Junction City bulletin. (Junction City, Or.) 189?-1901, July 04, 1901, Image 8

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"It the Cabinet may properly bo con
ridered as tho candidate to succeed the
president." These remarks were made
by a gentleman whose relations with
the administration are close. Contin
bing ho said: "At a recent Cabinet
meeting, it was proposed as a bit of fun,
that each menber of the Cabinet should
write his preference for President on a
slip ot paper and drop it in a hat with,
no mark to distinguish the. writer of one
slip from another. Eight flips were
prepared the president was not, of
course, asked to join in the game, al
though he was an amused spectator, and
distributed. Upon each, a member of
the Cabinet wrote a name and dropped
U into a hat. After shaking them up,
they were, turned out upon the table
and" the laughable fact had discovered
that the Cabinet had eight candidates,
instead of one, every member having
chost-n p. different man. There was
much enjoyment over the episode and
it was jocnfarlyagreed that the Cabinet
"would hive to get together, if it hopes
t name the winner I would like to
V!l the eiaht names written, but that
would never do. I nave only told this
much to show that the administration
at this time has no candidate."
Confidence is expressed in official cir
cles that the explanation made by Sec
retary Hay to the Russian Ambassador,
t ) put a stop to the tariff war'wifch Rus
na, before it goes any further, but the
t-xmo confidence is not felt by the gen
eral public.
Secretary Hitchcock says preparations
for the opening to settlement of the In
dian reservations in Oklahoma, are
about completed, and it is understood
that work on the president's proclama
tion, announcing the date for the peu-
in, has been started.
The Bclletijc is in receipt of a hand
somely illustrated booklet entitle-!,
"Health and Pleasure Along the Line of
tho Oregon Uailroad & Navigation Com
pany." The book contains a number of
views of picturesque mountains, river
and ocean scenery, and it is all described
in an accurate and pleasing style. Per
sons contemplating an outing this sum
mer ehonld have a copy of this souvenir,
as it will enable you to decide where to
s I -end your summer vacation. The book
may Le procured free from any n:ent of
I'. o U. E. & N. Co., or on receipt of a two
. :i postage, stamp, from A. L.Craig,
:ci:cral Passeuger Agent, Portland, Or.
fco ol tie aad Wlr Mct
Rww4m Hob Treattueat ta
ptv Yrk SHkOi Uxcaaag.
Chairs 0. Gates, ton ot John TV.
Gates, chairman of the American Steel
tktid Wire company, was the other day
Netted a member ot the New York
took exchange, his Admission belnjr
marked by a mial of the "haalntr" ot
new members, which lately ha beea
somewhat neglected.
Mr. Gates, who Is a quiet young man,
was warned by some of hi friends of
what he might expect when he ap
peared on the floor and accordingly he
prepared for a hearty reception by
wearing his old clothes and three or
four collars. Prokers, learning of these
preparations, made preparations them
selves, first, however, assuring Mr.
Gates that "out of respect for the gov
ernos of the exchange he would be let
ctt easy." Encouraged by this assur
ing taJk, Mr. Gates at two o'clock ven
tured upon the floor, where he was re
ceived in a manner to him quite enthus
siastlcally unnecessary.
One member seized him by the right
arm, another by the left. Another by the
coat collar, and numerous others
w heresoever the y could lay their hand
upon him. Then, none too gcnWy.they
puided him to the steel and wire trad
ing post, where he was welcomed most
affectionately. One broker embraced
him; Another, desirous of a menwnto.
snatched one of Mr. Gates' collars off;
two other members grappled for other
collars, while In the meantime small
sized riots were being held over the re
mains of Mr. Gates" hat and tie.
A few moments later a dilapidated
looking individual emerged from a
group of scuffling, perspiring brokers.
It was Mr. Gates.
