Scio weekly press. (Scio, Linn County, Or.) 18??-1897, October 15, 1897, Image 1

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tu ri nt.i*iii.ti X» » at th h * i > at . xt
1COY II. Gil-1. A Ai.BF.KT < <H.F.
tu Iti» <111 W
m io.
< h : b <.<>>.
Tl «N" I
•r inn1'*, tnv»rJat»l> I«
M a WwrwtlhJ».
ht wwnutti IflMkt >• 1 ‘ axtkaii««’.
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Adv«r<t«!r.ff ml*-« at ftatr.’*
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I > 1 «... • 1 ' rr • «e • • * •
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P h FA
fa-M tl h*n< ì< a mir* w*y (*
Ihren froto laying.
Lin »«-««I-me**I I«
* Mimenre
(» mk I, hut h <*■♦»> (x
J with <•!
crllfnt rv-iill* if k ’ v « i »lUuit thrr«
fitti« « i <«•• k. in H*»* f»r’»fk »rf i««n <»t
ghiU1 <»»»r
with f«»ier imhiiw I’ s «»f o»rh-f«»»
fifty hrn«. It i< ’»««•• «4 Iho h*'»i
rt’iutMfhti *<»r Uuw*l
ih.»l mt
I m * u « sm I( nt><| Il H m I wi «'irrük't t It*
the f'Vwl <»f n><»ïli'»g h«'i»«. Ii I« •»
<n«l fr» <¡ii«-nlh
the f.i’u* uith
"When |w*pa »a« a little boy
You really muhln’t find
In wl) the State (J Washington
A child so quick to niltwl
Ills niother never called hut once.
And t*s was always there;
lie never nridr 'he aby cry,
i ir ) ul lln
’>•( «
"lie never «lid <1 'wn Iwn. ter*,
And never id hi • life wa* known
To ngnt with itle r hoy«.
lie »Iwsy - sttldie*! liar I it - I. "■!.
Ami g-d hl* b-.-oti* right;
And ehoping w>»«l and ((diking rou •
Were |Mipa'« chief delight.
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fh«l etv Ln kmy In
I he pr«M’< “ of dehoroioft row»» I«
«luit»* K»*h« i I in Ihr ('tilled Melee
i| lite I reM*»i! Ihi»r. > nie
i It on err’Mirt <»( <!>•• •rverhv <»f th«
• |M*r*ilhHi. Thrl it burle Ihr «ninial
• »»y 4i»ir «t»n wrr, fuit Ihrrr is ti«» In-
JurλU* ’ n« < |n. Whr n uc s» r hnwk
«libi., I • ■ i V ■ Ih« • • A * 1 « >
U h'
' '
* • • r i « I t
u *
f i ' i
tliihk I! »• >i |£« mw | tiling
. ’
Il ' I
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>» ■ •
î *
l «»Jl
Joh («inaiai Ito«« wer« two
erd faro er* that lived «Ide by
I ich of them kept a cow sod meb
emir iVored, la »id«< upplylttjf Ihr
family with mila, to m gko «onte
laitier for «ale. Jobo—•<! W*M) "Af
of the far m-r* that hl* nt' i g ti > Kir»
declared h«d been «polled by rrm’-
Ing hoik* ->v agriculture him ! Hgll
cultur.l piper« lie h i«l <otv i n
K »<«» ripri oM't) It, ‘’hlrfh’ki f flutln
Men»1' <»n f.«rn>hitf In general, m d
4he cow »n |M»rih-uhr. Onr !<•*<»( « t
thU ug* in tlie net loti of Jotonw n
wk til'll <»«• M»b| <»fT .«II thf r.iU* ir
' '
' i '
i to i« »ingir row o' gmtl n»llk nd
( hi ter producing « i|Nt«*ilv. Ihre
• ii<i i lint th!« W k « a piece of foolish«
n ••« could li«M’ coHtr or»ly
fr hu Jobnrutr« co illnu d r«**«dih^ * f
»hur «I |m|irri». Anyway, « v-
rty farmer knrw I hit I n <>>w ua * a
c »w, mid (liRt W'4’1 nil títere u i* to
it, and tlie man that would go In'n
fancy *t-s k of I hat Lind, w <« «im­
ply w i*tl< g hl« money. Why, if
li" Ii ul only put hl« money into «
high tired hunting dug. there might
have . h en «omo reason to it.
