The Santiam news. (Scio, Linn County, Or.) 1897-1917, November 04, 1898, Image 3

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Be B©4« •• o«.
Th© tu«*lancholy d«y« have mm«;
ba« rhwamaltetn r«*m« with lh«ml
cuw I w m»|© u> <<> rigl t .»ff by th© u.
©t Hl. Jacob© Oil vhlchcsteMafed i«i»n
wo trace bitumi.
Mar 4 rose I
w HI*
M « v»w«*al«*.
As Sugar I* Made in Field*. And Not in Factories. Good Seed I* an
Every Action
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Uuldud tn Early Wutniuihood.
What suffering frequently rranltA
from n mother's Ignorancet or more
frequently from a mother ■ neglect to
properly Instruct her daughter I
Tradition says "women must suffer."
and young women are so taught
There la a little truth and a great deal
of exaggeration Io thia If a yourg
woman auffrrs severely she needs
treatment and her mother should a**
that ahc gets It
Many mothers hesitate to take their
daughters to a phyvu 'so for cvandon-
tloni but no mother need Io .date to
writ« freely about her daughter or
herself to Mr* Pinkham and secure
the most efficient advice without
Mrs Pinkhams addreaa Is
Lynn. Maa*
The following lettcrfrr.m Mi»» Manin
F JottMUO* Centralia. Pa shows wbat
neglect will do, ami tells how Mrs
Pinkham helped her I
1 "My health became so poor that I
had to leave school I was Urvd stll th*
time, and had dreadful pains In my
aid« and back
I waa also troubled
with Irregularity of mensea I waa
very weak, and lost ao much flesh that
my friends became alarmed.
mother, who Is a firm believer In your
remedies from esperlence. thought per­
haps they might benrtit me, and wrot*
you for adv IO-
I followed the advicw
you gave, and used Lydia K Pinkham a
Vegetable Coen pound and Liver Pili* aa
you directed, and am now aa well as 1
ever waa I have gained flesh and hav*
a good color 1 am completely cured of
|l • |lna| ml alt r»
lb* I•l«*»«l U
A d c lie lone way to aatv© re abaron I
Important Requirement—German Consul’s Report.
Is to pl*..- Il on tbo same piste with
lettuce, the tusyonnaisn doing •»»><■•
servi*» f»< tsith.
The macaroni ia rut
Henry W iHcJernh, United Slat«© tretJ»!; all of which show* clearly that
Into thin alters frutn macar»Jtii an-l
chce»r hakd the day Iwfore
It Is onto I al Mag'leburg, Germany, «end© even France now prefer* German brel
•rl vwd Oold.
lh© following rwfwtil to th© ©tale depart­ cred, and I am not *1 all *t>tpeie«»l to
learn that there is a movement on t»«»t
Th© report will pro©« of inter-
tn that country to increase the tariff on
•t and valu© to th« farmer© of th«’ imt«>rt«>! eel
Northwest« who ar© ju©t taking up th©
Tbe first - lase sugar factories of Ko­
rops boy ©'»tl© but the Very bret Orel,
In lu»try.
Mr Die»lri« h ©ay©.
And «vary thought roptlne at. fim
high grade
The result© of th© wav with Spain ar« grown freui
turr > f vitality trhkh mu«( hr rw *l r» <1 *y
hound to effect dkinge© in rariou© dlrec* "m ther" heeta. to distribute *m<mg
Dt«an« of lh« hl h | j! »wing U> th« »
I km a that no one couhl bate fnreee«'n the best growors; thus not only main­
•» *d Ml h r ■' r
it the beginning of thl© year. Sol lbw taining the standard of their eager
pure, ri*'h and notirlBbing It it m*.
by Hood's Sarvap^riila whi« h U th’ii Et» l«a©l Importanl is th« l**rh*g they will beet* aa to quality ami quantity, but
gnat •frength tflweg medlrine. lh«*
. r« i tindoubte-lly hare on the anger industry els*, putting th»m«el»e* in a |»»ltlon
in Germany and in tbe Unlte»l Hut«© to cnrn|w>t» In all the markets of the
ft< w«.tk nervvf. «cr i . » <at«rrb * I
An enotoni’i© in«r«A©e In th« product Ion worLL Thl* flrst-claas a»e! I, s.d-1 and
dlwaaca eauaxj by poof, lmpi
Im pur** 14« mm I
f •■»gar in th« i©la . Is ««f (*u^a, Puerto delivered by the grower* on board cat»
Hi no, th« FhtbppInnB and Hawaii >• In tl»e Pru»«ian pn-vinre of Nai ay. at
1» in<re.'i <ire«i-.l M 4I<
- n •>»
sit f f-e I
I f ..liable in tn© near fniure.
With fn-m 8 to 10 cents per pound, which Is
»»II« an«l <’bin««e la I «or In th© (>rl«nt a modelai» prt- e, r-o - lering the fa»-t
Hood'a t liia er-
4 i •
•nd in tb« Pacific, with th© ©limnlus of that It takes at least four years to get
Slewed Frei* I, n»«l(*t,.
American energy and oapital In th© It Into the market
Tfieio la no d<»ul»t that etere.! fr ..I» West lndi«w. and with the more or I«* m
There I* also * sec «md’Clsss are« I
I* a most wholesome addition tn ordì* Intrioal© bo©mti©B <»f Europe, lb* ©ugar cffereal for tai« In thl, » »untry, at from
nary diet
Tin re are. however, many ineeiion ha© becooie a very oomplkat«^! A to • cents per pound, This la rom*
persons who cannut eat it, either on
monly calls“! th« "Nac |i aach Us m«n, ”
•rcotint of the acidity of tl »<» I fu II of of
Though the outlook of tb© young being a *««’1 pro>lt*a*d not ftmu th©
III* large quantity ot «-.gar reqwlted to t •« m H-a» $ gar
in lualry tn th© Unlled mother »»»»ta, but from th© Aral flmt’
make it palatable. It should be remem­ «tat«« Is not ©o promising a © it was a cl*«* seed mentlone-l alsive.
bered that sugar »Iocs n< »1 omr* l«rs*'l far ego, Il i© mu* h ton early to he* ferior grade, bo««*vrf.
however, is
1* not ttaml hr
the acidity ol the trull, It simply dis- root« <li©r<»Hrag«kl.
