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if MM I I II
ii A J NUJ
Tli Dramatic rink of Ihn Spring
field IIIkIi school are, giving a two
act farce comedy, "The White Hhawl",
Friday. January Wh at tiro IMk'i
school auditorium.
ThU Ii the first y given by
Dramatic rluti and Urge turn out
U bring prepared for. From the re
port the play will lo well worlU
eelng. ,
. "The While Shawl" U full of ueA
all itiroiiRh and Aunt Betsy surely
will brine a smile over the long and'
aour fare.. The cant of characters:
KllutM'th Steele ....
Kail.rtna Steele ...
Aunt Untay Ilrlgga
Arthur Clayton
O'orge Ryall .
Dr. Kali ..
...Elhm Tomaeth
Charle Davla
Holmont Ituaiwll
.. Ional Voiia
The scene are laid In
bom of Elisabeth and
the city
8teel. Aunt Betsy Brtgga, a wealthy
oldfaahloned maid aunt cornea to
vialt the Sleek) family. Iter love af
faire are aumeruua and huiuoroua.
You niuat aee the ending and how
Aunt Iletxy at laat Dnda her mate.
Hotta the glrla' and boya" glee cluba
and orcbeatra will favor you with a
frw aelectlona.
Admlaalon; adult 16c; children 16c;
reiervod aeata 3fc
Thn revival at Hie MethndUt church
I fairly nnder way with promlne of
good results. Iter. Oeo. rVnnari. Ihr I'.uUi.. Mr. Director rya that he was
evangelist. Is becoming well known not In tln nuto accident last Septitn
throughout th country, though Ills j l r. In whlih hu was imported burl,
work until lately baa linen clth-fly In I but that It was u Ham Director of
the mid llo west. H vi to have
commenced lat Sundny. When he
wut word that hv could not b her
uuill the 1 1th, the pastor ionini"nri l
the revival by evangelistic preach Inn
In his own Sunday rlcos. Dr.
Dimfcrd rn'Hil'v-! Monday evening.
and Dr J M Walters cf the Eugene I
church preaehed Tuesday evening
Dr. Wal'era made n good Inii-resnlon
on thn congregation,
llev. Mr. Itennard arrived )"tr
day somewhat woary, and preached
last night. Ho Is a man sma't l:i
stature, but great In mind and heart
II Is a man of scholarship nid cul
tur. but without a-'lfassumption.
pr. or claptrap methods. Ills
I reaching l directed to tl.e heart nnd (
onH l-'iit of the peoj.l
and tmth ins
preaching and Ms henrlnn uuiong th"
pec-pln win no iloulit Inspirit confl
. nee n iol bring conviction. How
long the tme'l'K wll continue will bi
di'iei mined bp tho remilts.
According to a review published by
the Oregon Growers' Conporatltu
noclaticn. a fair output of el'--
prunes for th Pacific Northwest
would lie about 60.000.000 pounds. Tho 1
crop ot 1921, however. Is estimated
nt only ?4.000,OUO tiouuds, of which
22.000,000 were llulUmi. The most,
privluctlvn spots wero tl'o l'inpiiia
val!cy. with 10,000.000 po-.inds, nearly
half the wholo crop; Clnrk ci unty,
WnKhlngton, wl!!i 3.000,000; and the
whole Wlllainitte valhy with 0,000
000. Tho (juallty of tho U21 crop wn'
cxri Me:.t.
A largo part of the 1920 crop had
been left over and times ha 1 been
pretty dull with the prune growvrs.
Notwithstanding this, (lie movement
lit the new crop has he en quite satis
factory. Tho market was
dull during th.- holidays on account
'of tho conservatism of dealers until
after the turn of the year was past.
The association expects price to rlae
during tho winter.
The Ceneral Passenger departmont
of th'A Southern Pacific at Portland,
bus Just Issued n folder map, which Salvation Aitny hall In Eugene, Sun
shows the counties, towns, rivers, ' day forenoon. Adjutant Clement is in
lake mountains, highways and 'rail j San Fran: I aco, in attendance upon a
roads, Including the more Important Brwclul ccoif 'ronce of officers of the
logging, railroad. I rucltic Count Jurisdiction.
