The Scio tribune. (Scio, Linn County, Or.) 1919-19??, April 24, 1924, Page 3, Image 3

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    Country Correspondence
: able to be up part of the time now.
M im Amy llolteen is caring for Mi*»
Opal Mespelt,
j Margaret during her sickneaa.
Gordon Gilkev.
Philo and Vsmon Gragg of Belle foun-
' tame, Benton county, drove through
April 22
Song bv all. ' Stand up, Stand up
' Shelburn Saturday morniag on their
Wild Mushruuin^are now up.
i way to Salem to witness the unvethng
for Jesus.”
I of the statue of ’ The Circuit Rider,''
Mm. Fred Eckengren and Mm
, prevented by Hon. Robert A. Booth in
! honor of his father, Robert Booth, and George Rodgers of Scio went to
Play and
Salem recently to visit Mrs. Ecken- !
gren's nephew. Willis Cree, of B-s
• ••• ♦ . s w ■ e a a i
• <*>
ton. MasMchuaets. wHom they had
Aoril 22
not seen for about eleven years.
Ed Kalina and wife took in the
Mm. Eckengren'a mother. Mrs. J.
big dense at Richardson's bridge,
W. Cree, accomprnied them home
arid report a large crowd and a line
. for a visit.
The Women's Club met at the
fid Kalina sowed his oat* Sunday so
home of Mm. Haul Bartnik Thurs­
as to have a good crop as well as a
day. Fleeing a quilt was the main
rtne day.
diversion A content was staged by
Billy TurnidRe of Crabtree called
the hostess
Mrs. Oscar Goar won
Friday to chat with the Old Man.
the prize. Music wa< furnished by
has two pairs of foxes for
Mrs. E. F. Krebs
Song* were rtn-
he paid $¿1.000 and is going
dered by Mm. Smith Holt. Mrs.
business of raising them.
Goar and Mrs. Krebs. There were
when he has raised over
28 members present and the follow­
10<> foxes he will make the Old Man
Contagious DiseasesReported ing visitor*: Mrs. H MunseL Mm. a present of a pair of dead ones to
I Krebs. Mm. S. J. Zvsset. Hazel
remetulier him by.
Young and Mabel Zyavet. l>elieioua
The «tato board of health report­
bur road boss is putting up posts
ed the following numtier of eonta- refreshments were served at the
railing on the countv hill to
»giou* diseases for week ending on clone consisting of <*ake. fruit, salad
' April 12;
accidents as it Is a dangerous
and cocoa. It was the 29th wedding
The grade is from six to 14
Tuberculosis 10. Typhoid H. Dip-, anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Bart­
feet high.
■ theria 23. Scarlet fever 31, Small-j nik.
■ *
* •
Ipos 14. Whooping cough Id. Polio-!
Our heavy frost Saturday night
Harold Hough and Murrel Gilkey
myelitis I. Measles 178, Chickenpox have gone to Albany where they was a dvadener on fruit and berries
23. .Mumps 20, Eryaipt-laa 8. Pneu­ have accepted positions with the winch were in bloom. Strawberries
monia 7, Intluenz-* 2. Lethargic En- Mountain States Light and Power are almost a failure.
I cephalitis 2.
The Old .Man and good wife drove
Scio, Oregon
Sales Agency
Grace Bartnik is home from Cam­ to Scio Saturday and found the town
Sodatol Exhausted
lloa>ing ulong like a leaf on a stream.
as. Wash.
Rachel Cook, former teacher of Lhey found Mrs Rebecca Morris of
No more Sodatol. the new exubm-
the Riverside Inn as proud of her
\ ive made from surplus war mater­ Oak View, hut now of Lebanon, vln
home as a blind doe with a bell
North Bend Saturday evening, where
lied at W A. Gilkey's Sunday.
she had been to visit T. M. R um »« 11 ami ials. is available. Orders that have
She is also quite a poultry and
! family the last week Mr. Russell a; - I been placed with the Bureau of pub­ Mm. S. F. Zyaaet left SaturJav
lady, she having the finest
for Ashland to visit her mother whit
........................................... ..
four children Were ju->t r»-<"vvring from lic Roads, which is handling the dis­
garden spot in town.
an attack of measles.
tribution over the United Slates, or io ill.
April 22
Krom Saturday night till Sunday
Clair McLain and family are nicely
Mrs Orville Gilkey returned honje
which are ou the wav will be Ailed,
Eugene Miller and wife, who have settled In North Bend. Hr i* working
more cars passed the Santiam
lubject to a delay of ninety days, from Portland Sunday evening.
been down with the grip, are both able for the Coos Bay Lumber Co.
than was ever known in 24
Dorris Meiser spent the week end
to be around again.
Byron Bates is driving a new Fort ■iccording to word that has just come
there being a constant Stream
She has a school en­
Mrs. W. H. McLain returned freer; these days. He and family spent Eait- to County Agent C. R. Briggs of at Woodburn
Morrison of Scio in hie
gaged at West Woodburn for, next
er with Carl Smith and wife.
