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    T he S cio tribune
Vol 39
|l.75 the Year
Scio District Got* Over the
Top in the Interest of Hu­
manity; $152 Raised
The Red Cro*s Roll Call Is ended.
The solicitors in this community
found it both * pleasure and * hard­
ship all who contributed did so
gladly, an I this was the pleasure;
many who did not contribute, took
the opportunity to belittle the solic*1
i t.»r and the work they were doing
The chairman of th* district is high­
ly elated with the work of her help­
er« and extend* her hearty thanks.
No work, «he «ays. is more glorify­
ing than that in the cause of hu­
munity. for which the Red Cross
stands out preeminently.
The solicitor* for the citv of Scio
were Mrs. E J. McAdoo, chairman
of district; Mrs. D. C. Thoms and
Min M Humphrey. Total collect­
ed. $46.60.
The contributor*:
Mias Edith
Pentnev. Mr». Don Mcknight. Mr».
Frances Wesely, Mr». John Sticha.
Mike Tom. Frank Gill. J. L. Kelly,
Mrs M G. Thom*. Mr*. Enoch Shel­
ton. Mi»« Mary Becicka, Prof. Wat-
•npaugh. Mrs. Wm. Brenner, Mr*
Kenneth Sims. Mrs. L. J. Jordan,
D C. Thoma, P. H. MacDonald. 1.
V. McAdoo, E. J. Holland, Mrs. C.
L. Pennell, Henry Lukenbach, Scio
Mill & Elevator Co., G. A. Stoddard.
E D. Myers. lawrence Montgom­
ery, Matt Dvorak. M. B. Cyrus. E.
J. McAdoo. J. B. Couey, Ardell
Brock. Mrs. A. W. Hagey. John
Wesely, Rolla Shelton. Mrs Rebecca
Morri*. Mrs. Alta Rodgers, H L.
Shelton. Dr. A. G. Prill. Max W’e*e
ly. R M Cain. Mrs. C. C. Bilyeu.
Marcia M Humphrey. Dean Morri*.
J W. Parrish, Geo. H. Woolridge,
Mr. N. E. Gill. Mr*. Grace Edward*.
Scio District: D. C. Thoms and
Thos. Large. solicitors, total collect­
ed. $28.
Wm. Rhoda and
wife, Paul Limbeck and wife, D. H
Hildreth and wife. John Shimanek
and wife. Andy Arnold and wife, J.
Roner and wife. J. Jiroch and wife,
Lester Arnold and wife. G. C. W m -
tenhouae and wife, H. F. Warren
and wife. Wm. Abbott and wife. A.
G. Lettenmaier, Ro*a Ray. Wint
Young, Lewi* Young. C. W. Bragg.
G C. Christenson, Ed Palon, Frank
Pruitt. Arch Ray. T. B. Prospal.
Chas. Beard, Ed and Ben Fleming.
Ivan, John and Tom Leffler. Barta
Motor Co.
o- ■ -
Shelburn district; Mrs. Lucille
Smith, solicitor. Total collected, 19.
Contributors: George K. John­
son. P. F. Smith, Meadames Nona
Kuiken, Josie Osborn. Roaa Miller,
Minnie Jones. Nora Gibbons, Lucille
Smith, C. O. McClain.
Mt. Pleasant district:
W. H. Mc-
Lain, solicitor; total collected.$27.76.
Contributors: Otto Limbeck, J.
N Cothem and wife. I. A. Bate*. J.
H Quinn. C. E Schaefer and wife.
Raleigh Harold. Mr*. Harry E.Chris­
man. N. E and W. M Mani*. G A.
Sandner and father. Mr*. Mary
Cannon. Carl O. Lvon, Antone Geis­
ler. Geo. C Miller. Wyman Bros.,
C. D. Trexler. C. D. Osborn, Mrs.J.
ION I 1 ! I JKS1 • A Y. 1 >E< 'EM KI R
E. A. Maine,
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No 17
Thanksgiving Is Celebrated by
All the prizes, except trade slips and
live stuff, are in 1 libler & Gill’s show
window', or will he by Friday night.
Stop and see them.
Dinners and l’ortie*
I wo Shift*. Day and Night, to
When you trade with the foil -ring merchant* you see what you get
and get what you want at the right price. Ask for ticket* ace rules
I hi* Week — Plan
D. M. Mcknight and wife gave a
Mill Early in Spring
at their home Sunday, mem­
The cash register nvi.t ring to secure the ticket giving a chance on
th* prises no ticket* on charge accounts, unless such accounts are paid
ber* of the McKnight family being
before date« of drawing. Drawing for first half of the prises will take
their guests.
Five of the atockholdera in the
place on Wednesday, Dee .’.’I. a t the laat half on Thursday, Dec 24.
Those present were Mr« V. A.
