The Santiam news. (Scio, Linn County, Or.) 1897-1917, July 14, 1899, Image 2

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    The Samiain News
Th« deaf mnlM ar« tn tonnai coa-
rent ion at Mt. Paul.
Guatamala is again In a «tat« of an­
OREGON real and revuluimn is fani rad.
A new rapid fir« gun has hasgl t»«toJ.
Il will fire 60 sii joUnd •io>la a mm-
«aw ing In street ear riots, tornio«,
(>nL, haa been placed under martial
Order Issued for Ten hew
Herrete ry lxrng Will prewent like
•Wo'd voted by congieea tu Admiral
Ds wry.
t>>iUSg« 1« h» be anieelrhled in th«
mints of India •ml gold will be the
Wish i ng ton, July A—Th« order for
th« enlistmenpof volunteer« for serrtre
A Big Foot tram crashed ínln a in the Philippine« was published t«»!«y
Seventy-four <-»»•• of yellow fever
surrey near (.kdumbus, O., kill­ snd ««ven mors oolcmels to oooimisd
have been reported in Santiago.
the regitn«nts were appointed. Thar*
ing sis people.
Pa-king house employes in Chicago
• rw yet two lolonele to be designated.
will nut strike until Septemiepr.
Kight ma)*’r* sl*u were nau>«**L The
their In test man Is iu Uuba an*) g<ung recruiting will not liegm until «oa>«
TL« Democratic national committee
into Mélico»
tim« neit week, th« exact date not
will meet in Chicago on Joly 10.
Rerrultlng Ma-
Polish residents of Chicago at a pub­ having hewn fiiwi yet
The ¡«race treaty baa at last been rat­
Anglo- lions will b« open in •very «tat« and
lic mauling« denounced an
ified by th« Spanish senate.
territory, and •• fast •s tb« u>«u ara
A merit an alliance.
Awirri an «*i|*»rta of manufactured
•niist«d, they will (« •ent to the regi
Owing to heavy rains a portion of
gokits sow average 11.000,000 a day
’•nil to b« sasigne«! Io cum pames
.Manila is Bwtdwd ami the •ulJieis are
ist« lines ar« obliterate»! and B»« ta«n
The North German Lloyd Steamship 1 »uffrring great diarutnbirla.
yrst enlisting will I m first to I m mus-
Com|«any has ordered three new |*as
A reform aobool si Plankington. K. terrd tn. Th« a»»igntn«nt to com pan-
sen ger boats.
(>.. tuulinied because a Popuhsl super« iee will tw by II»« officers command r ¡g.
The government has taken a band In intrmienl had bren appointed.
•nd lie will b« at litMfty to organise a
th« Illinois Isbor troubles
The str Ik-
Th« Oregon
volunteers will
be «omi-at y «omp« «»*d
f men from on«
•ra al ('*ar ter villa have tieen an joined.
brought to Astoria un Bw transports, • tat« If h« finds H cnuvrmeirt and prac­
The F’o .rth »if Julv in <
tad * w ss where they will I m » transferred lu river ticable.
usherrd In at midnight bv a magntfi- boats and proceed to Portland.
The * rgantsstion of th« |0 regiments
reiil illiiunnalMJii ou I lia's Peek. >4«-
A national pa»k or f-»r«etry re«rrte in this country will n< l make any dif-
000 fret abmre Bm sra
frrenew io the organisation of regiments
I aebociaBon fot the governmental pro
hundred (M unds of red, white and bine
lection of ovar T.OOU.OOO acre« ol land in the Phili(>pin«« by General Otis.
)>uwder was set off.
in Northern Minnesota will l«e loiiued His regiments will be in ad Jit tun to
thuee hereafter to L« known as thu
At Chicago one hundred frens ed wo­ in Chicago this month.
Twenty •nth to Thirty-fifth inoluaivu,
men and 10 men rushed panic, -str 1» krn
Goveip r Daniel, administrator «>f •ml will be numlM»r«*>l from th« Thirty-
fr>»m the tin«*« story factory of the
the Isle du Diable, where Dre fus wa» siith upward. It is ripecteal that three
Western Paj-er st»«k Company to es
ioipriMftal, ha« Loen rrmovexl.
He regiments will b« «irgatiited in th«
c«|*e l»eing bnrne*i to death
punished Dray fus in the h«>p« ot mak­ I‘htlippine«, the rqioivnUi organise«!
women ware injured In leaping from
ing him confess.
in th* United Htat*»s and the Ehilip
II»« windows, and many more jumped
lend Lipton's challenger, the Hham- pines increasing the army by 650 offi­
in safety.
rork. has had a Inal, and made a good ce»« ar«! 17.666 men, if there should Iwi
I-ale (irlerHal advic<w state that 50
showing. bh« is a fa»t I ght*w« ght three full regiments burned by General
rlngleeklsrs of theriolnts • i.<»de«troyt-|
lioat and Briliahers are tilled with hot»« Glia.
Th« tolonels appointed today
ami burned electric tramway care st
Dial the Amsn a's < up will be won for • re un i« !.orders to pre-»« J at once with
Seoul last month were eiecnie.| in p«l>-
til« organisation uf th« regiments,
li< at Corea's capital four w*^<ke ago
A wan ant, ba»»i upon a complaint .-•»me of the <»ffi<*ers are now in th* city
They met their fate bravely
and have !>e«n consultii g the different
brad« were cwt off and eihtbited In • worn to by the irprrwntativo uf a
bureau off! or is with regard to equip­
public planes as a warning tu all «vil-
at Kalt l«aka lor th*» arrest of President ment and aut plbs for the men as they
¡ Angus M. Cannon, uf the hall lake Join the regiment.
