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nuturuntltr ol of Uouire ot M awn, lT
Sonato and Houso Havo Powor
to Pass Such a Law to
Rogulnto Commerco
Railroads May Be Forced to Yield to
Brotherhood's Demands and Avoid
the Threatened Strike
Washington, Aug.23 President Wll
eon turned to congress today for hup- j
port lu kin demund for au olght hour
railroad day a aanu oqultablo moans
of avoiding a tttrlko that would bo
disastrous to the nation.
lie was Informed by tho loadors of
the two powerful committees croatod
to deal with matters rotating to Inter
state commerce that congress has un
doubted powor to pass au eight-hour
This la acceptod as Indicating that
if tho railway executives Imposo Im
possible counter demands hoforo yield
ing thoy will face legislation which
will mako It-compulsory.
Capitulation Expected
Tho plan that was presented at tho
last Whlto House conference, however,
Is said to bare exctod guarantees so
numerous and varied an to constitute
a serious stumbling block.
Thoy wanted posltlvo assurancoa
that freight rates would bo Increased
at least C per cent to meet tho added
burden In wagos estimated by tholr
statisticians. Assurances woro asked
tint legislation would bo enacted to
prevent a ft miliar crisis.
Tho president romalned firm. Ho Is
understood to havo mado no promlso
other than that ho would urgo tho
pastiago of tho bill now In tho sonata
by which the Intoratato Commorco
commission would bo Incroasod from
jiovon to nine members.
The Importance of tho prcaldont's
suggestion lies In its possible applica
tion to tho long, standing claim of tho
inlHHlon which passos on rates ought
also to bo employed to sit in Judg-
mont on tho domands of employes for',gt chUrch wero,nmong tho speakers'
higher wagos. , Til0 pnji bearors wore tho members
Following his last conforonco with j of tho 0,ncln, board of Mr Wlgmore's
mo roprosenmwvos oi uio ruiiwuy
ecutlvoH, Prosldont Wilson sent today
for Chairman Nowlands of tho senate
commlttoo on Intoratato Commerco and
Chnlrman Adamson of tho houso com
mlttoo. Adamson Makes Statement
At tho conclusion of tho conforonco
Chnlrman Adamson Bald:
"Tho prosldont talked very frankly
with us. Ho rovlewod nil that had
transpired botweon tho Whlto Houso
nnd tho railway executives up to tho
present Wo bollovo ho Is right In
his demand for tho eight hour day.
"Congress has plenary powers to
deal with all questions relating to In
terstate commorco. It has undoubted
power to pass an eight hour day law.
Also It may enact any other measure
by way 6f regulating commorco.
"1 havo not considered any concroto
proposition and will tako the ques
tion up until wo aro convlncod that
tho president has failed to sottlo the
strike. I bollovo from tho knowlodgo
of tho situation obtalnod today ,that
tho prosldont will gain his point."
Girls Don't Appreciate Scenery and
Geese When It Rains and They
are Told to "Move On"
Mlssos Edna Fischer, Leota Mo
Crackon, Sadlo Allen, Lyla and Evolyn
Miller, chaperoned by Mrs. J, D. Camp
bell roturnod Monday night from tholr
hike to tho fish hatchery. Tho girls
report somo tired and soro foot after
traveling from 0:30 a. m. until 0: p.
m. to got home Monday, Tho girls
started out on tholr trip last woek with
light hoarts but, when it ralnod nnd a
farmer refused to lot thom remalr
over night In his barn, tholr onthUBt
nam dtod Immediately. It Boomed thoy
could not enjoy the scenery, as thoy
stood watching some gooso swimming
In a ditch another man Bald, "movo
on girls, I don't llko tho looks of this,
movo on." In spite of all tho trouble
the glrlB hold to tholr purpose and vis
ited tho fish hatchery and fool that
thoy will know bottor how to plan an
other trip.
When Tourists Return Prom Trlf.s
They Make Especial Effort to
Stop Hero
Mr, and Mrs. It. E. Bhaffor and V.