No business man nor ao> n.-mlerof hi» household will be allowed to
Crown Mine Joe Boyanovsky. G-
McKnight. F. T. Bilvea, wife and
take chancre this i» for our < ■ untry friend* and town people who are
M. Bilyeu. Fred Mumper, Charley
daughter, Virginia, W F Gill and .
not connected in any line of merchandising or profession. Holder of the
Heard. J- F Wesely accompanied
lucky ticket, or some member of les flresidr, mutt be present on days of
wife. C. M. Coffer, wife and chil­
R. E. Peery to the mine Saturday
drawing. Krnwmler each of the foliowing give three prises
dren, Frances and Warren, of Salem. I
to look thing* over, and returned
Ray McKnight ofO A C, Uoael .Mc­
There's Kelly. I irtu ami Cain,
Sunday fuller of enthusiasm than a
W ith Couey, titll and Mumper.
Knight of Salem, and the h <sts and
And Fred Bily- u. In-namore and Jordan.
dog 1« covered with flea«. These
Father and Lloyd McKnight.
Will make the program a hummer.
men say the half haa not been told,
Morrison, Bruce ant W ►■•*!»,
t'yru« A Brock, the 'do Tribune.
and can’t lie told, for the property
Assisted by the t onfertlonery,
Mrs. Mylo Bartu and Mrs Frank
1» getting richer every day.
W ill help carry the tune.
Bartu, jr., were joint hosts at the
Beginning today, and not later
Mylo Bartu home for a Thanks­
than tomorrow, a day and night
giving dinner to a numlx-r of their
shift will be worked, a* enough men
New Store to Open
i was taken up yesterday to make it
Their guest list included Frank P'ouuble. Floyd Shelton haa been
For two weeks now workmen
■ Bartu sr. end wife. John Shimanek employed a« cook for the men. and
have l»een busy remodeling the north
Big Crowd* Present Both Days •ide of the old feed «tore on Main 'and wife, Wilbur Fleming, wife and •nough supplira. including powder.
| children. Frank Bartu jr . wife and 1 to last two or three months, is also
street, and much «peculation ha«
—F ine Dinner and Dance
children. Mr», (’has. Ijimbert of on hand at the mine. This, and the
j been had as to who was going to use
J Scappoose and children, Clarence fact that there i* no outstanding
it and what II was going to be used
and Henry Shimanek and Frank indebtedness against the company,
for. The Tribune has ia-en author­
The annual bazaar and festival,
is more reason for enthusiasm.
ized to say that the room will be
which is given by the Z < 1’. J. was
All ore that haa lieen recently at-
brought up to date inside, with the
held laat Wednesday and Thursday
Robert Darby and wife had a« <ayed. ah< ws a value of $2.50 to
walls and ceiling painted white and
in their hall in Scio, and big crowds
Thanksgiving dinner guests W E. $ HO per ton, and thia ore la now <»n
the shelving and counter» made to
were in attendance both lavs
Arnold and wife. L. I’. Arnold wife, the dump ready for the concentra­
correspond. The leaser is doing the
The local Sokol band furnished
and daughter. Maxine, M. P. I»ng, tor, and probably enough ia there to
inside work, while J. D. Densmore
the music during the flrst day. an.!
wife and Eldred. Mabel and Opal, make material payment on mill. It
is to tlx up the outside and also
for a young organization they done
Marvin Long and wife. J B Couey i* the plan of the company to have
paint It white. It ia »aid the room
splendidly. The Mill City bund ren
and daughter», Misses Lets and Mil­ the mill in place by next April ready
will not be ready for occupancy be­
dered the music Thursday after­
dred. and Spencer U>ng. wife and for operation. Enough money is on
fore Jan I
The gentleman who is
noon and earlv evening, to the de­
aon. Donald, of Albany.
hand n«w to go through the winter,
having the building remodeled ia an
light of its hearers. They are al­
taken up bv the present stockhold­
experienced buainess man. who has
ways welcome in Scio.
Mrs Hannah Ray was hostess for ers. When the mill is placed a re­
been among ua for some time, and
There was a large numlo r ava < I
for a number of years conducted a a turkey dinner at her home Sunday. capitalization of the company will
themaelvea of the opportunity to
large business at Sunlex. Il is Fred Yellow chrysanthemum« formed the occur.
eat dinner Thursday evening with
Every stockholder ia holding fast,
Sturges, and his new grocery will centerpiece for the table, at which
the ladies. Much merchandise was
some who have had nothing but
We welcome him
be strictly cash
disposed of during the two days,
Riley Shelton and wife. Arch Ray unkind word* would now like to t>e
and a big dance on Thur- lay night
and wife. Riley Montgomery and a stockholder, it ia said.
Interested In Mine
dosed a succrsaful affair, the music
The mine ia located about 40
wife. Ardell Brock and Ross R hv
being furnished by the Kalina or­
east of Scio, and I« at our
In renewing her subacription to
the Tribune for another year. Dr.
