The Santiam news. (Scio, Linn County, Or.) 1897-1917, November 12, 1897, Image 3

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says "Look at mt.”
“Try me.”
Money-back says
What M th» nutting wunlf—nut SAFE. aMbougl. ¿idPiiint't tint baking
P°*der and tea 47/ utf
■ • t -
tri at
k »:«* p
»end a t> ket woh rat h «« rd to aihirr-« ’-r‘ -a -
I ntil October ijih !*o *01 d« illuwc d for ciciy t.-.
word lot every I;, kef
. • - <
’ •* oat th*
- ■ < t m l. e
«.t . ai.r
I it «* *'y “<x*
it, fatajuuD W||| t^p equally divided among hem
Every one tend ?ng a brown of yellow tn kef will r»‘ • •. # a ».et of rardfovAf I
CreVpihg at tbe en<! of the < • •otr'al
J L- *e »■. ■
■ • rr <,t |> .?r
ti: ir'njw
the ¡a t
pt ri-.r
„ .
J»» k.»t
rafoe« ai>d |-ock#t < ateiidaf* wiil fo d il rent I.
< . ■
i.(« uuti c4L_ cd in
Better cut these rules out.
• *»1
I e»lt«M| *(•(«« I’.*»»»»» N»«*
There art» fto laokm strem*bi|«s fit
t»r , Miieintf no* *v.* Uld# by th«* I ri­ I l***l«» lit at !>•*»-■ I* «y With II «*<»«]
led Mat*« Nary in
* of war, #x< lu-
• Id« r«>«*»p« sh *I Twnha
•ire of regular war v»--**. 1« LniLling <*r
A rereíd ntip’ Vrmvnt :? •ftrit-kiii g
in Corn mission, and th« rv are rapid h e
w-a/- *-■ bl !» *’.»;« <•» r«-... u’j ; /«» t, , !
{tin a enough to «-quip ¡5 of th«in w th
a od wire« t » ■ L d »¡g in ‘
r» i 1 • y
a week
| I,- «» » iip« ar«» »• »n Lit. «
where there ia n«» wah r vyvtrrn to gup*
tnd 'o««t «(• a i.tib ;•» • »i rrx ¡i.„ th« A > r-
V watíT from hv ifAt ’»
|f< .
uau flag.
it’haw t«»«-ti II»«» rt>w!<»m to <*»<• t pump*
<»IH I a ft »• * r.
ing plant«, or tn pii«e water from die*
tant |«oiuta to «lattim« ahmg the r<»ad at
Thle J» the |,««v«r nf thr
4.. n-f • ■->. h di»t «n ■ • t at tl « h -. I at < ?
• t
• ■ « 1» a «
I •■;
l| t r > ■. ■. t • '■■ >-»■.■
th#»* rtaium» wroubl h i«t until
httirr« «rot «Lair prayer w Hi I* •!*«■ Ill
Ill’- («» • • ’ • |.f - * < \
' i‘
wagon rea« ht»! III# r.r’lt station on it«
t .-I I’f T ■ ■. ».«'<• 1 .
. A •
f .-»«wii a u* th» iiu»... «• | .... .«,.
.« trip. Thi. »Un make. n*re***ry th*
ma art«. ro»;*H|-aU<»n, jive» ■ «.'inylainl. rbe«-«
-g. tatiks. w«dia, h« •» »»•
cnau»m at»«i kMn«*y e./tnpt«in<«
power«, rìr., ah d ha* al ways I«*« 4
< ildenbnrg's dynasty i» saved from vr»ry <*‘h»idr-; «LI1* Ita-m of «•i|u « *«-,
an ufo'a»p|* to bav .ng
will nvtion Ly th«« firth of a »»u t«» th«* mi»?* or 1« w
Fuad» Medi « ¡1U
hereditary grand duke.
Th* imt'*<»x<»tilient rotta' *(• in alt*leb-
I »hall recommend l*i*»»*e t'ure for Con ing a g.a«uhit* «*hintto ai t«l rent rift igal
» - I .
faT »nd » -
Mr* M/ .
purnp oli a pia! f t»rm at th «• rear of th#
I’ ; a. • o » , K ■ : I
. . < S •• s * 1 * ».
•peinkliiig wag- •n «<* that waler carI fo
Th# bridge al Montreal« Canada, is tutoli from * t y < «»nVf-Divfit *nufr*. A
«urticaft |«os* wilth hM»l v.t Ire is altar be!
nearly two in i Ire long.
lo th*
w h ich <an I** lowered Ii I» tO
bilhr.g • i *«l fr* <t*4 baking | - «4«r.
a tank crftrk» • atonng 1 (Otlgh. C*r any
water «mirre.
Th* «agni i driver t ¡«.‘ti
Trust ftrguI• 11««**« lu tuvtrla
start* th# *»i;git> *, ami in f “in *ii to
In Austria tin* hr-ok* <4 all tru«t* and
ten minuit w nig Wagon i»
•hollar organi&atlofkB are sub)#* t to ex­
amination by th* minister of finance»
and the offl dal» are . omj»*d ied to furnish
any deairt*.! infor math u rel h tv* l<« th“lr
h'.;»iU' *»
The miniate? of fit aii «* »i*o
Lu* th«» |*<wcr to nuil.fy . i» *• i;.«n « hi
th»* part of ion«' r.<» int<->td««d tod«**
n«’4M' or in<»fea«M* the pm <» <»! g*««!» to
the detriment of L-gitimate i »<due»»»*
or Conamni'ra, and the Iruat ofll< «ala
may !*• required (ocivwbond tv comply
with tlowH» regulations.
M urh »w«»’Or Tban hugwr.
