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    THURSDAY, AUGUST, 24, 19lfl
HI Bill SGi&W
v H -H'
Mlia MrJno Mhrader returned
Tuesday from a trip to Portland.
C. K. Ilrattaiii left Ttiaiidny on a
trip to Hlatehluy and to Marelilleld.
It, 0. Muklnson of camp Croek was
In town oil business Wednesday.
Mrs. l II. Thus who has been vory
111 Is roportod vory low.
F. W. Walker, Is In Portland on busi
ness. Water wings at I eery 's ,
Harry Hush lit Wlnborry transacted
business bore Tuesday,
Elmer Cox, youngest sou of Mrs.
Hon Cox, lu suffering with rheuma
tism ,
W. L. Dunlap Is now working In tho
Knox grocery.
Mrs. J. A. Ooduiun, nnd Mr. anil Mr,
a T. Wilson visited at tho J U. Coil
man borne in Dexter, Wednesday.
Mrs. Luclnu ItlebnnlBou went to
Corvallls Wednosduy lo visit with her
daughter, Mrs. II. Armltago.
Mrs. V. Williams Is spending tho
wook In Kugonu with bur sister, Mrs.
0. S. Holler.
Wluchestur ammunition, llrosslor &
Son .
"""Mr. and Mrs. Jim Howard of June,
tlou City wore In town ou business on
J. A. Crnbtree retumod from tho
logging camp at Wenallng to spend a
few daya at bis home in Camp Creek.
Uruco Umsbery who Is being treat
ed for rhoumatlsm at the Kugeiio liou-
pliai is improving siowij. w.
Mr. and Mrs. U K. Durrln returned
iroitl tllOir irip lO UICIIUIOUU, wail-
TW..I..V ,.,.!,.
fornla, 1 uesda) opening.
Mr. and Mrs. Claud Nott returned .
the llrst.o the week from a trip to
1U..., ' n . i r-m
-Mr. anil JVirs. u. t, uson nnu mm-
ily from Fischer's Camp are spending wrnK nt tho water tank In the local
a few weeks with Mrs. J. A. Godmnn. j ynr(8.
Keep tho llles oft the cows with "Fly qu 0b, ci0anors and greaso, Urea
Bouncer" 75c a gallon at Peory's. j Bler & Son.
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Moore and Thernn ' The gravel trains are not working
Cogll returned Tuesday nftor sovoral today on nccnunt or tho excursions to
months In Eastern Oregon. Mnrshflcld. One crow of men are help-
Mrs. Alice Ilolcomh left today for , Ing on tho log train nnd tho other
Murshfleld to visit her sou Sam Hoi-1 crews are working with tho excursion
comb. ! trnlns.
A. J. Parkins and daughter, Theda, nd Ilrattnln roturnod from Portland
Camion Hnrwood, and Vera Perkins i Tuesday evening after disposing of a
returned from Newport Tuesday. Tear load of cattlo that ho had purchas
Mrs. D. Crouch left Wodnosdny for'ed near Mapleton. Mr. Brattaln ro-
Yoncolla whoro she will visit her .
mother, Mrs. Applegato.
Qcorgo Settle went to Lebanon Wed
nesday having recolved word of tho
death of his brotiior's wifo,
Capt, and Mrs. C. U. Winn nnd son,
Curtis, spent Wodnosdny evening with
tho Holbrook family.
Tho boat mens' shoos at Wolf &
Mrs. R. II. Mlllor will louvo tho lat
ter part of this weok for Newport to
spend a fow days.
Mrs. Jim Fox of west of Eugont
spent Wodnosdny at tho Ceo. Ditto
homo In this city.
Miss 0 race Sldwell who 1ms boon at
Cohurg for tho past two months ro
turnod homo for a couplo of days last
night .
Mrs .Kolla Cantroll nnd children
moved from Emerald Heights to B
street between Sixth und Seventh .
