The Lane County news. (Springfield, Lane County, Or.) 1914-1916, March 23, 1916, Image 3

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K 111 111 V J III: I l J. I L-m.7HB4B 'Mt
: Tales of the Town J
niifilnofw is (ucxl til tho
IIunioiiH Hliop.
Suvo L-U by buying Roxnll
Bcliool TnblotB nt I'eory'a.
Mrs. J. V. Volgauioro of Mtir
colu waH in Sprliigilolil today.
1 1. W. Swof ford of Donna vns
in Sinlugllcld today on bimliioHH.
WALL PAPER In Home very
nttmctivo dcslgUM Junt arrived.
L. Mnthowu of (ionium was
Colgnto'n Talcums lDc at
Spray in any quantity. J.
0. Ilolbrook.
1"op tho boBt hIioos, got
thorn at tho liarncHH Shop.
N. J. Nyhart of Camp Crock
wan In Springfield Wednesday
on n bUBlncHH trip.
Tho Prunvllle Buiwliino club
held a very pleasant mooting
hint Thuralay afternoon at (ho
homo of Mrn. 0, II. Noal and will
meet again on March 30 with
Mm. Harry L. CIhibo. '
Mr. and Mrn. Truman A. Chafic
of Prunvllle, entertained at din
ner Friday, Mar 17th, in honor
of their Hrot Wedding annivcr
Bary. Tho table wan prettily de
corated with gi'eon and white.
Tliono Invited werjjJMr. and Mrn.
J. W. CIhibo, Mr. and Mra. .1. C.
Atkinson. Mr .and Mrn. F. 13.
ChaBO, Mr. and Mrn. Harry L.
On Saturday afternoon Mrs.
Nina Mcl'hergon entertained the
Pino Kotdlo club in honor of
those who had birthday in
March. The honored ones were
Mrs. Arno Nelson, Mrs. Thos.
Ohlnon (Eugene), Mrs. John
Tomseth, Mrs. Winnie Thomp
son, Mrs. Nute Griffin. Those
present were Mrs. A. Montgom
ery, Mtb. J. E. Stewart, Mrs.
Vina McLean, Mrs. J. II. Bru
mctto, Mrs. Cora IHnson. Mrs.
Virgio Tovvnsend, Mr. Jesse
Smitson, Mrs. It. L. Van Valzah,
Mrs, Kathryn Horton, Miss Daisy
ToniBoth. After a very pleasant
afternoon or Conversation and
needle work the hostcos assisted
by Miss TomBcth served delic
ious refreshments.
A new
Colgato soap at
Look over our line of new
Sprint; coats and waists. COX
& COX.
Conrad Nelson moved Into
(ho Stnnlger house at Sixth and
A streets the last of the week.
fn..i I Hear tho new Edison
sltlon with the Oregon j0er Phonographs atPeery s.
eo.npany as outside wlrcman. Mr nml Mrg B n 13rablmin
In paints, oils, varnish and " clilldrcu of Eugene spent
Sunday- with her sister in.
in sprtngnoiu on uuhuuwh mm . color8( AhvayH gUl(I t0 Hh()W (sprmgneiu. I
wgiu. . . Igodfi. J. C. HOLDROOK.
T. IS. Iano and F. Wado of
Croswoll wore registered at the
Elite last night.
Big shipment of ladles and
children' low shoos just arrived.
I S. W. Wood, who resides In
it... fit i l.ltjf 1 . ..... i
Good rollaine fire insurance; morrow for Bcclda, Minnesota,!
io assessments; no membership on a business trip
foe. Pay once and you aro done.
II. 13. Walker at the City Hall.
Mnxda Lamps. I am now
Mm Mriiiiiffipttmir'a nirnnf mill
... . ...I I. T 11 1 ... ... - " rJ 1
w .J. wnuo oi rurimim i ui nftve a supply or tlie various
which the adult flies can enter,
or tho screen will do little good.
The discs are small hexagonal
pieces of tarred paper such as
is used for roofing, with a slit
from one corner to the center
where a small star-shaped cut is
frnadc. They are inexpensive,,
easily applied and may be used
for a number of years if proper
ly cared for. If applied when
tho plants are set, they will pro
tect from seventy-five to ninety
five per cent of the plants from
tho maggots, where ninety per
cent, or more, of the unprotect
ed plants would be destroyed.
