The Springfield news. (Springfield, Lane County, Or.) 19??-1914, January 11, 1907, Image 1

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I' MMMMMnMHHHlHMMj WILL BUHJoliafBSpkl OjKUtSmzT &yBftB"B! "j" ' "1
January Bargains ' tfel f DAYS AT COST
l numm.. I r- h j
Hoavy floocod undorwoar
for ladios. Vosls 25 els
Hoavy FJoocod Union
suits. -,50 cts.
Missos and Ohildronn
suits. 50 eta.
Hoavy Fleeced Hoso per
pair 25 cts.
Hoavy TVool Hoso per
pqfir 25 cts.
Alt wool waistingl per
yard 25 cis
50 in. all wool dres3 goods
$1.50 per yd. for $1
O.j- ct. outing flannel por
yd. for -.5 cts.
Q ct. calico por ynra
for , 5 cts,
Childrons coats $1.50 to
$5.00. v
Mons suits $0.00 to
Largo assortment mon'rf
Ask to see our new lino
Our shoo dopt.. is vory
Hamilton Bros;
3. M. RUSSELL, Manager
Dr. J. 13. Loiborg, who recently
bought n tract' of 1,200 acres nbdtit
threb miles abovo Lcaburg, on the
opposite eido of tho rlvor, is having
preliminary iplans drawn for
houso that eclipses anything of the
kind ever scon in thip seotlon. The
house is to ho of the type known
among architects as the mlesim
brngalow. ,It wil be of a single
story, but surrounded by spacious
verandas. The house, proper, will
he 123x01 feet on tho ground.
There will bo a large Jball 12 feet
wido and 73 feel long running
through tho contral part of house.
Thero will bo soverul large tiro
placed, but those will bo more for
ornamont thari for actual heating,as
tho owner has;, taken out, a privato
water right ifhd will p.ut in a pri
vate plant and will heat and light
tho hcuso by oleotricity, developed
by tho power gonorated. There
will bo a privato system of
tsd December
visional commie
Governor Cham
A . ...
. j'lho nretMte
at the Alrfska
position was se
by the Oregon
eion appointed
beralin for tbaBurpose,
The ground jnsen is one of the
most bcaUtiftmnd advantageous
plots on the edition grounds. It
is two acre J extent and com
mands an ajbetructed view of
Lako Washinwn on which the
grounds bdrdej Standing at the
intersection olYukon avenue and
another bntalewd running at right
ancles with I tho building will
face the .Forfry building and a
circle thaltwilfeurround one of thr
principal battstands. A pennant
bearing .the tfrd "Orcgonj" which
was planted by President Wen-
rung of the emmission, now'wavee
proudly overjthe .site, which will'
practically bebng to Oregon until
water works to supply, tho houso, after the worn's fair closes.
stables and outbuildings and also
for fire protection. Tho house will
bo handsomely finished in natural
wood. Largd plato clans windows
was clufl
to rtcoi
Do You Need Plumbing,
Wo aro' in tho plumbing and
tinning business and hato a' well
equipped tupply and repair ohop.
Our buslncstJ Is inoronMng daily
which is dao to tho quality of tark
that wo are tiirnlng out. Wo guar
antee all our Work to gfvo perfect
BatlBfactlon and you will" fine? our
prices reasonable. If you desire
first-class work" call on us. Oflioo
on Main street betweon Fifth and'
Bjxtb , H. h; HALL.
No Diphtheria.
Tho report that thero nro eovorrtl
cases of diphtheria in Springfield tt
iargoly exaggerated and according
to tho reporta"from ouf local phy
slcians is entirely faloo, As ru
ported thero aro at least thrco cases
but froJi a porsonal Interview with
bur doctors we learn that there is
not a single case. Thero nick
rises among mcmbefa of thoHebef t
family as hap b'ee'n ropored by a
number of odr gossipera and there
i8 a quMtlonv'if tho littlo ijoy whi
died lasttfe'ejc was afflicted wi(h
'diphtheria. 'Thore is no.ciise fpr
alarm say 6hf phyeiolanB.' as thofo
la not & sinlo case in town, nor
h,as been thtd Winter.
