The Springfield news. (Springfield, Lane County, Or.) 1916-2006, August 31, 1916, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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    THEfRBDAY, AUCfUBT, 81, 1916
Squibbs Pure Spices
Look up your wants In the line of pickling spices mid let
us fill It with the best that money can buy.
Dill Seed
Celery Sood
AiiIbo Seed
Hay Leaves
Corrlnndor Seed
Cumin Seed
Carraway Seed
Curry Powder
Mrs. Price's Cannin
Mixed Spices
Mustard Socd
Turmorlc Powder
Whlto Popper
Ulack Pepper
Red Popper
Ginger Root
Qlngor Powdcrod
K compound
Parawax and sealing wax
Squlbb's Pure Extract of Lemon and Vanilla
i'Town and Vicinity:?
,0. W. Johnson oxpocU to ko to IIobo
burs Saturday evening .
toM. C. Dronitlor returned from n bust
nosi trip to Ashland thla moniluR.
EKBlninnn's for quality.
t'Wnltor KdmlMon of Thurston was a
ahoppor In town Wednesday morning,
Guy Moshlor of lluydon Ilrldgo was
In Sprlngflold thin morning.
K. Sherwood of Coburg was In town
Wednesday morning on business.
Water wlnpi at reryi .
Floyd Ilartlott la employed at the
I). W. "Hoof Jowolry storo.
Charles Zumwnlt of Donna was In
town on business Wodnosday.
Miss Mao Hnrbert of Thurston spent
Tuesday evening In Sprlngflold.
The best mens' show at Wolf tt
George Spawn of Camp Creak was in
town this morning.
J. K. Kills, who was a fonnor real'
dent of Spr'ngflold, now "living at
Grants Pass, Is hero visiting frlonda,
Mlssos Myrtlo and Lucllo Copcnhar
r retunied from Marshllold Monday
Joo Clark ,ls spending tho week with
bis aunt, Mrs. N. 8. Durch at tho
Clark and Washburno hop yard.
Do you wish to become well?. If bo
call on Dr. .Murphy, a dmgloss hoaJor,
3SS Main street '
Mrs. Ilattlo Service of Stockton, Cal
ifornia Is visiting with her sister, Mrs.
Molvln Fcnwlck.
Mr. and Mrs. W. P. IIIIIb and baby
of Fall Crook wore In town on busi
ness this morning.
John Trotter, C. W. James, and
Teddy Hurt In wero registered nt tho
Springfield hotel Monday ovonlng.
Delicious full cream caramels, 40c
a pound at Egglmann's.
Frank Hills of Hcsorvo stopped In
Springfield this morning on his way
to California.
Thomas Hoard of- Myrtlo Creok via
Itod vyth friends tho first of tho woolc
and was looking for a location.
Gun oils, cleaners and grcaso, Dres
sier & Son.
Harvey Collins assumed his now
dutlos at tho NIco and Mlllor grocery
Wednesday morning.
Miss Jano Malker of Portland is
spending sovoral weeks with her sis
ter, Mrs. 1Va. Wosolowska.
Dr. W. ls Pollard oxpocts to.tako a
trip to Salem to visit' his farm tomor
row. Will M6ahlor of llaydcn Drldgo was
In town on business Wednesday morn
ing. ' ' ' ' ' '
Keep tho flies off the cows with "Fly
Bouncer" 7Co a gallon at Peery'a.
O, B. Poters of Corning, California,
arrived tho foro part of the wook'and
is looking for 'a location. '
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Jones and 'family
aro going (6' indoperidence'toduy for
hop picking; ' i ' v
Mrs. N. W. Emory rocolvod wbrd
ycBterday tha,t her mother was ser
iously 111 In P6rtldn'd. ' "
A. P. Herrick of J.ho OregQn Power
company left VtorW for a two
week's vacatlpn in Portland . '
MIbb Kvelyn Mlllor went to Donna
yesterday to visit with her aupt,',Mro.
J. B, nolwtwa-forayfew Bay"- ''
; t . 1 , ,1 ,
WMrlc alio rcnalrrtp. Welt A
Mrs. Cliartos Meyers' and 'clau'giitor
Doris roturned from Newport yester
day .
Tho Dooth-Kolly began hauling lum
ber for tho waste way gates this morn
ing. Wlnchostor ammunition, Dressier &
Bon .
Mrs. A. Copenhnver and daughters,
Lacy, Ncjllo, and Genevieve returned
front an outing at Nowport yesterday
Miss Marjnno Schrador departed on
Tuosday for Salem where alio expects
to nttend tho Wlllamotto University.
Klnior Harlow who lives north of
town was In Springfield this morning
on buslnoss.
Good rellablo flro insurance. No as
sensmcntn; no membership fee. Pay
oncu tnd you are dene. H. K. Walker
at tho City Hall.
Tho Oregon Power c6mpany aro In
stalling water and gas In tho now Per
kins houso on Ninth and C streots.