Every farmer «hmlJ have a «ilo.
In faci, no U|
-tati- owner lit
»tuck think» of trying todo without
■ ne. 'I Im i on»enieucc ai d profit of
the allo are cle.'rty set f. r h in a Itul
letin by Inc New Jcrwy expert
tueni •talion as follow*:
"I. I lie silo «tore* away corn
more «ifi y nti I m >rv |M-rmanrntly
than any <»th‘*r plan, Silage is t*r»c-
lically flrepn»if, xml will keep in
tlie *ilo Indrtlnlti ly.
"2. < urn can ’«■ made Into »1! ge
st I.**« ci pen«e than it can tie pre
served in any other Iqrm.
"8. The »Ho preserve« absolutely
»11 but the naif* nt the corn.
*’4. M ! ige can I»* mad« In *ur -
shine or in rain, t’nlike h*y, it la
tn lepen lent of the weather.
h -n corn ¡i*Vnti’1y fur lie
«do there la but little farm work
"ii. Corn i* worth more to the
• li.’> ¡i* silage tbiii tn any ntto-r
”7. Al l**a»t one-third mure corn
I* r acre may I«* fed on »1! ige than
■ in dried corn «talk« or fodder.
•*«. < urn I* fi <) mure convenient­
ly a* «llage th in in any other form.
"11. Silage is of most value When
fed In combination w Ith oilier food
richer In protein. It I* not a com
plete fool.
‘■|ti. < in Ing to it* «it’i ub ii •<> and
I'Ul*mi' «, «ilige I* the la'-t known
-ub-tttutc fur green gra-a, and 1«,
therefore, (-*|>ccbdly valuable as a
w lute r fixal."
ifurv.l, »»f hii» •
!»■ on h«*»l(<*<l
hínnrlf. will think dehorning nil
HgM. I hm II H nl*Hi < Uilni’*d that
However, Johii*.*n rontinuei) to
"Ito alw.iya ro*c .d *ix o’el rk
it»» |l«»kk «»f rnPk I k ln< ri‘K**'<!. nod
milk III* tn» mid Ito-» did the * ime.
Anil went to l>ed it elgli'J
lhe MiihiiHÌ «M*irr k’ pl.
Both sent their butter tu lhe same
And never lay st*ed I'M n -o'i
Thr »*• • ’»;igrmrnt of h»wi* in *iim market and got nt«>ut tin- sunt
And i m• r - it up l ite,
, «tier, u he a * lie weather I« cxe< *«i v< -
lie flnl-lo d I din. French »> IGr rek • * u tr»i». I < niel* lie .(e . , r. ( I. in prie«- |» r | h mnd, a* the flutter John
«mi m ide was from ouly <me cow,
When Im „«« ten ye r* old.
i< n«it*«Uy .• ylvrh.
given. Lh*e
I.iee will lirei-d
in I tlicrefiii i- ci.ul l noi well la* -. id
And knew tin* Spanish alpli ilict
md riMiltifdv •<» rapidly a« to com-
to a ilisl itit market or to fancy custo*
As soon a* hr w a« told.
ploiedy rtiHi thr fi* «’It almost Iwfoic
He never grumMed when he hud
the ow ii * r I* aware of the fact.
<>f the r«Ceipi* and ex|H*ndlture« in
To do lhe evening chore«.
Fl r»t the |'«»ttlfry hmi*r »h«»nhl l»v
i *,v »lemiitic manner nod 'ir*. Ro«»,
And ne'er In «11 hl* life f rg d
l.llMIK *fit nod thr f«»u!te iii'uh* lu
.«idling in «how tli..t a common cow
To «but the «table door*,
: r<wi*t thereto«
hii <I not oui •»Ìlio,
would do a* limi li h * a hlglebred
lie never, (Icier thought of pl'V
I’lii n the Interior find estertor
< hie of the \v iy» of telling whetli
I’nlil hl* work wn« door.
|«hmd I be Ihnmuithly ílr. fv hc<f one. also kept account on her side,
Hi 1*1«,red hard from break of div w ith ker «one VlliUlmlon, tollina h though Mr. Itos*-aid that that, too, ora l*n marriod man or nut i.<
was •. pn
of fooll-hnr-«. At the
t’ntll the «et of »un.
toexamine Ills pocket*. In the pock
gill of crude carlaille acid to every
i nd of three month* Mr*. Hoss con
et* uf ii bachelor you will tied:
“lie never «crap d til* mu I ly «hoe* quart of tile emulsion ta-fore adding
tided to tier liusbatid that lhe co*t of
i the water. To make the work sure,
Upon lhe parlor floor.
ll.df a letters from girl*.
