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Continuing tho Sprlngfleld Newa and Lnno County' Star, Which Woro Conoolldatod Fobruary 10, 1914.
Hntop.i1 tviriurr ill, wrt.-u 'riniiloT.j.Oririir, t totnml
Cl mutteriitnlcr rnitol Concro ol M fh, I7
VOL. XV. N'6Tt4
Acting upon Instruction of tho
nnnunl church mooting of hurt
Jiuuiary, tho church hoard of
tlio ChrlHtlan church Monday
evening discussed preliminary
nlniiH for an addition to tho
listed ill tho Student Volunteer
movement for missionary work
In tho foreign field, and as a re
sult of Us work, missionary do
nations have Increased from 7,
000,000 In 1001) to $17,000,000
In 1915. With the hroakdown of
tho European churches owing
to tho war, a larger opportunity
and burden la laid on tho Amer
ican churches.
Registration of Springfield
Voters at tho office of Regis
trar Herbert Walker had reach-
n mrtii 1tttiwlrn1 of imnn vnu.
" n II . a l . L'U till VIL I lUIIUHVW lV j
cnurcn nuuiung io ctmi upj x-,. , Q. 7, rom)m
iniately $1000. Sketches have 1 f " . l 'n ,,0 'Sals I nro -been
drawn for an extension of g 0Kt d 2 iKrcB-
ao foot to the northward on tho 4 80Cla,IBt n,m - lkre8
main building, and If these n"0'
meet the approval of tho con-j
grogalion, work will bo gotten ; nlnj CciYYI PY Meet
undor way at an early date. IVtail ari IVT IVIVVlb
Tho plans call lor mo exca
vation of a hnoetnont under this
portion of the building, to pro
vide space for tho heating plant,
a kltohon and dining room and
Sunday school room. Tho floor
of tho whole of tho addition l
to bo 2 1-2 feet above tho pres
ent floor lovol, making tho ad
dition the rostrum, with tho
baptistry to tharoar. Tho main
floor of
Trains in Spite of
The Flood Waters
Holding that the purported
charter amendment of Decem
ber 3, 100G to Increase tho maxi
mum general fund tax levy, Is
"So indefinite that it cannot be
enforced with certainty," Chief
Justico Moore of tho Oregon su
premo court, Dean, Benson and
McBrido concurring, on Tues
day affirmed the decision of the
Lano county circuit court In the
case of Welby Stevens, Emily P.
Stevens, Carrie Stevens, Peter
Oordcr, Ida Stevens, A. .1. Per
kins, Sadie M. Perkins, Charles
Rlvett, J. J, Bryan, Lucinda
liryan, Maude T. Bryan, J. 13.
Cross. Eva J. Long and J. W.
law, as follows: "Chapter 8, Section
(CO), Artlclo (1) of the charter of the
Town of Sprlngfleld be amended so as
to read: 'To lovy, assess and collect
taxos not to exceed (1) per cent, ex
cept as otherwise provided and etc.'"
Section CO of tho charter, granted by
tho legislative assembly, is not found
In chapter 8 thereof, but in tho pro-
ceding chapter, Artlclo 1 of Section
I CO or tho legislative charter, reads:
., '"The common council shall have power
full text Of tho supreme court's and authority within the corporate
This Is a suit to enjoin tho collection
limits of tho Town of Snrlnitflcld. 1
To levy, assess, and collect taxes not
to exceed ono naif of ono per cent, ex
7 - - , ------ n, oitucu ono nun oi one per ceni, ex-
iLU w fh t f SnWn1 M otherwise provided in this act,
lotted by tho Town of Sprlngnc d, Oro-, Upon a tangible property, both real
Eon. Tho complaint alleges tho cor.,u Mr,nflirnnAv thin .h
porato capacity of tlio town and of porato imua 0f said town, and all
Lane County of which it forms a part l00(j. wnrCf, ,, ,,,,, fe
that the defendants S. w, Taylor and
3. ('. Parker nro respectively tho trca-
Fifty-one students of the
Springfield schools have been
awarded honors for the stand
ings they made In their studies
for the first half or the school
surer and sheriff of that county, des
prlhcs the various lots owned by the
fidvcral plaintiffs in that town, and
goods, wares, and merchandise kept I
for sale In said town. 1V whnmnmrnr !