Last Sunday, noarly tlii wholo
loronoon, p. crowd of boy pranging
in ago front eight to fifteen years
"wero playing marbles, ('( on tho
graveled bed of tho railroad noar
the Main street orosain 'and ono
passing coiiid not help but notico
.the languago that wns u'sed by
thoso littlo boys. Tho hablfi of in
dulging iu I'tho uso of prbfane or
pressions, No youth over raised
himself iu tho estimation df saint
or sinner bv tho uso 'pf foul
laiiguagei Purity of thought and
Bpcech afo valuable virtues. The
habit wilKgrow upon ydu until you
cannot overthrow it. 'Try and ho
a gcntloman in actions, in speech
and in thought while at your play
and when tyou Imvo grtiwn to man
hood you Will bo an examplo for
other boys to follow.
ed by the commiB-
sion to rccosmena to mc lorm
coruiii? seesioilof the legislature an
annrunriationlof at least $150,000
.... " -: . . j . . .
will give sunhght to tho imnicnso for Oregon's participation, ritty
rooms, some of which are 25 feet
square. Altogether it is an in
novation for this part of the coun-
try and means that a capitalist
j will locate there who can pull a
string pretty hard for a railroad up
that beautiful valley. Dr. Leiberg
will put in a, private ferry across
tho rivom:iUwiirhsye1'otbH' con-
voniencra some of tho ranchers up
1 that way do not now enjoy. Ho Is
Ja retired ohyficinn und is very
much inteipstfd in tho develop
ment of our lumber interests. For
bomo time h has been occupying
the residence of Dr. J. B. Willough
by, but is out of town for a few
daye. Register. '
obscono latigfrago is ono of the most
nonsensical habits a humai being
ever acquired Had the mothers
of those bbyq, hoard tho vile and
indecent ullortijnces that camo from
.their sons lip thoro would havo
'been much shedding of tears. . jttyys
you Bhoiullflaviifyour tnotherSlba
agony of HsWnlng to buoli 'ox-
Our ' Match Factory.
Tho Springfield match factory is
now running tull time and is find
ing great demand for their product.
Tho n.utcl? has been christened tho
"Vesuvius" and on each package Tb
printed "Vesuvius," a , Matchless
Match, made by tho Springfield
Match Co. , '
This littlo industry; hough yet
in Its infancy, means' moro for
Springflold perhaps, than any of
us reallzo. Mr. Duffy; w'ho is man
agor and part owner in tho fuctoryi
has proven' his ability aa a mechanic
in his ll.ho and is pulling out a
quality 'of goods that will bo iri
great demand, as there' aro none
superior Tho match iS even, well
cut, uniform in site and leuro firo.
It is in fact a product that will soil
on eight. Sovoral shipments have
been made and Id&t Saturday Mr.
Bottelheltn, the sales agent, received
an ordof.for fifty cKbpb.
Lan County levy 14 ftills.
ThoJano courity tax lovVfor tho
year 1007 has been fixed by tho
county ommieslbriers at li mills,
divided' into different funds as fol-
jlowsi School, 3.4 mills; 6tate, 8.1
mills) road, 1 mill) county, goherul,
6.44 rtllls; libratf , .03 of mill.
Tho .14 mill tax will raisb the
Bum or qio,uoo. un an ass1
valuation of $10,107,000 tho frihds
bolncc divided a's ..follows: School
$52,689'l3p; statO48,04,0.70; rad
$16,407" cotintyi genoralOOlBOOSt
library) $029.82.
, ' Base Ball at Coburg.
Tho thriving little saw mill towi.
of Coburg aro organizing abuse ball
team and will try, duringhe com
inu suason, to win the statu cham
pionship. Whether bueccssfal or
not the Springfield fans are count
ing on witnessing sdiiic fast ball
between our sister townand promise
to do Homo loud rooting for tho
Coburg aggregation. It is reported
that ovt-r $400 has ' bt;en raised
amongtthe citizens towards build
ing grounds and maintaining the
team. It iu hoped that the players
will appreciate what their town
does for them und that tho season
will close as it starts, "yith a good
feulin'toward all. Wo sympathise
with the manager for' wo know
from experience the trials that ho
will havo to endure. Wo wish our
neighbors success and hope they
Will win every gume. .
V f4 f
Will Suo for Damages.
