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Il&oit Popular Girl Cdptes1
- Winner gets a beautiful No. 3-AWtiimn Kodak.
: VALUE $20.00 t..
If you havo an JSaHtman Kodak you aro entitled to 1 voto
for (ivory Cent paid. If you buy during contest you arc on-
tillud to voles, for every cont paid.
Kodak supplies, ono voto for every cont paid.
' Good on Kodaks and Supplies Only
Standing of Candidates Will Be Announced Each
Thursday in This Paper
l Tales of the Town f
f Tho Hippodrome.
-.Hall, tho Shoo Doctor, Fifth
and Main Btrcct.
You can got harness cheap
er at Wolf & MlllorV.
e V
Tho tar roof of tho Budd Mc-
Phcrson building was laid today.
, Now Is tho tlmo to get your
sweat pads cheap. Wolf & Miller.
t '
"Mrs. Earl Moore was In from
Griffin's camp at Jasper Friday
and' Saturday.
! (
Tom Jones, who suffered a se
verely sprained anklo a week ago
Ib able to be out on crutches.
' '
jAttorney J. II. Bower loft this
morning for Toledo, Lincoln
county, on a business trip of two
if Mr. and. Mrs. II. L. Chllson of
Eugene and J. L.. Chilson of Long
Beach, California, visited Sun
day' at the M. M. Male homo.
Mrs. W. C. Rebhan returned
Saturday from Grants Pass
where she had been visiting with
friends for the pasfton days.
Good reliable jlro, Insurance.
No assessments; no membership
fee. Pay once and you aro done.
II. E. Walker at the City Hall.
''All ladles aro requested lo
call at Walker & Rice's hard
ware storo and see tho Rotaiy
Bewing; machine demonstrated.
Conkoy's Starting Pood for
llttlo Chlx. Makes tho little fel
lows strong and healthy., 'Pro
vents Iseaso, Springfield Feed
Company. ;, ...
What is tho Hippodrome?
Hall, tho Shoo Doctor, Fifth
and Main street.
J. B. Shouso of Bond was reg
istered at tho Elite Saturday.
J. C. Holbrook of Brownsville
was in Springfield on business
All kinds of Chick supplies
at tho Feed Store. We sell good
quality and wo, sell It cheap.
O 1
M. M. Male, who has been
quite sick at his home at Mill
and B streets, Is ablo to bo out.
it .
Mrs. W. S. Thurlow of Port
land arrived last evening for n
visl with her daughter, Mrs. Dr.
Miss Nora Sorenson went to
Fall Creek Saturday. She will
teach a term of school in , that
, Mrs.. H, E. Walker went to
Lowell Saturday evening for a
visit until Sunday with her fa
ther, H. C. Morgan.
If you do not sec tho Hippo-;
uromo at tno wen Tuesuay eve
ning .your loss .will bo more than
'10c the prico of admission.
V V 9
' Dr. J. 13. Richmond will be
out of town from May 14 to 22.
Tho offlco will bb closed on Wed
nesdays until further notice.
Mr. and Mrs. James Lano of
Corvallls drove up In their au
tomobile Sundny to visit Mrs.
Lane's mother, Mrs. S. Soren
son. Yqu can see tho complete
Hippodrome as it is played In
New York City 40 weeks in tho
year, at tho Bell. Tuesday eve
ning. a
H. E. Walker, 4, E. McKibben,
and George PerkiuB have re
turned to Portland to resume
Dr. and krs, Keater returned
Thursday from j. visit of ney.eral
days In Portland
Mr. and Mrs. A. Middletbn
were patron and patroness of the
Idlllo club at its regular bl-wcek-ly
dancing party Saturday eve
ning. A very enjoyable party
was held.
Mrs., Cliff Lybarger gavo a
vry delightful cHlldrea'a 'pariy
Saturday afternoon in honor of
the. fifth birthday anniversary of
hr, daughter LeJa. Tlie yonng-
sters enjoyed the game im
mensely, and also the dainty
lunhceon. Thp guests were
Heleno Richmond, Lucll Rich
mond, Naomi Ilarblt,, Thelma
Fuller, Elene Jenkins, Dorene
Larimer, Earl Roberta, Fay
''Hflnnori Green, formerly in
thereBaUrant business' hero, (their duties, as jurors In .the Ufv
arrived from Portland Saturday
on a business trip, and returned
this noon.