While it may he flret-clasa soger cn«*n In
guises It, and If much of it is used II is advtsAhle for those planning U» start Frauen, Hollan»! ami Belgium, hut
apt to Interfere with the dlf-stlve or­ n«w plants to make hast© slowly, y<»l meet of II g-»e* to Austria, Rua»ta and
fruit, th© g<»»l work a!r«a«iy began should the Unit«! Htatre.
And this Is th©
deem It
It my
my duty
duty tn
I» »-all
sprinkle over It a small pinch of car­ »»ntlnti«.
Especially should lb« work ' reason why I I deem
bonate ol soils; this renders the dish sf liaating the areas in the Unitol attention to th* Importance of getting
more nl.o'rerime. and certainly mor* Stales suitable for the cull ©re of th© only the very t-esl of *.-«1 obtainable.
Itigar l«*et b© CBMitlDOudg as this ran ho In mv opinion, th»»«» American grower,
h»n© without risk or l<«©« of money, the of sugar l-ect» who buy cheap grade» ot
No hoo»ehol-l Is or replete without a hot-
All kinds
tl* of U m fbn ut Jasae M< -
• •
11 •agar beets t-eh-g capable of ntiiiMto»» M-e-l, make * great mistake.
I» a pure and w !n»l«--. n.» stimulant re<^ s© fmd.
In tea ling the reports of our of se«-1 have a natural tendency to
omn-ende-l by ali phyré iati*. I'. ii l l e­ 11periment station© in rarious ©tales, degenerate.
Even the fiiet-class beet
al*. I thia ire easily.
both a© to yield of ©ugg r* bur Is and also »»»•I ni«nlion»-d above will not bririg
Maori girla in the North Island of a© to thrir ©auchAnne qualities, one forth le-eta that «»me up to the stand*
New Zealand are being tat! r«*»- I Ly a *annot bul al nt Ire th© wonderful prog« ard ol the original or mother br«’t, but
ree© mad© In thl© new industry within will show a loss of \ to 1 ;>er t'Chl
Urswer». loburga for (IA apiece.
• few years, and to congratulate our of sugar content,
Now, lb© a«** »»nd
f ITI r»va»>-»- » . ,»«•
peopl© engaM*«"l In It upon their ©ue>« *s generalllon of *»«*>1 will degrnetaie
k'”» Ke»»' ».T 4., I few FH» a ar o». .» v
Huger is made, not In the ©og*r fao- more than as much again, and he©
*<.|II» ae t lr-.<>~ bit h U. kuA, 144 »•
Aru. eu«**, IXiAUiia.ia. i-a
lorics. bul out in the field©. Theflor© from 1 per cent to 3 |*r cent
Thia la
it I© im|w>Mible to pay loo much atten« a small amount wb» u i-onsiderrel by It­
An English plnslclan has dta-ov-
erod a way of producing )<«'*! «inni, lion to lh« cultivation of I*•« t© con­ self, yet it is sufficient not only to turn
taining the
htgbeel proportion© ol th« profits ol a aogar factory Into a
t beala without the loss of cs>na»'i<msr.e«s
•ugar, and, al the mid © lit««, with lb© K hm , bul even to drive the conoern to
or the use of ether or cholroform.
lsrg<wt tonnage ¡-er arre.
In order to tbe wall.
u*ea moderate efi»r» nta »»I electrltlly
prokliK'e such, the ©election of ©’lltab*©
To illmtrate this:
Factory A slices
frequently Interrupted.
©oil, th© climate, th© rainfall, and 40,000 tons (short) ot beets, which
Irt glh f •«•.»*••!», tl - f-»rliliiirtg, pLn.t- would yield about an average of IA A
ing, culilvsitng ami
barresting—all per cent sugar In the es tract Ion. After
these are very imj*»rtsnl factors, llut .!• - ! 1: -1 mg t h" r c »' I'dt 1 ri tl »•
: .!-■ •-
ibe must important of all I© to Start and in other wa»t<>, tin* would leave
Th« mt« al wliít h ZahiBr«n 1 r»T«l m oat with the t»c©t wet! obtainable; for at»»ut 13 pel cent—fl.AOO tons of pure
an ©mergftney I» a©tohhhlng.
Horn e g«M>! ©•*©-!, after all, is the foundation Igranulat»--!, nmrketabl» sugar, which at
a« mach aw
enil«w Iw ala >f sumwsful ©ugsr industry. If I may |M a ton would net » (2A.000.
Eifbt mil«« an ht>nr i» m <>©• rxpr«ws an opinion, based on my ¡>«r-
Factory It slices the same amount of
dinary ;»«- «•.
tonal ol'serration, Il is that some of our licet», grown from seton»! » la—» seed,
beet grower© sboold insist mor© than which, at a fair average, have about 1.3
I f y.iU Wait! r l- • ! >
! II
. i
they hav« up->n getting none but lh© per cent l»*a <»f sugar in the extraction.
lAt.k«, ; w* fl,-«,-
? r. . « »•
bcut of seed, bo matter what the price After thia material
has also gone
b*• iior«, tMinrR, yr g» ■ » ¡*»» it*»« hii>« r.
