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The SprfrEfjild ''.News
taitors ana rrumianers
'Published Eyory Monday nnd
Ono Year .... fi.60
Bix Month .75
Thrco month ...
Advertising ratoa furnished on applt-
Tliore aro always places.jin
every town whero ono canfrtnd
a certain class of follows 'who
novor have anything to do but
lonf. Thoy spend their tlnio
doing nothing so far as honest
toll Is concerned. Thoy hnvo
plenty of time "to sot and tell
stories and smoke cigarettes."
As to whether they have any
50 ambition to do anything in llfo
for the bcnellt of aomcono else
no one knows.
nMinfn a Ann tlllnrr amn ct
bVMP CHEEK Ruby Crabtrco escj uusy ieuows migni not uo.
MARCOLA Audrey Lowis , When Indies go up and down tho
THURSTON, Mrs. Walter EdraUton streets they can at least bo dis
WALTERVILLE. Mallna Mombjcreot enough not to laugh at
jyT ai-iuwuriK uiauri , them pubUcly nnd to mako
Charles Heck
Member of the Willamette Valley
Editorial Association.
embarraslng remarks. These
ladies might appreciate it.
Saturday is 'the 1 last day of
registration for the presidential
l .11 r m . ii. t -l -
WHERE .WE" STAND eiecuun. u juu nsi uiusu uuyti
cm 1m wIMinnf tmttlnir otmioil lin
There are some-people In this j - 1ce
town and vicinity who feel that of being flWOrn la at pous
the life and death of this nation Everyone has a candidate thlB
depends on' the outcome of the year and ho should be supported.
election, in November. The. Places ot registration in
I Springfield are at J. C, Million's
ofilce and at the 'city hall. It is
not necessary to go to the coun
ty court house to register. If
you registered for the primary,
and live in the same precinct
now it is not necessary for you
to register-again.
' S
The king of Bulgaria sleeps
in a bamb-prtjof cellar to be
safe from raids, at night from
the enemies' aerqplanes. What
would happen to. one of his sol
diers if he should shbw the same
degree of courage?
If the Ship purchase TillI which went
to the' president Wednesday had been
passed Instead of 'being 'tallied to
death at the' outbreak' 61 the war,
enormous benefit would have comb to
the fanners and producers of Ameri
ca. Vast fleets of merchant ships' hare
been destroyed since the war began.
The latest figures place the ' total'
ships sunk at 1487, with a'grdss ton
nage of 2,Si2,644. deafly throe times
as much tonnage has been destroyed
in two years of war as was the' total
United States tonnage before the war.'
With tho German and Austrian
ships interned and the ships thai havo
been sunk, a total of tonnage that has
disappeared from tho sea since the
beginning of the war is almost 20
per cent of the world's merchant
policy of the newspaper is notl8"'08
the private opinion of the editor, i A?d, thla there m ,be f"b;
mi in ii . i . . traded the large number of ships that
The editor reserves the right to have becomo tran8port8 aa auxii-
think and act as he sees fit per- iary cruisers In the allied navies. The
Sonally, but he tries not to take effect Is that the ship tonnage Is
politics so seriously that his pub- j wholly Inadequate to tho demands of
Itn urlrrninnt itrJll .i COmmerCC.
election is important to the wel
fare" of the nation, but the
wheels will turn eyen if the soc
ialist candidate is elected, and'
we would still maintain that the
United States is the best place
on the old, globe. This news
paper is not a political sheet and
does not intend to be drawn into
political controversy by any one.
It is the defined business of
this publication to print such'
things that have a real news val
ue and have the news written in
a news 'form.- We reserve the
right to determine what sort of
news pur readers ,want and to
print in., the way we .believe they
want It If any one has an ax
to grind that li reasonable, bur
columns are open to them if the
ax "grinder Svants to send in a
signed communication. We have
advertising-pace for sale wjiich.
can be bought if someone wants
paid publicity.
Now as ,far as politics is con
cerned this publication Is will
ing to give all political doings in
this vicinity publicity according
to its news value, but we do not
propose to hobnob to the ideas
of any political party, or to any
representative of a party. The
(final estlmato), 10,000,000 bushels.
' v" "' r ' UN1TBD 8TATK8! Soptombor
DOC 8 AYS SAYS HE forecast, 1,230,000,000 bushels; produc-
- , , tlon last yoar' (final oatlmnto), 1,640
,000 bushels.
