The Lane County news. (Springfield, Lane County, Or.) 1914-1916, April 15, 1915, Image 3

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ee uemonsir anon i
at Ren
dii Sunday, April Iho ltftli at
irpeyciouionsirauon wiin tin kouwk mm TaiiK,
Coio and boo this modern wny of developing your ncga-
yt'Tho oxperiorico 1b Intho taiAr!
Wh also wIhIi to announso at thin tlmo that wo aro In a
petition to do flrflt cIabb Kodak fliiiBhlng at reasonable
Tales of
-4-A now
Colgato soap nt
-Ilcar tho now Edison
Phonographs at Poory's. (
Wo hnvo Chick Food and
Grit. M. G. DroHsIor & Son.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Nect of
Wendllng visited frlcndB hero
over Sunday.
-s-All hinds of Chick supplies
at tho Feed Store. Wo sell good
quality and wo sell it cheap,
j 6
Tho home of Ray Lemloy nt
Ninth and E streets was quar
untincd Tuesday
ter scarlet
P. RaVere, who had a
of paralysis about two
weeks ago, Is'ablo to be up and
around Jlho house., w
", "
Mrs. S. Young and daughter
Ella'jspent the evening yesterday
with Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Thomas
of Eugene.
Cupid Flour (hardwheat)
$1.76. Albany Flour (Blend),
$1.00 at the Feed Store. Qual
ity guaranteed.
Captain Dodd slipped on a
board at Dr. Van Valzah's Tues
day evening and fell, bruising his
left shoulder severely.
Tho Springfield Feed Com
pany unloaded two cars of feed
and. one of hay this week and
will unload another car of hay
it O
if you pay more than tho
priced of a Now Perfection Oil
stove you pay too much. If you
pay less you get less. Hayden &
Metcalf, the Home Furnishers
WHlard Bosserman and
formerly of Springfield; now of
Roseburg, where Mr. Bosserman
is ticket agent for the S. P. Co.,
arrived Wednesday for a visit
with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.
C. Bosserman and family.
Grocery Buying
Doesn't Require
the time and thought and attention
that it used to.
Nowadays, at this modern store,
we take care of the "worry part", of,
your grocery buying wo "stand-' be-
tween you and impure foods and un
desirable godds, -and the cost is no
more than for inferior goods. 4
Get the Habit of Trtiding
8 P. ti, Hharpwe 111 give a
the Town
Colgate's Talcums lCc at
Ground bono and oyster
shell. M. C. Dressier & Son.
Remember tho chicken din
ner at the Elite Hotel Sunday. 35
Miss Sudlo Lnmbcrt is suf
fering from a severe attack of
poison oak.
Born Friday, April 9, 1915, to
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Miller of Go
shen, a son.
Mr. and Mrs.iF. A. Worley 'of
Wendllng aro in town for a few
days on business.
d " 0
Leather is high but we are
selling harness cheaper thaif
ever. Wolf & Miller.
Miss Berrlno Palmer, who was
operated on at tho Springfield
hospital a week ago, wlli be able
to return home soon.
Mr. and Mrs. 'J. It Cox came
home Monday from Stayton,
whonce thoy had been called by
tho Illness of Mr. Cox' mother.
, a
Conkey's Starting Food for
little Chlx. Makes tho little fel
lows strong and healthy. Pre
vents disease. Springflold Feed
Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Patterson,
who live a short distance west
of SprlngAe'ldou the north side
of tho river, visited Tuesday with
Mr. and Mrs. C, E. Brattain. Mr.
Patterson is Just recovering
from a long Illness.
Mrs. H. E. Walker is In re
ceipt of a letter from her lius-
lband, who Is on jury duty in
tho federal court in Portland, In
which he says he has been
drawn oh a case which will prob
ably tako only a ..few days, and
that all Jurqrs; iio on this case
have been, excused until the first
of May. e , x t t
The.tIji Reapers have afV1iW. The nextMMon rU;'W
ngeti'a lipecfcSrogram for thVfW a week fronjftoday at the
J ... 12 toil.. IVntiin t7".l 14J '
entertainment, bfthe gentlemen
tomorrow evening. mere win
bo vocal and instrumental r. um
bers followed by refreshments.
Tho Reapers of. .America an
nounce another of their1 deUgSt
ful invitation, dances for Tues
day evening, April 20.
The Gleaners arc holding their
usual session of sewing at the
homo of Mrs. Dan Gore OA
north Seventh street this after
noon. Tho Sunshine club of Prune
vlllo met at the home of Mrs.
Carlton Wyman Thursday after
noon. Fancy work and a read
ing from the life of Helen Keller,
were features of the afternoon.
