The Scio tribune. (Scio, Linn County, Or.) 1919-19??, December 22, 1921, Image 4

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How to Be Healthy «X»
TA« Cru»ad« of tho Doubt»-Barrod Croo» « L I
Practical Taiko on Diooaoo Provantiaa
Prepared by the
awes must *s ave» st H» esto.
Rambo and Wife
HE history uf man La liuti be
aiwaya beeu accuatumad
bodll) SI erri» fona.«tuen ti y
n ¡nutre are rumrroua and
half tbe body weight la made up by lb* mucie* Thu* they cuftsillut« a large
part of bla being
Furthermore, in hla development tbe muacieu came flret
Heart, lunga, liver, ner.oiui aysietu, all rem* later. Tb*y raOw a* a reault of
luu»> to .Mitractlon
When mu«ci-a were uaed In a grratar variety of w«ya
Iloti there wad need fur rli le-r blood. *u>re elabórela dlgeeUtm, and a n*rv*ua
ayateiu tu control them, llaff the brain In fact la given over to th* care of
tbe mua.-lvs
Thus we see llu»l niUeclee are excaedlhgly luakwrtaat orgauM
They ar* related to alf tin organa of the body They ar* mo*t do*ely com
bec-tad with the nerve* uf tbe body and are ver, directly refalad to th*
brain. Well toned, activé mttociea un-an a good heart, strong lung«, good
dlgretloti. One circulation, nervous con I nd. and mental vigor.
When th*
mtUM-lee get llabb, and lose their lune the blood gate sluggtsh, th* lunga laxy,
tbe nerve* Jumpy, and the l.ruln dull. You cannot negiert tb* mbacta* without
feeling the resulla at men, Imporliuit point*.
Now uafbrfunately uiuat of our work today d«a»* no* make anflldent
demand upon our muacles A great deal of It la dune silting etili or standing
■till, and we were a«v<-r made to alt still ug stand Mill, w*
be |>h)»l<*ll, active. Moot of the big muacle* are quita cl.wely related to the
legs We should concern -mreelves with h-g activity, walking, Mow running,
leg betiillng. and body betldlDg. and twisting from tbe hi|«a are »••«-eaMry.
Note how quit kty r«|U<l walking or tusly bending affects our breathlug. tli*
heart rate, aud If more |>rol uged, tbe digretloti
Moot ef our alliueats
auch aa liidigestliwi. «liort «Ind, dullneua of the bead, are due to muacts
Provide U>« activity and these will dlMppear.
A brisk walk
se.eral tlnu-a a day. Indulgen«-,- In aotne favorite phyMrel game aore ar twice
a week, aotne mu «to relist henhs In morning and evening, a dally aponga
baih with a brisk nib will put ni-wt of u* In »xieilstit Condition If practiced
regularly. On the other hand to neglect thia predlc* may reault In a ignttency
toward alugglshne««. iH-CaxloiiMl bflotto attach*. Chronic rolda, fncreoa* of
weight ao cbarectrrtailc now of nild-llfe. and shallow breathing.
Home of u» too are In tinea of w-irk which t»«nd to contract th* ch » at.
round the ahouldera, bring Ute bedd forward, or puah tb* lower part of tbe
abduturn downward and forward, and thus lower tbe lone of muaclM and
the bodily organ* which are closely relamí to them, hl such <-*M* exercise«
at.ould be taken to counteract three conditional All exercise «h.iuld bo faiAb
with the head up, shoulder» high, chret ral*e»l. and back »lightly arched; when
this la dime It help* to keep the body tn thee» poeltlone.
People who may be In ut->*u|>atl<>na which oterexerciae certain perla abould
by relaxation root the part» affected Those who aland a great deal abould
lie down wtu-n resting with fret «lightly elevated. Itvhtilng of tbe tired pari*
In th* direction toward the I mart after a hot t>«th of the part* followed by
cold will relieve tbe tension and the fatigue.
Moat adults need tlgornua eierelse of the muscles located between (be
shoulders and lhe knees Tluum who wish a *t>ec|ai set of excretara I should
advise to secure a ropy of the l*oy Hcout llaiidtiooh. Tbe chapter un Health
and Kndurane* cod tains a goo<1 drill for dally os*.
