The Santiam news. (Scio, Linn County, Or.) 1897-1917, November 19, 1897, Image 2

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    The Saniiain News
Iklrfr.llug < «.llrrll**»» •»< < urrrnl Hiehlt
tn < ««»««I•>«»••'«!
I "rui
I rwm
liw-.ll« ( • •»»«
Rear Admiral A telan* tor G »l ien
Rhind. ü. H. N., I» «lend at hie how®
in New York city.
Hr ba t losen cmd -
fined to hi« bed for five week*.
The Ial«»r troubles win» h have taren
brewing :n Ramlaburg. Cal.. fur ar «nr
Ilina culm inai»* I WedtHswIay, when
about 100 mwaiber* «»f the minera*
union w»-nt In a tavly to th«* Roxie
mine ami ¡e*rrmj»t«»r»ly drove superin­
tendent Clarke ami five mm out of the
camp for working IwJuw the rebe«lole
uf the union.
A new Industry ha«
starts! tn
Owrn»U»ro. Ky., with 100 rmpk**<<*.
It I» to Utilise vornstalk rrlluhiao for
lining IxittlrahljM»
Materials for mak*
it»g an imitation uf «ilk an ! for making
cellttlo’d are among the pr»*d*i« t*.
|w»r i« another product,
W. \t Gibb«,
of Philadelphia, i» president, a ml the
atorkli«)hler« are I aatrrnrra.
Th* owner« of the German whip Po
trim J«.*
strand«*»! at l*’g B* *
IV a* b, hare bought two |0,ou0 ¡«»und
anchor« of the Uni!«*! Mate« warstep
Vandalia. which
w»a k I at * »n -a
several year« ago. and will »hip them
from >AU Prenci« n at »•• ■
for uro in
fl»'«ting the P«»triin|MM n* it mouth.
1« r I ¡»acted «hat the «hip will Ire put
into deep water In I«*»« than a mouth.
A re mon st rame- again«l
Chine*® f «*l mtuer« to I“' » -■’..parted
Into the »tat* for th* purj**ro of min­
ing coal at W lltning’on and other teat»«
in pia- e of the striking mi»«r», will 1»
¡>la< I before Governor Tanney in th*
name <»f the Unitel Min«v workers uf
11 Hutes. Th«’ goVrri <«r will al*» I»»
a«k«*’l to roopvrwte with th«» secretary
of the miner»’ f«d®ralb»n in k»-«-ping
jut the coolie lal*»r. he* retan R? an
uri if the Chinero com® bl«*.»!» st*!
will aurrly rvault-
If Governor Tanner
refu***« t*» interfere P h *» dent M» Kinley
will lie appeal**«! •«».
Three men were l-i|rn«*d to death II)
a fire al H«»t Spring». Ark
Marshal B!an«v» ha» riten !»*d a full
pardon I«» all rei»'Is hi Cuba.
A rumor baa re.»» h««d ‘•iiah it vt a
native offt-er ami 3ft s ki»« Ite» r-g*rg
to the Kurrnm esdu
brnm intnf*
r**pted by th* if »lx» ui rn in a raviue
and » laughter«s|.
Two nu’ii met d«*ath iti ^<»*ith»*rn «ir*
tint* »a.» «truck and hurle-»!
fr*»m a trrMir lo « train nit th«* ** 'lib­
erti Pacific, th«* other ua« run over by
the «am«* tram while »witching m ths
yar I at Grant’« !’.»••
A Naple* -ii*pat- i »ays Vour t V«-su-
A ma*e of
vins is tn gr« at act iv ity.
Uva 1» pouring oui from the Arti«» <!e
< sveli»» crater, wb:< Il <»|>4’) « d in IftUA.
Two will® stream« «1re fiow nig down in
the »lireciten ”f VB ruva s nd Hi ano «tel
A Icrrildt* tarninr 1» r.,/ og m the
pnivnu e of Ar»’ha».ge|, Hu»«**
have already died of «tarvatmn. The
l*r«»ple wander about roim'«1*! »boost to
akrlet««na, the lira*ls aw.»Hen to the »lie
of biuketa. The «»hly m< an* of »ut«*i»t
once is tea.
Th« chamber of commerce of <»1»
Fran» »<•«». Ire *< nt th«*
« eg tn* *
•age to President M* Kinl«’,
”lti t. e
name <»f iminaiiiiy an»! patn»>ii*tn, the
chamber <»! comm«‘f» r of **an Fr«t»« ie *i
r«*«|x-4 tfully urg* * upon y«»u tbs | *
di*|*ab h of the rev« n;iv utl« r Fx-ar to
the Arctic, under »•»♦mniard of Captain
llealy. with disc'emmary order», fully
e«piipl<«*d ami provision«*»!, to rescue
over 400 men impr imui «*I by ice near
Point Harrow, and with authority to
tiac, if ni'-cc’sery. reindeer, at the gov­
ernment station, to fa» ilital* the land­
The United State« supreme mrirt has
affirm' d lb* d«% *>»h»n of tl»« l«w»-r «'*• ft
tn the «MS* of the interstate oittim« f •
commission against the Alabama Mid­
land ami the G«?*orgia Uentml railway«,
and »»titer*
Th»' <
ar««*«' • "4 of
charge« by ritiBri.w of Alabitna that ths
companies were » ling the long-
an»l-*h»>ft-haul clause of the intristate
c<»mm«*rc* law.
The point al issue wa«
whether, when there was
t on
(«««tween rnilroa Is ami »a(» r tran»|«or«
tation. th«r roads must file lower rat««
with interrstate o<mluer * omuinmia*
• ion, and It •»• doci«l«*i m the nega­
tive by the court.
The anarch i*ts of New York cele­
brated the llth anniver»4ry of the <«.»n-
victiun of their *»mradr» in < dm ago,
at a public meeting.
There were
nt«>ut 500 anarchist« in the audience,
Johann Most presided eml ejM»fc<* of the
”canaille of capitalism.” which he «aid
congratulated tl»«df that the soolal
question ha<l I m - cu »*piclrhe<l, and that
les* ami or«ler 1 retailed.
He wanted
Io tell llic political bamlhs that **the
anarchist« were not gathered to mourn
<»r to »he*I team, but to »»ng a <*<mg of
triumph, l»»r Hie future w aw not far t-ff.’*
He - s II ck I the guvvrnnienl a cowboy
gtivernmeiit, with npnl«»gire to cow l»>y»,
an I lb k •-1 ht« hvarx’s In »lyitig -
one lavtnb w as fin'»I in the llaj market,
I ut it «In! escullent execution.
