The Scio tribune. (Scio, Linn County, Or.) 1919-19??, December 20, 1923, Page 6, Image 6

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    r* •»
Local News and Classified
Tlie Scio Tribune
FOR SALE t om on the cob $25
a ton. Wilber Funk. Jefferson.
R 2.
Four tt**!»
ahead for Ford» and two reverse«.
Mrs. A. Pomeroy is on th« »ick
lut this week.
Eldon Knauf was an Albany visit­
Mr». Roy Hixson was a visitor In
Tuesday afternoon.
Salem last Friday.
Mr. E. C. Shelton is confined to
111. Gilkev was on Albany streets
his l<ed but is reported improving,
last Saturday.
Hazel Sims re turned from Port-
Four Speeds ahead ! Oo a Ford *
land Saturday.
ask Ford Garage.
Mr. ami Mrs. Thurston Thomas
There will be no Rural Mail Serv-
of Stay ton were In Scio Tuesday.
ice on Christmas day.
Mrs. Rebecca Morris has bought
Ax the Sea) Sale goes up. the
the Prizing property.
She took
Death Rate goes down.
po«M<-«ion Tuesday.
Buy Christmas Heal«! Give Health!
A. T. Powell has just completed
bight Tuberculoeis!
the installation of a Carbide lighting
I am «till on the market for fat syst« m.
J. I). Densmore.
France« Lindley was in Albany
.Mt. Paul Lardon and
Salem visitors Sunday.
wife were Christmas shopping Wednesday.
WIST POINTER waa som» c<«n|>4slnt durtas
tbe war thst th» profese! nal Woot
PUat soldlers hsd a anoaopoiy ■•« th.-
s*T» »ofl joba
A pro pos. a West
pvMatar rwl<l»nt la l*hllsdelphla «h<>
has tbo rea* uf csptsl*. aald to hl»
rolorsd boy tho otbor day '
-Wo4l. Jaba It luoka as If we tnlght
hato aaothrr war vooti
Wbst wlU
yon do «h»t hosttlltiss brrak otitT"
“Ah guras Ah'll stay rtght boro at
boros wld you. ssh ”
That a full measure of prosperity
Mrs. J. W. Kinser and son Lyle health, happiness and success will
C«nssls<>sn In Jail.
of Crabtree were Scio visitors Tues- make for our friends and customers
"Ttn-rs* <■<>. convois t Ion la beles In
a very .Merry (*hri«tmas and a jail.“ Mild (h»> prlvoove to th. «.«¡lltut
Mrs. G. Delxiunay and daughter. Happy New Year is the sincere wish eomntlMloner
-What 1« lhatr
Thelma, were Albany shoppers last of A W. Hagcy.
FUR SALE Wheat $1.00 per bu.
delivered, Sacks to be retamad
STRAYED— from my place three
Cora <Malayan.
weeks ago. a gray mare Finder
Notify J. F.Kukacka
18-tf FUR SALE Shelled Corn V per lb.
Chas. Tucek, R 2.
FOR SALE—11 pig*. 4 weigh about
60 Ita. 7 small ones just weaned
W R. Kuikcn. Scio. R. 2. 18 2t p
the bunch for $85.00 or will sell
FOR SALE Kitchen Range and ’•
all for <300 00 Chas. A. White
by 12 Rug. in g*n>d shape.
i mi <• South of West Scio. 19-tf
Call at the house or phone E H WANTED - Washing» by the dozen
Hobson. Scio. Oreg
or piece, at my home. Jane Com­
FOR SALE! Potatoes $1.25 per
Hundred Delivered Chas. Chrz FOL SALE
Italian prune tree«
Scio Phone 19.
five * L>gan Farm Nursery. R 6
Box 121 Salem. Oregon. 19-lt-p
Any girl in trouble may communi­
cate with Ensign lz-r of the Sal­
vation Army at the White Shield
Home. 565 May fair Ave , Port­
land. Oregon.
FOR SALE -3 cows. 6 7 and h Yrs. make your Ford a four speed car.
old due to freshen in t-ariv spring F ur
I* ahead. Think it over.