Rr|M»rts have l«ren received In Ma­
• take uf the Mornr-u church, rhargiug
nila of an outbreak in the i«lan<l ot Ne­
him with |tolygMtuy.
gros, incldeul tijon the departure <>f
A • !<*• al dispatch from Boma « ay » Flilpin<>« Halawa« th» <4«rtl«,»n nf lt«l«r
the ('nlifofnla I’glmenl lor Lome
Ke«l»t«g a Ml«g« fur • l»«r
H m<* h*»«iile nallvaa« seeing*« <« inf.«uy that the Germán steamer Reichstag
Dreyf is is confident the seroud ronrl-
martial will acquit him.
<d «oi lier» at on« of the small |*o«ts
preparing to depart, thought the Atner-
iraaa were evacuating the )«lsnd. and
a party of 150 rel'els. moetly I jo I o men,
•ttagkml the troops, and killed one man
•ml »outvied amgher l»«l«»nging tu
company K. Tbr Fjlipinus ware easily
driven off.
Tli« nrvrs brought from Honolula by
the ( 'optic uf the death <>! tlie fhisiger
yuern Ksplolani «•» not a aurpriM to
Hawaiian«, a« bar death had beuii ex-
)M*rtod (or sum» lime. Mhn was 65
years of age and w«o> a sufferer from
t an »r, and recently b»*l a stroke of
paralysis, following several attacks of
Sii« wo turn b ewtertned in
the islands mi l her death was sincerely
Her re-mains lay In »tale
*--• r gb.t data ehd Were turn'd With
IlliprrxSiVe reffnidlli»W.
Las sailed from Napl«« with 16,000
rifles. 600 tons of war material an I 600
mules (or the Transvaal.
Io th»* same dispatch. sii<»th«*t sicamor,
with a similar cargo sails July 14 fiom
Plans have bren formulated for a
largo oo-u|*erelive colony to I »• »itnated
on Lake Frl«, near Toledo, O., am!
H.000 acres uf land are to be so* ur»^l
to !•» devoted to farming and manufac­
turing interests. The promoter of the
a* Lome is J«»M-ph A. Johnson, uf the
slat«* uf Washington.
Nweho valky in Kansas, is flood«*!
antier sis fret of water.
The annual convention <»f t'hnstian
Emlravmers upened in I Detroit.
Sah Ftaii* »■« r I ir «is « l.arlrriug boats
to welcome th« hwotid Oregon.
in a rail*
Tlie bosinewa diatrict of < hikland,
Or., was «Wept by fife, lo*e »Ixiut
Sr< rrtaty of Agriculture Wilson will
nin« tu th« c »att this summer.
Bishop John P. Newman, ol the
Methodist Episcopal «.hurtli, died al
Saratoga, N. Y.
As a result of a lover's qusirel a San
Pianciaco young woman was shot by a
One woman was killed and much
property «leetroyel by a cyclone at
Ainsworth, N«b.
Two wore killwl an I a numl*er In­
lured in a street car col list uu at Pitts­
A late KIon like re|e>rt •aye on«
claim furnished all th« gold
t 1 1
horses could carry.
' >i»e has cabl'd the war dopartrnent
B<« number ot recruits nrcMwary tu fill
vsoarici«« in the tegular rrgimenta.
Governor Kay res, of Trias, ta« ap-
jK’rtlrd to the recietary of war (or help
fut the T**las fitasl sufferers.
Al Philadelphia, J. T. Carr, a re­
porter, waa killed in a str«et car oui*
Isiun. A number were hadly Injure I
A pa»»cfigtir train on the (Antral Pa­
cific, near Fllko, Nev., was wrecked
•nd acvru people ware injured.
Ifc-lgian «ociall«ls are against elector­
al reform.
Many people were injure*!
ioa*l wrnk at lxiU'lun.
F' h « did damage to lire «itenl ol
f l5u,o<HJ at hutnmit. N.J. Ona liun-
dred p*upl«, living in apaituionts, lu«t
their rffreta.
Th« negroes have all h-ft Pans, If!.,
rm tickets (utni»he*i by Governor Tan­
ner. The mints will rcu|»en with un­
ion men.
Hchurman has visited th« southern
Islands and ascertmned the sentiment
of lite native«.
He says
o will
• urely follow victory in the Philippine«,
as the b«wl )w-«iple favor the Americans.
Union City, III., pupwlatod entirely
union miner a, was deetruved i»y fire
and liir miners driven to tli« woods by
negro»-«, who «ought revnge for th« kill­
ing of a negro woman by the miners.
General Mlles has paid a high com­
pliment to the brave Oregon vulunterfs,
and says that in the West is tu it
found the t*e»t material In th« «arid
(or military serivce.
The retwrls ms 1« a sally against our
line« at han Fernando, but did not
push the attack. Th« Amer hans lout
one man killed and four wounded.
The German delegates of the draft­
ing committee of the arbitration cum«
inittr*«* of the |rcace conference bar«
offi**ially announce*! th« asoent of Ger-
n.Ar.y to Sir Juiian Panncemte s pro­
pnanl of • (wruianent court at arbitia-
•Ilnar Rew« !••>•«•.
In Jrtmnr«, Kan., arary lioaaa i* no-
tniitnf br il* orrnot. Tha |.>pula(k>u
al th« piare I* 350.
J«n>r* K.|rrin Oooka, one* fainou* a*
tlm champion trn-borim rl.lrr of ti>«
worl.l, I* living In an ■l>ao<lon«<l atrevt
rar iu Ixnig l.lan.l,
Hnirar work prrliminaty to ll>a lay.
in, of a rabio b«t«««n Germany atul
th« faltad Htatra hr war of tb« Aaot«*
waa practically ooni|>l«t«<!.
Th« lian<laon>« monumrnt ar«rt<*l In
Grwnhill cm.tarr to th« ni.m-.ry ol
th« eonfclarat« tl«a<l who«a ,rar«a ar«
nnmark«<l waa unr*il*<J at Martina
burg, W. Va., with lnt«r«ating cala­
món ira
tienaral Wood, «ho waa rallad to
Waabington tn cotifar with tha pr«ai-
<l«nt and .err«tary of war rvgarding lha
•itoation in Cuba, aaya a hat lb« people
of Tuba uard|i«'g<KKÌ wbuola. <<».l tan-
1 tattoo in the rttiaa and th« «uforra-
m«nt ot tha fatte.) tttatea lawa. In
■ lew ot tha prevaatIona taken, ba doea
not bellore tha yellow tarer outbreak
la Santiago will ba aarivaa.
