The Santiam news. (Scio, Linn County, Or.) 1897-1917, November 04, 1898, Image 2

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• »
Porto Rnwna, it >•
territorial right«.
A < «•tos|>l»<** R»vl*w ««f Ih» Ttaltagreplklff
»•«>• «sf Thia end All
viga I «ta
f f bans hav« r»«entrl th- Ani< r! «n
aa*umption of authority at Manuulllo,
and th« aitnati-m Is «trained.
General Butler l.a« w.riie-i hecrstarV
Alger that »> m» sb « of strength m -1
be mad« soon or America «III lose al)
prestige with th« Cuban«
The rccreut storm on the !ak.< sm
must furious.
Chicago's water front
was b»!!y battere! In spots. Ths sever­
ity of th« blow was tbe greatest sine«
1824, The total damage Is estimated
at ft 1,400.
An el» trlclan has made tire startling
discovery that escaped «Itwlrl dty In
New York follows underground plf'W
and resulting rlwtroiyyis cuts away th«
bottoms of street rails and Iron
foundations of all kinds of strccturot
Complete returns rw<-lv«>! by th«
treasury department show that the dr«-
nmnnted American merchant »hipping
Jun« 80, !<!••, comprised 21,705 ve*»-
•els. of 4,141,f<9 groaa tun*, ootnp*r*d
with IS,«3 teasel» of 4,18V.0M* tons
on the like date of 1881.
Govern.-r Tanner, of Hlh >is. says
that la’or mu.t not !<« Impt*,l<*i
state, an.l if an attempt Is made th«
tram i arvying th» im|»”t»»l laborer«
will t>o mr-t at the stalo lino and ai.ol
to pl». ■*• with galling guns.
m I-1,
«III dean,nd
Tii« no* Frvucb premier haa»w<x*«e»l-
«<1 in forming a ca»-ir>»L
Agricultural experiment stations ar«
to te establish!**! tn Ala»ka.
John H Dialogue, LsaJ of tbe ship­
building firm of that name, i* <iee*l al
bta bocn« at Camden, N, J,
According to Per-.iou (’-.mtnio-m*-r
Fvan« th» nrar baa o«t th*» L'tutivl
Hlatea 3,000 liv.-e to <l«l»
The Paris rxpoeltion I**« •rante-l
America extra floor apace, ■nd th«
allotment no« «mount« to <10.000
square fret.
A *!iap*tch to th« Herald from San­
tiago, Chile*, announcer« that th« pro­
tocol on Iho Puna 1« Alcala dispute ba«
ta« n sign»).
This avltla* the L t-Il«-
Argentine dispute*
The former t»t*anlah, the
Maria T*r»»a, «hl< h vm »nnk during
the battle «Ith C«rver«'a fleet an*!
raised under the direction of Naval
C<-nstruct*-r H.tiaon. ha* eail«*l from
Lalmauerw for Harnptoti ro**is
It 1« rum rrd that the United State«
ha« taurghl Homana bay, tehto Domin­
go, and will establish • coaling station
Samara bay is a deep Inlet tn
the oovtl'crn coast of tba Island «nd 1«
In th» din-* I route to Porto Hico,
A proprwllfon t*»li>g conslderd l*v
tba C<rl*«n asaetnbly 1« the division of
Cute Into fo it state«, to I* nailed
Orient, Camagueff, taut Villas ar d Oc­
B<-t*. -n lb« prr-|«<c-| atat< •
of Camagnoy and L m Villas w*-nld te
a »pace of Ian*) ahU b would I*» a spo*
ctal federal district ot territory «bare
the Capitol would bo built, a new in­
land town for tbi« sp<* ifte purpose.
fn hi« annual report Jamra A. Dur-
niont, sU|>«rvt«ing Iwpectot general of
,teatnb<Mta stat»« that the total nntn*
tier of acci-lrnts to steamships reeillt-
teg tn !»**• ot IH«* ‘luring lb<* tear Waa
81. The nwultani it»w ot hfo wm !HJ,
• ii IncrrAvr over the ia*t previous year
of 100. Of iba live» k»i m wvrv I-«.-
The Co two '!. i .¡n- th n Ims I--* n •<*ng<*r« an<l H*V < rcw*. The rwtitx>at<*l
finally di»|.w»ed of at Parte T)-» Hpat»- number of pa«M»ng«*iii c«rH«*d on yf *» h i *
l»l. |re»ce cummlssiunen a.-qnic - <>! io Intprol«*»! by tl»<* eervlco during Kb«
tlm relu»al f the Am»r|.ai.» to bars year lg *30.000,000.
tim In-avy burden »nddh-1 I j-r-n the
At a inerting nf tha Faria p**ace row
United State*. Th« cession of Guam to miawinn the American! pruOetHed a
America was agreed U|»>n and all differ- written expieaainn of th» purpoUa of
rlir-i-S I. gar.Ill g I’orto III.-- «»tiled by tbe Unit»’ I MaK«u Ko take Hie rntln»
inotual understanding.
group of tbe PhiHppIna <!<ti a* lu»*
Tiro monthly statement of tho colieo. lHM-n tp-nt for Kb<’ b»*nitit of the itianda
lions of iut.'irml rev.-n io shows that hi public work», improvement« and
■luring September last the total rec ipt« l«'rman«at Iwittermeiila. h wat abo
u a‘l - ii'..-a u._
«21,71 .’i.--K a art forth that the United M«tr* wouM
gain as .'ompared with Reptembw, not a«f*um<’ any pa»K of the Philippine
I“'J7, vf
For the thro« <)rt>K which had Uw»n h*rurre»l by 8pu!n
months ending September 30, I Sir*, ths !”r t! «• forth* rai » of military or naval
rc*e;ptl w.-rc «71 .to*480. a gain aa op» ration* to qiirll the maurns liona of
c - npa'cl with tt. »am. |»:ri-'l in Hull tlx* native«.
ot |28. DM.813.
