The Springfield news. (Springfield, Lane County, Or.) 1916-2006, August 12, 1920, Page PAGE 2, Image 2

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TlltmSDAY. AlHJl'HT 12. lftJO
XX ALU KJA AVAaIA J"f " T w I nnintp.1 executor of the last will anl
Jhjbllshed Every Thursday t Strlnicritl1. Lane Coun(.r, Oregon, by j testament ami estate of James C.
v TYLER A FREELAND Freeman, deceased nnd nil person
Earn H. Tjier. Kditor. If. B. Frecland. Adr. Mgr. j having claim against said estate
l are hereby notified to present the
' i same proHiiy Tortfled o ihe under-
! signed at the First National haul 'of
; Sniingllcld, Oregon, or to Frank A.
I Iml'tie, tho attorney for the estate,
at his offlte In Springfield. Oregon,
Ion or before six months from tho
i date of this notice.
Entered at tho Postoffke at Springfield,
Fchrusry 24.
Oregon, as Secondcluss
!One Xenr.L.... i fl.03 Three Month 60c
Six Month $1.00 Single Copy 6c
ne Year. When Paid In Advance 11.75
The regular meeting of the Spring
field Chamber of Commerce will be
held Friday evening In Steven's Ball
after which members and friend of
the Civic Improvement Club Is In
vited to Join them In an Ice cream
social to he held in the city park,
comer of Main anl Second street.
Lets make It a RKAL meeting by
every one coining und bringing their
above described, before E. (. Iinmel.
Cntted State Commissioner. a Ru-I
gene. Oregon, on the 1st day of Sep-' Executor vt the l.ast Will and Testa
tember. Imut nn,j KstM, of Jam.' C. Fre
Clalniant names an witnesses: . , .
Clayton Arnel. of Marcoltr. Oregon;;
Amy Polley.. of Marcola. Oregon; frank A. DePue.
Herman Kilter, of Marcola. Oregon; Attorney for the Kstate.
Charles Adams, of Marcola. Oregon. Hat first publication Jul) 22. 1920.
I . 1 1. CANON, .,.. .. in tnlA
Y) A I.. . ! lltm IllPi L'lllilll Ml lull mi. I - lrv.
Jly 29 A g 26. 20.
Department of the Interior. V. S.
Land Office at Roscburg, Oregon,
July SI. 1920.
Notice la hereby given that Nelson
Bush, of Marcola. Oregon, son and
one of the heir at law of Flora H.
Bush, deceased, who. on June S. 1916.
made Homestead Entry Serial No.
010599. for Lot 1. Section 8. Towu
ehip 16 South. Range 1 West, Willam
ette Meridian, has Hied notice of in
tention to make final three year
proof, to establish claim to the land
j Notice Is hereby given that I .yd la
Has Never Seen Their Equal
"i nave used t tiamnerisin s Tablets -j, dark.
ror stomacn i rouble, biliousness and . ... , ,u , . ,
. ... . .... ,w f Kl'iabelh J. Revere, dect ased
iuiiiininni uu villi uti iui luc lal -
ten years. I have never seen their rendered and filed in the County
equal yet. They strengthened my dl- Court of ihe State of Oregon for th
administratrix of tho estate
I gestion. relieved ine of headaches and
had a mild pleasant action on my
bowels. I take pleasure In recom-
mend'ng them" writes II. D. K. Par
menter. Crldersville, Ohio.
Notice Is hereby given that
undersigned has, by order of
makes a
good car
You cannot expect one hundred per
cent performance and long life for your
car unless it is correctly lubricated.
Correct Lubrication is a science.
Our Board of Lubrication Engineers
study the lubrication needs of all makes
pf automobiles. By their recommenda
tions of the correct grade of Zerolene
for each make of car they are bettering
the performance and lengthening the
life -of automobiles everywhere.
You, too, should use Zerolene of the
correct grade for your car.
Get a Zerolene Correct Lubrication
Chart for your car at your dealer's or
at our nearest station.
for Tractors
There is a correct
lor your tractor.
Get our bookii-t
on its Correct
Lubrication. A.k
our keiil (or
a copy.
il li.l II I I i ,1 . I Mil IIM,U1
Jl grade fir eacli
type of engine
County of Lane, her flunl h count and
that said Court hus by order duly
made and entered therein fixed" and
appointed Saturday the 1 1th 'day .f
September 1920 at Hie h-n r of ten
o'clock In the forenoon at the County
Court room In said County, a said
day, time ami pluce for hi'-uln oli i
!jcctions to sa!d iiccoutit tin I the s-t-,
j tlement thereof. "All objections to
, ;said final actount must be In writing'
and filed with the Clerk of mild Comt
4n or before xuld day anil t ine.