A News reporter waB reliably in
formed tills week by one of the
west side oitizens, that suit Would
bo staVtcd against tho Southern
thousand dollirs of the appropria
tion will be"ied fur the erection of
a harid8oaie:puilding. The com
mieslon will recommend thai a col
lective and competitive exhibit be
made. This! means that all of
Oregon's exhibits at tho exposition
will be displayed in her building
a,tid,that eW Will take advantage'
of tlieexhiwtxulo that will permit
such collective displays to be en
tercd for awards. Tnis plan, wrucb
was first carried out at tho Lg.wis
and Clark exposition, makes it pos
Bible for the. visitor to view a.11 o
the exhibits from his home state
without visiting eight or ten large
buildings. ?
It was suggested by the commis
sion that the Washington tstfite
building, which is now aBsigned.'ft
site near the main entrance, be
placed on a sightly plot to trie
right of th Oregon building. A's
California is located on the left of
the Orecon. buildine, this would
mako the structures of Washington
Oregon and California near each
other and in tho ordcr'in which the
states are on tho map? This mat
ter will be taken Up with the
Washington cpho mission when it is
appointed, as it will have tho ques
tion to decide;; It is thought by
the Oregon commission that hav
ing tho three buildings of the Pacific
coast states clti&e together will ex
cite more friendly rivalry and thus
make1 the respective exhibits much
hotter. V-'1
Tho members of tho commission
stato that Oregon -will make
larcer and better exhibit at the
Alaska-Yukoh'Paciffo exposition
thau it has evfef dorip kt any pre
vidUs world'fl.fair President Web
rung a66art:f Jthat Oregon gives the
other states, of the'U'aoifio north
PaoiilobompanyfortlhmagesicauBed west fair warning that it intends
by the rcceni high 'water. It ia
olainied that tho wljtor was ntat as
high by two feet as ' it was a few
years ago and yet it came id houses
that wore at least a fdot abovo high
wator mark at tho tinib of tho last
floodi Tho damages claimed were
caused by the high grado. that runs
from the west bank of the river to
Sprlngfiofd Junction, Tho (grado
was builC'BO that the water has no
outlet except under this' two.,ohort
trestles and necessarily it Is "forced
to remain only as it passed out
through too regular channel, "it is
thought that if suit is started
agaiiibt the bompany that -tho.;juat-ter
Will lie settled satlsfaotoryjto
both the company and tho oltlons.
to como to Seattle iiV 1009 to carry
off every award possible.
Following are the names of the
Oregon commission: W. H; Wen
rung, president) m!D. Vlsdom
secretary: Henry E. Ree3 E, W
Rowe and Ji O. Booth. Tho latter
was unable, to ho piresorlt on ao
count of priyate business.
Agfalft in Operation)
Thd old mill whistlo distlirbed
orftr to make room fer Spring Cis
3L '
We will sell the following Geois at Cost.
Suits and
Men's and Boys
Overcoat. ,
Men's and Boys wool sweaters
Ladies dressikirts and waists
Ladies outing flannel skirts
and heavy wrappers. ,
All winter -..dress goods And
Ladies and Children's Caps
Ml Holiday Goods mast go
Regardless 'sf cost
Don't Fail fio
Tafie Advantage of This Sale:
-hese ard not shelf worn good Buitiswand up-to-date
men, for Us operation means several
hundred dollars day, distributed
among our citizens. a
The Booth-Kelly mill is greae
industry ad Js .wholly respeneihl
for Springfield'i rapid growth, f i
company is xnjmmx, iuu umiusc
curaed and abused by the unreas
onable and weak minded, but aftef
. .w a. -
all wo couldoioto witheut ih J.
Wreuwnly means of ssppert dl
twxHnirda 01 onr cuuens, uinwuj
or indirectly, get their livelihood
Wo have no right to censure this
m ...
com Dan v tor wnat inev ao mai
does not quite meet with our ap
proval but should stand by them
throuch thick and thin for what
they have done for us.
At Eiitcm Theatre.
"Yon YoHsonu will, be the offer
inc at the Eugenctheatre for Wed'
'hesday night, JaBuary 16, 1907-
It is announced that Kennedy and
Willard have fnund a clever deli
neator of the'noted stage character
"Yon Yonson" ii George Tbomp
Ion) a yauttg Swedish singing ami
dancing -romedjan. Mr. Thomp."
adh: it is said, Wears with iflucfa'
grace the mantle of excellency
vwhich Qua Heege achieved in th
Wle. Thompson comes from Sweden
and .Was educated in. the Bbade of
the- mighty Ku.llagnarstropp which
rears its gigantic head within sight
of the town of HeUinborg on the
pfecid waters of the Creaundt Mr.
