The Santiam news. (Scio, Linn County, Or.) 1897-1917, November 04, 1898, Image 1

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Bank of Scio
Tt« Czspialoa for tùi Iks*, st 1305 .
w' * • **
ri ni i»nki> KVKBi rt ihsî
CAPITAL. $20000
S ä ••ml *1 th” !•*••«► T.«-* *t Ärk». Offftwi, ••
* h «4 « l»-« nukif
t» MW«
A. J. JobnsoB ! l r-9 imintiUi,
annerii. mvarUOly in alvwnne
fi M
1 0*
J. W. Gaines
%tiverll»in< r»tr»
U<r. living rat e*. IO t*
C.T.Jotmi ■
Vice President
W i»rn its»uv«1*r I« given ft»r Owir tnwrtkm.
——— .............
I hie« a general tnnklnk and ex-
Kay, Judge Barton, what« lhe
< li*nge luislne««.
Ixmn« made at matter with that county poor farm?
current r«!e«, and draft« issued on
principle eitle«.
The county court i«gett!ng things
ready for that now court houx*.
Bld« will be opened at the January
The apple crop of Germany thl«
vear will lie .mailer in
I quantity ami
iioorer In qunllty than any gathered '
in recent year*.
Lad ita Hair PrtMing
«/ Ä’ IP A’/. ¿’A’.
All kimi« of w al< lie. < Io. ka ind Jew
elry repaired promptly.
EAST unii sol ili
.. _ VIA _..
—of thr
I ijtrrM IralH« Irai» rnitlaMd Onllj
HAY -i
* • j
W» ■
* ’• » M
» M>r m
• K M
..Ari ;■ a. A. M.
I.« » te a . U
*Mf» >'ranrs*><» 1.» . • ■ R M.
|*r»r 1 land.
Tl «Uivr t;«»<
kt *
.t na
•*«’ *rl Und
••'gW’trm, < 'w»k
ft ! » hhr Id, lUlar*),
« ly.
» G«vnr,
< Haiget..
l>ra It*» tKXf -. nd M'd «41 ’t<-
I m f
alLj C « 1 Ì ».... i >
a ad
jt r M I 1 v
’*•* * M 1 Al . ÄAWtvrfe
A f«a»sN
L-r t4a.»«Mfi
A j car. Y
* 'W « M. Ar
r« r. I »
S im .»«m, Ì At
A J 1 • 5« À*
j ♦ ‘1-T r
1 V ■
•* Â.
.»«* Ar
1 ▼
1 v
? H J A aW
i Î
' < <»Jp.H*.
4 r 1
,.t » 1
II*.'. j> 1 rr •
«.I ,»»».
a.I .in.
ltitling Car« on Ogden limite.
F a U xus Su£(t Eltexcr«
— A MH—
rr.i oxtx i A«« si kxi-iM« i »I«
âtu • « .♦ !. 1 . (O«< », • • » i •
W« *t Si«!e Division.
Mmil trnin «!»
I n
» m <1 < n»r » «Ilio.
u . .
r f « | *•
’ Jn- »1
E» I Ar .... « . . « w<’ •
•l'h«O <41
I % »
KApr»»*irsi« d«■ 1 j irir*pi
a a.
• r
‘i’.. p ro
* < a !■ ».
, .
•• la, ,
at l •
iV ' 5 boa tu
• « •»
«tire, t com.s.1 .
> un»«lai »nd «>riaut«1 sn.l e». n
•Inp Ilio* Mw Jsrvx a„,| «Itisi
. >*»» . n
«• .( ,
li, Kn» HI I » Mi »...
Ex-Po*l master General
! maker, at Iluntlhglioi, Pa., in a
«jw'ci h, discu»«***! taxation, «sying
that in Pemisylvani « tho heaviest
burden re«!« on tarmerà.
(>ur tredewlth M«*xleohasinerea«-
i ,i| troni i ló.i*«'.’»«’In BtliOto alinosi
412,'»«'.'"») In IW7. The market* <>f
thè world are our» If we go after
tbrm In thè irne Yankee «pirli.