Hi«» ilhi*tf *t>‘>n ehow* t « .»/<•»> an I
The uew ¡y <Ì|t . . r< J
. -
• • »
•*Mu<»e. angarine, or l»ei a»d *«ilhr»id, m pgtraping cMilfil jt»*l •»»»nph4«*.l l»y th«»
llrTcul«*« fit- E / nc < «• «4 *.ui Fran*
!lk«dy to h.ivr an iin|-»rtint hifluenCW
»n I ij .- w in u-*• L\ thr S uh '•-»”*
upon «w»mmerce In wt*v<*ral dir«»- tM»r»a.
<»f Fulgr# ». i’Ufity upon th# H»a«la nraf
Vnlike *.»• • bar me, whnh nmrr
V Italia,
v-ry i». piar,
<»id.»’na no:.»
It wnatate nf an irnprovrul type of an
of the obnullou« puraj.»> id. Il li» < Lrin-
icwlly pure •ubatance. flot) times i*a ordinary «tprinkhng wagon, and a plat«
• erri a« «tigar. ami )rt ubtainable al form built al the r« .»r of lit«« tank upon
alr.vh atan I« a U *t H I*. Sjw- al H*»r*
Ohe4 w «• Ifih thè «»*1.
cul<*s (la*ohto* Et g»u»* geared t«» a 3-
From thi*
Ruaaia H a « thè in wil rapidly incrrae- Inch crnirit igai pump.
Ing population of any country in th«* pump run« a rub!* r *u lion h< *«• .»nd
world. The growth dur»ng the laut 100 disc« Large p’l'c into th# tank. Th» tank
years ha* tven a frartkm Irta than LoLI* IU.OOU gallon* of water wh h
will lie tlh<v| by the pump in *n min*
1,000,000 annually.
nice under ordinary lift, nr not to «•<-
An <d l E' /lidi "Manner* B <«»k ’ cr*»d ton mlnut*’* lifting 20 f»*ct, an I
*‘A lady *h«»uld <iip only the ti| hi at a coat of alwnit 3 cqd I* for «•.»< h fill­
of her Angara in the Mtkw I k > w 1 and ing. The u»re t»> which thia improve*
• h Mild h«»t let f»w*d full out of her inouth ment can I*» put art» not confin# J to
on the table chub **
road Bpnnltlmg. but it »• applicaLla to
any purpose where waler b »< to I »»
Th* high note of a eocli<w> has brrn haul«*d, a», f«»r inetafic#, kupplymg
«Icier«nin«»-1 Ly an English ulwerver to
thrwahiug machinery or cor»v«»% ing water
i*e uaually from F to E flat, the low from one j»oinl to another fur any pur*
»< *. «• ft«.'.»« I> t«. 11
Th«» simplicity uf the engine
m.ikr« it* tiw j*rf»‘ lly eafe and rrlta»
blr>, »« it ie automsUv in action, all
that m needed lw»mg to iq-«*n th«» valve
admitting the gA*olin«*. atnl to give th*
w heel a «tart w ith the hand.
Il ir
durable and n*>! at all likely to gel out
of <>rder, requtrng neither engineer ftul
machtniai to ktx«p >t hi condition f«*i
Sprinkling country road» ba* been
contldarable of a problem, ami it 1» be­
lieved that tlii* Improvement will go
far towir■’* an • <»n«»mle.*l aolulmn of
it. Th«- Het ud * <».>- I.
.t,«- W - < k» • 4
San Franci*c»»t furtudi ti <•»«• wagon*
ami mgmv* in any dewired cajHirity, and
fully guarantee them In every way.
• loo
A Weak Man
w AMI». Blow.
Th* reader* of lb 1» pa | *r will b* ph»»»! t*
le*«n th*i the»*- !• *t ;••»! ^<<- dr« • L <| t « •«•
that »e»•« 'w ba» br*n *••,« ■ ■ r* In all Itt »cage*
»• catarrh Hall*» ‘ aiarrh 1 urc • ma
A man win ha* wc»<e«t It*«- S «wer of youth b> •u4 that
p*«aiil«* « «ir* ho« kn«*«a to the M*Ci-al
ei e<«r« ami fa*I living i* «ttiiy half a waa . t«» «»toy
him th* gí« ai*»t r « »»tar * are only |M»»tih*».
«.r**a< -nat;iutu>iial tie* ta-n( Ha •
» » :
: V r- *
• ’ >• »
- •■«•e,r*«|
r - - ly
•turned «o’ all bi* vu ai power« w*ak Ar* you upon the td«.MMl atvl nuro u »uriarea ««f ti,«
«>>ie«*t lh*m? Oo to th* «g rir*g «v( bfe elr-trir. mm
• •
• *
id giTing
patient » »•-*<gih t»y
w.r b«vlv with .i* maili ng power»
ii • 4 iftara«*.
r«-»tur« »our maoh" ►! Il I* life, aa<t will re nat>«re tn d«*tng It» wurk the | rui«tlri>«r» ba»«« <
«*«• wba< )v* ha« .e»l
•r» much faith tn It* « nratlv« po«M-r»t that they
offer <»a* Hundred I* ar» l««r a«.« <*••< that it
Or. Striden t Electric Helt,
fall» to core *<u«1 lor |t«t ••< <e«timoiilala.
A «14 ir*«
r J « ills EV 4 Co, ruiedv, O.
I >■ eìr
nrw •• n« •' p*r * I a» •
WoM by druggUt»,
r <-r ran mil* it. pbv»’< .an» re«, mtn end it •«
HaU iFam. > Pi;.» ate the Leal
t ; e » •!* re.. ■ -ly wh • h « III r»«lorr mani » g
It will pro««* a fri*litui a*-«»rre ul energy kt ywur
II omrn In I nlveralty l ife.
t: att«r*U nerve fono T ry iL
One of the rt*jx>rt* of the fid neat ion a
department in Knlgatoi ba* a »peuir I
< annnt Help llr< nmo»eo«l log fl
table devote-! ti, univ«»raity life
Fern Ilin. Wash . May X. IMa
«¡uiriea have Iwen inetitotrd na to the
|tr»r etc I get • l< I from yn < »•• a year
a* » which I And t* all yon re« «nr.mead it <c. be. arrangement)« ma le for women atndentf
at t rann>»i help but re«emmet»nd it 1« my at 103 of the univeraitiew of the civil­
tpetvda Y«»ur» truly,
W A M 'iAlK
• ho«» what it d<* • The I-/* » Tbrre ised nation* in both iirruiapheree. and
< ; a *•«•• i.f Men.” 1» free araied. my mail ’.at it 13V repllea were m eivr-l.