-ill l>u» «b r, nt (,’r* Ifrl It. Ger«
many, rej*»tie to the stat* departn mt
at Washington a dis overy made there
whi h H 1» aat l revolutifuiix«-» the
nietlusl« of illumination.
It i« an In*
candcweent gas lamp
'»ingle j«»t«of or­
dinary tiec ran emit a light of mu. h
Blur« than 1.000 » amlle power, and tine
print can be read at a dielance of loo
feet. The inv«‘nt<»r aava the cost for a
light of I,&00 camllepower i« only 4^
rents per hour, while that for an or­
dinary electric light of 40 candlepower
ia 14 cent* per InHir.
John II M«a»hcy, Kate M-*«»m y, h»«
w He.
Droinvy, tire.
Moonve’e brother, were found »i»*.id in
their Iw’le at .'■-in Er»itriaw, having
1« en asphyxiated by ga«. They were
in com (»»-table cirmnistain «-*, ami it >•
l<,heve«l the gA« X1* i’^d been left open
Pa a*«'i> ger traffi»* on the We* tern
roads ia rapidly increasing
Late n»-
|M»rta show that r«** *nt earnings are far
in advance »»f th»*** of the «»rresp ud-
Ing |«rri«*l last year. Ih»’ in>|
noted i« not eemfined to any particular
cl »a* of buam«*««.
It 1» - h » ly m .id
between local aud through traftu
.4 *
• ar«
TWanbagl vin«
( «11*4
l o.nigm . t>|«. «,vrry
i utid
Fleet Time.
New York, Nov. 15. — “X” my«
w< 'v nerd m court for the fh«t time m
thia cviifjlry in a da mag«* suit bsfore a
jury m the Brooklyn supetior court.
Martin Hutchinson. W yearn old, war
•ubject«*’! to ray examination for arv-
• ral minute*
He w.»« injured on
Chri»lmaa night, ISV5, by being ajrcl-
«• I from a street rar. The plaintiff
■ «intend» that the head of the left
huiio r’is a t- f<4« lured from the lioy’r
(all from th* car when the ounductor
threw him off.
5 dynamo wa» placed in front of th«
jury i«»x ami near the lawyers’ table,
«b i a larg»' ('»<H»kr‘s tu*** was »i*» i
>*»011 alter tl •’ < a«»» had tw-en r« sum»d
young Hut<thin«oii’« jacket ami ootaide
ahtrt were remove*!
The arms ami
•houlders were rxj»«*»«*L
Before th«« «'lamination the question
as to wh«*tber any pwsiblu injury
wont! result fr«-m th* examination was
»h«»* < isms |
J. Stewart Ro*a. who rvp-
rvwente the plaintiff insisle*! that a
limit as to the time « f the examination
»houl-l beset.
It was d«*cidod that it
should l»e three minute«.
When th«* boy took his eoat with hi»
left shoulder about six inches from the
Crook**« tube, he amil«^l at the jury
and the lawyers.
l>r. Wilhatn .Morton
l»M»kr«l at
th* boy’« l«dt ehoui«ler
through a fivnrtMk ope, »nd Judge John-
► ui, who pr<-wid«*d at the trial, »to«»I up
and timed the pr<ww««*ling
George L
F«»wirr then U«»k the fieurueoope .111«!
look««! at the t«»y'«!rft arm and ahould-
er until lime was called.
I>r. Morton ami Dr. Fowler will tell
on the stand the result of the examina­
tion. Tliey are with«'»»rs for the de-
Prevmue to tliAt made in court there
had !wwn examination« of the boy’s
The examinations were
made to «how the irsult of the fra»’*
Owtl«M»k !«•• Impoord.
New York. N«»v 15.— A diejwtch to
the Herald from .M idri I say» The out-
l«»ok an r»-gan!«» the United Mates 1»
con«.dared t«> have laiproved. Groater
quiet prevail« here.
Il is r»'port rd iierc that the papal
nuncio at .Madrid who 1« at present in
Rome has received instructions fom the
p«q»e to exhort the Spanish clergy
agaitist espousing the cause of lA»n
Wrwvsr»* l»rit««M<G <>rwa»t»a.
Nov. U.—Th- 1&0
w.-.v.-r. .-uipb-v—l by F A Hachm-n
A I'o., who .truck alaiut thr— wrrka
ago for higher wage., rvturnr-l to work
thia alt-rnon. (lie company having
granted them an a-txan*.- of from 6 to
s |«-r cent. The »trike of weaver, threw
nearly prr»on. out of work.
I'ular ,.,.*.IIUo—•
Sto. klolrn. Nov
15. —King Omar
and a number of private peram. have
cintributcl autH lent money to in.ore
the dl.patcb of the Swediah polar eg.
|ie<lition In lH&t. which will be led by
>*r<>f.-a»r>r N'athorat, the geologist. The
coat of the eipedition la '■•lnuated at
70.000 cma na.
1 h» |>*rr»« »♦« Ittintinmy
Nfailrid. Nov. 15.—The royal dc-r—
granting autonomy to Culm will be
tonually gaaelted November »X
Olympia, Nov 13 — Governor Roger*
to I ay to« usa I th« following pro» U ma*
"Tl»« |»eople of Washing<on inhabit
a rwgtea favored <»f Gtw!
Here ba«
l«e«>n tna>ie a w«M»<lerful provision f«»r
LAW ALLOMS fin DAVS <»F ti»A< » I be sturt enance and ple*«'.ir« of man.
Nowhere ran he fcratot so •!*!* • diver-*
•ity of natural opporttmiD***; h»rwst and
«upf»»» C««set nf < •llfnra.l« Hoar* Hit •hoc*, mountain am! plain, inarHime
«ml Urwwl* a »taf
privilege* elsewhere unequal«* 11 vast
(or rats, inexhaustible Biiorr. tertile
eat K»**wll*a.
fields, a mild and squabl* cl-mite.
Han Franriam. Nov. 15 —William l»eautif«d m«<untairs and smiling
Henry Th«M»!«»rw Durrant will mH hr here await in all their Un*bn* •* our
hatiged At fiaa <Jlt4*btm t«»m»>rrow nmni* wish and plea* ire
Ing. after all. th* »upr«*m«' cviurt •>( !'n»
•• ‘Westward the coum of empire
stat* hating granted him another has taken its way
respite al th« c|r»rnth hour.
