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5,'l?'l 1 riuitftM. Prison, mmooikI
Il nwltMumlur not of OoiiKtrt nr M annmil
VOL. XV. NO. 2
Efforto of President Wlloon nnd
Sonntoro Fall to Bring tho
Railroads and tho Men
Together Again
Southern Pacific Bendi Out Orders to
Refute Shipment! of Perishable
Goods; Take Other Freight
? i Subject to Delsy
lt - trt
Washington, Auk. 30. Tho combin
ed efforts of President Wilson and
congress fulled today to got tho lead
ers' ot tho railway brotherhoods to
jioiitpono tho dato sot for a general
strike September 4, which Is Labor
Tho loglalatlvo branch of tho gov
crnniont appears to bo aorlously di
vided. Tho Democratic loadora agroo
that only a part of tho president's pro
gram can bo enacted at this timo
Tho railroad executives'
committee decided tonight to accopt
tho ontlro legislative program, but
they want It all or nothing, Tho
brothorhood leaders havo taken steps
to combat many Important features of
Uio proposod laws.
All thought of adjournment ot con
gress has been postponed Indefinitely,
j . President May Appeal to Men
President Wilson took undor consid
eration Uto advisability of making a
public appeal to tho unions through
out tho country to disregard tho strlko
order for 30 days If tho leaders ro
malned obdurate. .-.
W ,Q. Leo, chairman of tho train
men's brothorhood, Issued this stato-
"No powor under heaven short of a
satisfactory sottlomont with tho exec
utives can provent tho mon from strik
ing on Labor day."
A. B. Garrotson, chairman ot tho
conductors' brothorhood suld:
"You can say emphatically that tho
question of postponomont of tho strlko
la not oven undor consideration."
The Three Proposed Laws
Tho thrco bills upon which a hear
ing will bo hold tomorrow nro In sub
stnnco as follows:
First An amendment to tho Inter
state commorco act making olght
hours a logal day's work on all rail
roads engaged In Intorstato commorco.
This tontntlvo moasuro proposes for
n wago commission of throe mombors,
two of whom shall bo rocommendod by
tlin rnllrnmla nnd tlin lirntfinrlinnda
which shall obsorvo and report on ad-!
iiilnlstrntlvq and financial offocts. It j
also authorizes tho Intorstato Com
morco commission to lncronso frolght
Sqcond A provision to mako strikes
nnd lockouts illogal until after an In
vestigation by a special commission
nnd to lncronso tho offoctlvonoss at
Third Giving tho president author-
lty to ppornto railroads as military
noco8slty nnd for tho transportation
of ninll nnd to Impress mon Into tho
sorvico for this purpose !
Nearly all of tho railroads, and os-
pclully tho Southorn Pacific company
iHsuod ordors yostorday that thoy'
would not rocolvo any porlBhablo ,
f-.,l.,M tl.nt nnt l, .lnllvnrn.t
Its destination boforo 7 a. m. Saturday !
mornliiR Sontombor 2. Frolght not
porlshablo will bo rocolvod aubjoct to
lndeflnlto dolay.
This embargo on porlshablo goods,
.no in ni , 1
.V ...ow ,v.J ...0
tho loss of millions of dollars worth
ot fresh fruits and vogotablos by tho
growers ot Oregon and Washington.
Southern Pacific Makes Appeal
Tho Southorn Pacific company mndo
annppoal t otholr omployos yostor
day calling attontlon to tho failure of
formor Btrlkos, tho rocont lncruso in
pny and tho Iobh ot poiiBlon rights for
thooo who voluntarily quit work on
account ot tho Btrilto, Tho statomoiit
"It should ho born In mind alBO that
no great strlko such au now throatons
has 'ovor' had a successful termination
for tiio strlkors . You will romombor
tho rosult ot tho strlko in 1804.
"Strikes fall becauso tho rights of
tho third and most mtorostod party,
tho public, aro not conslderod. Much
misery, destitution and want follow
In tho wiiko of strikes of this kind.
