The Springfield news. (Springfield, Lane County, Or.) 1916-2006, December 08, 1921, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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the prniNfirin.n news
IWishod Every Thursday at Springfield. I-ane County. Oregon, by
FOR S.VI.R. First Jersey milk
T. 11 tested bv ttiif veterinarian.
vww 8nii srivii ; ira.
Entered at the IVstoffice at Springfield, Oregon, ns Seoond-el:ss
Matter. February 24. l'.'OH.
One Year $1.50 Three Months
Fix Months 75c Single Copy
One Year. When paid in Advance
The !Tth congress met in its
first regv.lar session last Mon
day, after n few days' vacation,
following a long special session.
A newspaper headliner. a few
days a co, wrote. "Better times
in sight". And the next day the
feeding, too. Th!s furnishes an
Interesting study in economies.
neut prosperity Is Just nt hau l
The people who mo tudylii;
wavs and tueuns of nd anting
it the growth nud Interests it' I.'n
gene ;re wide awake to 11.1.4 laci
Ft "It s.xi.K v f"w tin cf extra pool mn ntp 8( heutlng In ovrry wa
U.w. Wlil deliver r s.-ii fivm they can to harness I - i : pint,
turn. 3 mil't from S rincflol t. Cult pertive growth of Spt lucfield
Kuiim s:j r o. box :;pv : nnd turn It to the ndxan' of
! I'm'. mi. Tlila riiiivuiiiil.'il Inn lil n-
fir. , , . . . i. 1. . . . 1. 1....
J(V ( IS UK' ( HUM IM UH'II fl IH"l-;i
to tins end. It Is bcginnin'; to
ljhe jipparent that they are ply
ing one Springfleldcr with ore
nrv.iiiiit'iii , iinii utiuwici mni
ntitulier, according to what they
think would he taking with hint.
There nre none of the advnn-
V.'ll.t. KIT-K.slss,- in exiting., tanes s u'i'.ested in M i. Stewart s
tor ronlwo ,. AiWivm Apt. A t. nr.!-'l" hut conlil he brought
Hurt,. Court. Kmc -up. Prosm. 2u flbont Imm as Well vt better w i' !l
"-.the two towns pparf nud build
Spriinrield. is history ami its lu.- around their own prp r
nrctress. i.nd winds" it" bv centers, as their natural sltua-
rVU SAl.Kl.mge :d pmwlll
well stasom .1, price reinnt!il"
I' SpiiiiKiioll rsK2.
WANTKI rum'lv w.s!il c
f:H'ti' M gUAI'HI'U'i'.t. M,
0 r.'ihum, coner ef 9th - II
A. K.
office was crowded with people
who came to Inquire about the, about the same
sect of
make of his telescope and the another
A body of about people
Oi one sen 01 .veniionn.-i. i-.n..- , ...,,,,.. .(,.. . , 1.1. .K-
t. ,1 1 .1 . I'l !i: L. it 1'I:1'1UI.IWI.'1I li, l .it- ........
IK'.'I r, , I... ,. !!....
gene nut .pringiieio. luuuiug ' en.s, un uu
that it would be a great benefit '
not only to Springfield but to) PEACE IN IRELAND
! mat is nisi wuere tne ' run t tie irtsn troume. wiu.n n.ui
sold out a bodv of land the
in Manitoba, and will move to
South America and settle to
cether there. Another body, ol
number, of.
probable cost.
New Hampshire, under the
leadership of the state grange.
Is beginning a systematic prop-
have sold their holding in
o ' to this consolidathui proposition become a threat to the peace to
,-( -1.. . . , , .,, ,i e
! A.v. . I 1 1 o r: .1 I i . t. . i. . ... i. ..i . ..t . .. l c
katcheuan. and will settle in .... . '.,.,,,,. ... .... ,,.., ,0 ,
Vnrthpn. VovirV Tll.- et -ill- 1 '' -vhuuii nru mi u i:e i.ihi.-mi .......
,,,i ,.f.iwn. uu i 'ihi iy 10 i" mi mi we m
I 11... .I..I.,.. .. ............
lishment of such a colony of " T. 7 - "'H" 4
..,,.. me iiuuie, inn's juivone in!n;M:' senuns; uie itruisn kim eriiiueiii
Lt run i s-, in... .. i . . . , , .