I*rnaid»-nt M Kinley wan the goenK of
It U oxj> (< m | that the I. < I- -n of the honor at th«» peace jublil»*« banquet ol
a. rotary of the navy to I. tain all tb« the Phildelpbia c lover Club.
v - Is porch*»- I during the war will
Preaident Zvlaya, < f Nicaragua, baa
have tl.e offset of caualng a iron -Hl In granted two Amcth ami a n<*w cunoea*
American shipbuilding, It comes just • ion for an inlerocvanic canal.
nt a titnr* when there is an ntiosual do-
The prcii lrnt liaa tamed bi« annual
uiaiid f»r »>il|*s flying th« American
proclamation, «eltmg apirt Thfirnday,
flag on account «! th« r-apandlng com- Norrmt«*r 84, aa Tliank*giving day.
mere« of tbe United Hlatos In general,
Tbw Wfxxleti «trainer L. IL Duty war
at.d t*artlcularly on aciamnl of the <te-
cls.on of tho administration to confine lout in a gate on Lake Michigan and of
tra-le lictwren American ports and o I H*<iplc un bnurd, iv-ne «arc saved.
Th« Fronob, Anticipating tin* pro-
Porto Hico tv American vesm-te
A cabine t crisia la again reported to p ■<•*.! demand, of Eirgtend, hav» with­
drawn Maj- r Marchand from F m I km I«.
be imminent id Spain
Th» French cuurt rrf * asaitiou ha« d*'-
Th» C -.k county circuit court has
cidr *l in favor of revision of the tauter:«
3<-<-i |r-| that the Chicago wh.rel tas law
Drcvfu« huh *, «nd the imme-diat« | ro-
1» Illegal.
visiuna) libiratioti of Dreyfus.
Th» .M »1.« i pi bva n was v1,ltc*l by
Al Lak« Linden, Micl^, a tarllcr in
a storm, and conx lera! I- j-i-'perty |. -. th« U«!um»t & llrreia taflw-r-bouaa c-x-
has resulted.
pli.lrxl, k> I 111 g throe mon instantly and
Tbs postmaster at Hweel Home, Or., burning one seriously
has t»e«-n arre«t. | for cml>ei«1vm»nl.
Tl*n Han Franr lscxr gram! jury has
He made no return« tn tlmgotcrniuei.L voted to Indiet klrs. Bulkin ou tho
The trial will ta>
1’vtr -, r Unary procantions an* l. ,i g charge of murder
taken by PalestineauUioriliM to inanr« lirhl in tbe supcilor court.
the safety rd I mpotur Wlillaui during
The steamer L. R. Doty, w\tb her
hi« tour uf tbe Holy latnd
crow ot 15 men. la believed by marine
Th« Philippine Insurgents I bava mrn to have bren lost in the great
peaceably withdrawn to tha diet ian-te st»rm In inidlake ott Kcnoaha, Wis.
Cailonal George R. Waring, jr.. for­
d.vircl by th» Amriicau«, elrvpt In
Cslocan, the northern suburb of Manila. merly «treat ocuiiintesioner of New
York, ia «ick nt hie brei.o in that city
I’anl . Lucero, wh-*»« age. as shown
with yallo« fever, cuntractod at Hav­
by the records of the missions of l«os
Angeles and Soledad, was 115 rears,
Al Richmond. T* x., Manuel Morri«
died al the county boapit.«l al Salinas,
and I’cter Autre, nrgroe». sr.-o hangrr!
t al.
from a double gal Io««. Mortis mur­
A Kolm di.patch says the Japan»« dered and then outragr*i a 6 y*-ar-old
• teams! ip Mi'ag.. i sank after Laing in blind girl. Autre assassinated Lis lul«-
n>lli»t<*n with t’ .- Japanese cruiser troaa.
Kilty J a pane.« w» re
Vice-President llotaut narrowly r»-
c«j*«d being killed in a runaway acci­
A team behind
Further Information, received from dent in Philadelphia.
Foreal. Ml«« . aaya that 14 Is the num- which he was ri ling bolted, am! «Iron
tart of negro»» killed In the Harpais. a terrible disaster seejned certain a
villc race riot.
The negiot-a who tl.-l trellee offir-er dashed out. »ei«e-l tbe bits
to Ilia swamps have all made grsoi of the horses and (topped tiiem.
their ere-a|*o, and th« race conflict la
now al an end.
Ogl«, of Clackamas county, Oregon,
Spain wants the batt ht hl pt Oregon has refused to «ccepl th« money voted
and Iowa recalled, and protetta agslntl him by the rnrnt «ration <»f the legit'
th« Uniteil Stat«« tending the w*r*hi|»a latore lor full pay fur thè din-rganlaed
to Mmila. Hl ie claim» such action is house of 1 <<1.
in violation of the terms of the proto­
Three more warshlps are to he seni
rid, Slid that tli« statu» quo null tw t > Manila. Two will pr ■ *-.-1 brway
luaititalned until |*eac« is concluded.
of thè Nuca canal and one acro*« thè
Cotton buyers of Dallas, Tea., on for- Pacific. The Brooklyn will |. ilio flrst
biun orders ssy that owing Io ths to sali and wlll trave nr-ar York early
thirst.-i • I war
I glan.1 and tliie we< k with gnppliea and ammuni-
f irn ilelena is
Frano« they have rwvivv.l caldee say­ tn*n t«r ÌJeweiy'e nevi,
The Yorktown i» to
"All shipments from thia date soon to folhiw.
until otherwise in»lioct<*d must I« lesse Han Frsncison suoli alter tre mg
placca) in ootnuiisaion.
made subject to war Hsks."
MltiBf Maw» llam».
Graham A. Your.g, of the army en­
The Virginis gtan.l r«mp nf con fed» gineers cor|*a. who died at Willett*«
crate veteran« a-l-'f ted a ri-t.ilution to Point. «ata hair to over <1.000.Oro.
the effect tbst there could be no mo-
Tlx ■ tn a» Greenwald, a private in bat­
rresor to Mi.« Winnie Davis a« the tery 1, Seventh United states artillery,
"Daughter of th« Conf* >l«rary,'' the was allot <lcad while trying to desert
title having expire*! with her death.
from Fort Slocum, near New Ro­
John D. Rockefeller will furnish chelle, N. Y.
Th« Candian senate is the most |>a-
fund, to pun has« the ground and to
build a large social settlement house triarchial
in the Italian district of Cleveland, O. house«, one-third of Its menrtera
It will be eslled the Alta house In being In the seventies, five In the eight-
les and one l»4.
honor of Mr Rockefeller's daughter,
A tract ol 1,184) acres of timber land
in Went Virginia that waa granted to
George WMblhgton by King tleorge HI
of England for hla service« In the In­
dian wart previous tn the revolution
has jttal been sold to lumber S|-e--ti-
lator a.
Ml«« Zephyr Adler, wl io is rr-garded
as one of the moat beautiful women in
Nashville, Tenn., has joined th« Sal­
vation arruy.