The dura­
|)r *• ’m a f.lectr a Hell cure« weak men
tion* arkrd were:
Are women admit­
« all or ad lr««a.
ted a* nirrnlwr* of the umveraitira!
Are they admitted on the *ame term*
a* men! Are they admittod tn lecture«!
• &> Waol Waeblwglww *l . I'wvtlawd. <>r
Arw they adtnitte»! to rlamination*;
Pirtue awMaew !At* Aiprr
Are they eligible for university degree«!
It iff *ignifl« an< of the advanced liber-
ah*m of S<'otlan<i and Wale* that their
five umveraitiee have no anawer but
Patent ^edlclnet "Ye*” to make wave a* regard* certain
at Cut Ratea...
me« I leal courare m the north country.
Australia, India
Canada also
UOOhARO, CLARKE & CO. answer **Yea»” and Toronto proudly
Wholesale an«! Retail bruggtMa, Port Land.
MNo advantage i* granted t<
men which 1* not open to women.”
Make money by ••rrcedul >’ew Zealand give* practically the *am<
•v*m «tlon In t’h'.rag«» We
Belgium, Holland^
buy au«l «eli wbeat •>■ mar» reply.
(Ina Fortune» - •
Denmark, Norway, Sweden. Hwiiaer
mede on a «mai! t-eg tilt ng by tra«! «gin iu
ture« w rlt* • r bui pari
are Meat «»r r*i land, Gr»eca, Italy, and, of courar. th*
e gl»......... a* >'•■!*' e <-• <«n thè I’nitwd State*, have almost unbroken
Fhieag*» ?r t • ' Trad' as» • th«»r >ugh know-
le ige «d fh« b«t «in«**» wa-lL f^ur trae refe» column* of ”Yee.” The great *mner*
» '•* b.- .
¡. »\|\
UoPklhr a Co,
ago h. • 4
Broker* uftee* la ef Kurvpw are Germany, Austria and
, UuMia.
retiìaad, Otrgwb and .wau«*» *wk
< •»n»»«Ht«w
I al<»« Facia«
Schilling s Best baking powder and tea are
—------- ----------- J>ccatise they are money-back.
Grt .V4z//reg*i fietf baking powder or
< < krt (brown tit krt in e^ery | a up «»! I
<Mnaha. Nov. S —Th* Union Pacific
real proper, including buildings and
all that g«»e* to operate the »y*teni. was
th I* morning sold to the organ igalmn
•ximmiltee I m ?
amount d«e* **| in« lode the »inking
fund in the han*I* «jf the government,
and taking it to lie |4.0*S 4<*0, the
amount st«!«»! in the g«oernment dec­
ree ««ivering the sale of the r<«ad. the
total | mh I for I io* property i* |-»«.M4V*
V3J TH. Th«»re w«re no other bidder*
and the r«>ad w«»ht to the reorganise•
t »n rommiti«*« without any oppoailiow.
I hr »al* of the road «» in itself on»
of the moat tame am) uninteresting j«er-
formanc«* J****it,le to Imagine,
It * m
adv < ♦!: *'■*1 to tak«» place m front of the
I', -n
freight house, al
o*« - k, and it w.»• just one minute
4»trr that time whrt. Master in t’han*
evry t orni«h. who ua* to act a* sue-
titMMwr, took hl* place In front of the
Ninth «trevt eutrato'e.
F«»r over an iumr a crowd bad been
C.iUtrrihg to witn*w* th<» *a!e, and it
was only with great difficulty that Cor*
ni»h w a* able to gvt *<ifTk irnt r««>m to
him tow«*rk Hr finally jansird
him»«4f b.^ k into the comer «»f the
d»»>r*ray and ptrjairrd fur busm*«*.
The crowd wn* pecked so clearly around
t «•
am| up iu front of the
building that niemiw’r« of the reorgan*
ia«».M»n r- uuiittee, men who came «>«it
; i. r « . a <
us *h:e t«» • ••• « v •
thing »»r h«»ar a word of what was going
The» w* re ««»mprltod u> *i«nd !-a» k
m the hallway, (rum wi»> h one of the
memtarr* ocwaaioually j«»k«xi out tus
(a «• ju»t to •»''«’ that all «a* well.
< ■ n. h
«rrit-l under h < arm a
U’p’ p ;f . >
Hv untie«) the wiring«
! :r-a forth a num her of papeni.
>■ - ng
of these» ho reida rd the
others, and. LoLilng it out, said:
"< h-ntlcrnrn. I am here to sell ear-
ta«n railroad pro|«»rties in pursuant*# of
a decree of the Unit#»! States circuit
I will now read a «leeoripthm
nf the property tn tie *«4d» an«l when 1
Lavr flni*hed r« * Ln# I Will lie prepare»!
to re* rive bid«. ”
IL rr !o|i«»wrd the noli- ** n( the sale,
wbi li w.«* very long
||r began tl»r
r*elding «4 tli# nrrtK*#, an»!, a* he *aidt
did r.<4 read it ro that many |>eople
«««lid hear
< b‘*r to hi* left Stood
lawyer (ir«-< r with a copy of the notice
in hi» i «!. i, and hr fidl«iw«»4 the rea l-
ir i of the niA-’u-r in chancery very
- iy
Th“ r»-A ling of the noli<n«
t««»k an evm 40 minutes*
< «<rnish thru drew forth a «mail doc-
niiM iit, an t without announcing its
n ilurr, begin to read.
h wa* a pro-
lr»t from Receiver Trumbull, of the
t \ n«n I’.» iflr. Drover <V <iulf road,
<ng ,ui *l th# *.de wnhoul the other Un-
.. I* « 4ir pr«<jH»f tn
of th# < *hry emir
A \ 't' «111 r'»»4. rid th»- Im# that is
laiin«-4 by b*Hh ID»» Denver A Gulf and
th«* I : Ion I’.«. *!