The expenses of Great Britain arc
now about f r«.,i.i yearly or
nearly SI. <■»> per minute, hut every
tick of the clock representaan Inflow
<>f a little of. r tM doll ir. Into the
treasury, thus I< ning an annual
»urplu» of aiauit f 2< I. nt a i.i a >0
Mr. Simon, who Un« lately <-lccfe<l
lulled 8lat«*" senator from Oregon,
1« itic fourth J* «- upon whom that
honor has been tM**t*>wed, th<- other
three ta'lng liivld Yulee, of Florid«;
Judah I*. Benjamin and B T. Joon«,
of I a>ul «ana.—St n Francisco Jewi»h
Time« nod < thaerver.
A lilllo I mo W; » on III*« in
! his little liiyl.t rfr.
»ayil.g lii-
prayer«,anil Id» Ritlo «l«ter coulden’t
, ic»l«l the temptation Io tickle the
»ole« of his feel. He stood It a* long
»« he couid, and then he Mid:
"Pl«a«c, God, exeu-c me while I
kmak lhe »lulling out of Nellie.”
••1'dltnr I’I is I jm , of tho F In N •
on« of the best gution
gtHlOO up papore
I tho valley, wn» in
I t hits city J7 h Ì* i /.”—
I democrat.
«rolagl.rl I Mraaxb.
W «Maat irti t C
.'b. It.»
t«|> U». 1.»
Wr»! ►<■!*>
. .. Xatrtvn
M p m *
Gov. laird 1« »pretty nervy gentle
man, lint he dldvn’t have th« *an<l to
put hl. autograph I > that general
appropriation bill.
Six thou»inii distressed farmer,
recently invadili Tokio, Japan, and
petitioned for un citandoti of thi
perliat of tax exemption.
Work guaranteed strictly Oratela -
Thank« Bro
Notting. We’ve
traded hat. twice and »till the pres­
ent oue will only «it on top of our
l.ati> dl«|Mlche-i «ay licit the ar
mop-d crui«er, Marla Tereaa, that
naval constructor llolcon •tin*<*<*<|i«l
In floating, I. now calling and will
•oon ».-ill under her own »team for
tho l.’nllcd Stites. Iler engines are
in n very »ntl«fa< lory condition.
Th« coat to put her in good condition
will he about tl.ikO.non, thia done,
■hewill ba worth *
Trying to reform our government
is to Its extravagance by means <>f
political |mrtl<*s |s like trying to get
rid of mosquitos -you can only drive
off one awnrm that may la* «ati-ficd
tn give room for a new and hungry
¡uno. Either some effectual way
muvt la* fonud or eisi* we lead better
let tilings alone anil stiffer patiently
the evil« for which there seem no
.remedy, Franeenow «inc«* a quarter
-entury under a republican govern­
ment like uur own and often I’li pa
tlently m*king change» find» her
««•If bolH le»«ly staggering tinder a
debt frightful to contemplate.- Sen
When the legislature meet« In
« tl M ooms A. 11. » A 1. . <,, January the .i—< -«mr*nt and taxa­
tion law.i should la* thoroughly re­
Hai«« ai.e
- . > - - . |»
.vi |
Al*>.4,l«n II,
„ a„,| Vi». vised, as «hould also the school l.iw s.
ir»lla..«n I» nbtan. a
Mi. M,*.W<»,1. There 1« no longer necessity tor the
MSI srr. •
«■ ■
county clerks to la* put to the tie ivy
a J
>HXMi» iw > '
. .
«•xpioi»e <>f making transcripts of tho
assessment rolls for filing at the «late
hou«e, «Ince there 1« no board of
equal!»-.lion to consider them. The
txiard <>f «talc levy requires a sum­
mary of the totals only. They have
no use for th" assessment in detail.
The road law« also need revision.
The«e maltera all reeulre pntn»tak
Ing consideration, nml now that the
senatorial question nml lhe hold up
1 For YaqiiiriT
legidalvte t*avc been disposed of w<*
Train leavre« Alcanv,
12:50 p. m. may expect some g>aal work at
1:45 p. m. regular se»»h*n
“ arrive Yaqulos
p. m.