0. Bhaffor of Santa Ana, California,
stopped nt the local auto camp Tuoh
day avonlng for tiro repairs. Thoy are
on their way to Cashmere, Washington
and roport had roads and tiro trouble
on tholr trip,
An auto party . consisting of fire
ladlos, traveled until ten o'clock Tues
day evening to reach the Springfield
auto camp, Mrs. K. h Sturgeon, 4nd
daugbtors Anna and Mario, Mrs. C. F.
Mendonball, and Miss Stella Dolwcrt
loft Evorotto, Washington Juno 5 for
an oxtondod auto' trip through Oregon
and California and across the bordor
Into Mexico and are now returning
home. Ilomomborlng tholr visit to
tbo Springfield auto camp about June
20, the party mado special otTort to
camp horo on tholr return . The ladlos
r "icy avo traveled G500 miles with
very little trouble or need of repairs
They also speak highly of the beauti
ful scenery of Orogon, especially at
Orator Lako.
Larger Part of Former Pastor's Con
gregation Pay Last Respects to
Their Beloved Leader
More than 200 Springfield people
attended tho funoral services for the
late E. C. Wlgmoro, former pastor of
tho local Christian church, at two
o'clock Tuesday afternoon at tho First
Christian church of Eugne. The audi
torium of the groat church was filled
with frlonds of tho Wlgmoro family.
Great banks' of beautiful llowors wero
sent by tho friends.
Dean E. C. Satidorson of the Eugene
Dlblo University conducted tho ser
vices. Ho dollvered one of the ad
dresses and paid his former co-worker
many high tributes . Several other
members of tho Bible University as
sisted In the services. Ilov. J. A .Den
nett of the Junction City Christian
church, 0. S, O. Humbert, field socro
tnry of the Dlblo university and lav.
J. T .Mooro of tho SDrlncflold Motho
congregntlon. Thoy woro P. M.
I Stroud, 8. A .Cay, F. L. Travis, Wll
llam E. Knott, J C. Holbrook, and Pi
K. Leo. i
The Springfield business houses
closed Tuesday afternoon from
until 3:00 o'clock In ortiur to lot tliosu
ongagod in business attend tho funeral'
of Mr. Wlgmoro.
Interment was mado In tho Odd
Fellows comotry at Eugene. Rev. J.
S. McCullum olllclntlng at tho service
German Submarine Takes Cargo Back
to Fatherland In Less Than
One Month's Time
Berlin, (Via Sayvlllo). Aug. 23.
The Gorman submarine Doutschland
arrived at tho mouth of tho Wesor
this afternoon. All on board aro woll.
It Is bollovod that on her return trip
tho Doutschland como south through
tho North sea after passing betwoen
Scotland and Ireland . Tho Doutsch
land sllppod out of tho Virginia capos
on tho return trip to Bromen on tho
night of August 1, She oasily eluded
a cordon of allied warships awaiting
her outsldo the threo-milo limit off
Capo Honry aud passed out to sea, On
various occasions sho waa reportod ns
having boon, sighted by ships cross
ing tho Atlantic.
Tho Doutschlnnd mado tho voyage
to this country in 17 days. Tho oxtra
days consumed on tho return trip can
bo attributed to two reasons. One
waa that sho came over uuoxpoctodly
but roturnod in the face of full knowl
edge by tho nlllod governments of hor
preliminary movements , Another was
thnt on the trip Captain Koonlg
steered iv course through tho qvor-duti.
gorous English channel, while, return
ing, ho aougV tho safer and longer
route around tho British Islos.
Springfield,- Oregon,
Thursday, August 24, 1916.
MIbb Coos Bay,
North Dend, 5'-
JMy dear little Blster-inlaw to bo:
I suppose this missive will reach you too late to
change your mind In regard to the fateful step you are
about to take, but as I have been a little sister to
TSugeno so long, and as I know his character so well
I can't help having a heart full of sympathy for you
as you take this plunge for better or for worse. You
probably don't know and can't possibly know his dis
position as well as I, who have dwelt with him these
many years.