Mrs. R. A. Rico, who wont to
Portland last Friday to under
go a serious operation, haB safe
ly passed the ordeaj and is now
improves. , v .' .
Cow owners will note we
are selling Dairy chop at $1 per
cwt. Our other feeds aro low
priced In proportion. Spring
field Feed Co.
S. court.
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Smeed
of Waltorville spent Sunday in
Springfield with Mrs. Smeed's
parents, Mr. and Mre. Al, Mont
gomery. '
!J. Teuscher, ' Jr., traveling
agent of tho Boys' and Girls
Aid society of Portland was in
Springfield Friday on business
for his institution.
Shoe and harness repairing
at Wolf & Miller's.
C. F. Egglmann made a busi
ness trip to Eugcno Saturday.
George England went to
Wendllng Sunday to accept a
position there.
Andy Allen returned home to
Wendllng Sunday evening after
a short visit In Springfield.
The Brilliant Vacuum
Cleaner for sale $19.50, or for
rent $1.25 per day. See Dale
Mummoy. 14
Cupid Flour (hardwheatt
$1.75. Albany Flour (Blend),
$1.G0 at the, Feed Store. Qual
ity guaranteed.
Now is the time to cet that
old suit cleaned and repaired or
have a new one made at Jen
kins, Fourth Street. m
Tho. . three-reel feature.
"What Could She Do?" at the
Bell tonight Is ono every parent
and child should see. It deals
with the child's practical pre
paration for life
Parties wishing to contribute
clothing to the Asociated Char
ities will please ask their gro
cery deliverymen to take the
supplies to E. E. .Morrison's,
where they will be taken care of.
Pros'. Associated Charities,
MrSi Margarete Lepley, recent
ly of Oakdalo, Calif., has been
visiting with Mrs. Jeajinette
Richardson since coming to
Springfield ten days: ago, leaves
tomorrow monrlng for Jasper,
where she will make her home
with her son and family, L. J.
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Browning
arrived Saturday evening from
Petaluma,, California. where
they have been living for the
past ten months. They will have
apartments at Mrs. Richardson's
at Sixth and B streets for the
present.. They expect to make
their homo here from now on.
Mrs. Al Montgomery of the
Hotel Springfield, received yes
terday front her daughter, Mrs,
Herbert Smeed, of Walterville,
an unusually large pansy. The
blossom measured three inches
across ono way and fpur inches
tho other, and the stem was tei)
Inches long. ' . ,
1 it
On and after this date all
aqcounts due the undersigned
more than, 30 days Will draw 10
per cent interest. All old, ac
counts settled within ten days
will bo. discounted 10 per cent.
Monday, May 3. 1015.
' Persons haying, odd Jobs pt
work to' bo, dope may get sttu-;
dtints help on (shprt; rioftca ndj
av tne same umo renaer a ser
vice .to students working their
way through college: by calliug
up tho University Y. M. C. A.,
You can buy a 42 piece din
ner set for $3.0d at the home
furnishers Hayden & Mptcalf.
Mrs. A. W. pugan pf Marcola,
sliitcr of Mra. Curtis Hayden,
came down this' morning to at
tend the funeral f he-rvilephew.
M DAY'AT 1 :
The May day exercises at the
High school Friday, which the
students carried out were very
interesting. Herbert Hansen,
President of the Student Body,
crowned the May .Queen. The
King artd Queen were attended
by their maids and pages. The
Freshmen and Junior classes
laid, their offerings pf flowers
upon the throne, wliich was very
artistically arranged beneath the
(Spreading maple trees.
I At 3 :30 every one attended the
ball game at Midway, between
Santa Clara and Springfield. The
ganje was, very exciting, Santa
Clara winning with a score of
12 to 7. At G o'clock they re
turned tOjthe high school; where
supper was 'served, by the girls.
.James were played and prepar
ations made from 7 to 8 for the
eye'rilng program, which was the
last one for this year.
The program was as follows:
liEntry ,of the king, queen and
their attendants,
0$e to May Queen . , ......