'i here is nothing new that can be sa.d
favor of the "Uaml.t-r" bicycle. It
. been on the niitrket twenty-two
rs and during all of that time has
-m tJu favurite. with bicycle riders.
new 1U01 Rambler ".Spec
' is four or rive pounds lighter than
Kfunbler ever belore tumid out,
as true as steel and sKill can make
. Ci.ll at Wright's furniture store.
the interest of economy, the Post
LVpirtment bus directed t' at here
r ostal il.-rks on the run from San
. isco to Portland and Portland to
Francisco hail have Punsuiuir,
: s the terminus of their respective
, instead of A-ldand, Or.
:;; .Mati-.kials,
V. I:ae V, uap,
(j.'iisia Chips,
insects on garden stuffs
i. :IS
Lettuce, etc,
insect Powder or Ilelcbore.
u.i for prices.
Mullcr & Hill,
Prft-criptii.n Druggists.
B. S.
Real Estate Dealers.
Kiss Helea Goal Tall ot Waat the
.Wouea'a Aaxlllarr Hopes ta
Do for Sailor.
Miss Ifelen, Miller Could has, in .a
modest way, entered the literary field.
In the Murch number of Success there
is a brief article from her pen on a
subject known to be close to her heart,
"The Saving of the Soldier and the
Sailor." In it she tells, in a simple,
practical way, of tie work that the
women's-auxiliary intends to do In the
new shore honn for the jolly jack tar,
which is nearing completion just out
i side of the Brooklyn navy yard, ajid
into which Miss Gould has cheerfully
put about $J0C,000. She Invites the co
operation of patriotic American wom
en in helping along the good work.
Mis Gould says: ,
"Nowhere in the range of uplifting
activities does there exist a better field
for usefulness than in the Improvement
of the social surroundings of the en
listed men of the army and navy. This
is the semi-patriot io work in which
the ladies of the women's auxiliary of
the international committee of the
Young Men'sChristian association hat
been enearzed since 1SQ9."
Haw the folio t f forwte.
Any inquiries in regard to same will rh
ccive prompt attention:
30 acres of the finest land In Lane
count, on mile cast of Junction City.
This land -vis nil in gias but 4 acres.
Price (50 per acre. .
100-aero farm fottr miles east ot liar
risburg, in IJuti county; 140 acrei in
cultivation ; yoimn orchard ; new houw,
fair barn ; plcuty of water; 25 per acre.
lftO mire farm, 2 hiiles east of liar-risburj-;
130 ms in colUvativn ; bnl
anco meadow; ock1 Improvements j
bourn, barn, orchard; la
schotd house. :'5 icr acre.
yjO acres, two miles noivtli of Harris
bnr5; W acres under cultivation, bal
ance timber, maple, ash, rto. ; no build
in ; new fence around cultivate land;
Harrisburg water ditch runs through
land: good deed ; known as south half
ot old Manaueld donation claim ; 1 10 per
200 acres of good lepl farmland,
threw milea south from Harrisburg;
about lib acres in cultivation ; SOacret
in light timbt r: 10 acrea In bops; splen
did orchard of 4 acroa; schod houso IK
miles distant. This farm is well fenced
and plcnlv of water. The procrty has
Iuhmi previously held at f'il. jer acre.
It ran now be r-'iirchased lor f JU. If you
were to look the length and breadth of
the Willamette Valley you couldn't And
a better bargain. Tho. owner netVvl
fUOO from the 10 acres of hopa tho pd
4!X1 acres of ftne nrairio land. 4 m'tlei
southeast of Junction City, on tho river
read, ami 10 miles north of Eugene j
SOU acre 'under cultivation; m acres
fine hardwood timWr; residenco and
two barns; hut little gravol; Pi-acre
orchard: Well fenced. Can liodlvidd
east and west so an to givo each hell
nartof timber. Will bo divided or solil
us A w hole to snit. Price i ll tr acre
This Is Hie old Uulin farm, and is woith
$50 an acre.
