The Scio tribune. (Scio, Linn County, Or.) 1919-19??, December 27, 1923, Image 1

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Vol. 27
11.75 the Year
Brief Resume of Happenings of
the Week Collected for
Our Reader».
Charles R Taylor waa aoanlaalad
for poatmaatar at Yamhill.
M.-nro»'* naw 110.000 watar ayatam
1» expwct«d to ba cotnplatad thia waah
Earl C. McFarland was nomiaatad
for collector of customs at Portland
Tha of flea of haalth offlcar for tha
Albany city schools haa baaa allmlnat
l><»g polaonera bare baan at work In
Medford for a weak or two and many
canine pets have met death
North »••nd decided to construct a
no« school bulldlnc by a rota of 133
to 13. at an election held Saturday.
Lyle It t'happel has bean certified
by the clrtl aarvlca commlaaloa aa the
only eligible for tha post mastership
at North Bend.
Loganberry producer» of tha Salam
»action are conalderlng tha adrtaabll
ity of uniting for tha regulation of
crops and prices.
The Infant daughter of Mr aad Mrs
J. L. Tate of Redmond waa burned
to d<>aih when the Tate realdence took
fire from an orerheated atore.
According to
McCarn. aupertn
lendont of the Alaea hatchery, the
nteelhaad egg take In that dlatrict will
reach a total of 10.000,000 or better
Patrons of the Cloverdale Telephone
company of Tillamook county have fil­
ed with the public service commle-
slon a complaint charging loadequal»
William Wunweller. well kuown
stockman of central Oregon, president
of the Bank of Prine rille Md for ths
last two yearn mayor of IM city. died
in Portland.
The Dalles «-hoot board haa aa-
■ aaced it will •bortfy ask the tai
payors to vote a 340.000 boad lease to
finance the construction of a new ten
room school house.
Immediate action will be atarted by
She Linn county court to procure the
Santlam road over the Cascade moun
talna by way of Flab lake from the
^company that now holds IL
Governor Pierce will be requested
ti< issue a conditional pardon for
Judge Keyes of Wasco county, who
i*«<ntly waa sentenced to a jell term
tor having liquor In hla poseeealon.
The spread of diphtheria and
measles In Portland haa aet yet been
abated. and records In the health
offl>e show 1SS cases of diphtheria
tn quarantine aad Ml cases of meaaiss
Resolutions urging congress to sup­
port the formation of aa export com
mission for handling wheat were
adopted at Pendlston by tha axecu
ttve committee of tbe V mat Illa county
farm bureau.
The total expense to Jackson coun
ty In Ms Investigation aad search for
the Siskiyou tunnel train bandits and
murderers, since tbe day lbs crims
waa committed early In October, to
data, amounts to |S70 3*.
Rids tor resurfacing with crushed
rock the I’matllla Echo sectloa of tbs
old Oregon trail, eovsrlag a distance
of 21 miles, will he opened at the nest
meeting of tbe state highway commie
■leg. to be hdd in Portland January
Laba county leads tn tha alate with
relation to the proportion of boys
to girls that complete a standard four
year high school course, according to
announcement made by J. A. Church
ill. state supertnteadent of public In
struct Ion.
While out shooting «bum salmon
with a borrowed shotgun. Chris
Zwelfcl. 1«. of Nehalem, accidentally
tripped and fell on the gun. which
waa discharged
Ths shot lore off
tha nose and part of bio forehead
and left eye.
An estimated total of M.tM auto-
the bulk of which were tour
tots, passed through Raker on the Old
Oregon Trail duriag tbo last year, aa
cording to a report prepared by Wai
ter Meacham pr said an t <rf tbo Old
SCIO, 01
In a decision hand«! down at As
torts by Circuit Court Judg« > A
Eakin, tbo recant consolidation of
school district No 7. of Clatsop <■ u..
ty with district No. 34 of ( -lutnbia
county waa held illegal for th« r>-ar a
that no proper notice of the s|>- lai
election was given
Convictions under the probib
law ar« growing la nuti.brr a ! I -•<<
ler fines and jail s»nt»n- ■ *r> fc--inc
meted out than ever before, accord­
ing to reports received by J A Lin
vtlle. federal prohibition dir« or.
