Scio weekly press. (Scio, Linn County, Or.) 18??-1897, October 08, 1897, Image 4

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Lisa C.uitr F.; il.
A »mail Ida» • In the pile of
(M n*1.1 1’.
1 •
niMr the M-biad house ciuss-d autue
From the Kdcm Jo*ir*Ml;
»Mi llemenl f.*r n »h*»rt time Salu • l.lint county exhibit *«s*i;ii *«
pb»cu in
lb*slr*bie i «.lor»—Moire, day after«». • >. It Is supposed the fl• »• ' most «onsph'Uuus
3 affi la. Satin,
A far st<ri«-d frum « «par: left by the grind |«*vllll<>n ju-t at th«* 111 iln
salo line uf Hat1»» tur *» Wood saw.
|r .o> e, and al Wat* ha* crowds of 11 -
and l*k- per yard.
J >e Warwick, of netr this pisce | rootl'd |w.' r« .««king qu< all >1 /*
The «'oiroct alyjo.
surprise at 'be
Il ls the priXe yuurllug »leer of Ibi» and cxpr<-**iiig
'i li.- prvper qiiality.
s.-itimi. He is heroford and dur he i, wonderful variety and extent of
The righi prive.
A <l.* giovo that lo ami will die»» out as much if n »1 lof w*-»r, a s**ve«i- more, thaii the Is.-i two y»-»r old»
l)-ce««l gluVe, alid bell* t commonly seen In thl* i-ountry.
gl<»v r«U
Milk I» coming in to thecr.-.mi. ry
■mi M ou * xm -I ii » de Solr —
almost as fast lately as doling lue
la*»anl*-r. Blu**, Plnk,
e.»riy Summer month». This •)••-■<*»
Cresm, Yellow* Black
well fur Hie farm« r» of thia vicinity,
■ Il ai 7.ic per yard-
Our stock I» Urge—our ami g-»-s io »boar they are hu»ll. rs
story l" sh«»rt. A g>»«l
line of Black ChooUILi,
Crearti and Whlte Hllk
tace* al low prlcc*; Val-
enei.unes, :»urr*»w edges
le ai.d ut»; ll«-avy «*>tt*»n
|««*s sultat»le M»r trito
uiing wash goal».
lu anything they ur»d?rt<«ke.
Citarle* Jeffry last week • r."i»lT
to town a fine lot of big y oung citi, k
I !i*.y were of the WyomJo'te
br< cd, and large thrifty l.xjklng f-l
lu»«. Il pay* to raise good rbiii.rn.,
and ld<»»i«**l ones »re no mor«' « A-
APPI 1 1 I I
l«'ll OIIHF.IIH pensive to raise than scruto*.
John < ery rame in from 11««» faim
S- E. YOdNG. & SON.
Agenlfor Buttarlik |«itlen»«
Semi (< r M.
New Capes
ranging in prie* frm $1 up.
New Jackets
th*-* »t muriti* » in g"*'*l
New Macintoshes
Hit«* «luublc t**xtui«‘. iloiiM**
c*|><*, «lotaclirtlilc, nt $2 <•».
New Dress Goods
New Underwear
f*»r int’ti. tvotn* i> iiik I chil­
And ¡tit *- id «11**-- variety <>f
triniining and small arti­
Art what w*- «ant t > »h*»«
Rend, 1 ’uncock A < ’<>.
s* « ' *
TffsI.sY Sll< ist.
«1 I..
Tuesday, .s-cpl* mln-« -l»t, It will be
on embroidery.
In front and on the
charge o' <*. W. Walls, with» ferve
'll.. , . Mill I • .. ! is Ip.,'. ,
Watt* *• a heaver tn Work. He
Is on dis k fr on * o'cha k a. M. to I«*
I*. M. and no <»*>e leaves fwithout
knowing Hat grain and Iruit nr<-
king ami «plren aril th* Ir joint
and helped T. K. Coffey build miiii «.
••»tri» t* uf hariiea« that lie Was
rushed to gel out
John is a first
Hi rone Is In l.lnn county.
■ la«» workman.and lias workid «II
«»V er till* c«si»t.
It 1« a «chra4 uf inform *H<»’» nml
•mo *>f the m«*«t **«'*nl ii.|*» fea­
A J. John«*»«» our «cnat*>r fr**m tures of Ibi* «tat«» fair
Alan II I*
Finn, was ap|s»iiilc«l referee, ami correct In num* n«*lalurv, every ve-
bi* judgment wx» tiunl, in all dlff. r rl>-ty I* »vlng a l its-l giving Its name
<u.i, ariolr g I11 II <* r*-< riit I«».,- bill There are ft» varlvtl«*» of apple«. In­
t.'Uroallivlit .*1 the Hl. !e fair. 11.« cluding slug!«* «peclnivlis of Gloria
aplrit ut falrm*«« was e»>*i»mci,d it le, mundi weighing 2«<»z; Aleisodvr
ami«'veryUxly * *»m t-rn**l w .isph-u
1*1 on; '.« varlcHcs of p>-ur-; 6 of
id a III* hl* *1e< i-loii*.
fiea* h*^*, single sfas-imen» of the
Wtllinni Btentier went to II il«.*y Susquehanna variety mea-uring PJ!j
,*o*l llarri-Lurg the Aral of tin* w> • * Inch**« In cir* uinfvicii* ami weigh-
Ing L*> «*«.