Well, w sco that Mr. Wilson no- Barley
coptcd tho chaltongo and Is up and 1 OREGON: Soptombor 1 forecast, 4,.
showing his Bptrll. Thcso aro sure 000,000 busholsi production Inst yoar
hard times those Democratic days,
there Is oven competition in tho nlr,
A man told nio tho othor day that
ho got tlrod boforo ho got nil ot tho'
news In this sheet rend; I might
suggest that he try It on tho Install
ment plnn unless ho can tnko halt n
dny off at ono tlnio.
You know tho little Kowplo. that got
out tho tub nnd filled It with wntor,
with soap and towels and clean clothes
and thtngs in John's front window
about ten days ago: It flnntly dis
covered that thoro was no chanca of
taking its bath In tho window so it
slipped out In the back room ono
morning last week and took a dip,
packed up and was off for Portland bo
foro tho town was up. i
Did you see friend "Pafwhen ho ar
rived from Eastern Oregon? Didn't
you boo the alfalufy growing on his
unpor Hp? Too bad you 'won't got a
chanco now. It wasn't qulto alfalufy
color and "Pat" must have thought it
was ripe and mowed It. j
The small man is usually sot in his
ways; it takes tho big man to change
his mind.
(tlnnl cBtlmnto), 4,080,000 bushels.
UNITED STATUS: Soitonibor 1
forecast, 184,000,000 bushels; produc
tion last year (Html ostlmnto), i'37,
009,000 hushols.
OREGON: September 1 forecast, 7,
030,000 bushels; production last yoar
(final cstlmato), 5,520,000 bushuls.
UNITED 8TATES: Soptombor 1
forecast, 318,000,000 bushuls; produc
tion last yoar (final ostlmuto), 350,
103,000 hushols.
OREdffN: Preliminary estimate, 1,.
970,000 tons; production last yoar
(final ostlmnto), 1,870,000 tons.
UNITED STATES: Preliminary es
tlmato, 80,200,000 tons; production Inst
yoar (final estlmato), 85,225,00, tons.
OREGON: Soptombor 1 forecast, 1,
260,000 barrels; production InBt yonr
(final estimate), 1,043,000 barrels. ,
UNITED STATES: Stptombor 1
forecast, 07,700,000 barrels; production
last yoar (final estlmato), 7G.C70.000
i n r
.BT i
To Editor or News r Registration
closes Saturday night, October 7.
50,000 fewer have registered than did
two years ago. House to house canvas
roveafs that drys have ono In threo
not registered, while wots, not one In
ten has neglected this. The drys havo
a majority sentiment in Oregon, but of
thoBo that are registered, tho wots
have a clear majority.
To register theso delinquent 60,000
drys requires strenuous effort. Get
busy, register yourself, phono your
neighbors, talk it to everyono, do not
take it for granted that your wife, or
husband, or best friend has registered,
until you Tiave asked them; we asked
an officer of tho W. a T. U. and sho
National Forest Timber for Sale
Announcement is mado today, by i
Assistant District Forester F. E. Amos
ot Portland, Oregon, ot tho approval !
by tho Forester of tho advertisement
for salo of 227,000,000 feet of govern
ment tlmbor on tho Olympic National
Forest in western Washington.
Tho salo area comprises two units.
The first unit covers about 2700 acres
on tho Duckabush River watershed,
and consists of approximately 110,"
000,000 feet U. M. of Douglas fir, woat
era red cedar, wostern whito plno,
westorn hemlock, aniabllts fir, and
other species,-eighty per cont of tho
timber being Douglas Or. Tho second
unit embraces about 3200 acres on tho
Fulton Creek watershed, and fs es
timated to consist ot 110,800,000 foot
b. in. of tho Barao species, of which
about sevonty three per cont is1 Doug
las fir.
The lowest prices at which bids will
(IctidmtS -unit
x. 9 y v
, , ' K l '. '.,!' 'i I I
plno, and ).60 per M for western hems
lock, amabllls fir and other spocloai
Tho lowest prices at which bids" wllf
bo considered for tho tlmbor on Unit'
Z aro $1.46 'per M for Douglas fir, Jt'lO'
per'M for-woBt6rn rod' cedar, $2.60 per!
