The Scio tribune. (Scio, Linn County, Or.) 1919-19??, April 23, 1925, Page 4, Image 4

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    The Scio Tribune
Local New »and Classified
Page 4
Mrs. R M. Phillips. wh<> has been
sick with flu pneumonia, is now able
to sit up a little every day. and Dr.
Frill says she is on the road to rapid
¿flaws* ~i recovery.
For Sale Kale Seed. 35c a pound,
Hawthorne y*
by (has. t-hr*. route 2. Seis. Ore­
Am I Intruding’"
Rev. J. Y. Stewart will preach in
ou West Scio road.
If 1 can help my twys to learn
D. W, Dormer was at Newport the Christian church Sunday even­
One fact my father taught to me
F t
Alt. it 65 good laying
ing. The subject of the sermon
Some day their gratitude I'll earn;
hens. Priced reasonable for a
will be "Walking With God.” Ser­
1 want their heritage to be.
quick «ale. See Sam Stoller. Scio
Thomas Large waa in Albany on
■ Above all else that fortune brings.
On gon.
business M-ndsv
An understanding of this law:
Wanted To trade »»me cattle fora
J. 0. Densmore went to Portland
I That men may rise to greater things
brood sow and pigs, or shoats.
Some one must grapple with the raw!
Tuesday on busineM.
W T. Hassler, routs 3. Scio.
ther of Mrs. Sarah Morris of Scio,
37 p
What do I mean? The answer's here:
has suffered a stroke of partial pa­
bany Munday forenoon.
All comfort* come from work Gone;
ralysis. and on Tuesday Di. Frill For Sale 55 rod* of good used wire
fence. 9 wires, for $10. Geo. C.
I want my boys wit h ready cheer
C. D. Compton was over from had him removed , to the Albany
Christian«' n. route 2. on West
To claim the right to win their own!
Salem on business Monday.
General Hospital.
Scio road.
They must not be content to take
What I may hold of wealth or fame.
E. H. Hobson and wife of Salem
All the grade pupils of the Scio Farm l»ans
Money at 5% with
But fortified with humble stake
called on Scio friends Sunday.
school have combined to put on a
r> mmal commission; prepayment
Let them add honor to thq name.
privileges after first year. Wm.
Miss Roberta Cary of Albany vis­ Cooked food »ale next Saturday.
Bam. Ail »any Ore.
34 -c
April 25. and will hold it in Riley
ited Mrs. Sat ah Morns Tuesday.
Of such a breed wore those who carved
She I bin’s office. Get your Sunday For Sale - White leghorn cockerels.
This nation from the wilderness,
J. L. Kelly spent Thursday night
3 weeks old. at 15c each; make
needs from them.
Wlio fought and froze and bled and starved
•nd Friday flshine near Oregon City.
g < l friers
See L. E. Covell, oo
T9 prove their title to success;
The 7-months-old child of Mr. and
Of such a breed must he the men
Mrs. E. D Myers and Mrs. Jeffer­
■ •
Mrs. Joe Sehwindt. living east of
Who brave each hazardous frontier—
son Myers visited in Corvallis Mon­
Cash paid for false teeth. dental
town, accidentally pulled a cup of
Lord, stimulate boys’ hearts again
gold, platinum and discarded jew­
hot coffee over onto its right leg
With eagerness to pioneer!
elry. Hik<- Smelting & Refining
E. S. McCrae, who lives near last Thursday and wav severely
Co.. Otsego, Michigan.
West Scio, is reported on the sick burned from the hip down.
Choicednhlias, 25?, 35?. 50?. Spec­
ial collection, named and labeled.
The engineers are working on the
$1 50 per dozen. Goin’s Dahlia
Mieses Vella Brenner and Dorris estimates for improving the Albany-
Farm. Jefferson, Ore. 36-t-S-c
Weddle were shopping in Salem Sat« Ijebanon highway, and expect t»
T •«:: ! ■ •» Slabwood at
have them ready so the State High­
cord, delivered. If you
Mrs. Oliver Powe'l is reported tn way Commission can ask for bids to
want some, phone or mail your
be quite sick at her home on Main be opened at the May meeting.
order to J, F. Kukacka, Scio, Or-
It C.: "Drift >ou think Ella has street
37 If
Mrs. KreiU. mother of Mrs. L. E.
