Junction City bulletin. (Junction City, Or.) 189?-1901, April 11, 1901, Image 5

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Corner Grocery
Corrcoponclonca j
a '
rounning up tor an
by wu attracted by
a etrnnzer parsing
the erica of "Help! Oh, save me, Char
lie I" upon a closer investigation, be
found that the wagon instead of being
turned over was resting ou a sideling
place, all it occupant atanding by,
wondering why it had not tipped over.
Thing in the grocery line.
en In Exchange.
produce Takt
Milliorn Bros,
l Junction City, Oregon.
Bulletin Board
lr. Lowe, oculo-optidan, Eugene.
Ir Ogleaby, physician and surgeon.
Read Caaead Drug Co.'a ad thia week.
Head II. H, 1 1 viand & Co.'a ud. in this
Order taken lor ladies' and genta'
Militant HouiUm'a. '
Silk H tKU in all tha new shades at
S. II. Friendly', Eugene.
Km mot t Rutlur ha bwti Buffering
with the grippe tor aomo time
C. W. Washbtirne shipped a carload of
baled ,ay to SpringHcId today.
C. O. Glllett and wlf have moved
into Mr. L. H. Moore' reaidence.
Tho Etureno Soap Co.'a Lulu Savon'
brand ia the cream of all laundry oap
Jttt received, 1HH) tl.a. of nice coun
try bama and shoulders at Mill.orn
Wood wanted at the Junction City
Flour Mill. Inquire ol
(j Koti'iK II avu"a k kb, Manager
Yott ran pa a plenatt hour when In
Eugene at Littlclleld'a billiard parlor :
cigar store in connection
For sale A lariat, well made hod well
ladv'a trunk. A bargain. In
lUire at the lii'M.ma office.
Taku votir laundry to O. S. Keek'a
b irln-r shop. He baa the agency for the
Troy Laundry, of rot Hand,
C. F. llnrlbiirt haa the agency for
Oliver Chilled Flow and nil cxtraa. A
full supply always on hand.
" The Cascade Drug Company 8ft,ntf
t have the Interior of their atoredeco-
rnted with a new coat of paint
Oranirc and hanaima 25c dozen, Can
cadi) Drug SUrc
Mina Vra Miakcl Kerne, acrompn
nivd bv her parent, wna out calling
Hit inlay in a brand new carriage, .
For sale A brand new 1001 Ramble
"Special." Never been out of the store,
A bargain. Itniuiru at the vli.etin
It will rav vou when in Eugene to
call at S. lI.'Friendly'a and .h tho lot
vet at y lea i n Tui lor Made Suits just ro
President McKinley and party will
;.un through Junction City, May UL',
tome timo between 5 and 7 o'clock in
the morning. ? '
When you are in Eugene call at Little
lleld'a cigar store, just sout h of tho Hotel
Eugene, and try one of bin fragrant
Hubuna cigar.
Large cocoanuta, 10c at tho CVeade
ltrug Store,
It. S. Hyland hii8 been bnay for the
paid few daya putting up a atable on bin
jiroperty on i Ureenwood treet, occupied
bv Mra. Baker II and Maker.
AanoHaor W, M. Fitney began his
work of naHesaing the property owner
in taia district laHt week. ou may re
ceive a call from him at any time from
now on.
DniL'u'ii't Fred Mueller and family
moved into the Caldwell ieaidei.ee thia
week. K. F. linker will move from the
Harp l.oune into hia own reaidenep, va
cate.l bv Mr. Mueller.
Ti e Itnu.nm will mooii iaaue a large
edition, printed on nice paper, contain
inn half tone euta of the biiKinesa hollaed,
churches, aclnad, warehouaea, mill,
creamery, private reaideucea, etc
Head the letter of (1. 0. Millet in this
iHMon. Tliia entemriso la deaerving of
tbo support of tho people. Any thins
that tend toward tho improvement and
unhancing of values ahould bo encour
aged. ,
Mra. W. R. Wlnana, State Superin
tndent of tho Home Department Work
of the Sunday-achool Asaociatioa of Ore
gon, will be in this city April 2(1 and 27
to introduce thia department to tho
Runday-Nchoola of this district.
Tho March number of the "Native
Bon" ia a very Interesting maguisino and
contains an illiiHtrntud wrivo-up of the
recent Houston of tho Oregon legislature
and pictures of all tho members.
I will hold a valedictory service in tho
C. I. Church next Sunday evening at
:t0. Wo hope to have all tho ainuing
orc ol the town present. A special In
vitallon lacxteiideu to all.