M for -western whito plno, and $.80"
per M for western' hem lock, nmbllls'nV)
and other species. Tho so prices are
to do readjusted every threo years'
during tho llfo of tho contract.
BIdB will bo rocolvod by tho Dis
trict Forester, Portland, Oregon, up to
Octobor 23, 1910.
Did you ever go away from
home and have someone ask you
where you were from, and you
said you were from Eugene,
Instead of saying Springfield?
Or were you embarrassed when
they asked you what kind of a
town it was you hailed from?
And then, when ,ypu got your
second wind did you tell them,
the straight facts about your
no bottoms into which
to get northwest lumber into world
markets. Even wheat la shipped
across the continent by rail and there
reshlppod by steamer to Europe. The
Pacific Coast Is almost bare ot ships
for foreign trade.
Wheat prices havo been kept down
by the extortionate freight rates duo
to scarcity of tonnage -. Every indus
try has felt the blight With plenty of
ships the lumber business would now
be booming.
Prcsldont Wilson foresaw the con'
ditlon and at the outbreak of the war
urged r passage of the ship purchase
bill. If . passed ithen 'it --would have
added heavily to the tonnage, for
ships could easily have been secured
at that time. But the bill was talked
. Why should you be ashamed
of your home town Just because . to death atthe bohest of the , shipping
it Is, a little smaller than some ' combine, which has profited millions
Other nlnnca? PnnriR linvt mis. ! In excessive freight rates, and the
ed presidents, poets and great
business men. It is no disgrace
just to live in a small town.
Couldn't you tell the stranger
what kind of a town you lived
in? Doesn't your home town
i, v, ... "n lowest i
.tV t .I V .T r . 7' ba considered on unit 1 are $1.25 po
ed. and that Is fatal to the interests M f $2.60 per M fori
fLJL Fe0P' h rke.r' astern red cedar and western white
benefited except the grower and his
cohorts. Register now.
That Oregon should loso her dry
legislation would be more, of ly calam
ity, to Oregon than that .Hughes' or Wil
son should be elected president "What
are you talking most about regarding
politics Just now? Think of theso
Items and Judge what should bo tho
topic of conversation among men and
women who are anxious for decency
and sobriety.
Under tho brewers amendment
agencies could bo established In pri
vate residences, breweries could estab
lish so called drug stores at every
corner and sell liquor to men women
and children, habitual drunkards, In
sane or any other ts not exempt; by
tho comma that has been cunningly
placed In the Brewors Amendment, It
Is mado posslblo for druggists to soli
for medicinal purposes without a pro
serin tlon; so that anyone can got It
for internal bathing as well as extern
al for any pretended or fancied pain In
any region from tho hair of the head
to the toe nail, and furthermore this
comma makes It possible for physi
cians to prescribe It for other than
medicinal purposes. Whereas our own
local physicians are not of that breed,
how about hundreds of others who
are? ,TTyMW
Furthermore that Increased allow
ance for deliveries Is contemplated Is
shown by the words "in such quantltl
or under such .regulation as may bo1
prescribed by law," "Until otherwise 1
prescribed by legislature." j
If the Brewors Amendment goes,
through", it gives the tip to the legisla
ture and they will act. accordingly. I
Register now. I
Warning to Hop Grower
Washington. D. C. Sept 16. Hop
growers and handlers aro urged by tho
U. S. Department of Agriculture to
make certain that tho sulphur thoy
uso in curing Is absolutely freo from
any traco of arsenic. Tho accidental
pressenco In occasional shipments of
American hops of mlnuto traces of
nrsenlc Introduced through uso of Im
pure sulphur has led at times to re
jection of shipments especially In cases
of exports to foreign countrlos with
rigid hop standards. As tho evport
trado under ordinary conditions is
Important, growers and handlers of
hops should be careful to uso in treat
ing them only pure sulphur guaran
teed ns arsenic free. Tho ubusI guar
anty ot 99.6 per cent pure, it is found,
is not sufficient, as tho ono-hnlf of ono
per cent Impurity may conceal traces'
ot arsenic
That theso traces ot arsenic in occas.
lonal consignments come from the inv
pure sulphur used la draylng and
bleaching was suggested by the U. S,
Department ot Agriculture some years
ago. A second-investigation. Just com.