■ w II
Ml | ■
I licit I "W
III J il 11*1 I prilli 11
And n< ver ••.iiswcred lurk lil* ms. ■ tlie house «t.oul'l I«* lltori ug!il>
A tailor’s bill.
i lia receipt«, w li I" llu .1 ■ Iin - hi . ■ .\\
idrem hi d every day tor :i week, and
And never bang* I the d »>r.
I hree or four old checks for then
Ii nt >17 nr ' her, h I miu I* standing Io
■inn* a Week Ihereaft' r.
But truly, ! e.edd never see,”
tier crislit. Ito-s went info the ter seata,
Said III th- Hi k Malloy,
T. B Terry, in lhe ••(’raclleal country mid paid >13 for another
Hill* for *u| p >r.
"How he could n<" r d i Hie•«" thing* Farmer,” give* the method sdoptcsl
cow, ¡mil Mrs. Ho«»' hope* were nc-
Theatrical 'o iking photographs.
And redly 1» a ' iy.”
i by an < xp*-rt In judging d dry cow*
A lot of invitation* to dances, din
fil'oiiciv Blt.l l>"-,tn Youth’«t om III »electing calve* that lie tliluk-
cu-t nl*nit double tlie cost of one, llem and reception*.
giwid enough to raise, a« follow*: and In two monili« more lie found
A tiny glove s ented with violet,
When i ■ ill I* ilro|i|.,'d we first turn from hl* wife's accounis that the two I
It he« lieen decided to cull the
But tlie mnrr'e I linin’« pocket
it on it* t»tck and examine It* tent* cow* had made a profit of only $l.<i,
( p ■; ■ ■ ,
If there are four, wi ll placed, and while the credit tn tlie Johnson cow will contain:
Sul,-.-rip nm« will le tlie next thing
An old bill.
turn rudimentary nr extra one», all
hl order, price JI.VI In advin t'. If Fight. Next We hark Into the edf'* w i- - ”• R om thi* i¡me.ts.iigiit a
A couple of uaposte I fettem
J.*o cow, tint nt the end of another
we can get it. We will take eny- mouth. If there are *lx or clghi
were given him to |M><( II
* I
■. ' r I i ■ ' ii r< ■ ' a •
thing tin* farmer, rd«e, w<* can milk teeth through, we cull the
yJ.isV. while llm Johnson cow had week past.
u«c or dl-post* of, on «lile« riplion. eal’ Will Isirn and Worth raising. raised tin* limit tn i l l
A sample of I m IM .s *i I >| e shade
Ro«« deter­
If It ha« Iriit two teeth through, it 1» mined to iH'tif that cow if lie had to w hicli lie must match.
Thu Capital Journal any« there are not wortti raising. We Wiil not fu«*
buy n w hole herd, «o atout once a
A new*pi|H‘r ell) plug ti lling of a
hot many fader nee trick* In the with It. It »how» that tlie mother month Im would bring home a m-w
«ore cure for croup,
world than the race truck it Stm-rn had not vitality enough to properly cow, generally twilight cheap nt siimi*
A »hopping list ringing from h
That «olimi* ole«*, l ut •« a mutier <*f «tart the calf. We u ml to breed auction.
I I mi X of blacking to three yard* of
f id the tr ick ww not fi-t «t »II, anil from Ito- Iwsf. W« do not raise
At the end of eighteen month* ¡L I hcí ».
ii mimt» r of prominent hor»**nien calve« tairn will, two or four teeth
II I** had i iierd of ten cow*, all
st the St de l'i r ground« hisd to ju«t «ticking through. The)- w ill lie working a* faithfully a* they could
Muro Idll*
fzindon Tit-Bit*.
