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|1.76 the Year
Vol. 29
and Mrs. Gaorcr Hurley of Albany
Two Couple« Marry
woe a similar prize on her guess of
Last Thursday night, at the home
The Linn county fair, for 1925 Is 1180. The correct number in the
of the bride’s father. James John-
history. According to reports it bottle was 1172 kernel«.
•ton. six mile« southwest of Scio,
was also the most successful. The
attendance each day. except Wed­ Local Sokol Club Participate« Miss Leona Johnston was united in
marriage to Clarence Miller of Jef-
nesday, was large, the wedding on
ferson. only immediate relatives of
Thursday being a drawing card and
couple witnessing the ceremony,
the school children being the Incen­
newly weds left Friday mom-
tive on Friday, the attendance on
Kitchen Springs, accompan-
the last day being estimated about been invited to participate in an
Johnston, where they -
athletic meet with the Portland
Millard and lionaid Shelton woo clubs, the meet being held in the will spend two week« honeymooning'
first prize with their Japanese Silkies Bohemian ha'I at Sellwood. The and hunting.
chickens; Rudolph Borovieka woo Portland ladies served supper in the
John Leffler and Mrs Edith Cou^
first, champion and grand ehampion hail In the evening which was fol­
•ma went to Vancouver. Wash.. last
with his Holstein«; Orville Gilkey lowed by a dance
On Sunday a dinner wi» served to Saturday, where they were married.
won first with his Hnlsteina; Ed Pos-
var won first and champion with his the visitors, the Portland ladies again They returned to Scio that evening
Guernsey«; and in farm eahibits the playing the part «f hosts tie«, ¡lur­ and are now at home to their many
Riverview exhibit (Farmers Union ing the afternoon a short program friend« on the groom’« farm, north
N<>. 1131 won sixth pjpee. and the was rendered and several contests of the city. Both parties are well
Premium« Won by Local Meo
prize ia |25. Last year the Forks
of the Santiam was seventh, and the
showing made by Riverview «hows
that Leo Zeller is improving with
his experience in assembling and ar­
ranging the exhibit of the products
of his home community.
Rudolph Borovieka also woa first
on hi« young Holstein bull at the
state fair yesterday. He alao won
first on him last year when he was
only six months old. Of course Ru­
dolph is proud of hi« winnings, aa
he is putting thia section on the live
»lock map.
Millard and Donald Shelton alao
annexed most of the prizes with
their sheep, while Lona and Hazel
Zywet claimed most of the prizes In
There may have been other exhib­
itors from this community, but we
have not been so informed.
Mis« Bonnie Sutherland repreeent-
ed Scio as an attendant upon the
queen on school day. The float used
bv Scio was the same aa used during
the Odd Fellows* parade in Portland
and no pretense was made to win
the cup. The schools woa in th«
order named:
High schools of the county: 1st
Brownsville, 2d Lebanon.
Rural schools: 1st LaSalle. 2d
Tallman, 3d Oakville.
Grammar schools: tat Shedd. 2d
Lebanon. 3d Brownsville
The pagernt Friday night was
well presented, and waa a quaint in­
terpretation of an old folk tale of
Cornwall. England. written at a
time when goblins were believed to
be real.
In the gueesing contest staged by
the Scio Mill A Elevator Co. on l the
number of com kernels In a bottle.
R. C. Jones of Corvallis woo the
49 lb. sack of Weatorn Blend Hour
for his guess of 1177; Pool Ryan of
Albany won the 24ft lb. eack of
of 1179.
Pheasant Floor on a
LC. B. J. HaH
□cio» urwgoii
Saturday lite, Oct 3
Everybody Invited
VAUPtVaU, Ms*«
picture«- a South African
Stmd aj i n T e a
"Monsieur, our people are panic-
stricken " Col. St,. Onge gravely
shook hia head. "Noneof the Indian
trappers will go into the bush alone,
They are always seeing and hearing
things. Our hunter refuses to leave
the post since he saw strange tracks
and heard screatying at night. And
now the climax is capped!"
Brent Steele leaned forward to-
ward hi« host, keenly awaiting what
was coming, aa the Colonel Hnished.
"Our fur canoe, which left here
early in July with SIH.U00 worth of
hide« and four men, never reached
"Never reached Albany?" repeat-
ed the astonished listener. "They
sent you word, by canoe?"