Th.. ss»to* ef artiQtoe »HsW»now l* M** M»it*f.| |
p “Aid for th* Armenians and .Aber
•offerer* In lhe Near K-M la nevus
Mry only because war »till r«, « th
Ute Neer Kaal. My* W K Hkmbo.
who. with Mra. Rambo haa recently
returned from Asia Minor
•When w* reed of the batti-• now
being fought b, Greek* and Turk* we
tklnk of burning villa«««, id fleeing
mother«, of crying children, tbelt only
place of safety an slrt-ady overcrowd
ed American orphanage
Ths Ram lx* were absent from
their botnu in Itaksr about i*o year*
while they wefa In chanco ot a in or
phanage at Harounle nrer Tar»u
home of Haul, the great Apo.ll«
urphansgr was under fin- for »«
dafa and finally Mr and Mr» R
• nd tb<- other Amero >•:» ni«dv llu.-lr
way by night through a »tec. to th-
ratlro.ol. on whl« h they look their
children to Moraine
“ft ta a matter of great pride to ua
that we wen-reble to brim« our chil­
dren through wlib-oit the lo» of a
•ingle child." aeld Mr* lUmbo
“Prestplo.” Instead of Christmas
Tree, in Italy and Spain.
Christmas Day Pleasures Are of
Benefit to People.
Mental But« Does Everybody Good
and Festivity Equal» PreMrip.
lien of PhyaHlsn.
LOSE observer* in tb« rank* of th«
medical profetatoli hav« noted uua
very Intereellitg fact concerning th«
Cbriatmae eraaou—that It generally
baa ■ good tonic effect »pn their pa
tienta In explanation of thia th*
IxXidon letocet any* that atnce t'hrUt
run« baa come to be r»gar<to<l a» a
time for good chegr, a unlveraal feel­
ing of contentment and bappli>e«a ta
engendered at thia time of J*youe-
ne»«. routine i» fur a while relieved. a
certain freshness Js given to the daily
round, difference« of opinion ar« aunk,
and a charltahto «pirli provali»
It. by lb* way. hoping for too much,
aska tha Lancet, that the a«us<>n of
good fellowahlp abould Is« vs «orne
lasting effect upon th* manner« and
method* of alii
It may not be e«ay t* trace exactly
why th« aen»e of exhllaratltm and
welt being reame with the advent of
Clirietmaa, for ilio psychological fac­
tor* <-oucern«d ar* not »Impla.
the main point la that th* mental
«tate done »verybody good and the
annul feattvlty la Juat aa evceilent an
ln»titutlon a» th* preecrtptiuu of tbr
phyalclan which gives tune and vigor
to the «trugg’er In Ilf»'» nice There
la no need nowaday*, thank» to th»
good wrnw of the people and tire coun
■el« of their medical advlMrs. to mor
nil»« about ft« «vil» of a »tupid in
dulger.c« In food, alcohol and tubaci*
•■n a f»«llve oc.-aalan *urh aa the pre«
rot. Crai tl.-ally *v«rybody reali»»» tb»
groat phy»!oiogtr-al advantage« of be­
ing wtoe on a merry occa«l«i
Many mure persimi Iban fortnerlj
feel where uae ends and abuse begins
and they act aenatbly accordlngiv ; and
•n far from It being a crime to make
the seuson festlre by «ojo» lug. «■ a
little extended arale p*rbap*. ihr
erbature comfort« of life, «urne de
elded good to done t* both the meatal
and physical health of lhe tudlvtdual
The festivo «os»on may. therefore,
be welcomed, which brings cheer tc
thousand*, which indures the genero«*
• nd rharllahte te brace the mental
aud physical functions of the eomiuu
nlty at large giving It the opportunity
at rellnquUhlM It* bu*lneM and Its
worrtee for a üm*. te Mart agata re
freshed and ready for the trivial
round, tha common t*«k."
The pre
aerlptlon "A Merry ChrlataMO I* sonad
•o lung *s th* ”slg**lnre’ at good
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1 he I ribune
1 he Year
in.«, inner ban* up their »lucking»
at I'hrtatmaa tin»«, nor d* lb.» bare
t'lirlaimaa tree«.