»-e Cheti ill, go igun»t time on
t i bent the J dinaou cow. I’he pro­
their llvi «. Tlie well-born calf 1«
«il. h i tr i k. < hi ledi» I« i ni igniti
duct was greatly Inerensed in vol
To produce earliest riiaming to-
li'ilf rd«ml. It* mother ha* given I
urne, even though one or two nt till*
cent lior«e, hut the .*** dem trie*’ ad
tmitoe*, ju*t before float lake cut
Il i -t.irt from tier own strong vital­
miimiil* find run dry
But the ex ting* from the old plant* and keep
it d nothing to hi« «|we I.
pen*e of keeping them waa con«i<! them in «and, or in »harp, randy
John Gaine« bit* Iwmglit a thor­ ernlili*, and it «eemed to ito * that
«■di, during the winter in a cool, dry
I‘roto Xe’i i«ku comt-s tin-new « of ough t>red durham hull and heifer,
all the money he took from thr cellar. The cutting* «hould ta* from
tlie discover»* of a new kind of fot which he puld |2**t.
grocer he pild out again to (he
the liase of the old plant«, Ju«t
It differ, from the old v t
No doubt
many farmer* wiil feedmmi for feed, but tin* was not
a «He the miiln root«, I.iking nt the
Helles liv growing seven head* Ii
tiil' k John made n |M»ir Investment, <|iilte so. Moreover it had become n hi«e end uf each < ulting atmut I
p| ice of one It «. em« that It will
but to buy a thorough br<*l bull Is great burden with the Ito«» family luclie* of the »lem, from which new
grow mi any land on which o-din-
best envestment a cattle man to milk ten cow* twice a day mid tlta*r« n« rootlet« have started, and
arv wl e d will grow, and th it c.teh
make. Sup|H>*i*
Mr. Guinea otherwise care fur them. Mr*. Ku** then m iking the cutting ■<> that It
of the seven holds i* the size of the
*uggc*t<d that they b el tietti-r hire
will have two or more leaf bud«
ordlnarv head and contain« well de raise* Zai calve* the first year, The
n man to hcl|>, but Ilo** winced nt
alaive the rooted vn I. Usually the
I'elopctl grain*, If naturally follow « calve* nt yearling* are easy worth
the |irii|-O'Itluti and «aid that the
cutting will I m * about It) or I- inche«
thar if thl* whcit meet« future ex- ' J2 more than the common herd, and
profit« would not warrar.t It. At
long. It should, a. soon as taken
)M-i !all >n«. It motti« consider<Me to at maturity they will Is- worth
the end of tlie time *|M*rifl«-<| the
off from the main nr old plant, have
the grower« of the country, it more than common »tuck. U til It
K*>*«e* tisik an im aunt of stock, and
its llbrou* i nd at once planted In a
seem« thl« new kind of wneat «o pay him?
found that tin* l ist tw i cow* Illlll
pot or box of sand, or »harp, sandy
di'c<ivere<l in California about three
I.asl spring wtien the cattle tawm proved a losing investment, mid
loam, given a g<M»l w ib-ring and
year* ago, and It has only been
was running I Igh In Eastern Ore­
then art away In a cool place, say
grown on a »mall »eale ■Ince, n« the
gon. the But* her Bros, had a bunch fle on the wrong side of the Imok*. In a dry c *llar cr under stage of a
farmer« had hut little filth In It,
It had actually cost more to k.-ep
greenhouse. The«e cutting«, «tart
and were di«|*»*od to regard lhe of griuhd Hereford cattle which
tin* ten cow* Ilian they ti nt brought
e<l into growth in the latter pari of
«torlo« nlaiut it* wonderful yield as
In, after figuring the money value
fidi yarn«. In New Mexico the head thin common bunch grwmi
February, by placing them in the
of the feed Unit had been rai*. d on
farmer« have taken up the new cattle wn« going at. latter on they
Sou I Ii window* of «i ntirnily kr|>t
the f irm. They learned that th"
kind o' wheat, and «o far It ha* did »t il, realizing more ntsivc the
living room, or placed oti the shel­
John-on cow had Increa«* d her net
met tlielr expeditions. If I hi« avmgo Iprii e than I Io, fir«t offer.
ves of tin* greenhou««*, or in a hot­
laitance to $7'1.37 during the eighteen
variety n' who it turn* out all that The la'tter the gride the hotter the
bed frame, wilt give fruit two to
months. This wna the I -I straw
I* expected of It, tt.ere I« no doubt price, al w ay«.