"Ye«, they «ent a relief party up­
In the volley ball contest. end favorably known and are receiv- river to find rr.y men who were long
Portland took two points and Scio Ing the congratulation« of their; overdue. They feared they had lost
i their live« in the Albany rapids and
on«. The Scio team believes they friends.
were following the shore."
would have won had it not been for
"And this search party found no­
the fact that one or two of their
Come« From Albany
best players did not play.
Mr Meiser, who owned the ranch
"Nothing!" The Colonel lifted
The Portland and Scio team« each
put on tallies* and men’« calisthenics recently occupied by Elmer Lim- shoulders and hands in eloquent g<-»-
drills separately and combined and beck. in the Mt. Pleasant neighbor-1 ture. "Men, fur. canoe; gone, wip-
On Tuesday of last week. George
W. Gueencr of Lacomb, brother of
Mr«. Sarah Morris of thia city, died
at a hospital in Albany from a para­
lytic stroke suffered several month«
The deceased was born in Gentry
county, Mo., July 26, 1854. snd
died Sept. 22. 1925. aged 71 years,
one month and 26 day«. He crossed
the plains with hi« parents in 1865
and settled near Scio.where he spent
the greater part of hi« life. He was
one of 12 children born to A J and
Elizabeth Queener (six bovs and six
girls I. all of whom have passed on
except three sisters... Mrs. Sarah
Morri« of Scio. Mr«. Bell Caldwell
of Irrigon. Ore., and Mrs. Mnrtha
Hill of Palouse, Wash. He never
For the past «eversi year« ha
made his home at Lacomb, where
About seven years ago he made a
' profession of religion. He wu !sid
to re«t Thursday in Franklin Butte
cemetery beside his father and mo­
ther. G. L. Sutherland conducting
the service at the grave.
the Scio teams gave a combined hood, has traded It to E. L. Church ed out. swallowed up!”
"But there must have I »ten some-
drill, music being furnished by the for a small acreage at the citv limits ■
Looking for Dairy Ranch
Scio Sokol orchestra. Short talks of Albany. Mr. Church has moved thing washed up along shore." pro-
were made by various members of his family tojhis new home and his tested Steele, "the shell nt the ca-
J E. Baldwin. father of A. T.
the dubs, I. G Faltua representing 16-vrar-old son started to Scio high | noe. small stuff, and a paddle always Bahiwin. who live« on the WiUism
school last Monday. We are glad; comes ashore."
Scio on this part of the program.
Mewpelt farm in th« Gilkey neigh-
"Nothing," repeated the Colonel,
Among those attending were R. to welcome this family to this com-1
burhood, arrived with hi« family at
, "They searched everywhere. The
M. Cain and family, Mrs. Joe Wise­ munlty.
Jefferson from Kellogg. Idaho, last
¡only thing they found was the first i week and is camping at Santiam
ly and daughter«. Mrs. Rudolph
Charles Smolik and his mother I camp of our people. But no canoe, park. Mr. Baldwin is looking for a
Weoely and daughters. John Ku-
Kacka and wife. 1. G. halt us and are more newcomers to this com- not a body, or s paddle or a scrap of dairy ranch on shares and is anxious
They come from Silverton j a canoe nothing."
daughter, Chai les Pletka, Mi - Fred- munity
to get located. He say« snow was
Suddenly it began to dawn on 1*» feet deep there last winter, and
•rick. J. F. Novak and son Henry, and have rented the Anna Shindler-
Joa Slacek. Frank Hartu. jr , and Kuuba acreage, just east of the city i Steele that the Colonel was keeping ( that was too mueh for him to face
wife, Joe Kartu and wife, Richard limits. They will go into the dairy something^ back -that there was' again this winter. Mr. Baldwin and
j more to the story.
Chrz, Eddie Stepanek. Joe Dobrkov- and chirk« n business.
a «on were in Scio Monday.
"Yes. those are the facts, Mon-
sky and family. John Dobrkovsky.
I sieur. and our people are mad with
Eddie Prosprl, Rose Chromy, Joe.
Council Meets Tonight
Entertained at 500
i fear.”
Frank. Jim. Ijida and Christian
The regular monthly meeting of I
US the Windi«“ lb*-
Kroaosan. Mr«. Chas. Vstecka and
Mrs. Dean Morris entertainer! a
daughters, Tony Fallus and wife.
party of ladies at two tables of 500
. .
n. bo the W indigo got them.
Mrs. Harman Harjpon and Mary. ' arut ..