Th« four train« that furnl«h the
2 Returning -
•ervlcc of the Santa Fe limited !»•
Leave* Ynqtiin*
7:00 a. m. tween (hlcago and lx>*
1 l:-|o a . ni without change a distance of 22!rt
Arrive Altwny
12:25 p. m. miles, ire to he lighted by < l-n-tri ity
gem r»ti«l by the axle«. The equip
mi nt of each train will aggregate
For I»etrolt—
192» cat die-power. All tn-rlhs will
Leave* t 'orvalii*
7:00 *. m. tie providid with la rth light«, and
H;0fi n. m. they Will la- the first in the world
Arrive Detroit
12:25 p. m. tn carry such a large »upply of ligtit
service exclusively from the car
axle. It 1« the further Intention
Leave* Detroit
12:40 p. in. to run lhe haaimolive headlight«
6.05 p. m. tfrom lhe Miue«rrvlcr, thu»axl«ltgh
Arrive Curvalii»
0:55 p. m. tlnglthe entire train. The ex|« ri
meni hMbeeu tried Ina limited way
t and J conno, t at Albany and for the l»»t two year«, with results
For .-aU!a with .* nuthern Pacific train »<> «•tl«f»ctory a« to u arrant |i«eXt«n.
pivieg direct er vice Io and from •Ion u» conti inplat'-d. Tbeyear will
Newport and edf «cent bi ni hcs.
bn considered wonderful hereafter
Train for the mountain« nrrive nt which dne« not mark an extension
lietrolt at noon, giving ample time of electricity to the service of man
L« reach camping ground on tho The wonder .it »ucli extension ha*
hreltenbnrh and *• intlam river« the long given place to expectation,
that the world is now prcp.ireil Io
«ime day.
nrs-ept without otie«tlon anything
tt. I- WAt m x
l'l>Wi\* Sn.XI',
new in the line of electrlcnt dev, I
V. F. A »• V
M inqgcr
Th* principal aitricilon* by The
Youth'» < ominniiHi for the remain
Ing Weeks of I S'*« pro, I'lv a foretaste
The dean up of thl« year'« output ■ •f the good tiling» to follow In the
of Klondike gold rent to th" Vnllrel
newv.ilum" for !*'• To th» fir*t
Stales «•»»)• *>fiii<'« mid mint» amount
issue tn Novemtfcr Frank R. Block
Io Ffi,Ouija«i.
Ion will contribute a humorous sketch
President M. Kinley ba« ordered riitltli<l 'S him * of My ihrg«.” and
that JcfTcrwin Barrack», Hl la*ul«, ill tlm l**ue for the Wrck of Novelli
l>e made a« large a military po«l a» tber I'Mh will ap|>ear Bmlyard Kip­
any In the country,
ling's thrilling «tory ot the tier<>l*m
.‘wcretary of War Alger «ay« that of Milfller» in the rank», "The Bur
<'<*!. Bryan, of lhe 3d Nebraska Bcgi nitig of the Sarah Hitnis.” In the
menl, has never naked and has never •ev« n i««ue to follow there will tw
.oeitrlbiilion« by l.ord
lawn denied ¡uiy Indulgence.
Report* from f'nneula show that William H. Howells, J. E. < him
American Import« Into China con iwrlin. the A merli in w ar correspond
tliiue Io increase, while thore of rut. Mary K. Wilkin«, lion. I horn«»
B. Ilvi'l, lhe Mao|Ui* of le*rn«-,
all other counirie« de •reare.
Mme. I.dllsn Nordica ami I. Zing
Added to the common horror« of
will. Those who •utsscritw’ now for
Arctic wInter.«mall|K,x ba« broken
the PW* volume will receive every
<>ut ami I» raging with great viru­
November ami Ihs’emlfer Issue of
lence at lMwsfin < By, Klondike.