<»r writ« JOHN r<W»l I-, f 4 < í M rrii*. :i may lie.
thiough the pnx-res of refining, there
•tFrct, ToMiAidl, t’r» f i
I will not enter upon th© history of will tie 11.7 P*T cent—6,HAO tonsol
The horse, when graaing. is guided th© origin and development of the Iwet marketable sugar, which at »50 a ton
entirely hr the nostri la tn the < l.nir« ol R h *I. Nor will I dwell uiMin th« dif­
It will lie seen at a glanre that while
proper basi, and blind horses are never ferent Tarielh© and their merits.
known to make mistake» in their diet. have had «xTcaslon to visit several of l»»th fa: tor ire use the «am» amount of
the celebrated German stock farms, material, and have the same *i|>en»«*
• im ) hi n « mi © ioo
where they produo© ©<*cd that I© sold to for ial«»«. fuel, etc . there I* a »liffer-
all ©agsr*pr<»during oounlric© of th© enc* Iri th« gross recei pt, for nianufa» -
Tt,s read. »•. I r|
sill n» i :r«,-.| *o
tea»n the! Eher« »• sil Motir >!*«**<!< «1 <ps< «*0
With the a «cumulate-1 knowl- tur»-l »ugar amounting to »83,600.
«M' ■
î *• f
I - • t- : ?» « . i *
t*djte and experience <»! a ■ «nlury of in*
Factory A bought A5 tons of first-
• «-
veetlgatlon, with an lnv«©tm«nt of class *«-<l, at »IN0 |a-r ton, »9,900;
»•th«1 »-it I j j* ««ill i 0 rtifii kf-.<>ara U» th« Pl<sjh «I
< at*r<h b»u<tf «
«normOu© capital, and with a vast factory H bonght 8A tuna of vecond-
W*iul»** • r»fi!»«tilnil* n*l l»rat*n»'nl.
a « a’arf h • <ft» la lai* n tftt**rtiaK) , •« *lttf amount of s»,l«*r.<’© and skill, energy, class s» «»l, at »130 p»»r ton, »0,600.
t»ps.»n tt- t ' «»*4 *•< 1 »nufstui tur'© a
and ialior, their method© of prodo« :ng will t>« aoon that factory H w mt»--l to
at th« •yvIa’M. Ih«r«bf 4 »’fv-vyiBg th«> t- un«l©«
a pure an»l high grade «••• d are as per- buy “cheap" and to make money fast.
’ ’
e-f •» ’ . t K. a
al • ’ < U r 1-ai ■ t
B'f« » th I ,
„• ,» ' !
«* t!|! » t « 1
feci and soocereful as are tiioev eni- Il did, ln»iee»l, save »3,800*1 the start;
• !l.g hal .fr Ut *
M i!» Wssfll
T»-> »»O
ployed In tbe raising of fine tireo-ls ot but factory A begun by planting the
prlruw* h*»« <w* ©>
h faMh tn lt« rurwhr©
f-'tkrr«. thaï lh»’jr * * r Anr Hum!*©! i* . ara
Very b»>st a»-ed obtainable, and came out
,,r anr r**t (hat II a «U>CUn. Mi» I MUI borers and rattle.
The high grade are.! *r.»wn In this al the » nd of th» season with »29,300
©f U’atitbuulal» A 1 Irr««
F f t HtS'tr
ootiniry is no* In llio lea.l everywhere. cash ahead of it* competitor, an-l was
Bold by (truffiate.
lía*« • rAíuuy LíRi
tbr t*al.
Even France I, te-irmnlng to Import In the position ot declaring 4 handsome
German t«-et sr» I, thereby <ra*oe.lln* dividend.
Z ilogists *»y Ihst all known epe» l»w It, superiority.
I know that one Ger­
Like »<■ many other things in life,
of wild ammala are gradually dittilo- man firm alone shlpi>»>-l 30,0(K) sacks of the cheapest b»-el s**<i ar« th« dearest.
isbmg in ala«.
*<-.«1 to France.
I feel safe in sayin< It pays to g-»t the very best, and only
Let the
Il, Ih« fall clcans» r. iir s»-tr"iby Osiiig that altogether not Ire* than I0O.0V0 the very Iw-al is g»»»l enough.
I»r Ffunder's tir» gon )ll<»»l l'urll «r.
saeka of German twet are-d were taxiglit go»»l work of <-i|K'rim»-ntltig in the tiel«l
by Frenchmen last season. In spite of of sngar-l»eet culture continue, in ord»-r
Miss Dorothea Klumpke is trying to t
to learn eiactly what we can d« In th»
show the aiiihoritl»» in Paris that the which they had to pay on every 100 face of fierce an I growing cornj-titlon,
study of astronomy is a suitable career kilograms (330 pounds).
I am in- j but let American grower, determine not
.Mi «a Klumpke
has, formol that mo*t of Hire* order* have only to try different varieties of •■»• I,
through the patronage of Admiral Mou­ been duplicated for tieit season, and the but also to plant none l ut »»md of high
ches, been placed at the head of a n»-w amount* in many case* doubled and gr* Io and pure pe»ligree.
department at the Paris observatory.
Mie la in charge of the bureau of meas-
nremnnts and is now engaged in pro­
ducing a hugs photographia ciiart of
th« heavens and compiling a new stel­
lar catalogue.
Ti e wb» a* trader's sucre»* last wrek
¡- r !>-! u-- n th» direction In which
he bapp> ned to 1er face-l.
If he looked
toward the weet h» made no mom-y out
1 f the market. Tbo influence < f tl>e
largest primary teuelpt* on reeord kept
him off tbe buying «lite.
He waa tovky
If bn rreistel the ti'Uiplalion to put <><>t
a abort line. The ojerator who kept
bls eye on the eratxwrd was the lucky
He saw there the largest esj»»rt
a-ngagi m»-nt* ever known, about a mil­
lion wheat a day.
If he II I not have
rem» money to the g-*-l at the cl>oe
Falurday night It was becaua» he has
no aptitude for the eyjmrlunitlea.