I** l.aik aft* r «on»1* l»ii«lti.-s«, in tile
til** of *to»'k.
lull is kep. pr< ty
bu«> m>4 ai.iys, having on lia' l *
near Tangent
Al*o a Very cr*s||lnblo exhibit «if
d-'-d frr ’
l i i-ri-
. « v irii ii.'»
**f grasses, including Johnson, alfa-
fa, nml iiri'hard, measuring over 10
ft. in height. There
are Sar-d
iya th** Alistny |i u
.1 I i - . .t * f. , ii i
iie'.iduw* irk Hint I* a freak of na­
ture. It was wIngle*« and could not
fly. It h*«» been taken to the ’ >. A.
ti w d.iys ng..,
vctche«, the coming groat row fi»«l
(’. ut t'orvnlli« and may la* seen in plant, *> fl high, grown qulie com-
t*<<* tulle*(ion of curiosIHe* of lliat nionly In l.lnn county. Thon* ar«»
cull* g(*.
-lit vnrletl*’* of w h*-nl, S of (Mt*, 0 <d
11 • < r » I. . li. -. y, W I,.. !* I UH' time Iktrley, Iniludldg th«- Silver Min«,
lived In llii» place, ami who bolli vnriety. l«nii» km-wnnsltn* lUiiiM-y
Bt i* k, cam*- dow n from M III < Ity on
a visit last weak. Henry la I* atk I ng
pretty »tout and says he 1« improv
' -
\D • I. *
will yet rally from hl« long "I * II of
sickn*••» an.I la- able Io work for Ills
little ones.
It ba« not
In w hent they show Ih.flnnco, on«*
>1< m »I .»f which contains (>l lieuds, SI2
mrohea, 3U49 kernel« pnalucod from
a single grain. Kenutor 1 law -»on
¡and throe rollnbln men <ll<I th*
counting. « »f the Surprise variety
on*> stool has >37 li«*<ul«, 642 meshes.
3142 la'rries from one grain, In
fl ix they have a good exhibit, con­
sisting of varlctl*-* rai***l from seed
imported from Ireland. There I* a
large «lisplay of vegetable»« including
what this paper will la* cal led under
(he new management.
<il*l nam«< In the meaiitliiie.thi* W vvk
sugar tai-ts weight 35 ponnds
and iivxt, we will semi iMinple cop
I* « lo id I »ut -cril* rs
Kultacritw for the Pttvsa.
Come to us tor yilur jo’i printing.
Nice Roby new
just arriv«*d al M.
Como and *eu them.
Mra. N. E. Gill atleml«*d I lie \\
C. T. U. convention In Albany, re-
turning on Saturday <>f I «st w< <-k.
A. W. II«gey ami Ira Bilyeu lu«n
died the mill engine to
West Scio during
the absvn ■•< of
Frauk Butcher and Henry Myers.
K S. Hoiks of McMinnville, wa«
Visiting Scio Hie first of the Week,
will« a view to locatitiS permanent-
Mate William»
who ha» la-eii
wtnkiug al Aitsiny during (he bum
mer, returned home the Br*t of Un­
Mr. J. W. < <>ni|doii ar.d family am
moving back In town from the farm
where I hey have been a|>eiidlng th.
it. I'.. Ilibler «ml family *aa at
Nel« m all w < « k where llosa acted a»
m tnxger of the
Helo J< tfv ruoti beat­
bill team.
/; :-**ì
A ml'umlvrslandlng a* to Hie
time *.f leaving Salem for home la«t
Wi di.< -il .y evening ruaUlled hi l‘n
* le Alt Sin lion ami (»eorg** Suther’d till ing th** team and, l**Dvlng
Henry My*r», Frank Butcher, K. I.
■»••ore, Ed I’eery »ml Joe Morris lo
g«-t I ioiik * as lx «1 th«-y could.
hlr* *1 another rig and started home
however, but in ••»laging*’ dow n the
them It*»
Inchon long; leaf 32 feet In circum­
urouml, 7 filling a quart measure;
4*vl g*M>*cta.rrle* on n (I Inch alctn.
Their exhibit of native medicinal
plant* is «iitiply complete and grand,
i undoubtedly
ever •«»ll'-cti-d ami |»1 u-isl on exhibi­
tion In the Northwest
It consist«
of 49 distinct kinds all growing wild
within the Girders ot Linn county,
among which nro calamus, aar**pn-
er hill sld** wen! down, pitching the
! rills, cnacnrln, ginseng, etc.
Isiys off down the grade »baking
The exhibit Including «ample* ol
them up conaldeniMy, giving them
olì« distilled from Hi«, plant». There
a gi»»*l «care. They procured »noth
are al«o five samples of salt« from
er vehicle in Turner and "■> mid** I 1
on In home, right thankful for their the various medicinal ami
spring* of th«» county. Thcro nro
lucky e»c.*|H*, ami glad lo bt* alive.
specimen* of ore from the Kantiani
mini-*, some of which asaay up
SXel &t Latar.oa.
nearly $H«*u p«-r ton.