’* *Time*a noblest off«pring »• it»
Up lo 4 u’clork thi» aflrrn«-»n. when
th« news was fia»h««l over the wire»
“Added t<> the*« natural O|q<»’tun
ramrnt«» that th« ••’>urt • -a
itusw and vast liter -aemg vain* • •>-* >al
srsaioti th«'re hml grantol a writ of ami psx uhar bteasunga hate bwn I***
pro liable r»u«e, and bad ihslrurtel •towed upon u»„
The wRaa*j«»a have
Warden Hsia mA to «'arry nut the sir- been pr»»piti»»as. itrwltb ia unim|*ir«*l,
vulinii of Ihirrant until fu»t! • r • rd»" •
our cirqe ar«' th»- w< i. »*-r **f th** w»»rld.
there was apparently m» further ii«»»«.*
our mine« m»wit productive, ami the at­
for th« condemned murderer of Blanche tention <»f our countrymen has I** n
l-anr»nt. as hi« attorneys. M»«wr« l>u'k
at tract «al te this slate as the on« a**uv»-
insin am! Ik*ardmsn, had made a futile all other«, m*Mii favored of God; at» I,
rff.ift to a»« ore another writ «•< )>•!*»<«
with all thi«, and more,
corpus in lhe United Slstes rir» uit
“P wimmi lik« a riV'T * •’ an I fr«x-
<MMtr1. an«1 had m»t rvrti l«rrn granted
n’erepreada the lan*i ’
prrmissom tn Upl* >1 from that d«** i»>«»n
•’That we have !*•« n guru th» <
to the supreme court of the Unit«’*! marks of divine favor is well »1« u I m I im I
to inaptre us with thank loin« •« ai- 1 t«>
M«-anwhile. however Attorney Deu
cause us to empiov that a d win» h
prey ha«trn»,*l to K«'ramento am! a
alon«' » an enable u« to 1*1 form th* im-
pile»! to the stst«* supreme ccMirl lor a portant dulie» «!rv«»lvitg ti|«onI us, for
writ of prvhahle c»U»e f»»r the purl-" > •
th® ter y en--la «»f the « ar til a re come
of staying the pr»« erdings sgsinM I « down to us. rrd »!* »t rry h as mixnifrstly
client. uj«»n the grounds that n<»«*ffi» isl
’hty *n>l s«*l*
given Into our » I -arg- w
knowlf'dg«' of the action of the «uprrm«
rain matters uf high • up tue
ctMirt of the United Males in the mat­
“The rerent dis* «»*<•«irsi of gold m
ter <»f Durrant’« apiwuil from the *1« ■ ••
our uwu »tat® an i in the extreme
ion of the I'^ court had yet l*r«*li
Northwest will, with«» »t ♦ IdUhl1. in t' ®
rroeivrd; that the aiijierior court had near future vrrv Urg* ly
■•as® mir
a« ted too hastily in seuteticing Durrant
po¡»ulalion and our ««'alti1.
1 ‘ray G»»l
te be hanged temorrow, as the law re­
wv prove worthv octo»» hi the « Irwin a •>!
quired that Io* lx* gi\en at least <10 «lays
th® future
of grace and, coriM*tp>ently, that th»*
"Now. tb«rpfor«. in m.nfortniity with
l*rndency of another apfieal in ti»«*
Ion g-est Ahlis.'md
supreme court affecting th« cm hd« inh< d time-honored
man is «»( itwlf sufficient cause* of a stay usage. 1, John K i.‘-*g- *. go*’rrn«»r <»f
th«* state of Wa-hillg!
»1 io !»« rrbr »[>■
of execution.
The matter was partially argued in point Thursday, N«»vember
as a day of public thanksgivi: g, to I m *
chambers, and later argued lwf«»re 11»«*
full court and taken under adviwnmnt. observiHl with appropriate servu«* by
Shortly afterward th« court announ* • I all.
“Lot us in <»ur hntnrt and in our
it« <!e« iso»», granting the wot appht-d
*»f worship irn *-r thanks to <»»*d
for, m which all the juMire* « on «n r» !. pho
Shortly before midnight, A11»>ri ry for his abundant hot »
“In t«-stimmiy whereof I haw here­
Fugrnr Duuprey, of counsel for Durrant
arrived from b*a< raineutu, having» r< • . | unto set my ban«! ¡« I » au* • I lo I»*»
the bay In a «team launch
The pur- affix«*»! th«* gr«*Mt »îiH' i H •« al of the
l«ww* <d tin* trip was to make |»erM»nal •tale of W.i»hing'**n.
“Done at (llymi is this I,th day of
M*rV) <* on U mr»len Hal«» of .» eeri ! I
November, in the war our of l>»r*l,
< <.’ y of the <ir h*r of pr»»1 al le can-«
tpsued by the supreme court st Sacra- eighteen f>undr»‘<l and ninety -• .«n,
in« nt«». The precaution wus tak» ti that ami of the in«l«'|a ndrm «* of th«- United
ttiere might lw no pretext tor «•x«* tiling Stat»-« the on»1 hundred amt twenty-
»‘1.’. h . . (
■ ' ' • • ,
Durrant tomorrow.
The warden was
aaleep, ami was deaf t«» all efforts I»»
arous** him. Captain E lgar a» »*| te I “By the governor:
“W. D. Jenkins, «»■ retary «-Í«*
the service ami agroed t<» «lelivvr the
d«x'uint nts to hi« tii|*erior in the morn­
Ward«’ii Hal«» had »!at«*«l in the
evening that he was tn d.»ubt as to
what course to pursue.
He said that. Wan Frai*«ls»«» VI •-1« 1»-«nt • <«k that It
In any event, he woul«l delay the ex»*-
Ita < |«*ee«l.
cution until the lat»*«t legal limit «»(
San Francis»*«’, N"v. 12. — At a iii«*«*t
time*—* noon temorruw — but that ht ha«l
ing of tMer»diMiil* wii’l manufa :ur«’f« in
l»een atKiwd that he sh<»ul«l proceed t«»
tertwted in «‘»•«•uring the Ahmkun tr i •
hang the prisoner, as he ha»i rrceiv. J
for this » ity. ( apt.tin <»• -»daH. i m» m-
no l*eir-'tiaI service of the stay of execu­
lair of the firm in whioh Cnit«*»l States
However, he finally «!«■) I«»»l to
Senator Ferkins m interested, stat»*-!
a* t on th«* f»»lh»Ming divpatch, recriv«- I
that while siippliv* may l«e purcba'** I
from Prison Director Devlin, of hA»-ra-
just as cheaply in thi!« country
me nto:
Canada, the p»ir«*h.i*er w.ll !•••
•*>uprrme court ina«lt* an order and
to pay a duty ”f
|>er cent to • » v
has stayed all proceedings until further
them through th»* British |»»>-"' ah >!> i
orth'rs of the c«»urt.
Accor»lingly you
On the other hand. lhe«»|e'iing of D*. ■ a
will postpone lbw evrutioii. ”
ami Sk iguay a* mi 1 p»» t?< of enlrx w il
After r«*u*i>tig this, Warden Hale said
allow him to purrha*»-them in V:<
s »
hr would retire, ami there would b<* no
ami carry them «»n to th«? mitiVN »luty
hanging in the morning.