Manila» July N.—The Kpanlsh corn-
miaaioners who went to Tarlnc fur a
"iiferem e r« gMf lmg the sairemler of
the Spanish prisoner* in the hands of
Bin FiHpim>*. rriurri'--! here last night.
Chairman <iel Rio, of the roinmisaion,
•aid the reh ami of all the prisoners ha !
been arrange*! for.
lha<ommis*(oners, will» the remnant
of the Spanish garrisnn of Baler, on
the F»o»l coast of Luson, r»r*-l a numlwr
of civilian prisoners, Wrre rw orie l l>y
!■ . j - » w. ' i ■ .-r« from I u I.»<’ to the
American uutpoeta at Han Fernando,
and oame to Muni I a by the night tram.
The henws of the long defense of
Baler, where the Spaniards resisted ua
insurgent siege of more titan a year's
duration, formed a picturesque band.
Lieutenant Martin, the only ••.irvivir.g
• flieer, niMrche*! them through the
■treirta. There are only 22, and the
moat of them ate ineie buys in fa led
blue cotttMi uniforms am! red shirts.
They are barefooted, A crowd of span-
iah men and women emhrac •! them,
weeping an<l shouting their praises,
They tell m remarkable story.
ap|«eara that the <Mp(aio sevetal times
proposed to Stltretldrr. but the suhhrrs
F'lnally, some months ago,
he lrh-1 to raite a white flag. There­
upon, Lieutenant Martin killed him
with his own sword. Their food sup­
ply gave out entirely a vre< k ago, ahd
they surrender cd to the Filipimw with
• II the honors uf war. Thev wvr« al­
lo wed to keep their arms, and they
marched from Baler witli Filipino as-
Curts and carried Bieir guns, through
several Insurgent camps, evviywher«
bring chevied and feted.
'¡he (ranchiac prupoeals were no-
< •tumble Outealled th* f*ef«*n«1»r.
repte.I al the PietoHa oonlvreme, ami
New York. July H. — Hr th. r.<-« b.-
)K»ace in South Africa is assure»!.
Senator Chandler, of New Hamp­ t.ern th. n«w cup d.frn<ler Columbi.
shire says we should ho <l the Philip­ • nd the old Dofaivler, aailed tiwley o»<*r
pines, but do no mure fighting, aud • triangular eon reo <4 80 mile*—10
ml Ira to a log — it ha, Im-n plainly
Ira«« the rest to congress.
demon.tralcd that, no matter how
A voung Kan Franciscan, while akiHlully conati», (nd a ya< lit may be,
drunk, attempt»'! to kill his mother by her Balling and ability to go to wind­
throwing a lighted lamp at her. Three ward may bo killed by ltn|>eifec'.ly Bat­
people were injured in the insler.
ting aalla.
The Columbia won th. rar. by a
Filipino« may »■ -on release the Span­
iards, <>tis reports that negotiations margin of 8 minute, 53 Bwond. (uix IB-
with Aguinaldo indicate (air prospects cial limai. There la no doubt ah.
for suarss. Th« Yorktown captiva« would bar. won by a larger margin if
may l»e Include»!.
het Mila bad titled aa well aa I be lie-
Victor, (ol., offset th« great Pike's
Tha *••«<»■ Vlvsegl,
Peak illumination by an artifi«ial
Five tons uf dynamite
Washington, July B.—Ambaeaarloi
w*-re fire*I on the rest »lot*« of Bull hill Choate and Dnrd baliabury are almoti
in blasts uf 200 pounds to each charge, dead Io- kml over the modua vivati II,
the last chaige consisting uf
50*» tiling lha Alaaka boundary.
aide will accept the provlelonal lina
propoae.1 by Ilia oilier, the Canadiaua
The flooded district in Trias has a
demanding lbw Inilu.lon of their Boy.
In gth of over 5’>0 inBes, a breadth of
copine country, and the Amaricen, tl>.
ptohably M) miles, atul in all this space
propM tion of the boundary line north-
damage Incalculable fias liem done.
a e«tei ly from a point two mi lea alane
The lots of life will never !** fully
K lack wan.
Estimates of livre |<»«t, fr<un
KM) to 800; l<»»s to (aimers, including
•t««b»rt ttwnitar !•
crape as well
livestock, from
New York, July B. —Robert Bonn«?,
• 7.ncm nnn
Of*.?; to ratír- a !•
or Bie New Yota ¡Artiger •nd
• nl county bridges, 12,000,000
to owner of famous horses, dir.I in Ibi«
|I,(M »0,000.
city tonight.
Ketewer •»< apawlslt Prleewere
Kan . !•
The mayor of flays City,
Washington, July Î. —D»« war J«-
only 22 year* old, the president of lb«’
mmnftI is 22 ami the ol le«t man in the |kartment has rereivr-l from General
Otis advio«’« regarding the negotiation«
municipal gAvernurent is 22.
proceeding in Luiun between the Hpaw«
New Jersey fruit growers as a rule
tsh coin m i «si'»tiers and Aguinaldo loot­
believe there will l*e an immense crup.
ing tu the ralea«« of Spanish !>rl«unrrs.
»■ thn bu.l* lia.l n>>t <la,el<>|«.| enough General Otis' report indicates that
lo lm damagli by Ih. eold weather.
there are fair prosper!« that rncMt of
Rua«ia, wilh a populatlon ut UT.- three un fortunate« will be art free, it
000,000, haa only la,881 phyaiciana. not all of therw.
Il la notz known
In Ih. fnit«d Matea. wilh a popola- whether the captive Yorktown's crew
tion of alami ?5.000,000, tbere are 18,- tra include*! among the prisoners to be
00*1 phyaiiiana.
