The Scio tribune. (Scio, Linn County, Or.) 1919-19??, December 03, 1925, Page 4, Image 4

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S ibmos for hbllcitm li Firtclwart
II! Utt
' o».
consumer, we cannot help but say
it IS beginning to give real service
to the producer. C. J. McIntosh,
hlict (i CrHiters
lege. save "benefits from advertis­
Tlx1 Scio Tribune
Several ThouMixl
No. I Pololo Sacks
Corner 2d & Baker
Albany. Ore.
Iditor *nd Qtn«r»IJ4»naatl
404 I
Albany. Ore.
2d st.
\\ «• have just installed a new
mat tor tightening wheels.
Biing in your car or truck
ami «■t ti\ »how you how sci-
cniili«.. !y tin*, machine works
either <>n at* < I or w<xxl felloe
*'<«l-. without the use of
slums and at right prices.
Valve Grinding
If You Want to
Look Like This
—Don’t Smoke
You arc going tobe divupi • 1 ted
when you look at the fa« c in this
Advertisement. It will be such
a shock from the type ot Faces
you always sec in Advertisement».
They generally get < me Guys
face to use in a Cudar or Un­
derwear Ad that looks like he
was just born tor that Ad.
never sec him in real Ide or any­
thing that ever kr-krd like him.
These ‘'Bull” Durham people
conceived the idea of something
new. They felt that you were
tired looking at cut h handsome
faces in Ads, it was so discour­
aging to men who looked at them
because they knrw they could
never look like these fellows
themselves. So they wanted a
homely face t(iat would be an
inspiration to other h< mcly men,
(because there is a terrible I- t «I
hard l«H»ktng Birds amor ■ you
readers). So after looking the
Work! over they pu krd on me.
I d«»nt smoke “Bull” Durham,
I km«-<piH kly on a machine
tl .4 is m 'cntifieally accurate,
an«l is th«* only one of its
k’lul in Linn county. Try us
iu *t ton«*. Auto parts both
who'csale and retail.
C. H.Torrance
212 E. First
Phone 379
1 tu', ail is
you need to re-
aothe Moral is IF YOI W ¡1 1.
pair your l»arn
1 am the horrible example of a
nun nut using it.
ami sheds.
If you
town, ue can
supply you with
what you need.
P. S. There is going to be another
pics e hi this paper soon. 1 • -<k for il
We Deliver
J. W. Copeland Yards
We have never heard with profit by wide-awake commun­
a more powerful plea for vegetari* ities all over the country.
an ism.
Qt ai irr : S ervice
Second and Calapooia
Phone 275
Taking Pig Survey
A lbany , O re .
The city council meet« in regular
««••mon tonight. If you want to
For some time past now the mail
"cuss” the mayor or council or dis­ carriers have been taking a pig sur­
ci:«» some important matter with vey of this community, and the same
them, come down.
is being done all over the country.
While a good many have given the
It is ssld that we carry a weight carriers the information the govern­
<>f the burden is
hot air is what but it is valuable to know what the
pork population of the country
gives us that nain in the neck.
a high or
honor of l>eing th«* first one over it. h«>gs and have a questionairc. fill it
She took desperate chances, with its out and hand to your mail carrier.
own weight, her weight and the Make the survey 100 per cent for
' I »Killt Ml Ml. IM. ' ,.
. r
•~1 »... . tafully in itw ireatmenl ol
I '»larri».
»'.'■4 ol an Olntiurnt which «Jukkly
•*<■» I.
al ai plication, and IM
in'rrnal M..1 ma a Tonic, whkh acta
in i- <h the lliood <>n the Mucous Bur-
-• thua r-.l . ing ths inflammation.
««•id by all druggists.
F. J < !.. y A Co.. Toledo. Ohio
of fifteen ton« of air on our bodies ment wants to know, other« have
And probably the fact that so much not- The information is volunitarv,
B ull
"wait” of the court on the injunc­ this community.
But w »men are brave!