Pension rights are lost, homos nro
sacrificed and all with no ultimate
Will Reduce County Pay Roll
Tho strike will not only offoct tho
shipments of Lano county fruit, food
supplies and lumber but It will also
groatly cut Into tho Income Savon
railroads will bo hatnporod In their
train acrvlco and tho employes that
aro now getting approximately $100,
000 a month will not bo drawing pay
8. P. to Quard Property
Tho Southorn Pacific company aro
making adoquato plans for tho protec
tion of their property during tho rail-
road strike Thoy will run their pas- BCnoo nt Monmouth turns out only , nacnt taxes, sanitary conditions at
songor trains according to schodulo j i60i leaving school authorities to so-' the Southern Pacttic depot and other
and will havo sovoral hundrod men to iect (ho balance as best thoy can. Tho Important questions, was held Mon
guard Iholr proporty during this timo. j rural HChools uro shown to bo tho chiof' lay evening at the council chambers
Ton mon will bo placed at tho Eugeno
dopot. Thoy will bo armed and will
bo proparod to uso forco to seo to It
that there Is no molestation of the
mon who aro running tho trains.
Pensioners and men holding small
jobs will bo put on train crows to
keep tho passongor traffic on tho
Local Agent Notified to Inform Pas
sengers that Schedule 8afe Only
Until Sunday Night
M. L. Franco, agont for the Southern
Pacific company at Sprlngflold, ro
eolved notice this morning to Inform
ill passengers that tho railroad com
pany will not guarantee to haul pas
songers to, their .destinations after
Sunday night, Soptember 3. Aftor this
tlmo on account of tho railroad strike
j that may begin next Monday tho pas
songor sorvico may bo Irregular and
Investigates Trolly Accident at River
Bridge and Gives Out the
Tho bonrd of inquiry that mot to do
tormlno tho cnuso of tho accident of
tho street car running Into tho work
train at tho east end ot tho river
brldgo last Tuesday ninkcB tho follow-
lnB rPrt:
Tlll( btard ""ds that caBtbound
strootcar No. 851. collided with rear
ond of work car No. 4, on curve at
Main and Mill streets, Springfield, Oro
gon, 8:23 A. M., August 22nd, 191C,
damaging fenders of both curs to ox
tout of ?1.00. Thoro woro no casual
ties. Work car No, 4 shoving flat car (No.
2090) undor load of seven yards
scroonlng (approximately 19,000 lbs)
moved nhond of streetcar No. 851
trom First and Ulalr Btrouts, Eugono,
to Sprlngflold .and, whon attempting
to pass around sixty-foot radius curyo .
nt tn.l Jifllt .. . . i ' . 1
1 nt Main nnd Mil) 'stroots, nt speed of
j between two and four mllos per hour,
I stalled on traok, duo to condition of
rail, as hereinafter doucrlbod. About
rtftOOn Or twenty BOCOlldB after bolng.
Btal,eland dtlnlng that work car (
uu,u "Ul uu ,""uul"uJr inovuu, nnu
nttanlu(nn (lint wnns 19 mniilr ... . I
, V . . ,
i obBtructed from vlow of approaching
' cars, by brick building, HubIi with
Bhlowalk, motorman nt onco dotallod
.., I. 1 , .
iiiuiiiuui ui uiuiv iv hub airuuicur 1NO.
851, which was known to bo following.
Streetcar was flagged when passing
around 145-foot rudlus curvo,, 185 foot
back from roar of work car, Motor
man of Btroetcar at onco applied
brakes, and rovorsod motor, alternat
ely, In an attempt to Btop on tho ono
und two-tonths por cent doscondlng
grndo, but, by ronson ot rull being
vory allppory .caused by crudo oil from
curvo. (appllod to lnlnlmtzo rail wear,
flaug wear, and iioIsq) and asphalt, tho
lattor ehrrlod to rails and curva nfter
passing over portion of track, to which
this mutorlal had Just previously boon
appllod, was unable to bring car to
stop In tlmo (o avoid colliding with
rear ond of work car. Whon first flag-
(Coittlnt'od on I'ngo Four)
Fee) Need of Training 8chool Esi
of the Mountains
Pcndloton, Oregon, Aug, 30. Wo
men's clubs ovor tho stnto nro join
ing tho ranks of tho supporters of tho
Inlatlvo moasuro providing for Uio es
tablishment of a normal school flf.
Pendleton. Puront-Teachor organlf
int Ions nro also enlisting for tho cacti
palgn. jf
Ono of tho first public endorsements
rocolvod for tho moasuro was from'
Airs, i;nnncs ii. tjastner, presidont ai
Club. "Boliovlng that tho tlmo has
arrived when It Is nocossary to mako
additional provision for tho normal,
training of our public school tenchors."
sho states, "and that tho great tils J
tanccs in our stato mako It advisable
that a school bo Iocatod In tho East
orn soctlon, I thereforo moso heart
ily endorso tho location of said normal
school at Pendleton."
