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W. A. DiLV
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.; lisblng Association.
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not where till a neighbor aak) It Killed his. calf and I had to pay
him six and a half ($6.60). I bought some poison to slay some
rats, aud a neighbor swr It killed hte cats; and rather than
argue- across the fence, I paid hlnv.four dollars and Hfty cents
One night I set sailing if W balloon, and norted' It Vollld; soaY
till It reached, the moon; but tho caadle fell on a farmer's straw,
and ho said 'I must settle or go to law. And that' is the way with
the random shot; It never hits In tho proper spot; and the Joke
you spring and that think so smart, may lcavo a wound In
801110 fellow's heart. Bandon Recorder.
, Onco again: How about thoso thistles that are growing up
on tho vacant lots? Can't they bo cut?
And.j Remember to Get a Stop-Over for Springfield.
Friday, May 20, has been designated as Good Roads Day
by Governor Withycombe, and already the good roads enthusiasts
of Lane county are planning on a proper observation of the day.
Over at Eugene Walter Griffin is leading a movement to put
in the day on the McKenzie highway, and already he has a large
number of business men signed up to spend the day with pick
and shovel, making repairs to the road.
Springfield has a particular interest in this highway and
would do well to join in the movement for smoothing out tho
rough places in it
Expectation Is that this summer will see the passage of vast
that it is oxpocted to have tho
rails laid to tho bridge slto by
tho first of Juno, after which
time the steel and other mater
ials for tho big structure will bo
delivered at tho slto. Good pro
gross is being mado on tho grad-
Lcston Robert Craighead, son
of John mid Mlnnlo Craighead,
was born about six miles south
east of Cottage Grove, February
4, 1898. The family has resid-
pfl In tho immnrilntn viclhltv nf
Springfield for about 12 years, 4K through thq property of tho
tho last few years just southeast I Point Terraco sawmill company
of Springfield Junction.
Lcston had been in the em
ploy of R. E. Davidson for nearly
two years, commencing ho
was within a month of finishing
tho work of the West Springfield
school. Ho was a boy of kindly
disposition, a steady and reliable
worker, and enjoyed the esteem
of old and young.
The funeral services were
conducted by Rev. J. T. Mooro
at Walker's chapel, Wednesday
afternoon, May 5. The attend
ance was twice the capacity of
the chapel. The burial was at
Laurel Hill cemetery.
Norman Furuset and Ray Alex-
nnd through tho rock quarry.
Mr. Dixon stated that a large
number or men aro employed
on the bridge across Coos Day
leading into Marshfleld. Itogis
$12,000,000 required to fi
nance tho salmon pack this year.
Department of tho Interior.
U. S. Land OITlco at Kosoburg, Oro.
gon, way o, jyn.
Notlco Is horobv elvon that lko P.
Whltoloy. of Loaburg. Oregon, who,
on juno 7. mauo Ilomoatoad
Entry, sorlal No. 08103. for tho BWU
Besides of Soctlon 24, Township 10 S, Rnngo
i to., wuiainoitQ meridian, u-s filed
ander, his companions in the 'reo-Var proof to establish claim
fatal adventure, John Alexander, to tho land abovo doscribod, before i.
number ot automoMfcts through Oregon, and ot fhf number, XSffVSSlSf'&
many will want to cross the Carcades by the McKenzie pass, and Were pallbearers. These, with I claimant names as witnesses:
every one that does so must almost of necessity come through
At present there are some bad places in the McKenzie high
way. Not permanently bad places, but rough spots that can be
taken care of by the use of a little rock and the leveling of the
ground with scraper or road drag.
If an eastern tourist, accustomed to brick-paved rural roads,
should hit these rough spots, his report will give the McKenzie
road a bad name that will require a "vast amount of advertising to
. The road needs repairs. It is one. -of Springfield's big assets
this year. It is to Springfield's interest to help put the road in
proper repair. Who will take the time to do this for his' town?
5 From the little town of Palola, Kan., comes words of wisdom
touching the amazing difference between practice and ideality in
thl development of the city as a municipal home. A Kansas paper
relates how Fred C. Trigg of Kansas City, delivered an address
before the Mothers' club of Paola on the subject of municipal
housekeeping; and the views he represented are so refreshingly
out of the ordinary that they deserve wide presentation.
. Mr. Trigg, as it appears, is a member of the Kansas City Star
staff, and from that we know, of course, that he believes in the
greater city just as the rest of us do. But he draws a distinction
between magnitude and quality, which is something the rest of us
generally fail to do. He insists that if we cannot have but one,
it should be the latter; and then he maintains that magnitude of
the proper order is best attained by first bringing about the con
ditions which make the city the best possible in which to live.
