Spray courier. (Spray, Or.) 1???-19??, July 20, 1916, Image 3

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    &ptap. Courier
.X&urifbap Jn(i 20. 1010
Crown l'lour-Duxtcr & Oslxini
II. II. Harry was in town Tuch
day recoivlnj? a Mitchell car he
had purchased from F A Halo,
lUy Fork, Machine Oil, Wutcr
Bag!awd ilurveht Supplies, J!. tV,
11 J Carrier of tho Three liar
Ranch wan in town Tuesday.
Crown l'rour means Good Dread.
Try uncle. - . . Haxti-r & Ohhoni.
We wera sorry to hear of th;
death of V I) L'eLane'a mother
which occurred in Portland Tnc
day night. MK I)eLa,ne in a new
comer to tliesu parts, has taken
a homestead and, with his uncle
Ernest Finney, has the Stafford
ranch rented for a period of five
A J Smith and wife of Dufur
were in town recently.
A letter from J II Dyer says
(hat Mrs Dyer is much better.
C L Jamison and Prof Potter
of 0 A C were in town Monday.
Dr II S McKenzie, Mr and Mrs
Fred G Clarke and a youn lady
from Condon wore in ton Wed
MrsL II Donivan was shopping
If) town Tjcscay.
A E Cress was in town Mr n
day and purchased a new Det r
injr mower, from the F ... Co.
Mrs G W II aw es was trading
In town Tuesday.
Mr and Mrs F MTempIeton
were in tew, n last Saturda y
Mrs R E Wilson returned from
Mayville Tuesday, where she has
been visiting her daughter, Mrs
EarJ Smith. The Stork also
made a brief call at Mrs Smith's
home and left an 11 pound girl
v In her care. .
F M Templeton, Edith Ritzart
and the two Misses Bennett were
fn Spray Tuesday.
The Richmond and Spray ball jJJHTCO MING!
teams will cross bats on the
Spray diamond Sunday.
A man who would see the
' world prosper who believes in
advancement would never for a
moment stand in the Way of a
good State Highway.
Uncle Billey Gates, who went
to Portland some time ago to at
tend the annual meeting of the
State Pioneer Association and
on a visit to friends in Tillamook
. rniintv ' returned on Friday's
stage. After seeing what good
roads hive done and arc doing
for the Willamette, he is enthu
siastic over the prospect of a
State highway thru Wheeler Co.
While coming from C F Wa
ters' place Tuesday afternoon in
his Ford car, Claude Norris had
what might have been a very
serious accident. When making
a shortturn where the road is nar
row just below liamp McUinnw
place, he met R J Carsner, who
was going to Monument in his
new Dodge, and in passing
Claude's car got off the grade.
Jdr Carsner helped him get back
on the road and when he started,
from some cause he lost control
of the steanng gear oi nis ma
chine and it headed off the bluff
at the lower side of the road.
Just before the car " went over
Claude jumped and in the fall
broke his knee cap very badly
and sustained several other cuts
and bruises. He was unconscious
when Mr. Carsner reached him
and his head was pinned uder the
car. Mr, Carsner. succeedeed
In extracting him from the
wreck. After he had regained
consciousness, Mr Carsner got him
into the Dodge' and brought him
to town. Dr Mckenzie was
immediately, summoned from
Fossil, and when he had made a
thorough investigation found his
wounds painful but not serious,
however, he will be invalided for
8ome time. .
19 s
TrDH Tl TV m O T?
Faced by demand from the conductor engineers; firemen and brakemert
that would impose on the country an additional burden in transportation costs of
$100,000,000 a year, the railroads propose that this wage problem be settled by
reference to an impartial Federal tribunal.
With these employes, whose efficient service is acknowledged, the railroads
have no differences that could not be considered fairly and decided justly by such
a public body.
