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    Ore. litatorl&l Soc.
1 JTlIlt MJrl iJj
Continuing tho Springfiold Nowo nnd Lnno County Star, Which Woro Consolidated Fobruary 10, 1914.
fttMMt Cif u'i' d,l'MI,i' Vimi1nl l,.')rniii, oo(inil-'
p!n mn ttcrilii'ler nrl of Cohkm ol M rMi, ft"i
VOL. XV. NO. 17.
Air. and Mrs. S. Young have
jtmt received advices that their
bomb, Sam and Will, who Joined
tho British army at Victoria, 11.
C Boven or eighth months ago,
are now on their way to Lon-
The Southern Pacific com-i
pany Is bringing in large num-'
hers of cars to supply the de-'
jmands of sawmills in Spring-!
(field and at points on the Mo
hawk. In fact they are coming
faster than thy can be loaded, !
Hv iiMlm-. ol' tlin Inwn minifl! itnrnKf nn llin ilnht. nnil tlm nliv
don. and will prohaly sco Berv- li Uiw..h.i ,.,itinri moniini' Knt- would lo fililo in f11 Ha nrdaont and the sidings at various non
Inn I at Irnn u f.n C'lim lwin llAnli I - . ... ... . . - I 1i IvAll MAlnin n n ft It n C I A-
ivv in riiuiui;, crniii nun um nn nv nvnn nc. t in nwn w ac- . a Bito nn Main Ktront mr nv-"""- indium, oic iuu ui nun
i unit . - : : - i - - i.
The following pupils received 1! liorlinl' ilM miwln a quarter-block
w highest grades in their re- H u nonii. city hall, if there are
site for or enough to pay for this prop
i 1 AUi
the highest grades in their re- ,cuy nan, u mere are no jugui vny.
uiw,.Htm ir,.,i,i,.a rnr tin. iiihI six- ... obstacles. And Ujo price paid is me matter or selling tne rock
week heiiod of the Second term OALL IVIUKt- vyakkan i t in a nominal one. At the same crushing plant, now located on j
of the 11)15-115 school year: , r, , session agreement was made to the hillside south of the Booth-
wivut AAIIph rtmmlinrri. Dol-'. u?unly,J '.rcw.8ur,e.r UrH: sell tho city rock crushing plant Kelly mill, occasioned more dis-
- mi u fn mil ir in n imiir ill mi m i . i ir r
.i.kHMi if niitilnii,lliti tiniintu . .. . ......
Mlddlaton and J. w.
offered $850 for
ntly raising
amount to be
rrrnshnfl rnp.k.
taxes, and another turnover of If t.!1K n frn,ltnirn nf i2n foot on .'delivered within the next three
ing cars.
lv Stevens. Constance Hebhan.
' bnnn.wi iiinlm iUix. Kdlth VUM" . ""i""K v"',u In exchange for crushed rock, uuilocn, A-
n nl L" l'milNIco. )y,ul,t,l "tlYin roct;1yuu romi The site to be purchased be- Machen first
i a Nnrnuin Wright. V:. 11 .ut? loiiKS to tlie C. A. Woolcy 03- the outfit, subseuue
A..r.XV,: ; n, , h p.,- ?.vor .or .W. mfll wc.?'i tate. and lies at the southwes. this to S1000, t'is
...u......v " " " - - f firillir fll H f 111 TI f 1 !I III I t H I1 IK. I JiLlll III 1.11 1! I'll. V 111
Thlrtl IJ Veda Glgstad, Viv
ian Itagan, Allcne Qastle.