Make the city right and it becomes desirable; and desirability is
the stepping stone to magnitude, wealth, prosperity and all the
- Mr. Trigg acknowledges that his gospel is not likely to be
popular with booster clubs, promotion bodies and others; but he
holds that the error is with the boosters, promoters and others,
and not with his view. The big population which increases realty
values and is a manifestation of industrial activity is certainly
to be striven for, but he argues that real progress is made only
When such growth is on the basis of a clean and comfortable city.
Otherwise there la always a penalty to pay in slums, disease, pov
erty, crime yand their concomitants of public charities, poor
houses, jails, police courts and the rest of our scavanging and ren
ovating machinery created to correct evils that we might in the
first place have avoided if we only had the sense.
two or three Others, insisted 011 1 William Shonlng. of Loaburg, Oregon
digging and filling the grave and r.D0" V09. 01 v,aa- oKon
doing every possible service for
their departed friend.
The freshman class of the
High school, of which Leston's
older sister, Stacia, and his
younger brother, Ira, are mem
bers, attended the funeral In a
field school, with the principal,
Airs. Beaman at the head, at
tended both the funeral services
and the burial. The floral of
ferings were profuse. Many
cards of sympathy were pre
sented to the family.
His mother's parents and a
number of other relatives from
other points near by were in at
tendance. Two uncles from Cot
tage Grove took an active part
in the search for his body.
Albert J. Ward, of Leaburir. Oreiron.
C. W. Southwlck, of Loaburg. Oregon.
M6JE10 Register.
Report of the Condition of the
Of Scrlncdftlll nt Rnrlnr-nnM In !..
The entire West Spring-J Stato of Oregon, at tho close of busi
ness May 1st. 1915:
Loans and discounts 940,901.14
uYoruraus, secured anil tin
secured 21.41
uonus and warrants 0.045.85
Uauklng Houso 14.905.81-
t urnituro and fixtures 5,000.00
Ouo from approved reserve
banks 0,770.28
Checks and other cash Items 11.00
Cash on hand ... . , 2.CC4.80
Machinery for the beginning
of the work on the big bridge
across the Si'uslaw river at Acme
has begun to arrive on thp
ground, according to Thomas
Dixon, superintendent of con
Total $77,040.
Capital stock paid in $30,000.00
Surplus fund 700.00
undivided profits, less ox - '
penses ana, taxes paid .... 1,210.90
individual deposits subject to
check 39,880.77
Demand certificates of do
posit v C29.17
Certified checks 100.00
Time and savings doposlts . . 4,519.45
Total 177,040.29
State of Oregon, County of Lane, ss.
1, O. D. Kessoy, cashier of tho nbovo.
struction for MacArthur. Perks !m?? bnnk- do iHiinly swear that
nnrl Pnmno,, tho abovo statement Is truo to tho host
" v. or my Knowledge and belief,
Eugene last evening from a trip
over the new Willamette Pacific
line as far as Coos Bay. A pile
driver and other equipment is
on hand for the work and a
camp for a large number of mqn,
has been established.
' Superintendent Dixon stated
Correct Attest:
Subscribed and sworn to boforo me
this 7th day of May, 1915,
Notary Public.
Report of tho Condition of tho
The First National Bank
At Springfield, in the State of Oregon, at tho closo of business May 1st, 1915:
Loans and discounts (notes held In bank) $ 92,533.97
Overdrafts, secured, none; unsecured 162.02
U. S. Bonds deposited to secure circulation (par value) 6,250.00
Bonds other than U. S. Bonds pledged to socuro postal
savings deposits 3 000 00
Securities other than U. S. Bonds (not Including stocks)
owned unpledged ; 18,116 08
Total bonds. securiifiR. ntn '
Subscription to stock of Federal Reserve BankV.f YrfOO
? 92,533.97
Less amount uiroald oka
We consider the city thriving where industry is great and i o?r?itr,nn1?0UB,0' ;8'082-: furniture and fixtures 2600
active; where we can show palatial homes, beautiful parks and j Due from Federal Reserve' Bank'!!!!!'.!!!!!!!!!)."!!
magnificent public buildings; and according to the standard of our i Duocfarg0n anVuuiT'0 ngent VoVkV Ch)'-
practice that is thrift and progress. But the test is to show the inue from approved reserve agent's Yn other reserve clYles 8 55623
other half the back yard of the city the places where the people i Due0f") banltB and bankera (ter than included in 8
Of least revenue live; the places that develop in too rapid growth J Checks on' banks' in'tlio same'cl'ty or "town as" reporting
during which the business of acquiring dollars has driven nearly fp,,ptfnnnknVr;VJ;;l' '
, x i xt i ... ''actional currency, nickels, and cents 183 90
all else out of mind the slums, the tenements, the resorts of vice. Notes of other National banks . ". ! !!!!!!!!!!!!! !