After reading thi*
ihHhv? <’urni*h said:
"1 aiii now rra ly to receive bids for
thr railroad property, the deecription
of whhh I have Just read "
I .her»- wa- a moment’• silence, and
then General Fitsg«*ral»l said:
"I Li i ? i ’.HHM.VHLb* in the name of
I -
•« Fi
a 4 a 4 A. W. Kren h.
purchasing trustees.'*
There wa* another pan*r and Cornish
" Are there any more bids?”’
I »
*.r nou< «nd the master con-
"I will revive bid* for tb<* rale of
-is th«* Jr»»' nption of which I
have read*.
General Fhagerald replied:
"I bid iu behalf of Louis Filffgerald
a I A W Krt’ich. purctiasing tfiutlvew,
th«» - im «4 |:3.'l4.>.*J&
< ■ •i..«h «ip« ;ed his n> “ith to say
"Are there any more LnleT” when a
von e from the crowd tail«««! loudly:
"Wail a
moment, Mr. Cornish.
U H are the amounts of th«»*e bid*?
itnuwl hear them,** and General
thr government
I u-hed hi* wav through the crowd
w :h gr»-at i flb.nity. Th# «ale stop}**«)
f« .* tn nei t *• Grin*:«! Cowan strug-
g.«--i t«» ti •• *i «• «4 Cornish.
He wa*
» M'wn tl < amount of th« bid* and
n * • a n«4e of them, (oruisb again
"Are there any mure bids?”
1 err umi > not a sound, and the maa-
trr continued:
"A* liter# are u<* more bi I* I declare
tl «• j
prrty of whhh I have ju»t read
a > - r i ■ U ihi rol l to !»ui* Fitlg«*r«LI
Aivin W
Kreieh. purchasing
1« h «. v they having made the high* «t
ami the only bid.**
T.'o* is all there was to the entire
•ale. Ti e tnemlwrs of the itminuitet
had nothing to »ay after the tran*a«*tiuc
was over.
A l*iuM«M>r**
Dubuque, la., Nov. 3.—Th# bones o!
J Ian Dub>i«|4e, with those «>f two In
han «hnd*. unearthed a tow w»»ek« ag«.
I v the builder» of a moniiHirnt U|«ot
hi* g?»v** have b« • » «lejwWitcd in I
stotHi sarcophagus wuthin the monu
Duhtnpie was the t!r*t whit*
settlor m*ioi the MiMiMuppi river,
and wa* known to the Indian* as Lillh
Th. t> < ...
W.aiiington, Now. 3.—Attorrirr-llen
rrtil Fit»,’, raid, of t'abfornia, ttnla«
a motiou «o diamiaa or affirm
in tl»* <•*«* <>t W. II T. Durrant. Tin
in»»l*e» the procw-linga a»(ait>*t
Ihiirant lor murder.
The rtw wai
taken under advirrm.nt.
Of .» «>f !*‘* liet>k •• < Ca
B «f i t)
Pr«A*r« 711 !||i « lluij.i‘t Fvrt aciA O7«g<r»W |
<*• ago
< ww
Atlanta. Sow 3.—Th« Owirgla col-
ton-oil mill wa. complataly <i«.truy«>l
hr Dre t i. morning Th« l-n. n fl 17,.
0<>’> ItK.oOO ..n ,t.«-k de.troy«"!, and
the balan - on th« building
Thera .«
about ♦",'">00 inaarau>-<
Th* < Mlwese Wtt»l <>•.
Ht. Paul, No«. 8 —Judge Lahren
today rel»ae>l to entertain the appeal
m ole by Ky l^e lain, a Chin-we. from
an order of deportation laaued hy Com-
uiiaaioner McCafferty. The judge held
that the law under which th« appeal
waa takati from McCafferty'a order wa.
pro»iaional, and r<wted on the adoption
of a treaty which wae then under con-
al teration hy th« United States Hint«,
mid as the treaty was not adopted, th«
law wm wttiioul effect.
lioraelea* carriages ha»« been intro­
duced tn tae Sr« department uf Farts.
t Us
1H« WllUKI or IT.
< «pl*l•* »»«Msrsl
I* • •• I • ■* • 11 «»ft
Havana, Nov 3 —Ow th# arrival nf
¿Isneral Hian o, ths nsw captam-g-n*
•ml, the street* and the rr»«*li in thw
harbor* wwre gaily decoralw»l.
wharve* were crowded with fwipl*,
and th* lr«w»jw and volunteers lined th*
.thoroughfare« from th# landing stage
to tl»* pals«#.
When Marshal Blan •»
arriV4*>i at the
he waa met by
th* civil am! military author it tew an-1
bv «»mmimu»ner« representing th* va*
ri«»u* political |>artie*, and then pro-
c»w»«lrd to the hall «»( conference«,
where, in a< urlar»'# with the ritual
ami ceremonies customary oti *u#h nc-
**ion*. be tuuk the «»alii of tide lily to
Marshal Blaiwu has !*»U“d the L 1-
lowing prm lamat »on to th* inhabitant*
of Cuba:
”1 am again among yon in <*■»! will
an«! a sincere drair* to serve the gen
er*I welfare and to **i«bhsh a lasting
I shall follow hroskl |<»ii » in
my endeav«ir to rreture fraternity sm«»ng
all of Cuba's inhabitant» I am *it> «•••♦
in my intention to inaugurate a new
guxrrnmrnt p»hcy, the objc* t of which
Will be to **ft*ur* and preaerv* pea«'*.