The map Is about 18X20 Inches. Th
wholo of the reverse side la taken up
with a kind of gatettour of Oregon;
tin ample and carefully prepared col
lection of valuable data for the resi
dent and (or one socking Information
about Oragon. These subjects will
indicate It scope; Climate and soil,
Oragon valtoya, dlfforent regions andZBI10 0iey's novel whloh conies to
their products, nomesteaaa. aiaie
lands, logged off lands. Irrigation and I
reclamation, water power, minerals,
road and highways, dairying, poultry
fops and flax, fruits and berrlos,
vegetables, livestock, etc.
Free on application to any agent,
pet one to keep in the office or home,
ad one to send to a Wend.
l,OHT. At Me'l.odlxt church, Sunday
evening, a fountain pen. lev at
Tho Nw office, or phone Frank
Tli Loud ManiifarttirlitK corporatloi
sl-lpped a carload of garage part to
Sacramento yesterday. They are r.ow
working on both garage and lioue
The model bungalow which they lately
erected on tlip corner to the southeast
of tho main factory building, present
a handionw apiarance.
Whm for sale by National Products
; " ' Usher Boutin mill on
"roadway tret
r. II .Walker.
- Crystal Bryan) u w ,bIe ,0 be 0,t
,lu,h ""hriat church laat Sundar.
E, K. Ilrattaln expects to return to
'ul:man today, after three or four
week at hla home here
Idlest word from Mr. M. Hillings,
who la now with hr daughter, Mr.
Alexander, at Corvallla. doea not Indi
cate much progress towarda recovery.
Her daughter from Colorado and ber
laughter-ln law from Bend are now
with her.
tr. 8. Ralph Dlppel. dentist, Spring
field, Oregon.
Simon Dliwclor fonin'rly of the
Farmers Exchange, and hla brother
rsmhsnlei, who are now In the furnl 'Japan, the laat of last week. It oc
ture biislneN In I'orlland. were In the 'copied seventeen cara and amounted
city Wednesday on business. Simon ' to about 600.600 feot. The lumber
or "Kani" a l.o wa calVd b-re re- would bo lod"d at Portland directly
rorls the anlval at bis house on! from the cars to the ahlp, and would
! emitter 29, a baby girl, to be named
Start the morning
rlKht with a
wholesomo dish of Jumper' Break-;
fust Quiham. Sold by leading grocers '
Mr. and Mrs. ( l ind Gardner, who
have IU it In Eugcire slnco their mar
rle ,so move I Into ih small l.out..-
formerly occupVd by Mrs Ilttlh Iliat-
tain. ih-xI to the n'Klduuce of C'rss.
1 Scott.
"Aco of Hearts", a big bertha of
mclcilramu one that will carry Its
spell of suNionie Irom, tl. aenjen
:ia:ght to our ajli.a. At The U II,
jHundiiy. January l.r,i!i.
Mrs. Chan Lingo, nnd little son. of
Astoria. Is making n vl-lt of Indefinite
i.,K.n Bt t,n i mo ( Mr.
mother. Mrs. Jnmes l.nxion
Wood of nil kinds for sale.
Walker. Springfield.
Mrs. W. A. D'.iwho:, of Allmny Is
lxltliiK here at the home of Mr. nnd
Mrs W. II Adrian for everiil day.
Mi', and Mrs. A li Inn thilted Sunday !
end Monday at tho Dawson home III
A'l.nnv. lirlncl ir Mr ii-iw.r.n iit.
m on tlvlr return. Miss Eva Scott
j nomimnh(J her sinter Mrs. Adrian
jls far n A11,BIiy on hcr Way'-home to
How woul I
Full House"
you like to have "A
See Bryant Washburn
TUi Bell, Wednesday.
with one at
January lMh
Tl e lied C.ofs Ik me nursing classes
will resume their study at the library
totnoirow afternoon at three o'clock.
These lessons aro free and the ladles
of Sprlnrdc'd are Invited to attend.
The first carload of log from the
Booth-Kolly logging camps above
Wendllng (anio down to the mill here
Miss Bratrlee Roberta, wlio hns
been ubsout from her post as night
oi riator at tho telephone office since
November. 10, on account ot an oera
Hon at the Springfield hospital, re
turned to her work lust Saturday.
Mori Lee, of West Springfield, com
menced work for Mrs. E. V. Snd
and Son last Saturday.