Chicago was Indiend to bo skeptical
of the eryairt figures. It wa* not doing
much »Isoli, b'il the man who was
ctooest to the shipping position knew
that Itolnth was. quality and treighla
«»nsl'lere»I. cheaper than thia market
an-l that the seaboard also bs-l grain of
It* own bought on cheap freights that
«>'11.1 t»o s»id ahead ot Chicago offer­
Tbe hr»“t espoit
•gr—I •• to enorm- -is sales abrna»!.
t'»'r.,.'.|nently there I* bo m<m for de­
nial or lor pretense that II Is largely a
mattofof eaaggoratlon. Lohrkc, whose
word Is to •* Sc.ept«! In this matter,
in nn taU-rvUvr yesterday, said tbe
h'isiures ac iMnpll*h«“l during the past
fortnight wa* on a scale probably never
< i.-ecdol. This sotboritv, when ask«-1
•a to tl.« probable permanency ot ths
foreign demand, In an Interesting ea-
planstHm »host*I how the foreigners
|h«mselv*s errs so uncertain ol Vie sit-
Milon tb- v weie 1. t venturing tosirew-
lal« any on the ».till side.
1 : . w .-at prire this year Is to be a
matter of mood—tbe moral of the farm­
er tl.» world over
il II were to lie do­
ri.hi by the facts a* to supplie*, tbe
bull, to hav* any siiccvsa, would n»rel
Io make Ins purclouea on the very
weak days.
Every authority is agree.!
that the world's harvest last season was
th»' fulhat ever known, and with that
alone In mind the S|«*<<ilator might
make <-<>rnparison* with the low prices
ol tbs olh»' years ol great croi*.
F urti a nd Msrh»l«
A Beautiful Girl's Affliction.
«n*wr*lg*s»t «>••*
I a*Ms|tfe|s»n«
Jean Psul Richter:
Msn like b :)
let*. gv> tartbest wren they tare sunv'tSt
•■>«* ftg A«|»w^ ».’•*< I -•'•effJr*. /*•<.
Pivi«. Oft. IB.—-Th© SpAhl»h
mint« I •©bin*» ft bat© ©wv-pt«*! the n©^*««
tir« ©Uw of th© UtHUd MB!«© rottimi«
©Hiner« toward th« pn>pn«©d «■©<!©!plu»n
bn lh© Ui*it©«f HtAt«« “f tbe l ul’dii tl< nt.
Th© AtnvfU'wn eomnv.tet* n«r« iter©
fitm’y but c«M>rtrouftly *l©chh««l to
«Mum© U»r th« United HtAt* « entlr© or
jnini tMp*Hv*ibility fur Speni«h bu«n*
ri«l mn Utt hit»«, ©ti I th© H;mnith cotn*
mi*«ior>**r© h«r© finelly «F ©is*kinol the
rffort. ©txJ have ©¿{rm'ui that th« < 'abati
©rtiel« <»t lh© prof net» I »linll. without
eondlllon©, bar« «
in tbe nititnal©
irrwiy of ;<©re
Thus S imìd agre«« tn
r«hm|ul*h ©urerelgnty or* r any claim
to Cuba whboul ©ilher Irrm© or cud «B’
Il »boul‘1 l>© Mhl that lh© arlj'IBt’
menti alrea ly iMOMp]bb«l ©tan*l
I d th© final Irwaly, uni©«« opposing
vi*»«« «n i p^lfuih* <»n th« Phthppit'«
qiirMion thouM «lerehip hereafter
bring to naught Ut» effort© of
fatar» ©n3, al ih© mine timo, lh©
©alt© ©Irrtfly obtained.
All difference©, if any rile!«J.
garUing Porlo Kb'«» at. I th« ©©••u»n of
tl ” «land© of Guam weie «’»•*> trrar , 4P
by mutual
un leratarxling, ©n l th«« i
rummUixmoM tbuixl thrn;«*’lr* <» well i
Blgh touching th© Philippine qu.ation,
which will tm taken np next WU
Th* Tuckere of Versailes, Ind., llko
•Il fond parents, *t* completsly wrap-
|>*l np ru tbeit
daughter l.ocv, in particular. has givre
theni much con»rrn. S)>e ls tiftern.
•nd fr m • Mrotig. healthy gtrl. thtou
y rare ago. had t*»-<>m* weak and kepl
falling »'fl m flvwh. ontll ahe became a
tuere skeleton.
J-h»- ervme»l to bave no
Iris at alL
He* blood lei«m« Impure
•o-l finally rbe bccame the vletlm ot
nervous prostration.
D*»-tosa dl-l Uol
Help hor
Most of the lime she was
<*>nfin<»l to b*l, urss very nervons an-l
Irritable, and «Ceœr-d on the vrrg* of
fil. Vit us’ danew.
"One morntng," sal i Mrs. Tarkrr,
"tbe itoclor 1<>I»I us to glve lier Dr. Wil-
llauis* Pink Pills for Pale Proplr,
Hr «Aid
which he bronght wlth hlm.
h* was treatlng a similar raaa with
Ifiose pilla ar. I lhey were ouring the
|l« (*»«***
Il Iran«
find *p«nl«b W<»tsli«r«
la-gin glrtng thè pilla
an i thè n«at day could sre a change tot
thè better.
The dia tot carne and was
surpriaral t»> se» su-h an Imptovmirnt.
He told uà lo krej. glvtng ber thè turali
W» gate ber uno pii) after each
mesi Until «ight boi,« hs-l l»>en ueral
wlien she was nell.
fibe has not beeti
slck «luce, an i *« bar* no fear of the
old troubla relarning,
We tbink t ■
cure alniost in irai-il Iona “
8nb*orih*d and swvrn to ledine m«
lliis Pilli day of Aprii, 1MT.
Jnetice ot thè Pese.
Tlie.e pilla are wondeifnlly cffeotlvs
in thè treatment of all discasM arising
frum Impure bloral, or sliattcred nervo
fitnm. They are adapted to young or
old, and tbay I mi ba i ai any drug sturo
H*n Juan »1« Porto ltlc<>. th I >9-
Full details of th« Areclhr» incident of
Sunday, October 9, hav* t»>en r»-celvv»l
here. It appears that the trouble be­
gan In a row belwtx-n *>n>e fip*m»h
sold ief* and a nambrf of nountryrnen.
