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MONDAY, SEPT.t 18, 191(1,
As It Looks, It Is
,1 i ..I i . . .
Wo aro quite Hiiro that tho flrBt ItnuroBBlon any ono Kots
of thlB fltoro Ih a favorable ono, and equally suro that this
impression Ib confirmed by further acquaintunco.
That Ib t)io ImprcBBlon wo try to make and tho opinion wo
endeavor to hold . Wo want tho people of Springfield and
vicinity to feci that when Mioy come to uh for drugs or for
prescription work, that thoy aro certain to get tho best
drugs and Bervlco to bo had,
While we emphasize quality and will have nothing to do
with tho merely vohcap, wo do seo to It that, quality consider
ed our prices aro always low.
! Town and Vicinity
Mr. and Mrs. M. Price of Mnrcola
aro visiting at tho homo of Ed LavorL
Lsrk Ronolds of Ashland visited at
tho B. M. Miller homo Wednesday.
Olen Owon of Camp Crook camo
down to tho round-up Friday.
Mrhnd Mrs. II. E. Walker wont to
the round-up Friday, ,
Mr. and Mrs. Goo. Sottlo attended
tho fair nnd round-up last wook.
'ator wines at Po'ory's .
L. M. Cngloy accepted a position
with tho Springfield Food company
(Saturday morning.
Mrs. Dean nrrlvod Wednesday on an
oxtendod visit to her nephew and fon.
lly, Fred Loploy, tho night pollcoman.
Miss Eunice Parker lu engaged as
pianist at tho Oregon Thoatro in Eu
gono attornoons and evenings.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Bales, ot
Btowart Addition, Wodnosday, Soptora.
ber 13, 1910 a baby girl.
Mrs. Frank Adnoy of Saginaw mado
a business and pleasure trip to this
city, Saturday.
Fdr the best up-to-dato shoe repair
ing, try Hall the Shoo Doctor. Fifth
Mrs. Franklin and nleco of Junction
City were In town from tho J rV. Sea
voy bop yard Saturday.
Miss I.ucllo Cop9nhavor, who is
teaching at Wondllng, spout Saturday
nt home.
Mr. nnd Mrs. J. N. Nelson nro tho
proud parents of a baby girl born Fri
day September 1G, 1910.
Mrs. A. J. Cowart submitted to a
minor oporatlon nt tho local hospital ;
Saturday .
Mrs. J. L .Clark wont to Snlom Sat
urday to spend Sunday with lior" hus
band. Gloves, overalls, shirts and box at
Wolf & Minor's.
Miss Alllo Sharp, who Imb boon vis
iting friends in this city, roturncd to
Rosoburg Saturday.
Mr .and Mrs. Pete Tomsotn aro tho
proud parents of a baby girl, born
this week.
. Mrs. Lulu Hurlburt is visiting nt
tho homo of hor parents, Mr. und Mrs.
O. E.KUor, of West Springfield.
Paul Hadloy and family of Jasper,
came down Friday morning to attend
the big "doln's" at Eugene.
Dr. J, W. Ransom is suffering with
an attack of lumbago at his homo on
B street botwoon Soventh and Eighth.
Do you wish to becomo wollT If so
call dn Dr. Murphy, a drugloss hoaler,
309 Main street.
Mr. and Mrs. John Winzonrold woro
among tho Springfield folks attending
tho round-up.
Miss Lucllo Cook of Coburg spont
tho wook end with Miss Dorothy
Loo Miller, who has boon working
at Wlnchoator Day, arrived Friday to
spond tho wook ond.i
Fonnor Travis is ongagod in paint,
ing hlB woodshed a "brilliant" whlto,
nnd invites ull comers to Inspoct tlio
' , F, C. Durko, oloctrlo superintendent
of tbo Willamette division of tho Ore
gon Powor company loft Saturday for
a several day's trip tp point snorth.
Mrs. Price's, canting powders at
Perry's Drug Store.
Mr, and Mrs. W. O, Spencor, who
have boon living on tholr ranch near'
Hajrden Bridge for the past, month, . aons, S. J. Donaldson, C. D. Donaldson
transacted business in town Wodnos. ( and C. J. Donaldsorj, and with a dough-day-
Roy Vlncont, who has been work
ing at Winchester Day returned to his
homo In Wool Springfield to spond tho
wook end.