Kcv. 11. C. E holl preached In the
I). W. Ronf and RMey Snodgrnss
wont down to Slltcoos lake by train,
Friday, for a little duck uhootlng and ,.,....,, . . ,. . .
... . . , ' rp- S. Ralph Dlppol, dentist. Spring-flshl-g.
They roport plenty of fowl f;oldi 0rt,Bcn, "
and smull f!b.' thure.
Mrs. Win Sparks, of Roseburg. who
Thero is romaire, soul stirring nc- has len uiel.lug her home wltU her
tlon. humor, drama und susrtiuo l.i granddauchtcr. Mrs. C. I. Antrum.
Tha 1Ml Saturday, January 14th.
St)8 ..Tn8 Maa of tDe yoreBt,"
Cecil O. Knight, of Eugene, and
Margaret C. Suahan, of Springfield,
were married at the residence of the
officiating minister, Dr. E. V. Stiver,
in Eugene, Thursday afternoon, Jan
uary S, 1922. Ths license for this
Thla evening at 8tevn' ball the
boy of tho Springfield Volunteer Fire
department will give dance. The
Harmony Jaz orchestra baa ln se
cured to furnish the uiunIc and good
time la looked forward to.
Those winding to attend iht basket
ball guinea will bare plenty of tlm-)
for both an the gamea about J be ovtrjlng carried up from the rear ct thi
i bv 0-.T0 Tlrkela for the dance are
75 incu(iDg w,r Us.
I .
A. A. Anderson, who baa lately aoH
a three-chair ahop at Newberg, baa
purchaed Steve Uowlea' barber ahop.
lie took poaeeaalon Tuesday. Me La
""u arpimnce. ior ovrrj. .7...u..
jmaaglng and Lair clipping and wllTreaa, A- P. McKlnaey; Sr. Con. EUle
l i i . i m
I conduct a ahop on modern mvthoda In
' avafv ttiirf If.nln L"m rt A Hum mIII
assist him on busy day. Mr. Ander
son ha been doing barber work for
about 20 year. H baa bought a farm
near Goshen, and takea hla place
among ua aa a man of substance.
Tbe 'Booth-Kelly Lumber company
shipped out a trslnload of lumbr fo.-
s I rarrkd directly to the port of dea-
tlnatlon In Jnjan. Japan, China, the
Dutch East Jndle and the west coast
of Knuth America are lately becoming j
heavy buyers of lumber from the Pa
clflo northwest.
marrlago was the first Issuud by tho i
county clerk of Lane county In 1922.
and tha marringe wa possibly tho
first In the county this year.
I Wood of nil kinds for sal-i.
Walker. Srrlngfkld.
The gathering of Journalists of tbe
stnte at the school of Journalism In
EuRRtia. Friday and Saturday of this
week, promlwes a lurge attendance.
Tl.u special conference of Metho
JIhI lesd.-rs at Eufrene on the 17th
and ISth, while arranged seclally
an a nu-eting tor the southern district.
will bring tcgetlwr a large number of
both minings and laymen from wst-'anj
era and centiul Oregon.
Mrs S. 1). Calrr.a. of Went Sprlng
F. II. field, went to lleedsptrt yesterday.
to vlhit her son Hoy.
Tl liueiitory of tho appraisers of
I of SorihKflelil. flies the value of th .
estate at $42,123.89.
i Buchanan l:a.t ru.c!iasd the
- "lore building, on Soutu
lMI" "'f'- nml. the dwelling house
' on ,he nor,n l,f l1, ,rom Jolin Chr!,,' -
Inn, of Not I. Tho store building has'wt.
been cleared out. Mr. Buchanan may
occupy one or both of thi bull
some time In the future.
Zane Grey's wonderful story, "The
Man of the Forest," will bo at The
l!e!lo theatre Suturday, January 14th.
You will w? how Milt Dal-? livod alone
In tho mountain fastnesses with only
a hugh black bear and a tawny moun
tain lion for his e-oni aloiis.
For privatu piano lessons see Mips
lluth Scott or phone 1-6J.
Dr. Pollard reports tho births on
his record, In this registration dis
trict, during the year 1921, ' as 9S;
deaths 65. Dr. Radabaugh, ot Goshen,
who kept hla own records during. th?
first rnrt of tho year, probably has
several births and deaths that have
not been transferred to Dr. Pollard's
record; so tl-Jit th9 total births must
he over 100, and tire deaths possibly
Wood for sale by rroductt
Co., the old Fisher-Boutin mill on
Broadway street- F. II .Walker.