Th« aid Lera fired
th« crowd, bill-
Ing four ni'ii and wonnding many.’
Th« crowd to th® nin&bu of 200, ««■
cured Diuchrta and rut he« I through the
atraeta, the I<ddiert retreating to the
lairrar Ita.
The |*eople then carried
their wounded to the bouar of the Brit«
lab mnaul. where they found several
United State« oftltera and toldiera,
from whom they naked justice.
Th© aatne afternoon, a ; .vty of Id
Porto Ricans complvtrly destroy© I the
boainesa house of a wtdl-knuwn Span*
Daring the afTair an American
was kii • 1
• *»• ’ If dtf
ferent (Ires in the surrounding country
Wf'ta countfd from tbe honaetopa <>(
Arecibo, and on the following night i
Ere© were roan ted.
Walla, 83c; Vai-
ley and Blucstem, 83(4870 per bushel.
Flour — Dcst gra l»e. »3 46; graham,
»3, superfine, »2.23 per barrel.
<>ats—Choice white, 89<440c; choice
gray, 37'4 3 hc per bushel.
Barley — F«--l barley, »SI '23; brew-
Ing. »23 per ton.
Millatuffs-Bran, »13.60 per ton; mid-
dim,'-. »21, aborts, »18, chop, »13 30 Two l.**r«btlon« Mwis»r*r»l by th« ll*»ar<l
per ton.
nf Arwoy Ufllcrr*
Hay—Timothy, »10:411. clover.»'.»
Havana, Oct. 39.—Ttiie afternoon a
in; < »regon w ild hay. »9 rio per ton.
note was delivered to the American
Hutter—Fancy creamery, 60i46Sc; conimlwlon« by the Bpanlsh, saying
». m la. *0 ■< »Ac. dairy, 40(4 *5c store,
that on tlie day the protocol was signed
23 »4 3 Ac.
all the min<-» at the harbor entrance
Chees*—Oregon full cream, ll'4!?o; were r»»moved
They a»»ert also that
Young America, 12 1*0; new cheree, there wore never any other*.
10c per poutwl.
The boa rd <>f army officer* appointed
Poultry—Chiek» ne. mix«). »2. .’>0(4 3 to »elect catn|« and landing place« (or
per d"i» n; liens, »il.OO i I AO; springs,
the Vntted State* troops has definitely
»1.33(43, g»-eee, »5 00<«'>.00 for old, sele.-t’-d one alto for a camp east and
»*.601'13 for young, »lucks, »*00(4
another west ol Venlo «»pivdiirt, close
A.OO per doten; turkeys, live, 12**
to the springe The camp sites will
12 l,c per pountl
ar<v>mn><»late from 13,000 to |S,000
Potatoes—AO'rfbOcper sack; sw»-eta, IriHip».
Si* million feet of lumber has
2 "< 2 *.4»- per ¡siunn.
lHM-n older»-1, an<l each Imlividual lent
Vegetable*—Deets, 90c; turnipa, 75c will ia» floor*). WarsImuaM will b*
par sack; garlic, 7o (-er pound; cab­ put np, as well as shop» ami ell n*ces-
bage, »1'4 1.25 fe-r loo pounds; cauli­ vary outhouse», and arrangement* will
flower, 73c i-er doseii; parsnips, 75c be mad»- for a sufficisut water Supply
p» r eaelr; le ans, 3c pel p-und; celery,
by pipe Imo.
7»ii.r75. |>or duacn; cucumbers. Site per
box; p»-as, 8(4 84 c per punods
< inion©—Oregon, , *&c<a g i par sack.
<s»w«rn«»r <*t«*rv> ll»'n<w* III* Fir» for
Hups— 11 <4 Ifie» IM97 crop, Ai47c.
A «I tn!•«lort
Wool—Valloy, 10« I So per pound;
Ort. 29. — Ouvcrnu
t»<d 13c;
Otero, of New M tico, In hi*
2bv p*r pound.
M niton—Gn m » s ,
w«them annual reyiorl to th« •corrtary of the
interior, vigorouwly rtu.c*» bl* repre-
anil ewu8, fi^c;
aentatlnna for the early a !tni««ion of
spring lami*. 7 4e l*r ^**
Hogs—Gr»»**, choir© lieaTy, fl. 7ft; New «Mexico to rt.Ut iitxMl, anil p rtray«
light «rhl h'*’d»T©, |3.0U'it 1.00; dr «««©cd, the finth‘rrh»|w«| renourrtu *»f the terri­
tory awaiting capital,
lie rutlinat«'*
f .
per 100 ¡x'lHfU.
B«*rf——Gr<©©, top ©t•‘rm, 3,f»() if3 7&; the total |>optilatinn of th« territory
now at í’íi. 10O. including an Indian
of IS.VoO < if the l.lOOofll-
j«*r |M»und.
rcra and men from New Mexico in the
Veal — l*arg«\ 5^(4fir; ©inali,
»ar with Spain, nt leant one l.alf War*
7 k ^ c jM»r pound.
Xsutlor.a! guardsman.
«•ratti» Marlirt«.
The rej>ort Uy* «|>e<*lAl atreM on th«
Tomato»«, 20 4 30- per box.
po«Hihibtlea of irrigation, and anya nil
Cu. ilinlers, 10(4 15c pel dot.
th« water u*«d««'ly iunning away short­
Onions, hAi»<9Oo |>er 100 |«>uuda
ly will be Utilised tO the highe«t d«*
Potatra-s, |IOl,4 13.
Meanwhile, individual enter«
Beets, p*r sack, »1.
prise is erecting a mullil tide of wind*
Turnips, per sack, 30(465c.
noils throughout the territory.
Carvote, j«r sack, 8Au.
Fight tier* l.oal.
Parsnips, |*r aark, »1.
Rochefltrr, N. Y , Oct. 19 —A
Beans, green, 3'4 .to.
cial t<» th© lln¡tId ftotn Soda« «ayt:
Gt«-«n corn. »1 .4 1 35 per sack.
