The Lane County news. (Springfield, Lane County, Or.) 1914-1916, November 15, 1915, Image 3

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A Box of tlio
Lack and white
40c AND 75c
ISxcIuhIvq Agents for
:V; Springfield.
Day nnd Night Phono 31
-rflo to tho Palaco of Swcctii
lo buy peanuts, 5 contH a quart.
MrB. James Laxton, who hart
boon Hick for Bovoral wookB, Ib
nblo to bo up and about tho
Homo made Hot Tnmnlefl
'15 cents -2 for 25 contB, at tho
I'aiaco or bvvectfl.
Do you wanbdry fct. Conio
bco Hall tho Shoo Doctor, Fifth
and Main.
Huby SouBonoy Buffered n bad
Bpraln of hor nnklo IrtBt week,
and Ib now ablo to get around
without crutches.
V II 4
MIbb Bertha llarpole, who Ib
teaching at GoldHon, Oregon,
spent Saturday and Sunday with
her aunt, Mrs. JamcB Laxton.
D, Grouch returned homo Fri
day from Spokane, for a short
visit here.
The W. C. T. U. will hold
n food sale Saturday, November
20, at Nice & Miller's.
MrB. J. L. Allen Is (. ito 111 nt
tho homo of her son, J. A. Al
len, D and First streets.
L. F. McDanlelB spent tho
week-end at Crcswell on busi
ness and visiting friends,
It will pay you to read our
adv. on another page of this is
sue Springfield Feed. Co.
S. Cook of Ilarrlsburg was in I
Springfield Saturday consulting
a physician about Mrs. cook's
C. W. Hanson was
Thurston Saturday.
In from
Mr. nnd MrB.
went to Marcola Saturday. lie
icturued In tho afternoon.
Mrs. Walker will bo baek this
D. S. Heals, coBhlcr of tho
, First National bank, and John
4 :KW1u f Mw tfnfnla Unitr utnrn-
Tnlnt? nf fVo fPnnm snout Sunday with Dr. C. Ilar-
AttlOD UJL UUD XUWU nlI Pnlmnr if Mnhol.
Have discontinued giving
Fred Walker 'ol,t FWol,ty Stamps. Bring in
yuui uuuna mm bu uuuul ijic-
mlums. COX & COX.
Frank Bergman, suffering an
attack of typhoid, was brought
from Mubel yesterday for treat
ment at the Springfield hospital.
Joo Lusby Bpent tho week-end
In Coburg.
MrB. Ncttlo McGllvray re
turned to her dutlcB at tho Cox
& Cox Btoro Saturday.
Mrs. N. L. Howard spent the
week-end at Fall Creek with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. 13.
Mrs. N. A. Ilarbit and daugh
ter Naomi, visited yesterday
with tho former's brother. S. W.
norn on Sunday, wovemner .jj, iinyncs and family of Eu
H, 1915, at the Springfield hos-'KOne.
piuu, 10 Air. ami Aire, ju. i-. jyr
Mr. and Mrs. S. Young have
received word from their
of Belllugham. Washington, a
son, weight ten pounds.
Special social entertainment
Is being planned to follow tho
regular mooting of tho United
ArtlBans noxo Wednesday even
ing. Pumpkin pie, elder and
dnughnuts will bo sorved.
Good reliable fire Insurance.
No assessments; no membership
fee. Pay onco and you are done.
H. E. Walker at. the City Hall.
Fred W. Titus, the JVtarcola
merchant, was in Springfield on
business today.
Mrs. J. S. McKay is able to be
out ugaui after a three weeks'
p.iogo of the grip.
Mrs. Emma Olscn spent Sun
day In Coburg with her daugh
ter, Nora, who Is central opera
tor there.
Kenneth Park, who had IiIb
loft arm broken while playing on
a trapese at school, is getting
along nicely.
Mrs. W. A. Brassfleld, who un
derwent an operation in Port
land a few weeks ago, Ib now
able to sit up.
Mrs. W. H. Pollard and family
went to Portland Friday for a
visit witli relatives, and returned
Sunday evening.
Paul Smith, formerly a resi
dent of Coburg, was in Spring
field Friday and Saturday cajling
on old acquaintances.
Mrs. Roy Jenkins and daugh
ter Ealine, are expected here to
night from Portland. Her sis
ter, Mrs. Harold Fox, will come
with her.
