The Lane County news. (Springfield, Lane County, Or.) 1914-1916, February 11, 1915, Image 3

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from you, of ypur doctor will bring oyr;, m4
enger to your door in a "twinkliri$;",; W will
fill your prescription and have it back to you
in "double quick time." Iot a cent extra
hkrge. ' ' j t
Tales of the Town
A nov
j. eery b.
Colguto soap
Talcums lCc at
Mrs. J. T. Moore 1b quite 111
with nn attack of bronchitis.
R II. Wutko made a hurried
liiiHlucBB trip to Lebanon Tues
day. Ortloy WMson or Kail Creole,
waa in town on business Tues
day. M. E. Castle loft Wednesday
morning for Noli, where ho has
George Lamar of Wcndllng
Ib visiting relatives and friends
in Springfield and Eugene.
John Gilfroy a business inun
of CreBwell was in Springfield
on Jnisiness Sunday and Mon
day. ' f '
F, D. Wutko and family mado
a very pleasant trip by auto to
Junction City Sunday! They re
port the roads as being fine.
ft ...
Jfh and Mrs. Chafc 'Smith'
made a trip to Marcola horse
back Sunday, spending the day
with Airs. Smith's parents Mr.'
and. Mrs. Joe Vognl.
The Lane County court has
urranged to rcplank the Spring
field bridge, placing new plank
ing lengthwise ii f the bridge on
top of the present decking.
Capt. Dodd returned Monday
nlglit from a trip of several
weeks to California points. He
found the weather there rather
disagreeable, and Is glad to bo
bade in old Oregon,
""Word comes from Sliedd that
a daughter5 was born February
9 to.iMr. and Mrs. W M. Deals,
Jr. formerly of Springfield. Mr.
Deals is a brother of D. S. Deals,,
assistant cashier of tha' First
National bank hero.
Hear tho now Edison Disc
Phonographs at Pccry's.
Sco J. P. Fry, Notary Public
Fire Insurauco and Real Estate.
I do all kinds of altering
and repairing. JcnkhiB, tho
mm. ruui iong ib suucrmg
with a severe cold which has af
fected her eyes.
A. L. Wilber of Albany was
calling on the business men of
Springfield TucBday.
Air. and Mis. Tom Ohlson and
children visited Sunday with Mr.
OhlBon'B parents west of Eu
gene. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Kennedy of
Lcaburg, were In Springfield
Monday visiting Mr. and Mrs. Ali
b. M. McLaughlin, assistant
master mechanic of the South
ern Pacific; was- In Springfield
Tuosday on an inspection trip.
p m m
v..M.r.-and.Mrs.'F. B. Chase re
turned home from California
yesterday n.ftcr locating their,
son Merle at Oakdale for his'
! health.
For your money'-s worth
and then some, In leather and
workmanship, try Hall, the Shoe
Doctor, on, those old kicks. Fifth
and Main street '
Miss Leora Phllllppl of Early,
Oregon, who Is .attending the
0. A. CJ., spent Sunday with her
aunt, Mrs..Mary Maglll and fam
ily and with Mrs. , Sam Rich-.
Mrs". Aldred 'Beaver has ar
rived to bo with her husband,
one of 'the members of the newly
organised firm of Beaver-Hern-don,
,and they liavo taken up
their roBldchce-'Ju the Guy No
ble hotisd at'Slx'th and E 'streets.
s"iW Y Tueday, Thur&dayand,
-lA clean, fresli gt6clcof Kar1-
dertttnd field seeds af'tHe1 Spring
field Feed Co.
The family of Ira Young has
moved Into tho Benson house on
west Main street.
Change of program at tho
Dell Sunday, Tuesday, Thurs
day and Saturday.
L. Gilstrap and Mr. Martin of
Eugene were In Springfield on
business Tuesday.
Mrs. Joe Jones was taken to
the Springfield hospital Wednes
day for an operation.
Ladles free matinee to see
second number of the Master
Key, Saturday, 2 p. m.
Roy Addington of the Rlgdon
ranch above Oakrldge was in
Springfield on business today.