Acting County Agriculturist.
Full size can,Good Quality Peaches, per can 25c
j 3 Cans Good Peas
.j Large White Beans, 2 lbs,
I Dry Onions, per pound,
'14 Lbs. G. Sugar, $1.
Limit 14 pounds to, a Customer
I These prices are for one day only
Knox's Sanitary Grocery.
Successor to Nice and Millers rt
Springfield, with a view of lo
eating noro.
Kynnlzo, our now varnish,
all colors, for inside, or out side
work. J. C. Ilolbrook.
George Halo of Hale was in
Springfield yesterday afternoon
for a short business visit with
13. 12. lirattaln.
slaiofl In stock. J. C. IIOLBItOOK
o o o
TJjo prayer mcotlugs in the
Chase neighborhood are being
well attended, tho highest at
tendance being 42 and an aver
ago attendance of 35.
Host for the Sole Have
the old ones torn off and lot
Hall the shoe doctor put on
some new ones. Also new shoos
for sale.
tf it it
W. L. McCuHoeh, chief on-
gin cor for the Oregon Power
uvsut jtuij t uiib iu luiiuo jt via-
teniay on business for tnc com
Hev. II.
D. M- McLaughlin, assistant
master mechanic for the South-
C. Ethell will occupy lorn Pacific company, was in
tlie pullpt at thcKreo Methodist ; Springfield this morning on an
church In West Springfield on ! inspection trip.
Sundny evening, and Mrs. M.
MIhh Mabel January, who was J. Ulnlr will sneak in the morn-1 The National
operated on at th Eugene hospl-lng.
tal, was brought homo Monday,
now being convalescent.
The Sunshine club gave an In-
Ileligious Ex-j
hlblt from tho Panama-Pacific
exposition including the welfare .
exhibit on which tho MetropolM
teresting program "Speckin day jn Life Insurance company re-
tUlVUU 111 Ok II1U, Will UU Ull ua-
hibit in Eugene all of next week.
Excavation of the basement ,u the dlstrik skool" In the
of tho now Methodist church school house at Prunvllle last
had to stop late Saturday after- Friday evening which was well '
noon on accouni oi mo ram, attended and enoyed by all.
which maue ino earin ioo suciiy
to 'handle.
Mrs. V. II. Pollard and tho
Tlin W P T TT will linlrl n i
.Mother's metoing and silver tea
w y.nrr nr r ohmimi nrrivrxi 'at the homo of Mrs. M. Fenwick, I
Monday evening to take up his ; ll,n,ld 8t!i?,e Fr!llay5 ,MlVrc,i
.nrt, nu annnrliinii.lAii 21 frOlll 2 UHtil 5. A SllbjCCt Of
fliliilron urn nvnontod homo to- afpimMmi nr tim nnr AinMinfiiofr : vital Imnortancq is on the pro-1
morrow from Oregon City, church, but finding that the rain ,sram. ... 2t
where they have been visiting imd delayed the excavation, hoi
for the past two weeks at tho returned homo Tuesday. ' The sign board owiYcd by the
home of her parents. I , Willamette Poster company on
I Marion Bigelow of Walter- Main street next the Oregon
E. E. Urattain returned Tucs- yllle moved his sawmill equip- Power company's ofllco, Is being
day evening jTrom Mapleton, ment tlie first of tlie week to extended GO feet to the Vitus
whore ho had boon for a few a point on tho Willamette-Pa- building. Another board 40 ft.
days visiting Ills daughter, Mrs. clflc at tho month of the Wilt- In length is to be put up at
Otto Rice. Mrs- Urattain will cnt, a tributary of the Siuslaw. once, but the location has not
remain for a longer visit. He has a large quantity of logs been selected.
to cut, obtained by tho clear-! "
Rev. Ferris will discuss Sun- itlg of tho railroad right of way, I Mrs. F. B. Titus, who was
day morning the supreme mo- nnd ho also has some fine stand- quite seriously ill last week, is
tlvo in observing tlie LordB Sup- jug timber- somewhat improved- . II cr son,
per. A message conducive to Earl Titus and wife of Bally,
better understanding of the Former Sheriff Fred Fisk, and Mrs. .J.ohn Adams, a
Christian's duty to his Master, now supervisor of a road district daughter of Junction City, re
am! his brother man. on the military road beyond turned to their homes the first
Oakldgo, was in Springfield yes- of tho week. Mrs. Stillman
Space has been partitioned off tordny. lie states ho has a crow Pratt, another daughter, is still
from Dr. Pollard's waiting room of men nt work at Point Look- here, bu Mr. Pratt returned to
for a dental office for Dr. N. W. ,out, repairing tnc roau. ae m-.jjaiiy Tuesday.