Joseph Bulli, of ladainon, wns ac
Judge ILirton
hi» been at Hi«*
cldently kl|!«*d la»l Haturday moro,
fair, working hard tn see that each
ing, by thè premature esplosimi of n
spple has Its la**t «bine on, ami Ila
sliotgun. il scema he was going to
brighest aide out. He inforni* 11*
clean lite gun, when In drawlng il
that l.lnn countv appropriated lumi
out fiom a latek r«H*m carelesaly, tlie
to defray the exia>n«<-a *if colhx-Hng
ballimela cangili ng.«in»t (liti stud
and exhibiting the coilcetion, >250
dlng, di etiorglng thè gun, thè cmi lof which will he ex|a-nded by the
lenta cntering Mr.
Buhl’a righi
time th* collection Is returne«l to
breast, kllllng him Instantly. Ncv-
crai tirar l.y hoard III«» r«‘l*>rl bui
l.lnn county was awarded Aral
thouglit noihlng of lt. Mr. Iluld
uf f L* * In cash and a groat ad
wasoneof l^»i»»timi‘s m<Mt imputar
bnsineae inen ami thè e»t«*em vertlsement.
md res|»ect of all wliu knew hltn.
Pive daye ha» tnan a year bafore hi»
Hpeclaclca 10c a pnir at Peery A
denti, he was marne*! toMlss Min
nlc <iil»<,n. The roinaln» «ere In-
ferrod by tha Maccataa.» al thè I.eb
Scx-pal Tha Itilxas
an«»n cerne lery.
Th» last g.iui* of th« «erica h*-
hill between the Reform Scho«>l »ml
Turner, the two wheels on the low­
Mr». Morgan, w ife uf und« Jim
my Morgan, formerly of this place,
now of McCoy, Polk County, 1» very
low with a strok* of pnrnlyst*.
Aiv> Milkmaid h liaidly aide to
I*. h > h > u I, <>nIng to the long cuottn
as ExilUag Star ffoat.
«»••«I hurry up threshing t**-ce*».-*ry to
The acorn crop th I* year ha»
the earn of hi» crop*
brought the bear down Into the fo.t
T. H. Coffee aul* I four net» of her- ' hill* and aome lively lime« are re
i.<-»< thl* week, one of them going
l**irled from
loculi He».
In Hurney Valley. Till» proves that
I .»st Kunday mottling Joe War­
ImncMt work and goi<d material I*
wick and John Ray, of thia plac»,
u good drawing card.
started a fin» larga una la William
Hmwnr, M. I) , graduate of
Crolsauf* orchard, near
Imlltuto, I
Tha bear kept up a running fight
< Im liinaitl, Ohio. Calls promptly
with the d»g». from ela) light until
answered. Office 111 residence for-
1 o’clock In the after niton, and then
im-rl) occupied by Mr I-ouil, Nclo,
got away. Ho wa* »hot al eleven
limes, but was not serum »I y hurt.
Kiley anil Ixtwi* Calavan who and when he reached the heavy tint
have been over on TILimook buying her on MtCully mountain, the hunt
«.«tile the |Ht»t two weeka, returned er* could not folmw him farther.
home on last Monday, bringing with
mens of whjch weigh LIO It»*., two
of which weigh <*41 ox. each; siting
drop bean« 2 fi»*t I Inches In hmgth; rhu-
tiart» **i In. li*.« in clrcumf'U'viici*, 31
I hoax* wishing to
K. M. I>an el attended Hie fair nl
cotilltim* the P«p- r will please
Kaleiti Tliur»d.«y.
(iultnr, Banjo und Violin »tiing« U« a « trii lo that vlTi ct.
Hee, id, M. I Daniel*» ad. in the ven
t’ r of llii» p ige, l( contal tin
great tairgalns.
!>r. Prill, Prank Irvin«*, and Jak*
Bilyeu attended thu of J
Buhl al la-bnnuii.
12 vnrletl«« corn, table beets <>f an
lbs; 9 vnrietlea of onion*, 40 apeci
it Hie I’l; t •«,
f. I.. Bugger kindly lending iis his
list f*>r the-stne.
at P.n-ry A IVery’a.
l*nein Billy Curl came over from
Altmny Mouday, on busihe«».
Quito «•*, grapea, chest­
nut a, w iliiu*«. hh korv nut», III’ h -H«
In variety. They have I'JS jtr* of
«h-.rt tl lie ago ILO »l»*-< p, nml >t fruit*. «•*»'«i-’Ing -if | h - iu li*-«, apri-
bum li uf I ig c.iHli* w hl- h lie ini* nd ¡col«, plum*. |a-.irs, prunes, eherrb-s,
Io -lall |< < <| i his w ml* r, an I take Io goosela-rt h-s. «in* w la-rrle«, currenta,
, r i-tila-rrh-s nml llgs.
Ivlolelike in Ihv K| ring.
hungry, but determine I logive him
a nut her ruu soon.
tween the f’hem **»* and H* io Jaffer
»on bus*. I m II Iror* came
ff to-day
Our home team t>eat th« Chemswa*
after a very *• o»e and * gelling game
Roa», Sxlem's crack
twirlcr was li­
the l*>x for the Indiana and lost hi«
'scalp along with tha other player*.
It wa* anybody'* game from atari tn
finish,Scio only winning by grit and
•faying quallll«-*.
The result of the
game wa* a »urprixe tn many a* It
wa* freely prcslicicd
the Chemawa
hoy* h*<t an easy game.
