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tup QPPiNnFiFi n
tiliroJ Kj-j'tury Jl, l.irliuilol'i.Or-gmi, eoonil
tlM mltoiunlr nctol Cnniro ol 41 rli, IH7V
Will Snvo Totnl Sum of $532,
500 In Intoroat On Annual
Mortgago Chargoa
State Land Board Has Power To Sell
State Bond! To Raise Agrlcul-
tural Loan Fund
Tho rural credits amendment to tho
Oregon constitution adopoted by tho
pooplo at tho last olcctlon, and to be
como offfctlvo by Its direct statement
on and after January 8, 1917, means
nn annual mortgago Intorost saving
to Oregon farmors of approximately
I632.B00. At tho proscnt tlmo mort
gages on Oregon farm land aggrogato
135,500,000, and tho avorago roto of
Interest Is 8 per cent per annum, a
total Intorost outlay of 2,8i0,000.
Tho rural crodlts amendment pro
vides that tho state of Oregon,
through tho state land board consist
ing of tho govonior, secretary of state
and tho state treasurer, shall Issue
and soli "Oregon farm credit bonds"
(n a sum not to aggrcgato moro than
2 per cont of tho asnessod valuo of
all property of tho state
Bear 4 Per Cent Interest
Thoso bonds arc to boar 4 per cont
Interest and aro to mature at future
periods to bo dotennlnod by the board,
such porlods not to exceed 30 years
In any BOrlcs' of bonds. Tho bonds
tire to bo Issuod In series of 50,000
each, and In denominations of 2S,
$100, and $500 and $1000.
Tho money securod from tho salo
of tho bonds Is to ho placed to' tho
s.1lt .if (tin "Mirni rrodltn loan fund"
and Is loaned to fanners who J
actually own ntld operate their own
laud, or who wish to do so, nt nn an
nual Interest rnto of C por cont, und
In sums not Iohb than $200 nor moro
than $6000 to nny ono Individual. Tli.i nrn In lin KltfMirnil llV IlOtOH Ottd
mortgages based upon an apprnUod
value of not to exceed CO per cent
of tho land, or not to oxceed $G0 por
In coso loan funds aro not avnllablo
nt any time for all applications pref
erence Is to bo given to applications
not exceeding $2000 In amount.
Alms Are Enumerated
Tho purpose for which tho loans
arc to bb limited are. flrat, the 'pur
chaso of land; socond, tho purchaso
Of livestock or other equipment or for
the making of Improvements that will
Increase tho productivity of the land;
third, for tho satlsfaotlon of existing
encumbrances which havo been In
curred 'for any of the othor purposes.
Tho loans aro to run for not loss
than 10 nor moro than 36 years and
are to bo repaid by amortization pay
ments which will satisfy tho loan and
cancol tho mortgago, principal and In
terest accrued, at tho dato of ma
turity, Such a loan, however, mnybe
repaid, In excess of the agreed pay
m'ents, In amounts of $60 or multi
ples thoreof.
fit Is further provided that the sur
plus accumulated by tho board from
intorost nnd ropnymontn shall bo
placod In a fund to bo known as tho
"rural credits rosorvq fund," which
Hbnli bo Irreducible oxcopt to pay
possible Iossob, and which shall bo
used to make loans on the soma con
ditions as thoso mado from tho "rural
crodlts loan fund.'1
Laws to Be Enacted
,The amendment provides Uiat (ho
loglslaturo of 1917 shall ouact sUch
laws as may bo necessary to provide
machinery for tho operation of. the
act, and especially to guard against
speculative uso of tho moneys borrow
ed from tho funds. It Is provided,
howovor, that in event tho loglslaturo
falls or neglects to enact such legis
lation, tho board shall put tho amend
ment into effect under rules adopted
by It.
