Junction City bulletin. (Junction City, Or.) 189?-1901, May 16, 1901, Image 6

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( have road from thi israt book of nn
turo, Iluw the seasons iuioeaitu:lj roll;
HSW TtE MUSCLES AE AFFECTED IK .va whr myriad ur star ar.Mmr.dd..d
innrtjTfo itivii ' lv niht. mi the hevM wiilo m roll.
LUCLHJlUH AIaaIA. i hsvi. loaiue.l that thtf l is to hilr.
1 Inaction would wreck the Kiviit plan
: -im.... t. .1 i .11 -...Ltd in thtil? I i.titi.i'ital itkv
.11 Known Ohio Cilliox Currd r . ""i.is numia nim
1hi Siiibbom AiliifHt Aftxr lilt !
S)liu Srotnrii Horl,eljr
Itrokpn ltumt. !
fYom te Snrs, Huvr.v, OAi.
Mr. Kli Potts is a well known oiti
ion of Waverly. Ohio, Laving Kvn in
business there for 14 years. Ho is a
votoran of t ho Mexican war in which
ho served with company H. of the
Fourtoonth Tennessee regiment. At
tho age of "Oho Ivans tho respect of
all who know him ami tho following
oxiH'rienee, related by him. is raised ,
beyond all doubt by the high oharaot- j
cr of tho narrator, lie says: j
"Akutt seven year ago disease ;
fastened njxm mo which, as it devel-;
oped, proved to N locomotor titaxu. j
I became very nervous. could not walk !
without having ditty shells and did ,
not sleep well. As tho disease ad- j
vanced I lost control of my muscles .
and could only walk a short distance, j
I could not control the direction of;
my steps and was always afraid of
"This continued until the fall of
1SH7 when there was a breaking down
of my entire system. . My stomach
was in bad condition and 1 sutlVr-ed
greatly with kidney trouble causal hj
bring thrown out of a buggy.
"About two years aco I saw D.
Williams' Fink Tills for Tale Peopla.
advertised in a Cincinnati pair. j
The ease cured was similar to mine
snd I gave tho pills a trial. Very
soon after I began taking them I ex-1
IH'rieneeil relief and, as the improve-;
ment continued. I took the pilN regu
larly, llradually the control of the;
muscles was restored and my general j
health improved. Tho dizzy feeling j
left me and has never returned j
From my own experience I know that j
Dr. Williams' Fink Tills are a great;
remedy ami I am pleased to recom
mend them to any one who sutlers as
I did."
Signed. KLI POTTS.
Suhserilod and sworn to U-fore me
this 4th dav of Novemln r, mt.
W. R. A. Hayes.
Seal. Notary Public.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale
Teople may be obtained at
gi?ts or direct from Ir.
Medicine Co., Svhenectadv.
took possession of me. for I had mis
giving It was my uncle.
Now, mm good fortune would have It,
Mrs. Klngslov had gone out for a few
mlmitca and had requested ine to have
an eye to lur child while she was gone.
As 1 glanced at I lie cradle, and thought
of my nnele at the door, a hrljsht Idea
mind. I determined In
And governs the frail life of mail.
There la never a nlcht In the summer,
So mill but the .lew drippiiii.' air
Is keen with the ninjsiiw of iusects
At work in some cool grassy lair;
Ainl the day, rising blight-eyed and
From the depths of the green eustera
When it trails down the western horlson.
Will be morning ou some distant lea.
When winter lies chilling around us.
F.ach snowbound, and skies sullen gray,
la the heart of the trees, gatiut and leafless.
There's a song of the sunshine of May;
And the Hower that drooped in the au
tumn. Are waiting to grow up anew.
When the springtime shall smile a bright
To trnwiklrr ami crasse and dew.
j So these days that seem clouded by wait-
With listless an 1 sa.l folded hands.
While all of life's brightest endeavor
Has fled with time's vanishing sauds,
: May be only some wise preparation
; Fur a part in the Infinite plan
j That has governed the worlds since crea
j tion,
And considers the brief life of man.
j -Boston (.lobe.
case the visitor v my uncle to claim
the youthful occupant of that cradle as
my own.
