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VOL. 5
NO. 21
All Nm Itti Sacctsslal m Prnati la$i
Ml Will la Faitfefai la
Frthc Affairs
The Tribune in this, the last issue
before election, deeirvs to say a few
words of commendation of our can-
We believe they ar«* all
worthy of the trust of toe people
and will r«flect credit upon them-
aelv«M and party, if elect**»!
Mari V. Weatherford
Our candidate for congrewi, needs
no introduction to the reader« of
The Tribune. He is one of our
brilliant, brainy attorneys and p<>«-
sew» every requisite to make a
successful and useful member of
He has, perhaps, marie
the most thorough canvas of th«'
First congressional district, in order
to get acquainted with th«* people
and let them get acquainte«! with
him. ever made by a candidate for
that office in thia state. Being just
at the threshold of middle life, full
of energy and courage, it would I*
difficult to select a more ideal candi­
It ia quite probable that Mr Wil­
son will be eleeted. -In that case,
he should have a congress in sympa­
thy with his progressive td«*as Mr,
Weatherford will lie found, if elect­
ed, a warm supporter of the primi-
dent's progressive ideas. Il is safe
pi sav that the Cannons. Penriwes,
Smoots and others of the old reacti­
onary gang, will have little if any
influence with Mr. Weatherford, as
has tieen the case with the present
incumbent. Mr. Hawley. On the
other hand he will be ready at all
tinres to co-operate with such men
as Borah. Cumming« and la Fol-
Mr. Weatherford is worthy and
will lie honent and true to the Inter­
est* of the people. You will not
vote for a blank if you place an X |$
before hi. name
Year* ia Office;
11.50 THE YEAR
An Important Office and
a Competent Official
Our Legislative Ticket
Our Oregon legislature ha* ts-en To the Editor: *
off color for a numlwr of y«*ars be-;
la a recent spee.*h at the Halaey
cause of Its extravagant legislatl >n '
(opera house. Supt Jackson etiipha-
and th«* creation of uaelese and ex­
sired the fact that Linn county with
pensive commissions, officials, etc.
its 137 district*. MXWiachool children
Its membership has b«*en almost
and 250 teachers was an enormous
exclusively republican
Had half
task for one person to superintend
or Marly half of the members Im
even one with his experience of 16
democrats, the record would, prob­
It certainly ha» ts*«*n an ef­
ably. have I wen better. At least the
fort for him as he has had two
republican party would have b««en
supervisors to assist him for four
abl«* tn divide the responsibility.
years and one during the isut v«*ar,
Hon W. P. Elmore, of Browns­ St an average expense of Slti.tMNI
ville. has dem<>n«trat«*d his great for the five years, ami upon taking
value as a friend of th«* people and a vote of the directors he found
ability as a l«*gislator, by his service that they decideti he didn't wed
in that body. Bv his watchfulruns any.
and persistent ability he saved the
With his mode of traveling too.
state nearly one-half million dollars with a horse and buggy, requires a
at the last stwion. This one accom­ great deal of time
plishment should be sdhcient to in­
In stating his qualifications on the
sure his r«*electu>n.
cards he is handing the voter*, he
Investigate W. L. Jackson's char­
acter. review his services and you!
wili surely vote for him on Novem
her 7 His life, character and work StftktS Fr»« tfcl Skoulhr M Replfllf It
will stand the X-ray and reveal:
tba SlMiifMs Cucalii Issati
nothing und«*sirable, but much to'
favor his reelection. Thia is a time
by I F Hilton
when persons for petty personal j
caum*s or janloaiea start untruths to I
farther their own interests, at the
|f thp people of the Thtrtl judicial
cost of the public welfare 8«» should district want a judge who will decide
you h«ar anything against Mr. rMrs to suit any individual, ciaw* or
Jackton, just investigate and you interest, regardh-« «f law or fact,
will tin«! that it is false
j ,f they want a judge who will bar-
Mr Jackoon spent most of hislife gain and traffic in deebions to gain
in this community. His home *** popularity; if they want a judge
here, ami he attended school here. 1 wh„ ,.an 1m. n,nlr«>llr«l or ¡nlimidat-
So we have known him since child-
then they should vote for some
hood and know whereof we «peak 1>rM. elap
|f rr,.|,^-t«^l I shall, a* in
One person who has known Mr. the oast, know neither "wet" or
Jackson since boyhood, is going to: "dry.” republican or democrat,
vote against him la-cause he thinks friend or foe, in the decision of any
he ha* had the office long enough, case.
He admits that h«* cannot find a<
I submit inv cause to nil right­
single fault with hi* private or pub- thinking women and men. rrgardlims
lie life.
