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NO. 21.
S. B. Holt in Hospital—New Phone
Pole* Being Placed
New* ol Riverside
Riverside, Jan. 2—8. B. Ilolt. one
of <»ir best farmers, is ill with appen-
di iti« lie ha* taken to the Scio hos­
pital today by iFr. ’lobeon. where it is
hoped ho will recover without an opera­
Hi- n < iair, of Edmonton, Alberta.
Cnnada. arrived last Tuesday for a visit
with hi* cousin. John chepherd and
Mr», lieorge Hook, of Mehama, and
Mrs. J. F. sims visited Mrs, Cora
smith W ednesday.
Alfred Townsend, of HpringfleM.spent
tho we.-k etui with Cletus Holt.
Fred (kioeh ami family, of Albany,
vidted Thumday with W. A. Gilkey, K.
I Gilkey and Cora Smith.
1. l< r Holt and wife, of Dayton,
camo over - aturday for a visit at the
parental home of J. G. Ilolt. They re­
turned home Sunday evening.
Mrs. Lloyd Holley left Friday for
Portland. she received a message to
come to her brother, Andrew Dever’s
bedside. *» he was to undergo an ope­
ration. He ha* had Ave operations be­
fore this one. ils is an ex soldier.
Mi»« Rachael Cooke returned this
evening from her Christmas vacation
spent in Silverton.
Franklin ¡.ilkey is to leave tomorrow
to resume his studies at O, A. C. This
it» hi* third year at the college, where
he 1» learning agriculture. One more
year and he will be showing us all how
to farm acientiflcally.
<). 1. Holt and »on, Nolan, of Port­
ia d, rju-nt Sunday at the home of hia
pi rents, Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Holt.
At a telephone meeting, held thia af­
ternoon. it was decided to put new
pules along the line from J. G. Holt's
to >rio5
E. F. Gilkey viaited Will Sim* and
family in Scio Sunday.
A good many of our people attended
th«- F. J. Denney funeral Saturday
Many of our people went to Albany
to attend the Beebe trial, some of them
three day*, but few could get in on ac­
count of the crowd.
The tirat of last year our Farmer's
Union. Local No. 113. planned a con-
U-*t to encourage attendance and in-
ervaee their membership interest, «tc.
Tho members were divided equally.
Mra. 8. B. Holt chosen captain of one
sLl- and Mrs Elmer Whetstone captain
of the other. The winning side, which
waa Mm. Holt's. furnished an oyster
«upper and cake« and cotfee to the kw-
er* on N» w Yearn ev«. A large crowd
attrndid »nd Spent a very enjoyable
James Johnston, a* toast
m»»t»r, was in his usual g»iod spirits.
He r»l1.d for a speech from each ment­
is of the winning *ido. Mm. Henry
Pr»-v verdlatingutaltod hrraelf a* a story
teller. A program presided over by
hud Struckmeir. waa as follows:
... ................. By all
Dialogue Opal Mesprlt, Ova Win*berg
A numtier and a story...
.8. B. Holt
Talk____J. H Kelly and Prod Meopelt
Story....,................. Elmer Whetstone
R. atiing ........................... Ix-onard Gilkey
Invited arueata were Henry Preever
an>t familv. Mra. Harriet Jonea. Allen
Gatr and lx»ter Holt and wife; Mr. and
Mrs. John Reilly attended from Crab­
tree and Tim Kelly and wife from Jef­
ferson. The crowd diaperaed when the
bell tolled announcing the New Year.
For two year* Lvle Ficklin has
worked on the play he intends to
pf*asat with h«»me talent here Thurs­
day night, he re-writing toe boo*
to flt his idea of how the play should
be presented.
"The Srcxind Wife" Is one of the
Iwst dean comeitiea ever staged, in
which there is a divorce case
and a y^ung couule. a girl, whose
mother ia the step mother of the boy
she loves, and a boy whose step
mother is the girls mother, and then
—If we teU you you wouldn't go to
Me the show. Any way its a clever
sketch and is well presented. A* you
can tdl by thr- cast.
You Arcs Invited
to all Services
Cone* a* Surprise to Friend* Here
• ♦ ♦ • •
♦ ;
January 1
The New Year’« eve party a’. the
1. O. (). F. hall i* considered one of
the most successful event« of the
year by the members of the Rebek­
ah* ami Pythian Sisters present.