F. O. Sioufe, while cutting brush
at John Seavey's, Tuesday morning,
nearly severed one of his great toea.
A Springfield physician put It, to
gather in good.ahapend the toe bidx
fair to do him good service yet.
cf Prunevll'e, for some months, was
cnerated unnn at Mai-pv hnsolsl. En. .
, - - - - -, . , '
g3no, on the 4th, tor the removal of,
gall stones. She is prcg,slng nice-'
y. ''
Mrs. Geo. Stewart, of 6th and O
streets, underwent a major operation
at Mercy hospital, Eugene, last Satur
day. Sba Is doing well, :
Tho Baptist people are fitting up
the bawement of their church, laying
floor In the north part, which bad
not bwn floored; plastering the parta
which had not been plastered; and
dividing It Into room for Sunday
achool work and other subsidiary
work of the church A atatrway la be
oasenreni 10 lue imiii room iu iuc
rear of tbe auditorium.
At tbe Inat regular meeting of The
fTnltik-l irlliona thn fftMnwIn V nfflppra
were Installed: M. A.. France Smith;
Bupt. Larlnla Keater; Insp. Robt
n M . a . i,t..u DUM. .
j Lambert; M. C C. E. Smith; Jr. Con. MinvBrln,' fnnfriirtnr AAn
Man waring;
Organist, Ad B.
Refreshment wre served after the
session and a general good time was
enjoyed by all.
Frank Goddard who with Dau
Dealmond wa Injured In logging
work above Mabel severs! wecka ago,
made an attempt to resume his work
fcr two or three day lately, but wa
toll by hla physician that be should
not have done It He Las not tbe free
ue of the Injured ! g yet It I with
difficulty that he can straighten .up
i0n Bttount of an Injury to his back
It will probably be several weeks yt
bofore he will be really fit for his
former work. He Is at nl home at
Sise Pitta-Hill Company for your
sash, door and frames, and general
planing mill work. We make egg
A littVj boy of Harry Mersdorfs.
whose home is north of Springfield,
uL'dcrwnt a major operation, at
Mery hospital," Eugene. Tuesday
mnralrg, for tl.e removal of an ab&ce9i
resulting from rnuiuou!a.
Mrs. W. K. Gibsoo. of Fall. Creek.
Is sick with pneumonia.
"Ace of Hearts." a strong drama by
Oouverm ur MorrW has Lon Chaney
Beatrice Joy la leading roles at
T;.? Belle, Sunduy,
January 15th.
W. O.' W. meets every
;n'.L to'. VV. 5. uoll.
A son was litru to Mr. and Mrs.
ii0v Williams, of Marcola. Monday.
Frank Corbotf. a toy of about 15,
living in Stewart's addition. Ml I.'
' riay at the Lincoln school, laat Thure
,iuy. an l other boys fallirg cu uiiu.
j.on, bones of his left aim between
n,,) wrist and clhow wera broken. He
!was promptly cared for. and Is doing
W. O. W. meets every Tuesday
evening at W. O. W. hall.
Mr. and Mrs. Win. Glaspy. of Fu'.l
Creik. vvie in Springfield ou business
Mrs. L. S. Roland, of Salem, an
aunt cf Mrs. A. S. Knight, was here
in uumJiinco upon tua latter's funer
al. Bryant Washburn in "A Full House"
at The Belle, Wednesday, January 18.
Also Art Acord In the l&th episode ot
"Ihe White Horseman" and a good
Hinreily. "No Clothes to Guide Him."
Dr. S. Ralph Dipped, dentist, Spring
field, Oregon.
F. L. Kirby is the now Southern
Pucllic egeut ut Oakridge, formerly
at Lowell.
C E. Wh? aton has sold his residence
cu C street, betwecu Sth and 9th, to
Dan Crit os. He will move aome time
aiter spilug crens, to a house he !atlv
puiehasrd o:i B street between 9ta
and 10th.
Zane Groy's "Man tft tlie Forrest"
at The Belle, Saturday, January 14th.
A huge black boar a lithe, sleek,
mountain cat a monkey whoso antics
aie almost human a tlack ' stallion,
with flowing mane, und feet shod with
lire an immense mastiff -these are
seme ot the animal actors that parti-
cli ote In "T.-d Man in the Forest."