Dr. It. G. Van Valzah, who has been
sorlously III for4tho past two weeks
does not seem to bo improving.
J. Cyr, managor of the Springfield
Creamery made a business trip to
Mablo yesterday.
Qtovos, overalls, shirts and sox at
Wolf & Minor's.
John Hardin of Salt Crock springs
stopped In Sprlngflold yesterday morn
ing oti his return from a business trip
to Portland.
Mr. II. A. Razor of Riddle, Oregon
was In Springfield yesterday looking
at real estate . If he finds proper
ty to suit htm ho may locate here.
Urn. Price's, canning powders at
Peery'a Drug Storo.
M. S. Tuol and Frank Smltson of tho
Oregon Power company aro working In
Eugeno yesterday and today on n leak
of ono of tho gas mains.
Tho installing of bqb atid water in
tho Methodist church and parsonage
Is delayed for a day or two on account
of tho loak in a gus main In Eugene, .
All drinks sorvod with ico at Eggl
mnnn's. Tad Luckoy has erected his Lucky
horseshoe electric Blgn In front of Uio
Omar cigar and pool hall, In tho samo
placo it was uaod throo years ago.
Do you wish to becomo woll? If so
call on Dr. Murphy, a drugloss healer,
SCO Main streot.
President W. F. Walker wishes to
call a mooting of tho Hughes-Fairbanks
club at J. J, Brownings office
for Friday.
Harry Bryden, foreman In tho mill
at Cottage Grovo stopped In Sprlng
flold Wednesday on his return from a
business trip to Portland and way
pofnst through Washington.
For tho best up-to-date shoe repair
ing, try Hall tho Shoe Doctor. Fifth
and Main streets.
Wo added sovoral moro hew sub
scribers to our list this weak. How
about youT Aro you a subscriber or
do you borrow your neighbor's paper
to road tho News?
Mrs. A. D. Ruddlman and daughter
Marjorlo attondod by Miss Anna Young
of Portland and formerly of tho Sprlng
flold Bakory returnod ytiotorday from
their summer's vacation at Nowport.
.Ivan Malo had ono of his Angora
mashed botwoen a barrel of lime and
a' wagon box Tuesday while working
at the' MethodlBt church and will' be
unable to work for a' row days, '
Ladles' and ohlldrans' ahees. - Wolf
'& "killer.
J, D .Foster, general aocretary of
tho Y, M ,C. A. at tho State Untvorslty
apent Tuesday "ftornobnvislting1 6ith
Vfalter DlQminV M. pBte'rkaVJast
returnod from his vacation which ho
Mrs. Al Montgomery returned Wed
nesday aftornoon from Waltorvlllo
whoro she has boon spending a Week
"with her daughter, Mrs. II. Smood,
Tlio annual yaIuo of tho farm wood'
Jot of products of tho United Stater
Is ovor ?196,000,000.
Tho engine 2010 was sent from tho
local yards to Munsoy to tako tho placo
of tho Portland, Eugeno and Eastern
freight onglno which broko down Uiero
on Its run from Eugeno to Albany.
You can buy your feed cheaper at
tho Sprlngflold Feed company's ware
house. No rent, no drayago, no do
livery. Tho saving is yours. Inves
tigate. Randall Scott returned last evening
from Coos Bay whoro ho has been
spending sovoral days. Ho wont down
and enjoyod tho Railroad Jubllco and
then visited friends and went camping
before roturnlng homo.
Will Machon who had his foot cut
at iho liooUi-Kolly mill Is again able
to bo around by tho means of crutches
....... iVin I. nl. Ia'I,. n t ,r,,X'
Hilt, hmbmu n niu iu ug at ituuiv
although ho was given excellent care,
at tho hospital. P
Wo are equipped to rcclean CLOVER'
ana vktuii sceu wis ran ana win rniy
all tho seed you havo to soil. Spring'-.
acid Food company.
Thoso regtaterod at tho Elite hotet
Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday
wero: J. A. Johnson of Milton, F. M.
Arnold of Milton, Gcorgo Evlns of Mil
wauklo, Oregon, Mr. and Mrs. D. Woo
ton, of Reed, California, F. R. Ander-
, son of Salem, I. S. Larson of,
Ray Cramer of Portland, C. P. Tor
wllllngor of Seattle, D. R. Nymon of
8an Francisco, R. H. Sawyora of Port
land and Ben Brook of Astoria,
True economy Is what we save In the
long run. -Tho wlso man feeds his colt
to mako It grow. He pastures his cow
to get a good flow of ml lie and paints
his house to make It last. It costs
very little moro now to paint a house
than It did a year ago. Probably not
moro than $2.00 on an arerago., Mako
your homo beautiful with tho boat
paint on tho 'market Pheonlx Pure
Paint, Guaranteed. Sold by J. C. Hoi
Codar Flat, Aug. 30. Hop picking
at the Easton yard was finished Mon
day. Mrs. C. L. Baker returned home
after a vlst with bed mother at
Dexter. ...