The i ompanioii from the Hum of
Bv accepting th* degree of Ika-tiir •ulwcriptlou to lhe end of the year
of Ixiw« from the t hl<-.*go I'ti*v* r«ltv free, the l otn|ianloii t'alen lar for
It mu»t not be Inferred that I’resi IfiBB free, and then the entire ’*2 is­
dent McKinley is going to give up sue» ot Tin* I'omjMinlon to January
bls old jaiMllou ns the advance agent I, I9PU. An lllu«’.raled mino«ince-
of prosperity.
meni of ttiv i«’,'J volume ami «ample
At San Francisco, Ca! , last Weil- copies will la* sent free to any on»
ncsilay, Franklin Brow n, a hypnotl«! addressing
'The Youth*« Companion.
of mite, died al tho tiermail ilospi
tai. lie tried tn hypnotlge a lion 211 • oluinbu* Ave., B >»ioti. 'I i-s.
several month« ago. but the animal
A >ig D»*l.
bit him, causing ! i I< hm I poison,
Ii|*cu*«loii« regarding the relative
tin« of tho bigg •»! real catnte uml
merit« of lil«mnrk ami Gladstone
•i*em to have «lop|«-d at the very flmiticlnl di il» ever ciirMumimiti*d In
Alixmy I» the tiansfer of the entire
reasonable conclusion that the former
dlil all he could for Geriirmv nml bualni*«« nml n««ct» of Hie Altvmy
II ti I Id I u g imi l.iKin A "Orin t Ion Io the
tbe latter all ho could for England, j
Aetmi Saving« mid l'ru«t t’o., of
Astoria 1» a very lively place. A | Butte, Muiitiir..-i. Representative»
few day« ago a couple of member» of the company, < Inrencv t raue.
of »Jury there hail a regular fist fight Pacific CiM-t maiiHgur, nml II.
over tbe care in the Jury room, ami l»iy, »la'Clal agent, have Iw-en In the
Hie row wan almost general «n much city for several week« arranging for
feeling was engendered over th*' the transfer, awl A. It. ( lement«.
»ei ret.iry nml manager, i« now livre.
At the l i«t meeting of the Alixmy
Recent statistic» «how that under
l*> year» there arc more boya than Building mid l/Rin Associ Ilion the
girl«, but over 75 years there are directors voted to accept tin* i>roj«>«i-
more women than men, and from . lion of the Bulte company for the
the ages <*f '.ci to l<«l lhe proportion | transfer of the business and a meet
1« about three to two in favor of the 1 ilig of all lhe stockholders has been
entlad to meet on Tuesday, !>ec<-mla>r
il, for tin* purpovo of ratifying amt
A Baltin or** geniu* cl iim»b * haw
confirming the action of tlie lanini.
hit U|am an easy pna'C»« of extract­
The asset« of lhe n»«<»-liit|iill ti !>«■
ing gold trom sawdust. Instead of
turneil over i<>n*i*t« of atmut fti2,lMhi
crltlclalmr the admlnUtratlon ami
st dlr,
III Io ill* ami $ 11,*»"> III real • estate,
howling calamity any man can pro-
I h '- h I vs »nine thousand or mure dol­
per nowtiays w ho w ill »tv nothing
lars in casti. —Herald.
and keep on Rawing wmid.
Admiral Nchlvy 1« quilted a» aivlng
Taenia» Bay Improvamcnt.
In an iddro*»a to aoni
iilea of tin* reinlion« of tiiw navy to
Bids were <>|»m*d In Portland
the ladies Is: <‘ur arms are their Tuesday list for tbe work of Im­
defeiiMi, tlielr arms are our reeom proving Yaqulna harlior under the
|a*nsu.” Ill« name 1« pronounced contract «)s ell! recently authorl/.* il
Sly, ami «ly he seems to la*.
by congress.
Follow ing la a list of
Not «a!i«ti<*d wl*li the extension the bidders nml till
of their work over t uba. Porto Rica each bid:
i tiri'tio, Ixiwc &
and Hawaii, the Episcopalians of Hie
Wakefield A
I nlleii State» have voted toestalillah < hicago,
anottier missionary district in Japan. Jneotison, Portland, $fiO8,7tk>; John
Tin* Episcopal tan« believe in terri­ Kernan, Portland, j OH.UIO; Altmnv
torial exiMimii'in and arc at >dl time« Contract Cu. Allainy, HxlJ,7'JI; W.
prepared la gel Io u*i tho ground ■ t. Prather, Jr., Okl.uid, t al. $67«,-
6«k; Campbell A- Buckmini, Kan
Francisco, **>»<•,, ( alumina Bridge
It la reported that Wlllia*n Wai- Co.,, ¿47,569.