J. D. SlllKHT
The State Sunday-school Association
will met In Salem on tho 14th, 16th
and loth of May. Mr. C. 1. Meiua, tha
Indiana Cyclone," a Sunday-achool
worker with a national reputation, will
Imj In attendance at thia meeting.
At tm last regular meeting of Oaaia
Lodge: No. 41, 1. O. U. F., L. 13. Moore
and A. J. Kaiser were elected delegates
to the seaaion of the Grand Lod?e to be
held in llaker City, on May 15, 1901.
Emery Herron waa elected trustee, vice
I. Williams, ami it. v. itarvey sec
lary, to take lliu place of L. II. Moore,
removed tr Koaelmrg.
Thia ia the season when housecleaning
begin to rcc-idvo conaulcrauoii. A new
carjK-t lor tho parlor, sitting room or
Uidrnnrn, and new matting for the
kitchen ami halls, add a thousand ter
cent ti the apHarance of it home. ou
will flnl hist what vou want in thia line
at W. I.. Wright' furniture stori and at
price that are riht.
Miss Francea liushev entertained
srf,in of her young frienda Tuesday,
April 9, l!Wl,at the home of her mother,
iu honor oi her eighth mrirmay. mio
wta the recipient of numerous presents
and thoso present spent an enjoyable
time. The Kn.i.ms acknowledge, with
thanks, aomo eleirant birthday cake and
unite with her friends in wishing her
many bright and happy birthdays,
Members of the A. 0. U. V. and the
Degree of Honor gave a party for the
children of the LWree Saturday nicht.
kefrcahmenta were served and games
played until a late hour. . Those present
were: Mra. S. L. Moorhead, Mi. N
L. Iee, Mrs. R. Howard, Mrs. Strome,
Mra. J. Nichola, Mrs. Darned! Mr. and
Mra. Miller, . A. Baylor, Ci. 0. Powell,
II. C. Mahon; Misses Oussie liruetting,
Kittie Milliorn, Hattie and Jotiu Moor
heinl, Minnie Sihbetts, Ix'na Senders,
Herthaj Nichols, Ileatrice Uaker, Ida
Miller, lien lah Fitney, Mae Drowning,
Ad.i Powell and sisters, Francis Dushv,
1ola Goodman, Huth and Graro Hill,
Hael Savior ; Messrs W, R. Ix-e, Fay
and uoy Miller, Clair Lee, Ptolemy Da
ber, Richard Hill, Emmett Mullmlland,
Willis Natl Jr.. Chester and Merlo Nich
ola, Wllllo Pel man, Roy Darncill, Noble
Powell, fccott Howard, bvlvia and nax
ter Moore, Clarence (Kidman, Wallace
Maker, Dishop Moorhead, Cicil and
Clarence Pitney.
Matters are
early finish of the electric plant.
Rurnev May went toKuiteno Sunday
returning on the special Monday.
Amelia Mav returned from her visit
with the "Old folks at homo" Friday.
Hobby Lassell la i.orm? from the
Portland Business College, lie gradu
ated with high honors.
W. L. Tyler, of the firm of Tyler &
IV;niiett, of this city, waa registered at
the St. Charles la Portland Monday.
V, 1). Rusey, of the Harrisburg
hotel, ia uncontrollably happy. Thia
one is a girl, to mate little Raymond.
0. W. Iaham has Ven appointed
Justice of the Peace for Harrisburg pre
cinct. George ia a terror to evil doers.
J. W. Oilmore, the newly appointed
Southern Pacific agent, ia starting in
hia duties in a very satisfactory manner.
Miss Kdna Mackey was greeted by
her boat of friends upon her return from
Koseburg, where she baa enjoyed an ex
tended visit.
The editor of tho Junction City
Binj-KTIM cast hi lengthy shadow
athwart our aide walks this wetk. May
it never grow leas.
Mrs. AltinKham. mother of professor
W. W. Allinirham. waa laid to rest lues
day of this week. That community has
lost one whose place win ue hard to nil.
Mr. J. 8. Rathburn. Grand Custo
dian of work in this Jurisdiction, A. F.
& A. M., paid Thurton Lodge, o 28, an
ollkial visit on last Monday evening. A
grand old man.
They exercised the fantastic toe at
Frank Sheldon's, out on the ranch, lat
Wednesday night until broad daylight.
Many youngsters Irom liere were there.
Frank and his wite were great enter
Hotter services were held at the
was a busy
day for our
Mrs. Emma Larkin, of Coburg, was
in Monroe on business last Saturday
There we more peon'eon the streetr
last Saturday than any dty for some
Mrs. Kmma Larkin. of Coburg.
spent Easter with her parents near thia
Will Carpenter has returned from
Lugene, where he haa been visiting
friends and relatives
Harry St. Clair has been In Eastern
Oregon ior some time. His wife will
leave here to join him next week.
the main topic in Monroe now is
good roads. As that is one thing we
do need, everybody should take an in
tercet and push it along.