witli lln*«. Il** »ent nine of In« three week» curlier than the best
that It w III soon take till- place of all
cows to I lie liutcher mid gave up plants that can |M>»*ili!y la* giown
other kind* of winter wheat
THE PRCPER DIET FOR SCHOOL dairying except fm home u*e. lie from the seed, and then if cuttings
"O* there Is no profit In dairying, are made from the best plant« you
and he knows it ny actual exper­ are sure to gel a« gi»«l tomatoes
••A schmilgirl of ten years,” writes ience. Being a-ked ii.iw it wa« that next year us thl«, while l imaloc«
seeding plants somethin«
A cement excellent for mending Mr<. K T. Borer in tlie October Johnson mid« so much from one from
Albert It.dly, In
hlmoxt anything is made by mixing Ijtdle«’ Hume Journal, "should cow fie replied : "t th that was bull* prove otherw l*e
litharge an I glycerine to the con­ have good, ea»lly digested, nutri­
I'metlcat Farmer.
headed luck.’’—Hoard'» Dairyman.
sistence of thick < renin nr pu’ty. It tion* food) Well-rooked, »tccl-cut
The East Side Railway Company'«
1« useful in mending crockery, ¡at« for bri»ikfa»l; •t-i»-Hcld fruit*
"Ona," bound for Portland wat
carthenw re,
«lopping leak« in and «oft»btdled egg«, if «he carrle»
Th<w< who bei lese d>n>nlc
tn bl up ¡it Meldruni* Mallon, four
«cams of tin can« or wash Miller«, her lunch a cup ru«tanl fruit and rhoca In la* Incuralili» «hould rv4<!
crack, or lio'e» In Iron kettle«; It Ch "PIM«I meat samlwiches made what Mr. I'. K. Grlsham. of ( >HHf* itiih « riorih <>f Oregon City bv two
hiaj’ tai u-cd to fasten on lamp top« from either lieef, mutton or chickcn Mill«, l.n., Im« Io »ay oll the »ut*Jcct, high a tynien, last Monday evening.
hr tighten loose nut«, to «. cure isdi* w Ll an«wer. Sop irk nor veil, no vlx.:"lhave bcen a «ufferer fr< m I hey relieved lhe | ,i«-enger» of »97,
Whose nut« «r.* bait, to tighten loose sweet« nor f; (•••I food, should tie chronlc il,arrh'i*a ever sine* the war and took a chew of lolaicvo with ■<
Joint« of woo I or Iron, or in many given
children. Apple«,
either and haVe trled nll k Ind» of medlclni « sailor who was on the car but who
hther w ii • at» ut the various Mitch baked or riw, between meal« are fnr ii. Al last I fiiiind a remedy claimed to !»• dead broke.
an utcndl**, the range, «Ink and In goo«l. For the evening meal give a that i ffreted a eure, and that wa«
Croup Quicker O-irsi.
lhe pantry titling«. In all ca • - the tiutrllli'tis cream *oup, then a r««l Chamiierlain's fülle, < hoh*rn and
Mot m ais G i . kx , Ark.—< tur etili
article mended should not It ■ u-<d meat, elihcr !«■«•'or million, roasted, Diarrhö « Remedy." Tbl« medii iiw*
(mill the cement 1« **Ct, which will twdlcd or broiled) a lettuce «did, can alway« I«. <tep,-nded ujimi for dren were «uffi-rlng u ith croup when
probably I k * from three to -it days, C'intidning a light French dressing volle, choiera morhu«, dyaentery and we retri veil h bottle of Cha miar-
•tceording to the ijuanlity used. made with oil and a few drops of di.irrho a. It I« pb .i-anl to laxe and I.dn’« Cough Remedy. It xfforil«**)
Th)« crmcnl resist« the aell.m uf Icuiunjuicil *ome simple des»ert, nwer falls to efTect a eure. xA and almost inatunt relief. F. A. Tuons-
hrff of cold Water, add«, and almost *u< Ii a« rice pudding, ettp eu«taol, .7) cent «Ixe« for aale hy I' i » hv A ro.v. This celébrate*) remedy I# for
t ip1 ► • or baked api'leri’’
• •'J «I-’#' »•-' of >>» a'
•nit» by I' fmiy A ¡’I I "Vi
ih l< »BEH
"My l»*v nunr bourn fr*>m school
■ >nc day with hu hold Indly laeerat
ed «nd tJeedlng. and auffcring
great pain,” rev* Mr. E. J. Schall,
with .Meyer Rro«.' Drug to, Ht.