Benton Countv.
in the procession.
R. M. Russell and wife spent Eister
"This action has been taken be­ year.
James Milligan has rented the
with her parents, Edwin Jone* and
The following were dinner gumta
cause all of the surplus materials
wife. Mrs. Russell's rousin, who la
.Mrs. Snowy Crabtree farm at Crate
attending O. A. C.. rame with lh< n> t<> out of which it is made are exhaust­
Holt and son of Portland, Mr*. Va- tree and will soon move thereto.
ed.’* according to Briggs.
visit her uncle, Edwin Jone*.
Whetstone and Nora Holt of Al­ We hate to lost« our good neighbor.
Margaret Brown, who has been suf
S. B Holla and Fred Sommers
fenng with an attack of rheuwstimi. is
Read page Five. Interesting.
Kelly's Drug Store. Belo. Oregon.
Mm. Katie Rich of Albany is vis-
News From Lyons.
ting at the home of her father, John
April 22
Frank Prokop and w ife visited in
Silverton Sunday. Helen Sertling
Quite a number of Lyons people
accompanied them home.
attended the unveiling exercises at
Farmer's Union met at the T. M. Wilson fiark in Salem Sunday,
Holt home Saturday evening.
The Little Folks' Easter program
Kiley Preaver and wife took din­ at the M. E. Church was very good
ner at Mother's Inn at Tangent Sun­ und a good sited audience was pres*
ent. Mrs. Swank favored with a
A prayer meeting was held at the «olo, "Look Beyond the Shadows "
T. M. Holt home Thursday evening Also a reading by Mias Iva Wein*
Lester Holt and wife of Carlton, burg was a good number on the
and Maude Moore of Salem were at program.
J. G. Holt* Sundav.
The social entertainment at the
E. F. Gilkey was in these parts church Fridav evening was rather
interrupted due to the fact that the
Severn! from here have b»-en •F pastor was unable to gel the slides
tending the la-avitt meeting* in ins he expected to. Also the com*
mitteea were detained at home with
E. E. Munsey and wife < f the sickness and some were away.
Tmnesee I)i*t(ict visited at R. II However those attending had a so*
McDonald's and sttende«i the Easter rial evening and plenty to eat.
excrci*c* Sunday.
I’at Lyons and wife and children
A large crowd gathered at the and Mrs. Bert Lvons and baby were
school house Sunday evening to listen dinner guests at Amos Hiatts Eu-
to the Easter program. The room» ter Sunday.
ware decorated vary attractively
Bernadeen and Bernard, Lyons
with Easter lillies
The program spent Sunday afternoon at Mrs. Joe
was presided over by Mrs. W. A (tarry's home and played croquet.
Gilkev and was as follow*.
J. II Johnston and family and
Song. "Rejoice and Be Glad." bv all, Celine Lyons were Kingston visitors
W. A Gilkey, Easter.
3. P. Crenshaw.
Casper Towe and wife of Alpine
Song. Violet snd Lucille Crenshaw were visitors at the Jack Johnston
and Mary Lois Goar.
home Tuesday and Wednesday of
Baby Helen Gilkey. last week.
Helen Godwin,
The Mercer family, accompanied
8ok>?‘Cavalry. " Mrs. S B. Holt. by Mr. Cross spent Sunday after
6 girls. noon in Salem.
Valor is Crenshaw.
Mrs. Helen Glbbqpras a week-end
Grace Gilkey. visitor at Mrs. E E Trasks,
L o M Zyaaet.
De 11 is W ratenhouse of Scio
Springtime is Overland
time—with lotsol y hires
to go and health Lui
pleasure in goin*. Big
power to take you. Big
comfort to rest you. B?
reliability. And the <
tra pleasure of econo­
my. Ride to good tin? s
in an Overland! Cham­
pion now $655, Sed- 1
$795, f. o. b. Toledo
other pioneer ministers of Oregon, who
nmved the many hardship* of the early
I settlement of Oregon.
W. H. McLain and wife wer* down
to the unveiling of the statue of the
Circuit Rider at Salem Saturday.
Walter Rice of Jefferson called at W.
j li. Melon’s Tuesday morning.
H. C. Shseid* of Jefferson purvhaarvl
I *ix bead of cattle from W . H. McLain
| Monday evening
Clinton George took the Sunday af­
ternoon motor to Mill City.
Chas. Ransome ami family of Aume-
I villa spent Raster with his brothers,
Harvey ami John.
Arthur Mr Lain is working at Riley
Miller's sawmill, which is on th» Pacific
highway, between Jefferson and Salem.
Piano Duet. Mrs. Krebs and Mrs. business caller in our vieinijy throe
davs of the past week.
Flow»r Drib.
'Subscribe oow, li ft Mr
"■Wk- *.