Very well
Mr. Merchant i of party, class or creed; to the peo-
you ha«l better discharge that faith- pie who want fair tights ami honest
ful, honest clerk of yours, whom ’ elections; to the people who detest
you have had twelve years and break the eleventh hour mudslinger, th«’
• n a new one. Your business would secret slanderer and the liar; to th«*
be better cared for.
people who do not want their judges
Mr. E C Peery, of Scio, give him fail* to tell where heattend«*«i school
the experience in the l«*gislature or if he ever graduated from any
which Mr, Elmore has had. will coll«*ge. but «ays he i* a "promoter
prove an equally if not mure capable of high uchool* and industrial fairs "
He is on«* of our m<>«t
Mr. Jackson said he was petition
capable and progressive business «-d by the teacher* of the county to
men. is always in the front rank in liecome a candidate for reelection,
public affairs, and ia capahle of the fact ia his supervisor, at the
handling large business affairs sue expense of the taxpayers. prtitieo«-d
It ia generally known that 98 per filed nor their juries packed,
the teachers, (many of whom ar«* at
Wm. Galloway.
Mr. Peery ia th«* only candidal«* present supporting Mrs. Cummings) cent of the teachers in Unn county i
(Paid Adv)
of eithei party w ho is strictly repre­ and many who signed the petition petitioned Mr. Jackson to again ac-1
sentative of the Forks of the Santl- are from outside counties and have «■ept th«.* nomination. It is because
am, a section which embraces more no vote.
they are in a position to know hie j
The Straw Vote
than one-half of the territory of
Now Mrs. Ida Maxwell Cumming*, ti relet* efforts for the henefit of the 1
Linn county. This fact alone merits with her qualifications, living a col­ children and whwols
They know ‘
Straw vole« ar« «imply pointers.
his election.
lege graduate, having attended four he ia honest, capable, strict, con-1
nafnt, ta obtained from th«* fact
Mr. Peery is responsible for th«* different eolleg«*. and a holder of a scieritloua, economical and no one ijjgj straws point in the direction
adoption of our present high school •tate life diploma, will find it no can perform the superintendent's ths wind is blowing. The Rexal!
system in Unn county and is a strong great task to auperintend, sup«*rvi*- duties better.
drug store straw vote for president,
fri«*n<i of popular education in every I and put into th«* uchool* th«* real
This is written by one who has is to continue until November 4.
practical way. He ia a strong man * practical work which lead« to the th«* welfare of the children and the Doubtlaas many strange and surpris­
intellectually an*I will make a strong industrial fairs, which she highly schools at heart.
ing result* will be obtaineii. but
hard working legislator, if el«*eted favors, and which are not promoted
A Voter of Sodaville.
none will I** more (han that of last
You will act wisely by voting for by a superintendent but by every-i
Friday, in this city. At 4:80 p. m..
body who contributes
For Sale 120 acres of land two > the vote was counted and stood
Other counties besides Unn haw miles southwest of Scio, good new [ Wilson 18, Hughe« 1.
Mr. Irvin R. Schultz, of Albany,
is a bright young busin«-m man.' high schools and industrial fairs. In and modern 8 room house, bath, I
whose qualities as a («-gislator and fact, on page 48, Oregon School pantry, fair large barn,
Mr. and Mr«. C. C. Jackson, of
in public affairs, are yet to ba tried Law. will be found a ¡»aragraph, orchard. Iwrrie*. etc.
Will aell weal of Halaey. came over Saturday
out. But a start in public matters which provide« for an appropriation either the whole or subdivide into and wero guest* over night of Mr.
must I m * made and Mr. Schultz, a from the state for county fairs.
40 and no acre tract«. Title good and Mr«. J. A. Bilyeu. Mrs. Jack»**n
Give the lady a change.
Will sell for cash or take other land i« a sister of Mr. Bilyeu. The Tri­
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A Subscriber.
for |*art payment, if suited. Very bune acknowledge« a very pleasant
I Paid Adv)
Advertising Pays
reasonable price.
B. F Titus.
If our merchant* deal re proof that
It pays to advertise, it was furnish-
ed right here at home last Saturday
When the John Weaely «tore was
opened at 9 a. m . there wa* a mob
ready to fill the store
Within five
minute« aisle« were full of people
who when they found what they
wanted, were ready to buy. Simply
convince the people that you have
bargain* for them and they will
be on hand at any old time.
Washington. Oct 29 Equipment
of Army heavy artillery batterie«
with motor tractor« instead of horae«
is forecast in a report on recent teat*
made at the artillerv school at Fort
hv can *LL ( jo and VU It tor WILSON
Sill. Okla.
The artillery board found that, in
addition to giving the heavy guns
greater mobility and
equipment with gasoline motor trac­
tors would result in s reduction
in original and maintenance
tf call from Mr. Jack*on.
Artillery Io Use Motor*
«V* « •<
» t*