The boy» ,
from the Indian Training Kehm>l aro
gmillcmnnly lol
play hnueal hall.
Great Line
Gash Store’s
<¿nutiili«*na on n few
Suits t>f M«-n» ( lothing
Bl i«*k cloth auit, whit«»
dot.*», rotm*l -a**k, ♦3 3.5
lellows ami
Tory are hy no
means an easy mark, and our team
will la* proud of th** result, giving
thcu> t!r»l plj.c, anJ wlunlng Jit».
AlLwool blu*’ (’bevivi
auit, ron 11* i .sack, $*• K
All-wn«>|,h|m-k < 'lav w*»rs
t».*1 rotimi u* k, $*••
All w-ool piai«) ( 'hrviot
suit, roumi -ack. $10
M m U 800.
N. <'hit». «*• labor «Mnploye«!
All ll*»rn*> C'oeking.
The tabi«1 «upplhal with tho bc»t
the market» afford.
Street car line ruu» dir«-ct to the
Si. chirks
IH-iiutiful single pat
urns, hi every
\ arici • V. r et S mid
!<» vnids each.
All-wool black (’lavwor-
stc*i 3-l>'t it frock $ lo
«quart» sack
A ll-wi>ol l»'k ' lay worst'd
suit, satin
rollìi«! sack,
All-wool imp* rt«-*l plaid
suit, round «.u*K, $1 I
>7/.AX «///«/ I A7. r/f/A
/’// all S/iaih s; anti
n ej r r laces
IÌOJS; K.Hibhll
\ 1 \
( )rt ¡fon,
Cheaper Than Elver.
We have some pretty warm Prices Ourselves
the market. Ami the Golden Pheas-
ant dour a short time ago was quo
te<| ns the flour commanding ihu
highest price In the market.
Helo Creamery is aa yet In Ils infati
ey, and thia »|a aka highly for Mr.
Morris, th*1 efficient and obliging
manager. The people <if Scio ami
vicinity will feelJustly pniud of tills
distinction, and well they may, for
they lead Oregon, tlivslHte In w hich
the ta's! flour In the world is manu-
ufactured, ami butter wcond
none, tn these product».
THORP—To the wife of II. F. Thorp
on Neptemher 30. » girl.
laxly happy at their house.
ufi lini»!
Iti •
(Fruì* bali
Mtn«< lo ault |itHt ha« r.
Jt I' » t< t« «. I«» mi • - k x«t of ■*• '•», !•*> a- ir*
In miti» al loti
o | m t» |«*fure, «■•to©
hritAli ani th»i.’*a’i, Y a»i» * triti teiol. 1*4*
ai**r nil 14'4*1 tevri i*s»iti>iii tend, )itni*e mi t
la«* »**i(i« an I tot l**»i ! |*rî* » !;•■ «j t«
• t» !• 14.« • «Al .|«*wil. IxtfMIt««- liti*« t«<
»ml | h : h lukAor.
T ìva - i ra t ini Ir» haat <»f ra lo, Ito 4*era4 )n
* illtilalhm >«»tens«r n«»f!) all
ai»*«»! * mi ih ora, bili |***ttirr. !•»» i>ihn n*
«orina wutrr, «rm»d tira tno¡**«*,
S l«arn*.
orvhai*l thi» I» * .\*. |
Ki ali» an «lotit fai in |*«hr|t’ un j* t a* m,
ten ti».» h«a'l « »»h tettane*» Ihur.
»<> 4« o A. t W- o titilara »stUl h «*«*•( of **■(«», |
n« tra in ( ith I» »I l<-lt, M> tuira o|*rti |»»luro
inai»tur ì*tu*h and ra*it«e (hnl>rr, «an all >**
< ttllivaUM, ta«» ji<»nd «tra h»Hitara, tao fur»»«,
lu»pand fruii dry I mh »«**, jwa*-r«ra in lu»u*f «
A' iv * in tv*xhar»l, «faring» crwkl a»nt ari) wai«jt.
• • ' •
tu ■ ■ :
i. f r*‘
>J a« ora, |«ti ntlhra ami tiara« nf ra k», tl
4«rra in miti val ion, i*a¡atit-a» l»ti«»h ani »il»«
Otti(«rr, run ah t«n miti»alvi. *o*»t n* a
I h *
AG t «ro l'O*« fP< b |« l 4* re, t* l *«••
li -lio r» »
sa lo l»rr<on
22 yard» brown muslin,
... Si (Ml.
22 yrtnls cnlico, ...........
Á (Ml
' h »«»*I laundried whit«* »liii t«, 2o «•«•nt-» api* .-**.
Heavy best I’rccak* shirts,
3*> ,,
Half w*»ol dress go*i*l.-». Bl in wi le (think oiit) 2- h
Nice patt-rnsan*l all color» narrow dn-s* goods 13«
Wool finish l»lk sat**«*n (this is a great bargain) !*»<•
H lbs roast coffe©,
.» Si
[Thia is much better then Arbuckle«.]
1<> ll*s good green Rio coff«*«
$1 DO
\\ *• hav»* plenty .»Oc cotton blank* t* *ont*- at •><• and
line whit** ami gray for KAc,
butter It made at almost if not quite
the best tlgur«* |w«--»|t>lu to obtain In
li Pacilii' I
J -!
Sclo Via» F:r»t.