Get your re-cleaned seed
; grain at the Springfield Feed
Store. Cheat, Winter Oats,
Vetch and Field grasses. Prices
lowest possible.
! 'J'
J. E. Farrell. who underwent
rn operation at the Springfield!
Mrs. Tom Objsen, formerly
s :
A Hat Free
I With a Suit o f Clothes
We have just received shipments of the latest
styles of men's and youths' All Wool Suits, which' .
we have priced at ,
$12.50 $15.00 $17.50 $20.00 $22.50 $25.00
With each ono of these suits bought before No
vember 24, we will give your choice of any $2.50
or $3.00 hat in the house.
C. E. SALES' Toggery
r? -
Afm w. s. Dodd of Natron I D. 0. Smith of Natron was iti
was in Springfield today on a Springfield this morning on, a,.
business trip.
Oliver Johnson went to Salem
Friday on a business trip, and
returned the same evening.
MIbb Elolnh Newman, and her
.brothers. Theron and Marnll,
son, wmit in Pnrtliind Fridav to visit
Snm, Jr. who recontly enlisted ihoir fnthor. c. T. Newman at
hi tho 07th battalion, Western Hamilton, Montana, who was on iBtreet to the second story of
scoib oi unnaua, at victoria, !hjB Way to San Francisco, Tox-itne lire department ouuuing on
that he haH been promoted to bo jng nnd Chicago on a business ,F street between Sixth and Sev-
hosDltal several weeks ago. was ' of Springfield, but now living in j Charles Strubbln returned on
l'Tiuay. ironi vyuxcu wuu,j,
where he has been spending the
over from Eugene today on bus!
George Jones and family
moved last week from Mill
Eugene, was operated on at the
hospital there again last week,
and was able to be taken to her
home again yesterday.
lance corporal.
Imxi pleasure trip.
Bouncing Health
and Active Brain
Come naturally with childhood, but In later ycaro are
usually tho result of right living
Propsr Food Plays a Big Part
Mrs. S. P. Gilmore and dauch
1 r. t 1 .... .... J-lll.. ' il lirt rlnt.
I IUJ uitlUU Ul juiiuhuii nuiu ittu uuj unci.
guests of Mrs. James Laxton on
Sunday. Miss Grace is a stu
.dent of the University of Ore
There will be no sessions of
the public schools next week, for
tho teachers will be at the coun
ty Institute in Eugene for the
first three days of the week, and
then comes Thanksgiving and
E. M. Reagan, Editor of the
Albany Herald was in Spring
field Saturday a short time on
Look for our adv. marked
"Special" on another page of
this paper. Springfield Feed
business trip.
Fred Bressler of Bressler &
Son, underwent an operation
Saturday for the removal of liIS.
tonsils. ;
The doors of the Hampton
; store have been rehung so as'
!to swing both inward and out
The Springfield Feed company
expects to receive this, week, a7
car each of Johnson's Best and
Cupid flours.
o e
Cliff Weaver, who is taking a
course in the school of pharm
acy at Corvallis. spent the week-
Kenneth DeLassuf of Cottage 'end in Springfield.
Grove snent the- week-end in
I Springfield with his mother,
Herbert Cox. accountant for
tho Booth-Kelly Co., accompan
ied bv his wife, went to Coburg
Fridav to attend to some work
Mrs. Charles Hardt of Winne- r the company. Mrs. cox' Aire, ""ey ouubb.
mucca. Nevada, arrived Satur- mther Mrs. Clover, returned p nri Fischer and J- E McKib-
... ...tu ..I- i.. with thorn Rtinrinv nnrl wilt I uarl J? IbUltr duu J.u. iuuuu
Springfield. She brought with spend a week in Springfield. jben g
her her mother, who has been Jyi - - - - IvpcfAfjinv on .1 Imsiness trin of
staying with a son in Salem. I Springfield Feed company ' JfSSdJvS bUSl P
; shipped a quantity of vetch sevral aays- m
' J no ladies 01 too u. a. k. avui seea irom aiarcoia 10 uorvims pi,nriP T. Wpell a resident 7 .v u i VC-i 7-Vii .
lmlfl a nnllPd meetinir this after- last week. Manacer Lvon of L ."lA e .,,' I and hunUng tnp that will"
rj ..... " - , OI iUKcIic, UUU wcu tviiumi in
noon for the purpose of meet- the company says they have; lSpTlnfeid, was here on busi
,1ng the dep t tment president, made several shipments of this ness today He had been spend
Mrs. Anna Kornbrodt of Oak kind this fall. The feed com- ing the summer in eastern Ore
Grove and the department in- pany, which started in business .fn
J.J P. Myers was brought in'
from the' James Seavey hop
ranch Friday night and was op?;;
crated on at once for'appen&l-!