Amcrka Wil! Take Over the
A company of Cliir.e*« naval rnservea
1« to te fortur-d in Philadelphia-
Pt<»M i i l McKinley Is »aid to have a
plan to g»t back «1 Germany f y «>. lod-
Ing impure German prcalm Is, and th ns
retaliate against the kaloor'a govern-
lu. r.t (>>r lire nn ju»l die rlmlnatlon r»n-
tmually l<clng tuade against
)«nk and other meat pr..!u»ta
Mme. Adelin* Patti, who has ta-*-n
staying in Hwitterlaml, thinks of adopt*
Ing a youthful nlc «. In Noveinbor
•he 1« to «ing at a concert In London.
Th» «tnptces dowager of China is 84
years of age. Her title tun» as fol­
"‘Taii-hsl-tuan-yu Kang i shao-
yu-chiiaug cheng scoukoi g < hin-bsmn-
< hang tan. ”
Christian Daniel, invstor of a doaen
important machines used in shoe man­
ufacture, dlrs I at his home In Brook­
lyn, N. Y. Ilia machine was the first
•sod for sewing welts in shove.
In al) the varied nomenclature of th«
■lay th« name of Dewey easily lead«,
seven new postofflcea having been
named after th« Manila hero in July
alone in as many state«.
II «etil 11
amai Via Will «ola»
Pari«. Nov. I.—-WbH« tb« Hpawiab
O’ m MB> dB<O
an« id I American
1 the
now aland on lbw threah
Philippine qn«etion. M ar« ma pn»l<t!e.
In tba light ot kbit h hu . that the
Unite»! Ratea will lake over the en»
tire aichipelt<o.
During tha font dart jaat
tboae in touch with, though
not in tha confidvn«* ol the
•tonerg hate to!t tha • mean trat ion < f
t«t»drn<*|na toward tha tuodpoint In*
dtented *• Hkaly to be occupied by the
United StatM c.»mmiei-’i.rrt at T »et-
day's tc»«!*>n of tbe two ournratoanms
In lau« fipaia isouad. by rural deerta.
twin It in the »um of |40.000,<
wliieh were ptofgnd (be rtvenuo* of tbe
PhUippiuea. an-l to which the Sj>anl«h
national guarantee wm a ! !«•!.
the»« |40 .OOO.OQO of obligations, t^pain
realised l-fi.OOO.OOO in oath
11 ’. 000,000 represent tba Philippine
debt, which ia entirely onttnie oi tl»e
f SOO, 000,000 of the to-cal led Phillppiue
and Mp«ni*h debt.
Th« ofindili 'iii alan differ, the Philip*
pine debt hiring I»*' n created by r»»yal
the archipr Iago
railed Cuban debt w»» created b, law.
Th«» • ff« renew ml m f
n of
li e noti r«wj*»n«it»i|ity of th«* 1’hilip»
pine« when rcmntr<| from th«* «orereign-
ty under which lie roourcce were
bh-i'ild th« I’nhe! State« abenrb the
Philippine«, i «'i e but M ule yrl know
whether th«-v will a«Rum<* a («art or all
of Ihle d<4*t, or mor« than ti e Philip*
p h« debt.
Th« Americana bare de»
rlln«*>l to »wimp the Cuban det*l I m *
eauae Coba !• not thelre; but In d«*p<*a*
Ing sp iln in the Philippines, the Amrr»
i ail* ii- j i.rr t »• («•rrlU»!)'. and II ii
Iwlicrc.l there will lie torn«* fmancial
an«uHipt!on by the United States.
At tliU j«»int arl-F- th« «|u< -lion «f
l ow mueb finunrlil reh. f rn’ght <’ rn»
|k«o.»*l<* Spain for her !••<« of the Phil­
ippines. Some w<dl'inf'«rno»d per*ma
behove th it Premier Sag iMa ha* deter»
rained to bo ri4 of the l*hi lipin»'-, atol
treaty ly wh li tin» I'li.' d State«
should take the '« and ««»unis
Tbl« prop. sit.on
140,000,000 of debt.
tinda tuppoH In the Parisian pre««,
wblrh t • lay •!<•< Iar<« that r* - tai»« <• it
I tn j»*
bl«*, and that Spain elniuld
abandon the archipelago.
Rpaln M III KreUl.
Pari». Nov. I . -- Th» r»* Wit» a Mrong
Ini} r<*e«h»n. which h.«* been growing
here r«-< rntly, that the Rpanieh, U|*»n
r»«<*iviiig definite ae*urancr* of the
American determination to tak»» ti»e
entire l’i lip. ine /roup would quit
tii»» conierei.tie, but till* view wat moll*
lied by the attllu Ie of the Rpnnl»h
ne««qmp«*ra wl-)«•!< arrlvt*! bere today.
Tlo »•’ are fotin»! to have wheetal into
line with liso Epo a of (Xtober 27,
which domande! that the Spuntai
mtn mia» ioneri nhould »ign a treaty in
Faria, no matter b«>w on«*rnna the cou-
Jitiunx tmp«»»«?d by the Americana.
Nevertbrir*», despite thia attitul*
of tho Madrid pr» **, and, deapito the
aiatemmt given Frhlay laid U» the pre*»
Correspondentt by the ypaniah cumniii-
•ioner, who denied that tbo Hpaniardt
ha i any intention of withdrawing, tiie
American* here will not t»e aurprited
if one or more uf the bpanub commie
•lot.era reaign and practically cfoee the
rogollatiuna Tliia feeling ia
up»n th»* fact that Srnor Ki«m early laal
work woukj have rrvigned, if bin an
d'ting wouhl not have imjcrlle»! tha
bagnata mintwtry; and tlia rvaeoniog ¡a
that, if,while (»n aming the Cuban debt, I
which la nut mentlonr«! tn KliC protocol,
benur Itioe waa inclined to rimign, !«•
might, in the o|*rn Ilei»! of contention
aa to Kite Philippines, feel that reeigna-
tiona would help benur Sagoata, on the
ground that tbe deman»l uf the United
Htatee !*-'? the enure Phtlij pine group
would be egtorlionato.
It ia believed h* re tonlghl, on tha
eve of taking up the main queatiun,
t! at the Spanleh oom mi a* »onera are not
likely to acquieaoa bwe in any treaty
that the Am«-r)cana wrottLi aign.
Cur* f«»r ll«»g < l«*s|cta
Washington, G» L 31 —During the
pa»t two years lite department of agri*
culture haa «*on I net rd a a** r Ira »«f rx|«rri-
menta in the nor of a »«»rum aa a rein*
e ly fur In -gw afl«rt«*d by eb«)h»ra or
»wine piagne.