>rd Astor while In Igyndon where
The specification* require Ihnt the
he reshles coireiderably won i. >,<«■»
by betting that twenty -seven people • government shall not ta* obllgited
could dilie without crowding them to pay any more than >MM),out! on
»rives around a (California Ucv. contracts In any one year.
The Chicago firm is so much la*
Though somewhat of a hlaretcd
low any other bidder iti«aforegum-
Engllshm .n wenregl Kl tiiseo Hi »f,.„„c|u.|„n that lhe contract will |a>
i I d Ilf! Inf MJ
H 5 r nr
\ till t
It! ‘ f
■ J tar.d
up for something
lol tu it,
only our big tree«.
.............................................. ..
Till. SsXTtAU Si»' < hess col
umn. will be dcvotcil to g«mc* a nd
end game«, th«ch«*« isillor tielievlng
that ch««* pl*y«r* on tl • l*s. fl
c*ia»t. like ih«*< players elsewhere,
are iiiti r«*t<-d In practical opening
and brilliant end game», and moat
•’•ioy a lively gioie.
It «hall I»' the pur pore of thl*
column, It give rhrw*
nn<! ml»
dn sscs of player«,amt to en lugurat«
tournanii ot«, as fast a. we can.
Biographic d notice« will appenr
Any che»« l««-k in print c.m bo ob­
tained from th«* t ile»* Ixlitor and ai
the lowret price.
Wn solicit exchange« with editor*
having che*« columns.
All cummunicatlons «hnuld
ndilri-*<-d to
S. A. lO.VA&EV.
Thoma« tire.
No. I. Twenty oue solution« have
l«>«in rvci ivtsl up tu dale, t ut 1»)
•|vcial rc«|ue>t further time 1« grant
No. J.
I ll- R * ch
2 Kxlt
2 It—R 7 ch
3 KxB
3 R-K 1 ch
1 K -H 3
1 M--B i ch
5 K move»
.• Il - Il ■ > mate»
Solvcii by
S.. I*. It. T . Il S.,
8. Old tslexlge,
Sleilgc i •apart,
,<>*■>, <».,
Only a Begitiner. Fir« Triil, , Vno.
t hesslst, P. P., < . Art, N F. I»..
My «• If, "sin Frani'i««*o, Fresilo, H
Art, PII i'ry, Ben llolman, llolly
V., 8. 8. A . tigden, Arbela, M)
Wiiy ami 17 otfier* ubo prcpired
timi n imes tei noi pnblislie l.
Fall Stock
My new I'all Stock is now
aliont all in ami nix stört» is
piloti full from (’«‘llf'r to <‘<*il-
inir with Nice, Noliliy, Now
ami Ss’Hsonnbh’ good* ot all
kinds, all liought at. .
AinI will br so | i | at
iiuiif can lient
I Uxl* eh
I K x<| only
2lt <f B : tu ile«.
Nolvial by ».ime n- No <* 2, cxcci l
< ig-lcn, ami a|»o bv* M. Me., <’. <>.,
Il il llrdw ty nml Vulcnn, M ly nml
K<*in<*<iil>< r, I r«i't rt V! i y
low any one to iiiidenudl in«*,
Bion* tor produce.
HI <1>IIHK*|S>M i x r-
J 8 li Hopkins, Parratt Colo.
Tlianks for contrabulhins; they
appear l'iter.
Moti! reni Wltneas— Thnnks
«ampi«* copie«; aec* mitici» m*xt wm k.
Problem No. 2.—Coniposed
inllv for T iik S anti a m N i w» t»V W.
A. 8hetikm.«n. Grami Ripld» .Mick
f? Mv stock i« Larger,
IU*ttor S«*|(H‘t«*d and
I’rice» are < lu a|H*r
than over li«*tor«’ off«*r«*<l th«* people* of
Scio and vacinity
I am al*<> sdling more goo<ls than ever
before and constantly gaining new cti*»-
t'Hi!i I -, I lli «.* fart» .dune n r proof ]*• ■*■
itiv« that I have tin* Right Good* and
W hite to play ami mate in three
Th« 1’heladclphla Tim«« 1« on our
desk mid has ail ably edited che»»
column, lhe 2cr- found tn the l«-ue
fur Oct 23 are splendid» to lover«
of ch«*a. See them in our columu
next week.