Third A Alice Tomseth, Hil
da Spnrfeldt, EIbIo Phillips-
Fourth 15 Lawrence uruco,
The contract to print the bal
lots for the May primary was
awarded to a Eugene printing
firm Friday afternoon by the
$1073.07 consisted of 11)14 tax- Fourth aml of 132 on B stree1., years, at a price of 50c a yard (County court at $16.30 per thou-
u, uuiiiK uit- iiiuu uiii.uvf. and has three small dwellings, at the bunkers. More than the au'lu 1 IViIJrwm
since the collection of taxes be- whIch uro rentcd, The price to, 2000 yards can be had at tho qued between 40000 and 50,-
gan the first of tills month. ,bG mii(1 totals $2430. but i notssame rate if the city wishes it. 0 b.a?ts for the whole coun-
Wlth the cancellation or on-' ,, : ,. .,. Pnvinirnn.1 fTh rftv nseBs 500 to 700 ty, which win make the contract
L-' 4 a I nfrnrrnf Itnf ttrAAti (P IT II 11 n r I
Contract Let to
Print Ballots
ChWer Mvers Carl Lewis. ! v, " . , . ,n XiK all a cosh payment Paving as- t'lhe city usees 5UU to 7UU
Fourtl. AFlenco lilzer, Proxliimtcly $20,000 of the 8C88ment8 totaling $G40 are yet yards a year in street repair
M. I oof Hazel Jones. iS!!!lW5TC4:.lilJ?yto come due, and a mortgage work, and the rock taken from
Pirth Il-ClmrlCB Kirk, Lalluc 1111 be called n is ?700 to,b8SVe,U' ,T?"
.vnnson Crvstal Drvan. i . cautu in aH )ftiance 0f about $110 to is to'c
WUi A-SSii Lan,'aM nlorc tttX mo,,ey ,B rc-be paid to the Wooley heirs. At !E
Mabel Itoof, Hazel Jones
Guv Fisk. James Cornelius.
Sixth H -Ellen Tomseth, Mor
riBon Miller, ltay Coo.
Sixth A Mlldren Miller, Ves
to Larue, Kdwlna Parsons.
Seventh B Will Wright, Syl
via Strubln, Lowell Slkes.
Seventh A Velma Gore,
Cliarles Glrard, Floyd Campbell
Power Company to
Move Wednesday
' it. - i i . r-f r- n rt
iuu quarry iius cohi ioiii to to yu
cents a yad at the bunkers.
the jneeting Saturday evening, Recorder Walker reported to
Asserting that none but Eu
gene printing offices were able
to handle the work, the County
court and the County clerk, re-
uncu wM .i i ii m
City Attorney S. P. Ness was (the council that the mimirA
showed that the crusher cost Tt" . :,' IL"
not prepared to give an off-hand i
opinion as to t"e right of the, $2050 new six years ago, and
city to acquire this property , the motor used in its operation
without an election, but prom- fcost $275.
ised an opinion today. The ' When the question came to a
councllmen all agreed that the vote. Coffin and Peery voted
price was a very low one, and !uye, and Fenwick voted no, ex-
JThe News and the Cottage
Charles uiraru, iioyu uiupuuu. fjOMOrni offices of the Oreeon ",'V'i i
Eighth n-Ethel M"lhBM'owcr conn "Hi will be remov- UA 8tltca ds,irable one for a p aining that he thought the
Ellen Webb, Mary Chase. To Sur gficd from Eugene c,ty aU' 1 ,C,y ttCC0"1,"IBly MUf ouW receive more for the
... . ., . ...i... r.. ,-, lu Olll IIIKHvlu liuiil xllKUIIU r-cil ti vnonln nn finnniltlnfr mtffli nnil lint linllmrnrl n
I'Jiguiu a i xuiuii oiuvuiiHuu, on wodnesdav of this week ac- (wv..M . "- "j- .,v..v..
Thelma Crouch, Sidney Warner, j, 1" or n '8)laVn(8K'1e the offer, subject to the poss Hill- jcash dea both in Ue sale of the
Of tho 4R honor pupils, 19 are r,(. nf n ,8J " "co", Ity of legal restrictions, and as plant and the purchase of crush
boys and 2(5 are girls. bui finu here " bcK 5 to so,?" a,8 th, Jlttorncy htt nded. ;Cd rock would be more satisfac-
.wuiiunib line i ucnif, iu ...I,,, ,tir iinposnrv Ktnns to tnrv nil nrnnrifl.
coinpieuon. a lonuy ior uio dose the barga!n t The city attorney will draw a
general public has been railed, i diBcussinc the nronosition. contract of sale, whicli-will also
TvViiMTV Ar.Dirm tiipi;t " i m uiscussmg me proposmou, coniract or saie, wnicir win aiso
COUNTY AGRICULTURIST off along the south part of ho C0UnciImen figured that the rent include a bond from the pur-
un Mn iTtn,. hw Com. T'Jll lL:" iB'n, of tho "ouses would pay the in- chasers to protect the city.