-Dr. Rossiter, of Forest Grove, who
came to Monroe with the intention of
locating here, left after about thirty-six
hoars' stay. We are satisfied that he
made a mistake, a a good doctor would
do well here.
The southeastern part of Benton
county will soon have a new gravel
loader. Rids were otened by the County
Court April 4. The successful bidders
were D. B. Farley and C. J. Ralls, of
this place, we hope the roads will now
be put in good condition.
Born To the wife of Greeue Faw.-
ver, a son.
School opened in our midst thia
week with good attendance.
Mr. Colvin Woolley and family
have moved into oar neighborhood.
Misses Edith Doidge and Clara Hnir-
gin visited in Harrisburg last Sunday.
Mrs. Emma Larkin and family, of
T. A. Milliorn was in Eugene Satur
Mrs. Lizzie Clow spent Sunday In Eu
Mra. II. M. YV arner went to Albany
Geo. A. Hooik, of Eugene, was in the .
city Saturday.
Mrs. W. W Oglesby and Mrs. CO.
Speer visited Eugene Monday.
II. L. Rann made a trip to Eugene
yesterday by private conveyance.
Mrs. L. H. Moore left Saturday to join
her husband at Roseburg, where they
will reside.
Mra. Furman.who has been visiting
with the family of J. A. Bushnell, re
turned to ber home in Portland Friday.
E. K.X'pmeyer, of Harrisburg, was
in tbis city yesterday. Mr. t pmeyer ia
one of the largest timber land owners ia
this country. Register.
Milton McRoberts and wife, of Prince
ton. Indiana, left for their home Mon
day via the Southern Pacific. Mrs. Mc
Roberts Is a sister to A. A. Foster.
(J. W. Weatherly, of Portland, PresL
dent of the Weatherly Creamery Co., of
thia city, arrived on the local yesterday,
lie will be in town two or thiee days.
Mra. 8. II. Friendly haa returned from
an extended pleasure trip to San Fran
cisco. The Misses Carrie and Threse
Friendly will remain for a more pro
longed visit. Register.
Mr. Marshall, of Colusa, Cab, arrived
Friday on a visit to her daughter, Mrs.
Winn. She was accompanied ty ber
son, Kev. KoDert Marshall ana nis iam
ily, an evangelist of note. Mr. Marshal 1
left Saturday lor Albany, where ce win
Christian Church Sunday, consisting of
,i i . . . . : . t - i i
- appropriate songs anu raiiauoni ov u e Coburg visitea her ,,arentg Lere la8t
Rev. John Handsaker will preach
here next Sabbath at 11 a. ru. Lvery
body cordially invited.
Ed W'alden was seen wending his
way toward rlat Creek last Sunday
hat is the attraction, bd?
Dallas Harpole is having bad luck
with his sheep thia spring. A number
of lambs have died, besides several old
Dolph Farley, of this district, bai
been awarded the contract for the con
struct'.on of a gravel loader to be used
in making county roads in this country.
utmost capacity. Ihe children ac
quitted themselves handsomely.
Randall Cornett, on of J. B. Cor-
nett, residing near Peoria, was buried at
the Shedd cemetery on last I rlday. Un
dertaker W. L. Wright wa called to
take charge of the remains. The drive
from here was made through the sever
est ram storm of the season.
Four voung bloods , last week, with
tragicenda in view, wi nt outside the cor
porate IimiU to Bettle differences by a
flstic encounter., 'iho reporter noted
in tho first encasement that Eddy, with
a awift right to Lnby'a nose, knocked
him down and out in the first round.
Tbo other two were more deliberate
clawed aomo, wrestled, catched as catch
could, up and down, hip and thigh,
until both were done up. Then a draw
was called. It ia said that the boy
are heartily ashamed of thia unseemly
proceeding) and now declare themselves
out ol the ring to stay.
. Miss IdaAdkina is staying at Tom
Mra. W. S. Wetzler made a trip to
Irving today.
Jesse Sovcrn waa transacting busi
ness in Eugene tbo last of the week.
Miss Annie Templeton is visiting
l.er brother llham nt Crown Point,
Albert Bristow purchased 10 head
of goats from Loren Edwards at f 5 per
Tho farmers are busv putting all
their attention to their work and every
where ia heard the hum of the workers.
Misses Ella and Fanny Moffilt left
for F'.ugeuu today, whore they will take
the teacher's examination. They have
our l)est wishes for success.