You can buy your feed cheapor at
tho Springfield Food company's wnro
houso. No rent, no druyago, no de
livery. Tho saving is yours. Inves
tigate. Mrs. L. Crow who was suhmlttod
to an oporatlon at- tho local hospital
-Sunday morning Is doing nlcoly.
Tho small sou of O, C. Thurmnn ha
an oporatlon for abscess of tho necli
Dr. and Mrs. W. C. Itobhan nnd
daughter ,Constanco, and Mr. nnd Mrs.
A. M. Doaver enjoyed a plcnlo supper
by tho rlvor TuoBday evening.
Miss Alice Holcomb of Albany ar
rived Wodnosday to spend a tew days
at tho homo of hor uncle, J. C. Hol
brook. J. P, Fry recolved a toiegram Wed-
, $ 200 LOTS FOR $ 75
Ifof tho'rtot SO days wo offer you your choice of any lots
uiisolodtetl in Central Addition to Springfield for $75.00
pay us 10 per cent down and wo will give you plenty of
timo on the ibulanco and mako tho payments easy Tho
numbers offered nt this price is limited this we know Is
tho biggest bargain oyer offered In Springfield. Look thorn
over and remember tho stjlo lasts 30 days and, no longer.
E. E. Kepnor, D. W. Roof, tyl. Nl. Peery, A. C. Barbour, Route
2, Eugene, (Residence Springfield Junction.)
iwsday stating thnt his Hon Lloyd wan
seriously III In Orluttt, South Dakota
UCtr an oporatlon for nppondlcllls.
Minn NYmHh Hiirfln
Miss Fracls Hurt'lott will leava tho
(Irat or noxt wool; to visit with friends
at Kali Crook uud Natron. She will
he gone several days.
Mm. llert Williams, of Eugono ,wlio
Han hon acting as-temporary stenogra
pher for tho Oregon I'owor company
In lntllsioad with a had cold.
jfVum I11' 1,tmlon of I,ra,n' U- U- 1Ja,lttrd of
&Mlller. tho s j, Co j, 0 crnnor. of A"fin.
A tennis team from Wondllng will,, . . . ., . , ,,,
, , ... ,, , land, It. J. .Menus, 01 Aoniana .wlllard
WilM the 8. P. Co, C M Perkins, of
14M 11 Ik 4 I II I TUN UVI ttllilUJ f iihiviii
Poory. and Krnnk Olhhs, Sunday.
Mr. nnd Mrs. F. 10 .Barnard left to
day for a trip to Murshflold, Mr.
Ilnniard Ih taking his vacation from
tho Oregon I'owor plant.
W. L. McCulloch, chief engineer a
thu Oregon I'owor plant left thin mon.
Ing for Dalian where hu will Inspoc
thq power plant. ,
Mrs. Oscar Shear and children of
Crow left IIiIh morning after visiting
several days with Mrs. Emery Itlchard-.
. , . ;
Mrs. Price's canning
Peory's Drug Storo.
Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Smith of I'orU
laud uro Btuyiug at tho home of Mrs.
Smith's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Mnr
lock during tlio latter's absence
through harvest.
J. W, Chandler Inspector for the
Southern Pacific -and 'Wlllametto Pn-
I clflc companies at Albany enmo to tho
local yards today to iifspcct the boil
ers of tho engines ho re.
A. C .Travis and wifo nnd Arthur I
Wing and wifo of La Porto, Indiana,
.vI1, KO to hutcherv tomorrow
for f(JW )ayB Mr Wng want(j l0
.... hl. ,.,, nt PI,.c,lnc Ornirrm trout
". . 1
nIlt, Bnimon.
JoIm oIoctrIc.a foP ,hn 1
SolIthorn Pcflc company at Portland
camo to Springfield Tuesday In answer
(0 ..mfoty first call" to InBitect tho
turned Wodnosdny to his family who
aro camping at Mapleton,
Tho crow that bus been replacing
tho brlckB along tho trolley tracks
with plank on Main street havo com
pleted their work from tho enst end
of tho car lino to Soventh street. Tho
work Is progressing rapidly and will.
ho finished nl a couple of weeks.
