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NO. 44.
11.76 UN. YEAR
and a well delivered sermon by Dr. Jubilant Over Trip to South
Bryant of Portland marked the ex­
ercises of the day. Legore Powell,
The local citizen« who accepted
county treasurer.gave the historical the kind invitation of Alois Kalina,
»ketch of J<>ab Powell, her grand­ of Malin. Oregon, to accompany him
father being a brother of Joab; Ri­ tn hi« home community in and near
ley Shelton gave the historical Malin, returned last Wsdreadav
sketch of the founding of the church jubilant over their trip and loud in
which was located at that time one their praise of the hospitality of the
mile north of the present »tie. and people visited.
also read the name« of the early
In going by truck they were en­
membership. Several were in the abled to see much of the country
audience who arose at the call of traversed and al«o to have firsthand
their name and were thus signally b formation regarding the work nec­
essary to build state highway» and
Several auto loads an"! one or two also its coat. They realized for the
truck loads came over from the O. first time what it means tn have
A. C. summer scho«»l now in •••••ion well paved highways throughout the
at Corvallis, under the leadership of state and that no matter how eco­
Prof. J. B Horner, who was respon­ nomical a commission. a county
sible for this pilgrimage and th« court or a contractor may lie. there
thought of making this an historical are many costly obstacles to remove
event comme~oraUng early pioneer that were unknown and leaks of
various kinds that make» construc­
The affair was a success and the tion costs go beyond the estimate,
thousands of friends of th«* Baptist and in moat cases the»* lenk« are
denomination, and of Rev Joab unavoidable.
Powell and his posterity, feel very
From the green tree«, fields, and
grateful to Prof. Horner fur this gardens, almost overnight they
splendid exercise and the happy reachr«! sage brush and barren
ground, and it was a surprise and a
Our fellowtownsmon. A T. P >w- wonder that confronted them They
ell, the only surviving child of Joab hod wound up a mountain side *>me
Powell, was present. It was a most NIMBI feet and down again an*! they
happy event for him. and through could see this vast inland empire in
tears of pleasant memorit» and ven­ all its nu<ienc»s with here an«! there
eration for a distinguished parent a green spot. They »«»on discov­
he saw that others venerated th«* ered that where settlers could get
great preacher as he had venerated ! water to irrigate there was the
him. Hia cup of j >y surely over­ green spot, and an abundance of al-
flowed. aa it should.
A bountiful basket dinner was
Great prog re«» is lieing mode ly
spread in the grove immediately fol­ the people down there, and some
lowing the exercises, and many day. if the elate wakes up an«! helps
remineacent stories were told of th«* the settlers get water, it will tie an-
events long gone by. It was a glo­ Other paradise akin to out own com-
rious day. a glorious celebration of munity. To go there, they sav. will
the achievements of a well love«! make one more fully appreciate
man and his work for mankind, and what we have and make us real
it will live as long as time shall last I»*»iter» for the real garden spot of
We understand stej«» are to be ta­ Oregon—the Forks of the Santiam
The following gentlemen wish to
ken to make this an annual event
express in this public manner their
Rev. Joab Powell Butided Bet'
ter Than He Knew and
Work la Ladling
Vrtift Throng Gathers From Far
and Near to Pay Homage
to Pioneer Preacher
It takes a long time in these later
years for a people to come to a real­
ization if the hardships the pioneer
fathers and mothers suffered In or­
der to build a civilization far them
out <>f a rugged but stern frontier,
a civilization founded upon truth,
hoi ■ sty and love, and when such a
thought does dawn upon them it
brings them together in large num-
hers to pay homage to some heroic
man or incident, such aa occurred
at 1‘rovideoM church last Sunday
when descendants of pioneers and
friends gathered there to honor the
pioneers and Rev. Joab Powell in
From all over Willtmette valley
came |>eople to nay tribute to a man
whose sincere belief in hia fellow
creatures, whose personality and
characteristics, whose devout rever­
ence to Almighty Gud. had made
him a man with few equals and no
superiors in the service of his peo­
ple. his state, hie church and his
Master the Reverend Joab Powell.