from every sheriff In the stat« Eighty
six per cent of those arrested by th-
state officers in the last fl- al year,
ending Juno 30. 1*23. were convict 1
There were 1*71 arrests made in the
year and of these 14*6 persons were
convicted. Ths tines totalled 313*
Hundreds of dead a.: »It and ether
email fish are reported to b-> floating
about la the vicinity of the wreck
of the British ateanvr W • • Pi
In th» lower Columbia a th, -
of dynamite expl.... ti-
open the deck of tbe hulk
horti< uliur. •«
many parts of the stat« h- -l n i
Ing In Salem with relation !«» ■;
a survey of th« fruit situ
paraiory to drafting recernm-'
for consideration at the n, r ui u> I
economic conference scheduled for
Corvallis January 33
Oregon winter wheat acreage 11 i
year Is prartioally th» sa:n»
year, the revised »«llmat«' f » nil-
was 4*4.000 acres, while the con -
lion Is decidedly better than a y- r
ago, reports F L. Kent, «tat-
of the department of agriculture ‘1
condition of the growing wh-at 1«
placed at *7 per cent of normal.
Tom Murray, exconvict and con
teased leader of the trio who held up
tbe Lane County State bank al Flor
enc» on the morning of December 11.
waa arrested in Portland with four
other men. one of whom, the police
said, haa been all but positively -
fled aa one of the bandit trio Th*
sum of |14M, said to have I»-- a .«tob-n
from the bank, waa recovered
Herbert Egbert of The Dulles, and
Mrs 0. B Jones of .Monm uth. w-r«
re-elected president and secretary
treasurer at the final sessions at Eu
gene of the state convention of th»
Educational and Co-operative Far! i
era' union of Oregon W a ---> < . ¡ty
waa selected as th« neat
place, and It la probable that the gath
ering will be held at The Dall- <
There were five fatalill.- due to
industrial accidents In <»r> ■ -i dur
Ing tbe week ending D»>ember ->
according to a report prepared by the
state Industrial accident < uiou. O< i
The victims were H K. McK-ddy, Ne­
halem. fireman; D C Htmtulnger.
Portland, locomotive engineer; t 'harl-w
Fox. Glendale, engineer; Al»x Erick
eon. Clatskanie, hook tender, and
Glen Crayton. Lowell, pondman. A
total of 470 accidents were reported
Twelve applicants for api>--in'm--nt
to the United Htates Military a- ad> iy
Weal Point, to be made by Repre
sentatlvs Hawley, will be examln—l
under the direction of the United
States civil service comm>-«l»n on
January 3 The applicants at* Marsh
all G Harber. Ashland; Hid -rd Mid
diebrooks. Beaverton; James II Mills
Jr. Marshfield; Ronald llair»« and
Dwight L. Mulkey. Salem. Frank L.
Buchter. Medford, Coy Brown. Cea
tral Point; G W. Lucas. Tillamook;
John F Wadman. Powers; John L
Sherman. Dayton. Georg» E William»
and Clarence V. Bell. Corvalli»
To ascertain why two approprla
tlons. one of 1*00 000 and another of
• for beginning cct«tru-' n -if
the Baker irrigation project In Ore
goa have not been used. Repr<-'»nta '
live L. C- Crampton of Michigan,
chairman of the sub-committee of the
appropriation« committee handling In
terlor department appropriations, haa ’
decided to summon Secretary of 1»
terlor Work Fred A Phillips and Wil­
liam A. Stewart, who are in Washing
ton. D C m representing the Baker
project, also will bo called the
subcommittee to answer questi< ns re­
garding ths dslay In getting work
The Pacific Bridge company of
Portland, which has th- contract for
tbs construction of the new draw-
(Cvamwoed oepage«)
IN rilUN'W
.7. !•••.
~!-------------- 1
Arrival of the New Year
No. 20
i................................................................................................................. J
l»ec 2tJ
Cleve Agee, and his nephew
Loren Agee, of Nex Perse. Idaho,
and Jasper Agee of Sheridan spent
several days at the J. S. Funk home
Mr. Agee is going thro­
ugh California to Arixona where
he expects to remain for his health.
Mrs. Fred Mespelt intertainod
the Thimble Club Thursday at her
attractive new home.
She waa
assisted by Mrs. Wvnona Kelly
Thirty women were present The
rooms were decorated in honor of
St. Nicolas. Presents were ex­
changed by the members, Mrs,
I m OO Erwin. Mrs Minnis Goar and
Mrs, Cora Smith were rccievetj into
the Club.