owned, but no notes, accounts, credits, jyear. Of the total, 30 are girls
or Dins recciveahic snail do taxed." land 21 boys. Following are tho
JS'.1,6! Zit E'MS jhonor students:
?Z?JS'J" ?ttectl .l.hat 1n November 20, tho cliarter ehoM ,JC cllmlnled "and j First Grade Inez Nect Dorris
1313 the town attempted to levy a tax j tho attempted alteration limited to an Myers, Ester Kaurln.
"LI 1 !.nrJ,!,?L. S2Si rf : omondmont of Artlclo l of Section co , Second Grade Wallace Dar
ycar of 15 mills as follows: scnoral,6; ;or tho Organic law of tho municipality. itn, p-ri cnun Rrvon Cowart
sinking, t,; light and water, 3.C; band.,u ,K not ncCC8sary to determine. Tho , a t JS
0.4; and street improvement, 1; and .contemplated change Is so Indefinite1 Third A Lawrence Bruce,
thereupon endeavored to certify such'w 5 , , ' Chester Mvers. Carl Lewis.
(Continued on Pugo 4) r Third B Alice Tomseth,
prelcndcd levy to tho county clerk of
that county: Hint by Its charter tho
Tlio milt crew out of the re-
Itlslng rivers that c6vered tho fnsal cV Uie plaintiffs io pay
rrtflds to a depth of several (Col j certain of the taxes levied in
did not deter Ira Young, who has 1 1013. While the suit was pend
the contract for carrvimr mail Inc. ihn rmiM5li submitted an-
tho addition will also from the Springfield postolllco !oth6i' amendmerit. covernig the
two Sunday school ' to the trains Several of those 1 RniWi rrrn.:iwl niwl thlft WAS all-
Movhig the pulpit and trains have to ho mot at Spring-! proved by tho people U the elec-
an this
ppHefr Only
the main auditorium. Incroase thu Wlllnniolte Hnrnn'diit(r nvnriniwl niTn.a nmn.,t, tntnlfniy;
I.. 11.1 l. . , , . i ' I v CJ w . - v imv V, t ItlllUIUIVO ---
iii iMiJio Hciiu ii auonoauco nas tn0 greater part of the simco be-, some $200. Fo'ilowintr is tho
,,,m,M. tuviuo iiH-iiwoon snrinir o ti ana uio June
Machon, VS. S. W, Taylor, treaSr Uown is prohibited from levying or col
urer; J. C. Parker, Sheriff Of Meeting moro thnn B mills for general
T.nt.o fnimtv. nrorrrtii. nnel thfl purposes and has no right to levy or
Town of Springfield, a munlcl-5 n foriho fund of light and, .
.,-1 nnnMiinn waior, or lor nana; inai in pursuance corporation. ()f suc)l notlco thoro wa8 cntered 0n
A. F.&A.M.
! Brunhild Sparfeldt,
i Fourth B Florence
the choir loft Into the new part! Hold Junction, a mile away, andjtion in November, 1914,
wll increase tho seating space. Monday morning at 2:30 when (decision therefore, applfft
and necessitate a reseating of bo started for this trip, ho found . to the tax of 1913 Jo qiu
porn II vo.
Train No. 98 from Oakrideg
arrived Wednesday morning tho
first time sinco tho previous Sat
urday, having been delayed by
slides, along the .routo JTho
lino Is how open and today's
train was practically on time.
The train Sunday morning
encountered a slide at Lookout.
10 miles this side of Oakrldgc.