Thero arc 1000 vacancies in Oregon
schools each year, according to tho
infn nn,i iim nnrmai
sufferers because In such schools the
percentage of normal trained teachers 14 1816-
Ib lowest At the sarao tlmo tho noed. T acting mayor, Melvln Fenwlck,
for highly trained toacuors Is great- ln the absence of mayor E .E. Morrl
cst In rural districts becauso of tho son wns appointed to interview A. C.
nbsenco of supervision.
Tempting Bargains Will be Offered to
Everyone by Springfield Mer
chants, Saturday, Sept 9 .
Tho morchants of Springfield will r"" w mua-
hold their first annual Dollar Day Sat- ,Ument ta. 5?nc"I at th sow h,
urday, September 9, when they wlll-ffi". 'fi ,neBr th,d ?fd
give merchandise of all kinds, 5"VB f",W,-ng nd
will-be a day when efery mercJInnt in ?p at Tth 'T.'
Springfield will give greater value f "0 9' wh,ch m ?.
f. ,iit . . .t t. 'south east corner of the grist mill."
for tho dollars spent than they have,,, . . . . .
-,,, . ' Mr. Parsons was Instructed to pro-
offered for years, . . . . ..... . l . .
pi.1. m , - ,... .iu .... .,.,.! duco a Pat ot Mill street from Main
fnmiiv . T a . 1
family can go to tho store and cell
togged out from head to foot ln those I
now clothos thoy havo been
money for all summer. And thoy will
ill 111 r-nmn In nt hn IU..
v . .,bUk
-v... o..i ,u uujo laiur. more
will bo shoes for Jonny, a dress for
Mary, a cap for the baby, a new coat
for mother, a now suit for dad and all '
of thorn will be cheaper than they
" on n oru.nary shopping
Then when tho clothes are
wa, u.u n.u money mat
was saved and buy grocerios and other
things at astonishing low prices.
l,,.l.t l. !. .t. .
uuvbu i mis- uouar Lay proposition ments.
sound good to you? Tho morchants j M Was decided to Instruct the South
aro making great plans to Bee that tho era Pacific company to connect nil
wants of overy ono is satisfied. An-1 their toilets, sinks, nnd drains from
nouncomonts of tho great bargains will the depot to nnd with the sower with
begin to appear in tho next issue of in thirty days.
tho Nows and when you como down I A pool nnd billiard license was
town noxt week you will And surprls- granted to T. C. Luckoy and C. H.
Ing displays of Dollar Day bargains in Hadley.
tno storo windows.
Coos Bay Lumbermen Bellevo It Will
Not Be Necessary to Shut Down
If Bio Railroad Strike Comes
Marshflold, Or., Aug. 30. Local lum-
,lor ni111 owners hollovo that it will not i
lin lin.tiK"i t-i In nlxil .1 n I i I. - . I
bo nocossary to shut down In tho ovont
of a Btrlko If It does not last long.
Tho mills will run as long as they can
if a strike comos.
Whilo most of tho employes ot tho
Smlth - Powors logging trains belong to
mo oromornoous, moro is some ques
(Inn it I 1 mu.
wmiu.ur woum oo airociou
Some of tho employes think thoy would
not bo required to go out If a strlko
Is called and othors think thoy will.
II. J, Mohr, local agont of the South
orn Pacific, has recolvod ordors not
to receivo livestock or porlshablo
goods which will not roach destina
tion by Septorabor 2,.
Small Newspapers Suffer Moat
Washington, Aug. 20. Declaring
that many small newspapers will be
forced to suspond unless news print
(nowspnpor) can bo obtained at re
duced rates, tho federal trado commiss
ion today Issued an appeal to tho News
Print Manufacturers' association, com
prising virtually all manufacturers l
tho country to como to tho roscuo of
tho emallor papors. Publishers nro
now paying fr. i 4 to 8 conts a pound
tor their nows print as against 2 to 3
conts por pouud January 1,
Booth-Kelly Company Will Fur
nish Lumber for Waste
Way; City Does Work
Engineer Parsons Instructed to Set
Monuments for Mill Street at
Present Location
Discussion of tho waste way gates
on mill street, improvement of south
Second street, the subject of delln-
the meeting adjourned from August
Dixon, manager ot the Booth-Kelly
I company In regard to the up-keep of
j the waste way gates on Mill street
i The marshal and city recorder at
tended Mr. Fcnwick and arrangements
were made ln which the Booth-Kelly
cmpany furnishes the lumber and the
j city furnishes tho labor to fix tho
wasto way gates on Mill street south
of Main. Work was started Wednes
Enclneor. L. E. Parsons renorfed
lithe re-cstabllshment of Mill street ln
front of blocks 10 and 20 of Springfield
10 80Uth D streot m the P,at b00k aD(l
. ....