1 1
RiTev Snodgrassi A.'Middleton,!
and Harrv Stewart left this"-
morning for Gardiner on a fish-r
last all week.
Portland. These officers of the already built up a substantial
order are making a toij of the ! business nnd is proving a valu
state and are visiting all circles able means of exchange for this
from here to Albany. 'section of the country.
Dale Tussing, formerly In the4
Springfield Feed company, has
written Mr. Lyon from Brothers.v
Oregon, that he has his house
built on his homestead and In
Rev. H. C. Ethell returned this
morning from Wendling where roV for the winter.
ne conuuuieu eci viucb wc
Methodist church last evening, a sink in Tom Abene's apart-
He preached at Donna in the ment became clogged Saturday,
morning. afternoon and water soaked,
j through the ceiling' into the.
L. E. Durrin, machinist for Racket store below. No par
j the Oregon Power company, ticular damage was done. .
mmmmmmm mmm WHO IiaS UQCll UL 1UI OCV" "
Nollocraft met at the 'were present. Many novel games I era) dol?Sme repair Two carloads Of steel: rail
VtTis mi,mn,Hi n .rn oovorf ,i th nnmmiHoo .worK on me OTiupuuyn i.muL were taKen out tue wenaimg.
Social cHptes
Home or flirs. j. m. racumouu uu ;wuru pmyeu, turn uiu cumumiw . returne(j home Thursday n Kqt wppk for Alontcomerr
Thursday evening. The meeting in charge had so well completed,, returned nome inursuaj line last week "ontmerj
was called for the purpose of: ts work that every one present jSht. v .tt.TthiUS&Si
a very jolly time Edward Dlllsaver of Douglas, aid a half this side ofr
r,, ,..u AiasKa. Bwppeu uu utu-j ,WendUng
xiiu xwiioiiiiuii uiuu 11cm evening on nis way xiuum uum
thoso mado from white
in certain mnleral salts
Many foods especially
flour aro woefully deficient
which aro essential to life, health and happiness.
To supply these vital mineral elements so often lack
ing in tho usual daily diet, a food export originated
This food, made of choice wheat and malted barloy,
supplies all tho nutriment of tho grains, including tho
'ptibs'phato of potash, etc., required for tho daily rebulld-
Ing of body and brain.
GrapO-Nuts has a delicious, nut-like flavoufr Is
ready to eat direct from tho package with cream or good
)' milk, and is comnleto nourishment.
I r f'THertf 8 a Reaspx? for Grajtots
SOlUly UrOCUru oyMryyivo.
Intt latin c three candidates. Mrs.
Vin Williams, ls. Mae Steven
son and Mrs. A. M. Beaver, into
tho mysteries of tho club. Those
present had a most enjoyable
time. The hostess served dain
ty refreshments. Mrs. Rich
mond's guests, were Mrs. M. J.
Bally, Mrs. Carl Fischer, Mrs. R.
L. Kirk, Mrs. George Catching,
Mrs. H. E. Walker, Mrs. W. F.
Walker, Mrs. J. P. Fry. Mrs. W.
II. Pollard. The next regular
meeting will be held at the home
of Mrs. Catching, December 9.
TheProgresslvo Twenty-Two
held a very enjoyable business
and social meeting Friday even
ing at tho home of Mrs. G. N.
one of it3 pleasant afternoon J San Francisco, to spend a few
gatherings at the nome or Mrs. days with his friend, Dan Gore,
1 1 w rni 1 ... j
Mrs. W. L. McFsjland, of
TWnn'a ctnHnn nn the. P. E. & Ei:
11. W. Whitney on Thursday, Mr. Dillsaver will leave tomor- was taken to the Eugene hospi
spending the time with needle-jrcw for the north. He is much'j Saturday and will undergo?
work, after which dainty re-, impressed by the situation and t th t lnstitution todav. Mrs-
prospects of Springfield. , McFarland is the mother of Mrs."