The thre©'B>A©t©d sehooner Ht. Peter,
Cauliflower, 75e per do*.
of Hl. Vinvent, sank thia afternoon
Celery. 40«30o.
Cabbage, native
California • l«>ul fiy© mile© northwest of Nralns.
on luikft Ontario, with all on board
|I.2A<4 1 30 par 100 pound*.
Mv© ('«plain John D. Griffith, who
Aprire, 60»-<483 c |wr laiK.
wh !««cu«rtl m • precanoa« condition.
I'. ars, 75c(4»l p*r box.
Th© captain*« wlf« waa limt, alao Mate
Prum-a, 60c per box.
M< Iearm, ol Kit tf«tun. Eight pertout,
Peaches, 76c.
al l«a«t, p«*riah©d.
Plums, 60c.
Il ta thought lh© Hl. Peter loat bcr
Butter—Crram»-ry, 27c per pound;
rudder end that th© heavjr ia*aa renae*l
dairy and ranch, lh<j|30c per pound.
her to «pring a leak.
The ©eroel waa
Eggs. 30c.
bound from <>twego to Tolodu with 7IX)
Cheese—Native, 13(4131^6.
Poultry—t.»l»l liens, 10c per potimi; tuna of o»»al.
rprlng ebicketis, 10c; turkeys. Ite.
Hallway la, lata» Alila.
Fresh meals—Choice rllr««ed l«ef
VIrtorla. II. 0.. Out. 39 — The off!
steers, prime, 8% «4Tc; cows, prime,
Oial gaiette gives nolle* of the intend»'-!
8>,c. mutton, T!*e; p-»rk, 7ktHc; veal,
of a railway from North
6 '« 8*.
Vancouver to the l-ake Atiin goll
Wheal—Fe. I wheat, » 1 u >4 2q.
fields, via Bridge river and 1,1 llunet.
Oats—Choice, per Ion, »32 »4 23.
Títere ia «aid to be strong financial
Hay—Puget ifosm! mixed. »9.56«
backing ladilnd the scheme, and work
10; choice Eastern Washington tim­
will be pushed immediately.
othy. »13.
»• r.up.f. vs «ni.s in ftanSIngo.
Corn—Whole. »23 50; era» ked, »24;
fee-1 meal. »28.60
Barley—Rolle») or ground, per ton, French consul here has written to Gen­
eral Wood protesting strongly against
»34 <26; whole. |23.
Flout—Patent, per bwrrrl, *.t 80; the order prohibiting the landing of
straights, »3.35; California brrnds, n»-groes from Hayti. General W<ro»l r»v
»3 33. I n< kwheat flour. *3.TB; graham, pilot that he oould not allow any mote
per barrel, »3. Î0; whole wheal four, paupers here, as ihrio were tuo many
of them alrea»ly.
»3.75. rye flour »1.
ton, III;
In • recently diatovered Roman tomb
shorts, per ton, 118.
the skeleton of a woman was found
Feed—Clmi'pe-I feral, »17«3I por
which ha-l a complete eel of false teeth
ton; middling«, pet ton, »17; oil c«k©
beautifully wrought in pure gold.
rural, far ton, »33.
The state of Oregon has attached the I
Tl e Cbllkat river. In Alaska, Is full
Loeaenticrg stove foundry at ."»alcm to of salmon; they are ao thick they can­
Secure a claim of »38,387.13.
not all keep under the water. They
On* of the apple orchards of Southern are there by the ten. ot millions, amt
Oregon has this season paid 1100 an they make such a noise splashing that
acre clear, and this is only the second they sound like a storm. Tn» nvur is
full of tbe big fish fiom the mouth to
year of bearing of the tre, a.
the source and the silver-tip I>eat» are
The Commercial Club, of I .a Orande,
having s rich feast while the run con-
Or., Is sending out s little laioklet, do-
s riptive of the new ixet-sugar factory
A new gold strike has been » epot trai
at that place.
on the Dalton (tail. Ires than 10'1 tn lies
Oood prices for sawlogs have had the from Skagway, and the story that
effect of stimulating activity In this comes back is that five m. n who were
industry along the Ixrwer Columbia, wintering on the trail waairel out In
and a recurrence of last year’a scarcity five days over *to0 In o-wree g<-id fr<»m
Is Improbable.
a bench claim, tit lining only pl k,
The g over nor has order od a sjex-lal shovel and pan. The dirt from which
election li>|Multnomith county, Oregon, thl« goltl was washed had to be carried
November IB, for the putfxieeof elect­ from the ben. h to the creek botti-tn,
»«nalor to fill the vacancy where there we« water
The new gold
caused by the resignation of Joseph Si­ find is In Ameriian territory, about 74
miles from Pyramid harbor.
T. W. fc-e arrived In San Francisco
The halihnl season ot I NOH on the
last week from the Hawaiian islands, Flattery banks is uearly ended, and
whither lie went recently to Ju Igo bu» • moat of the fishing schooners are on
n*-ss prospects. He declares that the their way to Ketchikan and other
field in Honolulu Is already too fully Southeastern Alaska points to remain
during the winter.
Probably the last
The Fulton Engineering A fillip- boat to leave tor the north will be the
building Company, of Ban Francisco, schooner Atasdo. which will make one
ba* brought suit against the Alaska- more haul off Flattery ami tb»n pro-
Yukon Transportation Company to es­ <w*d up the coast. Th»» A Ice. Io brought
tablish two liens, one for *13,333.13 on . in 13.000 poo nds of halibut on her last
the steamer J. W, Beatameli, an i Ih« trip ami tbe Pilot 13,000 pound*. This
other for *\B93.B3 on the ©tramer H. has been an off year in Bailing, and the
J. Darling.
catch has not amounted to two-third*
Th* American schooner, E.
The Astoria Progressive Association
a«e Fswaslsee War*«*.
