley of the families
"1 knew you wouldn't do anything
be placed outside the set or on top of
It will be found n.-ceaeary to lu< reaao Mill trading at the poet, the resurree
when we have thia work down river
It. end the wires to It should be well
the capacity of (C).
! tlon and revival of the ghastly tradl ahead of us; but 1 realise that It will
Insulated to prevent any abort circuit*
lions surrounding the rapids and the be hard. If we stay a day or two. for
Manipulation of the variometer will
river below the end of the Kt Ongea you to keep your hands off of him. Ills
make the detector oscillate and will
and tbe poet at Wallins It I ver.
gang would get you anyway If you did
cause a whistle. When moved slightly Where the natural period of the an
Nteele'a teeth bit savagely Into the square It wltb Mflamme, and that
to stop whistle the best condition of tenna Interfere* with reception around
Vtem of hla pipe. This might happen would put me In a hole as well *
regeneration la found and will result 220 meter* aa It ao often doe* tbe
The reticent I »a vid had never di­
tn a remarkable Increase In sensitivity. regeneration control will offset thia before the freere-up. and until tho
mow made It possible to follow a trail. vulged even to Rteele the cause of tho
The variometer, however, la not troubl*
Where It la never necessary to uae I there was small chance of solving the ancient grudge he bore the free-trader,
quite as satisfactory as It might be.
i mystery of the night walling.
lie had said simply that he wished to
but the method Is proposed for tho more than a quarter or a third of the
Now. Steele mimed, when the men meet him - had twice Journeyed far
benefit of those In position to try the capacity of <<’> to produce regenera­
I returned from their hunt to bear of for that purpose: once ml«alng him.
method. The tickler system la really tion the tickler should either have
tbe voice In the night from the circle tbe second time finding him ramped
better, since It provides a certain re­
In case re­ j of half demented women cowering wltb hla fur canoe*. Aa David bad no
generation control over the entire tially out of coil (N).
quarrel wltb Laflamme's men, who
wavelength band, whereas the vari­ generation rann<>t be obtained on tho I there «round the fire, the tale would
would have e«ime promptly to the aid
ometer does not always <lo so with
i and hardy Indeed would be the hunter of their chief, be had hided hie time
tickler should have more turn*
complete aatiafactlon.
On account of the two stages of who would drive hla dog team this In s«>mc way. year* before, hflnmm»
Tickler System la Simple.
radio-frequency in such a set Christmas down the white valley of had injured the (»Jibway. That was
Thia plan Is shown in Fig I (X)
tbe Walling to trade at the III fated tbe extent of Rteele'a knowledge.
la the third neutroformer or tuned II the added "feedback* for making the
Gradually, aa they approached, the
With no Christina* and little
y coil which la connected to the de­
j prospect of a spring trade, unlesa the clearing ofwned up and the bulldlnga
In front of It la shown Its
[ mystery were solved by the running of the fur poet took shape. Ko keen
aaaociated variable condenser. To the I generative action required where there
town of thle beast with the miracu­ was hie eurioafty that K'eele ceased
right I* tbe detector socket and to the
lous vocal coni* Walling Hirer wno paddling to examine them through hla
extreme right the audio transformer,
ness on waves formerly sort of "dead" loomed Even If ftenlae married Las binoculars Here lived the man who
as in Fig. 1*
■e les In the spring. tbe poet could not was waiting until the anow flew for
The tickler system suggestion la la truly astonishing.
►e continued under a taboo
Kt. Ongea answer to hla offer of a
The Valley
of Voices
Page Three
partnership In tbe trade for tbe price
of l»entse. tho man wbo wan luring the
Ojlbways for huudrevla of mUea with
his whisky.
Although the fr.-ese up VII little
more than a fortnight away, tlpla
squatted, here and there, on the puat
Thi* of Itself, meant but
one thing to the man who held the
g »»»«-a wht»ky For, throughout tho
wide north. Meptemlvor finds the hunt­
ers on their winter trapping ground*
preparing fur the coming of tbe long
"Wai. w'at you Hnk ov dat placeF”
asked I »avid, aa Steele put bla glasare
in tbelr case
"He must have a lot of people there
big building* too."