At first It was thought tho de
lay would be tomporary, but' by
evening it was seen moro time
would lie required. Other slides
developed at different points,
nnd the section crows of Spring
field, Eugono nnd Marcola were
not able to eopo with It, so a
work train was brought from
Portland with workmen. This
outfit completed its work and
was back in Springfield at 9:30
Tuesday evening.
tion. Ho was not to be turned
back, however, and taking the
locked pouches over his shoulder
he crossed tho river by tho rail
road bridge and tniged along
tho ties to the meeting point.
Ho met all these trains In this
way until tho water had gone
'down enough Tuesday to al
low of Jijs returning, to. tjte.use
of his buggy.
Logs Again Are
Coming Freely
tho tax roll of that county what pur
ported to bo a tax of that town of 15
mills on every dollar of tho assessed
valuation of tho taxablo property
tlvsroln; that tho taxroll containing
HUCh entries, was placed In tho hands
Of tho county treasurer for collection;
. Hazel Jones. Mabel RooL . -3 -
Baranuf FVV 99 Fourth A Charles. Jvtfk, La
anquet reD. StevCn-Son. CrVstll Brv-kn.
Fifth B Berdella Rose, Alice
The annual banquet of the
Springfield members of the A. F.
&. A. M. will ho hplfl nf r m
that the sums so entored on tho roll ; Tuesday, February 22, 1916, at
m charges ago nst such assessable ,'x,,,. i,n ' ' , 1 ,
property are illegal, as to tho attempt-1 ",0 Stevens hall. Members of
ou low or a fund for l cut ana water. uu oiuuiiiu iuuKe nvmc in
nnd for a band; that ench of tho plain-! Springfield met last evening to!coe Perkins, Sylvia Strubin.
".PK tho-plans for this annual Seventh B-Velma Gore, Cliff,
Mortensen, Theron Newman.
Fifth A Raymond Coe, Gen
evive Copenhaver, Ellen Tpm
seth. SLxth B Mildied Miller, Tests.
Larue, Doris Smith. ! t)
Sixth A William Wright, R03
jolnca. tlio county trea-i- "i 'i""vu "'
"Grandma" Bryan
Called to Reward
Mrs. Lucinda Bryan, known
lovingly by her friends as time.
Two carloads of logs arrived
yesterday from Fischer's camp
near Marcola. the first under
this company's Contract- with"!
tne liooth-Koiiy company. Two
strings of carsj ono from Ily
land's and ono from1 Nettle's
were also received- yestorday.
Plans had been made id begin
hauling of logs from' Cushmaif,
near the mouth of the Siuslaw.
next Monday, but slides oh the
Willamette-Pacific make it very
doubtful if this can begin at Oils
Mint. ii til no a nn
iuttir and Uio sheria will attempt toi"b wuiuuiiBes to raaice me ne
cm&i such invalid taxes as delin-'cessary arrangements:
quenf; nnd that by reason of tho entry 1 Banquet Harrv W Stpwirf
thereof on' tho tax roll a cloud is there- U T ( " riri ?f '
bi- cast upon tho title of the several l.C'- Wlieaton and C. E. Swarts.
varcels of real properly 60 owned by JJecoratlon W. L. McCulloch,
a plaintiffs id- that town. , Sain Young and A. Middlefon.
flit- answer' denies tho material! Reception and Entertainment
avermenv.8 of tho complaint and for a B. A. Washburne, J. C. Hol
further dofenso allures' in substance brook and L. M. Beebe.
that tho common council of tho town rrinarin(1 joM- xini,on
nf Rnrlnc-nnW nrenared tf&.l nHnntAd 1'mance 'aCk Machen.
atpindments to tho municptff charter! Members of both, the Ancient
vHcVTiKeratloris -wenr-snbiflined-to'f Freeand Acepted"MaSonsan'(l
mo legni voters ot iuo town at a regu. of the Order of Eastern Star
' Tho natlonnl convention of
, the Laymen's MIssIannry Move
ment will bo hold at tho White
Tomple in Portland February 13,
14, 15 and 10. This 1b n meeting
.of tho men of tho various de
nominations for tho discussion
of tlio needs and outlook of tho
churches with specinl refcronco
to foreign and homo missions,
evangelization and social ques
tions. At a banquet at tho M.