• ”1 hop** F"u will all ««lute and em­
brace th* "'patiioh flag, throwing asul*
all prejudice* «nd diw'ardmg alliaur««
with tb<i4H» who are staining the coiin-
try with bltftftl.
"4 irmem y await« all who
the law*, but however r*gretabl«* H
may ba, I shall rig«»ruu*ly tight th«*ro
who «dxslin«trly or wngratefully con­
tinue to • arry on war ”
Th* following proclamation ha* been
I sailed by Mar «Lal H tn • «» I»» I •* •rui«‘»l
fur«e* of th# i*l«n l
”1 desir* to »sprras my a«lmtration
for you who in two year« »»f hard cam­
paigning have always bruvoly fought
th# infamous revolution. This I »«»n
el|MM*t t«> suppress through y»»ur b*i*
effort*, ami with the «xmrnrrem a of th«’
whole country, which «ill unhesitat­
ingly sida with us to tight the victim*
of hallucinations, who aspire only to
what must bring coinph-t«» •!r«iru> Uon.
and which offers a * th«» only compensa­
tion treason to th# history of their r ♦■ •»
or th# sal* of their country tn for­
”Lrt there be war, therefor*, on li»e
stubborn •»•nun of th# ftpcoiah peo­
ple and protr« tion for th«««» who a-k
the clenmncy of Spain, and let thi*
war. which dishonor* us and is mak­
ing us pennih»s*. !»* vigorously proa«*
There I* no referem e to autonomy in
either proclamation, and both have
prodm*e<1 a ba«l effect amung all otn
(Mthiarr* with th* insurrection
Mar*? «1 RI aiho wdiffkn formally a *
I'srlian«! Martist-
suming hi* new function« at th* pa)*«*
Wheat — Walla W.dla. Tli'i^Oc; Val­ said to th* deputations of th# conserva­
ley and Blurstein, Hli«<N3c per bu*h«4. tive, autonomists and reformist partir*
I ur—Best grade«, |4.00; graham, that in order to obtain jieace through
|3 70; *ii|M*rrtn»», f ? 40 per barrel.
th* new ;«olicy it would be n*c***ary
Oat»—Choice white, 34(<3&c; choice for all political parti*»« to unit*.
gray. 32(<33r per bushel.
made no overtures of autonomy, tmr
' ! • . . I ■ - - w i •
■ ■ ■ • .
a •
Ba’ .« y—F I barley, |19(£20; brew­
ing $20 i»er ton.
of the Culmn political parti«»*.
MilhtifT*—Bran, $I4 j«#r ton; mid­
dling'*. |.' I; sl«o ts, fl’ 30.
Hay—Timothy |l*2i£H1.5O; clover.
|In 11; California wheat. |!0; do A < rr»k Mur«1*r*r I Ik* th« Msr* *f •
l*lm«i W m »»I
«■at, III; Oregon wild hay. |U«4 I0 per
Feet* r*tabli*h#«i sunner or lat#r cow
trol wbewl v*lu<»«. Hpeculaltoo mav
(rm{«irsrily advanc«* or «Irprrs* value*,
but io th« «mt thw law« of su|>ply and
demand ar# «uro to awerl t bruise I«#*
an.) r« miro I value*
It ba* brm a s«lf-
rvldrnt j»rop«»»iti«»n tor several w##ks
past that ctmditiuns warranted higher
h|«rci»lat> vw influ<*n«^rs have
r*|«-atrdly driven pruws downward, bu
it»# market ha* rwbouudad With the
Lingmy of a cork upm th* water.
Th»» »«♦ -w• *nn»uinn»n<*tit* of th* w«r*k
I *vr tirw-n ohif«»»,mly favorable to high­
er vain#*
Crop advices at homo indi­
cate !» •« than an average a r* Age seeded
to winter wb«*wt. owing to the prr>
tf*<ti,»l drought, which ha* Unrn broken
•mly In certain *r«i’tii»n» <»( the winter
wheat hrlt. Rr»«wip<sal primary point«
are falling •>£ st I promise from li«t* on
l • pf- »r »mailer than !a*t year
js»rt «'’earaners ormtinue large S.Wl,-
< mm > buthrl* h»r the week, which l*
largely in • i-« •• «»f otir espurtable stir-
plus weekly Th# cip»>rt demand *h<»w*
m» • gn» »4 d‘m?!»’i!H'n
th* mu-
trarv, it is tirg« ut and increasing, lite
last frw «lav* of the week having re-
• ult<»*| in very la»g«’ «ale* fur tijajrl
Fw gn a •!«•-•
-»ntinu* »»«tremely
Th* rejort* <»f our own ♦»•»n-
sul* In Europe more than Lxmttrm the
uidinuum «’•t.mat«'* of F uro|WMin im-
l«t»rl re<|nr« in« nts. A ivire* from !*»ti-
«1«aaaert hat M< Jitrrrar « an |*»rts are
o-‘ilbi«Mit : K t »i.«n I for |: i**ian wheat.
I .» F
nh c!..t?n:«-r of depot"-* ha*
l:*«n p‘4 it sored to indue# the Import
wheii. ami some a#tl«*n in this
• liri.llon will probably be taken sooner
or later, althoagh n<»t r»r« essarily at
pre*« nt Russian advice*, although al-
wav» unreliable am! largely mythical,
are eBtrom« ly httllitfh and must nee*-
• irily have rom<’ toun«latkm on facL
Tim Argentineorop i* still an unknown
Rejsrrta are nmflicting
I bought condition* have pte\aile«l.
