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VOL. XV. NO. 66,
SV mImI'.'.'.IV 1rlujl1,lif sen, Mwcund.
ilkM mttiunUr m( of Ooiire oTh ttii'wt
,Stroot Cars Crowdod nnd Jitnoy
Kept Busy With Pooplo
Enrouto to Round-up
Local Business Houses Close For
"8prlngfleld Day" At Tho
Lane County Fair
"Wo extend a royal welcome to
Springfield puoplu to celebrnto with
us tomorrow." This Is tho Invita
tion extended last night by Dr. A. E.
Ynunir f)f Ihn I.nnn rnnnlv tntr twin r. I
for today-Sprlngneld day-nt tho
Lane county round-up and fair. Dr.
Young also added that tho round up
proper, which Is stugod In tho after
noons from 1:30 until 0:30, Is tho best
thing of tho kind evor seen In tho
couutry anywhere.
Almost nil of tho local business
houses closed at 11:00 o'clock this
morning so that an opportunity might
bo given to attend tho fair on Spring
flold day. Tho Booth-Kelly mill also
shut down 'for tho occasion, allowing
tho men to work Saturday instead of
today, At least the hop-plckors of ono
yard Jim Soavoy's and probably
more, will also tako in tho evonL
Although Springfield day did not
coma until today, yosterday tho rail
way company ran two cars at a tlmo
in tho morning, and tho Eugeno
Springfield Jitnoy, taken on tho run
about two months ago, was brought
back Into servlco.
Ono, feature of the day will, bo a cookn.
ing demonstration by different high
flchool students of tho county, in which
a team of fivo girls from this city
nro entered. Tho demonstration starts
about 1:00 P. M. and tho teams aro to
bake apples, mako coffee and baking
powder biscuits for a prlzo, and tho re
sulting culinary efforts aro to be dis
tributed free to tho fulr visitors. Fivo
prizes aro awarded by tho county fair
board in this contest, consisting of
beautifully engraved silver loving
cups. Ono cup will bo given to each
team accord Inn to tho Dlaco It 1b iriv.l
on, for tho school reprosontod. Spring-!
field's team Is: Dorrls Slkos, Alborta 1
Parwln, Loota McCrackon ,Llla Miller
and Hazel Drattaln.
A tontativo program for today glvon
out by Dr. Young last night includes;
Stock parado, 10:00 Governor Withy
combe's address at 11:00, all tho stock
Judging will bo dono during tho day,
nnd tho round-up will occur from 1:30
until 5:30. Four bands, tho Eugeno
Y, M. C. A., tho Philomath, tho Oak
land (California) boys', tho Eugeno
municipal, and tho Radiator's drum
corps, will tako caro 'of 'tho day's
Among tho local folks who wore
"rarln to go" for Sprtngflold day woro:
Dr. and Mrs. J. E. Richmond and
family, Mr, and Mm. M. V. Endlcott,
Mr. and Mrs. W. L, Dunlap, Mr. and
M tb, II. Sandgutho, Frod Knox, D. W.
Roof, Mrs. M. N. Thompson nnd
dnughtor, MIbs Gladys, Mr, and Mrs.
C. F. Egglmann, Mr. and Mrs. W. G.
Hill nnd son, Dill, Mr. and Mrs. Harold
Mcl'horson, E. R. Lomloy, Mrs. Al.
Montgomery, Mr nnd Mrn II. E.
"Wnlkor, Mrs. Nottlo McGllvnry, Mr.
und Mrs. A. M, Boaver, Mrs. J. C.
Ilolbrook and family, Mrs. M. C. Bros
ulor, Mr, nnd Mrs. C. E. Snlos nnd
dnughtors, Mnrcoda and Ruth, Mr. nnd
Mrs. A. P, McICInzoy, Mr. nnd Mrs.
J, E. Edwards, I. D. Larimer, Mrs.
Qrnco Roberta nnd daughters, MIbb
Ilolon nnd Miss Uornloco, I), A. Wash
burno, Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Loo, W. A.
Hull, Mrs. E. V. Snood, Mr. nnd Mrs.
JnmoR McPhorson, A. R, Snood, Mr.
nnd Mrs, J. A. Cox nnd dnughtor, Ar
il la, Mr. nnd Mrs. Norwood Cox, Mr.
nnd Mrs. Alfred Rlgolow, Mr. nnd.
Mrs. Thomas Slkos nnd dnughtor, Miss
Dorrls, Mrs, J, A. Godmnn, Mr. nnd
Mrs, J, E. Stowart, MIsbob Mnrlo Do
Puo, Vora Perkins, Lola Barr, E. E.