,, i mhim;is hi roitjeno won ia and uie irisn revtuuuuuaiy
conso'.ld ifion? Far govettunent at a conference
I'..'.-". :ii:"i."..- i .'...itr.' from it- i prolonged Into the mornliu:.
Springfield has had it's hard hours, Tuesday, agreed upon.
basis of union. It
upon the same basis
peaceable, orderly
i . I. i : - ' -.1. " I - w. .. Y
t.':,iii. lit in nil- iiiiiiii.-i:iii u in I I I iir .ill-All in 'if .
u ..M ii. . ....i. ..i.i . v. .,.,. uesire a
liuiu me nnuuie HVMcrii bunt's. , 'H'imii imi hit puiui ii' iia, ni.ii
il'ev:iiii iu muii; uaitv niose e.eii a iiaiiiiMiuw.ui.; uuii uiuti-
li.-rfv.-l in V. ... tTniiin I.i.r t, f 1 ' I . , r t I, ."I I ruiArn 111
ixw uiiiv 11 i-i 1:1 .i- 1 laiiii 1-, it 111 1 111 ni 1- i'n iiii; 1 11. 1 ..ii. ...... ... , . . . t , . ,
Ehlre. fand shiftless masses arou;ui 11 f ' ast. ns n,any o he:-j an ! Mumd a
leiie j ji i" ii:u:s:u.tK. UUS liilil. pti:s irciaiKI 11
Is Known By the
Flour He Sells
you want to find out If your grocer Is up-to-date:
s bar k of his community by welling home
w belhcr
products, ask him if he sidls
An all Ciis'iein hard wheat patent made here ut home.
"It P.iys to Us Home Product"
'them. It is such influoncos as
I ?! I 1 .1 li Mvt.. ..;..- . I. I . i . i a . . . i: i i . .
n old time Iowa editor ho that, one thing here and another " ' , V s - P;nH v anaua ami
makes a business of compiling 'here that promise most to mold . . a a " ' '' ":,.;'
ikinc Iowa items the shapeless mass of Mexican " v" ' ' I """"
unusual and strikinc Iowa items tne shapeless
for Iowa naners. vouches for the population into
statement that B. E. Rushing, of "eal nationality-
Ilumeston, Iowa, shipped a car
load of horses to Lancaster.
Penn., by express, because he
could send them that way for
$3 a head less than if he sent
them by freight. The "express signed
jars had better provisions for which
material for.
1 1 ww iBaiJUMiUHMfcCRgwagaaBi
In this morning's Eugemj
Register appears an article
by Henry W. Stewart,
begins by belittling
rut ll T '" f',fii n .Iu t I In ""u ef
Mho 1;uk T O'lhiriinn tu om. tmilnni'Pi
ii Iny ami umlu tint.
Ai iililliiK lu lh.' Snilltu'lii Parlfle
fn-lK'll i!i'iArtllli'tit ttm rff.'i llv tl.tli
ft tti rriliiilli.ii on (a mi titmlurlit
has become lu late years n
ii led. ration of heinl-lndepend"
cut states, with, and well,
defined relation t. the mother,
The name of the new state Is.
to bo i he Irish I'ree State. hl ''"X r tw
Is to have its own parllinent. '- -fro id.. r.ilu. iion rtimliy
mnke lis own laws and malntnlu 1 b,,,'""' "' frompt imuunro-
........ . ...
!avinR i-i'tlilfil l- quit fnrniing I cll nt public nu.-llun at
my place. 3 mile tiorttiea.M of SprltiKil'M or atioiii 7 luiU'a north
east of Firti. Tfckp tonnn-Marcola ruail to railroml cronliiK Just
3 miles ncrthrat of Fprlugtl. til, turn uurth bulf mil'! to 1'l.ue
its own defense forces. rh'i
( Town will have a representative the governor general ot
Canada. The Hrltish govern-
intent has sovereign rights In
"certain matters, such as foreign
pecial Week-End Sale !