Why, do you know he has grown so big and strong
that he has no thought or consideration for his smaller
relatives and would hog nllUie toys we have to play
with. He even wants to take my round-house and
machino shops from me, but I have a great big beau
that wouldn't let him do those naughty things. There
is one thing he does do to me. He coaxes me over to
see him and charges me twenty cents and then he
gets my money away from me and tells me that I have
some real bargains. They are not real bargains at all.
His real honest-to-goodness bargains are only make
believes and I am just foolish enough to think they are
'til I get back homo and compare prices and goods '
with home merchants.
Of course my big brother has his good traits. He
Is very progressive and has a nico home to take you
to. He has fine facilities for educating your family.
Some day I am going to have a wedding, and as I
could'nt possibly marry a brother, I have set my cap
for another nico young man. He is such a nice man,
and is awfully rich. Haven't I told you who ho Is?
Let mo whisper his name in your ear. It's Mr. Espee
Yours with heaps of love,
Score of Local Boosters Go
Wearing Badges "Natron
Cut-Off Next."
M. C Bressler Will Tell Throng of
"Greater Dividends" of Building
Railroads In Northwest
,,'Each with a badge bearing tho In
scription "Sprlngflold congratulates
Coos Hay, Natron Cut-Off Next" and a
good supply of the 15,000 slips of
papor bearing tho same words, more
than n scoro of good Springfield boost
ers started for tho Coos Day Railroad
Jublleo early this morning . Tho party
had two missions to carry out; to
show the railroad company tho need
of completing tho Oakridgo lino and to
see to it that Henry Adrian should got
safely to North Bond.
"Heine," you konw Is to bo best
man at tho wedding of Mr. Eugene
Lnne and Miss Coos Bay at North
Bond this aftornoon . A few days ago
tho Eugcno Chnmbor of Commerce
asked tho Sprlngflold Business Men's
club U select tho best man for tho
wedding und thoy promptly picked
"Holno," Poor "Helno." Ho hns been
so worked up about It for the last two
days that ho has hardly had any sloop
or eaten a squaro meal. Ho has been
so busy gathering up his "glad rags"
and trying on suits and plug hats that
ho has gotton all fusnml ud. But tho
Springfield delegation aro with him
so ho will got through all right.
When the local delegation gets to
the Coos Bay townB 15,000 advertising
slips of many colors will bo distrib
uted broad cast advertising tho Natron
cut-off, M. C .Bressler has a place on
Its program and ho will dovoto his
timo to talking on "Greater Dividends."
In his talk, Mr. Bressler will bring out
tho need of lite oarly completion of
tho Natron cut-off. He will try to
show that it will moan greater divi
dends for the railroad company as well
as for the towns and country along
tho lino . Ho will compare the devel
opment of other parts of tho north
west with the development that might
como about If this lino woro completed.
Among thoso who went to the cele
bration are M. C, Brosslor, Henry
Adrian, Mrs, Altco Holcomb, O. B.
Kessoy, J. C Dlmm, Randall Scott, Gor
trudo Williams, Mrs. George Catching
Welby Stevens, M. M. Peovey, K. E.
Kepner, 0. E. Hwarts. 4. W. Coflln
(Continued on Pago Four)
Miss Springfield Lane
North Bend Could Not Wait For
Celebration to Begin
Started Last Night
Excursion Trains Will All Receive a
Royal Welcome Allegorical
Ceremony Later In Day
North Bend, Oro. Aug. 23. Coos Bay
simply couldn't wait for tho opening
of the railroad jubilee tomorrow and
started' the festivities tonight. The
Kaiser band gave an open air concert
on tho streets of North Bond early In
tho evening and at 9 o'clock there was
a dance on the big danco floor In
Mnrshfield. This floor Is 170 feet
squaro and Is the largest dance floor
ever constructed in southwestern Ore
gon. Many have been arriving today by
automobile. The train from the Co
qullle valley cities brought several
hundred today to attend tho races.
Thoy will remain through the Jubilee.
The train from the north this after
noon brought four coaches filled with
people from Siuslaw, Umpqua and the
Ten-Mile country.