The sunshine brought out many
pleasure aeekera Sunday, and several of
our young folks improved tho opportun
ity by going for a buggy ride.
Mra. Benham, if Cottage Grove,
passed throuch in company with Mr.
.tkV' Joe Edwards enrouti- for the latter's
homo in nenum couiuy,iospena easier.
The Weekly Oregonhta and Bi'M.my
f2 for a year.
good friends.
... : We are going to do the same
thing Rh Painta and Oils that we have
If you expect to need a half pintoi.a
barret of paint, come and see us.
Our prices
are rijrht.
We are last convincing the people in
and arouud Junction City that our hearts
are in tho right place. We .are the
people's frienda.
Qascado Drug
Corner Hotel, Junction City, Oregon
w mm
t Wnat you
J ask for . .
is what you always get
hero. You are never nrod to
buy something "just as good."
We have
everything a good drug
store should have, hence aro
pretty auro to have just what
you want. Our advice if you
want it costs you nothing; und
it isn't forced on j ou if you don't
want it. Wo are here to serve
you not to dictate.
Wo aim to give perfect servico
at fair prices.
We do not caro to bo known ns
"cheap druggists," but we do
want to bo known as "money's
worth" druggists.
Muller & Hill
Word has been received by several
from tho Harris family who recently
moved to Astoria. They are not very
well pleased with their new home aud
may return in the hear future.
A very interesting Easter program
. , ... , , -
was rendered at me scnooi nouse oun
dav afternoon. We thank the young
folks for the interest they manifested in
theii several parts and the manner in
which thev were executed.
Robert Car, of Eugene, met with a
slicht accident Monday eve. He nroke
the axle of the rear wheels of his buggy.
Tho boya recommended him to Dr. Wm
Trioii. and when last heard of ho was
inquiring for said genllomau's olllce.
James Hays was initiated into tho
Workman lodeo last evening. Oneof tho
boys meeting him this morning, noticing
his pale face and unkept condition, re
marked. "What's tho matter, dimf"
With a woeful expression, he uttored
these words, "That blamed goat is a ter
A number of our young people at
tended the Easter exerciaos at the Chris
tian Church. Among them were, Misses
Ella, Fanny, Delia and Ada Mollitt, Jo
sio and Sonhia Fonne, Ida Hayes, Mary
Johnson, Mrs- Hayes and Mossrs James
Hays, Willard and Riley Gray, Chester
Edwards, Martin Fenne, Geo. Harper,
Louis governs. Chas.Thomas, Sam Tern-
ploton and Chas. Burges. All report a
nice time. However upon their return
Letter from R. P. Caldwell.
Evkbett, Wash., April 9.
A. P. BetteiBworth, Jr.,
Junction City, Or.
Deak Sib I send yon by to-day'a
mail a paper published in Everett, the
Daily Herald, which will give yon a
clearer idea of Everett as it now is and
its future prospects than I could write.'
All the enterprises and industries noted
in the paper seem to be permanent fix
tures, except that the force now em
ployed by the Great Northern Railway
may be reduced somewhat as their wurx
of improvement nears completion.
there are a goodly numoer oi men
employed here in industries not men
tioned in the paper, in improving the
streets, grading lots, putting Dp buhd
ings, etc. The sound of the hammer
can be heard in all directions contin
ually. It ia estimated that the popuia
tion'of the city baa increased 4,000 since
last summer's enumeration. That would
make Evert tt a tpwn of 12,000 inhabi
tants, i
The climate la very much the same as
there, except that it is slightly cooler
here. The past week w as a stormy or.e
up to Easter Sunday. Since then the
weather has been fine.
tive my regard to old neighbors and
friends. loura truly,
'; R. P. Caldwell.
F S. Find enclosed f 1.50, which will
indicate to you that I want to renew
my subscription to the Bulletin.
J. II. Miller invites the people cf
Junction and vicinity to call and see the
new PJ01 Rambler bicycles, if you ar
thinking about buying a wheel it will
pny you to lock at the Rambler before;
you make a purchase. Just notice the
number of these wheels in use. That :s
the best f dverti-ment it can have.
The Weatherly Creamery Co., of Port
land, have broke ground for a new build
ing, oOxlOO, to ttoriea high, on Third
and East Morrison streets. The firt
floor will bead one room, in which they
will operate one df the largest creamerks
on the coast. The business of this com
pany is increasing so rapidly thata larger
building ia a necessity.
Ask your dealer for
Cream of all Laundry Soaps
Manufactured by'acsas
The Eugene Soap Company
Eugene, Oregon
ueiuuiiiicu JTULiiiumii inuuuaiur jaiuuiuu
: ,
Griffin Hardware Co.,