Friday and Saturday
December 9-10 Only
U. S. Hip Rubber Boots $ 1.93
U. S. Rubber Knee Boots 3.43
$3.00 U. S. government Standard Wool Shirt 2.95
$35.00 to $40.00 Men's Suits, all wool 24 S3
$10.00 Men's Mackinaws 6.00
U. S. Army Breeches, reclaimed 1.25
3 pairs Army mixed wool sox 1.00
Work Shirt 69c
$10.00 and $12.00 High Top Shoes, 16 inch ....$8.75
$7.00 and $3.00 Work Shoes 4.50
$10.00 Dress Shoes 6.00
$3.00 Dress Shoes
$7.50 Ladies Shoes
i';.00 Ladies Shoes '.
$7.0 Ladies Pumps
Big lot Boys Shoes, sizes 2 to S'2 20O
Big reduction on Children Shoes "
Specials in Groceries
With every 2l2 lbs. of Folger's
Golden Gate Coffee
One-half lb. Free
For the 3 lbs. - - $1.10
Thursday, Dec. 15, 1921
Beginning promptly at 1 o'clock p. m. the following ilosi i ili d
persatiul proper'-:
Livestock and Implements
Team bay horis. okps 9 ant 10 i-;irn. koI ranili tani; 4rl
old brown hors, weight 1100, well broke. Shetland pour. SwitlO for
One good Jersey cow, nillklng. Two fitt Jwy lul(.'i, 2 y'nr
fid. milking. Two Jersey heifer, coming t& -'rsi oil, lo r.vsli.'n
In early spring.
One brood sow with 4 pig. Ono shoat about 80 pounds. Oue fut
barrcw. weight ahout 250 poundK.
Six dozen chlikons. H. I. Hed.i. and While Leghorns.
One set double work harness, one set single harness.
Ore carriage, 1 back, iron age drill, 1) horse 14 tooth cultlv(o.-,
one 5 shovel cu'tlvator, one 2 horse grain drill. 3 starts of bees, spine
extra hives and bee supplies, 60 gallon oil tank, two 15 gallon oil tanks
blarkxmitb fcrge and tools; lot of carpenter too! and many other
smaller articles.
Household Goods
Kingsbury plar.o In fine condition, fine oak leather upholstered
Davenport like new, 1 oak rocker. 2 sewing rockers, oak bookcase, fir
bookcase, velour couch. 2 sanitary couches, solid cak round redexla'
dining table and 6 solid oak chairs to match, wardrobe, odd Miatrs.
one square extension table, drop leu f table, 2 kitchen tujl s, steel rangi
2 cook stoves, 1 oil stove, 2 heatlrg stoves.
Fine Circassian walnut dresser and chiffonier, 1 while enam!ei
dresser, 2 fir dredrs, 8 lrP bedn -ala, springs and motre.ises, one
r.j? 9x12. 1 nig &xlO. 1 rug x9. double barr-1 sholgun. Merlin rlflo
22-40, nickel steel barrel und reloading tools, about 7S sacks seed
jo'atocs, cream seporaU)r, waihii:i; machine, 300 quarts canned fnill,
2 wach bcllers, tubH, dlsbea. g!assw;ir, cooking ulctKlln, fruit Jars, etc.
Terms Credit of 3or 6 monthH on sums over $20 with approved
notes et S Pr cent. Sum uuijor 5-0, cash.
A. B. KEPNER, Owner.
J. K. GREER, Auctioneer.
Flrit. National Bank of SpflnatlWlV clerk
(oiutnunlcntlons nud roast tlo
fense- Irrland Iwars Its propor
tlonul share In tho flnniulal.
military nnl naval bunloiirt of
the etnplrtv Thy whlppoil tho
devil nroutuj a crrtaln tronhh'-
llH'ltl wl'l (hen b glvrll (O Ih. public.
When You Art
To Insure a heuliliy action of thi
hcwals and correct dlsonttir of I ho
liver, tak two of Chamberlain's Tab
ids Immediately after supper. They
will not only cause a gentle movement
of the bowels, without unpleasant, er
i.... ....iui ii... .1..11
j . ,',, imilinil lll.l Ull, PIHI .