Kri» Krtugto add
Manta dag* ar« < tor man Mint» »ad
the t'hrlQuia» tree cam« out at tha
tierman forest» long, long ago. wham
the nation» at mwlberu iOvopa ••*•
forest tribo»
It to th« nerther»»
«ml Kngt|«b. ail of whom ar« dee
ed from old Teutonic tribe*--who kadp
i'brt«tinaa a* American* de
Instead of th« chrtatma»
Italian and Spanish buys »nd gtrto
have the preatplo.
“PreMpto" meana
manger, and It to • repreeetrtailoa
of ihe lounger where th» baby tTirtat
lay In Hetblehem.
It to presented to
different way*-
Boumtlmaa II abuvfa
only th« Inside of th* Kara where th*
Raby and III» mother lay. with J*-
•eph. th* Three Wto* Men and the aul
mala about.
Ih-inetlines It «how» a
hillside. with the Wlw Meo n>mtag «n
fool or horarbarh. or on donheya,
bringing their gift« to th* »table. Bom*-
iimea the mauger 1» »tuall not mor«
than a foot »qua re.
Nbrnettme* It U
large enough to occupy tb* whole end
of ■ room.
It I* built on • board
foumlation and 1» made of wood, with
earth pebble*, dried gram and IeuvM
for the outdoor aceno*.
Th« flgxirM
are carved of wood, or perhapa little
doll» are need. all very carefully and
elaborately dres-ed by tbeglrta Mutue
lime« brook» and lake» ar« Ibgeulously
represented with -mper, glam or
Sotm-tftoM rh« Whet« fa
rough and rude hat again M to very
neatly and beuuttfally done. and la
quaint and Intereotlag wbea all row
half Teutonic In th«lr makeup mix
tli* ruatmna of both rare* In their
Thrtatmaa keeping.
They build th«
mangar and they alao gfre the cbtl-
dren presents; only tn stead nf l«M
Ing her »locking. Htlta French Reb
ett« put« out her «knee
The P T »a th
call th« manger -creche.” and la coun­
try »Illa««« In Tran«« cempanlee of
children »till gw from bourn to bone«
on fhriatma» eve, carrying the crxha
•nd singing Christmas carela
t.mea they help to bultd a beau ft fill
large crerha I* th« »Uiag« church, « vm
which they are eery protad and •*■
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Have those Letterheads, Envelopes or
other needs printed now.
kiddle« ware Ju»» •» attract»»«
dear to ua aa au) we har« «»er »ren
In thia country, ervept ot <ouri
After th« Rambo'« time of aervlcv
waa up and they were waiting fur a
ahlp for America, word cam* that th*
war had left tbcmaanda of O •ta
atranded at Itatoutn. across th« Black
They Immedlatoly »olunleered
for further service and »pent week» In
eartrig for the refugee* and kil ling
them on vessels turutsknd by the
Gr««k Government.
Queen Hup hie of Greece, to «how
her appreciation of the Work nf the
Ramboa and other* of the Near Fast
Relief worker*. reemtly aunt an ap
preciatlve letter and alao a check for
a substantial amount to the Near East
Better and a«» cheap as tahlrta. ua figure on your next older
Ind remember. The Tribune wishes you
.1 .Merry Christmas and
I Hupiuf and Trosts roux .\'etr }'car
Your Printing
C«mmtoai«n»r Claaton Hope» Teacher*
and Children Will Aid Near East
I »tocerely hope that teacher» and
children In the truhlie and private
•choola of the Tnit'-I State« will co­
operate E.attiljr and liberally with the
Near East Relief In ra.vtng fm -la for
food and clothing and rare nt children
and other» who have suffered from th«
«»»res of war In th« coimirtea of
the Near Rant. To do thia *1H only
he doing a» w« would ha«« other* do
to aa If. like these people, wo were re-
through no fault of our own but
•rou ah th« ruthleaa am bi «na» of
Tour* stnewroly.
I Signed I
commissioner nf Rd neat I on.
March M. »11
Waahlngtnu. D. C.
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