Morrison and Wllmot Foster.
Death of Mre. George Ashbaugh.
Mrs .Goorgo ABhbaugh, daughter of
Mr. nnd Mrs, Charllo Anderson of
Marcola, was suddenly taken 111 and
dlod Tuosday aftornoon at 3 o'clock.
Tho funeral servlco will be conduct
ed by Rev, (Workman at 3;30 today
at tho Anderson homo with interment
nt tho Daxtor cometory.
3 Women and t Man Enter Fancy
Work; Cattle Also On Display
At least flvo Sprlngfiold folks liavo
entries at tho Lano county fair this
yenr. Mrs. C. F. Egglmnnn has on tor
od ii display of handwork for tho fifth
yoar, having tuken for each
uxhlhlt of tho past four. Last yoar
hIio was awnrileil novon prizes, Mrs.
KKRltniinn'H display thin yoar consists
of a hand Hindu, hand omhroldorud
corset covor With (llot ItiHot and In
Initial, a hand inailo corsot covor; a
hand mado, hand ombroldodcd night
' dress,snnd n colloctloh of fancy bags.
mrs. i;. is. Morrison has entered a
largo contorptoco with a tatted otlgo,
nnd two and ono half yards of tatting
Insertion, Mrs. 13. 10. Loo has on ex
hibit two studloH In oil painting and
ono In tnpostry work.
Not tho ladles nlono aro compet
ing for fancy work prizes ; soma of tho
prettiest pieces shown, soveral hand
mnhro(ilorod dollies, Is tho work of
0. W, Johnson
Another Springfield
inn a also has an
entry but not in
fancy work. 0. B. Swurts yosterday
' p,"cd " Mh,Wl "V0" hea1 f Jcr8y
Mark W. Weatherford, for Congress
on Democratlo Ticket Will Olve
Address Band Will Play
Mark V. Weathorford of Albany,
democratic and Prohibition candi
date for congross from tho first Ore
gon congressional district, Will apeak
at tho city park at the corn or of
Second and Main streets at 5 o'clock
this evening. Tho band will prob
ably bo on hand to furnish special
music for tho occasion. Mr. Weathor
ford is making a comploto six-day tour
of Lano county Bpeaklng at every
town and hamlot ho comes to. ' His
1 c,nPn'Gn started In southern Oregon
' nnu mBl zoning no urou nis ursi gun
nt Coltago Qrovo and spoko at every
,own n,onB 1,10 i ncmc highway until
he reaches Springfield,
Following Is Mr. Weathorford's Itin
erary for Lano county:
Thursday Morning, Sopt. 14. Sagi
naw, 9:00; Walkor station, 11:00;
Thursday afternoon, Croswell, 1:30;
Goshen, 3:30; Thursday night, Spring-
,r,u'ay n
! JasPr. 10! Crook, 5 ""or.
noon- Wlnberry, 1; Lowell 3:30;
Doxter, C:30; Pleasant Hill, 7,
Saturday morning, Sept. 1G. Bluo
Rlvor, 10; Vlda, 1; Deerhorn, 1:30;
Waltorvllllo, 3:30; Thurston, 4:30.
Saturday evonlng, Eugeno, 8:00.
Monday, Soptombor 18. Worldling,
13:30; Mabol, 2; Marcola, 3; School
House, 4; Donna, 4:30; Coburg, 7.
Tuesday, Sopt. 19. Irving, 9;
Voneta 10:30; Not), 11:30; Elmira,
1:30; Franklin, 2:30; Alvadoro, 3:30;
Junction City, 8.
$650,000 BOND ISSUE
Covers All Properties of Lumber Con
cern In county Pay $48 Re
cording Fee to Clerk
A trust deed to socuro nn Ibsuo of
$000,000 of fivo por cent, threo year
gold bonds was filed by tho Booth
Kolly Lumbor company In favor of
tho Michigan Trust company of
Grand Rapids, Mich., and tho Lum
bermons Trust company of Portland,
Tho ilood covors all properties of
tho Booth-Kelly company, but ox
ompts tho proporty of tho Lano
County Eloctrlo compnny (Oregon
Powor Company successors) locatod
on lamia of tho company at' Spring
flold. Tho trust deed is In tho form of a
book of 70 pages, nnd the recording
foo 1b some $48. Tho Eugeno signa
tures wero appomlod by R. A, Booth,
vtco-prosldont nnd II, A. Dunbar, sec
retary, on August 28, and tho Michi
gan signatures on Soptombor 5.
Marcola School Building Repaired.
All ropalrs on tho Marcola school
building aro finished and tho house is
now roady for uso. Tho building has
beon repainted and also a now assem
bly hall has boon completed.
