The Springfield news. (Springfield, Lane County, Or.) 1916-2006, September 07, 1922, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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at home that's the strongest
statement we can offer about
our Ice cream. When you ran
(et cream like our which com
pare In quality and flavor with
your own delicious, creamy
home-mad, why bother with
making It at home? The cost
I about the tame and you tare
all the fuss and annoyance.
T. F. BENNETT, Prop,
"Say It With A Brick"
WITH THE TOURISTS Rosalia. Washing-ton. south of
ON THE AUTO CAMP Spokane. Last fall they went downj
:to ix-rg ueaca. raitrornia, ror a visit.
W. A. Vandecar, wife and several and they spent the winter there,
children drove Into the camp Friday About the beginning of this summer
renin. They had been tiring about the went back to their former Wash-
1 1 EMPTY jgf FULL
S ml
loitr gangs
Red Crojvns
v economy
! i
Stop at the Red Crown sign the next
time your tank needs filling, and then
keep track of your mileage,
YouH find that "Red Crown" take
you farther on a gallon, and gives you a
more powerful, sweeter-running en
gine. "Red Crown" vaporizes rapidly and
uniformly in the carburetor and is
consumed completely in the cylinders.
Every gallon is the same, wherever
and whenever ycu buy it.
Fill at the Red Crown sign at Ser
vice Stations, at garages, and at other
Wie Gasoline
It always pays to trade at
We are headquarters for Fruit Jars all kinds low prices
McKenzie Blend, 493 $1.45
Dalles Diamond, 493 1.08
Kerr Ce3t 49a 2.05
Luna Wh!te. 10 bars 35c
Crystal White Boap, 11 bars GOc
Soap Powder, Z'-t lba. for 25c
We hande the Beaver line of Feeds
Sept. 25-30
A wealth of agricultural displays
Greatest livestock show in the northwest.
Splendid machinery and tractor exhibit
Excellent races, and high class amusements
Pest of camping and parking grounds.
Excursion rates on all railroad lines
For particulars write
A. H. LEA, Manager, Salem
Saimon. 15 cents lb.: Sliced. 20 cents lb.
Today, Friday and Saturday
Nice new lot of
Picnic Hams, Minced Ham,
Wienies, Pickled Pigs Feet,
Dressed Hens, Friers, and
Spring Lamb.
Free delivery at 9;30 a. m., daily.
Phone 80 stftSTA.
lira about Blue River years ago, andj 110.00 Rt WARD
the lotiflnt for another whiff of the By order of the Hoard of Directors.
cool mounlaln air up thai way moved School District No. IS. a warrant for
lngton home. But they liked
country about Long Beach so
that they are going back there.
O. C. and C. E. Moore, brother,
were camped on the ground Friday
night. Tbey were brought up In Weit
Virginia. C. E.. the younger, bad
come out to California aeveral yean
ago, and had ranged through thla re
gion. Last fall, he went back to Went
Virginia. HIa brother derided to
come out with him on hi return, part
ly for hi health'a sake They had
driven from Southern California as
far ai Portland on thla trip, and thui
far back. They had aold lome pro
perty In West Virginia, and were on
the lookout for another settlement.
The younger brother said he liked th
mountains, and did not want to settle
in a wide valley. Tbey thought of
tarrying about for a few days.
a month ago. we had a couple from
Honolulu on a long Journey east
A man and wife from Klamath Kails
camped over Tuesday night.
him to make this trip. I'ot the heavv
showers about the first of this week,
heavier there than hrre. with the
broken condition of the road below,
warned him that he had better be get
ting down Into the open country. He
might go as far as Portland before
lueyiv Inrnul ln.J. I.,,.,..
had been out on a summer tour. They
came up to Crater Lake, from there '
.a I sBsssssssisBSsasssssBassssssssssassmsassasBssssssss
aown to .MoiUoril. sadn, Oregoi..
being the turning point In their Jour
ney. They experienced considerable
difficulty from troublesome detours,
the greatest difficulty being betweei
Grants Pass and Roseburg. as was the
case last year. They said that In one
place ln that section, for lack of
space for detour, one half of the pave
ment had been finished, and when It
was ready to sustain travel the rats
were routed over it while the other
side wa being laid.
ten dolls: ($10 00) Is hereby offered
to any person or persons for Informs
lion leading to the arrest and convic
tion of any party or parties who uae
damaged grounds or bulldirgs, or any
school properly In this district.
J J. BRYAN. Chalrm-u.
J. V. COKKI.V. Ctetk. tf
A lone 'man. apparently a laborlnt
man and a foreigner, ramped ovr
Tuesday nlht. He wis from Innif.