Harold Peory and Ivan McKinnoy
returned Friday ftom a hunting trip
to Urlstow Pralrlo but only smiled
when asked "what luckJ"
Carl Sensenoy, who loft Springfield
sovoral weeks ago, is forking for tho
United States Rccfnmntlbn Sorvlco at
Mitchell, Nobrasku.
Miss Mnry Harding of this city was
tho winner ot first prlzo for tho best
canned fruit nnd vegetables at tho
county school exhibit.
Good rdllnblo fire Insurance. No as
sessments; no membership foe. Pay
oncd and you are deno. II. K. Walker
at tho City Hall.
William Dovony, of tho Dovcnys
Scientific chiropodists, of Portland, Is
visiting In tbo city, with Waltor Rice,
a cousin.
Mr. nnd Mrs. F. L. Hullln nnd family
of Bandon moved their housohold ef
fects Into Miss S. M. Young's property
in the Kcpnor addition.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Frank Parrish moved
from Second and I streots to F be
tween Sovonth and Eighth streots Into
tho D ,S. Bonis houso, Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Travis and Mr.
and Mrs. A. L. Wing loft Friday even
ing for Newport whero thoy will spend
a few days before Mr. and Mrs. Wing
return to their homo In Uio enst.
Walter I(illar, who has been head
trimmer at tho Booth-Kelly mill,
resigned his position Friday and loft
Sunday for North Bond, whero ho lias
work at an, Incrnso of wages.
Ladles' and chlldrcns' shoos. Vjolf
& Mlllorl
W. M. llundy ot Mnrcola camo to
Springfield Friday to bo- under tho
enro of a physician. Mr. llundy Is
stopping nt the John Parker homo on
Fifth and B streets.
Mrs. C. A. Mathlr, of North Dond,
and daughter, Miss Mary, were horo
visiting with Mrs. CJeorgo Cacthlng
last woQk and attending tho Round-up
in Eugenp. . V
Mr. nnd Mrs. Arthur Pongra and
Mrs. E. I). Nldovor of Eugono, Mrs.
Alfred Dlgclow of Sprlngflold, and Mrs.
Ornco Goln ot Eastern Oregon motor
od to Marcola Saturday afternoon.
Miss Noll Nixon returned tho last ot
tho weok from tho Palmer hop yard
whore sho has boon spending hor va
cation and resumod her duties at tho
racket storo.
lr and Mrs. E. E. Martin ware en
tertained by a few neighbors at tho
home of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Goddard
Friday ovonlng. Thoy moved Into
their now homo Friday morning.
Do you wish to become wollT If so
eall on Dr. Murphy, a drugless healor,
350 Main street.
Ollvor Bonis, of Corvnllls, Is visit
ing at tho homo of his brother, D. S.
Deals, and family. Mr .Deals will
attend tho Oregon Agricultural collogo
at Corvnllls this winter.
Tho cortlflcato of tho assumed busi
ness name, "Wlllian Mill," was fllod
with tho county clerk Friday by
George L. Wlllian nnd T. II. Wlllian
of Springfield R. F, D. No. 2
Mrs. C. F. Eggimann has boon suffer
ing Intensely during tho past two or
throo days with an abscess which has
formed on a tooth on tho loft sldo of
tho lowor Jaw
Mrs. Victor Von Coots of Portland,
Mrs. N. W. Emory, Mrs.. Mao Stovon
son and Miss Florcnco Coffin loft Sat
urday afternoon to stay ovor Sunday
at tho Cook Inn, above VIda.
J. T. Donaldson left Thursday even
ing for Pocatollo. Idaho, whore ho will
visit for two or throo weeks with three
Mrs. Hob Rankin' is assisting, at tho
Sprlngflold hospital.
Judge J, W. Hamilton was shaking
hands in this community Saturday.
Artlsto Flanlgan had hor tonsils
and ndonolds removed by a local phy
slclnn Saturday,
Alma Cox, of Eugono, had hor tonsils
and adonolds removed by a local phy
sician Friday,
Horn Wednesday evening In West
Sprlngflold, to Mr. and Mrs. John Nel
son, a daughtor.