Tho mpiimeni» were
ronducte»! by Dr. D. E. Salmon, rbirl
<»f the bureau «»f animal industry, and
tbe reaultt were eminently aatl»fart<»ry,
proving that tbe di»ra»e can ta eereeaa*
fully treatiMl, »a*ilv an! i nc x penai vol jr.
This vear the experiment» have l»ern
extneaive and far-reaching.
bureau troatei! »22 bogie Of theae, I7<l
<he»l, the numix*« aarrd being Hl out of
« very 100. The I* mm wo only or |H«f
N»»a*vv4 ••>» < *■>« *r
tom • 14.11...4 Trai».
N.w York, Nov. I. —Nii lrolaa Jack-
•no, ot Harkenmck. *1*0 was »»nt to
Tronto» prison to avrVo 10 yi-*»rs (or
rauaing th« .fr-ath of hl, 8-VMt-olil «in
ta*nla, c*mf««*aK| to Sbariti Harting an*!
lirepuiy Hhvritf Jaekom. white they
••»* on tbr-ir way to Tr»rite» front
Harkan.ack *itb th« priaonvr,
thia niforuiatlou. Ml«. Jackson ts I>«1<1
•« an accvwsriry to tb« t»ur>l»r of l»»r
atr-j •■>«. Hur« ar« Jack. u a w.irJ« to
Ih» »her I fl
"Mr *if», wbovn t ha.l nnlv rnrwntly
marrlml, <lol not lik» tamia, my little
boy, an J «« l»l tcaay quarrel« abut
hint bh* brlfM.1 ma plan tbv tnur-’.r,
an t f waa to pul th« lory on th« tra ka.
I went to T m Ni'i'k alni atto! tirai li-n
H. rt Shot« rai r -a l
tra- k. I n-ia
afraid to put th» you> ¿atei < n th«tra<-k
altv«, for tear h» would gel off, so I
(truck him In th« aiomarlr with an
•rr*» bolt, and that mal« him uneoo-
T »n i put him »n tho tra.-k.
juat telo* ’.!>• cri ori r g, an I ««ii<*<! fur
a train to c mo a! ■ g
Wb»n I wu
nmvte»«*) that h, naa >l«ad 1 vrnt
botri«. 1 flare! up tho at>>iy «Noil tny
Ivavmg H m trey aalrap on tbo hill n«ar
tt - ttacka, to Mr« my llf»
Iho jn íg»
tri»! m» and foot-I tn« g-itlty of man-
•langhtvr, thlnklrg that taml« *alk«4
on th« trar-k'an ! «aa »truck by a train.
I got »ff drad <a»y. ”
FroMoutot Stagg will go to
thia *o«k and tnako »rrang« m<-nia to
I. ar» Jackson «pp»ar before ti • n»it
grand jury to testify as to Mra. Jack-
son'« omti-ctloti with t*.«* plan of tho
Small â »«•• l»a*i«tag«*4
¡Nin i- n. Nov. 1 —»During a w»vvre
storm Isst night« a small area, about
half a mile square, an ut.d (Mun -irk
bill, i’arut twc II, !x»nd«m, was vl*it«*d
by a cyclone. Cabs were overturnol,
windows, doors, lamp psiats. tro>a ar l
chimneys were blown down aftd a num­
ber ef hotisca unroofed.
Th« contents nf nnmenois hawkers*
stalls were carri«**! htin«lr«k»ls of varis
In the air hy the wind, ami many p*o-
w«»r Injur«**! t ■ th« ID if
which ill-! al-o ¡¡ iiuhdiw »lamage tu
prop« Hy.
1h* llrtfal
K rlu»a.
Joiu-alvm, Nov. I —-Th« approach of
t) »’ir Uorman irr ,**iinl inajealies to th«*
city yesterday was made through tri*
umphal ar h
and amid banners, gar
lands and ever-growing crow la, dis­
playing every way their enthusiasm
and delight. The formal entry through
th»« Jaffa gate was herald»*»! by the r> .r
of guns at tlw* oitadc). where the Turk*
Ish band playttaf th« German anthem.
From the • -w« r «»f Ihivid, Emptuor
William and I'tnpr«^* Augusta Victo­
ria prov«‘<‘r|»*s| on foot, amid wil l cheer­
ing, to tliw church of the Holy Sepal»
ch< r. where they wore received by th«
t'atholic. Grw»k and Armenian clergy,
whose patriarchs prce«nt«*<| addresses
eulogixing the devotion of the eui|*ror,
who Las since conferred »lecorations on
I be |*atrlarclis. Emp«*ror William an I
the empress, while nt the church of
the Holy Sepulcher, visit»*»! the various
pirtionn <»t the sa< r»»d shrine, «ti-l
»¡•ent 10 minutes al the »» ne of the
Duirn 111 ver linai» «.anti •
( Wane* uf Itrlitg W rerkeU.
Hsn Franciitco, N ot . 1.—lea «raw
making on tb« Yukon, and thr-re whs
tliin lee at Dutch Harbor, a hen the
Potllaml r.iUed. October 11. Tl>« lug« haa gone into winter quarter« nt
Dutob Harl-or. At leaat a du*»n river
ati-Maers aro stuck on »nd bar. in tba
Yukon, and all will probably ba 1-reL
The Dawson <ity In a total wreck. Tb«
Herman ar..l Tacoma are aground, and
the other boat« are in such perilous |-.>
sill, ii that «ben tin- 1.» hriaks up they
may go to pieces.
All the tiea.ure in sight on the Port­
land was one box ol gold du«t and nug-
g.mts consigned to the Alaska Commer­
cial Company. Its value was not made
known, but I» not boitevod to exccci
Several ri'tnrnirg mincis
were on the v»«»»l, but they carried
tiieir wealth in th« form of drafts, auJ
were reticent regarding the atuoUtiL
l»r«>p l»oWM.
H|<ik»ni*. Wn»h., Nov. I.--Th« must
■ str k.- r<- r.l.-<l in a mine t
Washington ws» mad» today in th» !>«-
pobhc mm", at Republic, on tl.s north
half ol Cidvill« rcM-rvation.
nulling or« averaging 15 ounces of
gold, or nearly I 100 to th« ton, was »n.
countered at a d«pth of 400 i«-«t from
thi • iliac.-. Th« drills cut through 24
f. «t of l«dg« matter, 11.« last 18 tc* t
averaging 15 ounr«*., and th« farther
wall ol tlis ; ay streak baa not y«l tre«n
Adtttlr«! Millsr Mill *•<»*»•» Kwllrss.