For tho host up-to-dato shoo repair
ing, try Hall tho Shoo Doctor. Fifth
and Main stroots,
Thoso registered nt tho Springfield
hotol Monday .Tuesday and Wednes
day woro: Earl Qrout of Eugene, W.
Wolkoo of San Francisco, Mrs. Grout,
Mr. and Mrs, N. J. Hayes of Corvallls,
S. Ward of Portland, Wllllo Henderson
of Cottage Qrovo, Mtb, Arthur Orlntly
and family of Skamokawa, Washing
ton, W .11, Pendoll of Vldn, J. Bock of
Vlda, L. L. Morris of Brownsville ,and
Luwls Josophsou of Vida,
Paul Scott nccldontly camo in close
contact with a piece of iron at his
homo on Eust Maui streot at 7:30 last
evening and had a piece of his upper
lip taken out. A local physician fixed
him up and ho Is alright now except
for n little stiffness in tho location of
the wound.
Mr .und Mra. Frank Whltnker and
Lee Iloblnson of Independence visit
ed with Mrs, It. II. Knox Tuesday on
tholr return from Belknap Springs,
Mr. Whltnker Is an old frlond nnd for
merly worked lu tho Knox store at
Eloctrlc shoo repairing. Wolf &
Miss Margaret Qosslor loft for Bel.
llngham, Washington Tuesday. Thoso,
attending hor to tho train wero: Mr.
land Mrs. Phil' Gassier, MIhhok Mary
West and World Lybargor, Joa Cramcl,
7'iMark Jorios, Ralph Dristo, Chester
Elnpass, ntid Hobart Kccny.
Tlio W. C .T. U. will meet at tho
liomo of Mm. J. II. Camboli, corner of
Tenth, and H streets, Friday afternoon
at two o'clock. Thero will he election
of ollicoro pirnl mumhurH are asked to
bring their reports. ,
Gloves, overalls, shirts and pox at
Woff & Mlllor's.
Mrs. N. W. Emory and William Pdb
lard returned on tho train Wodnori
day morning from a camping trip near
OakridKo. Tho rent of tho party: Dr
and Mrs, W. H. I'oiiard and daughter
Jowel, Mrs. J. Hainan and daughter,
Naomi of Portland, and Dr. N. W.
I Emory roturtied In an automobile
Do you wish to become well? If so
cull on Dr. Murphy, a drugloss healer,
8G9 Main street.
Thoso crglstercd at tho Elite hotel
Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday
wore: W. A. Leonurd of tho B, P. Co.
Mrs. Doano and family of Jasper, E.
Portland, J. It. Daker of Portland, IU It
Koolen of San Francisco, M. A. Markt
of Seattle, 0. E, Oroeg of Seattle, h.
s M. Newbury of Corvullls, and F. A.
Franklin of Corvallls.
Do you wish to become well? If so
cull on Dr. Murphy, a drugless healer,
36 Main street.
Mrj. A. McPlierson who Is recover
ing from a recent oporutlon, will bo
ublo to lcavo tho local hospital in a
( f,4iv ,lnv
Jr H Q Vfln VftIzall wh(j ,mB be(m
seriously III at his homo on Second
and A streets for the past weok is no
better' today. No word baa been re
ceived .from the two sons. Dob nnd
GoraliV, .whp are camping 22 miles
above Oakridgo and parties were sent
Mondny from Onkrfdge to bring thorn
home. It Is also impossible to send
woru to the eldest son, Dr. Laurie
Van Vnlsah, who Is ou Ills way from
Panama to tho United States, until
hu readies his destination.