The visitor proved to be my uncle.
I knew him by the picture of him I had
seen, and he likewise rceogntnod ine
New York-PhlUdclphl. Trolley Una, ALUM IN FOOD.
Plana are alsmt oomph-tod to clone h . -
up the gaps ladween Now York ami now n ,h' D,n-" Bf ,Av0,d,d7 ,
Philadelphia and complete a trolley The reported case of poisoning
lino between the two big cities, Tho 1 from t he use of alum baking powder
tracks of a couple of steam roads are! have awakened I he public to the si-ri-to
la' ned for a jaution of the wav " ous danger which menace the bealt h
and a high rate of Ss h is csixeteif. of tho people of the country if thrt
The promoiers say that the full fare ' numerous alum jsovder which artj
each wav will U jfl. The round t rip ' urged upon consumers.
U tween'the two phues by steam is$i. ! ticnerally, alum jsiwder may U
. .i known from the price at which I hey
Oood Time Coinmlmt, Clrli. j aie sold, or from t he fai t that they
" The girls that are growing up now ' accompanied by a gift, or are di.
.ill l,..i-n io.. tii.i.i.int. mlv.iiitiiKK luiscd id under some wduine, I he
Hill ..-. -w. . T J- , ,
bv in v iihiitiLM-niili After a luutua riv-iovt-r
- - r ' - p,- ------ ;
egultloii and handshaking. I ushereii
tny honored relative Into the parlor and
presented to him mv new ly clulinel !
So far I had scceedis! In deceiving
my uncle, tuit the worst I reared was
that when Mrs. Klngsley returned she
might object to my claiming ownership
In her child. Mesldes, to carry out my
deception t must find a wife as well as
an Infant, and Mr. Klngsley was the
only one I could, conveniently claim.
The only dlttlculty whs to get her con
sent to tho deception, and this might
be done If I could aw are a private con
versa t leu with her l'fore I Introduced
her to my uncle.
I watched my opportunity, and gain
ed an Interview with her before she
entered the room. I told her. In a few-
brief, hurried words, the extent of my
dlttlculty, and how I had taken the lib
erty of acting as papa for her little one.
I then told her I must tlnd a wife some
where, and liecged "her to allow ine to
The Trick Was Exposed.
the Young married women
todav. "
"What's that?"
"Their husband w ill not 1 con
tinually telling them of the line cook
ing their mother usel to do. "
"How do you know?"
" Uceause the cook won't allow the
mother of tho coining race to stick
their noses into the kitclieu,"
of alum powder cost but a few cent r
pound to make, and is olteu soiu at, ti
or '.'"i cents a pound; and sometime
as low as 0 cents.
It is impossible to name all the
alum siwdcr in the market, but any
baking jsiwder sold at a hw price, or
advertised a costing much less than
the well known, high class jmwders,
or accompanied by a present, or di
...... ....... . , sel o UlKler any sclieme, i oi mis
Not tUrd to Suit. ! class, delreiiieutal to health and to
Kxi-cutive I would appoint vour avoideil,
man. but he is too ignorant for the These facts should incline consul...
iMdiee force ers to turn a deaf car to all imports
Heeler 1'eii put him on do school nities to buy the inferior jsmders.
lH1)irtj ( The w ise hotiM keeis r will decline iii
uil case to take them.
rirl ulmariti lU. i . . .,..
'1 b tirnl tibiiuirlin i a lle w laid n r , ,-. ,r
the Knglt-h n.iuoiel a".. ui Ml.v U:.r .. i iypuvinns.i.rTiiT.
A vounu ladv w rote some verse for
It wbs ilit aooiii t in- MOi.e luiio Hist lln.
lelller' Moimo li liiller-, lie World re.
nonrd il pi'iu cure, a IHiro.
ilueni ii I he public 1 1 s . 1 1 are n milb'ter
frotn IIiik ailineiil. nr frnn tiuili;eMiii. 1 1 n -I
iiieio v. euiml iihiikmi. tiervoiiin or ill
noun veil sholiid irv it il ome, it oi
voull Is ell. Il will slr-iigiht n yniir en
tire trll Slid pti. dine sound sleep.