Mrs. Williams and Mrs. Ro-
bcrson of Pleasant Hill vistcd
Mrs. Van Valzah Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Vongetz of Port
land are visiting Dr. and Mrs.
N. W. Emery. They formerly
resided here. I
... I
Mr. and Mrs. John Lamberty
and daughter Charlotte, of Eu
gene spent Sunday with relatives
in Springfield.
Mrs. Fred Martin of Vancou
ver, 13. C, came in Sunday eve
ning to visit her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. D. A. Washburne.
Born On Thursday, Febru
ary 11, 1915, to Mr. and Mrs.
William Stark of Ninth and B
streets, a son, weight 9 1-2 lb.
. ' . n OUR SECOND
aturdaV Special Bargains
Toilet Paper
Good Quality
7 Rolls for . . . .
Reg. Me Reg.
10c 05c 3C
15c luc 40c
20c 10c I 50c
2Gc 15c i 60c
?2.50 for SI. 85
JJji 10 BARS A7 IN p '
fc tljl J 8 BARS 32 m :! 7
Tl T8AR 26 II u ,,8.
JlJ J i I I Ll'U
Let Us
r Buying
Mrs. R, L. Jones of Stewart's
addition, was operated on at the
Springfield hospital Monday,
arid is .now well on the road to
Cut this out.
Bring this coupon, to our store, make a cash purchase of 25
cents or more and receive $1.00 worth (10) Fidelity Trading
Stamps Free, in addition to regular stamps.
This Coupon Not Good After February 20..
Beaver-Herndon Hardware Co.
A Word totho Public.
men have received a special dis
pensation of power or intelli
gence that enables them to do
miraculous things with one's
HeetU: at prices that , are equally
' . -j
jr..-' V7-, . ' -The 'fcreat turn or me ueniai
E. E. Morrison yesterday com- ' ,
pfcted the 'fltti'ng up of the bro-i '
m fi i v t rne 'great xum ul me uouuii
kerage ofllce which he has open-. , , .
tl-. n n, x , "profess oh 'has always been to
ed In the rear of the Commercial , 1 . . , , , ,
State" Bank building.
Grocery Helps
flThis is MORE than a jgrocery
store. We guard you against
experimenting in grocery buy
ing we plan to be a help in
selecting f oodsuffs. And trad
ing here costs no niore than in
an ordinary grocery store.
k ; Try Us.
;G. N. England, brother Of
Foreman England at the Bbotli
Kelly mill, Is here from Minnea
polis for a visit.. He has visited
also at Seattle, and may decide
toiocate in tho West.
William Smeed of Walterville
is preparing to clear 30 acres
of-hiB land for use this year, and
for this purpose has bought
three tons of powder from E. E.
, -Rev. Edgar Burton of Corval
jis came in Tuesday evening to
attend the evangelistic meetings
and visit his old friends, Rev. C.
F, Elsenmenger. He delivered
the address at tho tabernacle
yesterday and returned homo in
the evening.
Tho Springfield School . board
this week received three Inter
nalonal dictionaries for tho use
of tho High cshool. Under the
tsta,te laws, high schools liave1 to
havo a pertain number of bpoks
in order to draw public money,
j and it was to meet this require
ment that the books were pur-
; chased.
The Five Hundred club was
entertained , Wednesday after
noon by Mrs. O. E. Swarts and
Miss Edna Swarts. Tho guests
of tho club were Mrs. B. A.
Washburne, Mrs. Martin (Van
couver, B. C.) Mrs. L. M, Beebo,
Mrs. W. ij. McCulloch, Mrs. L.
A. ,Bass, Mrs, F, PerkinB. Mrs,
Frank DePuo won tho honors.
Tho hostesses served a dainty
throe course lunoheon, ;n which
tho Valentino motif prevailed.
Bandon An engineer has' ar
rived Mnd' Vills don begin pn tho
0,w jetty. '..
v North Plaint Haulonbeclc
mllliand planer have been' -leased
lid-will be operated.