800 acres. Simile? southwest of Junc
tion: 250 acre under cultivation; 50
m-rec timber. ok and ash : waters I b
the Inir Tom and several urns II lakes,
over 10 miles of letieo, divided into 10
fields and pastures; could bo dlvhWnl
into a farms and each one could have u
icood road all praded and graveled all the
way to Junction City; 3 stock uarns
40x50; 1 barn 0x72; black-itnilh shop,
bay scales, wajfon shed and mat bino
shed; out building and a dwelling
house of 8 rooms, gnl as new, cost I'.IHX) ;
two orchards, all kinds of fruit and Ikt-
rics. Price, 14 per acre. Lasy Ujrms
A great bargain.
Ofllce irt ."ltuIIeUn" Ollice. .
euilcnee d Oregon's healthful cli
'.! noticeable from tins ae of de
I 'hi dtath noli.-es published by
i pujiers. The Valley Pecord of
i ', Or., of Ji.ne 1.1, putdrsli.-d six
ihc d"-e:ised l-h agod 70,
. -VI a'.f! ?A Vfcars'
Traveler from For north Stigwesli
cheat lo Explorer
If Evelyn S. Baldwin, the arctic ex
plorer, takes the advice of Stanford
Northrop, of St. Loui3, he will use the
American-built bicycles in preference
to deg sledges in making his "ath
the north pole. According to Mr,
Northrop's brother, who is at present
at Dawson, the silent sU-ed can outstrip
the fleetest dog that ever raced under
the driver's lash.
Mr. Northrop called on the explorer
the other day at Chicago. He carried
w ith him a letter from his brother in
far-off Alaska, in which the latter de
clared that he had ridden from the
northern terrnmus of the White Pass
railway to Dawson in six days, averag
ing a little over 50 miles a day. The
trip was made over the ice and frozen
wastes in the middle of January and
the traveler suffered comparatively lit
tle from the cold.
Centrally Ideated,
roe Hsmt'l" Rooms.
Electric Lights- and lk-lla
Hotel Euenc
IIoi.i.KsiierK Bhoh.7 Proprietors.
Kate, fl to fi per Day.
llend'iuarU-M for Commercial Travelers
and .Mining .Men.
Euitenc. .... Oregon
Chicago Antiquarian Make m
Discover? ' In an Old
Arlsuna Kula.
what thf established mle
s o in em-ii direction inakin;; ?Hii J
..,.ni;l trip, and by nrraiit-ing j
,': Liirlir.tou Koine paNse'iers !
,i .! cl.oiiv of ?evcn tniins on dates!
c (;:til utHjji or write us for full !
!..jyr tt f ore :x.;ikinoth"ra."r:ii:u'
. H. V.'. i'oi-u-r, Ticket Agenr,
;t a Rout,' comer Third and
) c.'tR. Port hurl , Oreaon.
. i .i'kevi'iW
t;ooji(3iiro rustling hard
7, i ii Willi-iiiis Puiiit Tests aR higli
ou'nt. or. V1(5 mr"ei.
Mul.er & Hill.
Prof. C. IT. Shaw, an antiquarian of
Chicago and now a resident of Phoe
nix, Ariz., recently discovered a neck
lace consisting of 28 large blue' tur
quoise ttones, unusually rare for size,
beauty and value. The stones were dis
covered In an apartment in a ruin near
Casa Grauda containing stone slabs
with inscriptions and writings. The
necklace, stone slubst iid crude im
plements buried in the ruins, as well
as many other turquoise stones inter
spersed in the mound, have been moved
to Shaw's private museum. Prof. Shaw
believes this necklace to have once been
a feature of a royal prehistoric treas
ury, discovered in the. dwelling of a
king. -
Mr. .Imperial
100 Hours
For full particulars, call on or address
II. 11. Allium, Aent,
112 M St., Portland, Or.
E. J. Coyi.e, A. t). P. A..
' Vancouver, 1J.C.