It la hoped every member will
al her home on Main street Tuesday
Joa Menhart and son Joe. Walter 1 try to be present 7:30 Is the hour. t What waa the Windigo? How had
. l-v.Bjnir
— I
the canoe disappeared?
W hs the pining. The high «core was taken
Holechek. wife ami daughter.
B»-«ldes the regular routine business
the Colonel!
^*aurB Shelton while Mr«.
! the naming of a budget committee r ver haUB*
"* 1
Nell Bilyeu was given the low score.
will be made, also a petition has ;
,hr V*‘ ,
Sold Farm Public Sale
... . ... ..
ley of Voices.
by George Mnrsh, : Mrs. Colene Walters and «mall «on
1 been filed with the recorder a»
1 I of Seattle were out of town guests.
. .
. _ . . _ | beginning in the next issue of
Laat Thursday W. T. Haasl«-r sold that
something be done toward stop-
r’ uo*-
his 100-acre farm to (!on Westen- ping the inroad« being made by |
Mr. snd Mr«. Joe Borovieka of
house, who will take possession on rhoma« creek in the city and thus!
arrived Monday on a vis­
Miracle in Accident
or about the 10th. Mr. Hassler has relieve the dangers of another flood. |
it tn relative« and friends in thia
been a busy man ever since in ad- ' The public ik invited.
Last Friday afternoon an accident community.
vertiaing a public sale next Satur-
occurred at West Scio that was a
day. Oct. 3. I m sinning at 10:30 a m ;
Gresham Gi\en Credit
i miracle, in that no one was killed or
At this sale he will sell three head of |
Star Theatre, Stay too, Tuesday
I injured. It occurred on the railroad
horses. 12 head of cattle, tl head of.
We understand the Scio float in
•nd Wednesday, Oct. fl A 7, T om
. crossing as the gasoline car was
hogs, farm machinery. 75 turkeys.; the* I <) O F parade at Portland last'
MIX in •' Riser« af the Rurale
■ pulling in from Shelburn and as
Sag«,'* by Zane Grey,
14 ducks, some chickens, and other week elicited mueh applause, and
i George DeWall was attempting to
A<1 mission 15c and 35c.
The Lacomb ladies aid will that it won a 950 prize. The Port- ,
¡cross with s truck loaded with about
aerve lunch at noon. Mr. Hauler ian<i papers credited It to Gresham. I
'♦»ft tons of lumber.
expects to move to Lebanon to make which accounts in a large measure j
DeWall is hauling lumber from
his future home.
to the delay in receiving authentic
the Ambrosek sawmill for the Ne-
Mr. Westenhou»»- is one of our information. It was so nice that
braaka Bridge Co., which is being
young dairymen, and he w ill devote those who had charge of placing
loaded out al Munkers, and he drove
most ot his time to dairying, hug the floats could not realize that a
his truck directly in front of the
raising and turkeys. We cungratu- little place like Scio had such good •
oncoming train, which hit the truck
lofts Coo oo this step toward inde talent, it seems.
; Center on the hind wheels and dam-
poodence and know he is energetic
■ aged it to the extent of about 9150.
«•ough to be a winner.
The Tribune. 91.75 the year.
while the car was damaged almut
While we are sorry Mr. Hamler ss:
9300. Three ties were torn out of
could not see his way clear to slay
I the track, and a wrecking crew was
us. we wish he nmi his good
J sent out from Albany to lake the
wife health and prosperity wherever
damaged ear in for repairs.
thoy may locale.
Kelly Donohue was riding with
Saturday Sunday
DeWall, and luckily no passengers
John T. Brock took advantage cf
were on the ear. but the train crew
th« rain Tuesday to come tn town
received a shaking up. aa did DeW'all
from his farm, about seven mile«
and Donohue. The view is clear at
southeast of Scm. He says he had
I this place, and why neither occupant
•boat an 80 per cent crop of prunes
of ths truck heeded the whistling of
* •nd has sold the entire output.
the approaching car no offe knows.
•t all brakes, but
The engineer
could not «top in time. We under-
J, Oct. 4, 7:30 and 9:30
And a
II F«agb. in conjunction with
umes all blame.
‘ stand DeWall
Star Theatre, Sta;
Geo. W. Queener Die«
_______ I
People*» Theatre
Kalina 5 pices
picca Orchestra
Ailmission .
Unfold a Weird Tale
No. H
•’Twa FBMAiJt."
7 JO and »W
Good Comedy
zi »4 sa c«»i.
Radio B Batteries at Bilyeu’aGar-1