1 Roy Jenkins.
Lynn Lanshery suffered a bad . v
cut in the palm of the hand last Come to our Japanese Ten
week while taking a cow out to 'Garden, held at the home ofMrs'.
Swarts, Mrs. C. E. Wheaton, pasture. He was leading the.M. J. McKlin. Sixth and "D
Mrs. J. W. Coffin, Mrs. O. B. animal by a chain, when it ran, 'streets. Thursday, November IS,
Kessey, Mrs. L. May, Mrs. N. W.i drawing the chain so rapidly fr6m 2:30 until 9 P. M. Re1
freshments wore served. Mrs
W. L. Dunlap and Mrs. McGow
an were club guests and the fol
lowing members were present:
Mrs. H. A. Korf, Mrs. C. E.
Emery, Mrs. H. W. Whitney.
The Berean class of tho
Christian church was most
Grifl n. After the routine of the leag u entertained at the
vv.....b, " uomo of Mrs. Arthur Mcurack-
cheon was served. The niom- T h and B stroets last
berB present were: Mrs. William t , A v,
, iT it W, Vt t XZ ii, ' tentlon of the class liaa been
Bally, Mrs Vh a o McLean, Mrs. conilleruo gamcs were played
Hannah Hill Mrs L. E Durrin, j d 1g, ;t b refrgment3 were
1 Mrs. J, P. Fry, TUrs. Al. Mont- cervea
igomery, Mrs. Jessie Newman, j "
I Mrs. J. E. Stanlgor, Miss Alice ,k0- f (m;
iKester. Tho next meeting will 1 A. :larP , " "b5 ;
be held at tho homo of iIrs. Hill . "lc"u" Tyr,,"?""f ,,r
on December 10 the. Springfield High school llt-
on uecemuer, iu. society Friday oyenlng.
The Gleaners will meet with lA unusually god program was
Mrs. Charles Rtites Thursday u
afternoon. All ladies are wel
through the hand that it was freshments, 10c. Everybody In
cut deeply. Several, stitches were vlted.
required to close the wound. ,
. A door has. been cut in the;
Mrs. A. D. Williams, who has partition between the recorder's,
been viBiting for tho past sevjand the police chief's ofnvenjj
M-nl months in Boston and oth-ithe city hall. The city treasure
or eastern cities, arrived Sunday ier will probably use the chief 'sj
to join her hushand here. They 'room, and thus do away with;
are occupying the Robert Drury Jthe necessity of carrying thoj
house ori FJf tli street Their record books a long distance. to..
home is In Los Angeles, but Mr. the vault each night.
"It ft
' 0
A 1olnt social; given: atvho
Baptis church Saturday 'oveh-'
ing by the pwbrth,"Leag"uoVvho
Baptist union and, the Christian
Kudeayor, in honor of the ex4
tension committee 01 tne um
vorysity y. M. C, A, ail greatly
Mrs. VanValzah's and Mr.
Bartholomew's classes of- tho
Methodist Sunday school will
bold a social at hte church on
Wednesday evening.
Tho, Knights and Ladies pf Se-
Williams wanted to spend sev
oral months in Oregon so ho
could enjoy tho hunting and fishn
Ing hereabouts. Tho, Williams
were dinner guests aunaay or
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. McCulloch.
m f m
W. W. Klllam, who has been
living on south Second street,
has leased the J. u urooK
ranch north of Springfield, and
has bought the household goods,
farm machinery and 285 .pure
stock Plymoth Rock arid Rhode
Island Red chickens, and will g
to raising chickens!' Mr. and
Mrs. Crook leave In about two
weeks foSunW&de, washlng-
onjoyed'by tlio 120 or more who night, November" 25.
Reapers.' ' haill Thanksglvlfig , ton, whefe'he kas an alfalfa
The Baptist church desires."
the presence of their friends at a
reception to be given their pas
tor, and wife, Rev. W. N. Ferris
and Dr. Ke'eney Ferris, in the
church, auditorium) Wednesday,
November 17, at 8:00 P. M. Al
program of good addresses, spef
cial music and a cordial welcome?
awaits you, Dr. Ford, Rev. N
W. Davis ot tho Eugene church
wllj speak. ;
1 wish tb'lhank tne hiomberii
of the Emanori cjluh tog the fhiS
uiness, ; s'iVfcA
Gllberf D.1VI37;