A Good
WANTSD r-AeaMAlU4tlik vl H't P-A K J wfl
o Uml'l. Ttur Imb.Ii mIm ! plaS hit, (In RtvM
1.11.. Wot. lit mv4 K I H A-N miIm (mcImi i4
mi b (MtMiliui. H I I'A'N 8. le lew ci, mst
b h.J HI .njr druf M I'M Mmi tad o Sum4 ,
imtutuaUlf l awlUd to nf n).lt ft c.nu,
lo tlx KlfaM CtMwUAl t N ta liit
ltl, Nw Vms.
Her Husband's Story
" My name is K. J. Sprong;, and my address Is 16 Pondmaa WocV, Troy, N.
Y, I want to tell how thankful I am that my wife's health has beta restored to
her. About a year ago she caught a Utcadf ul cold, which settled in her broa-
chial tubes and lungs. Sao cer
tainly had bronchitis, and I think
consumption, too, and wo de
spaired cf her life. Sbo had a
tightness and soreness in the
chi.it, and it was dltlkult for her
to breathe. Thcro wero dartiug,
sharp, dall nd heavy pains, wita
constant coughing and expectorat
ing. Each day sho wa worse
than the day before. I was ad
vised to get Acker English Rem
edy, and did so, Imt my '
shook; her beau and said
dollar thrown away.
tho Remedy, howefer,
tho effect wa magical.
than ah hour there was
able change. Sho ot
r.nr tt nnft n ft short time the was
entirely well and strong again. Tho cure was permanent and there has been
no relapse. 1 don't know what Acker's English Remedy la mado of, but J an
sure It contain something that fortifies the system against future attacks. My
wife la la belter general health, now than ever, and you cau't Imagine ho
happy she la for her recovery. Sho tella everybody about Acker's English Rem
edy, and so do I. for I believe It to bo our duty to the public to help every suf
ferer who has throat and lung troubles. My neighbors pay it Is a sure specific
for croup, and haa saved the Uvea of hundreds of littlti onus around in thia
vicinity alone."
Soldatsjc. joc. nnd$i a bottlo. throughout the United States ard Car ado;
nnd in England, at is. ad., as. 3d.. 4 fd. If you ore not satisfied after buying,
return the bottlo to your druggie, nnd get your money back.
ll't uMurixe tlitaUK guamuut. U'. . U0(JKLU CO., Itinrklmt,SM) York,
my wife-only ) ,k V
r, and said 1 ' ST7 A - JM
t better at 'ji ITTn 1 A A
I Are You Going East? 1 1
Jiioft's' Kerverino Pius
fiiA m)rfth-J mJy
H.ftiV' v'J. M t ration and
Mitfm ncrvou
wifrMtftyMyt' Ccrativc or
HisjuMi, aHI Aritii i f-isu. ffans of eilfiti
v.Xf rich as Mervows rritration, Failing cr
lost runhood I'ripoknry, Nightly Ltiis
ibns, Youthful Errors, Mental worry, ex
'xsrXve, tt.r of Tobacco or Qpittm which
';.id to Conuiraptfoa and Insanity. $l.s
r box by mi!lt & boxes for 55.00,
Perhaps I caa be ol service to you.
I can ticket you over any railroad running
trains out of Portland; tell you when to loave
home; where to change cars; when you will
reach your destination, and what there is to
be seen on the way. . .
Call or write I '11 take pleasure in answer
ing your questions.
Omaha, Chicago, Kansas City, St. -Louis and
A. C, SukldoMi General Agent,
Cor. Third and Stark Sis., Portland, Oro,
t.t. . v-,.v'.c..Vi( ; fA
This ferry hiia clmnRed hands. Ruing
now in good coudition will bo run by
Jon.s Feixowh.
Strawberries received fuesh ' Kvmtv
day at C. P. Houston's Post Olllco Oro
eery. ' .' 1 '
O, W. Vriuht has on hnnd COO.000
feet of dry lumber, which he will die
nose of at reasonable price. Long tho
beru a specialty, Rett lumber on tho
market. I loon hoad. Will bo delivered
promptly at any ..part of the county.
PoHtotllco address : (loldson.
Old papers for ealo at tblo ofttc