N«» further
ievvlopmrnts ar«* • xjM*cted tonight.
He dec I ah *! that the esta! lishment
of Drew as a support <»f entry was an
hiju*’ti«'c t«» th«» inter»**!« of the ciiizt-m*
% llleh ’Irlkr ll«w
RrporlrH \r®r
of the Unite»! Mairs, ami ba*l been
th«* I «••«*•.
grant*«! at th»* r«-qu» -I of th” < ‘.»na iian
Fa» iflc railroad.
Kkaguay. AL«»ks. (per atramer Far
allot« U» Seattle', Nov 15. — Ri< h g»»l»l
It was <>r«ler»*d that th«* joint com­
diRovrrir« ar«* r<qx>r!c«l an the Clin- mittee of th«* churn'-*r <»f <*oiinner
lock river an»l branchv« 1 if | 11 M 1 I s 11 n • boani of trad«* and Mer»*hanb»' A*-**» «a*
qua, Mitnr running as high as f io a tioti lie instru»'t«**i to draft r«*eoluli<»na
day to th«* man.
There has liven «pnte calling on the pro|»cr authoriti«*« to
a rush l*> th«* new to ld«, which will I m * ch>se the sub|s»rt of entry :»t Dy»-a a' I
prtMpr« le*l during th«* winter
to o>-«»|M*rAte with m H the it:«-* of tl»«
The Canadian government has re
Facitfo roast to that eml.
rail«*-1 a humt»rr of easterns officials
who have lw*« n statum<*<l at Tagish
house, between Lakes Bennett ami
Tagiah, and the British Columbia au* (’ <‘. Hurtts **jr* «!»•• H l*>n«lilt r-r* I re-
limritir« have also re*iu«<<l the num­
ami WaiiiMs n»r «hr
ber of provincial polirt* who have been
Nov. 19. — The at«*xm«*r
•tAticHMh! at Lake Bennett ami Tagish
hoUM*. since the great rushtethe Klon­ Homer grriv»- i her« thi* afternoon from
Among her ¡»as-ingers was
dike <*ountry lagan last July
th-puly Colle* tor of Custom* Fred C, C. Burns, who left Dau-on City
Burns poled up the
W Davey, who has ju«t returh«*»! from September 33.
Tagish. said to a pr« *s correepondent Yukon «ml came out over the Chilk«** t
He stat»-1 that when he I* t
that »luti«»« fiA»l been e«dh*cl«*d during trail.
the sra**»n <»n 4uu outfits.
Each outfit Daw«on no one had started »town the
Th«» j* , ••
represviit«**! from four to seven men. Yukon for provi«i«»ns.
Th« »inly ««dl«- ted «.m t*Acb outfit awr- w«*re «lady «lp-cting !><»«!** from M
age*l $60, an«! the total amount «ullec't- Mn haels. Th« v th- i.** t ti st t! •
ed aggrvgateii $15,000.
Dull«« were w«*re delaye«l by «» CHh’iit, and km w
lev nr*I upon everything belonging «»r in nothing of their inability to a«»*« n I the
Burn« «ah! there would be no
any way ap«*rtainin< to an outfit, even river.
the clothes that a man wore w»-re > ot starvation al Daw -«m this
exempted. Several cases of attempted though rations wouhi 1« limited with
smuggling were detected, the gtawls be­ tome«
ing ounfisi'atetl hi most instam vs.
Accnnling to Burns, th« only n«*w
Trawl down the lakes has practlml- gold «his'overies made this year were on
|y r.aseil, anti Mr. iMvey «ay« that Sulphur creek, and that field wu not
htim!rr»ls nf ¡«enple will I m * caught in proving ro ri<?h as FT lor ad«» or Bor.AniA
lb« ice ami forced to go into winter creek«
Burn« brought down witii him
juartvrs wherever they may hap|»rn about $0.(><t0 in nugget« ami «lust, th«*
*O t*e when the ice surroumls them.
result of tw»» year«’ work.
The Homer also brought out a party
Fblla«l«*lf*hla ^aluralisail«»B Frawde
of tlv« surveyors, who have liren locat­
I’biladt Iphia,
15. — Unit«-«I ing and atirveying route« ««'««*<* the
Htat«*a District Attorney Brwck has sent summit to Lake Litidriuinn for the
to Washington for smii U ihv in running Fort land company.
They report that
down the naturalixation frauds which about 100 m«’h are at w» rk on a tra •
were re* vntly unearthed in this city. way trad to l^ake Lindemann»
Mr. Hr«-» k ha« al«»» notified '*«•» rrtary
The last work of the surveying partv
Gagv that the frauds hav<* a«suin«**l gi­ was done on the White p.t— «»ver whl b
gantic pr«»|x»rti«>hs.
While Attorney- it !• propi»**| to have a tramway in
General Mt'Kenna may not )*er*«»naHy oj»er»tn»n by Jung .1,
take part tn the trials, some meuita r
Fivg member« of
th«- ('anadtan
of bi« <>ffii tai staff will lie here when mount**! police came down from Sheep
the defendants appear in court.
catap on the Homer.
Condemned Murderer Given
Another Lease of Life.
Kserjr ruruarA «»prratlng
I I*, war Io i-ai-M..
Pittsburg. Nov. It. — For the first
Ht. Haul. Minn , Nov IS.—Ju.tioe
lime in over three years every blast
Mitchell, nf the .uprrm« court, in a
furnace in Allegheny county la in
l< inion liandt-d down torlay, dwvtea
o|»eration. The starting of fun»acw“F"
that under the law of !•>#,, liquor can­
of the Carnegie Mcel Uom|*ar»y yester­
not I* »«'Id to any Indian, no matter
day made the resumption compute.
whether he has abandoned hi. tribal
There are 30 iron furna««-« in the coun­
rotation, and become a citiwn of the
ty now, and all are running, making
I’nltcl Slat-» or not. The court holds
from two tn three blasts ewry 34 hour«.
that the «taint» I. • pnqier police regu­
The daily output of smelter iron in this
county now to approximately 10.000
tie. ia tn be utiliaol in the burning tons. There have never been more
of hri< ka in Allow, N. T., where a than 9<l furna* *« in blast here before,
gas well ha. l-eeu »truck on ground near but the Carnegies have lately built
four new plauto.
a brick kiln.
Col I I4r 4 Will* • Milk Trwlw.
t'hicag«». Nov. 13.—A Chicago A
Eastern Illinois passenger tram, bound
f«»r Chicago, collided with a milk train
on the Wabash rou-l al Hammon«!