■it if al complexion?*
The laat girls’ h
Just The Thing To wrap canned
Miao Almeda Smith of Portland
Yl i/H
this saasou wjj
at Mio, Mor. 1
egeitiag gnrtt«»
The Scio girts showed lack
work due to lack of pcaci
shifting of players.
In thr last quprV-r the set
H-K and hard playing on botl
could not br»-ak the tie.
thrown by Selo just as the w
b|i-w did nut count, anii, the
«too» I h -M.
The lineup tor the
wm :
Bonita Sutherlin, center.
Bertha Calavan, r. center.
Wilma Miller, forward.
Fern Flanagan, forward,
l-ona Zyssct, guard.
Elia Lucek, guard.
Frances Weedy, sub.
it is hoped that in tit« future mon-
high school girls will turn out for
baseball practice so that a first and
second team may be picked and prac­
tice begun.
No games have l>< en
scheduled because there are not
enough high school girls out to prac­
tice to make a team.
ti 7... ¿‘W.-ll, of course »he has
Kmght place, died Tuesday night
1 in her ehecks, but I don’t like spent the week-end with .Miss Vella
paralysis, and her remains will
nrt.ficial flowers.M
I did?
I told pap
that line is entirely
For Salo
314 acres of good land,
six mil»« fr>>rn live town <>f about
1,000 imputation; good graveled five lalles <>f the way. four
miles from railroad station: one
and one-half miles from good
scho<|; has good seven rixim house,
large barn; HO acres in cultivation
balance in pasture and timber;
has plenty of good water, one run­
ning stream. Terms can be ar­
ranged on part. Addresn, Owner,
care Tribune. Scio. Oregon.
fruit up with, or lunches, or to
kindle fires old newspapers. A
bi<r bundle for 10c al the Tribune
be taken to Dayton, Yamhill county,
Mrs. F. T. Thayer returned Mon­
Friday for interment. She was 65
day evening from a week’s visit in
Any girl in trouble may communi­
years old.
cate with Ensign Lee of the Sal­
The fallowing patents were issued
vation Army at the White Shield
Ralph Bowerman of Portland was
last week to Oregon men: .Matt
Horne. 565 Mayfuir Ave., Port­
a week-end visitor at the G. L.
land. Oregon.
Anundi. Clatskanie, buoy; Smith C
Sutherland home.
Berg, Scappoose, burglar proof win­
Mrs. Annie Bryant of Portland dow lock; Sam B Flint. Marshfield,
visited the first of the week at the device for and process of drying and
I oiling shoes.
C. L. Pennel home.
Globe - Albany
Ijen I’roepal of Portland visited st
W bile operating the saw at his
the home of bis parents, Mr. and mill near Jordan last Thursday.
Mrs. T. B Prospai, last w.-ck,
Frank Jungwirth gave his back a
wrench and has been off duly
Mr. and Mrs. J. S Sticha and the
He is pnder the State (
Mi^et Vella Brenner and Leta Cou-
ev saw "Sally** in Salem Sunday Accident Commission and will re-1
ceive benefits.
8 Days, Starting
Friday, April 24
The iuinous White Mahatma
Ask Him Anything—
He Will Tell You
Next week Is National Forest-
Mrs Ernest l^ung and son. Mel­
For every want for your garden or vin, of Salem visited at the M P. ) Week, and a part of the May Day >
Ladies Matinee
kitchen. Weaely has it. Fresh and
and J. N. Long homes the first of program should be given to the SSV- [
Children under 16 not ad­
mg of wa»tc in our forests. No
the week.
Friday, May 1st
more patriotic service to the present
R M. Caln is making some changes
and future generations could bep«r-!
Adults 50»
in his hardware store which, when
formed at so little rost and effort.
completed, will add greatly to its
The managers of the Crown Mine
have about completed installing the
Albert Bodingheimer, wife and
machinery recently purchased, and
baby of Stay ton visited ■ Mrs. B<»d-
Notice is hereby given that in ac­
with it expect to realize the hopes (
Jngheimer’s parents, Mr. and Mrs.
their time and money have been cordance with Chapter 314 of the
Trueman I-ukenbach Sunday.