Miller's Slioo Gronso at Wolf & Mill
er's, Mrs. Will Elliott, of Fall Crook, wob
operated on for appendlcllus Saturday
morning, and is doing nicely,
Bruco Lansbory Is nblo to bo down
town again after two .month's in the
Eugone hospital with rheumaUsm.
Mrs. John Mathers and family of
Wondllng spont Friday ovenlng at tho
homo of Dr. and Mrs, W. C. Robhan.
Mrs. II. Lydo of Marcola, underwent
an operation for appendicitis at tho
local hospital Saturday morning. Sho
is doing fine.
Mrs. J. D. Harrington, ot Wondllng',
who undorwent a major operation at
tho local hospital Thursday Is reported
to bo doing flno.
S. Jncobson, "rip track" foreman of
tho Southern Pacific at Springfield,
was out on tho Wlllametto Pacific lino
on an Inspection trip Saturday,
Mrs. Hnrty Mattison of Marcola
was operated on for appendicitis, nt
tho local hoBpltnl, lato Saturday even
Inf.. Sho Is reported ns resting nicely.
MIsb Thoryn Nicholson of Donna
undorwent an oporatlon hero for the
removal ot tonsils and adenoids Satur
day. Mrs. Carl Yancoy of Mnrcola will
undorgo a major oporatlon Wednesday
morning. Her 10-months-old. baby,
who has been suffering with pneumon
ia, is almost well.
Tho latest "spud" story is that of
Charles Rose, who lives in the Kopner
addition to Springfield. One hundred
and twenty flvo potatoes, most of them
small, of courso, were dug from ono
Shoos and rubbers at Wolf and Mil
Rev. W. N. Ferris found In the Round
up slogan, "Rarln' to Go!" a timely
suggestion for lmmedlato application
and announced the same for his theme
for yesterday morning.
Lewis Grandy of Rocksprlngs, Mon
tana arrived last ' weok and will at
tend school hero. Mr. Grandy will stay
at tho heme of his grandparents, Mr.
and Mrs. W. J. Graves on D street be
tween Eighth and Ninth.
Fred Van Metro from Dcnd, Oregon,
camo ovor the McKcnzlo Pass Thurs
day evening in his car. Mr. Van'1 Metro
Is a friend of J. E. Edwards, and ho
visited hero with Mr. Edwards until
Saturday afternoon.
J. L. Whlto, district manager of the
Oregon Powor company of Albany and
D. H. Kllngonnnn, assistant to Elmer
Dover, manager of the North. West di
vision, of Ttacoma, paid the local office
a business visit Saturday,
Vorta Russell, tho eight-year-old
daughter of Mr, and Mrs. F. R. Rus
sell was operated on at tho Eugeno
hospital Friday ovenlng for appendi
citis. Sho was resting easily Saturady
Mr. and Mrs. George Cllno and Miss
Wilson, sister ot Mrs. Clino, who havo
been visiting Mr. Cllno's brother, Isaac
Cllno, of Prunovllle, for tho past three
weeks, left Friday for Portland and
thence to their home at Hanford ,Cal.
Mrs. Al PerJklnu left Friday for
Portland, whoro sho will visit her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Coghlll.
Mrs. Perkins expocts to go to San
Diego by steamer ufter hor visit In
Mr. nnd Mrs. Gilbert Davis departed
Sunday for Portland, whero thoy will
mako their homo for tho present. Mr.
Davis was ono ot the local barbers
nnd states that ho may return, somo
Dan Wooton, former recent of
Sprlngflold and an omployo oj the
Dooth-Kolly lumbor company .spent a
few hours In Sprlngflold Friday en
route from Bolllngham, Wash., .tp his
hlmo In Wood, Cal by automobile
Mrs. Wooton stopped In Portland for
sovoral months' visit.