H. church in .Eugene Tuesday
Ight committees wero appointed
to got a largo delegation from
Eugono and vicinity.
ThiB movement was stnrtcd
nlno years ago for tho purpose
of supporting tho largo number
of collogo men who wero
Grandma Bryan,' died shortly i
after noon yesterday at the
homo of her son, Joseph J. Bry-
nn here. She was aged S2 years
8 months and 25 days, and hnd
been ill for many months. The
funeral services were held this
afternoon at 2 o'clock at the
Walker chapel and Interment
was made in tho Laurel IHU
cemetery, Rev. E. C. Wlgmoro
conducted the services.
Mrs. Bryan came to Spring
field in 1909 with her husband,
and together, on January 5,
The Booth-Kelly Co. lias' 29
steel flat cars at their Weiidlhlg
shops to have log bunkers' installed.
A large number of Freshmen
were welcomed into S. II. S. on
ratified by a majority of all the votes'
cast thereon, whereby tne charter was
duly amended and tho town was thorev
upon authorized to levy a general fund
tax ot ten mills upon tho assessed
valuation' of all the taxable property
therein, and that a copy of the official
records of the town, relating to such
amendments Is made a part of this
answer anu marked "Exhibit A;" and
that pursuant to such authorization
the towii lias usually levied a general
fiinll tax or more" than five mills, set
ting forth the levies of all funds for
tho years 1906 to 1SU3 both included.
A cony of the records of the nicotine
of tha'i common council" of Sprlngfleld,
held November 19, lUD'G', as far as Im-1
Fandrem. Floyd Campbell
Seventh A Thelma Crouch
Helen Stevenson, Ellen Webb. ,
Eighth Grade Dale Lorah
Jessie Coe, Lewis Gibbs.
H. S. Freshman Wanna,Mc-
Kinney, Lynn Grandy, Harold
H. S. Sophomores Mary
Harding, Floyd Kester, Lucille;
XT C TtiniAM TV-nfljtr Millnl.
H. S. Seniors Orson Vaughn
i Roy Penny, Clarence Hill.
News and Springfield Merchant
Launch A Big Voting Contest
The Lane County News and
Swap Something?
Into exile in room 3 to make
room for the new students in
tho assembly hall.
A new teacher. Mr. Heckart.
O. A. C. and the University of
ha settled near P loTa th T ,0resn Ho wi" teache classes
nnu settled near i niiomaui. in . Rnpiisb nwi, n,i Mat,
Benton county, where they lived ,7," t " ,,::: ..r",;' ,
on a ranch for many years. She T " sdnv
was born In Kentucky and her il ... , ,..., , ,
same muiu.ii aim jlui. .ninRntr nrnirrnm an tlnf nimm,
were married in Missouri. Four ,,. iT.f.,; .V "i".."
children were born to them, of ir,V" " W'V"? " """V lu uulu
whom J. J. Bryan of Springfield "Mrs Dlllard f vis
nnd Judge Edward L, Bryan otliZSf&l
""" ..vv,.
A freshman fell down stairs
this noon greatly straining his
Unfortunately for the S. H. S.
students the river didn't wash
away tho high school.
Tho students 'of tho ftUgh
school have again plunged into
hard studying after a day or so
of confusion, preparing tho
schedule for tho following semester.
porlaril heroin is ax follown: "Tho fol-
L.i"?!nm.eti of Springfield here
Monday morninir A i inn IipV nf Iter s, settioti co, ArtifclJr (l) of tho;hy announce a grand popularity
1UU11UUJ morning. A niimoer OI . . ,,- , ftJ '-..M ,, rnntpat wh oh wa mnw will Tia
tho upper classmen were sent
chartor of tho ToWri of Springfield bo I contest which we know will he
amenaea so ns io' reaa: io levy, ,or exeat interest to tne VOUne
Xeedllnlna nnrl In font tha nltlnona nf
Caldwell, Idaho, survlvo her.
wants a first class
en- wholesale nrooorv house.