True economy is what wo save In the
long run. Tho wise mail feeds his colt
to mako It grow. He pastures his cow
to get a good flow of milk and pnlnta
his house to make It last. It-coutn
1 . ...
very nine more now 10 panu a House
Probablv not
"'f" '. L0'. f."ot
your homo beautiful with the best
paint on tho markot-Phconlx Pure
moru man t.uu on an average, iuuito
Paint. Guaranteed,
Sold by J. C. Hoi-
August, 21, Hop picking began on
Tuesday at tho Easton yard.
Mr. Lane Morris left for a short
stay In Albany Mondny.
Kntheryn ZnCher left Saturday for
her homo In Eugene after a short visit
with friends here.
Kate Irvln of Eugene spent Sunday
with Eva Hart. '
Dick Easton, Jr. who hns been work
ing at Mabel returned Friday.
May Gutherie spent Mondny with
Erdlne Cnrnthers at Davis.
Mr, and Mrs. C. L. Baker are visit
ing relatives at Dexter.
Mr. John Herndon who has been In
Washington for the past two months
camo homo Saturday .
Mrs. T. C. Gutherie' spent Sunday
with Mrs. G. T. Plnkston.
Mr. nnd Mrs. T Williams spent Sun
day at Waltcrvlllo.
Mr. Goorgo Easton visited Marion
Comthers Sunday.
Mr. W. M. Cooloy. Mr. and Mrs. John
Cooloy, Mrs. A. Huchlns nnd son,
Hornco woro Eugeno callers Satur
day. Jas. Hart and son wero In town Sat
urday. Mr. Walter and Claud Lewis left for
Washington Tuesday.
Miss Madge Hambol spent Saturday
nnd Sunday with Mrs. God. Williams.
Mrs. Guthorio spent Tuesday after
noon with Mrs. Jas. Hart,
Card of Thanks
Wo desire to express our lienrty
thanks and appreciation to the many
frlonds who minlBtered with such dovo
tlon during tho Illness and death of our
beloved husband nnd fnthor; also for.
tho beautiful floral tributes and other
expressions of sympathy and love.
CAMP crT-ek
Creek, Aug. 22. The Itov.
Glllot preached his farowol! sermon
hero Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. MnstorBon and daugh
ters, Clnra, Dorothy and Inza Crabtreo
motored to Junction City Sunday after
M ti.lfl Afva 1M CtM.t.l .....I .M..
-.... .v. ,.n, , t kJlll'UU UIIU luuiuy
spent" tho week-end with rolatlvds hero.
Marlon Chnso is hauling cord wood
to Eugeno.
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Jack ani fam
ily attended church nt the Unner
Camp Greek school houso on Sunday
Poultry Raisers Have Exhibit
(Continued from Pago One)
In a largo, well-lighted building located
in such a poeltlon that at least DO pet
cent of the entire attendance, will view
tills free exhibition. Den Y. Keono
the well known Judge, will placo a
awarin on poultry at this show.
"There will bo no poultry show hold
tlilmyonr on th Pacific coast that ot
fors better opportunltlpg for tho hred
or and exhibitor from a ntnndpolnt of
soiling value, and every assistance will
j be given the exhibitor to gain tlifc
....... .
"Tho Lane County Poultry assocla
Hon Bollclts your co-oporatlon In m
Ing this show tho one 'Mg show of tlf;
west and at the same time assures yo
of fair and honest treatment"
William Smith Plucklly Stays on Job'
Until Overcome '
William Smith, gas fitter, from Eu-
gond while working on tlio gas main op
Ninth and C strcots Wednesday after
noon was nearly suffocated with gar
;IIo stopped work twice thinking h
could work tho effect of tho gas pas
I Ing into his system but tho third time
he attempted to work ho was ovorcomo
.and a fellow workman took him Into
tho I. May's residence. A doctor urn
nurso wore sent for and the man wa
brought out from under tho Influent
of tho gas in about two hours. Mr
Smith will not be able to work fo
1 several days.