The evening was aoont in playing
card« at which Mra. Phillipi and
Sam Stoller took the honors; And
Mr. and Mra. John Kelly won the
Conaolatlon prises. A abort music­
al entertainment was given, after
which «upper waa served. During
the «upper hour the clock «truck 12
and the old year crossed the staff*
cl aaely followed by the tiaby year
Many of those preaent stayed until
nearlv morning, playing cards and
exchanging the «eason'a greetings.
Notice oi Annul Meeting
The stonk holder» In tiw Forks of the
Santiam National Farm lx>an Associa­
tion will convene in annual Mission in
th« city hall at Scio at 10 o'clock a. m
Tueaeay, January 10th, 1922 for the
purpose of electing Ave director» to
serve one year, and to transact such
other busine«« as may come before it
Immediately after the «tockhokiers
meeting the <tirector»-eh>ct will have a
directors meeting fur the purpose of
electing a President, Vice-President
an<l Secretary-Treasurer.
Bettie M Mr lain. Pres.
W. H. Me Iain. Sw.-Tma.
Aaanal Telephone Meeting Catted
Appoiatnent Made Saturday
Unde Tom Smail made a trip to
Franklin Gilkey visited with his i
parents over Christmas and New Albany Saturday to bring his son.
Years, returning to Corvallis Mon­ Lyman and wife, out to enjoy the
day. where he is a student at the the New Year with them at home
Ed Kalina and the old man made
O. A. C.
a flying run to Crabtree Saturday
to do some trading, returniug with
a load of chop, as Ed ia running a
small dairy in connection with his
fine farm. He will soon h»ve 20
acres of new land ready to plow,
from which he has taken out 40 oak
trees and 75 large fir stumi* 2 lo 6
feet in diameter, with the old man
Here It Is !
Local Talent
The Best Ever
People’s Theatre
The Scio Mutual Telephone Co.
will hold its annual meeting at the
town hall. Saturday. Jan. 7, at 1 p.
m. Will receive bids for the oper­
ator of switch board. and other bus*
inew usual at annual meetings. All
stockholders are requested to he on
J. B Couey, See.
We srish to extend our heartfelt
thanks to all those who rendered
such kindly aid to us during the
sickness, death «nd burial uf our be­
loved husband, father and grand­
father, and also for the beautiful
floral offerings.
Mr. Mary F Denney,
Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Fonk,
Mie Bethel Bilveu.
Let the Tribune do your printing
-Predict He Will Make Good
The New Year—12:16 o'clock
I the old Pie Eater ia up and as fresh _
i as a new bnrn ruse
Starting in the .
Since Mr. Butlers resignation as a New Year with the vigor of a bov
county commissi.mer the question of 15 years old. and only 78, why
"who will be his successor" ha* kept should the old man not appreciate
the county court guessing, until a life feeling so young and happy, liv­
meeting of the two advisory com­ ing at home and boarding at the
mittees at the community house in some old hotel where 1 have lived
Albany Saturday settled the case by 52 years with the good wife, who ia
appointing D. C. Thoms, of this city 81 years of age. and both as happy
fur the poet. His friend* are sure as the comforts of life will permit
he will make good.
We have good neighbors and warm­
Mr. Thoms selection was made hearted ft tends, why should we not
iargely u|»n his reputation M a be happy? We have plenty of this
Wills Chase
Pauline Sim* sound businem man. and his com ti­
world's goods ami owe no man a
"Thh 19 year ol»l reminder"
etrntey in every way to handle ths dollar, and have the old mule in the
With Thomas
Bobbv Thayer business. He wa* not known to be
I argain. We wish all a Happy
"A friend of the family"
a candidate, but his appointment is New Year.
Mrs. ('base
___ Iwita Couey a just recognition of this end of the
John Griffin pulls out fur hh
" The Second Wife”
trip to California Monday, tho 2d,
Mrs. Hendrix
Freida Thayer
Heiko Ohling. of Albany, and Joo in company with Mr. Rahn,of Slay­
"The former Mrs. Chase"
Hume, of Brownsville, were cloee ton. He will visit with his younger
Mildred Couey ai-conds in the race.
brothei. Curtis, in San Francise«»,
"Who know« all"
for a time, and then he ami Mr.