When the Crown Mine sets up its
concentrating mill in the spring of
1926, we'll
Albany Bargain House
what it is.”
it has much to do with
Very Reasonable
ing accrue largely from shortening
The new bridge at Albany is open low market in many communities
If you own
to trathe, and a woman claim« the throughout the nation
For Sale
agricultural pre« agent of the col­
the road to market and reducing the
To W R. Culy, the above named de-
of marketing, such a« transpor­
f endant:
I n thk N ark or th « * t » tx or Onx-
tation. commission, ami loss from
UON: You are hereby notified that C.
damage in transportation * * The
H. Merrill, the bolder uf («rtifical«- of
¡■eiinquency number®«! 1245. nwued on
newspaper is the ideal medium for
the first day of August. ¡921. by the
aero« lots from grower to
tai collector of the county of I.lnn,slate­ per«! «dvartlctri« r«M*0wra IWf H«to • •
prf inck
•••>»« table. * * By putting a want ad in
nt Oregon, for th® amount of Three and ÍHaUo
4*f TK»f»bR
43-lObtFi dollars, the same bring th«
-, e* ••
P •
the local paper, the farmer mav sell
•mount then due and delinquent for
Vf «MM «m *4Mdte»UUr
taxes for the year 191H. together with
alwsuM rwawli thia g Ä cw iMrt I*»«* in the local market to consumer in
to rumtot to
penalty, interest and costa thereon up­ thaw T ia*a4»y to irá n»
THtoafetit wh. tb* n< mu«t b»
ftar to town or farmer in vicinity who may
on th« real property aaa« -««-d to you, of 4MÍXIWV
«f tpAlMteAtMM».
_________ ______
which you are the owner as appear® of
be in need of such produce " If it
record. sltuaUrd In said county aini state,
Watch the «late following your pays a merchant to advertise, why
and particularly Ixmnded and ilescrilicd
name on this p«)x*r. It tells when
aa ftillows. to-wit:
not a farmer also
Beginning at a point which is four your time expires. If a blue pencil
hundred and eleven and thirty -one on« mark is under vour name, it means
hundredth* <411.31) feet North and two vour p«|x*r will stop in two weeks,
huntlmi anil eleven urxl two tenth» I
Starts when paid
(211.2) feet westerly along the tine of | unb•-» r«n«*w«-d
the county road from the South, .sst , for. «tons at expiration.
Small towns complain that big
corner of the Nortwcst quarter NW D I
draw all the business from
of the Northeast quarter NEJ) of S ■
t t'MIr« aiUwKflWM to
lion thirty-aix (Sec 36), Township nit»
mr U m end th» Kemb
rural communities
wEteb It
(Tp. 9). South Rang« Two East (S R 2(
«.et» Nat son IndKteübto»
This is a mistaken idea
All over
K) of th« Willamette Meridian, running
with l iberty trad
thence North two hundred la< ntv-nim- i
t«« foe «IL
the county there are shining exam­
’229) feet, thence westerly parallel with'
ples to prove that manufacturers,
the county r«>»«i fifty-tw.> aixl e.ght
I'Ht ic - kay Dec. 3. 1925
tenths .52 8) feat; thence South 2.-»
publishers, writers, motion picture
f«*et; thence easterly along the lii>< <»f
producers, mill operators and num­
the county road fifty two six! eighl-
This weather is so changeable the
tentha (62.H) feet to the pla- «■ of lw, in­
erous other prmiuctive entarpriaas
man in charge must l«e a woman.
are established, thrive and distribute
You are further notified that said <'
H Merrill atxl his assignor hnvo pm f
their products more economically
IU 11 tin- a ls this week. There
tax«-s on said premises for prior or »ob­
sequent years with the rat«* of 4ni«-rrst am some bargains there for the from a small town than from a pop­
on said amounts aa follows:
ulous center. The »mall town which
will analyze ita possibilities and then
Date Paid Number Am * Int.
go after the business can build itself
U h«*n a inan leaves hi* wife •he
M.M 12%
1919 Aug. 1.1923 12672
up along sound industrial and com­
IWU Aug. 1.1923 1416'1
&. 11 12 ' hasn’t lost half «o much a« •he
mercial lines.
1921 Aug
4.16 12 • thinks «he haw.
4 61 12 '
1922 Aug. 1,1923
The (‘entral Illinois Public Service
1923 Apr.S, 1924
4.14 12 •
Company of Springfield. Illinois, has
3.93 12 *
1924 Msrl9,ltf25
Still, the modern Kiri know« «»
tMued a folder entitled "Fertile
W. It. Culv. a» the own«*r of much about a nt-cdla as the m«»dern
Fields for Factories ” It has not
the legal title of the above «1« o riU.l
property aa the same spix-nr» uf re boy know» about a bucksaw.
waited for rural towns in Illinois to
ord, and each of the oth«*r persons above
set forth their advantages, but is
ns med are hereby further notifiaxl that
After ail. the United Slate« isn't
C. IL Merrill will apply to the ir nt
going ahead and showing how low
court of the county and stats aforriai«! n a very g -d position to «near at
production costs are possible in the
for a decree foreclosing the lien against
China because it is overrun with
the pnqwrty above daacrilxd ard in«--
communities in which it operates.