E. D Myer« and wife were hosts door.
Matt Doubek Succumb*
Matt Doubek. 82. who had I wen a
resident of Scio for 1(5 year«, died
at hi* home Sunday morning after
an illness of several month* and
which had kept him bedfast for two
An abdominal inflamma­
tion waa the cause >f his death
Mr. Doubek wai born in Hungary,
Austria, but came to the I'ruled
State* when he was 21 year« obi. He
came from Hoquiarn, W’n . where
Mary T Cole of Timber,Or*., sister
• ( Mt». N E Gill, says: "I am
very much interested io the gold
mine spoken of in the last issue of
the Tribune, and the distance from
Scio to the mine, and just where it
is located. I await the next issue
of the Tribune with interest.”
This property is located on the
north fork of North Santiam river,
about 40 mile* east and north from
Scio. There are four or five other
mining properties near thia mine.
» >rne of which are now taking out
the family lived for aotne time, to
ore in pay ing Quantities.
Doubek wu a hard
worker and thrifty, and had one of
Mr*. France* Rotan and daugh­
the most profitable 10-acre prune
Mia* Anna, and ton*. Joe and
orchard* in the valley.
were shopping in Scio Mon­
Beside* hi* widow, the deceased
Mias Anna i* walking on
I* survived by four daughters, two
living in Portland, one in Vancou­ crutches because of having sprained
ver, B. C.. and the fourth in Ho­ her ankle about two months ago.
quiam, Wn. Toe funeral was to Thia waa her flrat time to tie away
have been held Tu< -dav, but on ac from home since her accident.
count of the inability of the daugh
ter to arrive from Vancouver in lime
it was postponed until 10 o'clock J
Wednesday morning, which took
place at the Z C H J hall. The «er-1
vices were conducted in Bohemian 1
by J. F. Patrny and in English by .
F. B. Studnicka.
Immediately after the service* the
body waa taken to Portland for cre­
mation. accompanied by the widow
and one daughter.
Hagey. the jeweler, has just re
P Mertx. James C. Leffler and wife.
eeived another lot of fine Spectacle«, j
Anthony Minten. A. C. Vernon.
Price* very reasonable.
Munkers district;
Mr*. Thoma specialize* in all kinds
beauty work.
People’s Theatre
Saturday Sunday
Rupert Hughes production
Excuse Me”
With Norma Shearer, Con­
rad Nagel, Renee Adoree
Mack Sennett presents
The Beloved Boys
Featuring Ralph Grave*
for a Thanksgiving dinner to the
following. Jefferson Myer« and wife.
Meet After Many Year*
Dr. S. L. Brown, wife and two child­
ren, the Misses Myrtle Myers and
Mr- and Mrs. Tracy Stoker and
Ruby Temple, all of Portland, F J. Miaa Nina Stoker of Eugene were
Weol. wife and aon, David, of Jef­ guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. J.
F. Oupor. They were accompanied
by Mrs. P. IL Herley of Spokane,
Guests of Mrs. E. J Daley and who is visiting at several points in
aon. Fred, on Sunday for a thanks­ Oregon and W ashington.
giving dinner were A W. Hagey Herley and Mrs. Oupor, who are
and wife. Mrs S J Morris. P H cousins. had not seen each other for
MacDonald, wife and son, Donald
17 years. Mr. and Mrs.Ouportook
Mrs. Herley to Albany Tuesday
I. V. McAdoo and wife had
morning, from where she departed
dinner guests thanksgiving day
for Portland. Tacoma and Seattle,
D. Mara and wif* of Jefferson.
where she will visit while enroute
Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Thoma went
to Portland laat Wednesday, where
Prize* in Gill’* Window
they spent Thanksgiving with rela­
tives. returning to Scio Sunday eve­
The prizes offered by the mer­
chants are being assembled and will
Mr. and Mr*. C. O. Batea were l>e placed in Gill’* center »how win­
dinner gueata at the home of Mr dow today or Friday. When put all
together the priz«a will show up to
and Mrs. E P. Limbeck on Thanks-
l*cttrr advantage. See them.
giving day.
Mr*, and Mr. F. T- Thayer and
daughter*. Misses Freda and Bobby
and grandson, Ly le T- Shelton,drove
to Portland Wednesday afternoon,
where they visited at the homes of
their children. Mrs. V. T- Wiglre-
Star I heatre, Stayton
worth. Mrs. ¡>ean Werat and I*ax
Thayer, until Sunday evening. En­
route home they stopped at Hills­
boro to visit Mr. Thayer’s half­
brother, W. S. Tilton. Mr. Tilton
‘The Pony Express’
la a Civil War Veteran and is MO
years old- They also stopped at
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A lame« Cruze production
it’ d
Bcttv Compaon
Rican! Cortex
Ernest Torrence
Wallace Beery
A Paramount Picture
ttc and M