The Springfield news. (Springfield, Lane County, Or.) 1916-2006, December 23, 1920, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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    THURSDAY, DltCKMHEH 23. 1920
$m4m. "
II - Mm - - i j. r , L 1 MM M tT M. r v w mi ' m
Beauty Chat
A Christmas
Thank You
Wo'ro wishing you a Merry
Chrlotmaa the merriest you've
ever known.
And we thank you for bo gen
erously remembering this store
in your Bhoiilng.
Berry Piano & Furniture Co.
while the small blonde should have
j something fluffy and frilly.
K you buy your dot lit rendy-made
you ran only pick the best of the
limited choice. If you have them
made to order you ran select styles
and rolora to please yourself. If you
' are colurlena, pale akin, and mouse-
colored hair, avoid neutral shade,
and blarlc. A aoft color combined
with something quit vivid if best
for thin type, which ran at and neither
too dull nor too bright color.
. If you are dark, roe plnka, browns,
pastels of any color; blnck If yoar
skin has color; crenn white, yel
lowa, will be lovely. If you are
blond el low Impossible. Black,
dieu blue, violet, dark brown, (tray
bluen. plnas, lavender, green of a
soft tone theie are moat becoming.
If you are lucky, enough to have
auburn hair, greens of aoy abade,
rich browns, gray, gray-blue- and
green-blue, k render, orchid, coral
pink, never plain pink, cream white If
touched with color. Study yourself to
are which allude are beat.
ON'K of the which
offset a the many advantage! of
tha ready-to-weiir trudc In the toun
try la, that all women wear certain
aet atylea and color combination, re
gardlen of their ntiien. Hie small
blonde who ought to buy a drwa of
autne aoft abade between violet and
blue, get an ordinary rt of blue
that niakea her commonplace Instead
of distinguished In apncuraiice. The
tall, dark woman with the urne rich
coloring, flnds the an me tyle nnd col
or, and buy and wear an Identical
dreaa. Ten to one he ahoutd be wear-
; ' iwl
Try aeveral color against your face
until you find the moet becoming.
Ins n bronze color and Unci that cllnz,
A commercial creamery with a
dully capacity of 2000 pound t of
1 butter and an output .of 11C.000
J pound a a year, a market milk depart
ment handling 200 gallon dally, a
cheese factory with a capacity of
jf.OOO pounds of milk dally, a 60 quart
I Perfection' Drcadnaught brlnt tee
! cream freezer these are tome of the
; facilities the department will offfr
ijflregon dairy factory short course
i Rtuilenta In tie elgiyt wee.ks term
starting January 3. Dairy, O. A. C.
The high school girls of Coo
founty served lunches to 395 persons
at the annual teacher's lnntltutet and
yndor direction of the home demon
stration agent cleared $115. The
unche served were nutritious and
easily prepared as hat lunches In
.rural school. Extension Service, O.
A. C.
The Benton county home demonstra
tion agent Is helping the parent teach
er association of Corvallis weigh and
measure the girls and boys of the
Hchool, and to plan diet that will
bring the underweight children up to
"The Shasta"
A New Train
"The Shasta" is an all standard sleeping
car train without extra fare.
Leaves Portland at 4:00 P. M.
Arrives San -Francisco 10:00 P. M. following evening
San Francisco and Los Angeles
All Shasta Route trains handle through standard sleeping1 aars
Seattle, Tacoma, and Portland to San Francisco
Through standard sleeping car to Lob Angeles
Leaves Portland at 8:40 A. M.
Arrives Los Angeles 8:15 A. M. second morning
Winter Excursion Tickets
are on sale to
Southerin California
Cullforniu'a bright and warm sunshine will nelP you take on a new
lease of life. Spend the wintry days boslde summery seas; on
spotty golf courses or well kept tennis courts; motor over splendid
highways; theHe and many otJicr outdoor pleasures await you fn
Sunny California.
FREE on request "California for the Tourist", a new
booklet graphically describing the different resorts
Inquire of local agent for fares, routes, sleeping
car reservations and truin service, or write
Southern Pacific Lines
General Passenger Agont, Portland, Oregon
From today until Christmas, the 25th, we
are going to give our customers and all the
opportunity to buy Christmas gifts at whole
sale prices. The regular selling price is-
marked in plain figures on each article. You can see
that we mean what we are advertising. We do a little
better, we give Red Trading Stamps with every purchase
Clothing and Dry
Men's silk ties, reg. $1.25 and
$1.50, special 95 C
Men's silk ties, reg $2 and
$2.50, pecial .'.$1.45
Men's silk shirts, reg. $10
price, special S6.95
Men's heavy wool sweaters
special S6.35
Men's heavy wool socks, special 65 C
Hoy' suits, knee pants, guaranteed
to wear, special 'S9.85
Men's mackinaw coats, reg.