Relatives and friends from Eastern
and Southern Oregon were present
also, and all were glad to have been
Sunday was such a day that God
and Nature love to commune, and
all mankind become akin. It was a
day <>f days in bringing bark sweet
memories of long ago, mangled with
tears of joy memoriea that cannot
tie erased, for it is history of a peo­
ple living in the spirit of him who
“wrought and prought*’ among
The living descendante of
this stalwart pioneer are so en­
twined with the growth of the com­
munity that the founders of Provi­
dence church, the first and succeed­
ing pastors and the stalwart par­
ishioners arc real history makers and
in-uefactors to the present and fu­
ture generations.
Songs, brief historical sketches
Give ut a call
Kelly’s Drug Store
Haskell, Okla., who wired that he
was coming. J F. Weeely will con­
duct the service*
Laid to Rett Saturday
The victims of ia»t Wednesday*«
shooting affray, Sheriff C M Ken­
dall and Rev. Roy Healy, were laid
to rest last Saturdav, and their llvas
are the most outspoken word of
reproach against the liquor traffic
Monday Night's Meeting of the
Community Club
Tses to Be Interesting
Boys Judging leant of the Scio
School to Be Honored —
Program Interesting
The meeting of the Community
Club neat Monday night. July 3,
will be in the nature of a patriotic
affair and the program committee
I» working to make it both profita­
ble and entertaining
No bettrr
date could lie selected, because it 1«
just before we make the eagle
scream on the 4 th. anil everytmdy
will tie in a mood to come to Scio
on that night and lie entertained
and learn Just what the Club is or­
ganised for and es pacts to do for
the community.
President Leonard Gilkey is ans-
ious to sec the membership begin
to grow and keep on growing until
every person of 1«» years and over
is enrolled, lie will do his part, «•
he knows how. and it's up to the
rest to render all ai«l possible, He
it remvmliered. the Club does not
intend to usurp any perogative of
any other organization in the com­
munity, but rather to aid in all
good work, it takes team work to
do things you know.
One feature on the program that
ought to bring the people Monday
night will lie presentation of the
sliver cup to the boys Judging team
of the Scio High School, which was
delayed liecause of a mishap to the
cup in transit some weeks ago and
had to I m * returned to the manufac­
turer for repairs. It has arrived,
and County Club I/esder Fred N.
Williamson will bring it over and
make the presentation speech, «nd
deliver a short talk on community
club work
The boys who will re­
ceive the cup are Millard and Don­
ald Shelton, John Scott and Arnold
John Jiroch, Karel Tucek. J Kros- W F McAdoo will sever hia con­
man. J. Nemic. Joe Boyanovsky, nections with ita destinies. ile (<•!•!»
Come Monday night, get in the
Jos. Patrny.
that ho is not fitted fur a newsparer
band wagon and watch us grow.
career, and that he is better quali­
!"* — -
fied to continue a military career in
Mrs. V. Prokop Pattes
Good by
the service of Uncle Sam.
One of the largest assemblages
ever gathered at Waterloo on a sim­
ilar occasion was there last Sunday.
It was the annual Rural Sunday
School gathering and those ree pon-
Bible for the affair are to be con-
gratulated for it's suceeM
enthusiastic throughout the day,
and roundly applauded every speak­
The gathering took a strong stand
for law enforcement and also a
Tuesday afternoon the friends of
continuance of the policies of the Mrs. V. Prokop were shocked to
late C. M. Kendall, sheriff, and ¡learn of her death, as very few were
calls upon the good people to lay aware of her illness, which prove»
aside prejudices and work for the that “in the midst of life we are in
enforcement of the laws guarantee­ death.**
ing safety and the suppression of
Frances Antonie Dvorak was born
crime in all it's activities
in Kridlech, Bohemia. Jan 5. IbflO,
The crowd waa estinated at over , and was therefore 62 years, five
4000. and a splendid meeting was , months and 22 days of age at her
reported Prominent speakers from death. On Feb. 22. IM1. »he was
Portland and elsewhere were pres­ married to Vaclav Prokop. an<l in
ent and addressed the multitude.