, notes of location.
Tho contract of L. E.
- m .
gtrcet( wltn R M pareonfl a8
I '
wa8 read and approved.
, Afomv T
nPnnoa ,
progress on
quent taxes and stated that condition
, , ,,
urer rendored u hard to determme tne
proper owncr of property assessed,
m. n i - . . i . .
, iwtuiucr mi uuiuunzeu 10 bo-
; curo present ownership of property
;ln cases wnere they ar0 not known
and rewrIte tno old Bancroft a88eB8.
As no wood bids woro received, J.
W. Coffin was appointed to purchase
wood not to exceed 15 cords for the
city Hall
Application to auait the city books
was received from Will Williams and
Dolton Hammel of Eugono.
Dofore adjournment, claims wero al
lowed to II .C. Ether, ?1.55 and N. B.
Butler, $3.00.
Push Car Runs Into Open Switch
Throwing Them to Ground
A pnrty of Sprlngflold people wore
bruised but not sortously Injured yes-
torday afternoon when thoy wore-
thrown from tho track as the push car
ran into an open" switch near camp 8
ot tho Booth-Kolly company about
twolvo miles above Wendllng. Thnso
In tho party wero: Mr. M. G. Hutchi
son and small daughter, Eunice, Mrs.
Jackson, Mr .Howard, and Mr. Bonnet,
All of tho party received. Injuries, Mrs.
Jackson had her foot severely hurt
and It was thought the little, girl was
sorlously hurt but today, she is gottlng
along nicely,
Players Stop Here
A vnudeylllo party of Seattle who
aro on their way to Rodondnv Califor
nia nro stopping at tle Springfield
auto camp for a coupio of' days and
aro playing at tho Boll Theatre, Tho
playors are: Harry Odoll, Miss Alllo
Hart, Miss Phyllis Hughos and James
auo kuuimtL oi u. ju x arsons ior t. ,i . . ,,
,h lmnmmn( nf a...K o ' ,lwere m fa,r,y Good shape," Mr. Mor-
New Program to Be Rendered By the I
Local Organization
Tho Springleld Band has another
concert ready for this evening In tho
park providing tho weather Is favor
able. Tho leader, A. Perfect, will bo
present and many of tho boys who
havo boon away on vacations aro
again ready to tako up their places in
tho band. Tho program provided Is!
as follows:
March, Tho Booster Klein
Overture, Garden of Eden Barnard
Serenade, Sweet Dreams of Thee
.. . Evans
Waltzes Eleanors .. l!uff
Selection, Past and Present Dalbey
Schottesche, Carnation ..Howell
Intermezzo, Sweet Isabella Young
Medley, Southern MeIodIesBeyer
March, American Soldier Meyers
Star Spangled Banner.
Installs- New Advertising Device
W. J. White, manager of tho Bell
Theatre, has received three new re
volving poster frames, which work
by means ot electricity to display the
bill posters. Tho bills are fastened
in the frame and revolve slowly dis
playing the different reatures of the
Alms. The now poster frames are In
stalled in front of the theatre and are
painted yellow. One ot these frames
will be sent to Cottage Grove where It
will be used to advertise the films
used at Mr. White's Theatre there
? .
Mayor Morrison Tells of Interesting
Trips to Bear State Potato
Hi Business Is Good
"I did not talk to one person who has
Jived in Springfield while I was in
California who Is not planning on the
day when ho can come back here to
11 VfiaiaEr5rrisonwno' Fas'
Just returned from a long trip through
Mr. Morrison traveled In his auto
for 26 days and covered about 2500
miles. He went as far south as Los
ai ..n-K jt Z .
i - j
i risen said. "Some places they were
uau auu UUtD 111 a WUllB COU1Q ODIV
i ko iuu raues in one aay. I was struck
with the appearance of the roads In
southern California. There they have
trees planted on both sides of the
; "f8-, Thfe tad be
I ""l cu,"uu , t rs lo Keep
i tnem alive, it tne pople here in Ore-
, , .
gon would work half as hard as the
people of California to make things desirable to retain them in the nation
look nice we would have a paradise ai service for that long.
nero-" It is probable. Captain Schumacher
Mr. Morrison made his trip in the said, that the men will be disbanded
Interest of his potato business. He and allowed to return to their civilian
said the early crop in the south is occupations, in tho meantime being
very short and the late crop may not 'kept under their federal oath.
be so largo as usual. The potato bust-!
ness was very good, he said. Ho ox- STRIKE SCARE SPOILS
pects that he will be able to sell all of
the potatoes he has this winter In
Coos Bay People Want
From Springfield
. . Z 7Z... '
Opening of the Willamette-Paclflc
mllroad has a ready shown that It will -
InZll 18 17 7 trading for.