L>x'u»t* hm« caused some «lamage, am!
in the «1 ->-me of reliable report* jt can­
not be *MHin»v«l that the crop will t»e a
lar/«’ one in yirM. Local s | m »« illative
e«-million* are extremely favorable for
higher values Stock* nu contract gram
are very small, pr v tically exhausted,
a I there is no immediate proffpect of
their belt g replrnWe < mm > dis­
cover nothing in the situation at home
ar abr< t l warranting any «lecline* in
values. an<l wouLI regard any <!«»« line a*
thrrrf«»rc a gf«««! «¡«eculative opportun­
ity to buy wheat, the Anal outcome of
we .»n
; at«’ u• ■ m.»: .’. g
Kggs—*22 l*c j>er <lo*en.
Butter—Famy creamery, 4«3<®ftOc;
fair to k < km I, 35’4 40 c ; dairy, 25<«$35c
¡»er roll.
(:. re so <—• Oregon,
11 l*c;
Amvri« a.
California, V<4 10c
|x-r pound.
Poultry—Chickens, mixe«l,
3 0 ¡4 r !«* zis, broilers, |2 00G 2 >0;
g-M- |4.0<*4 3 00; ducks, ft 00 <3.50
per doa#n; turkeys, live, 9 rf 10c j>#r
Potatoes—Oregon Burbanks 36»< 40c
j er «4»’ k; BWCt'ls. |l 40 per ental.
Onnuis—Oregon, new, red, 90c; yel­
low, 80c jf»»r cental.
H’|*— -*n«f 15 |»er pound for new
crop; ISVflcrop, (Ji t 7c
Wool—Valley, I4‘4lbc per found;
Eastern Oreg«»n, 7<«4l9c; tuoLair, 90
M ’J2c f»rr |*uin<l.
.Mfittrm—•♦Hf-, !»e«t sl.eep, wethers
and ew*-s f50 « 2.60; dr#**»*-1 mutton,
5e; spring lambs, 5l(C per pound.
I i
l ifo-
ch«» i ” heavy, fl 30;
light and fe<* ler«, |3 00 < 4 00; dreisftrd,
I * 50«6.00 |«#r 100 pound*.
Hr« t - Gr %- top «trer* | ’ 75”/ 3.00;
cows, $2 25; dressed beef, 4(<&ttC per
Veal—Large, 4‘|K 5#; small, 6 Si «1
k' per |«o<iiet.
Srstils Msrk*t.
Butter — Fancy
natne creamery,
bri« k, 24•* 26c; ranch, 18« 18r.
Chi <■••» — Native Washington, 10«
ll\c; California, 9^0.
E;g* Fr« ih ranch, ?*«•«
Poultry—( hl< kens, live, per potiml,
hen*, 10c; »priiig
bi k«-u*, $2.501*1
3 00; <lm k* $ 6 * -f 3 73.
Wh«-at- • Fe*4 wheat, $23 per tun.
Oat*—Choice. |wr tun, $.‘u.
t <>tn-—Whole, $22, cracked. j»er ton,
feed ti *1. $22 jHir tun.
Barley — RnHed or ground, per ton,
$ ¿2. • 1 fie, $ .'2.
Fresh .M «•.its-—Choice 4 res »rd beef,
«terrs, tL ; row*. 5'^r; mutton sheep,
•«■; pork, 7« ; veal, «mall, 7.
Fresh Fish-—Halibut, 3« . salmon,
and role. 3(>t 4. ling cod, 4 a 5; ro'k cud,
Be, smelt. 2 '■* « 4c.
Fresh Fruit— Apple*. «50# <$l
boi; pea* he* 75(4 su , prunes, 35uf 40c;
pear*, $1 per Lox.
W .r.h.xi*. Fir« 1« I n«rfoa.
London, Mo» 3—Th««« warn-
huntrt and »table, of Carter. Pe.mon
A Co., limited, the w«ll known car­
rier., railrund a,—i>tr, forwarding and
«tupping agenta in flow. 11 road, Lon­
don. «era d.-otroy.-d by lira today.
Baa Frwwel*ew Msrlia«.
Wool—Nevada II t$ 12« ; Oregon, 13
<gl4» ; Northern IB’dlfL- per pound.
Hops—10'4 I 4«* per pound.
Millstuff» Middlii g-. $.1OK >2; Cal­
if »mix bran, *16 50ig 18 00 per tqn.
On»'U**— New red. 7( j **0« ; «Io new
•ilverskln. $1.00(4 1.15 p#r «ental.
Butler—Fancy creamery. 37(4 38c;
do seconds, 35<*38c; fancy dairy, 34<4
35c. g.wvd to choice, 31 «33# j«r pound.
< :.<*•*—Fancy mild, n*w, 13 i>c; fair
to good, 7(<8c per p>un«L.
Egg— More, 181« 28< ; r«n«h, 37 4
«0. . M«tern, l«uBS4; Jock, 85e i*t
Potato*«— New, in bo«««, 34 4 80e.
I’ltrti« Fruit—«Wniiffe«. V,lei>«-|,»,
• 11.“ ■ 3 ■*<; Medi an lime«, f i .MJ4
3 “0, Calilori i* ietn. ■ «. rii“ice, ♦•' 00,
do coni in. m. 74<M|1 per io«.
Il«y— WhMt. 11411»; wh«*l «nd
>' ♦
lev, •<<<».
t»*«t i>«rley, »lOtglt;
alfalfa, •« <9 40, clover. »«.»IO.
Frt-«h Fruit—Apple«, 86(4 85« per
large bo«; ,rap*«. 80<4 80o; laaMlla.
40 t
|1M. &<j •♦4c, peer«, »1.00
<>1.40 per bo», plum«. 14040a
Chelsea, I. T , Nov 3.—Today John
Walk*, th* t'rrek Indian who «hot
Jonas I>eor, another member of his
own tribe, was legally execute«] for the
The men w*re rivals for the hand o<
the same girl, aud fought at a dame at
which sh* wa* present to decide w o
should gain her.