Mrs. 8 V. Ward, wife of the owner
of tie Bill tl' atre, had her tonsils
rnmnvnil 1 v a lnrnl rhvslelan Wcdnej-
day ;norn:in.
For private piano lessons ueo Mis
Ruth Scott or phono 126 J. ,
Geo. Spaun, whoolaiely bought the
Griffin residence property, on the cor
ner of 2nd and E. la remodeling it
rapaperlng It, throughout and fitting
Warrenton. Pottery plant opened
here fires first kiln.
ToVdo. City raised $15,000 as
bonus to start big timber Industry
) that will employ 300 men a soon at
bousing I provided.
Indications are that all salmon cm
neries will operate next year to full
1 Cold Hl!l. Large body of gold;
quart ore hit In Danialson mine.
Pendleton packing company em
ploye 24 men, . m
Salem. Plana complete for $280,
000 boys training schooL Present
boy school to be used (or Institution
to cure drug (lend.
Florence. Siuslaw district sawmill.
Idle (or year, to reopen.
Reedsport door factory to Increase
payroll to 60 men.
Newberg. Work started on new
! business block.
Continental mine In Grant county
will operate all winter.
Douglas county taxes 3.8 mill orer
Linn county taze total $16,000
higher than last year.
Bute has 28 bank with total re
source of $300,447,628.
State expense (or 1921 $30,862,636
or 220 warrants dally.
Marshfleld. S. P. Co. to spend
$47,000 on tracks In city.
Gaston biulding $3400 drainage sys
tem. Gardner sawmill to be enlarged and
Sphagnum moss Industry active In
Coos county.
Scofivld. Lumber mill here to re
sume c Derations.
Astoria spent $355,253 during 1921;
ou stre. t improvements. ,
Wallowa. New power plant com
pleted Is largest In eastern Oregon. .
Brownsville. Repair work to start
on buildings to be occupied bv
Brownsville Woolen mills.
Hoed River. Approximate returns
to valley apple growers will reach
Reedsport. New $40,000 sash and
door (actory here begins operations.
Last Friday was Welby Stevens'
fiftieth birtl-Jay. He invited a num
ber ot his trends to Join him in cele
brating it. Some of the lady guests
turned in to help Mr. Stevens' daugh
ter, Helen. In preparing a tine chicken
supper. The table was decorated
with u beautiful centerj;iece of lid
carnations. The supper was served
at 0:C0. After this the company en
joyed games and a ger.eral free social
lims. enlivened with music by Miss
Helen Stevens.
The guests were Mr. and Mrs. W.
H. Adrian, Mr. and Mrs. Juss Senvey,
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Bryan, Mr and Mrs.
Kenneth Abies. Mr. and Mrs. F. A.
De-rue and F. A. Jr., Mr. and Mrs.
J. L. Clark, Dr. and Mrs. S. R. Dipple,
Mr. and Mrs. II. M. Stewart, Mrs. R.
R lUb -rts, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Perklus,
Mr. ur. 1 Mis. I. D. Larimer and Miss
Eva Seen, of Albany.
The guests presented Mr. Stevens
with a sweater coat.
;it up for. a residence tor himself and
; wife.
The refunding bonds lately voted
to absorb certain floating obligations ,
of the city, as indicated last week, I
j have been taken up by local people.
Tbe Commercial State bank became
sponsor for the grater part of them.
Irjpy Dr. Royal J. Glck, Specialist,
correctly fits glasses. JS.00
ar.d up. Bring this notice. 90S
Willamette, St., Eugene, Oregon.
Thirty Btudents were dropped for
failure to make passing grades in,
enough subjects in the fall term; 81 1
i have been placed on probation for un-
satisfactory work; 1900 successfully;
. passed the examinations. j
The fourth Annual Oregon News
paper conference will be held at the
university school ot Journalism Jan
uary 13 end 14, Friday and Suturday
of thtu vck.
Poultrymen should not attempt to
economize on straw litter at 1his)
time of year. With such unusual wer
weather litter will absorb' dampness
and get soggy quickly. It is a good'
. plau to stir tho straw at night, which
i practice tends to keep the birds ao-'tt'-e.