VTho assossod valuation of all prop
erty In tho atato will aggregate about
1880.000,000, according to reportod es
timate of tho stato tat commission,
ThJB sum will permit the Issuance of
blinds amounting to IlT.OOOjOOO, or a
llftle mofJtWtf faalftfho toftl qtrjres
oBt outstanding farm mortgages In
tho stato.
The annual-Interest at 5 psr'cant on
Allocation Will Hold Flrat (lathering
of Year on December 8.
Tho first meeting of tlio yonr of
thu Puront-Tenchi'rii association of
thin city will bo hold nt threo o'clock
on tho afternoon of Fridny, December
8, In tho Lincoln school building.
Ono feature of the program will bo
n talk on "Preparation of School Lun
ches" by Miss Anno McCortnlck, touch
er of domestic Sclenco and art.
Anothor probable ovent of tho after
noon will ho tho discussion of the
fonnatlon of a women's class In doni
ostlo Hclonco and art. Thoro will
also bo itoiiio nuinlc, It Is thought,
Tho oxnet program will bo announcod
Kvcry mother Is urged to attend
thin opening mooting of tho year.
riiuti, nuvLiviDLft
W Present Story of PI or m Fathers
, '. . X . .
and "The Magic Curtain
of The Past"
Tho scholars fo the sixth, seventh
and eighth grades, for whom Mrs.
J.uclna Hlchardson Is tho teacher,
will glvo a program appropriate to
tho Thanksgiving season at 8 I. M.
on Friday evening, November 24 In
tho Assembly hail at, tho Lincoln
school. All parents and patrons aro
given a cordial invitation to attend,
, Tho program for the evening follows:
I. Gloria, Audience.
II. History of tho National Thanks
giving day, Ada Ronnie.
HI. The First National Thanksgiving
Proclamation. Claudo Nystrom.
IV. Story of tho Pilgrim Fathers. 6A
and 7A. Directed by Mrs. Gladys
The Story of Our Pilgrim. Fathers
In Story And In Song.
Constance Cooper, Reader
.. Phyllis Kester
John Carver, Governor
William Drewstor. Minister
Rowland Parker
Miles Standlsh, Captain Carl Bauer
William llnulford Clair Luckoy
John Aldon William Wright
Prlscllla Helen Stevens
Iloso Standlsh Vomlta MorrlBon
" i S!rUbIn
Faith llnulford.. Genevieve Copenhaven
William Bradford Junior -
I Raymon Coo
John. Uradford Morrison Miller
Hopo , Tiiolmu Stark
Truth .. Ora Chaso
Love ...Lavon Russell
King's Ofllcor Robert KIsor
Crctclteh 'of Holland ....Vivian Scnseney
Massasolt Dick Nlckum
Squanto Jesse Larison
Indian Braves Albert Russell
Lowell SlkCB. and Willard Bruce.
Indian Maidens ........Edna Moo
Eva Manwaring.
Sccno I. ... Puritana in English pri
son." Scone II Why the Puritans left
Scene HI Noted people of tho May
flower. ,
Sccno IV Tho Embarkation
"The Lord's My Shophord."
Scene V Signing- tho Mayflower
Sccno VI Landing of tho Pilgrim?
Scone VII "Wolcomo English-
mon." r
Scene VIII Pilgrims going to
Scona IX, Departure of tho May
flower. N
Scono X MnBsasolt and his In
dians. Scono XI Tho First Thanksgiv
ing. V. Vocal Solo Floyd Nolloth
VI. Tho magic curtain 71 grade
Diroctod by Miss Lacy Copenhaver
"The Magic Curtain of The Past."