Sprlngflold. A few days ago a freight
that had been running three times a
week was scheduled to run every day,
A great quantity of freight is already
" ?B , ..
...uiuuis mo imowh omco receiv-
cu i.ivuiijr Hum u luatuuiii ui iuursn-
field asking for Information regardln-
potatoes and apples. He wants to get
his winter's sepply of vegetables from
tho Willamette valley. His neighbors
nro also anxious to net sunnllnR
Springfield farmers have a4new marke
for their produco In Coos Bay.
Local Men Go to Cattage Grove In
Republican Interest
Fred. W, Walker, D ,S .Deals and J,
C. Holbrook nsslstod'stacy Russell arid
Dr. T. W, Harris of Eugeno ln organ
izing a Hughes-Fairbanks club at. Cot
tage Grovo Monday evening. ,A rous
ing meeting, .was held and Elbert Bede
was elected President, Mrs. Clara A.
Burkholder, vice president and Worth
Harvey, secretary-treasurer, with a
membership of 145. O. H, Foster ot
Eugono delivered the principle address
ot the evening.
General Funston Instructed
Relieve 15,000 Men On
Duty at Border
Move to Come Immediately O. N. G
Will Take Up Quarters at
Camp Wlthycombe
Washington, Aug. 30. The follow
ing announcement was made tonight
by tho war department:
"The war department tonight di
rected General Funston' to return to
state mobilization camps the regi
ments from Ney York, two from, New
Jersey, one from Maryland, two frea
Illinois, two from Missouri, one from
California, one from Oregon, one from
Washington and one from LoHlsIana,
making in all about 15,000 of tea
National Guard.
"In view of the fact that there. Is
substantially this number ot troops
who have not done patrol duty on
the border is felt that this number
can be spared.
"In a few days if transportation
facilities remain undisturbed, tho de
partment intends to order home more
regiments and possibly to replace
them with troops now m their mobi
lization camps in the several states."
That Camp Wlthycombe, near Clack
amas station, is ready for the recep
tion of the homecoming guardsmen
is the statementof Captain Schcmach
er, temporarily In charge here, Wa-
tabllshed before the boys went to the
border, are In good condition, he says.
and the whole regiment can be ad
mitted on a moment's notice and taken
care of properly.
laB Presumpuon is mat tne Third
The presumption is that the Third
- u m.ufcuioij
moboiIzed but be rBtaIncd At
iniHnirv -win n nr tg tmmnH(o.nir
'Camp Wlthycombe as long as there is
. vuuuw ui uicu uum uceucu ior
nnv nhnnna .f ,V.I t.l . j .
active service on the border. When
they entered the federal service they
took the oath of enlistment, which
covers a period of three years or un
til mustered out The war depart
ment thus has a hold on them the
same as It has on the regulars for
tho full three years if it is thought
Oakrldge Train Brings Several Parties
Home This Morning After
Short Vacations
I Many people in response to the no-
tlce given by the railroad companies.
ralng tnmj,e to reach thelr d
nationa before September thlrdt aro
desortlnK tUoir camplng grounds an
shorten,ng thelr vislta A numb of
Eugene people passod througn s
fleld tw mornIng on the,r rolnmPtrom
hlmtng tr!ps nd v,s)t8. Mr and Mrj
John Wllborn nnd son Clarence wero
,.,, frm !, , , ,.
ridge. Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Harlow and
family and Mr. nnd Mrs. E. P. Harlow
left their camp at Oakrldge. Mrs. C,
L. Goll and children had been visit
ing nt Lowel. Mr. and Mrs. W. S.
Westropo were visiting their son,
Ernest at Jasper, Mrs. S. J. Hansaker
had been visiting Mrs. W. L. Bristow
at Pleasant Hill.
Train Left Local Yards Yesterday on
Lebanon Branch
Tho Southorn Pacific weed burner
left the local yards Wednesday morn
ing to burn along the Woodburn
Sprlngflold branch under the direction
of rqadmnstor, Scott whose district la
below Coburg. The weed burner la
composed ot tho burner, nn oil car,
two water cars and a coach and Is
operated by an engineer and is at
tended by a water gang of mon wb
see that no tlos aro left a!n&