WAS a young man possessed of
nulrlclent means to enable me to
live at hit ease, when suddenly
there came a tdow which scattered my
prosperity to the winds and forced me
j to Ia!or In the general struggle of gain-
lug a living.
! Securing a clerkship In the house of
i a creditor of our late firm, my flru cure
j was to look up a le expensive board
i lug house. I Inserted an advertisement
In several city papers, asking f"r rea
all drug- sonable lsanl In a strictly private ram
Williiriw llv lin.l received a multitude or an-
X. V.. on swers hv next post, tint of this motley
iwi.it.t ..f i.i-iei. fill cents ntIkis: six liistullment tif eidstles, there was but
l,ne for fill ! one w hic h nleased Uie. mid I decided
t0 nnswt.r tuat 0)e (i, person liumedl
An Error in ClaMificatioru i ately.
Percy Skitts is a sponge a jier-i tiraee Klugsley was the name of the
feet sponge. ! favored landlady w rltlng to me. and
"Oh. no! When a snonue absorbs; the letter stated that her House was
anything, by squeezing it you can get entirely private, she having no board-
jera whatever. I was muen pieasini
! with the fair, delicate haudwrltlng. and
Nunc Wrnttd. jan i,,.a took possession of me that
Young Mother Do you think baby! f'.race was a young and fascinating
looks like me or his papa? j widow. I was not disappointed w hen
Xurt Like you mum. Mr. Jenk- I reached the house, and my ring at
ins is a miehtv'hamlsonie man. i the doorbell was answered by the lady
Advertisement Wanted A com- herself. She invited tne into the pur-
petcnt and well mannered nurse. ; lor In a manner that wa so courteous
! and yet so modest, thnt I had fallen In
Enaement Confidence i love with her Is-fore I even crowned the
"You trust me thoroughly, don't threshold.
...... ri,,.i " " i He fore leaving my
"Af V.l.roP- l..,t n,o nrpi house, a letter wa blinded me by
. . .ii ... . .. .i.:. ,i;..,,...,i i nostrnan. but I did not find time to
ring all paid off?"
Introduce her to my uncle In that on
paclty. She laughed heartily at the Tht Snnt Courtolci
suggestion, said she could comprehend Ice Man losl by, old man; I'm
my dlttlculty, and consented to my pro- j pd you had such a severe winter.
IMmnl. but warned me roguishly not to. (",,Hj M,in So long; 1 wish you a
presume upon the orcttrrcnoe. j mling summer.
We entered the parlor, and I Intro-.
dneed her as my belter half. My uncle j
was much pleased with her. and com
plimented tne upon my gom! choice In i
the selection of a wife. Mr. Klngsley j
colored most charmingly at this com
pliment, and I could sec she could;
scarcely refrain from laughing.
A short time afterward Mr. Kings-
ley came to me. when I was alone, In
an adjoining room, and I saw Imme
diately something very humorous must
have happened, fir the corners of her
lip were breaking nit Into beaming
"Io you know, sir, Into whnt mi
awkward predicament you have gotten
me?" win Inquired.
What's the matter?" I asked.
"Why, your uncle en ine to me a short
tlmo ago and asked to see tny marriage
certificate, a tie said he had some
....., t.t aii.ttlrt nti.tii tlu I fn nt.iil Ia t.1 V
fmt ivniited to Ik. lure evervthltlif wai To Ppcroui, Vu til
a local pajs r alsnit herv birthday, and
headed them "May With." It almost
made her hair turn gray when it ap
js ared in print, "My IlOth."
Develop and print your own pict
ure. Complete outfits for printing
and developing Il'g xll to 15 pict
ures, fl.fiU and 'j oO. Kirk, tieary
Co., IPO Sutter St., ran I rancicso,
Machinery, Implements,
Farm Supplies, Etc.
Ksrtury. futile rrre, Mlrliinsa
Mitchell Bicycles
Iirurli IIoiim, 1'urUmni, Oregon.