, feeling, that often airomtiantra ron-
sonip stump by 'lulling th' .iiiatign.
inonilii'rs of tho Iriah bnrlintnont
'to swear to 'hi faithful to tho
8 1 Kin ami hla heirs". InHteatl of
Dnrillllifi - . . ,.,. , .1. i
It h.'camc cvklont. after a few " " '
months cf poarp. that the , ",J r"u" ,r"' w,Ulout
IiiaMPBof the Irlnh people woul.i ,:,kln n'r "'" or treatment,
not Bupport the revolutionary '"' k"'H of ,uu ,art ''J''
leaders In a stuhborn Htan.l that 0!hor" " ,nh" tMr lhanr' ln,'"',
would lead Into another course a iyU ",,,,r col,u lh" ,,,H,Jod mt
of Ruerilla warfare. Kiit h as they ,c",l"- 11 ,,oul'1 ' lonie ln ro,n
l,.l l,n,l fn- n vnnr nr t vvr. I.... ,,11t "! weakens the luflgil.
Taking Drsprrata Chaneta.
; fore.
lower the vitality, inukns (he system
It remaliiH to be Horn whether "' HhianJ each .uccH.dln,
the people of I'lster will a.lhere P"8" "" mom
to the new Irish Mate. rro-; vrl" ''"" i n ou afford to
ibably not. If not. the lionml-. uk" "u, h Ip"P-'k wha
arioH between the two nertloiiM " 'mborUln' Cough Itemedy. famoua
Iwill have to be eKtHbllBhed, to ,or ,u tun' of b,J cc,,,u m
separate the two bodies, as well f"r riflw T
as ran be done, on UneH of race
i n iid Hentlment.
15 lbs. Sugar
10 lbs. White Karo Syrup 2c
25 bars Royal White Soap H-W
Horn Starch. 3 pkgs 25c
Mustard. 6 oz. bottle 9c
Wessen Oil. 1 qt. can 59c
Pure Aluminum Coffee Percolator $100
Milk, Tall Borden or Carnation, 2 lor
Tomatoes per can 10(3
Brown Beans, 16 lbs- for $100
Big reduction In Dry Goods. A selection of Outing
Flannel ln all shades, per yard 18c
"We Always Sell It for Less9'
Farmers Exchange
Franh WallaceZooK
The InrreHt shipment of apples by
direct wntcr route by the Oregon
Growers association Is leaving Port
Innd tl.l week en route to Kngliind
on the stnmiHhlp Nebraska. IJetweeii
15 ('.till Ifl tllllllM Hill liesH (if lljilllel
uHHOtnhlod front 1'fie iVlles and piHntu
In the V I'1 -.twirl to onT Cmpiim valleys (
will fco Included In the shipment.
Knglatid Is offering one of the beat
muikelit for uppl 's this acaaon, and
due to the wide dlstrlbullon they are
re-wiving in that country Oregon
apples aro gaining a great deal of
advertising which will be favorable to
ward trade for another year.
The Nebraska will curry 80,000
boxes of apples, an amount that would
mako a whole train load of motw than
100 cars. Thla la one of the largest,
cargoes of apples, if not the largest
which has been shipped direct from a
northwest point to Europe.
Vl 53 Jj
On 2nd St.
ill . f ' 'Jr
I , At
1 --i
The Sunshine Evangelist
Song Leader
Springfield, Oregon
November 27
Advices received from the Southern
Pacific company yesterday from tho
ducts recently announced by the asso
ductlon In rates on agricultural pro
ducts recently announced by th ,0'i
I elation ot railroad executives, will
not become effective before January (
j I, 1022. There has been consmeraDio
speculation on the part of producers,
1 . . . m I
shippers and consignees 01 agnuui
tural products as to the probable ef
fective date of reduction.
Tho ten percent reduction In rates
on farm products was announced by
the railroads for a six months expert
mental period In the bope that In the
meantime the operating costs as re
presented by wages will be lowered
by the Railroad Labor board. In t"o
meantime, so that the rates can be
continued, the Interstate commerce
eeiiHtikslon lsttued an order In Ui
bay end grain case requiring 'lower
rates to be established, on five duys
notice, on or before Deceralier 27,
1921, and the railroads have filed petl
tlon for a re hearing In that case, div
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