Ofllcers for the ensuing term
were- elected as follows: Presi
dent, Mrs. T. A Chase; first vice
president, Mrs. Irish; second
vice-president, Mrs. McElhaney;
sccretary-trpasurer, Mrs. Hook-
Tho big sale is still going on
at Wolf & "Miller's.
Save 1-3 by buying Rexall
School Tablets at Peeiy's. .
f V
Dr. J. E. Richmond wants a'
couple kittens for his ,chiTdren.
, When you think of old shoes
think of Hall, the Shoe Doctor;
" William Hicks, merchant at
Donna, was In Springfield on
business today.-
Mrs. Henry McCollum and'
children go. to Jasper tills after-
lipon to visit her sister, Mrs. Jl.JHesa of Goshen, a son.
R. Baker.
Good reliable fire Insurance.
No assessments; no membership
fee. Pay once and you are done.
H. E. Walker at the City Hall.
;.Mrs. Ernest Conley of near
1JaUervlHo Bpent TUeeday -and'
Wednesday here with her par -
nnfo Mr nnrl Mrs N. H. Slimnr. I
-"vw O .
Fresh milk delivered night,
aiid morning from Pruneville
Dairy. Any one wishing milk
call 34F3. We have our own
milk. 15tf
A dollar saved is a dollar
earned. Have Hall the Shoe
Doctor renair those old shoes
and thus save a dollar on the
new ones.
Cow owners will note we
are selling Dairy chop at $1 per
cwt. Our other feeds aro low
priced in proportion. ' Spring
field Feed Co.
Ernest Lyon and Dale Tusslng
of tho Springfield Feed Company
went to Brownsville last Sunday
and brought up Dave Sterling's
automobile as far as Springfield.
Mr. Sterling Is in the feed busi
ness at Cottage Grove.
M. Fenwlck, representative Jn
1ia lnrrlolntltlA of ta loot Cflflclnn
i this week received a large pic
ture giving tho photographs of
I all of tho meihebrs of the lower
j house, placed according to the
seating of the house. He has had
his picture framed.
D. S, Bcals, assistant cashier
of the First National bank, has
just recently received notice of
his appointment as Ideal repre
sentative of the U. S. Fidelity &
Guaranty Co. of Baltimore. The
company does a general bonding
business and insures plate glass.
Mel Bnrtlett had on display
this week at the bowling alley
tho black wolf hide he had
mounted for Stacoy Russell,
County Clerk. This was tho
wolf that had been playing
havoc with young stock near
Marcqla and was finally i trapped.
It was indeed a monster and
when made Into a rug by Mr.
Bartlett it Is certainly a beauty
and qno of which the owner may
home of Mrs. Fred CHwt.
f1 t 'f
,Mrt and Mrs. Truman Chase
oflyruneville entertained at din
ner last Tuesday evening Miss
Ethel Kingwell, Miss Maude
Cse, Mr, Homer Cfaae Mr.
H4rry Chase, Mr. Jcsbc Spencer,
Mr, Harold Chase, Mr. Elmo
ClSase. The evening was very
pleasantly spent in social con
verter '
A Pic social was, given at
the Chase School last Friday
evening to raise fund for tae
school float. There was a short
pregram of music and singing
aid an Illustrated lecture ,on
Jajwn, following which the pies
Were sold to the highest bidders.
4 -
The Emanon club held a very
delightful session Wednesday af
ternoon at the home of Mrs. A.
Valentine. Fancy work filled In
the afternoon hours, and the
hokess served dainty luncheon.
Mr. C. L. Scott is In Portland
; 0
Airs. W. F. Walkgr is quite ill
at)ier home here.
.Mrs. J. R. Barr went to Port-
lam! Tuesday on a business "trip.
' " t, - -
U4s?i"?ow is the time toget"your
sweat padB cheap. Wolf & Miller.
The Lebanon paper mill has
been merged .with the Crown
$Hlam$te group.
1A; . ft'- ' f .
Born, on Monday, April 12,,
195rto. Mr. and Mrs. Richard
, The Brilliant Vacuum
Cleaner for sale $19.50, or lor
rerjf $1.25 per day. See Dale
Muipmey... 14
The foreman of the S. P.
bridfee crew at Oakridge suffered
a bwkfenarm Sunday when'
va"s struck, by a pitched ball.
a Broken arm Sunday when'be
1 1. !.!.. HCM1 4 1. i r
waa broken down Tuesday when
a c6unty road roller crossed it.
Repairs were made next day by
Marshal Staniger.
Dr. J. R. Barr left last week
ifgrew, Orleans where he will
laKea )Cst grauuate course, lie
..expects Ao be gone for two or
thre months.
0 .