Cured of Stomach Trouble and Con
stipation Itachrl Crlldey, of llenver Hum,
Ch'n nui sick for to year with
stoiuiuh tituiblo and couhIIphIIihi
lAklng one nicdiiiie after uuoiher
wflh only ti'iupornry relief. "My
neighbor spoke ho enthusiastically of
ChitmberlHln's Tablets" she say "that
l procured m not tie or them at our
drug store to try. A few days treat
ineiil convinced mo thst they were
Just what I needed. I continued there
use for several weeks and they cured
It ha come to our notice thut
many water couMtimei In Springfield
are disregarding our rules In regard
to Irrlgntion. The hours In which Ir
rigation Is allowed Is from 6 to 10 In
the morning and from f lo 9 In the
evening. On account of die large
amount of water used at this fine" of
year, we will be compelled to shut
off the water of any one using It for
Irrigation iutldo of then hour's.
By Fred K. Urown. Iwal Manuger.
liny Kggfiniinn' milk bread. 12c
und 17c.
A. H. SPRACUE, Special Agent, Standard Oil Co., Eugene, Ore.
"It sure will Tickle You
says the Good Judge
To find how Ion the
full rich taste of the
Real Tobacco Chew
That's why it really
saves you money to use
this class of tobacco
instead of the ordinary
'Any man 'who uses the
Real Tobacco Chew
will tell you that.
Put up In two styles
, RIGHT CUT is a short-cut tobacco
V-B CUT Is a long fine-cut tobacco
i Administratrix of the i-xtuie
' Klizabetlt J. Revere, decea.-ed.
Frank A. IePue.
Attorney for the Kstate.
Aug 12-Spt. 9.
Kstate of Maiinda llitcMiuu,
canned. I
; Not ire is hereby Kivi-n th:it Hit -i-,
'ard IliUnian has been by the Conn y
1 Court of the Slate of Orei n. in an l:
for Lane County, duly upoin'l ud
mlnistraltor of the estate if .Maiindu
llileinau. deceased. ' !
AH persons having claims uifaliiHt
said estate are hereby notified to pr--;
tent the same, duly stated nlid veil-!
fied. at the law office or A. K. Wlt.t 1
er. In Kugene. Oregon, witltin six!
months from this I2tli ilay of Angu.t,
A. K. Wheeler, Attorney. Sept. 9
Notice is hereby given that the
undersigned. ndiniilMnitor of th
estate of Henry Stnilsoti, dei onseil.
has rendered and filed In the county
juurt of the state of trecoii fir line
couniy, his finul Kicouiii, hiuI said
court lias by nn oiiler dulv uisde nnd
entered therein fixed Hnd niipoltilnl
Saturday, the Hth diy of Augut,
1920, at the hour of 10 o'il. 1 In the
toieuoon at the comity court t'ixui In
Kugeiie, OrKon. u4 ihe day. time and
obo e for lie:irltitr ( I join to said
Hnsl acjonnt 'and the 'settlement
thereof. All ohjettlons mu-.t be 'n
wr(tliig and filed with lb" clerk of
said court on or befoie Said day and
- J. .1 SM1TSDN'.
Adm'n 'Hi rr.tor of the ' l-Ntate of
Iterrv Sni'lum, lec-asi'd,
lyl". - AK12
N'ollie is hereby Riven Unit the
underHlKtied executrix of the I.h will
and testament nnd es'nto of Hurry
Klefer. deleaved, hai rendered and
filed in the touiity court of ihe Mate
of CieKou for Lime county, her final
account, and ;Md court '1:1s by nn
ordi r duly untie and entered therein
fixed ami it it ti t () .Saturday, the
Mill day of Aiigift, !D2, at the hour
of lo n'i lin k In the forenoon nt lli
county court room li. Kugene, Ore
gon, as the day, time and place for
hearing objection to said final ac
count nnd the Hettleiiieut I hereof. All
objection must be In writing and
tiled vtllh the eleik of sa'd ecu 1 1 on
or before said dny and time.