Mary EvanB Dorrls Smith
Mrs. EvanB Nelllo Phelps
Mrs, Allerton Vesta Laruo
Mr. Allorton William Nlckum
Mary Mabol McPherson
John William McCulloch
Silas Floyd Nolloth
Prudeuco Grotchen Herrtck
William Lostor Smith
Patlonco Lena .Crump
pig Chief Raymond Stump
Guosts: Edwlna Parsons, Dor
otby Qlrard, Errol Parker, Emma Tra
vis, Helen Mullen, Henry ..Tomseth,
OenY.(''9lI.a'i parrel iWllkuiBon, Ray
wuDor, ueoino uuruiaur, uuiui iirui
tain,1 Grace Buahan, Lylo Wynd, Elsie
Kaurlu Hazel Dertno, Alhurta White,
(GOnnnued Pg For)
Local Players Como Up To Form
And Tako Easy Victory ,
From Visitors.
Few Spectacular Plays Made .On Elth
er Side Juniors Have Good f
t" Bunch of Rooters
mi. I . . a 1 1. 1 . i t. .....
resulting from tho game between Wash
inton Junior high School Beam of
Eugene nnd tho Springfield high school
i . ,, . ,
.football team. Tho game was play
I . ,.. .., ,.,.,
cu on me opriiigiiuiu gnuiroiii wuu-
nesday afternoon.
The game began at four o'clock
with a kick off by Eugeno. Spring
field received tho ball and yardage
was mado by Bcnro, Dally, and Wool ley
Iiearo mado tho flrat touchdown by
a short end run, but SpringflcldkmlB
scd tho goal. V'
Eugeno mado yardage on two downs
nnd' on a long run of about 15 yards.
The second quarter Woolley fum
bled tho ball but regained the ball.
Sprnlgllcld mndo yardage and when
near the goal Dally mado another
touchdown by an end run. Spring
flold again missed the goal kick. Eu
geno made yardage but wero driven
back losing moro than they had gain
cd, "Woolley mado another touchdown
by a line buck. Springfield missed
the goal kick.
Dally mado yardage, Eugene fum
bled but xogalnod tho ball. . . Spring
field was -working towards their goal,
when Dally Intercepted a forward pass
Roscoe l'orklndan1 made another touchdown -Tin
goal kick was successful. Eugeno
mado yardage, Springfield regained
It and Dally and Hill made long runs
Just beforo tho whlstlo blew. Tho
local team made another touchdown
by a lino buck.
Springfield high school students ex
pressed tholr ndmlratlon for tho Jun
lorycll leador and are thinking of
training a Springfield high school
man for such n position.
Tho teams lined up as follows:
Springfield Eugene
c. Cotton .. .....Russell
r, t. Gossler, McKay .....lNowinnn
L t. D. Hill Rolnes
r. g. Trendy, Kester . . Donar
1. g. Rodenbo, Gossler Walker
r.e. Dryan . Rowling
1. e. McKay, DImm Lawrence
t. b. Woolley ........Walker
gx b. Deare . . Purdy
h, b. Dally Thenes
h. b, Dlmm, L-. Hill Farmer
Umpire Med ray, Referrejs Ilmm,
Llnoman Byrne,
First League Game Between Christian
and Baptists, December 2
Most of tho details of tho winter's
Sunday School Basketball League tap!
rnamont nave oeen settled and tno
Christian and Baptist squads wero out
last night getting acquainted with tho
ball again. Tho Mothodlsts and tho
Dooth-Kolly squads will take their
first limbering up this ovenlng.
Tho Cristlnn and Baptist first teams
-will open tho season, Saturday, Dec
ember 2 with tho first gnmo. Mayor
E. E. Morrison will officiate by tos
sing up tho first ball, Tho Meth
odists and Booth-Kelly second team
will also show tholr mettle the samo
Manager Bird Makes Announcement
Company Will Furnish Suits
Tho Dooth-Kelly Lumber company
employes will enter two basketball
teams In tho recently formed Sunday
School Dasketball Leuguo, It was an
this morning. Mr. Dird also stated
that through A'. G. Dixon, the Dooth
Kolly Lumber company has announc
ed It's Intention of standing' behind
tho hoys, and ot putting thorn on the
floor with new suits nnd equipment.