School starts Monday, Sopt. 18.
Tho prospects aro good for a largo
attendance tbts year,
Soldiers Show Groat Improvo
mont Over Their Appoar
anco Last June
Men Will Do Mustered Out of Federal
8ervlce Next Week And
Will Go Home
Camp Wlthycombe, Clachamas, Or.,
; 8Pton,bor 13-A pfrado ttnd rtev,low
I "uw"
soon in urt'EOii wan bibkuu nuru mm
afternoon when Governor James
Wlthycombo reviewed tho Third Ore
gon Infantry, recently returned from
duty on tho Mexican border.
It was tho first formal public ap
pearance of the regiment since Its re
turn from California a few days ago
and the wholo regiment, with its sev
eral companies, dotachments and wag
on train, took part. In all some 1100
men and ISO horses and mules were
' in line.
It was a. parado of a regiment
equipped and ready for service. It
was no dress parade; there was little
pomp or panoply about it. It was
thoroughly business like, although
given beforo tho governor of tho state
and a largo crowd of spectators.
Contrast With June Marked
Tho parade and roviow was in
marked contrast with tho ono hold the
Sunday prior to doparturo of Oregon's
.troops for tho border last Juno, Yes
terday the .men were fully, acrouted
and equipped. The troops' marched
splendidly; thero was no raggedness.
No unsightly black shoes woro scat-
trod among tho regulation tons. Thore
were no odd or missing parts of unl-
Tho men were in tneir service togs,
fatigue hats and sweaters, blanket
rolls and all of the enormous load that !
your present day infantryman must
carry on tho march. I
Staff officers wero mounted. There .
was a detachment of mounted Bcouts.
Flvo bijou Fords scooted along after
the machine gun company. Two rcgu
latlon ambulances woro in the van and
there more than a scorn of com
bat and supply wagons In a long train.
Governor Wlthycombo expressed
hlmsolt as Immensely pleased at the
showing mado by tho troops and warm
ly congratulated Colonel McLaughlin
on tho Improvement made by the men
as a result of their border experience.
He left for Salem by auto directly
after tho roviow.
Captain Konnoth P. Williams,. U. S.
A., mustoring officer, expects, to muster
tho regiment out of the federal ser
vice either September 19 or 20.
Work preparatory to the mustering
out is somowhat arduous and efforts
during tho coming week will be cen
tered In this direction.
Olllcors and men must first undorgo
a physical examination, required by
tho government to protect Itself
against fraudulent pension claims,
Proporty which remains In the posses
sion of the government must bo turned
ovor to tho camp quartermaster, Cap
tain Schumacher. Pny, transporta
tion nnd clothing allowances must bo
Men Will Get $45,000
It Is expected that some $45,000 will
bo disbursed by Captain Schumacher
to mustor out tho regiment. Of this
amount $25,000 will go to paying tho
men and $19,000 for transportation nnd
Tho mon will bo paid off Individually
nnd it is expected that after being
paid off nnd mustered out, having ter
minated their fodoral sorvlco, they will
repair to tholr homos.
Mnjor W. W. Wilson, n federal dis
bursing ofilcor for tho stato of Ore
gon, will havo tho responsibility of
caring for tho proporty of the govern
ment which remains in the possession
of tho guard.
With tho exception of Companies' Q
and M all the companies and do
tachments of tho Third regiment havo
taken the fodorallzed national guard
Strenuous objection on tho part of
a number of men In both companies
to thor present officers Is responsible
for a n.oat peculiar situation.
Irfesistable Onslaught of Allies
ji Under General Foch
I Gets Results
French Fighting Gives Way to Open
f. Combat With Untold Fierce
ness on Both Sides
J'aris, Sept. 13. Tho thunderbolt
launched by General Foch yesterday
and today north of tho Somme has
given him tho wholo trench system
between Gambles and Pcronno and
brings him within measurable dlsr
dance of completely breaking down
tho Germon iron belt.
The threo miles which ho occupied
in the German system of third line
trenches, which is the last strongly
organized defense of the Germans, are
built on the main road which forms
the most Important artery in this
region, feeding Perrone from Gambral.
Ho captured the whole of the vil
lage of Boucchavesnes, midway be
tween these two vital Teuton bases
of , support, rooted their own lines
firmly into tho blood sodden highway
that connects the two points, and
smashed ahead further to the eaat,
taking by storm the Bois l'Abbe farm1;
lost it again to two counter attacking
German regiments, but subsequently
roconquored the whole of it-
Tho day saw the fiercest open
fighting recorded in the west since'
thOj early part of tho war. Tlmo and
tbW agalau- the Bavarian . prince
hurled his infantry legions against
.tho French t!de only to bo swept
back D the aoidiera under General
Fayole( nativea of tho plcardy, who
nilhiji forward with the bitter ten-
ncty oI men lighting for their hearth
nnd home.