Investigation Is Held
rt:e Eugene Electric Railway com
pany is holding an Investigation 1
Springfield this afternoon .to ascer
tain the cause of the street car acci
dent that happened at the east eno
of tho river bridge last -week. One
day last week tho work cars were com
Ing off the bridge toward Sprlngfleh
nnd one of theregulnr cars was fol
lowing it Tho street car was unable
lo slow down enough on tho down grade
off the bridge to keep from running 1
to tho work car. A collision cousc
qoiuo damage to the car and it had to
be taken off the run for repairs.
Thurston, Aug. 22. Mr. Stanloj
Gray lost a valuable curr last week.
A ' heavy hail storm hit this placo
last Thursday, it did but very little
damage, however.
Miss Florence Piatt of Eugene ic
visiting at this place .
Wllla Eomiston spent ,the day with
Beatrice and Winnie Morris in Eu
gene Saturday.
Miss Maud Lewis of Corvallls Is
spending her vacation with her sister,
Mrs. Geo. Piatt of this place.
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Gray had a
very pleasant visit wjth Mr .and Mrs.
Hiram Miller and daughter, Margaret,
at Land last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Edmiston and
daughters returned home Friday from
a visit with Mr. and aire. Heston
Rhodes and family at DeXter.
Mr. and Mrs. George Messer, son,
Scotty, and Hattle Lowe left Mon
day for Waltervllle where they will
camp and pick early hops.
Mrs. O. A. McMahan, Mrs. J. Bertsch
Mrs. Homer Fhetteplace, Miss Eliza
beth McMahan nnd Verna Phetteplace
visited at the O'Rourko home at Davis
Mnrcola, Aug. 22. H. M. Anderson
motored to Springfield Saturday.
Mrs. Elizabeth Workman has re
turned from Mabel where she has been
visiting for a few days.
Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Anderson and
sons, Charles and Clarence, and Mr.
and Mrs. II. Gregerson motored to
Cohurg Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. F, W. Titus and fam-1
ily motored to Hnrrisburg Sunday. j
Mrs. II. M. Anderson and daughters, j
Lilly and Elsie returned from Foley!
Springs Saturday where they have I
been spending the week,
Mr. F. E. Maple took a bunch of boys
to Blue River Sunday to spend the day.
The boys wero George and Otto Chap
man, Ronald and Sherman Maple and
Leonard Brlggs.
Mr, S. G. Splser of this town has
piircha8ired a new Ford car.
Amy Carson is visiting hor brother
Merle Cobb of Marcolo.
Wm. Chapman and Thos. Dlckerson
drove to Wondllng Sunday, On a busi
ness trip.
Tho Marcolu school houso Is receiv
ing a now coat of white paint, when
finished will make a great- Improve
ment on the building.
Thos. D. Hanson was In Eugene last
Saturday on a business trip.,
R. Garrison has also purchased a
now Ford car.
Martha Andreas went to Eugene
Monday morning on the train, She
Intends to spend tho week there.
N. A. Baker and I. A, O'Reilly were
In Marcola Monday.
Mnrlo Dlckort, Eva Titus, Gladys
Ross and Lottlo McMurry "hiked"
ovor tho trail by Wondllng to Camp
Ton, last wook.
A box social was held Wednesday
evening at tlio school yard, Tho pro
ceeds wont to benefit tho Marcala
Public reading room ,
-Jl TMIMK,"W'B COt 13 1
I rtUX)W3 TmMK n TOOl THtV 010 or omeiKAftyl
I atftOMg ) J '1 TOBACCO. W- 18 0OAUT
"OLJ'LL find some
when you get to using W-B CUT Chewing. A
little bit hides away in your cheek unnoticed and
gives two-for-onc more satisfaction than a wad of ordi
nary stuff. Men get to calling it the gentleman's chcv
became it don't disfigure the face and cuU down rfrtadinif and tpitti. f.
A 10c pouch laiti twice at long a a dim's wortlot ordinary cht.
if. Give W-B CUT the quality tett.