Idaho Man Is Soloctod by Com
missionors' court
rnl of tint Ktinrr Slinlvlmr 1
I- - - w -1 - -w cj
now being, placed In the vault.
'A part of tho office supplies
N. S. Hobb, now connected moved over Saturday,
with the agricultural department Tliose stationed in the office
of the University of Idaho at here will be A. Norman, vice
Moscow, Is the choice of the president and general manager!
county commissioners' court for of tho Oregon Power company;:
Lane county agriculturist, to A. L. Ingalls, auditor; J. J.j
succeed It. H. Coglon. The selec- Keely, assistant mull tor; Uss i
tion of Mr. Hobb is not definite Leach, stenographer. j
as yet, it being necessary to oh- Dale Mumey will continue to
tain the sanction of the author- have charge of the Springfield!
Itios of the Oregon Agricultural part of the company's business.!
colleuo who have that depart- Marie Young and M. Tuel will i
fhustllng wnfbef the priqe of siic
Icess. Are you going to win it?
Or are you going to take a va
' cation and let the other girl beat
i you to it And probably by a few
votes at that?
Official notification that tho
High school building is unsafe
was received by Thomas Sik'es,
chairman of the school board,
last week. The notice comes
from the office of Labor Com
missioner O. P. Hoff, upon the
report of Inspector W. B.
Chance, who inspected the
building nearly ten days ago.
In his communication, Mr.
Hoff cites the lieeping of oils
under a stairway as a danger
ous practice, and he demands
that timber braces be placed
to support the second floor over
the assembly room.
The inspection was made at
the request of State Sphool Su
perintendent J. A. Churchill,
who was here two or three
weeks ago.
Approximately one hundred
Grove Sentinel had asked to be persons in Lane county regis
allowed to submit tenders.
tered each day of the .week,
jMarch 18. according to tlie bf-
OREGON USES mcial tabulation completed Sat-
WASHINGTON LOGS urday by LlOyd Howe, deputy
n , .county registration clerk.- Of
Oregon produces annual y ap- numbr 234 were women
proximately 1,610,000.000 board Count Clerk sta M .R
feet of logs, but consumes over sell issud an nt -t to
two billion or 27 per cent m!d to te w0 have4deiayed
excess of her Jog production. Registering. The registration
She draws. heavily on Washing- books wilf close on fcTuesday
ton for this excess. Aprii lg
Oregon consumes annually Following is the official regis
over 2,200,000 cords of fuel tration to date:
wood, which, reduced to board Republican : 5721
feet, amounts to over 1,105,000,- Democrat ,... I....2485
000-feeL - - '. Sbcialistty.:fe3375"
The State of Washington pro- Independent 214
duces approximately 5 million Progressive 51
board feet of logs annually, but Prohibition , 225
consumes only a little over 4y No Party ..' 213
! million board feet. The balance .
,,,. !i,,. t ,Jis sent to Oregon for manufac- Total 9284
Whatever number of votes h)rp fa Females ,-3187
you may have in the second
count will be placed to youri
credit in the final count, which j
iwil 1 be made in May, but if you
inline iuu ruuiesi aiu now you
Work From Springfield Public Schools
attend to outside wire work in
Springfield and vicinity.
meat In chargo.