"Ye* ret res hreg place”
Aa tnry approached the long point.
Steele was surprised at the number of
people moving atmut the building* On
lhe beach the post dog» already await­
ed the strange craft, while a group of
P<>«t |>eople formed behind them. The
canoe «as close In shore when two
men left lhe mssalve Iradehouse and
drifted to the log landing stage, off
which a York boat rode at Ila moor­
“It looks aa If the whole outfit la out
to mret u*"
David turned a grim face to his
chief "BometTng «(range here I”
“They may think we're a police
canoe.” suggested Steele.
"Ah hah !"
"Is that Laflamme talking to the big
fellow <>n the landing T
'Ahhant He don' talk lak* -lead
No low were the sinister
words »pokoa that Steel* In doubt,
asked •
"What's thatr
The I »Jibway turned to hie chief 3
face twisted with hate.
don' know—ha
rea- dead
i ar !"
“None day you can settle with him
but not now. no< now 1 We have a
Job on the Welling you and Michel
and I.' hastily objected Ft eels, fear­
ing this meeting with the man ha
bated ha<* Jarred David off bls mental
Tbe set features of the OJIbway re­
Ills narrow eyes glowed aa
he reassured the linn who treated him.
'Da*eed promise Io meet Michel og
de November enow We have de >oeg
Job you an Michel an* Daveed; I
mak* no trouble here, boas."
Vnder the Inspeetlon of many pair*
of carious eye* the canoe slid Into
the beach Leaving David Io keep lha
dogs off the canoe, Nteele walked
through the silent huskies who In­
stinctively drew bark from bla ap­
proach and closed In behind him.
walking on stiff legs barely out of
reach of the paddle ha carried. aw«wl
yet threatening
The bulky hah
brev 1, whose sinister fare wore lhe
red gaah of a scar from chin to ear,
Nteele dlsmlaasd with a glance, tut
nothing, from the heavily beaded
moccasins of smoke-tanned mouse
hide, to the wide brimmed stetson of
lha free trader, eecaped hla appraising
To hla aurplree. also, tbe dark
features which met him wltb a look
both surly and questioning, were un­
deniably handsome.
"Good lay. gentlemen!" said Nteel*
affably, gnorlng tbe coolness of hla
"Good day!" returned Ijiflamm*
coldly, probing the smiling fare of the
stranger with a sharp look la which
doubt and concern patently mingled.
”1 am head«*d for Nepigon. from
Fort Albany, end need some aupnlle*”
went on Nteel* "Can you sell ma
some stuff?”
Wltb a curt of the lip Laflamme re­
plied: “That det-ends on what your
business la on thle lake."
The tawny haired American laughed
In the face of the apeaker.
"Business on thle lake? Are yoa
Joking? You seem to have all the
business here My business la to get
back to New Turk before I'm frosea
In. and report to tbe American Ma-
team of Natural History, Fva rpeot
the last five months on the Albany,
collecting. N»w. I'm bound for Nep­
igon and tbe railroad."
Tho half breed and hie chief eg-
changed looks. Nteele realised that
he was suspected of being a govern
moot sgent In disguise, ao, as ha need
e<1 supplies and wished to study La­
flamme while David circulated among
the poet people, he desired to relieve
the mind of tbe free-trader at one*
“Too aay you're from the Ntateo—
doing collecting among the Indiana?
I should be glad to see some of your
Mflamme was taking no chancre,
and Nteele welcomed the opportunity
to establish hla Identity.
"Te* Fro two packs tn the eano*
My name la Ktaele. I’ve leen on tbe
Albany two yeara—left a thousand
l>ounde thia year, at Fort Albany, to
go nut by boat." Then be baaarded;
"Yon know l.ascvllr* the llevllhm
man there?"
Ijiflamme'e reaction tn the remark
« aa Inafantaneou*
Ills fees dark*
ened vrit i anger.
<Tv> ns cnwTtm an y
Son< f/»e Hammtri Sing
The ronetant elang of yonr hämmer
mean« that you will wucree«?. Tho
ronetant dang of otber hämmere
meana that you have aureveded.—
Youngstown Vlndlcator.