The Helo Creamery wins flr«t price
for butter, and the (»olden Phea mt
flour, manufactured nt Scio, wins
first in quality and M-cond In display
at the »late fair. This was nut it
surprise to Helo people, tor th*. Selo
croamery has la-eti disposing of ih««
¡ I a t) |o ||««Q
arrrw l h
1 valtir»lto«n I*
' «•*»»»«• thii'opr,
17 a«'r»'« < t filles« Monili <»f «a h». ? tnP.r«
A. G. Prill. A. M.. M. «».. pii« alci- I S.nih <»f Ijrfi
I <• r« I a *< • »I <
t '«♦»»), r.M 44* TV«
tc «ulttlN'k ra. traten«r tra»
an sud surgoon. Calls promptly at­
IL t« A lia«»»,
I « <« l»«r.t »H *»
land 4t»«l a • 4i !« m atra)
[ I* • 1« r W* »»> J*'
luikra ’A Hi il» «>| ■ f N*'!.s. Ki.inrs
i#«!. 1 Ss». »-«*•- |««*|tl<r «ici «r«nr
I bri ost», all te» r| *41» I,
oro li r«l, tatua-
i «» i ¡«ni
■ •
«• |rr I». ir
j ¿1 1 ru r«*«». l<» u»Urra
«■( « a t<». I’ 4 Mtite*
L a .- <»| ) >r 1 •»•» »• Pi • * N» r’U «»i 4» 4 A ».
K K IVO «i .nsfii « h II t » a t tetti, iraintecra «•*•*»«
! |4*’l|fP, wm* Gm*ii »ivi liriPwr. mu all te­
«■«»III»ainsi, all
nti a
M ol
«>l »dl, |f«M*l te*n«r> Nini
I l*nrn. «Hit bnlMl«><*, «-»va*h . ’•*’!) fV“Ì •jHtegi
wat**« 1*1 i.r
|wr asm
11 pounds Rio coffee for........
$1 (Ml.
iTiiwn*«, in »«*.<•* >^t*t of Ja la, M« arrwa m
good roust coffe«* in packages 1 I M I.
lt*«» m
«Ulf «alW'n, JV
Tv A*
«it«»*«» < m *’« i larvi. tal
». .*«•
!««»««' titniwr, | |MD
mu a»
.'-■«■•« i , hi L *’»»lll a»r.|
20yards Apron Ginghams
I (Ml.
i h«m«4*an<l toarti FM»
FMI y»mrn
) »Hirt¡f trull frw«, apriti**
¡ an*I runhlnx »•*«*4. Ia» u
20 ,,
Outing Elannel
i (Ml.
•<» at*«»»*, j h<
• North of sin,
11«» k H ero
i * 4» 4« Ih ' iltK *àtl-*H,
2-r>yards good Brown Sheeting
1 (Ml.
1 h(»'i«r 4nd
i», «oli Atti «intm* water
rrkw ti<jwu.
2.» ,, very gixxl ('alien
1 (X).
W R« tr*, 4
•12 in., HO percent wool, *lr*»s good»,per v*l. >.»«*.
miti» ali«!»,
Our .aO-c« nt blankets ar** all gone hut will hav«*
ri»««’ ii'Aiu.
m « mpuv «. i nits * wrs»t «»( h * H>, al) in culti !
some more in a few days; plenty 1* ft at $75
tttihHi. n«> Gutldlnif«» I •.*•• i*-*»»
$100 A l.oO per pair.
InA ai !••*, *.> lullra IteM *»l ***
al Js'f’lan,
r ’ ■ « 11 : -■» I Q t ' \ a» »•• : .
' « ». X •!•> I
and rar«)«* ! In già«*, g<Me| li«»uw anti («ari».
No i «i*« k.
•.’i.!’» «
•-”••1» Ibi* l* a g«*»l t«» k fatai
fih-e tJMM)
(M a< o». 7 ut ite-» U«i i»C '•km.Umfnn all
in « ulti»atto»«» ami No . tenti,
... .SCIO, OR........
All wool black bini s **v«*
ivorsteii s*|uare s’k fi
All-Wool mix***l (’heviot
suit, roumi sack, ï<* Ó0. 1
•8 CO.
Saari tad Liirtic 13 30 j»r witk
raw In framing <!«•>•. I Mt» ter. I q.unrr e*«ik) ALBANY,
,'«•** : >.4it w I’. *|t;
. a
>4 -Illi* ‘Irr tel -u ltui*-r»»>s t»|e. H . •> in«.«itti»»
vw a. r*ra % in Irra 1^**4 <4 tat«» »h< |£ t‘ U*»*1
art* twin « mi il»«' um,
a* tv» tu callKnkloH,
a* «« «•*« w tt*rr ltu;»r*»
hnk*ti*ra b«»t«h *nl
l itn w «, «»»« lw«r«l rail ¿itti* of üi*(t. 1 fpwvl
*;»*•! U'»v«r. fait tram, (»utbulbllt g«,
etr nhr|,ji*
teinrrrraA** mlb • «muh «fta m ». 7mite* Mm th
<»l 1 ♦’ **•»«»*•. ll ’»♦«
\ « ») . t mite lo
R K »««tura»; Bl«. ■» • • In
m mill'
«utili « rat
>•»•», 'rata
*>!•>«» te**4«»Fv, aa*4or
»»n hm * 5 tim* *>r.