Mr. Hobb, If ho conies to lCu
nruno to act as the county farm
adviser, will receive a Baiary oi uKtA i nuk i ntKN buys
$2000. Tito county will pay half 1500 NEW FREIGHT CARS
of tills and will furnish $500 be
sides, to bo used toward ills expenses-
The stato furnishes a
similar sum. A total of $3000
Is available for the salary and
expenses of tho agriculturist.
will land the S5 that is offered T, n riol,it, , ti,0 ,tfr
On Wednesday evening, Ap.'il as a sneclal prize at the count on " "r Z
4. at 7:30 o'clock, the ballot box ; Tuesday. April 4. And all the
i in tlie News Voting Contest will j votes cast during the entire con
.bo closed for the second count jtest will determine who is to get
Union Pacific Orders 11 Bag-gaao-Mail
Cars-7-S. P- Will
Buy 10 Locomotives.
According to the Railway Age
for leadership in one of the most
InterestinK events which lias
been pulled off in Springfield. In
this contest the candidate who
has made- greatest gain since
the first count of a month ago
; will receive $5 In gold as a prize.
No matter what your standing
And catch the fish with my lit
tle hook.
When our school is out and
books arc through,
hustling on the part of the other
contestants would place them
right up among the leaders. New
i hi; Bwiuuiiwii w. ...vww uiuii, 'v"vttiwi nwn ,nay have been at the conclusion ; subscribers are what count the
made by a vote of two to one, ordered 50 refrigerator cars of fhe firgt t If ,ou ,ake 'most in this contest, because for
Judge 4 Harry L. Down voting from the Haskell & Baker Car greater galn over that count ieverj-new subscriber brought in,
against it. Judge Bo wn says he company and authorizqd the thn any Sther condidate, you j the person bringing it in is en
desires to go on record as being same company to resume work ,, ,i,n, sr. pnf hiBiminn UmA tn r,nnvntZa nri Kfinvntes
opposeuio ine uinngoiaeou ity on luuu uox cars previously con- lf ha(1 but 35 votes iu the ls gven for each reiiewal wJliie
, agriculturist, and has told the traded. The Chicago & North- t made March 15 an(1 you,4oo votes are given with each
other members of the court so western Is reported to be pre- d , r gain than the back sul)Scril)tion.
many times. However, he says, paring specifications for 2000 , , er vou will r et th e money. ! nPnr . ,1,,Hi tint Hip hillot
if tho other two are in favor of wooden box cars in place of the mnE or '..JS, " " Lni.?n.SltS
WlSAlim" E " 2 !l-f! ..c: 0 or 25,6oorKnd the leader iZerAMi
lll'lll 111 Mil Mil. 1IU llllV I11LV C 1L llllll'll III! V II 1111 V IITI'I'IIIIV 1 1 1 A X i " -
right to do so, as they are m tne
the piano these special counts
cutting no figure in the grand Th are the things I'm going
final roundup. There is nobody to do
so far ahead, according to the J
first count, but what a little Hunting chipmunks all the day,
Fishing trout along the way,
Woods and pastures, we'll tramp
them through,
These are the things I'm going
to do.
Out to the barnyard the hens to
Into the barn for the wheat I
To gather the eggs I'll get
These are the things Pm going
to do.
Ill'St COUlll IllUlveS a KlUIIianrn nml linvo nil vnnr vntPB in
withdrawn. The Union Pacific inf m,n lnRR n.nil vmI vm, ycZrtZ"m go a s
has contracted ior 11 comuina- ,,.. Hm ri Pm.w( fnr Vonr- iVi i.:; oi,, ,w Where the
' .w ...... 4...'... .. Illilllt; JIllll L11U 1 tT) If 1 L tVlll Uli till I . . 1
IU uu.
trawberry picking,
brook goes trickling,
the meadows
And swim in the brook so clear
and clean. '
When our school is out and
books are through, ,
These are the things I'm going
to do.
I will go -where the little birds
drink, t
And here the song of the Bob-o-link.
When our school is out and
books are through,
These are the things I'm going
to do.
I will watch the squirrels climb
the logs,
To keep out of reach of the
great big dogs.
When our school is out and
books are through,
These are the things I'm going
to do.
J, P. Barnard Sooks Romiblican the market for 100 locomotives.