Ih. Daniel Albrlght Ix'n, hai len i-
•reti Ina reaignation aa prraident of
Alimeli college at Yellow ftpnngft, O.
He haa l>een prraidenl of thè inatlto-
lion fot 10 yeara.
Electlicily haa aupplantr-l ateam on
thè railroa>l troni Mtlan In Monta, tl>.
olrleat railtnml in llaly.
The bureau of ataliatica haa iaened a
oorrgrted e>lltmn of tha May atatemenl
of thè inmp<>rtft and a* porta of tha I ni-
ted Htalee wldcb alinwa thal duting Ih.
laat II moniha Ih. riporta of mer­
ci, andlae *icee<l«<t th. Importa by •*<!,■
< *>•'•»••<• it»»«'!» Ik» Arbilv«-
• laae
Th« Hague. July 10 —The third |
A•«•••■*•• a»4 r«t U womw «r ia« «••tk«rw
Ial»« •< Iba Fbll<MS<aa«
New York, July
— A spécial to thu
lierai«! from Mashing ton save: Thu
Dewey and Olis Said to Have
¿«Mattare of Presi-l«tit Krburinan, of
th« Pkihppin« oiuuu» tea i on, will l*«v«
So Expressed Themselves.
al Masti« thr«« m«mh«re of th« m>ui-
mieiuii* M s > h -General Otis, Prv»f«e«or
Wot«««tur an i ( «»l.m«! Ihmby. It will THE WAR NOT TO THEIR LIKING
I»« th« loty of th« last two named to
reatina« th« work of ««tabhehing
how« role within th« line« h«ld by tha
• linlnlMration tro»»p«. in th« hope that
the «taaiplo ««Il I* f<»llow«d by th«
Filip«a is outside of th« lines, ami show
Bt«ru th« bénéficient purpu*«« of th«
Breton. July 10. — Rev (Tay Mæan-
guv«*rnru*fil. Pr< fe«s«>r Worcester and
('«»lon«l Dwnby will aleo aid Geneval My baa written a lettor to tn« Tran
Oils In tb« « «»mlocl of any pea«?« nego* wript dated at Tokio, Japan. Jun« I.
tiatiuns «bi< h mav Inbow any future Mr M<4*a<il«y declares that A Im ral
iMwey »aid lu him;
uperat in« of th« American troop«.
"Rather than make a w«r ot cun-
Mr. beh ut nani di«patoh 1«
whole very «n< -orag r g and th« au* quest <»n th« Filipino l<«uple, I woald
thorlDae are very touch gratifie») at the take up an* hoi and sail uul uf th« Lar
conditions he reporte having found at bor.M
Mr. M i'auley vlahftkl Manila In Jan
the points visited.
¡I ia evident from
< >f li’l
what the uflL ials way thal Mr H har­ aai V, In aean-h of health
"For a long
man teliate« the •uppre««lrm of Ag iin- vi«w« lb.r. |i. write«
• l lo's n«urr«r*.ion means the establish­ time I «wild not todieva that th« dis
sstnms drift uf «venta wag known tc
ment of tw»A«-e tbtoughnul th« archi
th« Washington sutlkorttles.
I «as in
prlagn It r is confi lent that manv »
clin«N| tu lay th« responsibility f»»r ths
Island« do n>«t uf»enlv eiprrsa tb«m- increasing |xrils upo th« military
Seives in favor of an Amen an protec­ com m a miet directly in charg«.
"Yet, m»w it seems to m« that Gsn
torat« solely be-au»e of the fear of
•ml <»tis did this work in th« main ia
Aguinaldo ami bls Tsgsl army
.Mr. H« huruuan »¡»rak» w«ll of th« sul- litoral obedirme to his superiors In
tan of Mule, nn«l it i« «viJ«nt that h« Amenes, that Ibero it was «otuiHd
feels that there is no «langer of trouble that th« who!« right an i *lulv cunrern-
fr-ra him in » a »« the United Mates ob­ Ing th« future dis|N>eition and «*>ntrol
serves th« trestle« which tl »1 loFtween of the I bill) pin« island« Uy tn B*e
bun am! the MpAnleli
government. wish«« and will of th« (’nil*-1 Miai««
Mr *•« iiurman make« a numtwr of re­ that what the F’ilipmre theureelvre
commendations r«»gaidtng ho me rule might wish nee«! not tw» taken into
e cd the southern islands, and th« aaonont *n formulating plant tut
that tl»ev will pn»l*nbly b« a Io pie* I by then g»»v«rninrt»L "
Th« writer bad a talk with General
the preti lent
Ti.« condition« In Negro« were found Otit. "Among other things," said
McC.Ubuley, "(tonerai OtiS el
tn be of a highly satisfa» tory character Mr.
by Mr. M-burntas, and home rule will (»lesee»! regret that ih«re was not a
undoubtedly t«e given Immediately to belter knowledge of
the people of that Islaml, although among th«
And he i tu­
•»une alterations were ne. «-Nsary befoie than there s«w*m«vl to be.
press«»»! me de«)» I y by llís deolarstion
it re. rtived th« presntonl'l approval.
*1 was ordered to this poet from Han
I did nut believe In ths
annélation of these ivlands when I
*•«*«««• Oregaw May <««••»• ta r art I a »*4
ame here, nor du I b« lieve tn then in-
bv Kall.
nriAtion how. *
"I al»«» bad th»» ptivilegn of a con­
Washington, Julv 6.— Commissioner
versation with A insilai Ik-wey," tb«
1 Hermann, iu pursuance with requests
witter savi, and gives this vrreion of
received (rota (Jreg«»n belay, mad« in-
it: "Dewey sp«>ke much uf Ins con
|ulty at tha war drpartruenl as to bow
rein over the turn affairs had laktn
the Oregon regiment is to 1« taken to
• ml ad«li*d thal tie was 'p»»w*«rl««s to
lie was informed that the
act.* Yet in one ¡«oint of bis remarks
troop« will tie land« I al Kan Franc is««»,
fie <!<*clarei|
'Rather than make a war
• nd that th« transports will I»« num«*!-
<«f conquest on B»«ao |«*oplw 1 would up
lately I ade I with regulars for Manila,
atirhoi and sail out ol the harUir. ’ *'
and will leave for that port, and will
Mr. Met'auley says he wrvto Prral-
not go to Portland with the < »rrgon
dent McKinley, whom
he met In
regiment. This change of plan was
Washington, regarding the situation
made al the reqile-t of Genr««al Otis,
and predicting the outbreak which has
who «ays there is a Scarcity of trans­
lim e occur re* I.
por is.