Junction today, white both train« were
going at a high rate of speed.
|*rr««’ns were SeriotMlly injured
displaced switch caused the wreck.
Mile** Estimates of Cost cf
Our Seacoast Defence*.
n,M ThrM Mdll... *..<<.4
lr..< timmrude l
I olwmlii*
•>4 Wl I «•» o<M» r >r tb« aewwH.
Washington. N«»v
15 — Hsvcrwtary
Al^cr ba* a ¡’proved the «wtimst** hw
the coust-defense work gtihmiltrvi by
General Mllefi. an«! they will be sub­
mitted tn < Tn*iriu *n Uanit«»n. of th*
h«”»*» «‘««tn m it tee «m
room day« beterw the cpsming of the
In accordance writh law, the
expenditures of the d»ff ent seaports
are itemta***l. hut the «ecreijgty will
«•k fj»r authority te«|>end the tmmey in
lump suma, *» that work or* any |*ar-
t»’nse may I* hurried to m«*t
I4eneral Mdes divide«
tiie fortifi»'Ati«»n appropriation for the
Fa «fi«' '»«•at as folk'W»
• - r»w t*|
» rjft
* •»» i«»«
* *•*<-»
« nttimbe* nt*r
In his re|*ort to the secretary. Gen­
era! Miles mak**« no reference to pw»-
siMg com pl lent I* »us with bpain. I ut
aay s
“Although the general <I« m »» f * of our
f t r» ii ;. ai :.t,dn *
• litten <d
!<<*.4»'w with ail nation«, and the policy
<»f the government (• one of good will
an»! peaceful r*datmns with al! others,
v« i nothing could be more injurious
than to »«’ttle in a condition of inse­
curity sto) permit lb* lit«** «>f mlHions
ami the a cumúlate*! wealth of many
general i«ms to be «lest roved or endanger-
«•d by any foreign power with which
w«* are hahte !o «rome in contact, ami
tin* ge neral plan f.»r «telen*** which has
>»* cn adopted try the government *h*»t>hi
b«» steadily pursued until the nation i<
in the con iition «»f •«* uiitv am! *af«*ly
winch a due r* /.«rd fur self preservation
would demaml.”
< <-mi>l.rrl«l |»|r*«-tnry uf
Atu«rl*SS ft«-
|»tibtli« I'te.rlilr-t In th* i'r»«l»l*Wl.
Washington. N«»v. 15 — Hecrelary
Slo rman. .Minister K» incro of Al»*xi<o,
«ml Minister Merotiuf Argentine, mein-
of the «»SeClitIV«« 0*»mUlltt*e «»f the
bureau of Arneri» in republic*, were »it
th* Mlule llomm today an«l presented
the first volumu of the romtnercial di­
rectory <»f th»? American republic« t«>
Frrshtent M»’Kin>«*y. There was • »»n
• iderablo formality a!-”Ut the matt«*r,
Ibr pie*» nlation Iwn-g tuad«* in the blue
parlor. S«‘cretiirv Sherman pr»*<u*ntv«|
the Volume, -lying th«* work was r« •
garde*! as of “such vast practn al Im-
¡«.»rtance te the cotmiter»«* <>( <>u* coun
try, ms to te» well worthy that w-j
liioul I com«* in a tenjy to present it to
L'| m » h ItMikifig through its pages
you will «II* ern it* far reaching value
a< a fa ter in disseminating gene ral in*
formatou rr*p> . ting the natural re-
s urce*, the peculiar co’iimercial activi­
ties. the varying «*.’ ipations, th«» in­
dustries and the latent capbilitie« uf
the countries of the We*tern hemis­
phere. “
President McKinley ma*le a formal
re«|»unse. expressing his Interest in th«
work of th«» bureau and lb* h<q*e that
th«« publication wouhi tead to a closer
commercial relation let ween th«' repute
In'* of America
With the vidum«? was
transmitted a tetter to the president
from J«Mw*pb !’ Simth. director of the
bureau, in whn !» he statel the wbj«'* ts
of the publication.
It is s e«*inmvrtial
cyrhjpedia of the Western hemisphere.
Intended to furnish Information for the
hr nr fit of merchants and agriculturist*.
President M‘Klntev ha* been rongratu-
latrd from time to tune «luring the
progr» -a of th” work and has shown
great interest in it.
t'arwm. Nev , Nov II —The entire Evidence of Steady Grouth
state haa bom etartlod and •toorkejl at
and Enterprise.
the mur*!er late this afternmm of
t barlee A Jonrw. United State« district
attorney, by Julian Ouinan. the 16- ♦
vear-obt «on *d a well-known physician. ITEM s OF »iENEKAl. INTEREST
The prominent* of all connected with
th® Affair, the pc* ubar attendant cir* i
cumstan«'*®, ami the «ud«lennews of the
F iumi All Ih» • III«** a»t*l T**wnt of
trag** iy make it one ut the nxwH »enea*
th* Ihtlwl»»« Witter Atal»«
t»onal happening* in the history of
- Oregon.
Neva» la.
J..nes* death was ran*e»l by * ballet
Umatilla county recently bought «
WiHiml in the b' A»l. and f«»r a time mys­ reversible nxkl grader, and this ■ • -unty
tery ««tr no* tided every circumwtance now I ias four rand machines.
«'»■nm*«t*'<l with the killing
At first it
Th® p«»pula*ion of lavatine, Wallowa
was thought that J»»net ha»l onimltt^l county, is n«»w
rstiiaiated st 175
•mei te, but no wrAiw»n being found on Three month* ago only 40 |«r«»pl* *<*rr
Ins |#r*»>n nor near the acene of the living there.
»hooting, it I mh »me evident that hi«
A farmer of Tangent has nr.« v
death bad Iwen rausr*l by another, and
r*A«ly for trial a steam plow that It®
an hour later young <i»m»Ati surrendered
has inrented» an*! which h»* think«
bin;»»**It at the *|»er»ff’» «’fflce and con-
w ill plow I ft acres of ground in a -I«»
fererd to the killing.
A Curry omioty mau «**»u «*X|-• t* it»
Thr «tatrment of the youth, who is
ÌM*gm ruanufavtnring Inm-ls m *hi 1
pnw tn jail. ia to the effect that trnme-
(«> |a» k fish. A number of su b !>arr< «
diatirly pn» >r to the steotrog, b* hu»l
oliar rvrd hi • sister talking to Janes. ar«* u«H*d on ti»* Coquille, and son»” <•:>
Six**« ami Elk rlvwre.
w itti w h«uii bia fattier bad furbiddrn
Georg® II. Tolbort, who Is in rhstg*«
A,«Me *» ia t ion. when he « aw Dr. Guinan
Believing trouble I«» !*• of if»«* Rogti® river salinoli hat
a ¡»pi oaching
inev Hable w rhrn the tw«» men sh«*ul»l station, «ava that 1,373.1*00 egg» h«v»»
H*»me of ths sgga now
meri1. th® U »v pr’HUF«*-! a Winchester I m * cii taken.
rifte And statH»n<wl himself al a window takso are hatching.