E. F. Krebs Scio R R 4
16tf A.k us
"Thee*'« nobody Io *ake you up In
Come to the PEOPLES STORE th. tnlddl* of th. nl«ht to tell you to
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Sutherlin for vour Xmas candies and nuts, to down and bo .ur. th» ba<k door's
lorksd P
were Xma* shoppers in the Hubb ciitid’. Is <■ and up, nuts 25* and up
City Saturday.
Alvin Gilkey returned Monday
James Clancey and Mr. Stearns, from Southern Oregon, where he
both of Portland, spent Monday at ha* l>ecn for the past three months.
the H. A. Ballin home.
The Rebecca Lodge will have a
Dont miss the ** West Bound
Country Store.
At the I. O. O. F
Limited'* Monday and Tuewlay nt
Hall On the evening of Dec. 21st
the Peoples Theater.
Birdelle Sticha and Vella Brenner
Hazel Philippi came home from
w< r>- ¿hoppers in Albany Saturday .
0. A. C. for Christmas with home
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Morrow have
return* I from Eugene after a few
FORD Ruckstell Axle 4 Speeds
stay, with their daughter
ahead. Ask Ford Garage about it. Mrs. Monty laudey,
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Shelton of Salem
Herbert Shelton started businees
cam« up to see Mr. E. C. Shelton ¡n hi* new Meat Market at Slayton
who is quite ill.
Stayton is getting .one
' J
Attention to the car owners on
and after Jan., I, 1924 the undersigned
Garages will charge $2.00 per month
for Storage.
of our moat esteemable business
Jefferson Myers and wife of Port­ men, never the less we wish him
•o It Go.*
land were guests at the Ed. Myers success in his new location.
Hv a.S. a peer lavv.tin.nt.
home Sunday.
11. took It f.r aa opening
Mrs. Beulah Ijirdon was in Port­
Mrs. R. L. Hixson and Mrs. John land the first of the week. While
Weeely were in Salem Tuesday.
Added Attrsctlee*.
there she went to hear Albert Spaul­
landlord — y*a. this house surely
Ford Garage will tell you all ding. the noted violinist.
eught to np<*al tn any woman
about the Ruckstell Axle, 4 speeds
Pveeper'l»» Tenant In whsl way.
Adolph and Agnes Soucek return­
low rents?
ed from Beavercreek, last week,
Landlord- No, It bas mirrors ea
Wnen you intertain, let us furnbh where they had been visiting their every wall
you, with 500 score carbs.
sister Mrs. J. D. Tinker and family
Touring car
$135.00 One
Coup.- $400.00
Subecribe for the Tribune
Joe Holub is the owner of a new
F'ord Coupe, which has the "Ruckm
tell Axle** making it four speeds
ahead and two reverses. This is
a great improvement.
Wise Poetpenemant.
“T enderatand that Maud has re­
called her wedding invitations '*
-To«, she haa decided to (ostpone
the wedding until the Chriattea. holi­
day. are over and pe< pie have
money to buy present.”
Quick Thinking
The Scio Tribune
CTttsea -That's my car. The ” ■ •
is )•«< flair»« a blowoat.
Policeman All rishi, HI (v
an<l arreet him
lltiaen Kb A'
Wai« till he
the tire pumped up
You Get All FOUR ofihcsc
Magazines and-''
Diaer—There's a fly in this smiu
waiter 1
Waltar—Well. If he rent aw Im, sir.
let him drown ' He's a nslaaace. Ill
Dr. A. G. Prill. Rolla Shelton
J. S. Sticha and Ed. Myers attended
a banquet at the St. Francis Hotel,
in Albany Friday evening, given by
the Sanliam Fish and game Com-
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Basket Ball
Lyons Girla vs. Scio Girls
Scio Boy» V». Alumni Boy’
Dec. 21
All fanerais given personal attention by Mr. l-owe
Service« and frier« t.u.rsnterd to Satisfy E very Customer
lady Attendant if .lealred
Scio Gymnasium
Admission 25-3 5c
Ford Garage, Fred T. Bilyeu
Bartu Motor Co., M. Bartu
Scio Garage, M. B. Cyrus