• otnnrof I ral and * «**hlngf«’n *»trrtt,
«n All te‘ «Hit|«4 wsi r
«4 atertil
ra tr* It»
Ihravar vir*»k te»ft**tn *hl«it t<a h * •eit**'« Ff
nuufv* f«»< «torli, «il ir ml tend, te»»» ira» an! t»» n,
Il** tiLpi.irter» l*>r > omiuerelal trav«
«wrlkaa I f-M» i*«■•*•„ tarli «i*f»»<’«»«i n
* I* r«.
Motor cnrs pu»» the hotel for
!•»•*< «imrvTi temw, l »»»ite lo ne-b<»
HM»* Ile* • h«w*l mah »«rar Thte I* I
*11 r illt'>*<i ilcpiit» »ml Goilra Park.
•«»<! w«4l fornirai Pi«*« |i : |«-r «. m
Fr-*«* hu» t*> ni:*| from the house
<* MMwta «rat Khu'tor) ,
Ira *«ra in tira riiy «•( tai««, nil !
1 tarnt.
tarara*, train »ull Lite»» •*.
f^«* ra «ra* J» lu’-lr« North iuat
Sr*.. b«l
•« «n» tu 4 «iti K 4«fot» Irarantr *»tn
t*«»»a|- a«td li,ni«*»» llsxisr 4M'i I mi
ori tattd
Prter fi»» ae |w«r •*"*•-
•»• a* *r» l ti, > N*‘.th Wr»| of rato •)! In
17>*j i!*
! K.
S«rar tbtw K H. •”•4*«>•»•
Jl nrrr*» trarr in rii> «ni ** l<» n«*w h«>*t«r
• n-l imiti ?»* »i-i«-«« 4>l)oit»tn< rii) tiuplt* inter
■ *i a « « t ul IvaikMi
First-via............. in mod allons. Table»
«••*■» ■ , - « ., .•*».-•' h . ( - • » ’
». va in
»upplieil With Hie tie»t the
(*niiKs*t « t ’ i tniter » '»|»r»i '(ak*lu*rt
• ih** iit«* «M. te‘G«ra. I qiii »»»’! uB hai'l rati
market affords.
IliMf'l frotM Otte to loa lUtllAr« |>rr
l«i4 acn*« • »'
S»W i irter- for Commercial
! miti»» «(«tn h
. <r«el la».t I
I .'»•9 arr*« 7
. 4»-»«** In
' t*ri»«t nev t*4n
and il »tr’HLiffh
p.t.v|.?- .5
: hm» J.»«
W ' a« •> tai h i» t>4» a» r* i.via
all tn
«’Ilf IlfftisHl • iitUalr«| I
tuli«* Hata N» I«*
I at tí»* ui t;
!•’« <Kte
—t»f til«-----
I i«»' »•
« k f* it« tn tb« pa»4 bitte f»»i
I lark mixed < 'heviot suit
rouiK *1 **ck
• 1 (>5.
AII. w . h .I
r*»ii id *1 <ack,
••!•«’ *f
* a ’»» In
« ulti*» »*'
*• .•■«*> i> **z i»n»a It u«h a l mmh *
« a. *>t. ,.* 4.-e-e c. h.**,ra aS*» I i» van!. w.*> !
ti.sp te*st«K*. : I, »
h*> larra, J ht’Ura n, i Ani»,
• rii «giri fiu«’
** r*i
I m and « ivi . - * » i.. . . 1 -V, tl r.»«t of n kk.
I-B« •* r«ra In « MU lv>4*«>•». I»» «»r |i n> rvn «»I lUh’a f
I m Mi«»«* »*••* m »«, 4»<n*a
<wriu4 (mH
(tirara, I •«.- I' a G ah ■ i«ir trvwk* ?ht» ' tun» t»b|,
)M«L«' <«» «» 4* A >' K X *t«k*k>«4a <•"»! «orín.**
• ‘ I »a I
»**•*! T i»*» i tw -w <ra, telr «» 4 g I
1’ '
-Im a •»
a* fr» * Mlhra fen»* m ( wi »«. IWMNnrra In rué
IKation taataMv iwklyri», l«g»t*h *t**| iinilwr,
•»♦nr nuftb blKta-te Mt*A mntfr ¿io! «mt ranter,
K * r«ra in h-H«, t»oft hot**r ’t«-l «4t« In»«»»«,
t*«ra , «•*! ? rswMtt h.-unr, <«ww| 'xn «t» I
Dress Goods;
•belve« nro
the vegetable*. The entire right
han*l corner 1» tilled with a m<*«lt-
Th«- work of pul Hog
cin *1 <H*pL*y
' up the f.lnn eshlnll w is entirely In
for .* fi w da)» th«, first of the week
l«*a<ling »tvl* ~ at rva»*»iia-
1*1«* price»,
the *li«).| iy». It '«*•««pi- « 4x35 f< **l
tl *»r ro*.«u and wall «| mcs - 14 f< •el
■ high. In a p.rf«*«t •lovkmle of
grdn h**»v**s ami gr iss* * artl«t» «I-
ly arr.»*<g*a< rsa**« a pyrmuld of gr. i-n
frulia and a pedestal of fruii in
I gl**« jsr«'
•'n J .