Waaliingti*n,< let. 81. —The announce­
ment ea» ma>le at the navy department
lodav that Rear Admiral Miller, com­
manding the Pacific station, will te
retired Novemter 12 by operation of
law on a* count of age
Alte-it Kauta, recently in c-niman-i of
Mi»e Null Th«»tnp*>n, a <’hri»tian the naval station at Newport, ia now
M'irnli»t, di»*«! in law Angele», while on hla «ay to Han Francisco to relieve
undergoing an extended fa»t.
Admiral Miller,
Yu r blah Mu sdorar« K« orillad.
•< • Hr rutti.
Candía Viete. Nov. I. — Five more
Fpririgtlebl, Ma»a., Ni
I. — Isaac
of the Mussulman« convicto! of taking Htetaon, a l.rrmlt, waa fcmnd itaad In
part in tb» maaaaore of British aoldiers the wooils near his bon.«, in the vicin­
tap tern l*«r 8. were executed today.
ity of Wahrvvnali farm, yesterday, hav-
. u.g probably i*»»n murdered. An an-
tt III Vole at Wos.
Topebks, Kan., Ort. 81.—Th« m«*m- topsy performed Imlay showed that
of th« fir»t batlalioci of the Twenty» Stetson l.a*l la-en shot down, and that
KatiBMA regiment, which hat« death was Instantaneous
«aile«) from Han Franelsro for Manila, '
Many people in Brookline, Maae.,
carry ballota with them an i will rota rr.'s-ntly pan! fj.50 each fot painted
on Kannaa officwri alwml midway Im* «narrows, on the representation that
twren llonulnlii ani Manila.
they were cananea
Hall Mwlrwfe r»wnrh f'rstyse.
Kngte»«’» Fmsrgenrr a«na«lr.n.
Mefitnoo, France, Nor. I. — This die»
tri«'t was risitrat by a terrific hail •t«irm
this afternoon, which is continuing
this evening. The stooee are of Im-
nienrc st»«. The ollre an I l«tnon eiopa
bare been completely d«wtroy«**|.
London, Nov. 1.—There has been
the greatest activity at Itavenport, the
site of the largest arsenal in Great
Britain, and two ol the flneat drydocks
in the World, Th« government is aa-
sembling an
emergency «.|Uadron.
which, Il la understood, *111 go to
UpanleU Vtoldlar» l»ls»«1 •»<* Rmif«,
Ponta del Gada, A sore lalanda, Noe.
UtaoFgta K. Warlss« l*ta««t-
I.—The Spaninh »trainer Montserrat,
N»w York, Nov. 1.—Colonel George
from Havana with re pa ft late. I Hpanitb _ K ______
Waring, jr.,
dirsi of _____
yello* ~
fever to-
tnw'p» on board, haa arrived hera |day at bia home in Ibis city, where he
Tb«ra w-rs 78 .lealb, <m boar.l during had ta-»u «inc« h« arrivo.1 frout Havau.x
lb« voyage.
' on tha Y uoutan TuaoJay laat.
A San Francisco Company
Wants the Job.
fir» • It If «•
• t*ta M»4 leatlblesW« W 111 M • (4«lo«i
Un (>•«•>*• S'Ita«».
Washington, Ort. 8 t —Th« Arn«
tVr<- king l’omr^iny, of H«n Fr«<iOi«co.
ha» m« I« • trqu*-«l ri|--n tk« nxvy *)«•
pa'linsnt tut «otborlty to rar«« ihr tei­
lte . !|- Msin«.
I! tha gorarnsi-'bl
wtntalh« »hip «ti«r sh« r--■ es lh«
Unll«*l Ht«l*a, lh« r -tof-any *111 «X|*«vl
to t*e |*ai*l Mirsg« mon«y Ihton gh Hnn-
ilamnatory piorrereüng». N’o mr>n«y I«
d«tt>an-l«ii Irotu lh« <*>»»rnrn«nl by iE«
onmpany. It ls »lalrel «I tte J«part-
msnl unr-flkially thsl in caa« lh« (*><n-
pany I« foul. I to te isliabi«, lh« t*»k.
bo doubl, will te given lb«a>.
Fry» Ihw Aeltatl» •l<)l»R.
New York, Get. 31 — A dl«|«teil to
th« lieraid from Washington «aysi
Two m-re man-of-war will probably fol-
low the auxiliary cruiser Buffalo to ths
Asiatic Muadron. Orders have alrvadv
l*eeu given to the gnohrwt Helena to
prepare f >r her long trip through th«
Sut-s canal to the far Kvat. and as sen
a» sii« I» r. adv ah« will start.
Rear-Admiral Dewey bas I tn pr a*»«.!
tip-n the department ths ne< <«-liy of
having a large number of llgl.t-drau ghl
guntMteatii amntig th« Philippin« IvlarJ«.
Tba Yotktfiwt», it i< nn«forvi»w*1. will hv
plarr^l in rtumfh‘••i»»ti on il*« Pâclfio
an*! »tart for Manila«
Before permllllntf Naval ('»»natrurtor
H<>Laon to continuo the work ol raifing
th«* <'rn!«er Cristobal Colon, hla plant
muât rrrrlvn th« appr<»val «I Cha nava I
l*Mir>l of conattuition.
Ord«ra ! avt
tw’rn gltrn tn him tn applet In Wa«h*
Ingtnri on Tu» - lay nrit at a mwllng nf
th« l’onr-l. Mr U<»bw»n will !etall hla
fjlan for fitialintf tho Colon
H<* ¡.-ring It <l»'*na !•* t » a ! I tl»« » hi«-f
Intrtlhgvncn officer to th« m»*niber»hip
of th« lm«t t o(
melton» onlari
hav«* bown given to Cotntnan ’»*r Ulovrr,
appointing Him a mrtnl« îo! tho organ»
Captain A. S t’rownwhiold, acting
fccrrtary o! th« navy ha* given In*
atriicthm* to’C itmian i«r W»*at. r»‘tn»
mantling the gunboat Prim-«’ton. «hrvol*
mg him to pro •■■! Wrih In* vei»*«M to
^,»n Ju <n. I • rtt» hi <•, ai I take -t i’i<»n
there until relieve»!.