Wood, sailed last week from the wharf has deelde.1 to co operate With ths < »lo­
W»»l—Spring—Nevada, II <4 14c jet
of the Hi. Paul * Tacoma Mill Com­ gon Rond Club, of Portland, In a cm-
pound; Oregon, Eastern, 10« 13c; Val­
pany. with a full cargo of 888,000 hwt . aade in behalf ot better roads through-
ley. 16(4 17c; Northern, 9« lie.
of fir lumlier tor Shanghai, China. ‘ out ths state.
MillatuSs 'I I lungs,
The vessel has l>«en In the Puget sound-
Word comes from Dawson City that bran, »15.00»<4 18.00 per ton.
China lumlier trade unJer her present Commissioner
Ogilvia will lasue a
Onions—Yellow. 8O'4«Oc pet sack.
skipper seven year*.
llcenas to saloons, hut not to gambler*
Butter — Fancy
The *10,000 Issue of Park binds, re­ or dance hall*. The gambler* and
do seconds, >3« 37c; fancy dairy, 31«
cently adrertisol fur sale al Spokane, dance halls will be allowed to run as 33c; do tsreadt, 20i434e per ponwi.
has been purchased by W. E ¡tell, of
I long as they conduct their pla»v<e in a
F«gs — Btore, 16«33c; fancy ranch,
that city, who offered a premium of qoiet and orderly manner. Gambler* SO© 34c.
*fi< and accrued interest. The bonds caught operating crooked game* Will be
Citrus Fruit—Oraogre. Valencia ».’
»nd to summailly dealt with, but aa long a* ©3.60; Mexican limre. ♦« rafl.60; Cali,
draw interest al the rate of t |«r cent they tun a equate game they will be forma Igruona, ».’.00'4.100; do clioto*-
for 10 rears.
allowed to operate.
»4.60 '4 4.50, per box.
Tea*» t« a Ores* State.
A great many people want to know
how large Tess* la in arcs»
They look
in <,ulte a nuuibor o( alleged statistical
slwtracts ami nor»'t (Ind the swme fig­
ures In two of lh«m. The official fig
nr»-« ■>( Tess's sroa are 3B3.6M *»]nar>»
lull»-»—equal b> about 8 9 »«-r cent of
the entire an-n of th»» Unit«! Btnt»'»an I
territories. Tela* is sir times larger
than New York, »wen time* aa larg»- aa
Ohio. an»l 1'Hi. dOO epi a re mllt-a larg»-r
than the eaatoru and middle stales. In­
cl »ling !)■ law» •■ Ol I M «1 V < -HI I I "
I >
I »’" '. • ■
has 3l,<*0o square miles morn than tbo
Austrian empire, M.ftOOO more than
tlio German empire, and nearly 70.0UO
s«,uare miles more than France.
Ti n "i ly
Tacoma. Wash.. Oct.
Carlson, an employe of the Western
Woraleuware Company, was caught by
a belt attach*! to a bandsaw anJ
dashed to picoas this afternoon.
’ -.» in
ate heavier than that of a man ar<- tun
whale and the alephaiiL
M kit« You ai««>|».
Do n»»t have too much air
through yotir room At night, nr neural*
gia may orrrp ufott you while y«”i
But 11 It eumra. uar HL Jacoba
Oil; It warm«, aoothre and cute»
prom ptly.
Imitation Ivory Is now being oit’»n-
sively manuf.i tured fr in the fruit of
a palm like shrub called Phytelephas
tnaero<mrpa, which is aiiout the also of
an apple and |.osirv»«es a bard Interior
Washington Irving: M.-n sis a|w.-,y«f|
wooing g»»ldeaacs sn-l marrying nir-r*
When lliovoevelt tuns for governor
lit. ranch riperteoc* will pruve inva'u«
able tn roondtng up voters.
Henry Watd Dec her:
is unc who always find«ov­
ers, but never esctucs bimsell
Frwlerich Nletsacho:
All Co
men I have foun I c-«»l actor*,
play ami wish that folk may IIkn bflk
lu*»k al tbeit playing.
The khalifa <rav»-lfrl a»» fast
camel that th» Kngllsh oould m >1 ova»«
tako him
Evidently hh camel tnnfl
hav# got a hump on itself
Bradford: It is a charoeteilatic « ol
many men—ami a few women —nut d tv
mine 1.» lhetuselve* till they <* ’ a
to everybody else and worn oat their
Honor» de Balaac:
It Is ahvttf'l to
preten l that on» cannot love the «.»no
woman aiwavs aa l»>pretct>-l that a g»«»l
artist n—»1« sevoral violins Io tte-ulr a
piece of mna!«.
Mars its Aurelios:
1 have often
wondered Iwrw »very man hives bliuself
more than all the rest of m»n. yd «» Is
les* valu*- on his own opinion <>t him-
self than on th* opinion of other*
Th» mrgest room In th» world Is st
fit Petersburg
It Is (500 feel long by
IB0 foot in breadth.
Il ha* l»een use-1
f»»t military displays, sn-l a whole bat-
tai Ion can completely maneuver in It.
Rliihard Croker, tire master mechanlu
of American politics. Is learning* to
swim. Il bas U'»’ti generally under-
stand, however, that among the floating
voters Iti-harl Wdatead Croker has
always !>een tn the swim.
Captain D. C. Womtrow. ol the Unit*
»■•I States navy, has in h1« [«wsrs-
slon the flag .*! ite»l by the Virginlus
on its ill-fated filibustering trip to San­
tiago In 1873
It was taken from the
ve««el by the c«| tain hluiself, lb--em­
ber 38. 187», Just before the ship »auk
while l»elng brought back to America.
"Thirty dollar* or slity days; hav*
you anthlng to say?" "No, your hon­
or," «aid *|l»»ton I’d».1 "unlrea II t«
to synthetically remark upon the dual­
ity ot the canaar and eff»-d in your op-
tional commitment, t.iko your honor,
1 shall take Ju»!i al noil»» that thue Is
I have spoken.’’