Manager Bird Is' especially anx-
lous that tho mbtubera ot tho Booth
Kelly teams turn out for practlco at
tho tlmo ngrood upon, which Is ho
tweon the hours of 6:00 and 7:16
each, pvonlng1 with the exoeption of
Lumbermen At Portland Con
vontlon Discuss Groat Need
Of Cooperation.
Fund It Raised To Start World Wide
! Campaign To Increase Market
For American Lumber
t Lumbering In tho northwest is Just
one stage In advance of savagery, de
clared Major E. G. Griggs of Tacoma,
former president of tho National Lum
ber Manufacturers' association, at the
conference of leaders of tho lumber
Industry at Portland Chamber of Com
merce this week.
Tax burdens rest heavily on .tho
timbermcn at all times, he said. He,
has to keep on sawing up stuff with
frantic zeal regardless of the price
he gets simply to keep himself from
being dovoured by it terest and the
demand of tho assessor. The result
is a frightful waste of magnlflcent "
.... . ... Idustrtal saicty nas now spread across , , ... .
trees, as only that part Immediately ' count rom the m,8 o and for uso on the Atlantic system.
merchantable can be hauled. The ' cast t0 the sawmla of Pa.l A lslt of the important buildings
rest lies in the woods to rot or else flc coa8t Th,8 movemcnt nas gay. and the Important structures complet
is thrown into the burner. ed tnousand8 of 1Ivea and na8 Ercat-r ed during the year or in course ot
We profited enormously by the tho st of compensation In construction includes new passenger
groat San Francisco fire and by the' placca saya the Oregon fed- stations at Modesta. Turlock. Vlsalla,
earthquakes in Chile." said Major eraUon for lndU8trlal 8afety wnlch and Richmond Callfi, Globe, Ariz,
Griggs. Dut is it necessary for us Ls ,organlzcd a short time ago to Mexta- Tex': combination
to hang on and wait for some cata-. promole saety movcment in Ore- rrelght and Psenger stations at Gar
clysm to keep us in tmslnesa? gon jlbaldi. Ore., Webster, Ariz., Carpenter,
Cooperation Is Solution ja 0rcBon a, large number of BerJ. Cleveland. Tago, Wellbourne. arid Van'
I sayno. The answer is In Intel 0U8 permanent disabilities occurring VIeck Tex" and. othera under coa
llgent cooperation for tho marketing Qa ,umbor and powrKiriTen "cUon at Earlimart and Gerben-
i n"' 80 at a" timCS ther"- saws in sawmills, as well as. other C1"' at Truckee he "modeling qt.
shall be an even and normal dlstrl t of , f accidents can be un. the hotel including the construction of
-fThe conference: was called to give'
vrrt. , '"""?"'"'
the local lumberman and loggers op -
portunity to learn of the work of the
National Lumber Manufacturers' as-
soclatlon and its proposed campaign
for a world-wide exploitation of wood
as a building material.
E. D. Hansen was elected chairman
and Mr. Hazen called upon R. H.
Downman, president of tho national
association, for a resume of the pro-
gram. Mr. Downman pointed out that commlttee to take charge of the work
while dealers in building materials of accldent prevention is a desirable
other than wood are exceedingly ac- outcomo ot these meetings." said Mr.
live in advertising Uielr wares, tho . WlUlams. nequesta from employers
lumbermen have, because of petty rI-;for tno C(M)peraUon of tie federation
yalries and cutthroat competition. ' w, be. gladIjF recolTed by tho secre-
railed to support any concerted sell J tary
ing movement, preferring to take , Tno members of the federation ara
their chance on their own account !tha Btat0 mdu8trlal accident commis-
Whole Industry Demoralised. Bion. the atote bureau of labor under
n-V!" MMl!?"? &. g th'- p- Hott- ttnd 010 University exten-
line has retarded the development that Bfon division. No charge la made for
uwuo, ao iea 10 more
waste In the northwest than the total
cut of some of the next largest pro
ducing sections and has kept prices la
such a fluctuating and undependable
state that the whole industry has been
Mr. Downman assorted that In one
mill at Hoqulam he saw more lumber
. - ..uvjuiaui no niw mora lumoer
wasted than the entire cut of anv nnn
i miui iub eours cui oi any one
of his own seven mills in the cypress
country of the south.