The Mmtreil witness I* r. ceived
and -pice forbid* our notlcu thi*
week, will a little Inter give the
which the chess
editor deserves In the able m inner
in which he conduct» the Mme.
J. S. l> llopkiHsconlrlbuatc* some
annotated games.J wliicw will find
place In due time.
ridilli 44**4* ¿)@©@@ill iddi ill
Tho Orange Judd Farmer thus
CAmts of the Phi2;pu;ei.
figure» up th« apple crop- The up |
pie crop o( the I Tilted St >te« l««m il
The extreme length of the Philip
ler than It ha» been »inc« reliable pine group being from north to south
■■tail-tics have been collected. T he their northern extremity reaching
total «upply fr«m the l»*i« crop of to the northern limit of ttie tropical
According to the financial «late
th« t’liited state» 1« 27.OJO.OoO twr gore, cause* a coiisider.tble variety
r«l«, comimrcd with something over <>f climate. However, Itic general meat of I'o.i c. uuty the 2 per cent
t'i,i»»i,i»«i |»«t year, and 70,000,000 In chnriicierisllct are teopieid. In the I reduction In the legal rata of Interval
th« record-breaking crop of l«»7. region ot Manila tlio hottest reason will mean a yearly MVlng of «olili
The failure 1« wi<ic»preid, reaching | 1« from March to June, the greatest thing over fl«o».
from the I’.icltlc c<Mi»t to Maine, and lieitig felt In May licfure the
In none of the state« doe» the out rain« «et In, when th- maximum
tcm|>erature range* from « • degree«
put ot fruit approach the average.
to I'.» • degree» in the shade. The '
Speaking of tho Marion count)
coolest weather occurs In Hecember
< IF -
election c.i»es the < upit.d Journal and January, When the tempera­
• iiy»: The tact that Judge Burnett ture falls at night t<i *"■•> or t'»T degree*
ret aside the Indictment» on merd)
and aeldom rise« in the day above
National importance
technical ground*, a defect In the 75 degree*.
I rum
November to
mechanical allotment of the one February the sky Is lirlght, the at­
gr ind Juror, but considered the In
mosphere cool and dry. and the
dictment g>N«l enough to hold all weather in every way delightful.
I lie defendants umlt-r heavy t»iml»,
■ hows that mi far as Judge Burnett
Ths Crojon.
1« concerned the crime 1» held to
have been committed. 11« acted
wl«ely in not |a>rmittlng Its ap|a»al
to be taken under the clrcumstauc“« up m the Oregon'« departure from
Now York t i return to the I'.u iflc
Dilly, by mail,
ft. a year
•'Turn Ixick thy prow, oOregon.
I hilly and Sunday, by mall,
a year
Toward thy We.tern home;
I m Carllrllr, let It lare Issa oalr No focman's «hip will bar thy way,
Or cro" thy tr ick of foam
va SeeS t'rlAar and Kaater
By day, by night, like hound» in lea«h
N i more thy engine« «train
Tf-r« «re two occurrence« far re­ To reach the sepulcher where sleep« la lhe greife I Sunday New‘piper
Thy «i»ter «hip the Maine.
In the world.
niovrd from the ordinary. The truth >•
touched for by local paper« In th« oh. nobly haatthou ,>l.iy, d thy part—
Price '«• a copv. By m ill 12 a year..
neighborhood where th«* »re salii Io
Though half the world away,
have taken place:
«■|.lrr*. rill «I ». Sin X nr
Like arrow fr> it« mark ye s|>ed.
All kitiih nf l.utnl'> r ■'.l'h, Door*, Mouldings. Shtn-
In Ironton, O, Mr W. B Horton, a
To Juln and win tho fray.
gl< ■», Faint' and Oiln always on hand ...
well-known cltlxen, la the prom! poa- Go hack, O Or- gon, In p.-1 e;
aeaM,r of a parrot Ibat lay» egg» In rap-
Mid womirou« deed«, and l«>ld.
Ready tn.ide l'offìns
tlvlty. This of Itaelf 1« «aid to lw re­ Thy ru«h of fourteen thousand mill «
Shall evermore be told.”
markable, aa three tropical hcsutles get
out of the egg la)ing habit when cage,!
Ninette M. Lowater in N. Y. Sun.