Prt-nents were
ber from Mrs, Anna Chapman and
Mrs. Sylvia M« spelt of San Jose.
I »inner guest* at lhe home of W.
A. Gilkey Christmas were, Mrs.
Clara Chapi«dlc and family.of Wood­
burn. Orville Gilkey and wife, and
E. F. (iilkey of Albany.
A large crowd attended the Christ­
mas exercises held here Saturday
A good program waa ren-
dered. K. H. McDonald presided.
Tom Peterson was married in
Salem last week,
He is expected
home soon with hi* bride and will
i live on his farm here.
A good many from here attended
the Xmas program at Crabtree,
Sunday evening. S. B. Holt pre-
| »4
Thia l*ing the last issue of the
year and also the end t.f our lease of
the Tribune, we wish to extend our j
altt*. Winifred Gilkey entertained
relatives .Monday evening with a
Xmas tree. Delicious home ma le
randv was served.
Mrs. John Wettciy entertained
"b00” <’lub at her home, Thum-
net-re thanks and greeting of the
wason to the readers and natrons
Ihrccmbcr 20th. Mrs, Eithel
winning high score and Mrs
that have assisted in giving us news
and in other wave of making the
Holland low. .Mrs, Ballin
able to attend on account
paper what it has been in lhe past!
ankel, and old St.-
three month«, and as this will tat our i
¡ist i-<u< we hope that in our humble
Sticha bu»y t with
his parcels. .Mrs. Hnitey and the
wa> we have pleased you in our
• fL-rts to keep the paper as good hostess tilled Ihe vacancies.
Christmas decorations were carri­
aa it was in our power to do so.
out on the score cards with poin-
and we hope that you will give your
and small Santas.
Ihc host­
Editor Mr. McAdoo the loyal support
that has Iteen given us. We again
lunch at the dose of her partv.
thank you and extend our greetings
She was assisted by her daughter­
for the year of 1924.
in- law. Mr»
Gordon Wesely.
Mr. and Mrs. G E. Hunt.
.Mrs. A. A. Muck entertain«d a
number of her friends at her home
Monday evening. The rooms were
decorated in Christmas colors of
red and green. The evening was
Mrs. little Rodgers, wife of
stM-nt In playing cards add game«.
Clyde Rodgers, aged IM years and
At a late hour dainty refreshments
I day tMi«M*d. away Monday, Dec.
was served by the hostess.
24th, l!»23 in the Salem Hospital
after a short illness.
She was;
On Christmas day the following
buried in the Bilyeu Den Cemetery were dinner guests al the John
Thur*day flee, 27 at 11 o’clock. Wesely home: -Mr. and Mrs. Stoll-
We will pnnt the Obituary next ent erg and Mr. and Mrs. Gordon
Weaelv of Salem. Mr. and Mrs. Fred
The following dined at the T. M.
Holt home Xmas. O. L. Holt, and
family of Portland, Miss Nora Holt.
Mr«. Alice Goddard, Elmer Whet-
stone’s of Albany, Fred Sommers
anti S. B. Holla.
Fred Mesuelta* and Joe Kitchena*
ittcn-ied a tree party at the J. K.
lieiley h. me Monday evening.
Peb-r Peterson and wife, K. II.
McDonald and family, Tom Peter-
-on and wife, apent Xtnaa with Mr.
and Mrs. C. A. Voaa, of Suver.
Mr. and Mrs. Lester Holt of Carl­
ton, and Mr. J. 1. Jones and family
of Stayton dined at the J. G. Holt
home Xmas.
Mrs. Clyde Rodgers
Passes Away
Olemier of Portland ar.d Mr. Jœ
“Adams Rib”
Milton Sills
10 Reels
Admission 10c-25c
People’s Theatre
Free Stove Awarded
The free stove given away
Christmas day
a Happy
New Year
whose number waa drawn by little
Miss Clarice Junita Hunt, in the
presence of Ivan l-cffler, C, E.
Hunt and R. M Cain. After the
numbers had been put in the hat
and well shaken lhe numt>er was
Mr. Christenson, whose
number was 6 happened to be the
luckr one.
We Wish our F riends
Kelly’* Drug Store
The liixall Store