True economy Ib what wo save In the
long run. Tho wise man feeds his colt
to mako It grow. Ho pastures his cow
to got a good flow of milk and paints
his houBe to mako It last. It costs
vory little more now to paint a houso
than It did a year ago. Probably not
more than ? 2.00 on an average. Make
your homo beautiful with tho best
pafnt on thq. market Pheonix Pure
Paint, Guaranteed, Sold by J, G. JJol
brook, 1
$10 Reward, $m
Th reader of this ppc wilt t
pleased to learn Hint thr 1 at lt one
dreaded dlMiuw that science lin been
nblo to cure In all ll Hukm, and that la
Catarrh. Ilall'a Catarrh Cure j the only
potltlve cure now known to (tie medical
fraternity. Catarrh being a comtltutlcmal
dlaeaae, re'iiilrr a conntllutlonal treat'
ment. Iialf'a Catarrh euro la taken ln
lernally, acllns directly upon the blood
and mucous eurfacea of the eyalem. there
by dettroylnjr the foundation of the dla
eaie. and slvlnjr the patient strength by
building up the conitltutlon and aaalittne;
nature In doing Ita work. The proprletora
hnve to much faith In Ita curative pow
ers that they orrer One llundrod Dollar
for any cae that It falls to cure. Bend
for Hit of testimonials.
Addreee: r. J CIIKNKT A CO., Toledo, O,
Sold br all Drnsaislf, Tie,
Take Hall's Family Pills for eoostlpatloa.
A farewell party was given In honor
of Miss Mao McPherson last Monday
evening at tho homo of Mrs. W. G.
Hill on Mill and J strcetB. Miss Mc
Pherson has now gono to Dlckelton,
Washington whero alio will teach
the following term of school. Games
and music constituted tho evening's
pastlmo after which light refresh
ments were served. Tbose present
were: Miss Mao MCPherson, Miss Iva
Hill, Norton Pengra, Miss Bessie Spen
cer, George Day, and Mr. and Mrs.
Arthur Pengra of Eugene.
Mrs. J. F. Goddard entertained tho
Kensington club at her home on 9th
street Jasjt Friday afternoon. The
tlmo was very pleasantly spent wiUi
needlework nfter which the hostess
served dainty refreshments, Mrs. J. T.
Mooro, Mrs. D. S. Deals and Miss Mar
garet Morris, were special guests.
Club members attending were: Mrs.
L. May, Mrs, O. B. Kcssey, Mrs. J. W.
Coffin, Mrs. H. A. Korf, Mrs. W. Hern
don, Miss Edna Swarts, Mrs. F. E.
i Lcnhart. Mrs. J. F. Godard. The
members ot this club hevo not met!
I rA. , mnH.n t... ...II T , 1
I session every two weeks again. The
i next meeting will be with Mrs. W,
Tries Walking Trolley Trestle After
Night and Falls Through
When tho eleven o'clock car was
approaching the Palmer hop yard on
its way to Springfield Saturday night
the motorman "spied a mule on the
track 'ahead of the car. Mr. Palmer,
J owner of the hop yard was on hand
and thought the mule belonged to him
and enlisted tho aid ot the other male
occupants ot the car to extract the
mulo .from his embarrassing predica
ment." "
In crossing tho trestle the animal
had lost Its footing and its legs had
gono down between the ties . The men
worked heroically for some time and
after great efforts "Mr. Jack" was
placed safely on the ground. To bis
surprise Mr. Palmer learned that the
mule belonged to some campers near
Cars Become Derailed
Two cars became derailed on the
Booth-Kelly high line this morning
whllo the train crow was dumping logs
Into the pond. In some manner a log
must have becomo lodged under one
of tho trucks and caused the cars to
skid off the rails. It happened that
the crane belonging to tho bridge gang,
j now repairing the rallorad bridge ,was
closo by. Tho crane crew came to the
! assistance of tho trainmen and section
gang and soon had the cars lifted back
in place. No particular damage was
Reverend and Dr. Ferris to "Hike"
Reverend W. N. Ferris left yesterday
afternoon for the Dalles where he will
Join his wife, Dr. Adallno Keeney-Fcr-rls,
who has been In that city on busi
ness for several days. Reverend and
Dr. Ferris will begin tho Journey home
at once, expecting to arrive here the
last of the week. An interesting fea
ture is the fact that they will "hike"
about 60 miles through some of the
beautiful stretches ot the Columbia
River highway.