Railroads Urge Public Inquiry and Arbitration
The formal proposal of the railroads to the employes for the settlement of
the controversy is as follows:
"Our confer trier hare demonstriled lint wt cinnot harmonire our didrrrnrn of opinion and lhaf csentiislif tha
matter in ronlrovmr mutt be passed upon by oilier and ci;nkrrted 'ic:. Therefore, we propose that your
propositi and the proportion ol tl railway! br disputed of lis one or ilie other of llic.fulluwtrig method t:
1. Preferably by submission to tli Interstate Commerre (.'omniissiun, the only tribunal which, by re ton of it
accumulated intormahon bearing on railway rond.tiona and it control of the revenue of the railways, ie in a posi
tion to consider and protect the rights and equities of all the interests a'.ected, and to provide additional revenue
necessary to meet the added cost of operation in case your proposals are lound by the Commission to be just and
reasonable; nr, in the event the Interstate Commerce Commission cannot, under existing laws, act in the premises,
that ste jointly request Congress to lake audi action at may be uecessary to enable the Commission la consider aud
promptly dispose of the questions involved ; or
I. By arbitration in accordance with the provisions of tha Federal law" (The Kewlaoda Act). i
Leaders Refuse Offer and Take Strike Vote
Leaders of the train service brotherhoods, at the joint conference held in New
York, June 115, refused the offer of the railroads to submit the issue to arbitration
or Federal review, and the employes arc now voting on the question whether
authority shall be given these leaders to declare a nation-wide strike. ;
The Interstate Commerce Commission is proposed by the railroads as the
public body to which this issue ought to be referred for these reasons: .
No other body with such an intimate know'.'da
of railroad conditions hat tuch an unquestioned posi
tion in the public confidence.
The rates the railroads may chars; the public for
transportation are now largely fixed by this Govern
ment board.
Out of every dollar received by the railroada from
Its public nearly one-ha If it paid directly to lite em-
ployea as wages; and the money to pay increased wage
ran come I ruin no other source than the ratct pud
by the public.
TLe Interstate Commerre Commission, with its con
trol over ratct. is in a position to make a complete
investigation and render stu b decision at would pro
l.cl the interests of the railroad employes, the owners
of the railroads, and ih public.
A Quezon For the Public to Decide ,
The railroads feel that they have no right to grant a wage preferment of
$100,000,000 a year to thc6e employes, now highly paid and constituting only
one-fifth of all the employes, without a clear mandate, from a public tribunal that
shall determine the merits of the case after a review of all the facts.
The single issue before the country is whether this controversy is to be settled by an
impartial Government inquiry or by industrial warfare.
. National Conference Committee of the Railways
EUSHA LEE, Chairman
AllaMic Cossl Lias Railroad.
W. BALDWIN, Cm' Msaasw.
Central el Georgia Railway.
C. L. BAROO, G'f .Vnafir. "
N York, Nsw H. ll.rtt.re R till 04.
towkmi stsUway.
B. B. C'OTTRit. tVn'i sYosstw.
Wafcaak Hailwsr.
. B. CROWtHr. 4 iff. Vin-trmUm.
New Task CaaUml Railoar.
C. H. FMI! R,ON, r.n 7 Itlmaav.
(jrstl NufttiffM llsimn.
C. II. MVING. 6m7 Mnnmtt.
PkilsUf Inhit H..e.o4 K.it.
B. W (J n l ; I!. ,, i c.(. TVa.is..
Cnstsseaha at Osio Railway.
A.S.UKimi.Aui. fKutirm,
bl. Iamis A 8a Ftanaisco KailtoaA.
C. W.(l)UNS,(.n7njor,
Atekisva, Toscka 6 aaais ft ftsllwas.
H. W MeM ASTER. Cm lMmmtfr,
Wkasline Lak bria HailruML
n. n. MAr. rtn-rmn.
Norfolk & Wssiara HailitaT.
JAMES KUSSf.LL. f7.. 7 o.r
Ucavar A Kiv Craid Kstlroad.
A. M. SCItOYtiX. KnH.ml Viet-frm,
Pcnasylvaaia Liaca VSL
W. L. SEDDON, VicFm.,
Seaboard Air Lisa Kaitarse.
a. J. s ro.s r, yut-rmui.
Erie Kailraae:
O. 8. WAiO. VUFm. a G'lUm
oaiisal Casual Lisas.
l)r. J- O. Turucr, formerly of Low
& Turner the wtll known eye and
nerve specialist of Portland, will be
in Spray again Tuesday, July tSth,
que day only. Dr, Tin tier litis had
yeara of hard practical experience
its ait eye and ntrveshvciulist coup
Kd with his bfcirg educpted in the
beiit schools inakos him a safe per
son for you to consult. If you
have eye troubles, headaches or
cross eyes, don't fail to consult him.
consultation and examination free.
Satisfaction guaranteed. Regular
trips to Spray every 60 days.
If you do not need glasses, Dr.
Turner most positively will not
recommend them. Don't forget the
date. At Hotel i'arlor.
Notice For I'liblicatiou-Isolated Tract
Public Land Sale
Department Of The Interior.
U. 8. Land Office, The DalL'S, Oregon.
, June 14, 191G.