Surprise your wife with a
New; Perfection oil stove and
she will certainly appreciate
your thoughtfulness. Hayden
& Metcalf, the home furnishers,
Ronald Roberts received word
today from his brother Dr. N.
Roberts that their grandmother,
Mrs.':C.'D. Montague, who is. liv
ing with her son, Dr. Bedpath
of Olympia, Washington, suf
fered a stroke of paralysis last
Saturday and attotKer Sunday.
Little hopes for her recovery are
heklf qut.
Classified Ads
Forlile, Rent, Wanted, Etc.
WANTED Boarders and room
ers at the Elite Hotel.
FOR SALE Eggs from fancy
bred Partridge ' Wyandotts
$1,00 per 15 at the house, 6th
and D streets Springfield, Ore.
Phone 10S R W. L. Dunlap.
R. O, A. hall for rent. Well ven
tilated and lighted, clean and
wa,rm. Kitchen and dining
room attached. Rates reason
able. , Apply to Fred Watke,
Gilbert Davis or W. A. Hall.
FOR SALE -17-ft. new boat.
Call at Springfield Planing
Mill or Phone 130W3. 9tf.
6-RQOM HOUSE and lot for
sales or rent. Modern conven
iences. Easy terms. Call at
News ofllce
9-RO.QM rooming house for rent
furniture for sale. Fifth and
On Saturday
We have been asked by several of our
customers to put on another
Guernsey Wewre Sale
This is the New Cooking Dieh
Saturday is the Day
10 Cents15 Cents
Exceptional Bargains See Our Window
Beaver Herndon
Hardware Co.
Algona and Long Lake saw
mills have reopened employing
225 men.
Portland Gas company offi
cials have gone east to get mon
ey for extensions.
Employes of the Portland.
Railway, Light & Power com
pany voluntarily refuse to un
ionize or go on a strike. '
Klamath Falls kicks at buy
ing road machinery of mail or
der houses.
An Albany man is to be super
intendent of the state flax plant.
In the Justice Court for Eugene Jus
tice District, Lano County, Oregon.
W. H. Lynch, plaintiff, vs. M. E. Ed-
wards. Defendant.
To M. E. Edwards, the above-named
In the name of the State of Oregon;
You aro hereby summoned and requir
ed to appear and answer the CyHs
plaint in the above entitled cause
within six weeks from the date of
first publication of the summons here
in, and you are hereby notified that if
you fail so to appear and answer said'
i complaint as hereby required- the
plaintiff ;jwill 'take fedgreenf against
!you as prayed for in said complaint
now on file In the -said court,, to-wlt:
Judgment in the sum of $77.65 with
! interest thereon from July 1, 1914, and
I the further sum of- Fifteen ($15.00)
tDfillara attorney's fees, and for the
costs and disbursements in the above
'entitled action.
This summons Is published by order
of the Honorable Jesse G. Wells,
Judge of the above entitled court, duly
made on the 24th day of March, 1916,
requiring publication thereof once
each week for six successive weeks
and requiring that you appear and
answer said complaint on or before
six weeks from the 15th day of April,
the date of the first publication hereoi.
E. O. IMMEL, Justice of the Peace.
Attorney for Plaintiff. thM27
Sheriffs Sale of Real Property on
Notice is hereby given that under
and by virtue of an Execution and
Order of sale duly issued out of the
Clrr-tilf Omrt nt Uia Rtntn nt flrfteivn
for Lano County, to me directed, on the
13tn aay O April, isio, on a guagmeni
rendered In said Court on the 6th day
of April, 1915, in a sutt wherein 'the
Plaintiff John H. Seavey recovered
Judgment against the Defendants .C. W.
Chapman and M. E. Scantlta 'f er the
sum of Six Thousand Four Hundred
Forty-eight & 66-100 ($6448.66) Dollars
with interest thereon at the rate of 7
per cent per annum from the said
6th day of April, 1915, and the mm
nt Vlvn Hundred and no-100 f$50.09)
Dollars Attorneys Fees, and the furth
er sum of $22.00 cost ana tne sum ot
$22.80 for taxes paid, which Judgment
xvna nnrnllpH And docketed in the
Clerk's ofHce of said Court in said
County on the 6th day of April, me,
nnd oniii F!Tfriit Inn " to me directed
..tmtttnn diner mn In thn name of the
State of Oregon in order -to satisfy said
Judgment, Attorney s lees, sum pam
for taxes, costs and accruing costs to
sell the following described premises,
Ttnoinnlnr- nt n nnlnt on the North
line of Section 13, Township 18, South
Range 3 West of the wiuamotio w
ri,iion rlirilns N". 88 Dec. 51 mln.