Clint Shelly, ot Halfway, who has
been confined to the Springfield hos
pital with typhoid fover for the past
three weoks, will be able to return to
his homo tomorrow.
The funeral of Mr. Carrlo R. McGoo
was hold at the family home near
Donno yesterday afternoon at 1 o'clock
with Interment at tho Stafford com
otry, Rov. Mr. Workman, of Marcola
conductod tho services,
Mrs, B. A. Townsend and children
arrlvod homo last night from a ten
dny's visit with friends nt tho Dalles,
Woodburn and Salem. Thoy report
having a splendid time.
An' attractive largo Hughes-Fairbanks
banner, the work of Claude SIg
nor, Is displayed across Main street at
Fourth, A hand points to J, J, Brown
ing's office, which is tho local head
quarters of, tho club.
Mrs. George Catching left Saturday
morning for Blue River to bring home
Mrs. Georgo Cox and family, who have
been gathering huckleberries in tho
Road tho News Classified, ads.
The Commercial State Bank
at Springfield. Oregon In tho State of Oregon at the closo of business, Sept,
12th, 1916.
xsns ami discounts - $48,433.7(1
Overdrafts, secured and unsecured : , .. 170.93
Bonds and warrants ... i..,,.,,-.-, .. 5,723.32
Stocks and other securities - nono
Ranking house - . 14,965.81
Kurnlturo and nxtures . . 6,600.00
Other real estato owned . none
Duo from banks (not reserve banks) none
Duo from approved reserve banks .. 17,460X4
Checks and other cash items . 25.09
Exchanges for clearing house none
Cash on hand . .. 4,031.69
Total , $96,421.01
Capital slock paid In .... $30,000.00
Surplus fund .
undivided profits, less expenses and
Dividends unpaid ,-, . none
Due to banks and bankers . .... none'
Postal savings bank deposits . . none
Individual deposits subject to check ... 51,852.83
Demand certificates of deposit ...... . , 679.05
Cashier checks' outstanding , , none
Certified checks . none '
Time and savings deposits 11,495.99
Notes and bills redlscounted none
Dills parable for money borrowed hone
Reserved for taxes . none
Other liabilities . . . none
Total : , $96,421.01
STATE OF OREGON, County of Lane, ss:
I, O. B. Kesser, Cashier of the above-named bank, do solemnly swear
that the above statement is true to the best of my knowlege and belief.
Subscribed and sworn to before me CORRECT Attest:
this 16th day of September, 1916. M. M. PEERY
Notary Public. ' Directors
My commission expires Oct 10, 1916.
June 30th 1916 Resources $84,458.56
September 12th 1916 Resources 96.421.01
Net gain since June 30th
We are grateful to our customers tor advising their inends
that this bank is giving "The best that any bank can give" which
accounts, in a large measure for our continuous increase in busi
ness. We extend a .hearty invitalion to every one in this vicinity
to carry their accounts with us
doing their banking business outside ot springtieid.
You cannot obtain better banking facilities than we are daily
extending to our trade.
Commercial State Bank
Let 'er Buck
Cowgirls,cowboys, Indians,bronchos,ponie
wild horses and wild cattle and wild men all
will be there to play and to thrill with their
feats of skill and daring. You who know the
Round'Up we expect to see ; you who do not
have our most cordial invitation.
Remember where and when
General Passenger Aftent
Pacific Conservatory of Music
731 Willamette Street
The School ot Music where all the
Legitimate Instruments and Musical
Studies are Instructed.
Ellsworth Crocker, President,
Mrs. Ellsworth Crocker, Sec and Treat-
Homcenathlc Physician and Surgseft
Urnce, Baptist Parsonage
Corner 8 eyelid and C Streets
HOURS: 8 TO 12. PHONB 40
- . 700.00
taxes paid - 1,693.18
v. 11,962.45
and especially those who may be
Office fn City Hall, Springfield, Ore,
O.R.Gullion, M.D.
Practice Limited
Eye, Ear, Nofco Am at
Graduate NUrso ArtMtdtog
306, White femple. F