«»( the |i«»u*r, •• be say«, for the pur-
Th«* cannery at K«*rnville imar the
!«»»•« af protecting bis fath«*r.
Upon mouth <»f th® Sllets river, in Lincoln
ev. <Ht£*crl!»g J«»r>rs. Dr Guinan said co«intv, «lid a g»»>! business for the
to him
ar.MM>ii just c I« mu ?*I
It I* reported that
“Th • 1« thr teat time I shall rV«*r it cadiic *I about l’t.OOO cam*» of «simun.
warn you against keeping company
Tra a laving «»n the A*t«»r-a A <’.»■
will» n»y daughter.”
lumbia Rivei railway wa* «'«»itipl”tr«l
Jon«*« jevr«’«l at th«* d<xMor, in »xrtii* t<> Allri h point Monday li ght
mrnt » h ** u this warning, and slipp*'*l track-laying machine ba* l'«’«*n »».|r-
hi» hand in his right-hand pocket. tra- k«*d at Knap|*a, and th® w«>rk «
Giii -ia«» stair* that h** ha I often heard now tn’iiig «lone by baud.
his father threaten to kill Jone® an<l
Fish h vv<* I m *»* ii plentiful on tie
that thr »listrict atl»«rn”y always carrnxl
«trotini* *»f t 'urrv countv thi* f ill
<’> •«
a r«* vol ver, which, he I h U tried from
250 big salunm in th*
Jan. «* actum, was atenil lo !•*» drawn,
Flora creek. *iixe«
and lie fired at Jane* in anticipation of Sil»** in on® nig it>
ami Elk rivers, Rogue r:wr an I lb»*
an altftck upon !*>• father
Jones fell f«»rarard «teiid, th® bullet « !.•-;<»» ai* all g*H»*l salmon s’.r«-um*
An Oulkand. Cal . man »-tunit-w
h iving riitrrrd ate>v<* bls right eye ami
pM’^H.g »»ut al thr n«H k te*hin»l.
Ms«* that the amount <»( appi« « <•»•» u* *.r»|
Guinan, o-t'ing Jones fall, threw her- f«»r 111 <’•««•* »»"inly !! h ** * »•••n. tn tid­
o-lf up.ii him ami ••ml»ia«'**»i thr »teod ing tl»«»*«' already «htp|»***l. figures up t.v
I mm J v
When th«* coroner look charge Sil.OQO bolo», ani snVrrgl th i-»nd
«»( thr remains, Jun«**’ hand was still m«.»r«* !>»»x*-* at® being tiri I for higher
hi hi* p»*'k«*t, but no weapon wasfxmm!.
Joihn was itteoH 33 tears «»Id. was
Baker City ia the only <’itv in Fa-tern
marrie«| and left « wid*»w am! a child Oregon with a gas plant.
There is .«I mo
at his h»»mr in R«*nu, whenc«* hr cam® an electric light plant. Thr»**’ new ri ­
thi* morning on official businrsx
He torta have !*«•» 11 added to th** gn* plant,
was in•-»'•*ar»ly in Uirs«m much •»( thr and half a mil® «»f al«hti»'f «; 1114-11
tim«’. »nd while her® his att«'iiti<m to pip»*« have been laid siine >epteiur» r
M im < «ii’nan o«'» Asi«>ned m » much talk
I ft last.
tl *t Dr. Guinan ha.f U*rn aggravate»!
lb»' annerv in M «r-l ' I I • «11 ! wn
’ ’.!>•».’(». .«g.H t.M J»'tl*'*».
last week. The | a« k for the «eas»»n
w? ■ 't indirc* tly lr*l to th«* latter'« amount* l«» H.500 < a-* * uf which a* <>nt
murder by the »I«*» tor's son. Jonea ha»I 7,000 cases are chinook
H-»mr of th«
M’rved as »li«tricl attorney during one «alteri •« are still running, and th® fish-
»»f thr must stormy criminal sresions «’tn»«-11 will prob*»'-ly
‘Hilmu® «»p«'ra­
ever b«dd tn the Unite«i Mate« court in tions until the middle of th«’ monili.
Nevada, rrmtere«! ttolabto by th«* prom*-
A thoroughbred trot? r ju»t I” in- ties
cutnrn and coi»v»rii*»n of lh»»s*’ con*
high ami weighing V0‘> pnm Is w vs
«»’rn«sl in th • m»to»i«ms robl»crte« al
brought Into Th® Dalh*»
the Umtril Stairs mint.
The animal is vvrll built, an i |H*rb-- tly
THANKSGIVING PROCLAMATION formed in laxly, but his l**g* ar«*»oti-
si lerablv -h«»rter than tl»«»-*' ■>( a
I!»* wa-
n ' h»- W
N •. » •’»«»¡»r» 11 t»«*«ignal*<l b,
ette valley
«• •> « r i »«t«r Iwril.
Th® hors«» cannery at Linnton is fur-
>al”in, Or, Nov. 11.—Thr annual
pr»* lamalt<»u ter the ni-hing a iHAfket for *-«»nsi»h rable num­
stair <»f Orrg*»n wa« t**ti«*! by Governor ber »»( « .ivil**« from Eastern < >r«*g«»n and
ts»rd tntiav
Follow ing is th«* full text Washington, ami will in turn reln vw
th® ranges of a large iitimlM’r «>( useless
“As thr year »lraws to a «’l» *r, it ia st«M'k. tin * «lay ia>«l w«*»*k HI »alroa>ls
fitting that thr |»rople <»f our state ren­ pi’M-l through I he Dalit*® <m th»* wav
They w«»re a lot of ¡«»rites
tier grat'dul a»'know 1<-Igmrnts to the t*» Linntoii
Giver of AH Gaol, far thr many bless- from th” Warm Springs r»»» rvali»>h.
Ittg* in»! mercies v«»uciisaf«'d to us »lur
ing the |-i»*t year.