Imui», Mo. "I dret.sod tii * wound.
■ ml applied CjMinta'rtain'» Fain
Balm fr.-s'lv. All p«in n-aM*l, and
I k a remarkalJy atiort time it h*alcd
scar. For
wound«, »pm ins, «welling« and
rheumatism I know of no medicine
or prescript ion equal to It. I con.
• di-r it a h '«*c iiuld nvcr»*ity."
The 2 » and 3<)c»nl ••« •* for «ale by
Pl 1 111 A Pr».|:T.
Buufliea. Waqoit8 and Wagon Material,
,1/rT nrmick li’ iifnrsitn<l
Agent for the John Ih-erc Moline I'lo'v.
Alb tnv, ’ ’regoli.
nt. rvirarti
UT\M>.P -1 VW
W a . ,.rw
■ *«>•1
■ •<«« *iee*fl*l
I m »***
OfK< "
tMiablB »G.
F» r,»».» bqf » i " wkh K¡S-*
• U «» Mr« « xmb I Mmt<
»1. atan
•»u«* i <
i«v Hvak
Vxrkit Xayert.
► » MCnr»rn »•
Wheal 72 tl«. per bu.
4 \. í ( N ». PRII.I
Oat«. .'7 "
Elour »4 H
aaxd. re2>urgi’on
12 M
M iddlings )♦»
Cele. Crecía.
< ’ho|i, I I'i g- r toll.
Residen« ' "i )»i'ite th* pi inIng mill«,
Potatoes -i* t* ; er sack.
t MIki* next ib»ir to drug «fore; h uir,
Egg«. IV. p«-r I X.
Buttci .creamery i >: ranche 12 > !t .
» tn 12 A. M. xml 2 U
Him*. 12c |»'r It..
Shoulder«. >• per th.
Bacon, |(»c per ll>
l.anl, l<»c per lb
k< n«,
. i*l
»’ ’
’ »
»t a
re t>a<le>ftt»«k (IMeret
IB A«uwrtr«.
U e ‘ >• a W <■•
l'wt. .ta (*>•«! II,r *gh Mu:
•(M* -W B'Kirw in tlx
• » . >
lev ». X
M*nti'.< a «»< ' ’ a I 4»
qu kif <M«r«ain. fn ®, wfertn. -r
. • .
I have i st s k of bookstore g eil.
• I'. I I \ I I
HEA 1,1 .Its or 1‘Uj er« for •* lie. I ||
tirarle«, etc. I think I cm mike
price« lh it will interest you. l he
giawl* in* of tlie very finest qiiillty,
■'mt II U-t I»- i liis.'d "ill it mH e.
W. R. lit. vis.
I He put* tlie prices down I
Near O|H-rii I’ou«*, Alnany, l>r.
I Irininc I t * i
< i. i.k
k. opposite S. I.. \ dllllg.
wS iin V.a^azinc™ v One Dollar a Leaf
tn iNe
< 10 cents a nwolxr
H ti f f fit r •
t t • t A t
• </«••»«•.
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•«• Tt«xp ta th* f> art- «« *4* m « xh » •»< the turrtariva «>»1
!;1,-«t. itc « thp, tt» Imto ». 4« ntm- ti*.«,
K n.
ttkfuttM a*« 4 ITi, >•*<•! a»*d t U*ltr*k • dit*4i*
I ••««» «I (P A •« »4 »|»'r rim ff
•• f-tfr t 9 tr h»
trifu/u f it/ raa,»/« titttie f*» It* ¡tt»*** m * «>
Frank I’arrema.
trwry l‘ U M
Prut ht>
* nat«>r
(South widí» of hr|»|j*r.)
S< I< >, < >ltl G< »N.
1 «
Hrv prepared to do fir-t-i las*
work on «hort notice, (lit)« thnie a
trial. Charge« reu-onaNe.
Hi* recently purrha«i >1 >i .trun»
■ngiii ■ iiik I I- iinw ready to fur« h
<11 kind, of building material
rea«<matae price« nml on «hurt noti
\V- al«n announce that we carry
■n undertaking and keep I" l: *t'**'k
full line of Cii*ki t«, etc. Good work
gun mntred.
Il.sititv S. J*>nx-r*>x, A Co.
