The Springfield news. (Springfield, Lane County, Or.) 1916-2006, December 12, 1919, Page PAGE 7, Image 7

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    Friday, nrcercMnicn 12, 1019.
tlonlsta, the contract for tbe sale of
the timber will contain spnclal stlpu
latlon to preven the logging opera
tion from marring the natural beaut?
of the batiks of tbs stream or destroy
In all tbe splendid virgin forest
which tbe scenic road sometime to be
built up the north bank of the river
will traverse.
I!1! I'l 1 - 1 1 ' ii
j. w, Mcdowell
Headquarters for Dolls,
Coasters, and in fact every
kind of toy maJo.
Also Betty Bright Alumi
num ware and decorated
Come in we would con
sider it a pleasure to show
you our display.
Prices right. Watch this
space next week for more
complete display.
ftevnnty million twl of timber on
the IlrrllenbuMh river within the San
tlam national fnn-Ht Iiiim Juhi been put
up for aal by the district forester.
Thla "la the Iuiki'hI trad of national
forest timber to bo put on the market
for neve ml month In thin district of
the forpm service.
The timber lli'B on both aides of
the Ilrelienbush river a nhort distance
above Detroit. On-gon, lurgely within
drainage of two smull creek known
as Canyon und llanncn creeka. The
tract contains alxty million feet of
Douglas fir of medium nlz and fair
quality, and about nine million feet of
sugar and wentern white pines, noble
fir, weatern red cedar, hemlock and
allver fir.
Since the Hreltenhutth river la a fav
orite retiort for fishermen and vca-
To ralne the last 130,000 neceasary
to flnlab the $200,000 building for
women on the University of Oregon
ram pun, Mlaa Florence Puruaet of Eu
gene haa been appointed by tbe atu
dent council of the university to have
charge of the work. Tbe etate has
been divided Into aeven districts and
students of the university will carry
on the entire campaign. Tbe district
covering lane county Is In charge of
Miss Marjorle Kay of Salem.
The women's building will bouae
the women's gymnasium, the depart'
mnnt of household arts and others of
the women's activities on the campus.
With Its enrollment almost doubled
since Hn last new building was com
pleted, the university finds Its build-
'ngs et tlrely Inadequate to handle the
sfiwtntf already there, to aay enothlng
of the large Increase certain for next
fall. The students, aroused to tbe
emergency, have called their "Oregon
Spirit" to the rescue and have organ
lied the present campaign In which
they feel confident of succesa. The
committee consists of 1C0 members.
Tbousanda of children are killed ev
ery year because parents say, "They
will have It anyway," aud permit tbe
little onea to ezpOHe themselves to
whooping cough, measles and scarlet
fever, says the United Statea Public
lloulth Service.
lxi you live in Springfield and do
your banking In Eugene? If so. It Is
not necessary for the First National
In Springfield will take care of all
your Interests aa well as any bank
If you are In need of typewriter sup
plies, don't forgot the News ofice.
.1 x' . ' i-Z a- y1! - If I
1, f -? I, J' -V V
V- v.. l
--fTOB!WIKin.i.iMlPe' i --'hi i
Red Cross Chrisiiiias Seal
This la the poster selacted by tfl th National Tubarculosls Aasoda
tlen officials for the Red Cross Christmas 8al sale. It will appear through
out the country on th eve of the seal sale Dec.
Caoiti are told very
whmrinBciunttflcmlly titled
pmektgtt of 30 ciiarattet or
Itnptcktgtt (200 ciret let)
in a glttmint-ptper-covered
barton. Wt ttron&ly recom
mend thit carton for the
homt or office tupply or
whan you traval.
R. J. Reynold Tobacco Co.
Wiaaton-Salem, N. C
CAMELS are in a class by themselves easUy the
most refreshing, the most likable cigarette you
ever smoked. You can prove that 1 Simply compare
Camels puff-by-puff with any cigarette in the world at
any price 1 Put quality, flavor and cigarette satis
faction to the utmost testl
Made to meet your taste, Camels never tire it, no matter how
liberally you smoke them I The expert blend of choice Turkish
and choice Domestic tobaccos makes Camels delightful so full
bodied, yet so fascinatingly smooth and mellow-mild- Every
time you light one you get new and keener enjoyment I
Freedom from any unpleasant dgaretty after taste or any
unpleasant dgaretty odor makes Camels aa unusual as they are
In fact. Camels appeal to the most fastidious smoker in so
many new ways you never will miss the absence of coupons,
premiums or gifts. You'll prefmr Cmtnel Quality!
OWN $7,200,000
Liberty Bonds and War Sav-
ings Stamps Help Support
Idle Workers
One of the reasons the striking
shipyard workers in seven plants
around San Francisco bay have been
able to hold out for their demand of
eight cents an hour Increase is that
collectively tbey own more than 7,-
000,000 worth of Liberty Bonds and
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writing bo that Mrs. Plank can sot
detect the erased places. Laurel Grif
fen and Hazel Brattaln.