Th»» commissioner tol l the secretary
I that the peopi« ol Oregon had already
made eitcnsivn (Jans fur receiving th« 'Will I* r»b«bl f • nt brae« *11 T><( tom-
troop« al Portland and that tha change
<> m <<r»»l
if (dan would !>« a very great disap­
York, July 10.—Th. Great
pointment. The department said that i
* Ti»u »Mt Company, which plana
it would make every effort to arcom- t<> embrace all the tug and towing com­
inodato the people uf Oregon ami tb« panies lirtween Buffalo. Chicago ami
tioups themselves, and has, therefore, Duluth, and whose fuiinatiun Las st­
direct«'«! th« commanding officer at >an
eady l>v«'n annuurxed in dispat* hoe
Franciaco to aucuro a sufficient num bur
mu d«Vrlaii«l, baa iii«<i articirauf in«
of eiifps at tlie port to carry th« Oregon
• >t puratmu in the omtity e’e» k’s offle«
regiment from there direct to Portland, in Jersey dty
Th« company has a
enabling the |>eopleof Poilland to «airy
ipital of I 1 b00,m)»>, uf w bich | J,6U0,-
out th«lr original plan.
oo»j is 7 per <wul noncumulative pre*
Il this plan cannot l»e carried out. (erred stuck, and I J .500, (KA) ooluiuon
th« dej attinenl will make arrange­ Stock.
ments tu hare the regiment carried «li-
The charter uf the nrw vor¡M»rall >n
Portland by rail, but tina will
reel to
done unir-« it in iuip»>*u*ible to authorii«« the Great Lak«ia Towing
not be
Company to do a general lowing,
wrecking, salvage, dredging ami oun-
Fish K a per 18tt »nt Falls.
trauling business on the (ileal fuik«a
Waahington. July 8.—A (tor f.peata ! ami their tributary stream«, ami to
effort., arid a. many talluraa, Ilia Uni* own. (»i*erate ami deal in, by sale or
te-1 Mlal> a ti.h ouium i.alon hat readied otherwise, lugs, ships. Vessels
the conrlu.iou tliut th« I’aritic aaltmiu boats of every description.
cannot !>« «u< <-.•*.fully jdanted in At­
lantic watara. Jiiat why. it ia Irani to
Krpaartral Matta»»*.
aay. but that It cannot ba dnn« la a
Chicago, July 10. — A »¡»eelal Io th«
now well e.taldiahi.1 tact.
W blab all Time*-Herald from Washington says:
<oe. to pro»« that certain piralucta and Se»retary llav ha« sent in«tru*'th»ns Io
certain life arn [«hi>liar to certain Miiilfttei Brian, al Rio Je Janeiro, lira-
til. ait i Coniai Kuffln, al Asuncion,
pMMgiiriy, dineting th«’«» to Investi­
Tellnte Jerk in < uba.
Havana, July M.—Two cm «»*« <>f yel­ gai« the r«*|Mirl of the massacre of an
low fever have been reported today. ( «|H>iliiH>n of wlihh Americans w«-re
One of the patients is an old Spanish <nr tn Iters on the King«) river, in BrsitL
A rr|«»rt ra»-eiv«*>1 several day« ago
woman who ha« hern in Cuba for two
rears, and who«e di«c.<««« 1«
a mil l frein Minister Bu> hanan «I Buenos
form. The other case Is of an Ayres, reported that a Mr« William«,
bruthel resole« in Asheville, N.
American, who««* symptom« aie still •
loubtful, although it 1« believed by (’., Ah l «I m -»*» husbind was g tn*'ml>ef
Hiugeofi Major Devil anti other oflheere jf Iho ill f«t«*’l eli^Hhllun, 1« in dl«-
res« in l»uefi<»* Av re«, whore «ha WM
to be yellow fever.
u await her hti«ban«Pa leturn.
('•lir**rMla Tnw« tlarewg.
Coullrevtlle, Cal., July fl. — Fire
Kmoevluli, .I at Seefl«.
broke out in the r«sidence of Mrs.
Bu’la IVst. July
N«wspap«ts her«
IL »go I ms here todav. The faclllBre for publivh a stury from Belgi«d»* to th«
fighting flatnre were (•«w»r. and within rfl< t ihst a revolution «•• inauguf«
two hours th« sntir« businees portion 11•*-1 al Holla yaStrrdav.
A« vofJing to
of ( oultrevill«, including line« hotels
•I'oiunli pu I j 11«lir«l, s moh |»«faJ«e|
ami four general men Lan di*« stores, H ik streets, som« ot th« trtjops joining
was in ashes.
Altogether, «7 build- |n tbe (lemons!ration.
It was s«bl»<l
logs were d«sirt>y«d. The lusa is osti- I *st 1‘iinr* Eertlmaml had
luate-l al |.:0d,0U0.
xmiitry, «nd that the twlsgrapb wires
<ialwe4 Tk»»lr F»*I m V.
The Hague, July 7 —Th« American
Jeb-gst*-» scored a great •□<<»-*• t«»day
in obtaining from the jm - a »« renferrn»«
a unanimous vote in favor of having
th« question of private prujierty al sea,
in time of war. dealt with at a «pacial
conference, to be •uininoue*! Iieiratter.
Much diplomatic
management was
¡♦••ft •«♦••?jF, •••<( •«••¡•J
»»-• IJ4td L»-» U
tefuiu this result was
Through a < ul«»rt.