Tho housowlf o usually buys hor groceries whero hh& 5
knows sho can get tho best and tho most for her dollar. '
When wo buy our stock wo get tho best and try to got gro-
ceries that will mean a saving to our customers.
Tho farmer's wifo knows tho value of good groceries and""'
knowB tho value of hor produco, that is why sho always goes '
to Slkea' Grocery to do her trading". Wo tako tho farm pro-''
duce and give tho best values in groceries. ' '
The Fifth Street ;Gropery
I Dieted establishes definitely that Im
Vote 315 X No. and Voto 310. X Yes. ; pr6 sulphur is, tho sourco ot.thls cop.
I producers of America have paid tho
The now shipping law Is a plan to
protect American producers against
a recurrence of tho conditions under
which they have suffered tho past
two years. Portland Journal.
have anything to be proud of?
If it does have anything that
might make it better known do
you know all of tho facts of the
case so you can talk intelligently
with tho other fellow and tell
him what you havo at home?
It must bo some town If you
havo lived In it and then it was
nothing to brag about. What
iiavo you been doijig to makeUt
he beet place on earth for-you
and your friends? Havo you
helped to boost tho town and
giyen new entqrprises your time
and efforts? If you havo not,
no wonder you aro ashamed of
our home town.
North Bend company formed of
Coos Bay capital has leased for a term
of years the old mill of tho Simpson
Lumber Co., and will operate, Bame.
All of the 28 counties of Utah con
tain portions of National Forests and
consequently all share In tho 25 per
cent ot the National Forest receipts
which is paid over to tho road and
school funds. This is true of no other
One hundred thirty thousand maps
ot the National' Forests will bo dis
tributed to tourists this summer.
Thes maps show the boat camp sites,
good hunting and Ashing grounds,
roads, trails and telephone lines, and
givo directions bow to reach points of
Government Crop Report
Washington, D. C, Sept 8. A sum
mary of the September crop report for
tho State of Oregon and for the United
States, as compiled by the Bureau of j
Crop Estimates (and transmitted
through the Weather Bureau), U. S. '
Der-artraont of Agriculture, Is as fol
lows: I
Winter Wheat j
OREGON: Preliminary estlmato
12.489.000 bushels; production last,
year (final estimate), 10,200,000 bush
el b. .
UNITED STATES: Preliminary es. To Make BIq, Improvement In Track,
tlmato 454,700,000 lushels; production, A $27,000 authorization for tho ro
last year (final estlmato); 055,045,000 laying ot seven and a half miles of
Democrats Also Buy White Muslin
"Woodrow Wilson Our Next Presl
dent," screams a street banner which
was put up on Friday evonlng by the.
members of tho Woodrow Wilson,
league of this city. Tho banner Is
stretched across Main Btrpct from tho
Stevens Perkins building to tho Idaho
P. Campbell building, has it's back to
the Hughes Fairbanks banner which
decorates tho street in a like' manner
a block further cast Both banners
were painted by Claude Slgnor.
Spring Wheat
OREQON: September 1 forecast.
railroad track and other Improvement
on tho Wondling branch has boon ro.
celvod by F. W. Bchultz, Southern Pa
4, 500,000 bushels; production last ciflc roadmastor in chargo of tho main
year (final estimate), 3,825,000 bushels, j line and branches n the Portland dlvl-
UNITED STATES: September lision.
forecast, 150,000,000 bushols; produc-1 Tho track which will be relayed with
(Ion last year (final estimate), 350," 80-pound standard rails is botwoen Mo
4(0,000 bushels. hawk Junction and a point noar Donna
Oats on tho Wendllng branch of tho South-
OREGON: September 1 forecast, crn Pacific from Sprlngflold to Wen
15,000,000 bushels production last year dllng. ,
Why not save and deposit in otir Savlhgs Department 1
one-twelfth of your total taxes each month? Dy so dis
tributing tho tax burden over tho entire year, It will not
seem so heavy.
4 per cent on savings.
Note the Contrast
We are modern and up-to-date
in our methods and ma-
h' . , i if
finery. - .
'.The old way was good
.enough in its; day, but it ' is
now out of date.
We aim to give your Print
ing the same up-to-dateness
that marks the difference be
tween "The New Way" and
"The Old. Way."
This change in character will make it a
source of profit instead of a bill of expense.
We .solicit a trial order.
The Springfield
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