Enjery, who moved thither yes-.tends to mako It possible for au
terday from the Odd Follows itomoblles to cross the Cascades
building. He can be reached .this summer by this route. The
by Dr- Pollard's office phone, road us far no Oukridge is al-20-J.
'reorlv in pood shape.
Salem, March 20. American
Telephone & Telegraph Co., are
doing important and confiden
tial work with representatives of
army jyid navy to perfect system
of communication unequaled by
any other nation.
Harrisbufg Sommerville-and
Gorham will erect garage on Pa
cific Highway.
Portland Gas & Coke Co., r,re
not held responsible for typhoid
germs in drinking water used
by employes.
Astoria 25 out of 30 indus
tries on lower Columbia in oper
ation employing 10,000 men.
Geo. W. Dafoe of Detroit,
Mich., opening new sawmill at
Walker. votes for $2,5Q0 union
Ilifih school.
North Bend cets a new depot
20 by 40 feet.
Harrisburg 0 carloads Hops
shipped direct to London, England.
flrnirnn r rnvlvlncr the-flax in
" o " f
dustry and extending tne mint
St. Helens has monthly pay
roll of 560,000.
Eugene Contract let for
school house to cost $13,492.
St. Johns E. H. Walkins is
erecting a 30x70 foot concrete
creanfery building.
Coluihbia beacli opposite Van
couver to be improved for sum
mer resort.
Geo. L. Pcrvine of St. Johns,
Inventor of vacuum fire place,
wants to establish factory.
Million dollar shipbuilding
plant planned for Linnton.
Allen & Lewis may locate job
bing house at Bend.
New 930,000 business uiock is
started at Bend.
Department of tlie Interior
U. S. Land Ofllce at Roseburg, Ore
gon, February 23, 191G.
Notlco Is hereby given tbat Eliza E.
Dowett, of Vlda, Oregon, who on May
1. 1009. made Additional Homestead
Entry, Serial No. 01052. for the S of
SW4 of Section 22, Township 10 S,
Uange 2 E.. Willamette Meridian, has
filed notice of Intention to make Final
Five-year Prodf, to establish claim to
the land above described, before L P.
Hewitt, U. S. Commlcaioner. at his
office at Eugene, Oregon, on the 28th
day of April, 101C.
Claimant names as witnesses: Carey
V. Tomsoi, of Vlda, Oregon; John F.
Minney, of Vida, Oregon; Carl E.
Swanson, of Vida, Oregon; Herbert
K. Baldwin, of Vlda, Oregon.
Mar 20-Apr. 24. Register.
Really Saved the Tax
payers, says Eick Burton
Our present Assessor in a
oubllshcd statement in which
;tho pronoun "I" frequently oc
curs, and in which he deplores
the fact that the public remains
unprotected from "malicious"
designs and "deception," warns
us beware of those persons
making claims of large sav
ings, then goes on to inform us
that he has saved the taxpayers
Seventy" Six Thousand Dollars
in a period of four years.
How unfortunate for we
"other" taxpayers the O. & C.
R. R. Congressional Lands are
again in the hands of Congress
;for final disposition, and there
are no taxes being paid on them,
although assesed, and that other
'railroad property, as well as .ill
Public Utilities, are now, and
have been for several years, as
sessed by the State Tax Com
mission a"d not by our Assessor,
otherwise our taxes might have
continued getting lower (?) and
lower (?), as this chimerical
saving continued, to increase.
As our Assessor warns us. let
us be not deceived by delusions
of large savings, you Mr. Tax
payer, know better than anyone
Jelse whether or not your assess-,-ed
value has been raised in pro
jportion, and whether your taxes
have been lowered by this cbiiri-
i i
In my declaration of candi
dacy I made the following mod-
est statement:
First That I would keen on
ithe job myself, and eliminate &
head deputyat Twelve Hundred "
Dollars per year.