All of the logging camps nre closing
down and it is estimated that 1500
loggers will be In the cities.
Portland Trains First
The Portland excursions will be tho
first to arrive at North Bend tomor
row. Tho Journal train may wait at
tho Coos Bay bridge for tho Portland
Chamber of Commorco train bo they
can both como in at the same time.
Tho reception will bo tho most en
thusiastic that has evor been given
any crowd of visitors on Coos Bay.
All the whistles of many factories,
steamers In port and tho tiro alarm
sirens will bo sounded.
Thero will bo plenty of fun ,too, for
the local committees are little uneasy
as to what tho Portland Rosarlans
may have framed up. Perhaps tho
Coos Bayltea will beat them to It.
The Rosarlans will be given a chance
to pull soma stunts to amuso the peo
ple and' there will be something hap
pening every minute everywhere.
North Bend Expects Crowd
Tho Eugene party will arrive short
ly after noon. Then thero will bo nn
other rousing reception. ' Sit to seven
thousand peoplo fror? a P. parts of
Coos county wit! bo U N'nrth Bend, to
groot tbo visitors. .
The crowd In .ortb fiend Is espnetod
(Cor.tlnuod on Pago Fou:)
Kemy and Stevens Families Have
Fine Outing In Southern and
Eastern Oregon
Mr. and Mrs. O. Ji. Kcssey and fam
ily, and MSJ'and Mrs. Welby Stevens
land family returned Monday evening
from a 770 mile auto trip through
southern and eastern Oregon and ro-4
A . , I n't... .t ? ! t ! . 1 ,
! Inv w;t fniinri rnrr Imnrcmitrn onil j
beautiful . The vegetation at Grants
Pass, Afedford, and Ashland was quite
brown. Crops looked good at Klamath
Falls under the new Irrigation system.
At Dend vegetation was found to be
Tho roads were dusty but fairly good
except at the McKenzlo Pass. No
placo could be more beautiful than the
McK-jr.zIc nvor alons the McKcnlo
Pass providing tho roads were fitted
for auto, travel from tho edge of Crook
county to tho McKenzio bridge, Mr,
Kessey says.
Tho party carried about 1000 Srrlng
field auto camp tickets on the trip nnd
gave them to tourists and distributed
them ell along the way . Springfield
seemed to be well advertised in many
Funeral Will Be Conducted By Rev.
Humbert at Christian Church
Tomorrow at 2 p. m.
Mrs. F. B. Titus, died at her home
on. east Main street at seven o'clock
this morning after a continued illness
for nearly four years, aged 53 years,
11 months and 15 days. Tho funeral
will be held tomorrow afteriiooa at
two o'clock at the Christian church.
Rev. G. S. O. Humbert of the Eugene
Blblo University will preach the ser
mon. Interment will be made at the
Laurel Hill cemetry, Springfield.
Sylvia Union Janes was bora Sep-
tember 9. 1862 at Tioton. Indiana.
When she was but one year old hercharBe Joe Keller, parole officer, and
parents moved to Vernon county .Wis- leader of the faction which Is fight
consin. At the age of 16 Miss Janes ' InB Mlnto. A legal question may ha
was converted and United with the involved here, as it is understood the
Christian church at ML Tabor. Wis-! governor contends he alone has an-
Sylvia Union Janes was married to
F. B. Titus, December 10, 1881 to which
union there were born three children.
They are Addle E. Pratt, of Springfield,
Jennie Ethel Adams of Parker, Wash
ington, and Earl F. Titus of Marcola.
Ever since her convlertion, Mrs.
Titus has lived a consistent Christian
life and has been an earnest worker
and a minister's faithful helper.
Besides her husband and children,
Mrs. Titus leaves one sister, Mrs.
George Carson of Springfield, several
nephews and nieces, as well as 12
grandchildren, who mourn her loss.
All Bird Fanciers are Requested tc
Send Fouls to Fair September
13, 14, and 15.