tinned in saxl certificate. And you ;«r< bandit«.
hereby aummoned to appear within
It shows the raw material, trans­
sixty days after the* first publication of
portation and pisnufacturing re­
the «ummon« exclusive of the day
A Washington scientist want« to
of said first publication, ami <!efend
sources in its territory and gives
the brains of all Congressmen
this action or pay the amount du«* »•
statements of executives from aome
above shown, together with rials ami But where would he tind scales «mall
of the country's largest manufactur­
accrued interest, am! in case of jmir
failure to do ao. a «l<*cr<*e will be ren­ enough?
ing plants as to why they, as manu­
dered foreclosing th«* lien of »aid tax«
and coats against the lam! am! premiae»
facturers. prefer a smaller city as a
Summer loss«*« in the cabinet are
above named.
factory location. In every instance
This summons is publish«*«! by order Weeks of th«* war department, Jar­
of the Honorabl«- L IL McMahan. Jud«,-.
one of the main reasons cited is that
of the circuit court of the state of Ore dine's tonsils and Wilbur'« airships
living conditions in the small places
gon. for the emint v of Linn, and said and |H*ace of mind.
order was made ami dated the 27th day
average better than in a big city;
uf October, 1925. ami th«* date of ti
there is a stronger community inter­
first publication of thi« summons Is the
Mr Coolidge's economy program est in the success of the industries;
29th day of Oetolwr. 1925.
All pr<«e<**s ami ]«a|wr* in this pr<- ha» tx-en s i successful that the gov-
employes are of a more permanent
cetKilng may be served upon the under­
signed residing within the state of On- ernment is now able to employ *000 nature and own their own homes.
gon, at the address hereafter mentioned m< re job holders than it had a year %ua eliminating a large part of the
V. L vlk M c C romky .
Attorney for Plaintiff.
costly labor turnover,
Address: Stayton, < Iregun.
The Central Illinois Company is
o2»-n&-12- 19-26-dS-10-17
"It is roast beef.” says a cente- doing constructive work «nd setting
narian, "that has made England an example which can be adopted
Notice is hereby given that th«- un<l«r
igned has t«ern duly apixantcd by th«
C«iunty Court of the State ot Oregon,
tor Linn County, wlministratrix of the
estate of Joseph Schwmdt, decesaed.
•nd has qualified.
All persons having claims against th«*
estate of said deceased arc hereby re
quired to present them, duly verified,
with the proper voucher*, within sis (6)
months from the date of this notice, to
the undersigned administratrix st the
office of Hill. Marks 4 McMahan, in the
Cusick Building in Albany in lunn coun­
ty. Oregon.
listed and first publish«*«] this 2i>th
day of November. 1925.
Anns M. Rehwindt,
Hill, Marks A McMahan.
Attorney* for A<imini»t«atr
Last publication Dee. 24. 1925
, ’ ' *
for farmers to advertise in the home
paper to diapoee of surplus stock at
a profit to them and a saving to the
C H Merrill,
W R. Culy and C. A.
Vend ran.
Phone 411-J
, A •
Editori ah
e • « ’
’N !*?>*.•- ia,'*-« rF
wager the hole in the
tom» knockers will
quite sick, for home people will be
benefited a lot, even those who have
d»ne nothing but knock.
vein has sure been «truck and stock-
h »Ider« are in great luck. ’Tie ao!
Now that the O A C ha«
H. 8. Mowrer. rnslrmun of the Agri­
cultural Committee of ths New Jersey
Illi itfh Avrnur, New \ rlc City
Raakers Asaoclatloa. together with
H. J. Baker. director of extanatoa
work la tbs Colle«« of Agrlcultaru,
Baptist Church Notes
mads a eemplsts tour of ths state thia
spring, railing on tbs county agents
sad agricultural -ommittees of ths
Sunday sch.Mil at 10 o'clock every
various county organisations to get a
Sunday morning
Everybody is in
definite Has-up on tbs work done and
tbs plans for ths coming year Ways
and means for furthering ths program
Christian Endeavor every Sunday
of tbe state committee wars consld
evening at 6:30.
eee oaatereacea.
Prayer meeting every Thurnday
ia The Srio
night at 7 30.
Putting an Ad in
This Paper
1« chsi per and will bring greater
results than if you hail a bov to cry
your.wares. If you have anything
to sell or want to buy something.let
it be known through the Tribune