The Scio tribune. (Scio, Linn County, Or.) 1914-1917, August 17, 1916, Image 1

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VOL. 5
NO. 10.
Eugenic Coates!
11.20 THE YEAR
grains, bird houses. i»>ultrv of every
Doug Hamilton Write*
I he Tritium« has just received a
Your special attention is called to ready.
Let us all pull together to put letter from lh»ug llamilloff who
the Eugenic contest at the county
fair, and all parents who deaire to <>ur school in the tirai rank Taren la dates it from the asylum. He says
enter their children in thia contest may Im of great assistance to their he was not crazy at that time I re- ■
I children by helping them plan their
I ahould do so st once.
ferrmg to th«« cause of hi» arresti
Vi I« ItM it Scie Septtaltr t, J, I,
lath Sides Art Hurl at th White
but was n»l feeling well. He in­
The ages are from six months to
Nirmteri Oct 0, 1, Altan
sists that he is nut crazy and if they
five years of age. These entries will in the execution of their plans
H msi -A CtaiftMbt h
Other school» are coming with will turn him out he will behave
dose Septrmiier 1. in order that I
Oct 12. 13. 14
arrangements may I m * mad« for the their liest work ami are expecting himself. Hu is very anxious that
to take away every prize
Shall we I his horse "Bawly” shall be well
do our best to capture at h-a»t a eared for and m-nds his regards tu
Washington. Aug 15. President
The industrial work done by the
few of the prizes?
his friends in Scio. He wants m H
Sera School*, Get Ba* y
Wilson conferred* today with both
boys and girls of IJnn county through
Now boys and girls lets all do our th«- |««ople t*i write to him.
I>ariles to the threatened country­
th«« influence of the school, the
level Ims! to have a tin«- display
We want our school exhibit at
Good printing can lie obtained wide railway strike ami tonight it
parents and the county school super­
ready when the time c*>m««s for our
the Ij'nn ( <>unty Fair thi«. year to
only wh««re the proper typ«m. press- aiHS’ami that sufficient foundation
intendent has Itecome a great factor
sch<H>l exhibit in September
I m * first class and also to lie a prise
in the lives of many «tudents.
Wishing you all a very happy ••«, material and rX|M«rt workman- had been laid to furnish a working
winning exhibit too. Now is the
idiip is found. The Tribune office liaals for a settlement of the differ­
In addition to the regular work
summer vacation. I am
time to Iw-gin getting canned fruits,
pusawOMra all of these r««|uisite» ami ences of the employes ami employers
done in school several hundred boys
lhe prices are right
and girls of the county are now
The president will meet Iwdh «ides
again tomorrow.
actively engage«! in industrial work
At the conclusion of today’s con-
in gardening. poultry raiding do
ferenres the president issu««d thia
medic arts, domestic ari« tie« and
general industrial work encouraged
”1 have met Imth Hides ami hav V
through the school influence
As a
gon*- over the cum « with the utm<Ht
result the work in its vari-HI« formi
frai>km-«a. I «hall not I m - able tu
ha.» greatly increased the u*'u>n «*•
judge until tomorrow whether we
of many children regalile»« <>f grade
have found a feasible basis f«>r
or environment
l<a»t year one tn»y
wn< awaided m*cond prize on hie
corn exhibit at the St
Taul corn
The foremost questions are what
show. Also two girl» and two boys
»¡.all la- arbitrated. if arbitration is
were sent to the State fair f««r its
to lx« resorted to. and what form of
arbitration dial! tie adopted. K* pie
entire semina, with a’) nprtw«»
a*-«itativ>» of tiie employes maintain
paid by the slate as a n ward <-n
that their demand for an eight
having th» beat exhibit at the Li n
County fair. A hiuii I mi prue will l«e
hour day ami time and a half for
given Uus year.
overtime m the onlv concrete pro
position under discussion. They in
In order to encourage this work
sided tn the president in their con­
to bring th«« home ami the school
closer together and to lead the I hivs
ference today that tin- railroads
make some definite counter pro
and girls in the |>atha of industry,
an exhibit is held each year as a
If the railroad» submitted Home
l«art of the Linn county fair at Scio.