Th«» t rnf** r Newark will remain at
San Joan until iho arrival of thortolatw
with Comnaanrfer A
S Snow, and
«lien <'»»*!» r Snow a»*um«*a duty
aa commandant of the station, l(«ar*
Admiral S hley will I-«.ar I the Newark
ami mi I for iiotru*.
Work nf »hr < •>n*lr«»rll>>M llnragn Hur
i»l Ih«» War.
Wa-!)ingt»»n, 1 ». t 31
A large part
of the burden of e.niipt-lng th« United
States navy for th« war «ith Spain fell
upon th« eomtroctlnn traroaa of th«
In hi« annual rrquot, t'.irnrnn-
-lore Hitchlsrin, th« .-hl«f conatruetor,
furnishes many interesting rlnlail« ««
to this work, involving th« tranafonna-
-! in-
i: I i sf I
into efTe«-tivo naval v*-«--ls at short
taaiking to ti:« luturn, th«
chief constructor invites attention to
the importance of properly equipping
an ! maintaining plants at or near naval
stations along th« coast already estah.
Ilsheil and he stil tnlts estiniates for th«
purpo««, averaging ateut
each ca«o.
Beaiilea the long list of vernala por.
char«-! by th» government fur ua« aa
auxiliary crnl.ei., the report nays that
10 v««eeta were accepted by the govern­
ment from builders -lining the last
flre-al year. There- were the Iowa, Hol- ■
ena, Naairvillo, Wilmington Ann«|-o|is,
Marietta, Newport, Vicksburg, Foot,
an*l Wheeling
1'rogrcs** marl» on the veasela in aailM
of con.tiui lion haa i en very »«ti.fao-
The liehavlriv of all clawns of out
naval vessels throughout th« variou«
conditions nf ll>« war la set down a> a
source of gratlfloation to the construc-
tiuu l-iirvau, • In*,«- tl*. gtcalvt part "I
them were *le»ign«*l.
The chief «mstrootor pays a tribute
to th« Inrlefaligahle labors of th« con- >
st ruction corp» -luting the wat ami ox-
pre-*«*-, th« opinion that the Increase in
Ila perermnel has har lly been a» rapid
aa the demand
U)a>n III «--rvlcr«. i
Tberefnre. it ts urged that th« bureau
continue the literal policy II lias fol­
lowed tn ao.:gtiing officer, to the Curpg.
Th* Stagi<teer*s
( xm Angela«. Cal., O l. 81,—The en* I
gin« of the «atttwiund tram on tbe Man­
ta Harlwra braneb of th«* >o<itb«rn Pa­
cific ran off the track n«*ar t’arnulu« ata*
tton, and Engineer Davit war caught
under the cab and crushed to death. *
The fireman on tbe engine wat •er loue-
ly. but not fatally injured.
Will Kaalal Ittlgdsfl.
l'»-klng, Ort. 8t.— Th«re iw «
tr»«»T«’nwnt of CLin«oo irfwiph toward«
• I««* erwvwt •»( ♦>»«* <4nlf ««( lks*-1 .«< *lt|
to l-« «l'ir to an apprehen-
•itin of an attempt t>y a intriga p>«rr
to aaiio th« railway.
tba r»*»»4»»i Hamea Te**r«Ua> *!•*•«■»
b»r 14 1« III« r*«*l •<**<>»«•«.
Waahingt n. Oct. 81. —The prvehlent
to*lay i»*ue*I the fulfoatng Thanksgiv-
ing proclamation:
*‘fly the Pte»bient of th« Unitari
Th« ap*
Htatre— A
pr**»< bu g Novrint-er bring» t»»min»ltfo»
cuat»<-ma of our amwatura, hallowed by
time and rootial In our m<wl »aerr I
tfadittoua, of giving Khanka to Al»
mighty God fur all the blraalngv he has
vourhaatal t«» n« «luring the pa«t year.
“Few years in our history have
afforded anrli cnu*e for thanksgiving.
He have !w<er» btawed by abundant bar*
v«wia. »><w tra*le and commerce have
been wui.ilrrfully lncrea*p»l. out public
have been
Improved and
•trengthrnr«i. all «ret Iona of mir country
have i^-vn t»a< tight l'*grther an«l knitted
Into ci««*» r bond of national purpoae
an*! unity.
“The »k «•» have been f >r a time
darken»*) by Iho do«: I of war. t ut a«
we w< re cxnn|*rlied to lake up the «word
in the can»« of humanity, we are pet»
mlltril to frjol'*e that the oonftlrl baa
hoen of tulet duration. an«t the l<a»ea
we have h> ! to tr. urn, though grivvoua
and imj- itAnt, have been a»» few. con»
aidcring the great r*«eult> a* -«'emplisbed.
a* to Inaf ire ua with gratit nio an I
pra *e |«> tba Lord uf Hosts.
We may
l«u I and magnify Hla Holy Name that
tbe ce«.«atlon nf fowlilltieo camo ao toon
aa to »pare both sftdoo the count!»«» «or»
r«»w» an I <h«a»trr» that attend pro­
tie t«*«l war.
“1 .!«> thrfofote, invite all my fol*
h»w ritiaena, th<**e at homo »• well a»
Ihoae «ho may »«e at »ra or aojonrnlng
In foreign Ian !», to M*t apart an«l ob*
•« rvo Thur»day, tfio 34th »lay nf N »•
vetubet, a« a «lay nf national thank»»
giving, tn come together In their »«»v*
oral places of worship for a «rrvire of
ptalM and thanks to Almighty <h*l lot
all the bh'Ming nf the year, tho mild*
nosa of the flea*«*na and the frultfulnraa
of th« « ah I; far ti»e coh tin ned pr»Mijwrity
of the |M*<*i'lr. it>r (he drv.ilfon and
valor •»! «»ur * «»uDlrvmon; for the gl“iV
ikf i iif vietorv and tho |M>pe of a righte-
< mih pence, an») to pray that the divine
guidan»*«* wbh’h hat brought u* hereto*
hire U< oafeiy and honor may bo gia« i-
coaly continued in the year. to cum«.
In witne»» whereof, etc.
“Hy the President: John Hay, Soo*
rvtary of State.**
In Wntlna.
Fierce Battle With Indians
in Grant County.
THF. hash
kN r \ l I'.KMIN ATEI»
Raker CitJT, Ot., <k L 5H>. —A •|‘«olal
9r n Can»“ < *.v state* that a y<»ung
man who wa» am«ml»rr ot th« sheriff a
p>w>»v whhh i« pursuing the Indians
who Jvst»-rday shot tw«> settlers—thavid
Cuttings an I John High— an*l kill'd
two borers rl ’den by F Du* ran and F.