Mrs. J. L. Hart and Mrs. G. T.
Plnkston took dinner with Mrs. T. C.
Guthorlo Thursday.
Frank Vaughn Is hauling wood to
Jim Cooley was In Eugeno Friday.
Miss Julia Godsey of Portland Is
visiting with relatives hero.
James Hart was In town Tuesday.
Adrian Thomas, Dick Easton and
Ery Hart waro In Sprlngflold calling
Julia Hart took dtnnor with Abblo
Cooley Tuesday.
Pacific Conservatory of Music
731 Willamette Street
Tho School of Music whoro all the
Legitimate Instruments and Musical
Studios aro Instructed.
Ellsworth Crocker, President,
Mrs. Ellsworth Crocker, Sec and Treat
China Painting
To all who will tako a term of i2
lessons I will give
Tho two freo lessons will give
you a pleco of china ready for tho
first fire.
Now Is a good ttma to begin to
prepare for Xmas.
Ordoro solicited. 33G A stront
PHONES SUflce, 3; Residence, 116-J
Over Commercial Bank,
Springfield, Oregon.
For Farm and City Property
Exchanges a Specialty
Sprineld - Oregon
Phone 96
iffilNw ALBERT
tfct XTOUXI Artd m thmrr howdjr-o M Hp no Jp3E3Mfill
''VSL. XjnMtt howmmck of itttnttrmu mn la It lIHsmMvliSMWiMW
Met oflh wnodt row drop into. For.ffincm M u9MUMljwimt!tmxiKU!lmw'm
S. ABrttlmrWdtbmnai tho firtt pltcm jo MHHMBKpVW
iK ht mmUt form nickel ondtho Mr rd mWKmlmWOBSiUmVtPmmVii.m
tiulotBdim;thmihor'olbhnd- M WBK5Krtf?ig W
-B. oooto pound ono itMlf-pouna tin K 1mWE1?ffl?T3!i3Ei M
, humidor, ond tho pound M ilMrnESIKSCDTEMLOW M
"Tfgt crrottlllMhumidorwHh W mWSfflSSllllLM
k. moiitcner top W HBpQSWCArXl
thockoop tho to- B jlijrtjptiiiEl'jriK m
Prince Albert gives
smokers such
delight, because
-tits flavor is so diffrt and m
slftlightfully good;
k can't bkc yeur tongiM;
-it can't parck your tkrat;
you can smoke it as lens? ami
as hard ac you like wkkut asTy
comeback tut real tobacco bap
pinasal On the reverse side of every Prkiee
Albert package you will read :
July 30tm, ieo7"
That means to you a lot .of. tobacco en
joyment. Prince Albert has always blen
sold without coupons or' premium. Ve
prefer to give quality I ' ' f"
ingpodness and
in pipe satisfaction
is all we or its enthusi
astic friends ever claimed
for it!
It answers every smoke desire you
or any other man ever had! It is so
cool and fragrant and appealing to your
smokeappetite that you will get chummy with
it in a mighty short time !
Will you invest 5c or 10c to prove out our say
so on the national joy smoke?
R. J. REYNOLDS TOBACCO CO, Wmatoa-Salera, N. C
TU W tko tmno oMo ot Ao
Priae. Mrmti HAf ril eU. RuJ
AU " Ptlouioi ertoM" moomof
'to-rea mjtd womhmo wkat It jmw"
in mAldo PiW A&crt m
By Eugene's Merchants
For Ali-Lane-Gounty
Good for Admission to Eugene
Round-Up and Lane Co. Fair
A certificate will be issued with
each one dollar purchase-10 cer
tificates will admit you to the
Round-Up and Lane County
Fair which follow Dollar Day.
Your Dollars are "Rarin to Go"
to Eugene's Dollar Day
The Greatest Merchandising Event Ever At
tempted in Western Oregon. You Are Welcome
Your Dollar Will Have Its Greatest Buy
ing Power on Eugene's Dollar Day
Reduced Rates on All Railroads
Oregon Power Go.
9tnc fn City Half SarlniffeM, Ore.
" . F. WALKEtf
Office Phono 62? Raelil'ikee S7-J
West Main St.
Amblers Oahblne 'ASasfcuty
... Eugene, Phwvf4u if '
Learn to itahco before-tall aaaaaat
opona, Tlireo classoa weakly; '
Chlldren'B fancy dancing! pt?rIars
3 p ro. ltiitou RpfisonnMu
HamaarjaMite Phyatclan antl Surgeon
OMca. Baatiat ParaoaaKe
Ceraar'SeeaiMl and OStra'ets
hours:1 ro ix fiiONX 4
Leave orders at ..tne Nwa OKce
TTtlf ItJAuuH ?Srsu5 ij.ww4 ...
, Wfcy met swra aad dpo8lt in our Svmg8 Jartawnt "
tributtoR tt tax'UurtWh drar ntlreyir, k will ot i