Every city begins without these, and there is the dawning belief I Lawful money reserve in bank:
x fx, tn I.. .... . i iotai coin and certificates
that cities may grow without them and with a net result in sub- Lep-i tender notes !k!!!!,...!!!!!!
stantial progress far in excess of that now realized. Redemption fund with U. S. Treasurer '(not more than
" i.r cent on circulation) ....,tj,., . 312.50
THE FARMER CAN DO IT. ! Total ;;vJ;; '
. ,. T. . Capital stock paid In 4 15...:,'. ;,...).
(Editorial in Albany Democrat.) Surplus fund .:.. !......'
To what an extent business is dependant unon the farmer nmv Und-vl'led 1'rofits $3,752.09
- . , X.USS cun
T.ntlR Pllfrnnf nvnnnuno f ntnt-m.i nnl,l ' n emn nn
be well illustrated by the statement of the fact that three-fourths Circuiting ; notes .! 7. 7. IT.ZY::::. oo
uuiiiunu ueposits ?. ,
individual deposits subject to check'.... 84,740,53
Certificates of deposit duo In less thdn:30 days 34,799.60
..Certified checks ...,,.,....,,,,, 50,00
Cashier's checks outstanding .,.,,,., 1,200.20
Postal savings deposits s:..:.i,., 1,198.54
Time deposits: -
Certificates of deposit due on or after 30 days 19,120.14
of the deposits in the Albany banks, and probably in the banks in
the other Valley cites of approximatley the size of this city or even
larger, are in the names of farmers. They have the money. They
have made money and have it in the banks, where they are
keeping It, waiting for things to loosen up and confidence be fully
restored, when it will come out and in different ways go into cir
culation. That will mean a good deal for the country. Whenever
a farmer makes up his mlud that there is something special that
he wants he has the money to buy it with. The sooner he
sets things to going the better It will be for this Valley. He can do
it. Will he start something.
. :,' : ' ' ' - l'
I shot an arrow -into, the air; it fel in the .distance,!! knew
Boport of tho condition of tho First
National Bank of Springfield, In tho
Stato of Orogon, at tho closo of busi
ness May X, 1015,- condonsod from re
port to tho Comptroller of tho Cur
Loans and discounts $ 02,01)5.00
U. S, and other Bonds and
Warrants , 27.30G.08
Banking houso, real cstato,
furnlturo and fixtures . . . 18,003.00
Cash and duo from banks . . 37,701.812
Capital Stock ,.$ 25,000.00
Surplusanil Profits 4,170.80
Circulation 0,250.00 '
Doposlts . 141,121.13
The Best Groceries
For Less Money
The Fifth Street Grocery
Thos. Sikcs, Prop. Phono 22
Read Our Statement
Of May 1st, published In this is
sue. Regardless of dull times w'p
aro gradually increasing our
business and usefulness In this
community by careful, consist
ent effort.
Commercial State Bank
Capital $30,000.00
Established 1883
Capital and Surplus - - - $300,000.00
Interests on Savings Accounts and TJmo Certificates
State. of Oregon, County, of Lane. ss.
I, Chas. L. Scott, Cashier of the above-named bank) do uolomnly swear that
tho above statement Is true to the best of my khbwledgo nnd belief.
V,;y CHAS, L. SCOTT, Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me 'Correct Attest:,
this 10th day of May; 1915.- ,l!y J,' F. 'SMITH,
Notary Publlci
L. K. PAGE, t
Newberg W. B. Sims Is
growing 90,000 ginseng plants
for Chinese market.
Eucene asked to enact a $2.25
eight-hour minimum wage law
when contractors aro offering
Siuslaw Commission is auth
orized to Issue $100,000 Improve
ment bonds, as result of a test
Railroad trainmen on western
roads get wage increase that
totals $311,$$$ for a year, in
stead of $40,000,000 asked.
Notice to Creditors.
Notlco Is horohy given that tho un
dersigned has been appointed, by tho
county court, oxccutrlx ot tho cstato
of William M. Mooro, docoasod. All
norsons having claims against said
uatato aro horoby notified to present
tho same, duly verified and with tho
proper vouchors, to the administra
trix nt tho ofilco of Woodcock, Smith
& Dryson, In Eugeno, Oregon, within
six months from tho dato of tho first
publication of tills notlco.
Dato of first publication of this no
tlco Is April 26, 1915.
Executrix of tho ostato of William M.
Moore, docoasod. in M24
Office In City Hall, Springfield, Orj
Edwards & Brattaih
For Farm and City Property .
Exchnngea a Specialty ' t'j
Springfield - Olregon
Phono 30
Phone 1221
S31 Willamette St. Eugene, Oregon
Veterinary, Surgeon
and Dentist
Office; Warnock'a feed Barn
Phones: Office 904
Residence 11 22-J 1
i. .
PHONES! Office, 3; Residence, 111-J
Over Commercial Bank,
Springfield, Oregon.
O. R. Gullion, M. D.
Practice Limited tl
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat.
Graduate Nurso Attending
306, White Temple, Eugeno.
, We print bi'ttor wrappers,