West of the Northeast corner of Bald
Section, ana running mence xxorui u
Tint, a min. w. 21.13 chains to the
inn Tnnnir nt tlm fnfiftt Fork of the
Willamette River, thence meandering
said River S. 00 ueg, .uz min. io.oo
chains; thence S. 32 Deg. 43 mln. E.
t ?)R )ininn! tlinnro S. 8 Dok. 57 mln.
E. 0.92: chains; thence S. 18 Deg. 26
This Will Whet
" 1 ' 0
This store Is filled with the choicest groceries money can
UUy Wlth groceries entirely free from all adulterations
With groceries of the most absolute and unquestioned pur-tv-with
groceries that build up the .system and Instill that
remarkable energy whlcli insures successful life,1 "
mln. W. 9.90 chains; theace 8. 6 Deg.
49 mln. E. 4.15 chains; thence S. 11
Deg. 40 mln. E. 1.00 chains; taeaee
S, 73 Deg. 51 mia. W. 18.29 chaisa;
tiefice N. 1 Deg. .92 Mia. E. parallel
to the east line of the -North half of
section 13, 21.01 chains to the begin
ning, containing 60.50 acres la sec
tioaa 7 and 18, Township 18 S. Range
2 W. and sections 12 and 13, Towa
ship 18 S Range 3 V., Lane County,
Oregon, reserving for road purposes a
strip of land 40 feet wide along the
South side of Sections 12 and 7, ex
tending from the point ef beginning
10.50 chains to the left bank of the
Coast Fork of the Willamette River,
all in Lane County, Oregon.
Now, therfore, in the name of the
State of Oregon, and in compliance
with said Execution and order of sate,
I will on Saturday the 15th day ef
May, 1915, between the hours of. 9
o'clock a. m. and 4 o'clock p. m to
wit, at One o'clock p. m. oh said day,
at the Southwest door of the Court
House In Eugene, Lane County, Ore
gon, oTer for sale for cash, subject t
redemption all right, title and interest
of the above named Defendants ht and
to the above described real preeertgr
Sheriff of Lane County. Oregon.
By D. A. ELKINS, Deputy,
the lands described below, em
bracing 140 acres, within' the, Caa -cade
& Slualaw Nat focal Foreeta,Ore-'
gon, wiU be subject to settlement ane! -entry
under the provisions of the
homestead laws of the United States
au1 the act of June 11, 1906 (34 Stat.
233) at the United Statee land office . .
it Roseburg, Oregon, on June 12,1915.
Any settler who was actually .and In
good faith claiming any of said lands
'or agricultural purposes prior to Jan
uary 1, 1906, and has not abandoned
jame, has a preference right to make
x homestead entry for the lands ac
tually occupied. Said lands were listed
upon the applicatioafef the persons
Mentioned below, who, have a prefer
2nco right subject te&the prior right
of any such settler,, provided such set
ter or applicant is qualified to make
homestead entry and the preference
right Is exercised prior to June 12,
1915, on which date the lands will be
3ubject to settlement and entry by any
qualified person. The lands are as
follows: The N SWtt SWtf. the
NWK-SEK SW. Sec IS, T. 16 a, R.
5 E. W. M., 30 acres, listed upon ap
plication of Leonard A. Fowl, Blue
fiver, Oregon; List 6-1625. The SE&
EW, the SWii NEU SEtf, Sec 27,
T. 17 S., R. 11 W 50 acres, application
ot T. lit Goenell, Amity; Oregon; List'
6-1649. The E SE NW4 NE, the
Stt NK NW4 NE4, Sec. 19, T. 21 S.
R. 3 S.; 'except a strip ef land 45 laks
wide-described as follows: Beginning
at a point 5 chains south and 10 chains
east ot the quarter section corner ea
the, north Bide of Section 10. extending
theace 22& links on each side of a line
running- south 5 chains to the place
where the end of tho strip closes ou
the south boundary of the tract, the
net area being 14.78 acres, listed upon,
application of Isaac J. Wiley, Oak
ridge, Oregon; List 6-1653. The E&
the NWU SE SW NB,the
SWU NE4. the E ' SW SW
NE, Sec. 29, T. 16 S., R. 10 W., 45
acres application of S. M. Woosley,
Florence, Oregon; List 6-1665. March
22, 1915. C. M. BRUCE', Assistant
CoBimlaloner of the General Land.
Call for Warrants.
Notice Is hereby given that I wiir
pay all outstanding Street Improve
ment warrants against the Town of
Springfield up to and Including num
ber 6640. Interest will cease after
April 15. 1915.
By order of Town Council.
t Apr 26 Treasurer.
Your Appetite
v i
well feel proud.
A. Phone 122-M.