Walks killed f>eer
ami afterward* ffB«rrie<l the Indian
Sever*! day* prior to th* trial p'epa
rations for til* Wife'» future welfare
were rumpl*t*d, and the pang of part­
ing over. Walk* «et «»tit alone U» th*
public executien ground*
In due tuns
h* rrrived — the cru*J wa * in waiting
Th* priauner aMuine*i bis position <»n
bended knee* with arm» tn-d • i. i i
and a blindfol«) over hi* eye*. Th*
rifle was placed in th* hand* of a kern
marksman; there was a sharp era« k,
and th# white Spot mark«»«l over th*
heart was di*olor*d with the spurting
blool « au*#«) by th* deadly bullet.
l«at* this summer Matka went to
Kansas City with a ha*el>al| (ram of
hl* bdfow red* am) playr«l a game al
on* of the park*.
He bad ample oppor­
tunity to *• *|<*. but returned lu the
territory of hl* own a« curd that hi* sen­
tone* m giil !»• arri- I out.
Th. «
.! ,«
. t.» k< • that th.
XX arre«A 1*^
fhv.iR ir» i »»r n«m h U» <1« j wt?h th* hr «Hb
4.f i:. »»»Irin and lb* er* <■( albirU* « ha*
I. .Al I
•• I hare suffered with wemh Iron bl*
in î * a »(»«•« g** brti»ff than hi formst yreup* over fifteen yaarw. I had iaflamaialloa,
Ili»! ih* •srfT'V s»f il all i* Ibât th* n»u st Ira •u-argrmml, aud duplacffsa« ulof th*
St« •»( Ihr . e»l> Jrahv
A Utll<* tWl»t, t*t womb.
■ ■
i. ir--( • n tn a .1 Wo!«
•* Xhadtwlnr wanted me tn take treat-
ai.d II > . a •( » n
hprain* «.haaUI* a !
• r* <*««sily iu tint* an*I tuunay, but n-»t tf tnru<«. but I had just b*fc >n •
ftt JarulwOdii u«*«L F«r it curs* sursly Mrs, rink ham's
au«i prompt:4 ami tb* worry of it is uvsr. Compound, aud
my h i*bao«i
< *«<t Heglnwlu|
said I had
H«* puis#«l li»* bivalv* on hi* fork.
l»rttrr wait
Ami then eiplainrd Ihr reason:
and *re how
‘’This it.” b# asid, with airy graca,
much goad
"My fust un »«f th# «maun.”
H* smiloi and gulped th* bivalv* that would
do MM.
wa« so akk
OI» wasn't h* a mad un!
whra ! l«eg»n
6* pffwnced« h«» choked, h* kick#»!, hr
with her medi-
ein*. I could
Hi* lu*l un was a Lad tin
hardly b* on usv
—i letvlAtid Plain Daal*?.
fr«*L I had th*
A New H irtforl (Conn. I man on* ba« kaA-h* eon
ataally, alaoheadache. and e nii«
» - ?
th# next morning foun t that th* cut I could not w alk around, and I •■» u ! nut
w*« tn» : » I t«’<;roy«’d «very plant but 11* down, for then my heart would foal
ao fast I would feel a* th .
I ** aa
unr over night,
I ha«i to *.t tip in bed
n ghta la order to breath* i was so
motiict« oí» rt MB FOOI»
weak I eeuid not do anytl ng
I .«»«
• « f rerr now taken «rreral buttle« of t.y•: « E.
All Va»t«r n «• • P «• a e !
« h - t • • no ie frust
tr.-tn Pinkham s Vegetal*!* Cornj» • nd. and
i - »**
tocar * «n* a n«i • «o Gr pwr* H -s t->r •a • use<I three pos'kagra of tauiatire M aah.
•f «»at'*»«•* «?<»
M»; t a*
an I an say I a .
• rfr • ,
. ’
I *•»
a ; i gou-
hired b> tb« F»< leu • ôter *v ai r •
• • ths «tauOtl*«- not Ihtnkleouid hare lived long If Mrs.
4 no fns >i et' n . .• .
i >4 ref t fis <ft •
< <ta> n»4 ou «i«ry ret»
Ptukhaiu » m*dicin* had not Uc.^wd me. •
C;o*"y Creek N Y h*s a bhn l an I
) • Arm » I m in wb<* tfiv* Ireron* Io 2 5
i tits o i v»r » i» in i*i al instrument*
>11, 011 Ileal t'lo.ed.
Hradford. Pa, No*. 8.—Th« South
F«au.yl»ani. Oil Company h»» .— I <
deal for tb« purvhaae of th« ml prop­
erty of the Devonian, Emery and M.«>n
oil com pan ie. In th« lira Iford field»
Th« deal include« (0.000 «ere» of land
and 440 prielucing w.lla
The oou-
aijeratlun wa« |l ,400,000 in ca«b.
A naturalist atatea that the puffing
up of frogs ant too ls on beingd sturberf
is an tnstincli»« daTh-« fur terrifying
their foe«.
Ludlow, Pa., No». 1.—Th« larg«
tannery of John It. <’nrti». together
with a large quantity of bark was total­
ly»rv»d by fire tixla». A call for
assi.tanc« was .»nt to Warren, wbo-h
brought help In time to present the
Ire fr«n> spreading to the town
loas will not tie laoe than 4140,000.
«<!« • n«i«> •
w« ask AsstanMO ik Tut corars ova might to ti <«
t or rHr. »■>«» "«' ahtoria
* s ‘'
"PITCHERH CAHTORIA." A« <>« a I haia M xiik
r. DR. SAMUEL PITCHER, of Ihftnnii. M ttt ■■hll
- . MAter </ "PITCHER'S CAST0RIA,” ■ ■
that htia bnrnt and doe a Hour
f>n e^ery
i»^ar the fae-timile at (nature of
Thia ix th^ original "PITCHER’S CASTORIA,” uhi,h h i. he n
Uted in thr hofurx
thr mothers of* »{fncric’t for uvrr th
yeart. LOOK CAREFULLY at the wrapper and tee th t it ij
t! ■' k ind t, i h u-e alu- tyt I U(ht
/ e~. ' ■■'■—** on f A<<
and hat the e i g n a t u r c of
red tC
per. .Vo one hut authority from me to ute my num
The Centaur Company of which Chat. H Ht
.V.irch S, 1807.