A big poultry show will bo held in
connection with the Lane county Fal
by the LaneCounty Poultry Association
at Eugene September 13, 14 and IB
All of the breeders In Lano county arc
asked to send their birds to this, tho
largest of Lane's poultry shows. The
executive board of tho Poultry associ
ation is sending out the following
"The Lane County Poultry associa
tion extends to you a hearty Invitation
to come and bring your birds to their
ninth annual exhibition, which will be
held in Eugene, September 13, 14, 15,
"This season's show will bo hold In
conjunction with the Lane county fair
and roundup and promises to surpass,
any former exhibit held in the west.
The added attraction of the roundup
will bring additional thousands of vis
fair estimate ot the daily attendance is
itors to tbo fair and poultry show, A
placed at from 10,000 to 15,000 each
day of the Bhow.
"Tho Bhow dates for this year in nt
way conflict with the dates of tho Ore
gon Btute fair, giving the exhibitor an
entire week between the two shows.
"Tho poultry exhibition wjll be held
(Contlnuod on Pago 3
State Secretary Olcott and Stat
Treasurer Kay Start on Gen-
eraUCfe&n-up at Prison
; Mutiny May Break Out Among Prison.
era Warden Mlnto Implicated
and Given Free Range
Salem, Ore. Aug. 23. Secretary of
State Alcott and State Treasurer Kay
today began a personal Investlgatkm
of conditions in the state penitea
tiary. They have spent most of the
day at the prison.
Governor Withycombe, who declare
Monday at a meeting of the utata
board that the convicts were oh the
verge of mutiny and conditions were
so bad at the prison that he wanted
authority to appoint a commiseioa to
Investigate and report, is out of the
city and is not expected back aatkl
Lthe last of the week.
While it is not expected any official
action will be taken until the Governor
returns, the secretary of state aad
state treasurer have rolled up their
sleeves with the evident purpose of
pitching Into the house-cleaning them
selves without waiting for the advice
of anyone else.
Here is about what may be ex
pected. Will Give Mlnto Chance
Warden John Mlnto will be glvea
a fair chance to make good. Some
believe he has not had a fair chance.
If he fails in puttnig the instltutioa
In better condition and "keeping it
there "he might as' "well hand in his"
One of the first things Mlnto prob
ably will do will be to attempt to dls-
thority to appoint and remove the
parole officer. The question undoubt
edly will have to go to the attorney
general for an opinion.
Joe Keller, whose fame was not ot
the best when he was a member of
the Portland police force, is one of tha
governor's pets, if it may be Bald he
has such, and if he is removed there
will be indignation aplenty. But
there can be no doubt of Olcott's and
Kay's determination to give Warden
Mlnto a free hand, and back him np,
in his one more chance to make good.
San Francisco Business Men, to Get
Acquainted Here
Nearly 100 wholesale dealers ot San
Francisco will visit the business men
of Springfield tomorrow morning from,
8:30 until 9:30. Thoy have been visit
ing the towns of Coos Bay during this
week and expect to visit the business
houses of Eugene tomorrow afternoon.
The San Francisco business men are
travelling In their own special train
and are using it as a hotel, taking it
right along with 'them and sleeping
and eating right in the coaches. They
are not expecting any warm public re
ception or banquets but are just try
ing to get acquainted with the business
men ot this territory so that San Fran
cisco business may grow as a result
ot the personal contact of seller and
Officers Make Inspection
R, G. Hunt, assistant to President H.
M. Byllesby of the Northers: Idatfc
Electric company at Chicago, B. F.
Lynch, assistant to the'goneral Auditor
In Chicago, and B. H. Clingerman, f,s
Ms tan t to President Elmer Dover, of
Tacoma, paid a business visit to the
local Oregon Power company- offl-ja
this week. The offices at Albany, Cor
vallls, Dallas and pther way points are
bolng inspected, by these officials.
No Band Concert Tonight
There will not be a band concert at
the city park thfa evening. Professor
Albert Perfect and some o ftha players
have gone to the Coos Bay celebratkm.
tfnd, makea It Impossible for the band
to appear Qno of tho members, ot the
organization said today that . next
wook'q program would be better than
over. .j-rsv,.
,4u. Jfc. -