Kansas City, July H —A north­
bound paseengrr train on the Burling­
ton went through a culvert near Wal­
dron. Mo., 17 mile« north of Kansas
City, al ¡0 30 o'clock last nlghL Fire­
man Charles W’elty, of st. Joseph, was
killed, mJ several passengers are re-
purled to have been seriously injured,
('••M «HAM* I ef r»»»l<ll«
Ban Francis»<», July 6. — Brlgadler-
(ienefal Waller« Rau«l<»lph, V. H. V ,
haa reported st army headquarters in
this city for duly.
He will probably
su'M'ewd Onton«I Freeman in command
AllmmpImH A ••••• im«II*«».
al the Ftesidio when th« latter sails for, Barria, July «.— El-King
th« Philippines on July 12.
Milan, lather of King Aleiander of
Ser«ia. narrowly mnaped aaaaaaination tvraw a f-falal thia «t.nlng. Th. wunhl-b. mur-
Aatotia. Or., July T.—Tbara came
d.r.r ia unit.« ar real,
lie flrcl lour
very near being a lynching at F rank
revolver abola, on. of which «lightly
Cook’« vein mg ground..
Th. negro
ira«.*d bl, majeaty anti woun<la>l In tb.
cook got into a Aghi with one of tb.
hnn<l Adjutant Luitkehich, «ho «al
man. drew • revolver and triad to
wilh him.
•hoot him.
The other men became
Washington, Jely fi —The
d«- .■cited al thia, and made an attempt
to hang the negro.
Mr. Cook Inter­
pertinent has bren advised of
at Santiago da Cota of Lien tenant Me van«!, arel, getting lha ar>«l man
lasnthlin, of the volunteer signal <x>rpe, into a email boat, brought him lo Aa.
fiwie yellow l«v«i.
l»sd been CWt.
11 lil(ar«|ipaf| Na««»«l.
< l»attan<M»ga, Tenn,, Julv 7. —Pleas
Wynn ami ( attlett Tipton, the whit«-
uppers, were hanged at >«kiervi!|e s|
I uj i(»dav fur the murder of old man
Whaley ami hts wife over a rear •go.
They both run (rased that th* y were
|drrd to do the deed by one Hob Call,
Mrs. Tipt»»n, wife of th« m ur­
lerer, and bis
five children ia «ra
»resent at the banging.
<•••••!•• <rqull|««f
Manila, Julv III—-The l>ial at <"•-
bunattian of th« slayers of Gaa.ral
Luna, the Filipino leader • h»
•a** in a led by th« guard uf A.ulnal-lu'«
residence, is ended. The •<*( os«d were
scquiltr*! <>n th« ground uf srIf-»lefrns«.
The testimony showed there was a run-
•piracy on the (»art of Luna and other
officers to kill Agumilder ami mak«
Luna dictator.
Luna's death seems te
have st lengthened Agulnaldo's leader-
ship for a time
Luna supporters are
now outwardly loyal to Aguinaldo.
cummin«« sltlteg (bis moin'ug dis
cu»*e*l (be sc hem« fur tn«dialion and
arbitration drawn up bv Louul ÎÀsxa*
men. The reporter uf tb« rum mille«
et| Igined lettglhlly lb« mutivre which
in* pi real I he dialling ixaumitt*« '••
•la!M»r«ilug *L« erh«m«. M llourg<*'i«,
bra I of tt»u French delegation, Bi«nke*l
II»« re|«wter in watm trqm« and con­
gratulated him up»»n i>le remarkable |
«BpouitioB, The sitting was then aJ-l
>mri»r*| until July If,
During the disruaaton, thu plenary '
commute« amended silicle 0, so as to
provide that when powers between
U ltO»M liter« is a aerioua disputo accept
B»e mediation they ces»» all relatione
in regard Io the disputed question,
winch shall be r»»iisi*lrre»l as «iclusiv©-
ly referrm) t«» the me*):atory pivvrt
Threw additional paragraphs regard* |
Ing thu (< m manenl court were al**I
•<l*»pt«d al the requret of Pre«i.!«nt |
of the German *lel«*gatun, (*uunt <
Nlflrn, tirad <»f th« Italia*: delegation |
and Mr Julian I’auncelute, h«a»l uf thr |
British delrgaltwt).
»Ilssllss IM Ilka »l«a«r*1r*t Dlslrirt I» I
Gal«e«tnn, T«i.. Julv IÛ. — Th« situ
•lion in the Bfems vallev is rapidly
Th« river
Tnere is an on' onflrnir-l tumor that five
lives were l«l near ‘mrtarrlia, in Furl
Bru I county. Th« r«|x>rl sent out
U • ln««day from Bi«M»k»hire, Waller
county, B al two live« were lost there,
r..«w appears to Lave been an ern»r.
Tho«U wh»* were • op|M>«r<l to have
drowned peistst in making their reap-
Relief < ■> umili»*»'« are now
well <>»g¡iniird.
Al B• •* *.-hire. |l»«’ relief r-unmittre
I ate o|wn«»l a *»miui'a«sry ami l»«ue a
half ration |*u capita. They hare
taken pr«N AUtious •»> that only the de
serving •Lail get lLr*e rstiuus, and.
therefore, they ls«ne tu the planter fur
all th« tenants he had when the flout*
Those who own their farms and
bKt everything, as It th« ease will
m «t of B cm, arc allowwi to draw th»
rations dirv<L
**«tlt»»t«l Vdileerlml Atio<lgl|<«h Alairto
M •» w Offl.are •»«>! <<lj«aur»et
July M. — Adjournment
»me die (stuo to the Nationsl Editorial
A«»o< istion «1 J u'clu* k y< iterdny rtf
t«*rno«>n. the morning «•■«loin hsvirig
hel»l through to that bom without in«
The most important bnsi-
n«sa «h»peeio»»| of «4« t),« srIn, tion of
New Orleans tu be the place o( meet­
ing nest yesf.