Following Mr. Downman, Major
Griggs was called upon. He said that '
concerted se ling ; methods mean far
.uu. ,u u.u mmoermen or tne north
west than any protective tariff. It Is
not so much that Canadian lumber .
may be produced for less but that the
uemanu ror wooa bo stimulated moro
that counts.
Americans Own Canadian Stumpage.
as a matter of fact, he declared, the
Canadian lumber is produced, not by
Canadians, but by Americano ot tho .
east who have made their investments
there In the hope of making' some-
The conference followed the lunch
eon of the members' council of the 1
Chamber of Commerce, which was ad-'
dressed by several of tho dlstinqulshed
visitors from the oast, ' The same !
thoughts wero expressed there as at
tho conference. I
No School All next Week.
Youngsters ot tho town will probably
hall with Joy. the announcement ot the
fact that tomorrow will be their last
day of echool for an entire week.
The reason tor a holiday of eilch
length is tho occurrence ot the Lane
county teachers' Institute and, ot the
Thanksgiving rocesa both ,1a, ti, same
wools. Tho former will Ve'hid OTi
Monday, Tuosday, and WedaMHUy
40 Local Members Will Meet Supreme I
Oracle at Eugene Today.
About 40 Springfield Jloyal Neigh
bors plan to be present at tho meet
ings to be held in Eugene this after-
I noon and evening, at which time, Mrs,
Myra I). Enrlght, of Kansas City Kan
sas, Supreme Oracle of tho order,
will bo present on a fraternal visit
to the Eugene lodge.
in tho afternoon, tho session will
tako tho form of a "School of Infrac
tion," while class adoption will bo
a feature of tho eveninc. At tho !
latter meeting, about 100 now members I
,b.l 1! 'nto ". ot.h
mv;i.iutjo win ue jieiu la me cafiiu
hall, Eugene.
Thousands of Needless Disabilities Oc
cur Each Year In Oregon - Give
Safety First Lecture
University of Oregon, Eugene, Nov,
22. Thousands of needless accidents
occur every year in Oregon, and sev
eral uhndrcds of thousands of dollars
must be spent to compensate for them.
'"Vr at. Mlv li rrln trr , Vi 1 a ennti.
" "
al waste with complacency is no long-
.doubtedly prevented," said Den H.
wulIama Becretary of the new feder.
Lnn nnd . memher of th state ,.
verslty extension faculty.
i Tho fnrlnratinn otnnrta ranriv in nrrt.
vldean nlU8trated talk on safety work
with special reference to sawmill.
Arrangements for such a talk wero
recently mado by the mill at Gar-
dlner, Or. A plant safety committee
was appointed otter this meeting,
"Tho rnmnlnimsni nt o niont oofntir
tho lecture.
Francla Piquet. 20, Is Struck by Fall
ing Tree, at Mabel.
Marcola. Nor. 22, Francis Piquet of
!Mabel a Wed by a tree while
' working in the woods there yesterday
morning. Mr. Piquet was Just a
j young man. about twenty years old,
starting out in life. He was well
known throughout tho Mohawk val
g a ways Uved tortto
" , , TTl uT
a11- Mr Paet is survived by his
Mrs- W
Mrs. Daius Hi eman and
three brothers, Charles, Alfred and
Albert. The funeral Borvlces have
not yet boon announced,
Juniors Give Best Programi
Tho short orotrram xlven by the
Junior class at Marcola Monday was
Baid by professor O'Reilly to be tho ', of supplies, your officers have llttlo
bost given this year by nny of the opportunity left to effect a material
classes. Tho program consisted of ' reduction ih operating costs. As
six musical numbers rendered by dif-, little or no more can be accomplished
foront members ot tho class. The , In the direction ot reducing costs,
ones in tho junior class aro: Pearl t off orts will have to be consentrated
Sullivan, Mario Dlckert, Eva fltus'on raising revenues, and unless the
Pearl Walker. Leone Darger, Ralph present volume of traffic can be main-
Garoutto, Charles Heck, Violet Cran -
doll. Lottie McMurry, Maude Allen,
Emily Paris, and Audrey Lewis.