the fall of that year came with her
husband to America and located in
Elsewhere in this issue will lie 1
be found an advertisement announc­
ing a patriotic program to celebrate
the Fourth at Jordan
The good
people of Jordan are planning to |
royally entertain their friends and
cordially invite everybody to come. 1
We Geartete« It
Minnesota. In May. KM. thev re­
moved to Newkirk. Oklahoma.where
they resided until 1904. when they
moved to Hurlington. Kansas
1906 the family move«! to Scio, Ore­
gon. where they have continu«-d to
live ever since. She was a devoted
wife and mother, a kind and helpful
neighbor and her going leaves avoid
that cannot lie fill«*«!
Besides her life companion. Mr.
Prokop.the decease«! is survived by M
children. 3 boys and 6 girls, as fol-
lows: Joe. Frank and Ancil Prokop:
Mcadames Antone Holub. J»e B««y-
anovsky. Bert Edmondson. Julia
llrudka and (Tara Dunning, and six
grandchildren, ami many relative«.
The funeral will probably be held
Sunday, depending upon the arrival
of a son. l«ee Prokop, whs lives in
and those who lielieve in taking the
iaw into their own hands.
The honor and rvafiect shown
hose men perhaps has never been
equaled before in the history of the
county. The services for the mar-
tyi«*«i »heriff were belt! at the Meth-
odist church in Albany. two minist-
era officiating. and the crowd wa«
so large that in order to aceommo-
date them, the sermons were deliver-
ed both inside and out of the large
It waa a fitting mark of
respect !«y our people to s man who
wa» doing hia best to enforce the
The services for Rev Healy were
h«ld in the church of which he was
pastor and the dean of the Christian
college in Eugene officiate.!, an«! a
full appreciation of th«- kindness of large number of hit friend* were
Mr Kalina in taking them to and there to honor the man who ha<l
bringing them back from Malin, rnimatered to them spiritually
Mat Dvorak. J. Slai»,
J. mi
Novak. J
Zrmlicka, Frank
Prefers Army Life
Slastny of Jefferson. Jo« l«ampb>t,
Joe. and Frank Roner, Albert Young.
With this issue of the Tribune,
4000 at Waterloo
Jordan Will Celebrate
$1.50 Gal.
The Hcxall Store
Don't be satisfied with any kind
of butter, hut ask for “Meadow
Shade.” Made yesterday*- wild to­
day. Ask for a glass of ice c.«*d
buttermilk with every pound.
Meadow Shade Dairy.
pictures printed and «plarged by J
JJ Waariy
He likes army life better than
civilian, hence his enlistment in the
medical corps at Vancouver today,
Hi» wife will accompany him, and
will have quarters in the barracks,
The editor, who is his father,
regrets to see his son again in the
army, but wherever he is hettei
satisfied and where the work is
most congenial to him. we wish
him well, and we know our friends
will do the same.
From now on the entire control
of the Tribune will l>e in the hand*
of I. V. McAdoo, who will continue
♦o give ita rand era and advertisers
the beat paper possible, and ssks
your aupport.
I. V. McAdoo.
Albany to Celebrate
Albany has made plans to give a
two day celebration, beginning on
Monday, July 3. and extending over
the 4th* Most everything one could
wish is being provide«! for the great
throngs that are expected to cele­
brate with them
Horse racing at
the fair grounds, street sports in
town, dancing, motion pictures and
a big street parade are some of the
See ad elsewhere.
A b I failed tu meet rr.acy of my
old tini« patrona of tbe Tribune I
take tbi» metho»! of wishing all
pruaperity on tbe eve of mv de|»art-
ure for
T. L. Dugger,
Formar Publisher of The Tribune.
» :
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