The Lane County news. (Springfield, Lane County, Or.) 1914-1916, April 12, 1915, Image 3

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Ol Vfi- Ji JLi "if
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orliitlonri to t)8 Ih that thin lnWrAnnf' nf
fitwnlly lncrcHHCB. M
tYoii will recognize that UjIh is ft good reason, bccauuo'.
back of tho InereaiuJ of prescription work Ih tho'lncreaso of
tfoiMjdenco on tho part of physicians and tho general public,
qajyldunco coiiioh from knowledge and more and moro
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icuior wo moBi ronnuio character.
Trlcca uro nteo JtiHt.ttB reaaonable aa the Horvlco Is fine.
I c. A. Mead 1b In Seattle on
Talesof the Town ;
-Tho big sale Is still going on
at'AVolf & AHUer'B.
v u
0. It. IlaBtingB of Thurston
was in Springfield on business
Canmllim Field Peas, and
bcou barley at the Sprlngflcld
Feed Co.
Ernest Tyler und family leave
this week for Pomeroy, Wash
ington, to reside.
Leather Is high but wc are
selling harness cheaper than
ever. Wolf & Miller.
It Is a duty you owe your
self to havo your shoes repaired
by JInll, the Shoe Doctor.
Mrs. Al Montgomery spent the
Ground bono and oyster
shell. M. C. Dressier & Son.'
W. II. McGilvray went to
Uoseburg today on business.
Hear Dufour In pouplar
songs at tho Bell Monday ovo.
Now is tho time to get your
sweat pads cheap. Wolf & Miller.
Mrs. Percy Tyson Is confined
to her home with an attack of
Buy your hay, feed nhd flour
at the Feed Store. We sell it
II. W. Rcnnc returned last
week from St. Helens, where he
had been employed for (some
Now is the time to get that
week-end with her daughter oiu bur cleaned ana repaired or
Mrs, Herbert Smecd, at Walter- ;avc a now one inauu at jen
If. J. Co of tho Booth-Kelly
ofllco force here, went to Coburg
Saturday on business for the
Ppurlng of concrete on the
new Budd McPherson building
wlllibcgin tomorrow. The forma
J" -r
arciaii in piaco.
ii tt V
kins, Fourth Streeu m
Married in Eugene, Sunday,
April 11, 191C, Arthur Ishmael
of Cottage Grove, and Mrs, Lau
ra J. Smith of Thurston. They
will make their home In Eugene.
Mrs. J. F. Dean of Fall Creek
and daughter Myrtle wero In
J Springfield today on business.
ITMinv tm in Mnrnnln Hiln nftnr-
II W Wnllrnt nnil finnrtrn Pnr. i ,.ii. l
. ...... .v. iiuuii w VIOIl. 111UUUD.
IkiiiB returned to Portland yes
terday to continue their duties
oh tho Jury in the federal court.
0 0 0
Wm. Dufour, the songster,
Tho 5-reel feature, "The
Great Stroke," will be shown at
the Bell Tuesday evening. First
show starts at 7:15; second one
will sing at tho Bell Monday eve- jnt 8:30. You should be present
nlng such songs as "Within the nt the opening to enjoy the show
Law," "Michigan," and others.
0 t. Mrs. A. II. Collins came In last
If you pay more than tho cvonlng from oakdale, Cnllfor
pric.o of a New Perfection OH ;nu to visit with Mr. and Mrs. L.
stovo you pay too much. If you R Durrhl aml Mr nnU Mrs j R
pay less you got less. Hayden&iStanI Mr ColUnB is em.
iAIetcalf, tho Homo Furnishers. ;i)loycu on the Wniamettc-Pacinc
at Acme.
Parties wishing to contribute
clothing to the Asoclated Char-
C, P. Poole, formerly editor of
the Lane County Stnr, now an
undertaker at Ilarrlsburg, was
In Siirlnirflnld Kjitnrtlnv nftcr-
noon having made the trip up'Itles will please ask their gro
on his motorcycle. eery dellverymen to take tlio
supplies to E. -E. Morrison's,
' -Fresh Garden Seeds at the hereH1 , be laken caroof(
Feed Store. Also Fertilizers for Ti,x rxmnmr
.Root Crops and Foliage Crops,
Spray Material etc. We invite
Inspection,, and, our prices aro
tho best.
II. M. Stewart, Bf A.ash
Pres. Associated Charities.
Mrs. Emma Ilagsdale, for
merly teacher of the school at
Thurston and her sister, Miss
burno and C. E. Swarts, tho only i Myrtle Green, wero In Spring
Shrlners residing In Springfield, I field Saturday evening on their
attended the banquet given by .way to Oakridgo to visit anoth
tho Shrlners in Eugene last FrI- er sister, Mrs. Landis, whose
day evening. They report a most husband Is in the forest service
enjoyable time. there.