Wanted: A secretary who can trans
late my writing. Sylvia Struben.
Wanted: To know by the boys of S.
II. S. the prescription which the presi
dent of the student body holds so
dearly, for growing a "Charlie."
Wanted: A class for algebra stu
dents. Freshmen preferred. Hours
10:40 to 11:20. Number limited. You
must hurry if you wish to enter.
"Jit!0,0. J' .?r'!! I Clarence Powell. Instructor.
Savings Stamps holdings of our men
have certainly atood us in good
stead," said Frank Miller, secretary
of the S&n Francisco Iron Trades
Council. "When we win our demand
I am going to re-ommend that the
men save that eight cent an hour In
crease and tnveat It weekly with the
Government In War Savings Stamps.
They provide an Ideal way for the
worklngman to save."
C. A. Farnsworth, associate direc
tor of the War Loan Organization for
the Twelfth FederU Reserve District. But Pa appeared to raise his foot,
said: "Secretary Miller's figures on And snorted with decision.
A Message In Arithmetic.
He was teaching her arithmetic,
:He said that. was his mission.
He kissed her once, he kissed her
And said. "Now, that's addition."
And so he added kiss to kiss
In ellent satisfaction,
Till timidly she kissed him back.
And said, "Now, that Is subtraction."
) While it Reins 1
i Is the bestwet weather
Id prttllonZ' svtr made U
rk-c5v LjZZU
rtr " ll0&t
rfl 1 11 ffliTttTw
the Liberty Bond holdings and their
Investment in War Savings are con
servative and there is no' doubt that
they have aided greatly in enabling
the men to support themstives while
on strike. The men can borrow the
face value of their Liberty Bonds
without sacrificing the bonds and
they can cash in their War Savings
The Government's War Savings
Stamp is the working man's weapon
against a hand-to-mouth exlutence. It
helps blm get ahead.
A S Christmas present for $4.23
a War Savings Stamp.
Fifty-one cars of apples hove been
shipped from the Eugene Fruit Grow
ers association. The highest price
received' for the apples was $4.05 a
box for the King variety.
The charter of the Lano County
poBt No. 3, American Ltgton, closed
November 11 with 4GG members.
A landslide recently occurred on
the new Pacific highway at Divide
at the south line of Lane county.
Plana for a no-accident week cam
paign to be conducted In Oregon are
helng laid by the Oregon safety coun
And kicked poor Bill a yard away,
And said, "Now that's long division.
(Found In the laboratory.)
If money is worth having It is
worth saving. Begin the sarins habit
now by starting an account at tbe
First National Bank In Springfield.
Southern Pacific Railway
Electrlo oars leave Eugene (or
Springfield every half hour from 6:10
a. m. to 11:30 p. m.
Arrive Main Line Arrive
South-bound Eugene North-bound
12:22 a. m 1:25 a. m.
:00 a. ru 4:30 a. m.
1:60 p. m .... 10:60 a. m.
2: CO p. ig ... 2:66. p. m.
7:10 p. m 6:06 p. m.
Oregon Electric Portland to Eugene
Arrive Eugene Leave
12:35 p. ra 7:26 a. m.
6:40 p. ui. ...... 1:40 p. m.
8:60 p. m 6:25 p. m.
Southern Pacific Wending Branch
Leave Springfield Arrive
4:15 p. m 8:40 a. m.
j7:15 a. in. (mixed train) 12:60 p. m.
Everywhere 'trappers are making
big money. 'Are YOU one of them
We are paying top-notch prices. Try
us youH be. pleased. Send for Kre
Pries List today.
1121 Front 8t, Box Y 8acramento, C -
We hare whipping cream. u.'t
cream, sweet milk and swet hit r..." c.
milk for sale. SpringfkJa
Southern Pacific Oakridga B.-a:.c
Leave Springfield 1:46 p. m. Mon-
Idays, Wednesdays and Fridays; arrive
Springfield 11:16 a. m. Tuesdays
Thursdays and Saturdays.
Northbound Malls close at 10 a. m.
and 4 p. m.; arrive at 11 a. m. and
6:16 p. m.
Southbound Mails dose at 1:30
p. m. and 6:20 p. m.; arrive at 1:30
a. m. and 1:30 p. m.
Wendling Branch (Dally azoept Sun
day) Mail cloaca at 4 p. m.; arrivea
at 1:36 a. m.
Albany-Oakrldga Brandt Mail dos
es at 1:16 p. m. Mondays, Wednes
days and Fridays; arrives at 11:16
a. m. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
McKentls River (Dally except Sun
day) Mail closes 7:30 a. m.; arrives
1:30 p. m. x
Mohawk Rural Rout No. I and
McKansls Rural Route No. '1 (Dally
except Sunday) Carriers leave post
office at I a. m.; arrive at 1 p. m.