Norton Pengra
The Flowers That Blodni In the
Spring .;...,....... Chorus
Series of. Indian Tableaux. , . .
... ......... . Sophomores
Duet, Elieh Lambert and Nellie
Santa Lucia Chorus
German Play .... "Der Knopf"
( Instrumental solo,
i . JL.eota iucuracKen
Stereopticon views, Mr. Toy
ner. 'At the Lincoln school Alice
Mortepsen was the queen with
Doris Myers and Mrajorie Rud-
atmnnn as ateinuants. itaipn
Love was the herald and Earl
McCulloch and Dwight Kessey
Were the pages.
i At) the high school building,
Alene, Larimer was the queen,
Wjbf,erd Allen and Albert Whit
'riey were pages; Goldie Park,
Madge Warner, Allehe Castle
arid'Maxine Castle were maids
of honpr and ,Alden Hayse was
thft Jherald'.
Large'numbers of patrons of
the schools attended the exer
cises and enjoyed the drills by
the pupils.
Alices T7 Vi nr?na wnc HI trxrlnv inrl
unaoio . to. take, cnarge, or ner
classes. .
mt ,ni vr a pi(ti ,i Eugbne 504. Work of afternoons
Mr. and Mrs. N. A. Grluln and Saturdays Is especially de
daughtor Laura were down from f J
Mr- nnrl Mrs T P Frv Mrs luu,r ioKB"B cuiup ui JUbpuri . ,
M.Mr:ffrf?nTBirtt 7tofcnd the Mrthday Tho Bpworth .League of the
to.Jasper Sunday for a visit with -fflgSL.B1 for Mr' QMftAa!
Mrs. Fry's uncio, i Kinwey,
and daughter, Mrs. Doano. ' j
Lloyd L. Mullitt, a national
bank examiner, was m aprmg'
mother. ltniihtih't n't the eliureh Saturdnv
. overilngof tlils week, after which
New, parts for tho blower fan delegates will be selected to at
that blow up at the Booth-Kelly tepd the dlstritit EpwOrth league
in ll Thursday Avero received i convenlton which Is to bo held
from Seattle Saturday, and the
books of the First National. He planing mill resumed operation iG, Tho Springflpld chapter is
entitled to eight delegates.
Condition. I ,, , t. tth nr.. J tt i ...m.
air. mm ima. vunvui uuu xui. iiuvjuy ucijuuuu luu mini
Thompson of Portland, are In imputes from I. CHno and Bert
SnrinKfiOld calling on friends' to-1 Snook, tho same will bo'run un-
was unintentionally omitted day. Mr. and Mrs. Volkor were ! dor the name of tho Springfield
The name of Miss Olive
Smith, teacher of tho third grade
from tho list of teachers engaged
for tho school year 1915-10, as
published in tho Thursday issuo
of tho.NowB'. ' s , .'
Tho regular monthly dlnnor of
the G. A. R. and Ladies of the
G. A. R. will bo held at the post
hall Friday. May 7, at noon, All
hero four years ago organizing
tho Knights and Ladles of Se
curity. v .
. . 1
'H. C. 'Barkmah,' manger of
tho Springllold creamery, states
that ho expects to bo moved into
his new quarters by tho last of
tho week. Tho concrete uoors
Tiinmhnrn iWH ''fnnilii'en if mom- liavo'beon sloW In drying 'f or the
bors, and till eligible to member- past few days, and the machln
Bhlp in tho post or circle uro In-!ory cannot bo placed until tho
Vlted to attend, concrete Is firm.
Dairy. Wo intend to give the
people of Springfield a first class
service, with delivery Jo all parts
of tho city twlco daj We have
quarter in tho now creamery
fpr the sanitary handling of the
ndlk and will endeavor to deliver
pnly tho very best .articlo, Our
aim will bo good -goods and a
prompt delivery. Acontliumtlon
of your patronagej.Is.reanectf ully
solicited. Phono 24-F-12.
A number of the students
have been'sufferine with ton-
solltis .the past, week, Mae Lyon
Floyd Bartlett and Herbert Han
sen were the first to bo troubled
with it but the report today is
that John Soleim is also com
plaining about his sore and swol
len tonsils.