A clean well l>alj>u.vil Poult n Feed »snnot contain over 5 per
laboring for.
And prospects are General laws of Oregon for 1925
cent of fibre. Ten of the Chcrro Poultry Feeds contain less
Fred Bilyeu, wife and daughter, looking brighter each day they say., and an order >f<he County Court
than I |>cr cent of fiber.
of Linn County. Oregon, issued In
Virginia, W. F Gill and wife and
C cm» Ctow Chow, 1H per cent protein.
We're i»ying
While handling heavy timbers at ‘ comp i.’incv therewith, all interest,
Chcrro Molasses Feed. 16 per cent protein.
for E(>G5 -
his sawmill Monday. Lorenz Isaak! penalties and costs which have been
son visited in I.«banon Sunday.
Chcrro Krcnio Feed. 12 |>cr cent protein.
ruptured himself, and consequently or may be incurred on all taxes levi­
Chcrro Calf Meal, 21 per cent protein.
Lee Powell of Scio, a freshman in will l»e off duty for some time. A 1
A full line of Flour and Cereal* packed in al! »ires.
ed in Linn County, Oregon, on the
vocational education at O AC, is sun recently met with a serious ac-1 u, ro|to for the years 1921. 1922.
Bring in your produce and let us trade.
Thank You.
showing up well in track, turning cident when his dothing caught on a ar>(i 1923 wi|t
reniiUedt if ,ueh
out for both the mile and half mile. belt and tore a large piece of flesh ' dt|inqueOt taxe, are M|d on or 5*.
Cherro Products at
22c & 24c
Mr and Mrs Will Coughanour of from the calf of one of his legs.
Payette. Idaho, visited from Thu re­
dry until Monday at the C. L. Pen­
Baptist Church Notes
nell home. They and Mr. and Mrs.
Pennell and family visited at Shedd
Sunday school at 10 o’clock every
Sunday morning. Everybody is in­
The play and dance given by the vited to attend.
Christian Endeavor every Sunday
Sokol club at the Z. C. B. J. hall on
at 6:30. .
last Saturday night drew a large
meeting every Saturday
crowd and is reported by those who
attended, to have been a very enjoy­
Junior Endeavor every 2d and
able affair.
.4th Saturday at 2:30.
Mrs. Martha Heard of the Jprddk
Mr. Fred Waehlte will preach
community, who has been very III
next Sunday.
with pneumonia, is reported to be
well on the road to recovery. Mrs.
First Art Student: "I painted a
Cora Calavan, who has been nursing winter acene so true to nature that
her. has returned home.
the thermometer in my room fell 20
Mrs L. L. Calavan oP Sumner.
Wash., a former resident of Scio,
underwent an operation at the lab-
anon hospital last week. Word re
seised here the first of this week
was that she is grtun* along nicety I
,2nd Student: ’’That’s nothing, yes­
terday I dr*» the picture of a hen »0
naturally that when I crumpled her
up and threw her in the waste basket
she laid thsre”
Subscribe now. Si.75 per year.
fore May 1. 1925.
This dies not
apply to any tax upon which a cer­
tificate of delinquency has been issu­
Frank Richard.
Sheriff of Linn County. Oregon.
titcalir's tan Katie«
Notice i» hereby given that the final
account of George hreeh as executor of
the «wtat«* of J. E Yeoman, deceased,
has born filed in the < ounty Court of
the “tale of 1 »regon for lann County,
and that the l.*th <iav of Slay, lV->. at
th- hour of 10 o’clock a. m in the
Court Room of raid Court in the Unn
County Court House at Albany.Oregon,
ha* been fixrd a» the tune and place for
hearing objections to said final account
and the settlement thereof, on or be­
fore which time all persons interested
in said estate may appear and file ob­
jections to sqrb Anal account and con­
test the same.
K kk < f .
En-eutor of the Estate of J. E. Yeo­
man. deceased.
Mayton. Oregon.
Attorney for Executor.
First Publication. April IS. 1925
last Publication, May 14. 1925