Clean the Utter out each week
If rrcessary as clean, dry straw will
promote exercise that helps to till ths
egg basket. It doesn't take many
eggs at present prices to pay for a
I bale ot straw. O. A. C. experiment
Tbe suspicion of the sheriff of-
flee and the local officer bad bee it
directed to several places about the)
borders of Springfield where it wa
thought liquor was being made and)
sold. Last Friday, deputy sheriffs
Croner and Marsh came over from
Eugene, and, in company with mar
shal Donaldson, they visited the)
home of two Russian, John Corboff
In Stewart's addition, and Kusma
Kolva, on I street, between 7th anl
8th. Obtaining admission on pre
tense of a business errand, they;
found opportunity to search the pre
mises. Tbey found complete still In
full operation In both places. They:'
fonnd considerable finished liquor at
Corboffs and about a quart at Kolvo's.
Both men were taken to tbe Jail"
at Eugene. They had their trial be
fore Justice Jesse Weils on Saturday,
and each received a sentence of three)
months in JalL
This probably does not nd tnl
chapter. ,-
Considerable sympathy has been ex
pressed (or the family of Corboff, bis
wife and the children, who will prob
ably suffer during the enforced ab
sence of the erring ' husband and
Last Thursday evening the Ameri
can Legion and the Comets of Eugeni
played one of the fastest games of
basketball that has been staged in
Springfield for some time. .
The Comets team work gave tbi
edge on the CG-21 score, but the game
was close all tte way through. The
score was 14 to 9 in tha Comet's favor
at the end of the first half. - i
Monday night tbe Legion went In
junction City and received a drub
bing to the tune of 36 to 18. The
floor at Juncton City is large with a
low ceiling and the Legion seemed
to be enable to get the baskets loca-.
ted- . . ;
. This evening there will be a double.
fceaUjr gauia at the High -echoed -gyra-naslunu
The Legion will ilay the
Wendiing -iL's and tie-local High'
school w Ul play -the Wendllng:" High,
school. Both games will be close and
fast and will be worth seeing. The
Wendiing team, beat the Igion br
2 poiuts in the first game at Wendiing;
and the Legion team is aftr revenge.
Th first game will be ca'led at 7:3")
The ladies of the Civic club met
at the City hall on Tuesday evening
and elected officers for the ensuing;
y?ar. Presidsnt. Mrs. Wm. Donald
sea; first vice' president, Mrs. M. J.
McKlin; second vice-president, Mrs.
Carl Olson; tl iri yice-presideut Mrs.
W. C. McLagan; fourth vice-president,.
Mrs. G?o. Catching; secretary, Mrs.
L. K. Page; assistant secretary, Vina
McLean; treasurer, Mrs. L. Valentine.
Alter the regular business was con
cluded a Jolly good time was planned
for the evening of January 24.
i ,si!;4
We wish to extend our thanks t'j
the many friends who showed kind
ness to our beloved wlfa and daughter
during her sickness, and especially
to those who brought gifts of beauti
ful flowers at the funeral.
Asa L. Knight.
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent F. Lyons,
and family.
On Thursday. Jan. Eth, Mrs. O. H.
Jarrett waa hostess to the Needlecraft
club at its regular meeting. v "
Members present, wom Mesdamsi
H. M. Stewart. F. B. Hamlin. W. H.
Pollard, D. Wv Crites, C. Olson, A. P.
McKinrsy, H. E. Walker, R. P. Mor
tensen, W. F. Walker, C. E. Fischer,
W. N. Long, T. D. Tarnes, Bob. Drury,
S. R. Dlppel, Jess Lorah, Howard.
Needlecraft and visiting was in
order tor the afternoon.
The Club will meet with Mrs. W. IL
Kllleen on January 19.
The memtera of the Prlscilla club
were very pleasantly entertained last .
Friday afternoon at the home of Mrs.
Paul Basford on 9th street. In addi
tion to the regular needlework and
conversation several piano selections
given by Mrs. Morgan and Mrs. Bas
ford were much enjoyed. Dainty re
freshments were served to the follow
ing nieturers: Mesdarues, Seavey,
Berry, Donaldson, Tomseth, Larimer, .
Snodgrass, Henderson, Howard, Mor
gan, Frteland, L. E. Basford and
, Clean rags wanted at The News
office. Market rrVe pa'.l.
! f