Seqond That I would so write
tax rolls, that according to
James C. Parker, Tax Collector,
a man who has had 8 or 10 years
experience In collecting taxes in
Lane County, had they- been so -written
he could have saved $2,-'-000.00
on the expense of tax col- '
lecting this year alone.
I therefore ask your earnest
consideration of my declaration
that I could anil would, if nomin
ated and elected Assessor,
REALLY SAVE the taxpayers
during the next term of office at
least $10,000.00.
Yours to help lower taxes,
Pd. Adv. (2) D. P. BURTON
Continued from Pago 1)
Is to supply our customers with the
best the market affords.
jWe carry a superb line of staple and
fancy groceries. Everything select
ed witn. great care.
One trial will convince you that you
iay no more than for inferior articles
them. The traps may bo visited
.early in tho morning and the
slugs killed.
Cutworms Probably the best
method of handling the cutworm
is by tho use of. tho poison bran
mash. It is prepared as follows:
Mix well 2F pounds of bran and
one pound of Paris green or
White arsenic. Dissolve one or
-two quarts of cheap syrup in
,just onough Water' to make a
crumbly mash when added to
tjio poison bran. Do not mako
it thin and sloppy. Sow tho
I poison broadcast, in tho even
iP'g at tho rate of 15 pounds to
ho aero. Keop poultry away
jfrom tho poison.
Tills mash may bo used to ad
vantage for tho garden slug in
Iteadstead of using tho poison
leaf bait as given above, If de
i slr,ed.
Cabbago Maggot This Insect
pest may bo handled by screon
I ing in the plant beds to keop tho
, adult files from depositing eggs
about tho stems of tho young
j plants, and then by placing tar-
rod paper discs about tho steins
pf tho plants when transplanted.
Ir The screen may consist of
Jcheeso cloth stretched over an
eight to ten Inch board framo
placed about tho beds. No open
ings should bo left through
A Ghew That Has Been Famous for
a Tfurd of a Century
Chewing is the only way to get the
rich taste of the tobacco leaf. And
the only form of tobacco in which you
get the leaf as Nature made it is the
plug form.
A ciiew ot tpear neaa piug looacco
has a wonderful flavor such as you.
never did and never will taste in any
other tobacco.
That Spear Head flavor is unique,
mellow, fruity, everlastingly delicious
and satisfying.
Spear Head has been famous for a
third of a century as the richest, tasti
est of chews.
It's made of sun-ripened, red Bur
ley. And it's produced by the most
modern methods, which develop the
luscious flavor of the leaf to the su
preme degree.
It is safeguarded at every step in its
making. The factory is clean and san
itarythe processes are pure-food pro-,
When the choice red Burlev has been
pressed into mellow, sweet Spear Head
plugs you have a chew that simply can't
be equalled.
Spear liead is the high quality
chew of the world.
Try. Spear Head you'll never
again be satisfied with any other
chew. In 10c cuts, wrapped in wax
MAN you are not alone in your desire for a than, small cbew that
will give you tobacco (atlsfaction,
W-B CUT Chewlnj the Real Tobwco Chew, mm nt, hut tlnJit too
ntnt. A 'mill chew utUSet you belter and U,U loof er thin twice the monsr WUI bay
la eh ordinary kind. Yon can tell by a quality teit that it la lU ttul Tibacct Cint.
"Notice bow the salt bring out the rich tobacco taate."
Made by WEYMAN-BRUTON COMPANY, SO Ucioa Sprt, New Yotk CUy
T" i ii
jkois oisr
3 deadly: -c
Deatrovs saulrrela. ironhcrs. Dralrlo doers, sacra
ats. Apply early In tiprlng when the hun
pry pests awake from Winter's sleep. Money
Back If It over falls. "Yood - Lark,v for 2
years baa stood every test.' It's qrop Insur
ance against rodent peats. Manufactured by
Clarke-Woodward Drug Co., rtlaai!, ,Ir;-"
sou. Buy f ruat y-tr tWaJotv .
Sgingfield Feed Co.