Wo have a fine nssortnjp.nt of Spring Suits, including tho
latest Tartan stripes, Overplalds and Glenlnauardts, just In
from Tho House of Kuppenhelmor.
Priced from $16.50
To $25i00
Your Inspection is Invited.
6t Mrs. IH 'WJlffatni. After
contest of nimble fingers; m
which Mrt. Va'fentlne ws
Mr . Khd Mrs. "J C. Multeh en-
tertained tlw Whist cUb ThUri!
day night. AfUr. sficnding
day nlbht Aft,r, spending, a
pleasant evening al the game
tho hostess served a two course
luncheon. The club members
receiving prizes wero Mrs. A.
Middloton, first prizo; and Mrs.
13. A. WaBhbumo, consolation
prlzo. Tho guest prizes wero
won by Mrs.II. Sangatho and
Mi's. F. DePuc. The club mem
bers present wore: Mr. and Mrs.
J. W. Machcn, Mr. and Mrs. A.
MIddlcton, Mr. and Mrs. I. D.
Larimer, Mr. and Mrs. J. J.
Bryah, Mrs. B. A. Washburne.
Tho guests wero Mr. and Mrs.
M. M. Pecry, Mr. and Mrs. v . iM-
Pue, Dr. and Mrs. W. C. Rcbham,
Mr. and Mrs. H, Sangathe, and
Mr. J. F.Kctels.
Tho members of the Prlscilla
club of Springfield mot at the
homo of Mrs. IS. O. Browning
on Illlyard street, Eugene, last
Friday afternoon. Tho Invited
guests were Mrs. H. 0. Bowcn,
Mrs. M. E. Browning of Eugene;
Mrs. P. L. Drury, Mrs. J. W. Cof
fin, Mrs. P. A. Wooley, Mrs. N.
W. Emery, Miss Chlole Wooley,
Mrs J. T. Moore of Sprlngflcld.
Tho afternoon was delightfully
spent with fancy work; inter
spersed with singing and piano
selections. Later in the after
noon Mrs. Borwning served a
most delicious three-course
Inchcon, using in all the service
the handsome handpainted
china which sho has herself
A very enjoyable social fol
lowed the business meeting of
the Berean class at the Christian
church Friday evening. Punch
and wafers were served during
the course of the evening, and
the fifty members of the class
and their guests had a very jolly
Tho losing side in a cook
book contest recently held in the
Emanon club, under the leader
ship of Mrs. Marvin Drury, Fri
day afternoon entertained tho
members of Mrs. E. E. Morri
son's winning side at the homo
Awarded a very valuable cook
book for being the cleverest, a
novel kitchen utensil contest
waft held, and tho gem of a"
prize fell to Mrs. Silas Gay. A
delicious chicken pie dinner was
served. The "guests" were Mrs.
E. E. Morrison,. Mrs. II. E Wal
ker, Mrs. Geo. Catching, Mrs.
W. A. Dill, Mrs. I. C. Sutton, Mrs.
Cableel, Mrs. A. Valentine, Mr.
Henry McCullum, Mrs. Ernest
Tyler, Mrs. S. Gay and Miss Ger
trude Williams. The "cooks"
were Mrs. Marvin Drury, Mrs,
Jtohn Sparks, Mrs. VIn Williams,
Miss Edna Swarts, Miss Ethel
Conley, Miss Vinle McPherson,
Mrs. L. A. Bass, Mrs. J. E. Ed
wards and Mrs. .1. Jackson.
The Progressive Twenty-two
held a most interesting social
session at the home of Mrs. L.
B. Durrin, Friday evening. The
club decided to serve the ban
pu'et for the Development
League on Tuesday, April 20.
Mrs. M. M. Lord of Seattle, was
a guest of the club, and the
following members were pres
ent: Mrs. Mabel Gay, Mrs. W.
F. Walker, Mrs. S. Richmond,
Mrs. J. P. Fry, Mrs. . William
Donaldson, Mrs. H. E. Walker,
Mrs. Milton Bally, Mrs. H. W.
Renne, Mrs. J. E. Staniger, Mrs.
L. W. Clark, Mrs. M. L. France,
Mrs. C. M. Dorrity, Mrs. Jessie
Newman, Miss Alice Kester. At
the close of the business session
the hostess served a most appe
tizing luncheon.
Mrs. J. P. Fry was the charm
ing hostess of the Needlecraft
Thursday afternoon. Lilacs and
apple blossoms made the rooms
redolent of Spring and a dainty
luncheon served to regale the
guests. Members of the craft . .i on . . .,a
present were Mrs. Carl Fischer, founty 241,780. Planted in the
Mrs. Milton Bally, Mrs. Robert. s.ZfJ?JXl''1A f nf iha
Drury, Mrs. R. L. Kirk, Mrs. L. ' "?nlZi fn,f ffi
A. Bass! Mrs. Pearl Walker, Mrs. pme. Protection fund as fol-
r.atnhlntr Hnnctn nf ttin fliih WlIQCtttS,
were Mrs. Frank Lenhart, Mrs.