W h«| ( uh«*» 1 «•« WfiikB*
T!.<* i f* f Culw - )?i* L
1 «tn th« !«<••
<»f the r«Ty a»iat*ha* c* »( the tmll -n
< vfs nay 41,-» I o
f ) ar npprtlt«
nn'Ai.a ♦lArrnt-» r.
r, to jr.tar b»»!v.
Ir. If
I any
rraihf •»{ Chi'» notice
hi'tls r wanta 1. fullv cu)'*y
• nd I H
11 mo
hr«ri j meal*, ©e ran re-
ler'f ei«‘Diaen Rliun ft cur©* Imligss«
lion. d>«l>*pwU and íMnMipatnm.
Th« I cida I© brain c.»tiiinnn* • * t«> «!«•
clino in wHght «ft*r th«»
of 30; lh«
iu«l« nui anti! 10 y^wr«
Juat th* Tim«.
This is Just the tune of the yvvr we
frei th»- c ■
• all
ai: I «ntt, ai.4
then la J ial the tune to use fit. Jaoob*
Gl I to relai them and to cure at unoe.
lt«-W (irwpr* * r*n Ils* kepi.
Parcha©1 a lot uf ’ïtiiil biga ariti g©|
P;»'k out |“* tf»< t
a ball of twine.
hut.t bre <»f grnpvs. hsitdlirig ih*-tu aa
little as |MMWible, and l>ring «or« thaï
they ar© perfectly «IrT.
Remove any
p» 'f I* --rr!• a
tr« fi. y .r. I ; t - - ». ii
bunch In t p«|-*r bag. Tinnpoaoh bag
and thm pia-o in a shallow !«>* In «
euol rooia.
Tl.v grupea muai nul Im
ri|«e enough t«> drop trom thf el**ms.
Only on© layer of Hi© lu» g a musi I m *
place*I hi a bol.
<*4»r»c»»id grapes «an
b© kept until l'hrUtrtias In this way.
Ilia well to eiamin© the bags every fair
days, and If there are any damp *|*»ta,
o|M»n th« hag an I
th« decayed
fiali.—Th© Housekr*'!«'?.
When oundng U> Han Fmrwdmn go •«»
Brooklyn il ’«I, J* 312 Huai* atmet.
Am« r ui <<r Eur»»|-e*an p »i»
ItiMvfn attil
I’!« • l'un? f ri ti" ui j’
I« ili» «»fdy
biMird II ”» h» li '<> ;*r *t»y ; , r rYw»ma
ri-’igh mr«V> Ine «tsed in mj h •
V <’
fl«» i- r day , ; - Jltifth»
<•’ rural#
caula. Albr-ght, Mimthl irg. Pa . IN* II. IW«%
< ¡i.k»
Free OHM
It has been demonstrated that the
explosive power of a sphere <»f wat«r
only one Inch in diameter Is nu(Th lent
to burst a bra«» vessel having a resist
Ing power of 27,000 pounds.
M llh < gtirgslan llnhttrs
Tin Loy, a prominent Chinese mor-
chant of titas» Valley, died the other
day, and at bls funeral was honored as
am few Chinese In thia country.
braM hand headral the ptnO'Seion, and
tbo pallbearers worn white torn Who
knew the Chine»» In his lifetime and
had bualneaa relations with him.
left a family, tbo daughters of which
had been highly educated In American
li.laMkaM ITS*.
!*«»«•*• Orvw nr-«|.
vaiale«« Altins and •■Irweíl**«»■
Dr. T. il. White. •
tof rttaktf 'ir.
M« m
i r«*t*t l»co.
>->. * Pfu lì tier's *“*■
M rcgûn B iooc P üri F iîr .
I3uy I )ii'uct
——non THS
middlefiMm't t f’ M< »'• fine lalL
or matte «ut »I » i ■ |U Fit f •.«.»•?. ’. vt j . < *<».
••mj *. •rtr-v.eAAurT-'ent biaitka ete ,
f •
V- Ka,
buibitr g. I'ortJa t. f»r. Million th I* jBj-ef
Chocolate, YOUR LIVER ES
celebrate»! for more
than a century aa a
dehGuus, nutrition*,
fink forming
tieverage, ha* our
w-ll.L -.1«,
Yellow Mbel
on th* (mat of every
pack*gs, and our
tra»l* mark,**!.a llells
Chocrflatlers.^o* tke
Moor« * R*veal««1 K«iu«<ly willtlofi. Thra©
dcaas «111 ukSA© yc>u te*l better.
It from
yoar dr
or arty wholeeal«drug Jm . < x
kwu SU«UI .b III .BbM :»ruf< o, fwattia.
I ««••
PSCf SSfif 3
mao « o«eLV or
Dorchester, Maas.
© amr .
: », » -
Mil*! 4*y*
r*e«sats <w««MV>a
t •* Rig *j f t a?
ÍU* L*»4*<*
*•» til
Irritan <• «.g «u*f*ii ñs
•t m s r » «t • »»«Rhit •!>•«.
F*<hle««. ar I h- * Mtfl*»
S*»M by brNffl*©,
Rf m »M lu tU»Q *r*y*rf(
H •*««*• r<«r«ii r-4
•1 •
r ’ r» ni s t, %
No as
ll'IIXV wrlilea te ailvartl.ars
1,1ration liti, payer.
On the Trail nt old tong.
Walker. Minn.. Oct 89. — Deputy
Marshal Morrison will start In the
morning to round up the renegade In­
dians. Deputies Talman and Warren
in a ilay or two will join in the hunt
for Old It»« and adherents. B»>g has
been seen by many Indians, *<• there is
no doubt he is still alive. Ilia home
is empty and fnrnltore retnovral.
ten .i:iiu>i»l«
•» • large .npplr at th* above renvsysr. both right «ni l»H, which WS will
i'»4 pSlee.
are» all .lass vl sis.alor h'.rs.u ae-l I. u
Writ» !«»r yrtee il.r «nd dl«en-ints
Willamet Iron Works
Front and Kverott St*.