Hut thia bird did more. A year sg*- ah«
laid an egg on Good Friday and another
The Eugent* Guard toll* a potato
tai ,T . vor t in
•m't 1kk«M«««U .»4 S« m *. t«e 11*V l«lf.
Knd SAVt MOIft UKMt.l»
on Enater Sunday. That wat al! Thia »lory that would not be believed
” i» i ».„» I., no, • »<i»l«r
___ fn fluir
« mìi I iw M
in t he ir <>« n miri - ncait»
1 ii.tinlbs
T » Q i l tolta-«) easily Mill
uja <-
|t I«
year, renieinliering th« Jay and date, out«lde of the alate. It sty« Alfred
rjiANftMJon nr-M
■tMBlttlY re<g» e- •
i nndiM fr«r *t
nelle, tuli of lift, nervo and vigor, tane SuTo
•be did the »ama thing. Just bow ah« Blanton oime to th« city with a load
« ) ir *>«<! ri|yqu«i rlrfitiAtr,
line ifcsj witiikf vorkor iba< n alt»* weak men
' mmu UM v , u <» gu«*«, »<« k*. ««¿ary
kept track without an almanac ia the of 25 bushel» of Pt « rlt m |> >Lil<<-«, of
■«roof AH <iru«.»u. MV <’t ti. CwrofuavM
l2r«f< rvnxrn.
H kiel ar. 1
«umtHo free
wonder. She will be w .itched next year, which there was ruta potato that
HetiirH K. lb’««. Wr» •,
d Homely
. > or New »
iMpt M . (. litaag*».
and If th« «am« thing happen« «be will weighed lena than 2! pound«, and
some weighed ia high a« In ponnds.
be looked upon «• a marvel. Indeed.
Down near Bvan»srilia they had a and that he had 250 hushelg more
thunderstorm a week or two ago A of just »uch potatore.
lightning «trok« »hirer*! a tree near
tbe housu of Dr. Bendereon. who Ii<»»
Murk a «liIp of paper Into ■ hnn-
near tbe village of St. Philip. It rot drei! equal »pace« and parte It vn the
only abatiered tbe tree, but It hrok« ■ide of a gta«« vessel of uniform di­
31-r «:p>r • « Iri;C« • fura Marlin M>*•!*!
every pane of g'aaa tn the ho’ite. Some ameter, piacikg one eml ex «div nt
IW. . « «f *
■ Ih., ha
thing like 174 new light« of g *»» will- the bottom. Fill with milk tn th«
□l-r-ellbrr rarlriHge« f«»t ai.j «rfhrt (•»
irnn’rr |kw»<t* . e.»** «ni 4,«M» « |h<**«e«Ni|
tv needed
make rhi
wa« tiefora lb« lightning playr.i lit hour, the number of «pare« occupied
X« al»
l ei* 1 ”* * r . mie f
prank. So «ever« wet the »hoik that
fWee »né •> 4 h* W tr* ••• ibe»»'. R rxr •*» kwt
the worshiper« in a church bard by
«*rtn «ère *111« U.é <i> tfnf M^eg *a4
tirate ns «
««¿ im |r--Sta. p ¿tM t»pm. v»
thought an earthq'jah« tad ' ■«! <• Thia can be ma Je a*
Babcock tester. If divided
. ' - .
», n .< » • ■» Ìrwe, u
ti.« thu, ‘emterm then reg
e*«»4 •*»ntì>e n*e f** .*»*
fewer «pam, the perron tage
Uf NAWUrf r-rtATM*
rend ill la hgurui out.
* * *
\\’i‘ have jn*t receiveil a new
l<»l of heating nn<l cook stoves
ot standard makt? and latest pat­
tern, including the vcr\ l.itrst
stxlrs in air-tight heaters, (’nil
mid ins|M»ct them
XEU Sand 01’1 XIOXS
C. Gil) and Son ..
The Sun
( ’onta in*' I >< »I h
The Siiinlav Sun
CO. 1
I'Uut KIl I OK s ——
All kinds ot mill work on short notice
Mr riir* an* tii*t-class and my liorse«
are ¿rood drivers.
hack I
all Triics al w.u Scio, asi Mtrami Tran d SMlm