Eva Brown was out of school
a greater part of last week on
account of ' poison oak.
-4 A netaLTMAeeo ohcw
vi rf.l. .. . II,;..
MAN the taite of 'h'M
satisfying and so lasting that a. ten
cent pouch of the Keaj. Tpbacco Chew lasts
yqu twice as long as the same money
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You'll be glad of the day you start with the
Real Tobacco Chew if you, are' Critical abptit tfifeT
tobacco you chew
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Then let it rest. See bo it eacilr mi evenly tke rest.
tobacco tatte eomet, hoir St aatltfie without grinding, how
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ukn too tpit too owed.'
Tbe tiete of pare, rich tobacco doe eot need to be covered ap jrWi iwUh(b and.
Notice boW tbe aalt brufj ost tbe rieti tobacco tattc is tijM-Cet.
One small fchfcw takes the place jof two big
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SO Ubhi Square, New Yrk
(BUY FROttREALER OjlSEND fO55yUPS;T0;Us).fitnr
V" i: u C "t to " n.' JJ , W " w'
- . ,W?lt
r XT T ' ' 1 . XT .tJ
Classified Column. K'ls',tlie
"mutual benefit salesman of
Springfield, for it profits both,
buyer and seller. ; . ,
.Advertise if you want to;selk ,
advertise for what you "need. .
The Classified Column reaches
the people you want to reach,
. if t
it it i.j t L-i. '.
'Jr OY -:yjf ft!:"-
ounty News
Mr. Anderson,, proprietor of.
tho ' .Tollman Studio of Eugene
waB here Wednesday, Thursday
and Friday and on these days
took the pictures of the various
classes iiv groups and the Ath
letic teams.
Over one hundred copies of
tho rilgli School Annual were
sold to the high School studonts
Thursday. . '
IA -P!rctory pf each City. Town ana
Vivace. glvlPS jM9r)pttv sketch ot
each iBlaeau -location, poiiulotlon, tele-
,.,whVi.ftWn)t, ana anln ,pitatt
Business Directory
'alaaV.piawin'ca' Plrec'tory,, cbnyvlle.a by
uuaineia anu pruiavaiuu.
K. L. lOUC ft CO., 8KATTLK
There is nothing that will HERBERT E. WALKER
give you more comfort and notary ;;
pleasure for the money invest- puaLjc '
ed than a good hanimock, W.e . w Q
have them for $1.75 and up. , t . , V, ....
Hayden & Metcalf. t. See -"-
"" rrTTTZ" : Edwards &Brattaih.
NotltJe to Creditors.
Notice is hereby givn that tho un For Farm and City Property11'
4ers!gnea has been ppointod, by the , Ex'cKahiies A Specialty
county court, executrUc of tho etjtato 1 . . 7. t. ,r - , ,'r t
ot William M. Moore, deceased. All Springfield - Oregon
persons having claims against Said " Phone" 30
estate aro hereby notified ta present . m n , i. ; ,'" .
'the same, duly verified and with tho CAREFJUL, CONSCIEN.TIPUS,.
I proper vouchers, to the admlnlstra- " , . t . , t-
trlx at the oince of Woodcock. Smith "T ' J J
& Bryson, in Eugene. Oregon, within I J Q Xl T I QT pTr
six- months from the date pf tho first A yJ VJ J, y J, Q V Jm V
i publication of this nptlce, . . Wf
l Date of first publication of this no- DR. J. p. RICHMOND
tlce Is April1 26, 1915. - v T '
MARGARET MOOUB, . . PHONES; Office, V, Residence, 11T-J
i Executrix -pf yio etat jqf .wiuiam M, 0vgr Commercial Bank,. -V.
Mooro, deceased, , . . m M24 , ,.
' ' , m . Springfield, Oregon.
W; . WALKER' , ,. ; r-r 7-
UNDERTAKp ; "f , J. H; BOWER 1 .. ,1
funeral director ;' ; , . , ..-Lawyer." Vf,
Office Phone 62; , Residence 67-J Phono ,1221
. Mil Wj,B 4 ' &31-Wlllajnette St. Euaene, Oregaii