Public |M*acc
ha* t*'*n liiaiulained and somai urd»*i
pr» v.ute throughout th«* State.
apr*l faininv am! j»e«titenc«,
an I every term of publn < alauiity. Our
* !:»•»»! s>stem is rrilargif.g th«* «lomaln
<d k r.ww
!gr, and «.»ur charitable instl-
lutnui*« air «-xtendiitg rrllvf lo the
We I
c«>n>iitiuns that are favorable tu rdu»*a
t onal | »g»»w*. ms ’I. v I reforms and |M»ht
iv »1 a lv an< rtn« nt; that sr tire equal
|.»h(l d righto, an»l th«* b|»*s«ing* t»|
Two «»hio Utrl* Itraten a « i «I Taired aw«l
civil and religious Itbrrty; that pre*
I • a l her»il.
••‘rve thr public «»rdvr, ami maintain
Holgat*. *i . Nov. 15. — Word rea«'he-1
t‘ •• na’; t «1 «*r«-dit; that stimulate in-
this city this evening from <>akw»x»»|, a * -lustrial »« tivlty and rn< oarage com-
hamlet 45 mil«*« south, of an outrage
nu r« ia! enterprise; that f»>«trr arlf de-
|o*r |**trat«**i test nigbt by white«a|>s
|- n '.*!»■••* a* I tndlvid»i tl worth; that
ii|on two girls, Edith mH May Rob­ offer opfvor tan i tie« for intel l»*»tuul
erts. IV ami 17 y* ar» ut age, r«*»|»cct-
»<-hi«*\«Hiirfits and material pros|»eriiy.
ively. Ten «lav* ago the young te'li«'«
and that insure the advantage« of a fret
r«*t'riv«^l a whitecap notice warning
»nd »-nlight”:.” I government.
We have
them to leave the town am! county,
wry r<•a***n lo frjol»© and raise out
ten tliey pan! no attention to th«» no-
v»n- * in i r v -o and thanksgiving
I ks *. l-ast night, they were Awakened
“In «-«mfnrmity, therefore, with th«»
by a hand of right or ten men entering
p*<* lamatiun of the president of the
t!i**ir rooms an«l dragging them from
United Stairs, ami in couiphanre with
their bril« in their night-robes to th«*
Hm<* h«»n»»r»’d rust»»m, I, William F.
it« ir*l»y road, where they were terribly
L»r»l governor«»! ti»** stale of Oregon,
whip|»ed with a rat <>*-nn*e twite, whn h
lo h
y designate ami set apart
wa« (oun»l this morning. After te*at*
riinr#-14« , th® 26th »lav of N<»v«*nit»rr,
u »• th■•m. they gave th*- girls i »*»•.»!. ot
I ;» . I»» !•** o! -evvvd a* .» »lay of thanks
tar am! feathers ami took them bo« k to giving an ! prayer.
In h«*artf«*ll recog
the honor, where th«y wertj found un-
nttiun «»( abundant m» r» i«*s, I recom-
cunSciotM this morning.
m»-nd that thr |n*«»plr «if th® state re-
.May, the young«*r of the girl*, is in
iron un that lay, as far as may b®,
a crith al condition, the tte«h being cut
from their usual vocations, ami that
to th«* teme by thr whip.
There is no
they u««”mblr in their customary plaera
”h*w to th® perjMsUaturs,
nf worship, and offer drvuut thanks to
the Ruler of th« Universe, and implore
I '««l»te R«»hbs«l of KI «»it «like <««*|i|.
Ins »'«Hithitsr«! tiivre am! pfotection,
< ‘bn ••»go, Nov. 15. — J>»««*ph laid ir,
“Dun* at Hi* capilol in Halriu, Or.,
w ho struck it rich in the Klondike,was
this Vth »lav of N«»v»*nil»er, ii> the year
rob rd of $700 worth of nuggets in the
of our lx»rd «»i»r thousand right bun-
depot ut the l«Akr* Siture railroad ttatey.
•Ire I and ninety seven.”
The thief inanag«-l to secure the g» Id
white l«adue was walking from his
In Japan the h> ks ar® pla<*»*«l ujsvn
train to th«* depot door.
thr jamb liistea«! of on thr door.
>l«-l«l ( p by a I on* II ig It w a y toan
la-Wiften, Idaho, Nov 13.—Word
haa been re rtved here that the Uterrrn
mail and expt«-»* «arriar was held up a
few mile« f<om Warren by a lone high­
nd turned ov«f the rxpreas
Iw-x, winch contAinwd a considwrabte
amount of g«»l«l dost, although the ex­
act amount is not known.
Boston, Nov 15.
a thrre-atory brick
men were injured,
said, w ill probably
— By thr ♦•«dlap*r of
building to*lay (our
on« of whom, it IS
Fa**«*ug*r train llt*r«t*4.
Ia»ui«vilte. Ky.. Nov. 1ft. —A |<a««en*
g**r train «m th* Louisville, Urn itTSon
A Ht. Losli road, which left M. Lout«
lost evening, an«! was du« in this city
at 7 o'clock this m«»rning, was deraile*!
an«l entirely conaumed by fire at 4 this
m«»rn*ng, nine tnibw from Ixmisville.
No iive« were kwt. ami «o far as known
no on® was seriously injured.
!»»•* will be heavy.
Thr F«v**r «Httaatlnn
N-w »>»l«'»n». N ot . 1«.—Th. f-v.r
•itnatu-ti Iwr, »!»>«•
But WTMI can • «»r« r»p.irU»l to lb,
board of Le.llh ai-l four J.atha
by a •»•y
Washington. Nov I ft —one of th®
prominent measure« which will be
brought before o -ngrea« at the <*m»»ng
Mwsh»n is the o*ms>d«rat ion of the Nic*
aragua canal. Prom th* preernt mil*
look il is pfol»able that no action will
I* taken, and that a final vote on the
bill will mH bo reoehed.
The mam
proposition which is n«»w pending 1« the
.«»netruction of »he canal by a com*
pany, the bunds «f w inch to the amount
<»| $70 OUO.OOO «ball bo guaranteed by
the government.
It is v. t Strang®. in View of the re-
<**nt root plMnt tens which have arisen,
th it memlspr« of ©osqgrese hesitate about
. 1« g i»t*> a srh* ms involving any auH»
It may mean that the Uni-
ted Slates will n<H Only pay tin* interest,
but, tn the end. will I»* ctNn palled to
I ay th* principal of the-««’ bonds There
is also fear of a wheme or trick by «“tn*
underhanded ami underground meth«
<►!< People do n«-t rarw to be entangled
with a concern which 1« operating for
it» own profit Many mon would gladly
vote for the bc.ldmg <»f the Nicaragua if the Unlter.1 Mate* would have
h »it
ntr I. and if it was aasured
that il lould be built for $100.000«000.
hut a» the matter »tan 1« now, it »•
V« rv «fotihlful whether the canal can l»e
built f«r that «mount. at><! it i« aim
doubtful whether the com ¡»any which
-mt.* the »'rth<'*ei:»ni will be aide to
arry out the plan» and purpose® of the
bill wl»i<h ha« h>ug l«**n |«n«lii»g hniore
ll t» well known that the greatest
I- . -nts that would e«»nis from building
the would actsrtie first to the At
.! tic oast—New York and New Eng
land—thr-n th* Gulf »tairw. nett the
Pa. iftr »tMte». ami hdlowing. peeildv
the «tates I«»?dering on the M •» ••ip|»i
river, which w<m1d ship their pro I octa
to the Pacific coa»t by way of th* Nic«
arvgna «anal.