A fls *-f it’,
* ‘r fr«.n
.’*••• If* »-1 •*«•»! «
’•*4 . v t«n
irr 4 h. «»*•••, 1
««, >5 4>.*<vra <*( »«*•» gn.|
trac- j enro l I p* un» ■ tw*. t «u «<©• |«Mii«|f I tirara
' ' ■
• .» I ,g t tv* *
5' !
i ■ ..»
itu«*e|| Higgins brought to town
last week, a brunch of an apple tree!
|H Inches long, which had .'Ml line ap- ,
•1. » IM
I J »• M
f I- M
V r. « M.
<«*: t . M,
«.»• 1* in
Ke«rl)nt( *<«l| Hall »
1 V , . I- ' s- 1
A ¡‘■■»45
! «
i r
K vm
1 ,
l.rl*A»e«lit Mratirh
1 *
k F
1.« frantiti ... 1.«
AI »ran y
a .
1* M
14 L f M
7:M> ft M
1 » n
¡ ft
' ft I4Í
A M •
M ««»»»Ihn r it *O|«r I ng f «r II I Kranrh.
Itali} * irvp< Hur. la.
î '^|t.m. t.v A .eillniin
Ari 1iHp
î 9A|\m» 1 I.v .,*.111 Fat w» te
I.v » I I itv a .ni.
) :» 1» m. Ir
■» u».
Pining < 'ars cn < >g*len Konto
BuStt 3;c*;«r*
— ASH—
»r.i «»M m I \*s *| KKriMU CAM
Attat* l *-4 |o th “ugh
\V<*st Side Pivitdoii.
•»»«! t orvMlll*.
M«t? train i«Hy ri***»j *tiii>t«r«
• m i.v
a ■
i*'< |. m
tí K V m Ar
. t orv a I' i *
I.» i I <*» e m
' ’ * •• ■ »• It ••(»•!»
• * th train •
orti*© •» < A F rallr««-!.
»; »|»rr«a trwln daily rk< e|»t 4iin.!«> .
« V» n m lv
r..*»u«. i
ar I « *-a m
T o p im 4»
M« Mln» 11.4»
« •* ‘.«am
iHrr* t <st»nnr« tlftn at AanFmiK liMo wirh 4M»
t*> J I CAN a • ( tl| . \
nü w
i • *t i
L»f< « ai; » ti< krf* !«> ).«atrrt» i*s>fitf* 4n«1 >'t|.
A -» J
1 .* • 4 IL’ ’<
*>•*<! 5 ■ •
». nn
»H t.-lfi, • > Mr»
IH4»»»«-*, IUAri «Tnt., ^rat •** H»
K k tl 1 r ) tlai>n„-rr
Stri To Stat
1 Nrartiia
M Ì.»
!••««« tan ! . .
1 «
t M I.v
\ ««.)
II] «AM.
• «• % M
%r felli y ram ro .»
M .
»•'.(»«•’■* * *
* *• »-)• - • •*r-||
lN*rt on*l 4it-l
’’ **111,
sai« »»».
‘ V
I «.» *
11 »,». p,
irff» .*•»»».
«st»), T«n<etol,
Ua.rl.L ff
• ■ 1 ail
a’ ♦
‘ »»t I t-rr » *> «
itil'BHl and
i • ■ ■
G» »>tl iii< !u lirg
»t«m* IrsyvMi I ■
Troubles aal Ccaia&ptisa
Caa t» Carsi.
Greatly r< du* «<1 rates i«r«. now In
eff«Hl from Altsio) , Corviiliia and all
A m liiilHritl Xrw Wur- < l*rm»At aud 1 ■»oulhvrn P.iciilc |s»liits to Yaqulna
plus, of the Smith’« Cl*ler variety
W«lr*t4KI| Makr« A I fra O ter !•
Bay and.N. w |x>rt.
Hur Nrnrlria.
on It. This would have tx-en «pille
it may lie ad<l*-d that, In addition
an addition to l.lnn ('ounty's elhililt
io man) n turn! advantages ns a
T hr lie* * ff ! ahr I \rw toffc <h> intat, •
al the H' ■’«» Fair. As would al»«»
have lire , >i *<| uhs | i shown by M. C. MtorutH« Irukottatmtititf hl« «llm«»rrr,* «»l • t**- •iitiiim r -*■ i»l*le roaurt, the Seaside
liMhfar «ti 1 •ÍM»>lUtM lüft ft*r
low Ldui-ational ,\«sx ii.tioii will open
Inchea In
(Illi, whhh measured
•nJ oil brtMH'lilai.
rireumferelice and weighed hollas.
lhr<«il, lii'ig a»i*l «brral Ut •»’WW«. »ttldlADitl on August the ^nd nt Newport, in
I 'MtnbrrwLcil Alfc* timi*, Kutirrol «lr- the new .< dlt< riuiii built vs|H*cially
The chief attrietlon of this squash
cl*** an»! wenanc it !«■•* «>( llvwh, «tod at| for this pur|H»««., and continue In
whs Ils |H-rfiit »hape and *m«a>th
.u .ilk'ft» <H WR*lh>< M**y, will rtt.l Tlli.âk.
ion for
week, thus affording to
»KLK »rrTI.Ul «II •llfTrrvnt of h*« New
( va 1er •»< l*’e stud, »its, teacher* amt others a rare
|»l*mve»rt»MD fo *tiy
wriiln* for them
opl'o-’imiiy for t-on»t Inlng study
til* •*>«•• .’»•ic»» 111T> « Tr«Ml u»rnt‘* Im» rnrr»l w ith pie »«lire. For full In formation
••a ’i««ej owes.