A numlM-r of the dcdrgatrw. I«r! ,re
the inerting ckwrsi, trstlfie-! t«* the
g'MMd f«lth that Oregon had kept with
them, saving that it ba I given mote
ami l«etter than wo promise*I when ths
national asauciallon wj * in bice4 to
rotiie here for the annual meeting
Following it a list of ibe new ofli. • ?
President. C«>lun«l
R. J. Hemy.
Jackson. Mis . first tire pirsnlenl.F B
Balllo, < letkoiue. Tel . liurl vi.<
I resident, Allert Tu«>er, Portlaml
Or.; treasurer. Jamre <i. Hibl «. No
walk, <>. corresponding «vt'relaiy.
Psge, Jersey ville, III., m*>rding
•««< relary, II. M. While, Meiicu, Mo.
««ora of Mm s«i<t I«* »!•«« i'«(l«t»«<l «i
WI mi I Hl««r.
Sr.tlla, Ju’y 10. —An unrunArmnl
•lory cumea from Daw.on Huit »'«.ral
proapftK'tora who liatn arri«») tbar,
®««r Ilio K-ltnonlon rout. laiwMl that a
acoro of minala have dk*d from » h % v
al Wind rival, a branch of the Peal
rivor, and thal a number of other« ate
autTxrll>g from Ita «fletta.
They had
no list of thoM of who dirti, l ut they
ir-lvrl tho following anion. Ilia .lea,
Dr. J. It. Maaon, Cft>ca,o.W. <* Coch.
Ilium broihata. Dr. Martin, l.nti.t,
Ciocafo. Edward Harria, — Milcliall.
Dr. Martin waa cam|«d with two
ottar t'lilcago mon. Both were taken
down with w orry.
M <rtin loa<h--|
ih-rn on a .lol and triad to pull Ih.m
to Wind City, a .liatanra of 75 nuira,
wham ha aipcctad to And tuodiernaa
and frrah au|'pliM
Ona m«n die«)
Boon after lha journay I«',an
Mat tin
took hi. othvr partner on bit back
and cunt plated tha journay.
•I «• <t <11 *«• r*a a M«> h 8»<!
Mt. Louis. Julv 10. — A Post-Dispatch
• («ecial from Austin. Tri . says. Gov­
ernor havers today r» c vrd • message
from Mealey over tli-. long diatanoe tele­
phone, saying I 000 pc »son a who ha«!
taken rwfng« on a mound threr nnles
(•slow Birr«, ar« slowly («riehlng lor
want of f«M»d
To add to tlie horror,
th« unfurliinal«# are stiriuundmi by
|suaonous reptiles and •kuuke.
Hu b
died logrther with human being« are
•evcral bundled head uf live Stea k.
sumlar of thos« on th« mound have
rscrtvsd lilies from reptilre and skunks
• ud st« in a «lying condition.
Th« Mu«t»r <*ui.
W««Kington. July 10.—Th. a-ljot
ant general atated that th. Hm-<>n<l Or.-
gon regiment wiinbl tw mu«lrriM out al
-an Franvnetxi anon after land mg lfi.r.,
and in that event would nut 1« allowe.l
liiair arma tu t'orliand, but wonlil <!•-
I>iail tlu-ia al Benicia ara.nal, San
F rnneiacw.
t errera «rquIlleH.
Madrid, July 10. — Admiral (Vivera
and lb« other commander« of th« Span­
ish fleet destroyed in Ilia battle of Aan-
llago, whose eowdaot has boon ths sub-
joi ol inq a try by special oourtiuartial,
werfi today a< qui I led and foimally lib
Washington. July H. <— Brigadief-
Oeneral J«eirph Wheeler waa t<Ml«y or­
dered to i e J mo I to General Otis, at Ma­
nila. for servie« m tb« Philippin«
• ■ |a|«*«inn.
O»»w* Itallraa. <«mpar*.
Washington. Julv 10. — Fira and av
New York, luly 8 —The Tintetaayc
photon in tin* rr«idai»on nf Captain
"Tb* New York (Jkhlml ha* enterad
Dickon«, <>f th« I’nile»! Slates navy Ihi«
■ nto a ornnpact with th« i'ann*y Irania
uoining, r«anl|gd in If»« dowlh of Mra
rallrnad, and tha two *y.trin* ara no«
Dicken«, who was fearlnlly hurn«»<l and
prartically ona.
The rompaci was
ll«*d before medical a»«i«tanco ootihi
plannad by W K Vanderbilt, who it
tawoli her.
Ollier poraona alaiui the
now tha larga.1 Stock hohler of th«
bvUM* ware seiioualy but not dangerous­
l’ennay Irania. ”
ly barn«*d.
Danrer. Jnly H.— Fraaidenl Hiera, ot
Yellowaton. ha* a naw gey Mr. The
tha (tata board of arbitration, *ald to­
da» that ararrthing l>«>ke.l farorabla ala. ol th. opening ia about the aama
tor an aarly aettlement ot iba diff.r- •a th. f>nnui Fountain geyaar. The
•nnaa batwaan tha imallar lru*t and eruption playa from 800 to 880 fet
ita etnoloyaa.
Canadians Alm to Control
Lynn Canal.
TAI« <'•»?•••!•• W « m IH <ilva K m (I«8**1
taa VV hlak Mb« I» Sw-
■ very
Uiled •»■•ior » ••«»•r’»
Tacoma, July II.— Th« Fairbanka-
fueter Alaska boundary party rslorn«i*d
from the north l«*<1ay.
Inters lews
wilh mrmlwrs of B<s (wirty indicate
t! at the watershed on the Whit« pMa,
tm« k of Hkagway and Dyra. will t»e ac-
3U| ted as the international boundaiy
at that
__ -2._______
Z |*uint. Th« Whit« and
Chilk»M»t pass»« conatiluta the storm
.voter of th« Alaska boundary contto
Al thoae puiuto th« Canadians
hope tu ««cure concession« that w»ll en-
•bi« them to anohut down a port of en­
try Into th« Klondike g»»ld fields.