Kecutrlx of Ihe Inst will nnd fftu
menl and estate of Many Klefer, do.
censed. ,
JyM. Agl2 ,
Notice lit hereby siven that, by vir
tue or au order of the County Court
of the state of -Oregon. In and for
Lane couniy. made and entered on.
the !Mli day of July, 1920, lUensliig
me, as adminlniutrlt of the estate of
Leon It. Melvln. deceased, to sell the'
real ploperty belonging to snl l estate
hereinafter tlesrrlbebd : I will on and
after Ihe 1 Hth day of August, 1920.
on said premise, offer for sale and
sidl at private sale, to the highest
bidder therefore, cash In hand, the
following described lands In Lane
county, Oregon, to wit:
Commencing at a point In Ihe center
of Ihe county mad number CM, 406fiS
chain South KH .10' Kut from a Point
'il the west line of the Felix Hrolt,
Sr. and wife donation laud claim,
notification 32ra. In Township 17
South, range J West of the Willam
ette Meridian. 22 M) ihaln south of
Ihe northwest corner of said claim
and running theme along the renter
of said rj'ad South KK flfl' east fifl
links, thence north 1 nn' east 2f (If)
eh.-t'ns. thence south KS !t0' east
L'.'.r. chains, thence north 1 SO' east
2S2 chains to 'he left or south bank
of the Mi Kenle river, thence with
the inentiderliigs of said river down
hi i en in to a (inl north 1 30' east
from the lieKlun'iig point, thence
south 1 :!)' west by direct line to the
tin re of herltinlng. Containing 1ft
acres, more or less, of land In Lane
county, state of I'retrnn.
Hate ftri-T nldlcatton Julv IS, 1920.
Date list pnld'cntlon Aug. 12, 1920.
Chambf rlalVi .-Colie and Diarrhoea
This Is iiiiuiiiHl lonably one of the
llliett MIlieH-flll med'llues In Use for
iowi I complaints. A few doses of It
will cure au ordinary atlutk of diar
rhoea. It has been used .In Dim' ep.
demies of dysentery with perfect
sun ess, i can always lm depended
upon 'Hi Kite prompt relief case
of lolic and i holera morbus. When
reduced wih wuter'aud swoetentvl
It Is idensant lo take. Kvery futully
"'""' keen Milx remedy nt hand.
In the Circuit Court of the S;att
Oregon, for the County of Lane
i Hoy A. I'hltner. Plaintiff vs. .Myrtle
j K. Palmer. Defendant.
j To Myrtle K. Palmer, the above
j Named Defi!iidant :
In the name of the sta:e of ()-p.
oof our fine i-reutiiory butter. Yoti
tbtllcious. It ocght to be. It Is
a.e bound to lei Inn- it perfectly
made In n ruinous creaim-ry whept
e-i-ry ntient'on Is laid to rjuullty and
cleanliness. Due trial usually makes
us aiit-w t usloiuer. We believe It
will do so in your i uso.
gon. You are henby reiufred to-ap-I'ear
and atsswer the coinjiaint filed
against you in the above entitled
Court and cause on or before tho 23rd
I day of September 1920, said date, be
ing more than a'x (6) weeks from tho
date of the Nrst publication of this)
summons and IniiiK the time pre
scribed for such appearance by you
In the order of publication of (his
summons herein entered of record;
anil if you fail to appear and answer,
for want thereof the plaintiff will up-
iily to the Court for the relief in the
complaint demanded and prayed for,
io-wit: For a decree of the Court dis
solving the marriage contract und
bonds of Matrimony exlHtlng between
you and the plaintiff on the grounds
of desertion for more than one year
and for such other relief as to the
.Court shall seem njeet.
This summons Is served upon yo.t
by publication thereof In the Spring
field js'ews pursuant ' to an order of
the Honorable H. L. tiown, Judge of
(be County Court of the State of Ore
gon for the County of Lane, made and
entered of record on the 7th day of
August. 1920 .ordering that the sum-
ynons be published In said newspa
per once each week for six consecu
tive weeks and the date'of the flrtt
publication win be August the 12tb,
1970 and the date of the last publica
tion will be September 23rd,- 1920 .-A
Attoroey for Plaintiff.
Postoffice address, Springfield, Ore-1
on- Sept. 23
And Other Stomach Troubles Relieved in
a ;iara-agJatf"BJ Two Minutes, by
Our Dvaqs
are Fresh and Pure
We Compound all
Prescriptions unth
m rx .
i u i m "w v - b m wm. i t w i
We put up your prescriptions Juat an quickly au it
can be done with care. We use only pure, frenii drug
of standard strength and we verify every pn'ticrlptlon
before it leaves our hands.
Bring us your prescriptions we are Careful Drug- .
riwrr rsim a glass of wt
wtr. Absolutely