Ti'iompsun worked his wayinthe
theatrical profeBaion throUgS"- his
early connection with "the Itdyal
Opera House in Stockholm. Later
he became'' a yarned memser of
Kna Oacar'distock companyl.'1 Mr;
Thomnsoh.was seen by Managers
Kennedy and Willard and 'they
offered hini- inducements tcTplay
the Btellar Yole in vYon YolsBon"
which he is dbinit with marked
SUCCbBfl. " 'X
1 St'
tiei& Steatt Latrndry
We have heen tioing the laundry
work Of Springfield for so '.long a
time thai we nned no introduction
to the ptiblio. Our work is ttiiaran
teed to giveeatisfaction 'ri every
respect. 6rk will be. fathered
n n ntntiKd thwn MondaVstof each
week and delivered on Thursday
withoUt additional charge to list
Mail Car
raotiV and .maiL oar of
hbouixl overland train was
lly destroyed by. fir at
on City early yestfef day mew ,
sand iissaiJ the whole, to wa
.narrowly ofcaped destrHction. Tv
firo originated in the loaomotive -
"Mneil bv a liehted ' lanisrn. The .
oil in the engine was warm when .'
A . . v j
tiiA irpsR on wit) lurneu in on
.i. . .- i
T fill. .urvu VHIHMI'.
V"U , - B " f"
ovexitbe lantern, ienil:nz if; caua-cr
ing an explosion. In a.second the
entire engine and baggage car was -
enveloped in flames . and were '
soon destroyed. It was only through v
the prompt response of .the tocal i
nre .department in$s? largo uu -tanks
were saved aitd perhaps the
whole town. It is not known what .
the loss of mail will he-rjfet.the loes v
io the-erigine add mail rar will be
close to $25,fi00.
There -are threeJaete in "Yori
drama. w.The first act skows a iunc-
foion point onthtf Northern Pacific
railway withythelocat tayern on .
one sideuo trfb-8trt. In this act -
the charactera nr the- story are
jjuiokly intP'duced 'and the lum-
oermen'Vquartotte is njade' known.
The eecb&d act unfolds ie Minnesota -Vuriibef'bkmp
in 'iriid-Jwiiiter. It ia
fa tbisct the 'jfteat log-jam sceqe
is 'shoWn which is said to be one of
the mo novelbenea ever put in -a
play dealing with American life.
WlleV HuratlhreyS" ' returned
Monday, fromPortlanil'wWe he 4
has been working in the )a&t shops s
for the V8t two weeks. "When he
leii'nere enrea weens jur iion-
burfr,4tHwaB with the uhtlerrtanding:
that -W was to haVte'-'the same
wagejfiathe'was getting at Spring-
field 'But on arriving 4 kef agent of
the S?P. informed him that the -wages
were only half of what Kb
had been drawing &b Wiley did
rwnan in that bjtfLrg long but "
Iwrohs inetroDblls; He either
. ..V.. rt ,,!, a. , TJ
Agent omiti ur returu w iuuuuu
the noac'eful Blumbera of many1 price. Innis'tjb Culp jlr Spring
Monday 4nbrning the first tithe in j field local agenda and work left at
over a week, but it was a welcome
noise, for all Springfield is hlad to ' attention, IP NwIsh Your
the mill running lull blast laundry callBdIbr leVff. W()rd St
nire Th'a effects of iifolos- Weir DSro o'r phone' in
their shoo -Will retieive-nromp
ing ia soon felt by our Ubsiheiii Blaek l381i KugeW.
in the neargture. y.l
Uo Mr!.
53 acre farm 3 m'ilee east of
.Qpringueiuj an improvea. a gooa
place at !),uu. ,
i-t acre piaca uu -tuuuij xuu
orth of school houeeyfor $300. , .
House and one-!half blook ih,
'prlngWW,' east.B'Btreetl This
a home.
J, Bi Ihnhi. AfMkti
mace wunusiauityou.
eet to look at It if OU want
fnwri hWft&foWaieV