It mu»t be a« know I-
clg«*l tbit th«» inter <>r »late» w< n’. i d< •
rite little benefit, ami 1» It not to la’
wondered at that their rvprwMmtgliVfw
h«>«itate al«' it them rm!*arking in any
•♦ich undertaking
big Turn
Reed, the •p akcr of the hottwe, hailing
from Main*, a great maritime «tat*
hewitate« alioul putting the » al of h«s
approval, or, in Other words, allowing
the N 'arsgua canal bill to emus Iwfore
the ho'iae. when it In vol v«»» eu< h a va»t
«■{«wnditurt from the Umtc«l States
ThrM ar* the reasmn that will pre
tent the vonsidrration and |m»aagT of
tit* Ni< Afagua canal bill al the coming
•«ww km*
<*hicagt>( N«»v. 1ft —Fire tolar de­
stroyed the drparlmviit «turO of W A
Wivboldt A Co.
The lues to about
vi a*hii»gi«»ti
Al*»>ut $750,000 w i*| b® | ai»l «»ut f»»r
wit* <at at T»*k«>a th - year
\ new brewery in Colfax will I < igu
«»¡»erations lliis week.
The proprietors of the r«*k»»u mills
have 30,000 bushels uf wheat n«»w In
•t“ie ami are running on full tune.
They ar® snipping large quantities of
f! »ut to China ami Japan ami their » v
|M>rt tra.I® 1« increasing rapidly.
On«* hundred ami *ev« uty• tir«* Chi-
■ ■ 1’ 1 .
. -I
. t
Hi r
Utopia last week, en rout«’ from the
BI ahi ® sihn»»n e.»«*i*«»r i »* m for F«»rtlaml.
After landing; they ami their i*agg ige
a«-»«’ ir»M|»»’ t«*»| by t hin- -»* In-*; »• tor
J *~'y, and then pul ab»»«! I «ara an i
di<*l>Mt( h«»l to lb® in el r«»|Mdia.
A California mining man hi« <li**ov-
ered be «‘•»hsidefS a g *»» ! lea l »»Il
th® I Iwna river, 15 mil»*« fr«»m th»»
mouth, in Clallam r«»m»ty.
Ih«» or®
d”v«’h»|M-*j $s IpJ in gold ami 17 cents
in silver
Ih»» >®|i»y Sin» Itlng <*»111-
¡’.«’»y. of H m Fraio'is--«», offered t«> tak*»
l.0»)n tons of the ore Ml th” assay valu­
Tli«w reowlpts at the Everett custom-
h»»”* » for last m- 1 th were $H»,‘3u,v 21,
w 1 i-h w in all pani in »liver, making a
hill»- over a half a ton for Captain L.
Coon to I at: Ilo »luring the tir-t
month he has la’en in t harg® «»f the
office. This is tl»® !arg«*i»t month’s bu»i-
II* •*» that has «-ver been don® in lb®
history of the office.
A proj«*»” tion to establish, in Seat­
tle, a plant for the manufacture of
cans, ha* berm labi before tl»«* chamber
ot • »>mm»*r»’«’ by Irving Ayr»--«, treasur­
er <»f tli® Fu’nfir hii»*et metal w«»rk*. uf
San Frai » iacu.
|fo is liiv» *i(gating
the probable adv.antag»*» nt such a
plant, and *»11 his r®|>ort to th® directors
of th® company, of whom he is on®,
will <i®)M>nd the inauguration «»( tl,® en-
Th»* gatb«*rmg «»( th® cranberry crop
at the Chabot rnarsh, mar llwa «», was
rum lu»l«*<l List week, ami tl»® product
will be over fl.000 bisheis.
foist year
il was <1.500 bush«»ls.
About iOChina-
men were engaged as pickers thia year,
and about 100 hundred whit«* people,
mm, women, l*»ys and girl®
At 50
cents a bushel, thee® picker* earned
just $3.000
At Olympia lami uffl«*® six fin.*l
proofs were mad®, thr®* were revolved
from *uÌM»r»lmate (*ffi< rrs ami three from
homestead enrliea were mad®.
The Northern Pacific Rat way Com­
On thr l*T*rrm««.
New <>rlr«n>. Nov. 11.— Th* y-llow pany haa commenced in th® superior
fevor mntinwa on th« il.cre.M*.
(<>. • •»uri at Colville an action against
■lay*, rrcoril m-licatc. an<l the t«iar<l of Mtevens county, for the purpose of hav­
health I. elattsl ottv th« prnapect. of ing the taxes ass«*«*®«I against the landa
an «arly termination of th« «•■ar«.
Th« of the «vMupany prior loth® tim® p.ifenl
liralih I.Mnl'. working furcr, have hoen was iteiied declared void. Th® «-»»in-
r«iliHe<l to a mininiiiin. hot th«r« 1« an pany s m<lernnity limit eitends over
,l>uo4atii'— of work for tho— rrtaimvl. nearly half th® county, and «ntnprise«
Th« bn.iinn« .itnation <•00111111«. to • large are* of country.
The total aaawaaed valuation of per«
briffhton. MI new iim were r«porte<l
•>nal property in Kittitaa county, *«
toiay. ait'! (our «leatha.
equahaed by th* county rfpialtxation
In the Klon like rrgion. In mill win* i toard, is $l,373,71Ml.
The real estate
ter the aim riae. from « 30 to lUA. Nt , rolls will be finished by tb® orse uf
auf -el. trout 1 to » F. M.
neit December.
IV.vahingtnn, Nov. II.—Ths cabinrt
gave rtinsnlrrable attention tn the ice-
‘-.<un«l Behring wa whaling fleet. Tw«»
plans have been «!«-»'i»le»l upon. One is
to wml the Itear from Hrattl®. which
vr«*r| cannot gri ready for two w**ks,
ai» I amrther is to srnd the Thrasher, a
whaling v»*s-.’l, now at Han Francisco.
The rhrs-h»*r ran l»e provisioned at
on^r ami aent iinm»-*halrly un her
it ia st vt< I there is a g *od supply of
provisions at Point Barrow.