Other campers reported a family.!,.! v.t, n.
consisting of a man. wife and two or ,h(M ls ynnni a'rnears to Ilk.
three children, as having camped here the country: but he had scent some
Saturday night. They were from ,
Iowa or somewhere In that region,
and were bound for Honolulu. They
would probably park their car some
where about Ran Francisco while they
made the rest of the Journey. About
Coming to
Dr. Mellenthin
in Internal Medicine for the
past eleven years.
The modern way
rura In M rtx tin ihi
sijitjd. Sal, ikorsafh Itiuh
inf with Ctlol PWxnf Oil
and rvfcUlnf with ZwolM ei
til cn-rcl fr4.
Western Lane County Fair
September 14, 15, 16, 1922
Low Round Trip Fares
$5.21 from Springfield
Sale dates September 13-1G Inclusive, from all agency
btatiotia In Lane county. CoU unt.l September 18.
--e the l.o.-e rates, the live
stock show, the wealth of af.-lcul
tural d!fls. tint contest and
exhibits of arluus kinds. Iiulud
lK l.rciie ;ti lucts
Somevhing for the Merchant to think about!!
Will be at the Osborn Hotel.
Wednesday September 20th.
Office Hours 10 a. m. to 4 p. m.
No Charge for Consultation
Dr. Mellenthin Is a regular graduate
In medlrl .e and surgery and is i
censed by the state of Oregon. He
rial's j.roft-HBlonally the moi Im
portant towns and cities and offers
to all who call on this trip free con
sultation, except the expense of treat
ment when desired.
According to his method of trea'
ment he does not opera'e for chronic
appendicitis, gall stones, ulcers of
stomach, tonsils or adenoids.
He has to his credit wonderful re- . - d ereat COIDme.cM ,u:,..J(;.:
suits In diseases of the stouach, liver, ince te awn of Wttoryi UBV9 bt(!n epec;e(1 ,argal)f
bjr advertising, of one sort or another. And as the
means of ddvertlsl"g linprovwd, the number and ex
tert of business enterprises Increased correspond
ingly. Cause and Effect.
Amusements and fun for everyone
For further particulars, ask agents or write
JOHN M. SCOTT, General Passenger Agent
Name teu merchant princes who r.ever advertised.
Name nine, then.
Six?. Two? Cne. Why, what Is the meaning of
Your knowledge of history and current affairs is
comprehensive; your memory Is excellent. Why,
then, can't you name the great leaders of commerce
who built up their enterprises WITHOL ADVER
TISING? It never has been done, has It
a small community started In
capital. Through a whoksalo
"time" on a 11,600 stock.
bUHlnoHS wl;h a $7b
house he was given
bowels, b'oud, akin, nerves, Ikeart
kidney, blader, bed wetting, catarrh,
weak lungs, rheumatism, sciatica, leg
ulcers and rectal ailments.
ff you have been ailing for any
length of time and do not get any bet
ter, do not fail to call, as Improper
measures rather thnn disease are very
often the cause of your long standing
that consul-
But this 1-as to do with big city successes, you say?
Wrong aga n.
Head below.
Nwspupers come first on the advertising budgot of
Fred I. Mann, Devils Lake, N. I)., country m reliant
whose sto' does nearly a million dollar buslnen a
This muh he told retail dealers who ga'herej
Remember above date
tat Inn on thin trln will' he free and 'ar
sr. xtni'ier, jui:u., jahi ween xur iiivir annual uuu
hat bis treatment ls different.
Married women must be accom
panied by their husbands.
I Address: S36 Boston Block, Minne
apolis. Minn.
He send out grocery specials and personal latte.s.
Mr. MUnn Is known the country over for bis achiev
ements in building a million dollar store business la
A newspaier friend urged him to tell the
-utile about what be had to sell through
newspaper columns. He did this when other
meichints were satisfied to carry only a
card In the paper.
The first year Mr. Mann did a business of J23.000.
I continued to use newspajor spans Judiciously and
h?. kejit at It ever since. Now the fixtures In his
store alone are valued at $40,000.
Mr. Mann said that after taking the presidency of
the North Dakota association, he sent out question
naires from which he Mar.iod that seventy five per
cent tf the merchants of that state did not advertise
and that ten jer cent advertlned only because they
wanted to help out their local papers.
t 11m same time, he said, the mull order houses
were Bonding seventy-two carloads of catalouges Into
ths state and It was nrorted bj wholesale bouses
tut suventy-lwo per cent of the merchants were In
solvent. He said be took up a cnmpalg lo Induce
th- country merchants to go on a cash basis and to
alver lre, and he has au;roedel In bringing 200 of
them arourd to his system.
Mr. Merchant, you cYn't have to do bual-ess ln
Dakota nor belong to Mr. Mann'a association to do
business under bis system.
Biart now. Right bsre lo your own town. TODAY.