M’Sivt, Has Jost return»*«! I <’» son
< ily with s report of a drsnrrate fight
Vrtw«wn the poese and tlie Indiana
The 19 white men ai d five bn. k
warriors weia altout 4A f««H apart when
tt»« batt!« t‘»gan
<lr*>rg** Cutting«,
son of David t’uttmg«. recelvM a b*l|
in the l«ft arm, tiie missile pi-sing
through his lungs
Ono of the Indians, who wa< shot
kill«**!, fought will» d«e|><*rate
After Iwing repeatedly shot
he cuutinned firing his HO« until it
was empty an*l then fl -d hla revolver
until th« wrap* ii dtopprd «» l*»w that
the bullets struck the ground near his
George Cutting*, after l>rh'g * an-l*
«>1. started, in company with M Mo-
al«r. tor Is««, near the »*vne <»f the
trout)!«. The w* on !«•>! ti vi be .<m<* «»
wak -1/ at ho was ; ■ •
' lha 1 ill
propp«*l up agalnat a tree
When •<
searvliing partv wr t I»» I - k tor <*ut*
Ungs, they found h -
< I t<»dy e»*»r a
SpHr g to wh* h h»’ « !
< r I« h |
T i ,«
po««e continued in p<ir«utt of the In*
«Ilans, and, after a runnlrg halti«,
killed all five.
Kettlri* have aent to <’any»»n City
for mote ammunition, »tatif g that In*
dians are gathering aronn l U* * in largo
The tmubto amae over tbe In hana
accusing tlie whit«*« of stealing horse«
Thfltiatndt aif OOr«< Wlll
From Civil »•<*!«•
Was! ilngt»»n, Get
li ‘* under
•1« mm K that a peeeo.|< ntial edict rem oving
a large uunJ^r .»f government nfli era
from lhe vivil nervi e prwbabtv a ll tt»<
promnlgate*! bafote Thanksgiving «lay.
The order i»«>ne which ha* l»een In con­
templation for many month*, bftvii g
twen «leferrv»! from time to time nwii g
to preetuiw of war fonine«
A* at
present <!eterniin»»«| U|Min, the order
will affect upward« of
pla ea
will Inolmle deputy coltator» of in­
ternal icvenua, who are anthorit«**! I »
hem >me acting collector». ari i»lly serv­
ing in tlial <*ap»«*ity. Therw art» »! ««ui
of tbeae deputy » «»Hector«. The
largest ola»a aff»*« tewi 1» the corp« of ex­
amining et>rge«»n» of the ¡»eiiaion bu»
reau. of whom there are In ail <»v«»r
A! it ’»,l office deputy mar-
•hale, heretofore reported at t hiaaifiol
but con-*« rnintf wh<»*-» «talue tfo'ro ha«
!’<i«»a atifnn doubt, breauto of their be-
mg In the judicial l»ranch of tl<r» serv­
ice. am «'ipcts' i to I»* pi t*» I in ti>»>
exempt ela«w
Th» ««’ are other m atter»
Ing position*, including «<»n»w of » fl-hi-
Clary an-i < •»nil l»<ntia' * ira* ter. w: uli
will *Ai«*»c<«itc |-»4ail>ly aoverai hundred.
Mau san i lh». O't. 31.—Tin* United
States gnntMat iflst arriv«»l here to­
night with General Leonard Wood,
oorurnan !«r of the military !«partiu«nt
»i Sant) »;** a*' »onp»nt»*i by l4eut<*nant
MalHi» w Harms. < hi landing. Gen­
eral IVoo»| waa cto-oted with <*oh»nel
i'l ttit at I in« adjutant, at I he was
•ui»»' »|u» ntly r» • tved by Colonel Pet­
tit’s antire re-gimmt
General Woo*!
Kto'ii viaitt**! th« l><irri»'ks, I * «pita!«,
palaeo, cuetom h«»ua«* and |**atofficw.
<*c»lon<'l Pettit rr|x»ris tl>at Kite Cuban
General !*:<»« ts up| arcntly making
evrrv effort to prevent the disbanding
of Ina tr»M)| a. Tba Cuban commander
wi».h<M all the sugar estates in the
helglilMurnood to teH him how tliaiiV
men they can employ, an«! h« will gns»»
ant«'«* to supply all required <>n oondi-
ti n that only stdJieia ar« emp!«»ye*t
The pla: tors tinanim' iisly refuse tn fall
in with au» h an arrangement, consider»
Ing that it would I«** a Ir<•!»♦« union <»f
the strongest po**»ibte kin»! am! would
alt«» t«*nd to keep up tho Cuban mill»
tary organisation, which, In the Inter*
eats of tin* Islam), the planters are very
anilona to break up.
In tiieir opinion A|»|*«Wl for
nf th«» < ••• It
It would bu to»tt«r to hate noo»HBmsrut
«< r«rie.
than to attempt K ot> such conditions.
Pairs. Ort. 1** -—The court of rewta-
Lieutenant Lueicn Young, the com» lion, which is to decide upon the que«*
mnmler of th« Ihst. CM-atml more ex* t¡«»n of the hm » j .‘ntr.g of ibr .
«dtomerit on lamlmg than even General Alfred Dreyfus, the primmer of IM vi P h
\S **l him** If.
<.’row»!« gathered al island, who Is alleged to hare bren
the wharf to «»<* th«young oumroander. faìwely conrlcted of Milling un)«»Hunt
who, wit!» I.H'utcnants Itolm an ! Jun- military plan* to agents nf a foreign
g« n, of Kite H "fiir-t anil Wauipatu* k. ria- j*4»wcr, opened at noon today. Dining
fnat««l a whole flotilla of L'p»nl»!i grin- the •«-Mi<»n of the court, an anil-Drcyf ii
boats at Msnaanillo on July I la.L
tnoh num I hm i ng alwiut 100 pristina ai' I
A * to tli« report« from tb* headed hy MM. Druraont. Mill to VftVM
Cuban a«.**rnbly at Santa Crnx rl»l Snr, ani La».a, .limiting "Vive rAxnist"
G*-n»ral Calix til G v i a lias b»»n r|i<*a»n and "A morte I». Juif»!’’ attempted to
P*-r oian*-iit chairman of the organi a«
enter the .-irt, but the |>a.»age ol ti n
mob was barrel by the poll
ami large
ten for. .-'1. t,ts w»r*- ».-nt to g uard th«
• I-proa.'!» a to tbe court.