Real Estate Transfer.
Jamee' C. Parker, sheriff, to L. M.J
favlset, ux Lot ' 6, blk'.' 21 Emerald
Helgtila 'and. to1 Springfield, IT 7.35.
tfataeaC. Parker to II. L, Stanley et
ai Lbt ii.blk,' X'S. B. 1?. Kepnw'B'add
Trivti et af-It 9.. X Wd T. j,'
B"-noss Has Increased Sine
Close of Panama Canal and
Has Reduced Competition.
Company Adda' 28 Locomotives, 60
Pasenger Carsand42S4 Freight
Cam To Rolling 3ock
To replace equipment vacated dur
ing the last fiscal year and to provide
for Increased requirements, the South
ern Pacific Company has placed orders'
for 28 locomotives. 60 passenger cars
and 4204 freight cars, the greater part
j of which is to be delivered during the'
; last half of 1916, according to the an
nual report of the Southern Pacific
Company and proprietary companies
for the fiscal year ending June 30th
1916 Just made public. The report
shows that the railroad has also or
dered two ocean going freight steam
,, . ,,..
via nuu wuc uiun oiuiuvt w uc ucin-
" ii-
P.?ted d at resn0 tn.e remodeling'
or the passenger station is progress
I 1116 lDtOrrUDtlOn OI SteamStllD S6r-
vice through tho canal since S.eptem-,
"er lotn., 1915, nas minimized sea,
competition" says Chairman Julius
Kruttachnltt inthe report "and has rt-
stored to your companies the freight
which has been diverted from them
by the frfcquenL steamshiD service
through tho Panama Canal during the
Previous ye ar. and by the low rates
Prevailing. Nearly all the steam
ers wnIch had operated through the
canal found more profitable em-
Ployment in consequence of increased
demand for steamship tonnage owing
to the European war. and they hare
not been restored to regular aervW
between Atlantic and Pacific porta
a,nce th "opening of tho canal,
uPn tho rf Donaal condltioas.-
nowever. it may Barely oe assnmeei
that the Intense competition of the
c11 steamship lines will be encoun
tered again.
Mr. Kruttschnitt points out the4
great Increase in operatnig expenses
that would result with the granting of
men and enginemen and says it would
, . ... ,
wipe out the substantial economics
nrh,ava. to BnMml((, onH r.
the higher wage demands of train-
achieved by unremitting and stren
uous work throughout the year,
"In order to maintain the compan
ies credit and to provide for the na
M and development of tr.
Hnes. such threatened increase of
penses can be met in but one way
by an increase of revenue or by a
reduct,oa of ,n other dtrect.
ions" he continues "JSmbarrased on
tho ono side by numerous Ulconsid
ered Federal and State laws, which
largely and unnecessarily increase
the cost of operation, and on the
' other by large increases in prices
.talned or Increased, we shall have to
'appeal for relief to the same public
whoso tolerance or tacit consent la
responsible for the hardships we ara
now endurfng..
Mr: Krutotaohnltt Jhen fcolnta out,
to the Southern-Pacific's safety record.
During the last flsea) year no. pas-
sopger lo!:, Ws life Jn ai train accl
ha8"beeh killed In" a train1' aticlde-rif
for seven" years' and elevett" B&enUiaT
dttriBg-which-. prio4 433,,63a loco