It,, may appear ,to, some who
reau.m tne puojic press cne greai During the Evans campaign
claim of the so-called "painless various lines of church work at
dentists" that these particular j the Bantist church were sus
pended and all energy was turn
ed to the special meetings. As
Mr. Evans closes his work here
on Sunday morning the church,
will again take up its regular
work on Sunday, evening. -Plans
are being carried out to make
the Sunday evening service &
rally service. Special music is
being prepared and inspiring
addresses will be made. J. H.
Irish of Eugene, one of the lead
ing Baptist laymen of the state,
and others, will speak. It is
hoped that all who are interest
ed In the church will be present
Don't jniss the inspiration and
be among those mustering to
nsh the work with new vim.
miniinize the pain associated
with' dental operations and
science has from time to time
broilght forth drugs and com
binations of drugs that have
aided mightily in this work.
Very recently Dr. Buckly of
-Chicago perfected a preparation,
which is beihgpiit on the inkrket
liy a relfaDle drug firm, hich
enables the dentist to practically
eliminate the pain of preparflig
eavetles fo filling but the use of
this is not confined to a select;
few, as one might judge from
some dentists' ads, but will be
found along with all the other
proven drugs On the medicine
shelf of every progressive den
tist. There is not to my knowledge
any agreement as to prices be
tween any of the dentists of Eu
gene1 or Springfield and the
word's "Dental trust" are form
ed of air as thin and fully as hot
as "Painless Dentistry."
I do my work conscientiously
and welU painlessly when possi
ble and as nearly painless as pos
sible at all times and my fees are
just to my patient and myself.
No patient ever returned to
me with any wprk that had not
given perfect satisfaction that it
was ,not changed or settled to
their satisfaction.
I have never asked that
Springfield people give up their
Eugene dentist who has done
their work satisfactorily for
many years but I do ask that
Springfield people shall not be
fooled, by clover advertising, in
to going to Eugene in tho hope
of receiving better service or val
ue in dontfstry.
It can't be DID.
Pd. Adv.
BAPTISTS MUSTERING i We will divide our profits
FOR THE YEAR'S WORK with you. When you need flour,
buy of us and you will be sure
of Quality and save money at
the !&me time. Cupid Hard-
wheat $1.85, Johnson's Best, the
"China Pheasant" brand $1.75.
Special prices on quantities. "We
carry a full line of all kinds of
Feeds, .Flour, Hay, Stock Food,
and Poultry Supplies, Come in
and get. our prices. Springfield
Feed Company.
6 Per Cent, MONEY 6 Per Cent
MONEY 6 Per-C'ent
(Lo&M-may be.obtalaed fotaay paf
poee on acceptable Real Estate secar
lty"; liberal privileges; coiTespoadeace
solicited. f
758 Gas, Electric Bldg.,
Denver, Colorado.
., .Douglas county game pro
tectors oppose freak legislation.
Drain co-operative canrieryf
to raise $25,000 for a canneryl f .
Is love the greatest thing in the
Can fear blast happiness and
wreck lives?
ter Key
See it every Saturday after
noon and evening at the Bell
Ladies free matinee, 2 p.m.,'
Saturday, Feb. 13.
Because you did not see the
first number of the .Master Key
BroqkJ.ngs-T-Iti .rajpolrtetT the
Brookin gs tLu mbjpr J5:jhvAH , erect
a $2,006,,000 dock. V ,
After years of hatred is revenge is no reason why you should not
sweet? I see the second one. A synopsis
Is greed a vital passion? , !of the first two reels will be giv
Is remorse our worst punish- en on large posters in front of
ment? jthe Bell Saturday.
These questions are all an-. Ladies free matinee Saturday
swered in the story of the "Mas-' at 2 p. m.
Will it help you? If not why not? I pay cash for Fresh
Staple Groceries and sell as near cost as good groceries
cap bo sold, If not, why not? I am still saving my 1014
pustpmers money in 1915. They smile. So can you. If
not, why not? In 1916 all smile together at Laverfs cash
grocery. My motto; Quicjc sales, small profit, one Price
to; all. On G street between Sixth and Seventh,
E. W. LAVERT - Proprietor