St ’IO,
Ui t»'« »»klt|»<
A *1 La «H
au nain,
S( H). ORN.
llnl -TON HI il.HI.XG
lie r*I th'*' *’’’«l^l
• n» m ••»*«.. 1
i *»»Kw U'a’»ar Oaf II
>yr«M* \ D» »re
Scio Brrgfill.
turiM'Ut» it r»'*»rehiM»*»ì»’ fnt* <
Ihi«’ Io Monki’r*’.
( «»intiH'r*
rhtl 1111*11 c«»»tv* \ « <1 to hvm | from n»l
* I nhit It <1 l«y thv <My
or u fM-k
Wagon Shop. emuan
o» *,i >■ ■■;»< »- ■-< -a », *“*■ •»■«•a ho*
i -''- '. ii will reí i*»
F iti I
Ji Stle Siali'.
\ M, Shelton, Proprietor,
tkrnk t.w i*ar*wT» «.- m hre
3*’! IJronJvsn %. Fr » T «»rlts
1« the pi
fl I *«t -
cla * ilvntiatry. Teeth tilled
or extract***! without pain.
tnr M\w trvi
naeHM *ad
’db« «Mirti U m * b»et y of • F-««efBl Kevnlwl- u b*
’ JÛktUB«
it;* *«l >^t *f ìtii >•(«• »»•
» •
» ve
»i »«fe
Shaving, haircut ting,
shampooing promptlv
Sli tving on Stm lay* and
ilolliilav a. Io ci'iit-.
vb.nk5 II. ’» rr S Cmupany. Fablishcn
Will |*r. | arc i »tiiiiiite« and
|*laii.» fur nil cltiaa«*M of
< irjo s tv • t tic |u«i'-t
|ni«*ili|i* lit ing price«.
N<» charge for hirtitaliing
contrarta that are »war-
<lv<l tn me, !f you want
lirat-clil.s«, reliable work,
at BKB ltd« K pitto*. call
on, or write to
¿ ï Or. 7.::i.
T. J. Won,
I lie l ie t"-t ami Most St\l-
t«lt llig*» kept l*v any !» I ii 111 c
in tiie county can Io* folHiil
In re. Serial attention given
to boarding Imrxra,
coral att'l n ales eon nccteil
with tlo* barn, < 'liarge* rea-
Stiers Barn Cor. oí Ellswortb & 6tb s.
- c »-o <■
DonT Buy (ôunîerlêife
When you cun '
All klmlsot fr*'«h mmlt constant
Iy on hand itrul w ill ta* -old nt
I" . * *t lit lug i I.*-; nl*o fri ii
iHilogmt, sou* #1', lard, tricon,
for -ide nt bed-r*» k price«.
I % n
ALBAN¡ V, oil.
,»» wtrxWn bttlMtnf.
of ■■ Ita* • I tuple
thing to pkblr **tT Protect jutir klra» , the*
bring you wmlth
Writ«» J<»HN W£|>|>Kfl-
1*( t(S »%<*<», Pairnt Ait«»rury». WaAtuagiMO
U C «f r thair
priM vff»r.
Eoi: S ai i . oh T ua io .—A full-
Monti Jersey bull, l»<> yi ur» old. A
very fine animai. Cali tuli. Struck
meler, Iwu tulle* North of t ra birce
«tal Ino.
FUEL AT PRICES FROM »1000 TO s 75.00
C*» •>
1 T’re.xx^rero^x
A full xM '»nwiel* line of
<•*■(•> «r HIAICII ta.Xkl'-h M
X» Itw ’“*• O«>-»»»I^(
Iton't forget that A. W. Hag* y
can »ell you watchi*«, cl<« ks or noy
thing In the Jewelry llm* cheap* r
than any on« In the county.
th, am« rnatyrikl •>
• n, ' neat' IM Mf
•fittr ¡(M tktizx
i/Ane ÄrstM '•
PiitrohlKH your nume imper,
work k for your Interests
C at *
Tonr Orna
Few realiti* that each -rpilrrwl
«troys >1.30 worth of grjin nnnu
Wakelce'« Stpiirrel ami Gopher
terminator Is the m<>»t effective
economical pot ton known. Price r<
duecd to M) cent«.
«'or *il»i by Piuiv A Peril«'.
at Lowca PwicesroAN eve«
GILL & SONS, Scio, Oregon