$12, special S7.29
Grocery Specials
2 loaves bread, Saturday only 25 C
Cottolen, large size..- SI .70
Cottolenf medium size ...... (JOC.
Cottolen, small size 50 C '
Bananas, per lb. ... ". ... . 10 C:
M. J. B. coffee, lb 50c
Edwards Dependable 3 lbs. SI .45
Bulk coffee, reg 45c 35c '
3 pounds for $1.00:
K. C. baking powder 50c eize 42 C
K. C. baking powder 25c size 21c '
K. C. baking powder 15c size , . 13c
Shillings baking powder 1 lb 45c
Vermicelli, 3 pkg. for 20 C
Compound, per lb 20 C
Tomatoes, per can IOC
Peas, per can 1 5 C
Argo corn starch, 3 for 25 C
Swifts pride washing powder
large package 29 C
Velvet, Prince Albert, George .
Washington and Union Leader 2 for 25 C
Star and Horse Shoe per plug 82 C
Potatoes per 100 lbs SI. 49
Mill run, per sack, SI. 80
normal. Extension Service, O. A. C.
Cost of feeding insects in Oregon
one year is estimated at 24 million
dollars. The brunt of this enormous
loss is not borne by the progressive
.farmer who plows his lands) welL
useB good seed, and follows the
spraying and preventive measures re
commended by the state experiment
station. Entoiuoogy, O. A. C.
.Oregon farmers are beginning to
scrutinize contracts offered them for
their surplus produce, to see whether
loopholes have been left whereby the
purchaser may void the contract if
prices fall. Such terms as standard
oack, merchantable product, and first
class canning cherries, open the way
for the buyer to reject the produce or
force lower price, while they do not
Invalidute the contract for the seller
if prices rist Political Science O.
A. C.
U. S. Land office at Roseburg, Oro
gon, November 5, 1920.
Notice la hereby given that Ralph
H. Walker, of Vida, Oregon, who, on
December 18, 1916, made Homestead
Entry, serial No. 010902. for WH
NWtf. NV4 SV4. Section 12, Town
ship 17 S, Range 3 E, Willamette
Meridian, has filed notice of intention
to make final three year proof, to es
tablish claim to the land above des
cribed, before E. O. Immel U. S.
Catarrh Can Be Cured
Cutnrrh is a local disease, greatly
influenced by constitutional condi
tions. It therefore requires constltu
tionnl treatment. HALL'S CATARRH
MEDICINE is taken internally and
acts through the Ulood on the Mucous
Surfaces of the System. HALL'S
CaTARRH MEDICINE destroys the
foundation of tho disease, gives the
patient ptienrtU bv Improving the pen
eral health unJ assiMs nature in doing
Its work.
All drusxrlats. CI- - a free.
F. J. Cheney & C ' ledo, Ohio.
Commissioner, at Eugene, Oregon, oir
the 10th day of January, 1921. . !
Claimant names as witnesses: Wm.
R. Price, of Vida, Oregon; Chas. W.
If. McCoy, of Vida, Oregon; Jos.
Wakefield, of Vida, Oregon; Ed. L.
Winter, of Vida, Oregon.
W. H. CANNON, Register.
Notice is hereby given that Ada B.
Van Valzah and Robert Clark Van
Valzah, executors of the estate ot
Robert Crier Van Valzah, deceased,
have filed their final account in the
matter of said estate in the County
Court of the State of Oregon for Lane
County, and that Tuesday, the 18th
day of January, 1921, at ten o'clock
in the forenoon of said day has beeu
fixed by the said Court for the hear
ing of objections to said account and
for flnai settlement of said estate.
Any and all objections to Bald account
and the final settlement of said estate
must be filed with the Clerk of sail
Court on or before the said date ot
Dated this 16th day ot December,
A. D., 1920.
Ada B. Van Valzah, -and Robert
Clark Van Valzah, Executors of said
Attorney for Executors,
Dec. 16 Jan. 13-20. Eugene, Oregon.