Notice is hereby given that, as di
ifcted by the Commissioner ot the
General Land Office, under the pro
visions of Sec. 2455, K, S,., pursuant
to the application of Fred V. Straube
Serial No. 015128, we will offer nt
public sale, to the highest bidder, but
at not less than .2,50 per acre, at
10.15 o.clock A. M. on .the 17th day of
August, "next, at this office, the fol
lowing tract of land: skJ sw, Sw-
SICJ Sec. :10, n neJ Sec. 3 1, Tp, 10 S,
R. 25 East, W. M. (KiO acres). This
'tract is ordered into the market on a
fum ing that the greater pot lion
thereof is mountainous br 'too rough
for cultivation.
The sale will not be kept open, but
will be declared closed when those
present at the hour named have ceas,
ed bidding. The person making the
highest bid will be required tr im
mediately pay to the Receivtr the
amount thereof. . Any person claim
ing adversely the above-described
laud are advised to file their claims
or objections, on or before the time
designated for sale,
L. A. Booth, Receiver.
Notice For Publication.
Department of the Interior.
U. S. Land Office, The Dalles, Ore.
' Apr. 29, 101(5.
Motieeis hereby given that Henry
C. JJreerling whose post office address
is Sprny, Oregon; did on the 15th
day of July, J 'J 15, file in this office
sworn statement and application No.
015219 to purchase the NEJSEJ,SJSEJ
Section 8, NKJNEJ. Sec.l7,Township
10 South, Range t5 East, Willamette
Meridian, , and the timber thereon,
under the provisions of the act of June
3, 1878, and acts amendatory, known
as the "Timber and Stone Law," at
such value as might le fixed by ap
praisement, and that pursuant to such
application,1 the. land and : timber
thereon .have been appraised at $-130
the timber estimated 355,000 board ft.
at If0.75 per M. and the land $103.73,
that t-aid applicant will offer final
proof iu support of hisapplicati'm and
sworn statement on the 10th day of
July, 1910, before David E. Baxter,
U. S. Commissioner at Spray, Oregon.
Any peson is at liberty to protest
this purehnse before entry, or initi
ate a contest at any time before pat
ent issues, by filing a corroborated
affidavit in this office, alleging facts
which would defeat the entry.
, : . ' ; 5117-10
3nlanl5.mptrc Uveal,
Kstatc Hacnc
Will Sell Your Real Eatate
i- '
Notice for Publication.
Department of the Interior.
U. S Land Office, The Dalles, Oregon
May 18, 1916.
Notice is hereby given that Jacob
H. Wilcox of Monument, Oregon. who
on March 11, 1909, made Homestead
Entry No.02237 for J I?4 N W, W J N E
NW4.SEJ, Sec.20 Township 9 S.Range
25 East. Willamette Meridian, has fil
ed notice of intention to make final five
Year proof, to establish claim to the
land above described before David E.
Baxter, U. S, Commissioner afSpray
Oregon, on thel day of August, 1910
Claimant names as witnesses:
Robert E. Wright, John B. Nolan,
Melvin Richie and Thomas II. Smith
all of Spray, Oregon,
H. Frank Woodcock, Register
fi 157-27
5,' i.SnP-
I obtnini'il throuith tho ckl established EM
I "O. 4WIFT A. CO." are bcuig quickly Ei
SboiiKht ty M3nutuntui.ira.
Send a, mortal or sketches nrid d"cnption
nf .nnr invuiiL.on ii.r FREE SCANCH
and n-port on patpntability. We rrt pat
ent or no foe. Yriti for our fieo book;
of 3ou nested invent icn'
n' a . cHk.K. inea
W307 Seventh St.. Washington, D. C.J
Department of the Inleiiot,;
U. f . Land Offiice at The Dalles,
Oregon, June 17, 1910.
Notice is hereby given that Charles
E. Nash, of Winlock, Oregon, who on
Oct. 5 1911, made Homestead Entry
N o. 095 10, for S El S E J.See. I , N EJ N Ei ,
See.l2,Tp.8 S.R.23.E.. Lot 7,(5ec.6,Lot
1, Sec. 7, Tp. 8 S. 11 24 E. Willamette
Meridian, has filed notice of intention
to make Final three year proofcto es
tablish claim to the land above des
cribed' before David E. Baxter, U. S.
Commissioner, at Spray, Oregon on
the 22nd day of July, 1910.
Claimant names as witnesses: :
William Donley, Wesley Rowley,
Fred E. Ropeel, ' Amos Wilkes, all of
Winlock, Oregon.
II. Frank Woodcock, Register
0-227-22 '.
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