! $25
it again.
former Iwardlng
Practical Art.
Critic Xot a bad stretch of land
scape, but haven't you laid out more
than enough of it in water?
Artist Xot a bit of it. The pic
ture is for a client who has made his
money in stock watering ota-rations.
The Last Ditch.
"It may seem like bragging," said
the Englishman, throwing down his
newspaper in disgust, "but if this
Uoer war was being fought out on the
sea thereVI be a ditl'erent story to:
tell." !
I would
A Financial Quickiand.
"Would you like an increase
salary, Mr. Smith?"
"Xo; it's no us.e."
"Xo use?"
"If I had more money
have to pay more debts."
"Who is that girl with a face full
of freckles over yonder?"
"She's a recent importation from
"Ah, I see! Dotted Swiss!"
examine It until I was comfortably en
Hconewl In the parlor of Mra. Klnga
ley's cwy MtAbllahmpnt.
Opening It. I dlscrvreil It to be from
a wealthy undo, residing In Vermont.
wh regularly Hf-nt me a letter every
year, but whom I had never wen.
About a year nrevlmm my uncle
made Home pressing Imiulrle respect
Ing my matrimonial pnmpectH, nnd
stated that If I wasn't already married
I should immediately enter Into the
wedded state nnd let him know of It
or "he would never more be uncle of
Now. as my uncle lived In Vermont
anil I In Philadelphia, and I never
nntielpated the old gentleman would
ever imv me a visit nnd discover the
falsehood, I wrote to him nnd Inform
ed him thnt I was not only married.
but also the father of a bouncing boy.
This Intelligence ho pleased him that
he sent me a cold goblet nnd a silver
pap-spoon, to be presented to my child.
I nt first sat down nnd wrote a very
romantic letter to my uncle, thanking
him for the present nnd then visited
the nearest Jewelry store and turned
both the goblet nnd the spoon Into cash,
which I pocketed.
I had received no further letters from
my uncle until the one which I read
In Mrs. Klngsley's parlor. The post
script to this one not only astonished
but absolutely frightened me. It rend
as follows:
!. s. I have never visited Phlbidel
phla, no I have decided to do so at once
and get a look at you arid your wife
and child. You may expect me about
the 10th of the month."
"flood gracious; my uncle coming to
visit ine," I exclaimed, "and It Is past
the 10th of the month now! I don't
know at what moment he may pop In.
What am I to do for a wife and child?'
At that moment there came a terrible
ring at the door bell, as If the man who
pulled It Imagined he owned the
house and could make ns much noise
as he pleased. A sickening sensation
right first." j
Tld you expose me?" I Inquired anx
iously, i
No. sir, I did not, for I nnver enter ,
Into a deception or anything else by
Then we must lose no time," I re- i
pllel; "If my uncle Is so anxious to j
have our marriage certificate, let us
put no obstacles In his way."
We lost no time, 1 assure you. I i
don't think Mrs. Klngsley ever got Into S
her Sunday clothes In such a hurry In!
her life before, while I spoiled two;
pairs of suspender In my frantic en- i
deavors to tie "on time." We rnilfe as
tonished the pnrson by our haste, and
at the conclusion of the ceremony I
would have forgotten to give him the
usual fee If he had not reminded me
of it.
We had secured the coveted marriage
certificate, signed and sealed, anil were
now safely out of our dllHcullles, as we
thought. We had omitted one precau
tion, as we found when we had pre
sented the certificate to my uncle. The
date- was too modern.
"Why, how Is this?" said my uncle.
I thought you were married over a
year ago;
"So we were, uncle," I said, solemnly.
"How comes It, then, the certificate
Is dated to-day?" he asked In a voice
of thunder.
We were both struck stwechless.
"Come," said my uncle. "1 see there
has been some trickery here. Own up
to It, or I wfll never forgive you."
I did own up to It, and told him the
w hole story. I expected It would make
him angry, but It didn't, for he laughed
heartily, and said I was a clever rnscal
and he was proud of me. Indianapolis
TIia vri'strsi iieiTii-r .inski-r. for rrii'
and ctlnini mh A'lvsiicu'1
tKtiU, or wrilu
Advance Threhr Co Portland, Or j
Or writa !