Iloulstrr l*rl»oM»F« Karat*« by tirana «•»
Maitre la Borie, who waa counsel for
a T wrm I*
M. 'Zola during the letter's famous trial,
Denver, Colo., Get 81.—A special was m-ati- I among th« lawyers, no- ii|.y
tn the Nows from Boubler, Colo., «ays: Ing tbs first low. Mr«. Dreyfus, wife
About 8:30 o'clock this evening it was ut the prisoner, was provided with a
discovered that live inmate* of ths seal In a corner. She was represented
county Jail had made their escape by by Maitre Mornard.
Ihv caae wa«<-allr.l imm.-liately after
tunneling under the wall. Tfiry are
John C Caaeidy, who w as t<> Isy sen- the opening of the court.
len**e I to lif« imprisonment for tbs llar-l a|-|>care-l for the captain.
murder <>( W illiam Rowe, al Hugarluaf;
Mifnrd W III Karel«» UiO m»«
Georgs and Edward Rowe, aeritene»!
Washington, <* t 28. —The award <»f
Io four and a half and aia vear» respe«,
lively for Oiiltlestealing; Nick Boucher, Kht» rh irf ju«!i<*<) of C ro R'I a , to wliu»n
awaiting trial for a»*snlt with intent arbitration w** vul n>iit**tl lit«* claim • f
to murder; and John Baptiste, serving Victor H M<*»r»l again*! th«* gov«*ra-
a three months* sentence for Isreeny. m»*nK of IVru for dam »<•*« «ti»iot r-l t>y
With caseknives and pie.-iw of wool iCAaon of itnpriM>nmrnK «lurlrg tha
the» had dug down sk feet and tunnel* revolutionary outbreak* llicr«*, b*« lr»<n
.--I eight feel to tlm outside of the wall. rrccivf**! at tbo Rtalc d»»p.nKmrnL
Id I g t'
iirt taken out nn-ler or.*- of <’or»l »• awar l»**l |4". > hi , I’-tvmcnt f
the cage«
Tti.'v had l*er-n al work tbi* amount will el«»ar Ibc diplomatic
•eversi .laya. No trace of the escapea cnntiovaray which bwi town in pmgre««
between Kl»e United fiiatca am) Peru
haa been found.
for »»me year», tbit ¿nYurnmant having
Ht. 1 hui «, <AL 81.—A « ixn 'I a I |o (he permtimKly urg»*| reparation for Mc-
r*«>Bt f)i«t«at* h from Hhcrman T«*» , * **?•?. T*:C
*’f ♦(»<• e«»«g*
«ay« a d ir ,i*ir»»ti« fir« occurred at Corti» vhlea Khat the money inu»t to* paid to
<*«na today. William Johnton and two McCord within fix moiHha from Kim
ch lidian tere burned to death.
dale uf the award.
Inurl*«»« In Chia» In Sta l>«R|ir
Baa Francisco, Oct. 81.—Ths vault
Oct. 81. — Admiral
Dewey has cabled the department that in the First National baah, umx I hy
Judge W'oif, of the W.df, Worden
everything is quiet at Pt-king and that
mysteriunaly direip-
no further trouble is anticípate*!, and C'liipanv. who
|**»re<l two months ago, was opened to­
that American in terra ta in China ars
day. ll wsa found to tre empty, and
hot in danger.
monev and se-'Utille« amounting to
Oswego. N. Y., Oi l. 81.—The Ton­ <10,000 Irelotiglng to tlm Harsh M.
kin River teller and engine works in Pearson »»tale, of which Wolf was «1«
Wolf was
thia city were destroyed by fire early to­ eon tor, ar« now missing
day. lreea, |li>5,tMM).
Otto finyder, aup|H*«ea| to have m»t with foul ’play
the night watchman, peri»be«l In ths in Oregon, but later on waa aeen in
< hi*ago.
Mteseefel fg| Will <»• Riffa*
Vii. MeCnr« Claim.
New York. Oct. 81. —It la atated at
th« navy-yard that th«cruiser Brooklyn
will sail for Manila by way of the Burt
canal on Tue» >•/ or Wednesday with
recruit», ammunition and an ppi lea for
Admiral Dewey’a fleet.
On her way
•he will coal at Colombo, Ceylon.
Work on the et wiser Chicago la advanc­
ing rapidly and it la tadlevnd that «ha
will be rnady nett week to go into com­
mi eslon.
Lims, Pera. Oct. 81.—Th« Peruvian
government has vkod e*-ngreea to vote
the ■ h i of It",-" -■ to I ly th« claim of
Victor II McCord, -■ solar agent of
tl-e United Htates si Areqoipa. Peru,
in I « - I. agv -I III« govern m nt for
damages »ostained by ronron of Im«
prlaonment during th« revolutionary
outbreak, tn accordance with the award
of the Right
Hon. “Omini Henry
Strong, president of the supreme oourt
of Cena la.
btiit'lde «vf • V«s|ttel«i»r.
N«w York, Oct 2»—Philip It N.
Hlldr.-th, 28 years old, a member of
troop A, New Yurs volunteers, oom-
rtiliie-l suicide st his homo In this city
w hi I" del I ri- is fn*m fever
In f’orto Ki -.*. He shot him-«!! through
the hi* I with bis army revolver.
Ths ri«a<i» el ^«smartea»*«!.
Hl. Petersburg. Oct. IS. —it la now
rrcognir I tlnit the epidemic prevailing
at Samarkand la the true plag»«,
mortality ia high.
(.••»•re <'
(’hiragfi, Oct. H*t. —A aprcKI V) th«
K«wa from Washington «aya: Tr«aanry
offinlala ara asrrelawl over an official
warning that haa o»»ino to them from
the authoîitlra In f'ana<la that aovaral
pronoun«ol < aere of iaprogy hare aww
raaafully ahi fwl (ha American Itrgpact*
ora an<l oro»«M the line Into lha United
Offi<wra of tba Immigration
bnr»'«u w«ra rffiiront concerning the
inai 1er. hut admltt«**! th« y ba ! raralvafl
Of the neatly 1,000,000 Inhabitant!
the official warning from Canada and
Willow woorl ia tb« moat available had taken extraerJinary mean« tc ap-
of Berlin only 42,OoO hare an annual
f r tb« uh of pow<l«r tuanufactur.
incorna of over »7&V
vrrbend and expel the lepore»