At this fair lilwral prizes ^vill lie
proponed form of settlement, they
said, they w<«uid ia« ready Io discuss
awarded for any exhibit of merit a»
negotiation» further.
listed on the rt^gular prize list. The
The employes are understood to
children of the county are earnestly
requested to report to th«« county
be ready to consent to the principle
of arbitration if the contingent
superintendent at Albany or the
proposal« <<f the managers, which
secretary of the fair. Chas. Wade,
of Scio.
the men contend involve rights thev
have won in 30 years’ efforts are
The prospects are excellent for
ehminatfxl from consideration, and
this year
Ixtcal fan«« will be held
if arbitration ia conducted by a
at Harrisburg October fi-7 and at
lioard on which all four brother­
Altiany October 12 to II
hood* are represented.
soliciting the support of all concern­
ed in thia work. I am
While representatives of employes •
ffiaisted they had not yet iigrred
Very truly,
to arbitrate any feature of their
W. L. Jackson
differences there was a growing
County Sui»t.
impression that arbitration, or some
form <>f compromise would be agreed
u|K>n. At no time . it was «aid, did
the representatives of the men indi­
The Wilson ad ministration may
cate that uii I cm their terms were
have its faults, the same as all other
granted unqualifiedly they would go
administiationa, but to accuse it of
on strike. Both aid*«« refused al*Mo-
fomenting the great railway strike
lutrly to discus» their meeting with
(KUaa»«th k,»uin« TUoag
in order, as a canqiaign stunt for
the l'r«*sid*«nt or venture any fore­
President Wilson to have the glory
needed now ia the ferry.
majority of the congressional chair­
cast on the probable outcome of the
of arttling the same, is simply c<»n-
men have haled from the north,
Trolhnger Bros. have purchased a negotiations, hut leaders of the two
There is no grounds
where the republican party gets its
new bajrlMiika M ine farm scale, of fractions were optimiatic tonight
whatever for the accusation, except
electoral vole. Hence both parties
that a «trike would ia* averted
in the vivid imagination of the re­
Marion Arnold has been loading which every farm of any aize should
mav be accused of sectionalism ac­
publican campaigners.
a couple of cars of wood for < Irrgon install.
Special Prize
cording to Mr. Hughes
Also, because a majority of the
City the past week.
M L. Brown has completed haul­
The republican campaigners must
congressional committee chairman­
Alfred Blaich ford and wife re­ ing hay on Mike Kelly’s place at
A special prize of 110 rash is
be driven hard to find campaign
ships have been given to the demo­
from a trip to Portland Sun­ Munkers
offered by the Chas. II. Lilly Co.
Tney must think the
cratic states of the south, Mr.
A petition ia being circulated for of Seattle, for the la«st display of
people are simply fools without day.
Hughes says the administration ia
Waiter Churchill and wife, of donation« to purchase an organ for garden vegetables raised from lolly's
memories. Mr. Hughes is certainly
compromising his dignity as a candi­ Tillamook, mototed over for a few the Shelburn public school which ia seeds.
As a large majority of the demo
aomething needed arxl which should
date for the greatest office within days visit among relatives.
Card oí Thank*
cratic party lives in the south or in
the gift of the people. He ia rapidly
Stanley Taylor returned from m * su pi «orini by all. Repair» to the
the old time slave states, it is simply
roof of the school house are being
establishing the fact that hia only Newport last week
reaaonable that those states should
We desire to tender our aincr re
made thia week and waa found a
title to statesmanship ia that of the
hold a,majority of the chai rman-
thank« to our neighbors and friend»
faultfinder and that he has no policy Hull, has been moved to the
new roof will have to be put on.
ships. Mr Hughes says thia fact
for their kindly assistance during
of government other than that of hospital.
constitutes sectionalism
If so. the negation
Ih-wne Berry had an operation per­ the long illnesa, death and barrial
republican party is also •eeti.mal;
for apendicitw at a Salem of our wife and mother, Al*» for
The road grading and fencing has
for in every republican congress
Astoria will hold her annual been completed to the ferry site roapital and b reported to be get­ the many lirautiful floral offering«.
since the election of Lrncoln. I Kegetls oo September 1, 2. 3 and 4. across North Santiam
Ail that ia ting along nicely.
Geo. Gibbon« and family.