A little o "Kight-Gut," the
J- Meal lobaCcQ Chew, gives
you the tobacco comfort you
are entitled to.
Satisfies you better than any of the old,
kind. Richer, finer flavor. Lasts longer.'
Pure, rich, sappy tobacco seasoned
and sweetened just enough.
Take a very email chew lew tfeaa ese-qtHKter tb
old tizc. It trill be sere aatifria tiua a mouthful
of ordHwry t&baceo. Jutt Bibble oh it until yea tad
i the lre4h ehew that MtSta you. Tttek it ewar.
Thea let it ret. See bow eaiily aad evealr the real
t&baeco tatte eomet, how It &athe without risdta, hew
muck ieu yon bare to (pit, how few chews yoa t&e te
be tobacco Mti6e4. That'c why it h Tig t Ttiteee
Ckeu. That's why it east Im ia the esd.
It fi rewjf efecw, ct ae tad thert thred toAtjm ma't Imtb
to Srlad oa k wh rear tttlk. Cimiiat ea ordiauy frjini tbto
ankes yea tpk too math.
The ti el pare rih tobseco dke ba( seed to be cortred tin with moUim. cad
Sconce. Nuice bow lk uk brial trot the rich tobtcu UKC in"Kitt-Ci(.
One small clicw takes the place of two big '
chews of the old kind.
SO Union Souare. New York
M. M.,Lord (Seattle), Mrs.
City Attorney J. H. Bower is
In Portland on business.
We have Chick Food and
Grit. M. C. Bressler &.Son.
Let this soak in. Save your
money by letting Hall repair
those old shoes.
I ., --tlTresh .milk ,delivered.,night
and morning irom i'ruueviiip
Sam Beissell of Waltervillo Dairy. Any one wishing milk
was In Sprlngflcld Saturday.
The Brilliant Vacuum
Cleaner for sale $19.50, or for
rent $1.25 per day. See Dale
Mummey. 14
o e
call 34F3.
258: In
state, 5425 $5425
"Cougars, 24; in state,
state : : 4350
"Wolves in the County,
4; in state, 31 620
,.u:.ti,i. ris'-
-T.'Hi' GX5LUMN.
"Votes for Women" Victories.
Six states will vote upon the
woman suffrage question at the
We have our own
Rev. Davis and Hugh Hampton "Ptgejieral .elfcUon-West Vir
f,..v.n r,.,cr guiia, New York, Massachusetts,
nartv this niornlne cointr four New Jersey, Iowa and South Da-
MIrkps Mvrtlft nnil T.nov C.n- X nZ. e nr,, KOta. 1 he legislature 01 ATKan-
j ui live iiiuca Ll Will 1UUIUUC HUCIC , , , . . . ..v, ,J
penhaver spent tho week-end ; they will camp for a week or ten . sas vfot,ed,to submit such amend
.... t.. e ?ie 1 f I . 1 monr linr tnnsmiirn n5 rhf mv
S T i ... I '
ueorge uuumr at yveuuung.
Persons owing tho Spring
field Feed Co., for longer than
30 days are requested to call and
tT? 1
" . ; r : . . .
modern, up-to-date market, lDak' IlnL?. n
A BIGELOW '0ne "ouse uas PaBSed a woman
ft v
C. E. Sales, Toggery
Harmon Green, formerly one
of tho proprietors of the Elite
cafeteria hero, arrived from
Portland Saturday night on a
business trip.
Surprise your wife with a
Now Perfection oil stove and
she will certainly appreciate
your thoughtfulness. Hayden
& Mctcalf, the home furnishers.
Early chickens bring good
monoy- Get your supplies at the
Feed Store. We aro carrying
extra lines this year and are go
ing to sell them cheaper.
J. W. Coffin returned Sunday
evening from Portland where
he had visited for a few- days
with relatives and had attended
tho funeral of his nephew, J. J.
Shipley, formerly postmaster
there and at tho time of his
death a deputy assessor. He had
been ill with Brlght's disease for
twp months.
Charles Rlvett last week had
a stairway constructed In tho
rear of his building, occupied by
M. C. Bressler & Son, so that
tho second story can be used as
a display room for merchandise.
At present It is being utilized
simply as a storage room and it
could bo reached only by a
freight elevator.
Mr. and Mrs. Jesso Scavey.