M. E. and E. T. lliy, Wilbur, Wah.
$30 - $35
iMinlnp frel lttm.
AgrllU Wsnll.
full Mil o( Sun.lrl.
Hrinl tor ( stulojik'.
Mitchell, Lewis & Staver Co.,
rlr.tii.tTt.rstt. I'OKTI.ASP, OR.
n::"''nu"i'Z", Anchor Clamps and Uprights.
Th Old Fc. Tin Asnioa'Fxsci.
l iff ilji5Ji
Qwit ('omliliiKtldii of Strength and llrauty
Taa Ti That Hist.
Wrltn for frloi-ii ami Ciualotfiie,
Agent W uii nil In
fcvury 'lowu.
See Our Anchor Clamp
Voii wniilij be iirprlM II you ktirw
how hull' It wimM nt oil to ll up
tlitoll (riii'P. Imifr "fii'l ler mtmi
Anchor nam) ntxl fprinliin, nml "
pair "I our tilm-lii-rn, ali'l main- ) our n d
wire li-ni'i- (link llkv a lu'W "lie.
ANCIInll KKNI'K looka an lili'c nmt
la m Mrmiir Hint fnriiu-ra, aoiiu-llinea
think thai It iinul ho hiK" I'rticl. Il
I.Ml't, tlloili'll.
Cattle, Sheep and I log light, jt Nr.viiHi.tinaftrcIotn
The Portland Anchor Fence Co.
743 Nlcolal St., PORTLAND, Oregon.
73 Pront Street, Cor. Oak
Portland, Oregon.
Ilcrinuilii'M ltevenue from Ltly find .
The Ileriiiuihi Illy was Introduced In
to this country in 1S7". Twd plants In
hud and hloom were brought to Phila
delphia by a lady and given tn the llor-
1st. This florist, appreciating their
lenuty and value, cultivated the plnnta
for the bulb. Since that time the ex
porting of the lily bulbs has been one
of the Industrie of Jlermuda. Very
few lilies are exiiorted, a the cut flow
ers do not arrive In good condition. Nor
docs It pay to export the growing
plants, because of the duty and the cost
of freighting so delicate a cargo. The
bulbs are exported all over the world
and are a valuable source of revenue.
Chas. L. Mastick & Co.
Connignmenta (solicited. Pay highest market price. PROMPT RETURNS.
Dealers in leather and Finding.
Refer to Wells, Fargo A Co. Rank, Portland, Oregon.
" for six year I vm a vlrttin ol d y
npala In Itw worst form, i could eut nottilni
iMit milk loiiHt, Hiid ttl tlmeamy ainnmrh niilo
not retain and dlwut evn tlmu Latt March I
hfiran taking CASCAUK'l'S and since then I
ittve steadily Improved, until I am aa well aa J
svor waa In my life."
Datid II. MuriPBT, Newark. O.
WllllePa, what "old flame?"
Pa My son, when a man spoakg of
"his old flame," he refers to something
over which he used to burn his money.
I Philadelphia Pres
TySY canoy
ii ZJJ cathartic
twaoi mash aaowTtsio ft
, no
JOHN POOLE, Portland, Oregon,
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P. U. Hot TU.
P1mnt. Pnlitjih1. Intnt. Taita flood,
3ood, Hew Sicken. Weakun.or Gripe. 10c. 2M. Uq,
lUrllaf tmtt Vtmptmj, Cklaaf., Mlr.l. Saw V.rk, III
Mfl.Tfl RIO f0'"1 Riinrnntnud br all driif-
nw-iw-wnv it to UUJ
JUKTuhacou ilubli.
CO., Buffalo, N. Y.
irttMffi PENSION
IT BICKF0R0, Washington, D. C. ther wIM ro
ll nelve quick roplleii. II, Alh N. II. VoIh.'.UiiB
20tb Corpi. rruauoutlav cluliiu alnco 1H7H.
M. P. N. V.
WlllCIf writing- t advertliara pUaie
mention thia paper.