Do Not Be Deceived.
D-» n t rn.lunger the life of year child by aiieptii.g a cheap »nfouiiHc
which »om? druggiat may offer run (becaute lie nukea a few more j-ciunca
Uli it
the ingredients of which rrrn Ar doea nut kn iW .
Th* Kimi You Have Always BoughtM
Insist on Having
7 ho Kind That Nover Failed You.
1.1 It?: *
Kill! » I
** À jXffrcf tjye of I Sr htfSest tr4rr at ricytles«. « la a<R«,’ »
v '
W alter Baker & Co.’s
Absolute!», Pure
Drill •out
Co«K Less than One Cent a Cup.
■ .»
« Bi«: **>»4
c iG
i ï i i l Fd fu i • î\
"" ~~ ..................................
O b jrluhairulln
Mwi tier land haajuat •!*• i.l.'i tn make
tn.uran.e again.t a.«ldant and aickneaa
cvmpulaory on all cittaena.
Will H» IHsIrl but« 4
H«n Franeiaeo, N< m . 8. —It i. pro-
p *. ■! !>v th« 1
'¡ — r n»e<li<ial “II.
persona who are <'i»n»in*-*.l o( the rfflc..
at-y <>' Dr Hirn, hfvbl.’i’« “«) tuM r.ullti
tn th« treatment <»f • • riwum|.tion (•
inanufa<'tiire the <»‘ni|«>un<l tor fr.-e <ii«-
trbutlvn. N<> definite plan« have l--*n
lirei te.I upon, but it >« thought that ti>«
beat chaneb of <li.tribution will iw the
health departmenta of the eitir. an.I
1'iihli.- h -pitai.
Dr. IIiraehfehh-r 1 aa
given hi. Mvm'tlon to the iuu«em*rit,
an<l will reaiov« no proprietary right..
Dr. Keilly, of th* «'lit..go health de­
partment, ha. written to Dr. Hiracb*
febler, .tating that he ho|e. mn to la-
able to uae th« oonautnption cure fur
the benefit of the poor of thia elly.
♦ ♦
» »
♦ ♦
♦ ♦
e »
Fewer that wdl «are ytu money an-l
make you money.
Hcrciilot l.uginr«
are the cheapent power known
Gniohne or Distillate Oil; no Mtiekc
6re, or dirt. For pumping, luiiuirg
dairy or farm m-iJnoif), thry no
equal. Automatic in acliofi, pci(c,Jy
«ule ami reliable.
Bead for illnatratcd catalog.
♦ ♦
Hercules (ins
Engine h orA
He reti lea Special
-’4 artnal hnrrepowor)
H*r St , San Francisco, Cal.
Price, only fl8S.
4« YOI4> I» TMR *KW S«i<,
T*- - !«*“’« of happy n «n prntMBftC* thi«
w- rli ths « ■-»nt »f their phrSKsl Sftivst'on
I : <t - •« th« ui’.Hi «t. ieatifk (•< ts i -otBrning
Riarr tag •
It lswx HW« th« only knows m«tbo«l of •<«
t« ttrnff f«h**t naturai maní y vigor
' : * «g
le.f. and ta. al 4i«'ar m<-ntB
!t iton h >w t* car« S«fv»n»nawa. hopa>
Iswan«-«*, >1rBpon4Bf>' y
<m« L »pr of ••< ÓMPLKTR MANHOOD
«SD HOW TO Al FAIN IT *' «*at fr**, i*
p!a n * rappor. »»aicd w r«’v, <»• tha • î-lr»«a
•f an« »ft • - n » *(r*r, U t f • I • r M«4kaft
G N cafara M . Buffalo, N. Y.
(hern di
Trecu* Spray Pump * Bee Suri ir»
FcrtilixcnJ* Cat«!“ .Tree * - *
W• rarer !»•■* tn-p
and a th ¡«tie • <«••:• uu t: «• .«»a»l
BUlTt no UVi’O-iWv «Abt (0 OSDtff
Ben ! lor Our Albk«Uc « ata.
• IS Bl* Mart«« «1
Ihe ins Russion Bne Grass BID STOMÄCH
< al.
|»V«I KI TI< I ft<»
• id ear* »»•«• *< «‘ya
p*r* • l’4«1jffe« di,
th« ant.»tin! of anr oth*r era*«
«P<1 «trot, a , L ronfi.«*
f«-r hay >r pa.lnrr Will stand th* dry ft»«“ti
; «•
Bad gr«»«* «» ♦ Tg«»f<»»;•!» In **|tBmfMFr a* in of si! a ni» FrU« l:
• uff. «hs*
Jttn« ft gr«»*» on >!ry hill* *h«r« nothing «!•• w ,t triivrr II •’ yvur n-a • ■»,
sill «row It »«»i*r* lb« |»r«P ;«,*i of p*Stur«g« of L-hsrg«
i* the north»*»! rountry Fri- «
ret pountl
....FRANK NAU....
A 1 ires« • .1 ..f 4<ra I« M J «MI4I.I»«.
Washington, No» I.—Two of the
M«»s«o*. I*aho.
P.rt:*«4 H .tel fk.iniw,.
four Oregon appointments materialised
Rlllb «»1 Mvrrlwu
today. Ow«<> Summers, of PortlanJ,
appraisee of mer bandie« in the Jl.trlet
• I Willamette, Oregon
Zo«th liouasr,
marshal of the Unilad »tale, for the
district of Oregvio