>th«r parts of th« countly tberea!»*»uis
• her« conCrsaiui.s arc louke»! fur ar« of
little importance com pa tad with th«
Lynn canal territory, which is th« key
to th« situation. Henatuf F'airLanks,
when inteiviswr»). plare«l importan»'« to
th« fact that be must sit with the joint
high «'urn miss ion In August, but de­
clined to ststa what liu»*A of a guurenl
b« would take up.
He ctprrMrd great
Mllsfactiou al having made the trip.
Regarding buamlaiy matters that
were Jia
I «luring lb* f-ur w- *|
•pent in Alaska, fienatur F'reler de­
cline*! to Sjeak. "Personally, ** he
•ahi, "I am »»p|«»i«ed tuyielding an inch
of Culled Stairs teriiloyv.
A careful
Ingv««ligaBun, however, demoMtratag
thal liter« are may be different c*»n-
• tructluns place»! upon tha treatire in­
volve*! as regards chanhels, the situa­
tion of l«s««r islands, an»! the like.
But, In th« main, th« Unite«l Blate« is
plainly green a strip of torrilory, north
af Portland canal. <»r th«rcat»»>*ito, IU
marine leagurs inland, «scept where a
w«|I-define*! mountain range places the
bonudary nearer the coast. This strip
runs up to Mount Hl. F.ha«
contend al the passca that the water­
shed Lack of Skagway ami Dyes is the
dividing line. On lb« on* side ar« th«
headwaters uf the Yukon, end on th«
other the •treatns flowing Into Lynn
canal are forme*!.
Between those two
districts there is a chain <•( mountains,
thus, in the opinion of some, bfingtng
tha tMHimla ry Into some !M mi lew nesrer
lb« maa t
Thia aeriua to be a fair el-
prVMMhoa of the Amur lean view of lha
boundary uuestion.
By thia «infttrne­
lion of tb« treaty ll la lerld that Eng-
land will rvrclv« the beiorh I d avaiy
point But can be fa'rly and boimally
"Ou the other hand, however, lb«
Canadians ami many Engli«bmen huld
that th« boundary should l>e drawn SO
iui I cw , or
10 marine league«, inland
(ruin the h«a«ilau Is By such a const ruc­
tion, of course, Lynn canal would he an
Inlet into Canadian territory, an I 10
marina league« inland (rout the head­
lands at Che entrance wuubl l»e many
miles south ot bkagway and Dv*a. and
hence Canada and Fdigland would have
the ctivrle*! port of entry wilboot a
question of doubt.
A« I h*»k upon it,
personally. Lynn canal is a part of th«
•ea or ocean. Therefore, Il would l»e
unfair to dtaw a line 30 mile« inland
from the headlands at the mtrame Io
!x>*liea of walai •<( that nature, ami call
II th« l*»»undary under the treaty."
|o rmpatly H»«rh«S a To'al <*l
• «, 500,00«
Galveston, T«S., July II
work in the Brsaoa flooded d 1st r Irl
h¿» t-'cn systematic, three relief trains
leaving Houston, Gslvt-stun and San
Anlunlu daily.
Probably JOjHHi n«-
giorS are how twing («*!, and will need
to I ms sustained for soma lime bv Bm
relief Oummltteea. The water is fall­
ing al all point«, riccpl in Brasuria
All sorts of estimates «re made ss to
the amount of Mie cotton loss.
An ••-
tímate of 60 per osnl is considered con­
This will l>e a money loss
of |5.0ü0,000.
The loaa sustained by
the destruction ot other crups, houses,
fencing, stock an I
bridges will lar
1^,500,000, while the low« to th« rail-
loads is i rut sbly 11,000,making
a total of |M,600.00U
Owing to Bi« eiaggerated repots
riraulsted as to the h»es uf life in lha
rv **nl II hm I s , the News has mad« a
S| hh ial effort to escure the facts from
ea> h county. Reports receive*I from
13 nmnlits show a l«»«s <>f 8; lives front
drowning. Negroes supi*oseo to have
!>reu dr»»wne*l continue tu app-ar and
want to be fed.
Reports fi->m Relay «tale that •
whit« woman ami a negro woman died
U»«r« Uelay from the heal and » Ipo­
There are 600 H«groe« at Malay
at lb« point of starvation.
will |r -ent by thu firet train.
llearn« a mass meeting uf ci ti Sena was
held trnlay, and c*>mrnliters appointed
to request supplies fruits the governor
tot immcliale use.
Intense »ufFering
is said I«» riut in th« localitv.
A cabîrgr.tïo received
the Pa
moan commission Imln ates they will
•iriv« al Kan Francisco about August
<4*>|«< by lb* Ton
Tacoma, July II. —Dr. O. I. Wi|.
colon, ol Chicago, who haa aritvad
from Ikawaon, bring, aotbentio n,wa
of an enotmoue clean up thal took
place in the Klondike during June.
During tbe Aral half of June • p«< k
train arnv»l al Dawenn daily from
llouanaa. Kldormlo, Hunker and Sul­
phur creek,, each bringing In *800,000
to |l,800.000 in driaL One big pack
train made »everal tripe from 1‘rolee-
eor l.ippy'e claim on Kldorado, which
produced over two tone ot gold dual.
Ktigln« V i pt.
Bhraflalda, W. Va., July T,_On lha
Clinch Valley diviaton of tha Norfolk
A Wertem at Tiptop laet evening, an
engine eipimUd, hiilitr. Engineer J.
J. MH'olgin. Fireman K. W. Albert
and Brakeman < tar ar J. tiwena.
Klko, N.v., Joly II.—Mik. Bharl*
dan, aectlon l-wa on th. Onlral Pacifie
railroad, waa riding along th. track on
a railway «aloclpwda today, whan h.
waa alrnrk and inatantly kill»-l by a
ape, ial train conveying tewehara to th.
national »In, attonal con vent tun at 1-a
A ng, I m .