Jack Hendrix
Johnnie Wesely
According to despatches received Rahn will go on to lais Angeles for
"Who knows what he wants"
Tueeday evening from Kanea* City, remainder of the winter
Tom Hendrix ...
Verne Neal the Hammond Lumber Co., who
My good neighbor. Ed Kalina, is
• "Financial wizard"
control« a large tract of tlmlwr almost laid up with a fearful cold on
John Cass
Orville Gilkey 1 near here, and a mill at Mill City,
his lungs
He and wife anticipate
"An Inventor”
have sold their entire interests to a visit today to her father's, Mr.
to the Lung Bell Lumber Co., for a 1 Chrs, and to his mother. Mrs. Nim-
Rebekah Lodge Entertain*
consideration of 515.000.000.
le. nt Scio.
"The House of
Sunday School 10
C E Society 6 30
January 12
Admission 35c 50c
Preaent* Pnacilla Dean
“ Reputation
Weekly & Comedy
Jaa. 7 aatt I
Admission 15c-35c
With Lack oi Head to Look After
Interest« oi City and Com­
munity, We Are Losers
It sometime« takes a pretty hard
jolt for a city or community to wake
up to it* linac*, anti this has happen*
»«d to Scio within the last two or
three weeks in such a manner that
everyone should sit up and take
A few week* ago, it ia said, the
owners of the phone system around
Crabtree came to Scio and asked
that they lie allowed to connect with
the Scio Mutual, the secretary was
wen. who retTrred them to the pres­
ident, who gave them no encourage-
Ihe committee then went to
Lebanon, with the result that im*
mead late steps were taken for their
connection, which has been made.
This ia a direct loss to Scio, a lose
that cannot tie measured with any
degree of accuracy. It means that
businewmen luee a large amount
of business by phone, that Scio Mu«
tual loses some 40 more ¡»hones,
that we arc asleep at our poet, and
that something must I* done to cap­
ture all that rightfully belongs to us.
There will be other things hapix-n*
Ing that will need attention and
quickly, and there is no better way
than through a local organisation.
Scio's business men should take
steps for some sort of organisation
that will be on the job all the time
and now is the opportune time to get
busy. Let* wake up, and show the
world we are wide awake and the
entire community wants every legit­
imate business that is to be had,
lx*t the mavur or some one in auth­
ority call a meeting of the eilixens
and organize for Scio and do it now.
Tomorrow may be to late, as it waa
with the Crabtree phone.
doing the circulât work.
The Pie Eater wish«« our new
editors a Happy New Year with
Word was received here Monday
prosperity in the future. an»i hopes
all will aubscribe for The Scio Tri­ of the death of Mr«. Sherman A.
bune. as it ia a good newsy paper Mile«, only daughter of Milton A.
devoted to the interests of Scio and Miller, former Internal Revenue
collector at Portland, in an auto
farmers In general.
Johnny Hoffman, of Crabtree, Is accident at St. Hellene. Mr«. Mile»
»lowly recovering fr»»m four opera­ is well known here, having berm
tions he has gone through during raixed at Iwbanon. Interment wax
in the cemetery al larlianon, at the
the past four months
He had been
•ide of her mother. Funeral aerv*
•ffliMed with a hip disease of 2U ice» were held Tuesday.
years standing, ami most of the hip
Mr*. I. V. McAdoo ia nin l ined to
bone has now been removed. He is
her bed with a severe cold.
able to sit up a little now.
James Milligan and daughter
were in Crabtree doing some trad­
ing. and while there called on Mrs.
Turner. Mrs Milligan’s mother.
Mr. Paine and family, of Raccoon
Hollow, are looking for a new home,
as their place haa been sold under a
The Weaver family, who have
been running a sawmill nearby.have
moved to Hood River.
The old
man furnished them vegetables dur­
ing the summer and miaars them
also 176
Good people, too.
Our neighbor, Mr. Bergit. is laid
with hie back and is unable to be
Th* peuple of -Crabtree are cele­
brating the New Year by burning
plenty of stump powder, wskuur up
all the people In this section, who
were fearful that the Indians had
broke out as in 1867.
On removing roots from flr trees
two to three hundred years old ami
six f**t ia diameter on Ed Kalina's
farm, we found an old Indian pot
hold with aahe«. coal» and rock that
they used for sweat houses and for
This pot hold wa« from
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