Berlin admits this afternoon that
the French "entered" Bouchavesnes,
Both Combles and Peronno aro now
isolated, encircled and under terrific
More than 2300 unwounded prison
ser, 10 cannon and 40 machine guns
were taken by the French in yester
day's and today's victorious onrush.
The British rested again today, con
solidating their lines preparatory to
the final attack on Combles.
Nor was there infantry action today
south of the Somme, bet violent gun
duels raged all day around Vormando
vllers and Chaulnes.
A. K. Y. Tennis Club to Meet Wend
ling Team Sunday
Six members of the A. K. Y. tennis
club will go to Wendllng Sunday to
play off a return match for the gamo
played here with the Wendllng team
a week ago Sunday, at which time
Springfield was victor in every match.
Tho matches are scheduled for 11 a.
in. Tho probable llno-up of tho teams
Springfield: E. E. Martin .Harold
Peory, Ivan McKinnoy, Frank Gibbs,
Ray Lemley and Percy Tyson.
Wendllng: Messrs. Mathers, R. W.
Martin, Nellson, Abrams, Taylor aud
Robertson. No ladles' matches are
scheduled. It was. stated that thero
would probably bo quite a crowd of
local folks to watch tho matches.
Fire Siren Will Be Used Again
J. W .Coffin, chairman of the fire
and water commlttoo of tho city coun
ell has mado arrangements with tho
Oregon Power company to havo the
siren that was used formerly to give
tho flro alarm in Springfield. The
siren that was usod formerly, to give
alarm nnd then a plain whistle will bo
blown to tell tho location of tho flro
by wards.
Child Falls Through Show Case.
Miss Ardts Cox, small daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. J. A, Cox, had tho mis
fortune to fall through one ot the
show cases in their store Monday af
tornoon but was not hurt except for
a cut on her wrist. Miss Ardis
climbed upon the case, which broko
wltl Jer weight, and had it not been
for a pile of dry goods she would havo
beon sevoroly iujurod.
President Sproule and Others are on
Tour; May Go to Oakrldge
The Southern Pacific company is
now making a general inspection of
its different lines, stations and air
and block systems. William Sproule,
President of tho company and W. It.
Scott, general manager of tho western
division with other officials passed
ovor tho Willamette Pacific line yes
terday and over tho Portland, Eugene
and Eastern line today to Yaqulna on
a tour of Inspection. They will pass
through Springfield later and the sup
position is that at this tlmo a survey
of tho Natron cut-off situation will be
Dr. Nichols, general Inspector and
a number of officials from San Francis
co arc stopping in Springfield today
and are making an examination of
the . air and block systems. Their
special car is in the local yards.
A special car passed through Spring
field last evening enroute to Oakrldge
where Fred Hanssen assistant super
intendent and Ernest Stroud, travel
ing engineer are attending to Interests
of tho company.
Mr. and Mrs. Robertson Turn Over
Stock to Allen & Lewis After a
Year In Springfield
At noon Tuesday, September 12 ,the
doors of the Palace of Sweets, which
for the past year has been operated by
Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Robertson, were
closed, and Mrs. Robertson turned
back tho business to Allen & Lewis,
wholesale grocers, from whom It had
been rented. Tho building belongs to
Dr. J. .McClelland Henderson"of Eu-
"gene. As to the reason for quitting
the business, the following statement
was given out by Mrs. Robertson yes-
lord ay afternoon:
"There was not enough business to
keep up expenses, and besides I should
have had to do almost all of the work
alone, as I was not sure of steady
help, and Mr. Robertson left here
about three weeks ago, going to Wash-j Walker, for stamps $2.25; John E.
ington Where he Is looking for a I Edwards, labor on Mill street bridge
suitable location. j $31.65; Leonard Lepley, labor on Mill
Mrs. Robertson said that they would ' street bridge $9.40; W. J. Graves, la
probably remain here forltwo or three bor on Mill street bridge $6.37;
weeks and perhaps longer, when she Beaver-Herndon, supplies for bridge
and the children, Leo and Pauline, ' $8.80; Elzle Sutton, drayage $.50;
will either go East for a visit, or if Fischer-Boutin Co., lumber $10.99;
Mr. Robertson is locatod by that time Springfield News, printing $89.50; L.
will join him. In any event, they will E. Parsons, engineering $14.50; H. E
not reopen tho business here.