Nomination at Primaries :Tlie llumbird Lumber company
A II f Ija nvnuHrtn oiwl ltlic?fltllfr I 1
iuid uiu.u u. luuuimni.u .w. Ilo ,g rCnUjretl to Will, niHl the OUC
A fourth aspirant for the logging railroad in Idaho. wllo lg the most actIvo an(1 wll0
olllcc of sheriff of Lane county j . uses the best judgment and busl-
becamo candidate yesicruay, i. wumuitBum yiwuwa '" "- mess sense in her canvass, is the
as quickly as it is
Followig are the cadidates.
Helen Roberts 40,825
Silvia Strubin 27,475
Mrs. Delbert Bucknum ..25,275
I will hunt the grouse that drum
and drum,
And hear the lazy honey bee
things I'm going When, our school is out and
uooks are inrougn,
These are the things I'm going
to do.
mibjecT to tho publican pi more than 4V, billion feet of lro Vl 1 laAd t i". rt,gSelRaStonSCKnUm "lO'&O
,.i rtM. .n.wii- lmuhnr nonrlv hnlf n million n mazei ntuiuouu j.u,-uu
IIMliy uiuuiiuu, niv uvy i.'ih'- V Will COUlO WUUUUl LUU UAIlUHlll-iTiil. Pt-nlitvoo 55 07R
date is C. P. Barnard, who for Pieces oi inin, ami over ty. o- turo of a penny by the one who 'trt -
years has been associated with Hon shingles. Of this quantity lcaptures tho prIzCi mtt eternai
the firm of Bangs and company cuuhuiuuh umy vvi im
iu Eugene. I of the shingles, and 12 A per
James C- Parker, tho present ,.cont of the lath. Of the lumber
inoumbent, is tlie democratic produced she consumes 17Vj
candidate for nomination. Tlio- per cent, or over 700 million of
mas Balloy Is alBO seeking tho feet, about two-thirds of which
ofllco on tho democratic ballot. , is used for building purposes.
Emmet t Howard is seeking the About one-fourth of tho build
ropublluvn nomination iu oppo- ing material, of the lath, and of
llnn in Mr. Hm-nurd. i the SllillKles, Is UBCtl fll King
Mr. Barnard said ho has not county, in which Is located tho,
decided as yet whether ho will city of Seattle
(Continued on Pago 3)
circulate petitions or not.
Washington produces approx
imately 8 1,-3 million linear feet
of poles and piling, and con
Tlin Stntn nf Wlisllllllltoil COll
sumes annually over 3,300,000 sumes about six million' linear
,cords of fuel wood. Reduced to feet.
board measure, this amounts to j BakerPortland concern will
approximately l,(572,ooo,ouu operate .tj,uuu guiu,unjugu uu
and you will be wanting
Kardening tools, a rake,
hoe, shovel, pruning shears
a lawn mower and other
implements of industry,
chase too-
Wo can servo you with
them all, as well as hard
ware of every description.
No finer or more complete
stock has ever been dis
played In this town. Como
and inspect it, nnd pur-
By th brook so bright and clear.
There's where I shall throw my
To go the little trout clear
These are the things I'm going
to do.
In the hay fields, big and wide,
On the mower I shall ride,
And plow the mammoth hay
field through,
These are the things I'm going
to do.
,B eaver-H rn don . Har dwareCompany
Summer Vacation
I'll go fishing in the running
And catch the fish wh)h my little
When our sohol is out aiid books
are through.
These are the things, I'm going;
to uo.
I'll roam - In the- .woodi land
I'll hunt the woodland from side
to end, i ;
And through the thicket my dog
..I'll send.
When our school is out and
books are through,
These are the things I'm going
to do.
I'll go w,here the wild beasts, go
to, rest, ,
And -where the forest birds build
' 'their nest. . '
When our school . is out and
books are through, -These
are the things I'm going
. to 'do.
And last of all and best I must
I'll go' barefooted every day.
When our school is out, and
..books are.ithrough.
yjjBtheh!ng.If am. going.Jto
board feet.
Burnt river.
bright and green,-' " 1
t ttf-