Mrs. Welby Stevens and Tom
Abeeno went to Oakland, Ore
gon, tSunday morning to attend
tho funeral there of Mrs. Am
mitha Abeeno, who dlqd hero on
Friday. They returned that ovo
nirig, tho Seavoys and Mrs. Stev
ens comtng from Goshen by au
tomobile with Mr. Stevens. i
ment, but inasmuch as the law
provides that only three "consti-
I am now located in my new I lueuo"Tlt Tw
quarters next to the News of- PeoPle e -J? u
t itu were already three others it
my old customed and oTose ' cannot be voted upon at the next
In Pennsylvania, Iowa, North
suffrage measure. Of the first
3imt p r wiru nf tho QnrW-1 two this Is the second legislature
nf tiin TTnivpraHv of Orpeon ifc Is more than likely that the
wenUo SwS Hmno on thegSi: Vlo of these states will vote
uslaw Saturday mornine for a uPon this quesUon next Novem-
UUU in J-O uua uccfi lavuisure.
Game Warden E. C. Hills of
Eugene addresses the following
communication to the fishermen
of Lane County:
"To induce ,the Game Com
mission to give us more fish to
Prohibition Advance.
Six months ago there Avere
nine prohibition states. Today
there are 19 provided the gov
ernor of Utah signs the bill just
IU KIVO UO 111UH5 IU , , ,,, 1tr,l Av. tr..
..l..l. T 1.1 1I1. 11-1. rtl. IJUbSCU uy IJIC ICfilDlttlUlC. "
ijiaiit. i duuuiu uivu a iiou ui 11011 - . n, -1 aa
caught in various streams of u"6?00!1
Lane county. Please send me a
list each month of your catch.
I wish to make Lane County the
ideal fishing streams of the
"Last year report during April,
May and June was 124,823, and
July report 8,478. Total 133,301.
List of fish planted in Lane
Classified Ads
For Sale, Rent, Wanted Etc.
WANTED Boarders and room
ers at the Elite Hotel.
FOR SALE Eggs Irom fancy
bred Partridge Wyandot,ts
$1.00 per 15 at the house, 6th
, and D streets Springfield, Or.
Phone 108 R Wi L. Dunkp 1
R. O. A. hall for rent. Well ven
tilated and lighted, clean and
warm. Kitchen and dining
room attached. Rates reason
able. Apply to Fred Watke,
Gilbert Davis or W. A. Hall.
FOR SALE 17-ft. new boat.
Call at Springfield Planing
Mill or Phone 130W3. 9tf.
-ROOM HOUSE and lot for
sale or rent. Modern conven
iences. Easy terms. Call at
News office
FOUND On Main street last
Wednesday evening, oblong
agate cuff button. Bring mate
and pay for this notice and
get your property. Mrs. R. G.
Van Valzah. .tl
lower house of Vermont has
passed a prohibition referendum ,
bill, ' South Carolina, tird ofitf .
unsatisfactory dispeiisry :law; Kf
has referred the question of
state-wide prohibition to the
people, vote to be taken Septem
ber 14. Montana has submitted
a statutory law to be voted upon
in 1916.
In eight other legislatures
state-wide prohibition measures
have been introduced, namely, t
New York, DelawareNew Mexi- g.
cb, New Hampshire, Minnesota,
Pennsylvania, Indiana, Wiscon
sin. States planning for cam
paigns next year aro California,
Florida, Kentucky, Nebraska,
Texas. Wyoming. Texas enters
a campaign this year under the
in less than half a year! Ar
kansas, Iowa and Idaho were all
lnnde drv last month bv leeisla-
itivn fliinr.tnient. the law to eo Initiative, the question to be
into effect January 1, rJiq. voted upon uy tne people nexc
South Dakota's legislature has November.
submitted the question to popu-1
lar vote at the next election. The We print butter wrappers.
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
by local applications, ni they cannot icach
the Ulioovi portion of tha ear. Tberu Is
only one way to cure deafness, and that Is
uy consiiiuuonai rcineuio. ueawess is
caused by an Inflamed condition of the mu
cous lining- of the Eustachian Tube. When
this tuba Is Inflamed you have a rumbling
sound or ttnporfeot hcarlnc, and when It Is
entirely closed. Deafness is the result, and
unless the Inflammation can bo taken out
and this tube restored to Its normal condi
tion, hearing will be destroyed forever: nlno
cases out of ten are caused by Catarrh,
which Is nothing but an Inflamed condition
of the mucous surfaces.
We will give' One Hundred Dollars for any
case of Deafness (caused by cattirrh) that
oannot be' cured by Kail's CaUrrh Cure.
Send for circulars, free,
F.'J. ?HEN'KV CO.. Tqledo, Ohio.
Sold by Druggists, TC&
Tako llall'o family Tills for constipation.
This Will Whet Your Appetite
This store is filled with the choicest groceries money can
buy with groceries entirely free from all adulterations
with groceries of tho mQSt absolute and unquestioned pur
ity with groceries that build up the system and instill that
remarkable energy which Insures success in life.
nnnn-sita Commercial State Bank F.icno 0