Mr. and Mrs. Roberston had been in
business here a year on July 10, com
ing to Springfield from Eugene and
until the 1st of September, business
had been .fair, Mrs. Robertson sald.1
The family has been living in a resl
dence on A street between Third and
William Pitney of Junction City Will
Act as President For Associa
tion Next Year
At the meeting of the Lane County
Association of Oregon Pioneers hold
at the Lane county fair yesterday af
ternoon, William Pitney of Junction
City, was elected president; C. E.
Russell of Eugene, vice president and
W. L. Bristow of Pleasant Hill, secre
Tho report of tho president showed
tho following list of members of the
association who havo passed away
slnco tho last annual meeting: David
Eby, a former president of the ploneor
association, and his son, Benjamin
F, Eby, Robt Campbell .James Ebbert,
Mrs, Elizabeth Bailey, Mrs. Elizabeth
Vaughn, Row C A. Wooley, Mrs.
Amanda Pattersoii, Benjamin F.
Talks on pioneer life woro made by
George Melvln Miller, J. D. Matlock,
Wlllllam Pitney and C. E. Russel.
Among the now registrations as
mombors of tho association mado yes
ter day wedo: Win. W. Kelland, 1854,
Springfield; Jno. G. Griffin, 1854,
Frank J, Miller ot the publto sor
vlco commission, and Mr. Loady, an'
examiner, of Salem were In Springfield
Tuesday on business pertaining to the
city water rates. The men went on to (
"Safety First" Signs Will Ba
Placed at Intersections j
On Main Street jg
D. S .Beats, Appointed to Audit Book
After October Meeting Camp (
Grounds Gets Assistance j
Tho question of resurfacing South.
Second street from Main to the bridge,
tho erection of safety signs at street
Intersections, acceptance of the offer
of D. S. Beals to audit the city books,
ordering warrants to be Issued and
other questions were discassed and
acted upon at; the regular council
meeting Monday evening. Mayor Mor
rison presided and all councllraea
were present except H. H. Peery.
After a discussion, it was deckled
that South Second street from Mala
south to the bridge over the mill race
should be resurfaced at once.
The street commissioner was auth
orized to make and erect safety signs
at the Intersections of Main street
and Second, Fourth and Fifth streets.
The offer of D. S. Beals to audit the
city books was accepted and Mr, Beals
was instructed to begin his work after
J the regular-council meeting in October,
The recorder was instructed; to lssua
j warrants to the following:
j Leonard Lepley, salary for August
60.00; John E. Edwords, salary for
August $15.00; H. E. Walker; salary
for August $50.00; Lillian Gorrte.
salary for August $40.00; A. T. Ladd.
hauling gravel $00T Tff-Hill, TaT6r"-"
on Mill street bridge $6.25; John
Boumaer, labor on Mill street bridge
$8.75; a T. Wilson, labor on Mill
street bridge $8.75; E. Post, labor on
Mill street bridge $9.25; H. E.
Parsons, assisting englneernig $5.75
A. A. Valler, flushing streets $66.80;
Thompson and Howard, repairing, ot
tools $22.15; Beaver-Herndon, sup
plies $1.25; John Rose, labor $.65.
Letters from Bruce Lansbery and
the office of Woodcock-Smith and
Bryson, regarding the Issue of im
provement bonds for the improvement
of G street from tho cast line ot
Eighth street to the west line ot the
Brattain estate, wero read and by mo
tion referred to Attorney S. P. Ness.
An agreement regarding the redeem
ing tho flume way over Mill street
from the Booth-Kelly company was
deferred, not being entirely satisfac
tory to the council.
At the request of the marshal, the
! council agreed to assist the "Auto
Camp Ground" committee to the amt.
of $17.60 and that the toilet at the
camp bo the property of the city.
The reports of the recorder and the
treasurer for the month of August
were approved and ordered placed on
Southern Pacific to Carry People
Home After Round-up Friday
Tho Southern Pacific company will
run a special train from Eugene to
Wendllng tomorrow evening bo that
tho people of the Mohawk valley may
spend a full day at tho Lano county
fair. Tho train will leavo Eugene at
7:00 o'clock and run through to Wend
llng and return Immediately. The
special will bo run early In the day
and the people will be expected to go
to the Round-up on the regular trains.
Tho S. P. company will also run
spoclal tralnB from Eugeno to Salem
during the State Fair the last week
In this month.
Work was suspendod on the Metho
dist church yesterday afternoon as
tho men were ootlgod to wait on as
other shipment ot brick. The car ot
brick has reached Eugene and work
will now be carried oa agaUt. ,