If you wish to tako advantngo of Tho News' of
fer to run four llnoB free undor tho "Exchange"
classification, In -tho issuo of Monday, February
14, write what you havo to exchange, and what
you want on tho attached blank and leave It at
Tho News office before G o'clock Saturday ovon
ipg. Don't, be too lato. ' x
Address , ,
assess and collect taies not to exceed ladies and in fact the citizeils Df
vliloil nml ntr - U11S SeCtlOll.
It will be known as the News'
and Merchants' Popularity Con
test. The grand prize is a $400
Obermeyr & Sons' piano, aug
mented by valuable prizes do
nated by the merchants of this
place, as stated in the big adv.
in this issue of the News.
The contest commences with
this issue and is to continue to
noon, April 20, 1916. This move
ment is emphatically to stimu
late the trade of the Springfield
merchants by the giving of spe
cial fnuueemnts
vlded and etc;
A demurrer to' the separate answer,
on tne ground that It did not stato
facts sufficient to constitntoa defense
to tho suit, was sustained. A' stipula
tion, signed, by cbUnsol and admitting
some of the avenhents ' of ' tho com
plaint, was flled nnd 'bused thereon tho
plaintiffs rested their causo. There
upon tho defendants' counsel1' moved
for a nonsuit on the ground that no
ovldenco had been offered by the plain
tiffs tending to show that theMtems
of the tax, undertaken. ' to bo levied,
wero in violation of tho provisions of
tho charter. This motion "was denied,
whoreunon the defendants' counsel of
fered testimony tending to establish
tho remaining controverted averments
of the answer. Most of such testimony
was rejected, nnd a docreo uaving
been rendered, granting tho rollef
prayed for In the complnint, the de
fendants appeal.
Mooro, C. J. A charter, granted by
tho legislative assembly to tho Town
ot Sprlngfleld, was tiled. In tho office of
tho Socrolnry of Stato Fobruary 10,
1S93. Laws Or. 1893, pp. 245-277. Tho
clauses of such act are consecutively
numbered from 1 to 142. It will be
kept In mind that the answer avers
tho common council of tho Town of
Sprlngfleld propared and submitted to
the quallllcd electors or that munlci
pnlltv an alteration ot Us fundamental
the recipients in voting for their
favorite candidate, The one re
ceiving the largest number of
votes wil be awarded the hand
some piano, and to the' others
according to their rank.
There will be no favoritism!
shown, there being no opportun-"
ity for so doing. The contest is
managed hi such a manner that
every detail is absolutely fair
and square. The managers of
this contest haye nothing at all
to do with the same except to
follow the rules as laid down.
Voting is all done by the friends
and relatives of the various can
didates. In their hands, and
with them alone rests the final
result of the count, and the
awarding of the prizes.
The ballot box will be sealed
at all times, and in charge of a
committee chosen. Such safe
guards will be thrown around
this election that all will know
beyond a doubt that whoever re
ceives these various prizes will
have won them in a fair, open
to patronize
them, thus keeping the money competition.
at home instead of distributing; There are three ways to se-
lst by clipping the
it in larger cities
The plan is for every mer
chant co-operating to give away
coupons for every $1 cash pur
chase, which will be utilized by
cure votes.
free votes from the News.2nd
Continued from Page 4
That much mooted ques
tion is solved by a visit to
our store. Just what ha
wants is sure to bo found
in our fine line of goods.
Then, again, for any house
hold requirements our ex
tensive, line of dependable
hardware, utensils, etc.,
saves you time In shopping
around.. Prlcb is right, too
j Springfield, Ore , 191'G
j I hereby nominate or suggest the name of f .
""",. f '
Address ..
a lady worthy to become a candidate in your "Populaij Vot
ing Contest.' I present this name with tlie distinct agree
ment that the management shall not divulge my name. Thi3.
does not obligate me In anyway whatever.
(Send this voto to the LANE COUNTY NEWS Office with
in Fifteen Days from date and it will count for 25 votes
No money is required with this Coupon.
c .. I
FEBRUARY 0, 191C. ,