Ihia fc7 WEYMAN-BXUT0N COMPANY, 50 IMoa &), Kev Yk Ctj
' The'Charra of NORTH BEACH j ;
tJ?-j --"- ' ' lies in it3 easy simplicity and quaint ;'
A 2S?v" bomcline33. Regular North Beach u
f WBClCT "N. visitors are those who appreciate and
s MpvOv A enjoy the resifulnerfi of natural L
jjLgVgs life down-by-the-sea. I,
North Beach
is easily and pleasantly reached by a short trip
from Portland on one of the
O-W. R. R. & N.
Steamers, "T. J. PoTTEa," "Eassalo," "Harvest Queen"
Season Round Trip fA ff Week (JO flH
from Portland 44kUU End tpO.UU
Ask Local S. P. Agent for Fares, or write the
General Passenger Agent, O - W. R. R. & N.
for Free Folder and Other Information
Fred Bressler returned from Port
land Wednesday.
We are equipped to reclean CLOVER
and VETCH seed thls fall and will buj
all the seed you have to sell. Spring
.ield ieed company.
Walterville, Aug. 23. Mrs. Kenner
and daughter of Iowa are here visit
ing tho former's sister, Mrs.'Devcr.
Born, Saturday August, 19, 1916 to
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Smeed, a son
weighing ten pounds .
Mr, Johnson anfl family started for
Uieir home at Fresno, California . Mon
day morning after an extended visit
at the Morse's home.
Miss Gilma Kaldor of Deerhorn
spent Sunday with Miss Malena Momb.
Miss La Vera Lamb of Goshen is
here visiting Miss Cora, Devor and
they are both engaged in picking hops
at Easton's.
Miss Vera Dorflinger returned to
her home at Eugene Monday.
Mr. M. Momb threshed for Mr. Will
Smeed Wednesday.
There are many people from Wal
tervllle picking hops at the Easton
Classified Ads
For Sale, Rent, Wanted, Etc.
Will tho person who took two bank
books and a deed .from my coat
pocket at Kompp's Livery barn on
Saturday night Please mall them to
box 245, Springfield and avoid trouble
Ed. Dompler.
WANTED : By young experienced
farmer steady position &b a dairy
farm. Box 47, Routo 2, Eugeno.
WATTBEcperlenced girl for gen
aral house work.' Apply to 710 C
street, Springfield. t2.
LOST -Pink cameo ring with silver
band at picnic Tuesday. Return to
Nows office ,
FOR SALE: Good wagon, harness
and hayrack, L. M. Cagloy;
Offlc fn City Hall, Bprlngflelcl, Ore.
thinrfs out about real tobacco
lies in ite easy simplicity and quaint
bomcline33. Regular North Beach
visitors are those who appreciate and
enjoy the resifulnerfi of natural
PHONES Office, 3; Residence, 116-J'
Over Commercial Bank,
Springfield, Oregon
Edwards & Br attain
For Farm and City Property
Exchanges a Specialty
Springfield - Oregon
Phone 30
Pacific Conservatory of Music
731 Willamette Street
The School of Music where all the
Legitimate Instruments and Musical
Studies are Instructed.
Ellsworth Crocker, President,
Mrs. Ellsworth Crocker,-Sec and Treas.
Attended to Promptly
Springfield and Vicinity orders at the News Office
Homeopathic Physician and Surgeon
Office, Baptist Parsonage
Corner Second and C "Streets
HOURS: ? TO 12. PHONE 40
Office Phone 62; Residence 87-J
West Main St
Amblers Drictng Academy
Eugene 'Phone 345
Learn to danco before fall season
opens. Three, classes weekly.
Children's fancy dancing, Saturdays
2 p, m. Rates, Reasonable
China Painting
To all who will take a term, of 12
lessons I will give
The two free lessons will give
you a piece of chtaa ready for the
first fire.
Now is n good ftme to begin to
prepare for Xmas,
Orders solicited, 336 A street