! IlHinaafvl« |M*t
«s to S| mh -I< i I < ‘ouraoa, »poly to Mr S.
be» •’•mal Irr« Il a «liti
to atiffrt log !|i|iti»nHy t<» t|o»»«ifr 4 tako«l t»i (i. Irvin, President of the Avux'la-
lioyou m*ed Cnderwear or H<>* j bl« InÖk'ilhii» tnro
lion, Newport, Or**.
*« Ir»»«*’ hkll) *lrvnew Sort ier«, aiol
ery? W«* can «ave you big money.
Th«* large ami .ommmliou»
itbUtfrrni h* fiH-t,
nl|«ri Ifiimtii«^
for tmrt, Im*
*«•»»« rt» al i **lt>'»olule’* Is again lu service on
P. S. Our new Lunt»* are open i«nd to liti man I! j 4« rM I m » rtaii«i«M by an) tm»«l Vaqulna B.iy, and will take tlslilng
rrtl tfrnlt»«. Ilia a»ar«tU hi thu! !•»•♦< IffHlMra
at about |H»e price others charge.
>r other < « to -*•» ami irturn.
an*l cun«nim|Hh»ti
<n a'»h* hi a»») cLm«!r
I’ll«* fare for the round trip Is only
by ••hrwrifrll K Uci* of
A few W«s*ks ago Hie «alitor was !•
0ted tn bl* AiM«»ri«an
U‘«>**4 1 .Vi cent««.
taken with a very severe c*»l<l that tmhM in VbWMtnd* !i«>«u linn* itnr*| i«« all
I he ■'. .•omI lU’glinent Band ami
caused him to t»e in a most miser t- |«rl* of Ihr •ori I
bestra h*i* I «>< n engaged for Hie
M»*«ll« at r<,»*n»
>■ « Ir limi hr»»*»« hi »l
f<le condition.
It w<«a»undouht*-dly
■ i...ii, which will give daily con*
» t»ul case of la grippe, ami re< >g
• hlcb. unbitrtnipir I, iip ' uih *{w*r«t) *.»** «vrls on the t*--u hand furnish music
ulci’ig If as d ing..r »us he t-Mik Im
cwr'ain (leafIt
f**r the evening hops.
mtailafe steps to brlngabout a spetwly
Mmpljr write» to T A bltamm, M. <
Every po»«lble convenience has
cure. From the sdvertlseninnt of PlnnMiwt, br« V»»r1i, givttif p>MtM»iv«. • 1*1
rtprwwsi a<l Irrwa, an I Um frv»a modici»«’ «III lieen nrririge.i for the comfort of
Chamberlain*» Cough Hemedy, and la promptly wmt.
tbowM lain In
tho many good ruuomniemlatlon« •tant n«1 vaitiMX» <*f
unnmnla prop»»-»• l«*n guests, and the rate* at the hotels
I* tua» tall th« Lt»* tot that )ou an* LI» are very reasonable.
contaln«>d fherln, we concluded tc
otter tn it* •a*l<> I' mumi .
For further Information apply to
make a flrat trial of the medicine. •
satisfactory In It« I
any agent of Hie Southern Patiflc
To aay that It was
I*'*», or Oregon Central A
r wulls, 1» putting It very mildly,
II. Il Co., or address.
Indeed, it acted like magic and the
Edw In Slone,
result was a «pe»w|) cure. We have
. •' / < T L l^T
<*" X » *
>iw t a. «
Manager O. C. A E. 11. R. Co.
• .
no hesitancy In rwunimending this
• >J 4
(orvallia, Oro.
eii-ellcnt Cough llrm««ly to anyone
»rflictisl with a cough or c«4«l In am
form.—The banner of Uhvrty, l.ih
law ,
ertytown, Maryland. The 25 ami M) All kinds *>f w it. he* * lock* and Jew
The Fair
WYI.1E MORRIS—At Hotel s.
lem, Wednesday. • k*«ob**r,
Gertie Wylie to Frank Morri»,
County Judge G. P. Terrell ottici
Mr. and Mrs. Morri«
came home
Thursday evening «nd will gp to
housekeeping Immediately, They
have the r»e*t wish« of their many
friends for a long and successful
Journey <n their new adventure.
IHIBODO-PERHY—At the court
house In Alhnny, on Oct «>. 1*07,
by Judge Barton. Mr. N. P. Thtbo-
d<> and Miss Addie Perry, both of
Linn county.
W.-dm-alay, Oil '¡. lM>7. Mr rd
ward Keen«* «ml Miaa l*t* .Hun­
ker», Rev. Arthur <>ne. ffl. iatiiig
Mr. Keene la one of Salem’s rising
young mon. The bride 1« a daugh­ cent sixes
ter of T. M. Munkers, represent»« PrrHY.
live from Linn, well and lavu*ably
e ry r<|cilr**l promptly.
M v*<. In Filan » First .»»tie»»
» - f “J" *>■
WÍ. e»*,*'
í.'S: 1’
. -q¡ ;
' - •
' y ? •*
* -*/-1
JL/ * • ^ ’«*